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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 23, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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address? tweet your answer. #seanhannity. let not your heart be troubled. busy news night. laura ingraham standing by. >> laura: why doesn't he go outside of nancy pelosi's napa valley estate right near her wall?e in front of her wall. >> sean: we went to her district. lawrence did an amazing job, and what did he find? so much homelessness, syringes everywhere. feces on the street. i hear liberals are only generous with other people's money. o maybe she can fund the homeless shelter with showers and facilities for the people in her district. >> laura: no, no, hannity i've got to say, we are at a point.r e petty, childish, and it is so transparently a political move. it's dumb. she should let him give thee state of the union. she doesn't want to stand or applaud, that's fine. i find the whole thing to be
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another sad chapter in american politics. >> sean: to the president's credit, fighting, staying on principle, keeping promises. >> laura: of course he has to do that.yi i am talking about the democrats being petty. >> sean: what is she standing for here? no solutions, no help, no border security. not going to end well for the democratic party. >> laura: sean, great show. thank you so much.he i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle," from a contentious washington tonight. >> the state of the union speech has been canceled by nancy pelosi because she doesn't want to hear the truth. she doesn't want the american public to hear what's going on and she's afraid of the truth. >> laura: nancy pelosi is actually denying the president of the united states access to the house chamber for a state of the union address. two lawmakers are going to join us with some inventive ideas and
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the latest, most up-to-date information on this. it's a standoff. you don't want to miss it. where should trump deliver the speech? plus, a prosecutor in kentucky is saying now that those who lobbed threats against the covington catholic students could face domestic terrorism charges. we have an exclusive with him in a moment.av raymond arroyo took to the streets to ask folks whether they know much about any of the oscar picture nominees. wait until you see the reaction in "seen and unseen." first the hat that dare not show its brim. eeat's the focus of tonight's angle. there is so much news to cover every day in trump world that you would think the press would stick to real reporting and analysis on important political development, but no. move over, anna wintour. left wind malfactors are now the business of dissing
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fashion accessories. no, no, no, not that one. no, no, not ugly flip-flops. yes, that one. bingo. >> the hat carries a certain connotation that provokes a conditioned reaction from many people. especially for marginalized people. >> america is already the most punitive developed nation on earth. for poor people, people of color. we throw millions of lives onto the bonfire every year. they just don't normally looks like the teenagers in maga hats. >> this make america great again hat is as maddening and frustrating and triggering for me to look at as a kkk hood. >> laura: well, they trigger me. in the wake of the covington catholic high school fracas, the red maga has become a talisman of evil and symbol of white supremacy. e savannah guthrie brought it up with the student at the center of the controversy, nick sandmann today on th"the today show." >> do you think if you weren't
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wearing that hat, this might not have happened or he might have been different? h >> that's possible, but i would have to assume what mr. phillips was thinking, and i would rather let him speak for why he came up to us. >> laura: so the red hat now is apparently the annabelle of head coverings, i think, capabll of unleashing evil wherever it is seen. there's also a subtext here meant to intimidate. we are going to get into that. the left wants to take away your right to wear whatever the heck you want. now, this is -- it's weird. it's a left-wing version of puritanism, their own version of it. where they get to dictate what goody fill-in the blank is allowed to wear and anyone who daresl- to violate their dictats is either shamed or just labeled hateful, xenophobic misogynistic, unreasonable stupid, and of course racist.
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bishop talbert swan, harvard divinity school grad, tweeted "when trayvon martin was murdered, you all said black parents shouldn't let their boys wear hoodies. if they didn't want them perceived as thugs. they all don't want your boys perceived as racist little jackasses for wearing maga hats." mr. swan will join us in a riment. this leftist narrative that a make america great again hat is akin to wearing some nazi uniform, it's patently ridiculous and it's offensive. it's just plain stupid. but this is the defamation and intimidation that the left happily perpetuates. by the way, with little to no pushback. predictably of course never trump republicans are also taking up the chorus, from "the new york times" tweeting "don't let your catholic schools students where maga hats for a field trip for the march for slife." and of course bill kristol, he never misses an opportunity to hit the president and his supporters, even when he has his facts wrong, said "the contrast
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between the quiet strength of mr. phillips and the behavior of maga brats absorb the spirit of trumpism, the spectacle is a lesson which all americans can learn." whether a piece of clothing says "feel the bern" or "i'm with her," it's all a form of political expression and thus it is speech protected by the first amendment. you can be offended by it but you can't possibly use it to intimidate and frighten people and even terrorize them. but it is left, joined by the rabid never-trumpers is so to be proven right about the president, they seize on symbols instead of solving problems. guys, it's a lot easier, isn't it, to brand kids races for what they are wearing than to debate adults on things like immigration and trade policy. but for some, the maga hatsmi well, it symbolizes something very different.
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>> it was something about when i put this hat on, it made me feel like superman. you made a superman. that's my favorite superhero. you made a superman cape. >> laura: kanye kind of saw this coming. when he said he didn't want people to control him, to tell of what or how to think because of the color of his skin. today's real rebels are the kids who dared to show up for the march for life last friday. today's real rebels are the faithful who refuse to genuflect to what's popular and instead defendo what they think is righ. today's real rebels, they reject the collectivist mind-set oft hollywood, the media, and the universities that obliterate history instead of actually teaching it. and o yes, today's rebels will where maga hats knowing that they might be abused for doing so, like the covington kids were. e in the end, it's really not
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about the hat, is it? it's about 2020. trump-hating fanatics aim to deprive the president of any opportunity to brand his reelection campaign. in other words, anti-trump paraphernalia will be verboten. i thought about this today, and. it's actually in its own way a form of voter intimidation and potentially lethal. with consequences that are incredibly disruptive. by the way, you can't scream fire in a crowded theater and you can't scream racist when someone in a crowd wears a hat you don't like. and that's the angle. all right, here now on what promises to be a pretty fiery debate, pastor and activist bishop talbert swan. dan bongino, host of the dan bongino podcast. bishop, i was looking at twitter last night, i couldn't sleep and i came across your tweets. we quoted one of them in the angle and i really appreciate first of all, even though we disagree on some issues, i really appreciate your being
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here tonight to share some thoughts and maybe even get somewhere. so thank you for coming. the video evidence that we are now seeing when we see all of the evidence, not just a snippet, does show, bishop, that these boys did not start this confrontation. but you still see them, i believe, as the villains in this story? tell us why. >> well, when you look at the video, it's true these young men were ridiculed by the hebrew israelites. there is no doubt about that there's no excuse for the behavior that those men displayed in terms of how they camecu at them. but you cannot deny what your own eyes see when you see these young men mocking, jeering ridiculing the native american. you can't deny what you see on other videos when you see them accosting and yelling at women
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and saying things like it's not rape if you enjoy it. >> laura: what's important tonight and i would not interrupt you, bishop, but you can't -- bishop, this is where we have to agree on the basics, otherwise it's not going to be a great conversation. again, just facts. that's all i'm interested in. the fact is that person -- > that video is out there. >> laura: the person who made the comment about rape is not a covington catholic high school student. he's not part of their group. none of those kids were jeering at african-american activists. they weren't doing that, bishop. i am just telling you they weren't doing they are 15-year-old kids who were standing -- he was standing there. nick sandmann has been threatened and he was standing there. no, they weren't. they were not doing that. if you look at the whole tape you w can actually see that. >> i have seen the whole video. >> laura: so covington catholic is lying?
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that student is actually a member of covington catholic. dan bongino, i've got to get you in you. i am glad the bishop came on but we have to get these facts straight. it's very important for an honest conversation. just like you have to get the facts straight on other issues julike trayvon martin, and i age with you on that, bishop. we have to get those facts straight. we have to get the facts straight on something or someone -- someone did not die but where kids have been threatened. badly threatened. dan bongino. did these boys standing there do they trigger this behavior on the part of this activist that we are learning a lot more about tonight, by the way, and the black hebrew israelites? do they trigger them with the maga hats? >> you know, laura, with due respect to your other guest, i t have no idea what he's talking about. i have a monitor in my office. we are watching the same -- it's like we live in a post-fact bizarro world universe. you have a kid standing there
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with a maga hat and a political expression on it, motionless with a smile on his face while an adult confronts the kid, and yet, i don't know what tape the bishop is watching. what did these kids do wrong? and then to throw in this random, you know, fact and i'm using the dreaded air quotes becauset it's an anti-fact, a non-fact that someone screamed this about rape which they did but they were not part of that group. it's clearly either an effort to distract from the lack of a point, which i don't believe tha gentleman has, or to distract from the video on the screen that we can all see. these wereth a bunch of kids waiting for a bus while a group of activists confronted them. what video are you watching? >> i was watching the same video you are watching. if you want to pretend that thed few moments where mr. sandmannfe was standing in front of mr. phillips. then go right ahead, but there's
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a lot more to the video than just that point. you cannot sit here and tell me that these young men were not ridiculing, that they were not jeering, that they were not mocking. >> laura: you are a man of the cloth. >> that's what our eyes see. >> laura: you are a man of the cloth and i know you don't advocate violence and you agree i would imagine that nonviolence, standing there even wearing a piece of clothing that people find objectionable is not grounds for them threatening to kill them, to burn them, destroy the lives. i know you know that. >> we completely agree that there is no excuse of anybody threatening to kill or to burn or to harm anyone. as a matter of fact, i've been getting death threats and phone calls from people on the other side because of my tweets. i emphatically condemned that type of behavior. avt i also condemned the type of
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behavior that i saw from those young men on that particular day. >> laura: they were standing there, bishop. >> they were not standing there. are you not seeing the same video? seeing these young men. >> laura: nick sandmann. >> he wasn't there by himself. there was an entire group of youngan men who were mocking jeering, they were ridiculing and you all are sitting here saying we don't hear them. well, it wasn't phillips involved. >> laura: they were being called incest babies.. yeah, okay, okay. >> you can't blame their behavior -- >> laura: okay, so peoplee should be called incest babies and crackers and swear words and not be -- and not respond? and when they do respond, the other ones. first of all, nick sandmann didn't say anything the other kids weren't part of it. >> at the beginning, at thee beginning. >> laura: simple question. is the maga hat racist? >> at the beginning, i condemned
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the behavior of the hebrew >> laura: is the maga hat racist? >> when it comes to the maga hat, it's a piece of clothing that represents donald trump and everything that comes along with donald trump. >> laura: so is that a yes. >> an unrepented racist. the maga hat, to many, is representative of a clan hood or various other symbols of racism. absolutely. it absolutely is. >> what is going on here? is this real? did he just say that on cable television? >> i absolutely said that. >> i'm not willing to defer to the "man of god" line for you anymore after you just said one of the dumbest comments. >> it doesn't matter what you refer to me as. you don't affirm me. >> the dumbest thing i've ever heard in seven years of cable news. make america great again, a slogan used by bill clinton at times, too, is racist?
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are you serious? donald trump, hold on. i didn't interrupt you. donald trump, who gives you back more of your money, fought for school choice, black unemployment of the lowest int modern american history donald trump, if he's a racist he's the worst racist we've seen in history. >> laura: criminal justice reform.he >> donald trump. donald trump. donald trump. >> i'm embarrassed for you. >> he called -- >> laura: talking about third world nations, not just african nations. >> black athletes sons of bitches. >> laura: hold on, hold on hold on. criminal justice reform legislation passed into law which president obama wanted to do, i think george bush talked about it, civil rights. years, for years have been
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trying to get people to pass, he actually did it. does that count at all? >> it absolutely counts, laura. the entire team of van jones and those -- >> laura: van jones worked with him. that was smart. >> that piece of legislation will have benefits to african-americans and people across the spectrum. >> laura: why would a racist do that? why would a racist do that? >> you know, laura, because someone got a piece of legislation passed does not mean that we ignore a long 40-year history. what i can't believe is that you all are telling me from the channel, one of your anchors said when trayvon martin was killed, that if you don't want to be perceived as a thug, you shouldn't wear a hoodie. from you all who said that black young men who wear hoodies should have -- to tell me that a maga hatou should not be viewed in a
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certain way, it's absolutely hypocritical. a >> laura: bishop, i have to say i think -- putting aside your comments, i think you're making a really good point about profiling people based on what they wear. i think that's an excellent point. you shouldn't profile. someone wants to wear a hoodie let them wear a darn hoodie. someone wants to wear a hillary button or bernie button or hate. good for them. it's a political expression. i don't judge them on the clothes they wear. you shouldn't. if i've ever done that, i am wrong. i think we have to apply that standard across the board, and i actually think -- >> we agree on that. >> laura: i think you could work with president trump on a lot of issues. i'm not saying that to try to be cute here. i actually think if you and bongino and trump got together in a room, i bet you guys could do some really good things together. i really this conversation about what's racist, how about solutions? let's help each other get this
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country on the right track. i think you could actually do it. i really do. i think you've got a lot of passion, a lot of supporters. >> donald trump solutions. a lot of black men and women are working right now because of donald trump and are supporting their >> a lot of black men and women who were working before trump came into office. let's not pretend the unemployment rate didn't drop down to 7.8% under obama. d >> the economy right now, your comments are so ridiculous. >> laura: let's not -- okay. >> when you try to give him credit for what someone else did, that's what's ridiculous. >> racial tensions were high under barack obama. >> laura: i think in the end we all do this, i do this too. you want to see the world and the way that you absolutely believe it has to be at that moment. t we all do it. but i am saying on national television i really believe if people just think about what works, basic things that workka
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you know, okay, probably having some immigration laws work because we want to protect our people. we want -- some better trade policies will probably help all americans. how do we get from a to b and who can get us there? i think a lot of times we areo talking past each other, and i think it's sad and i think people watching a lot of the shows, they get sad. >> let me ask your question. i agree with you. i started this debate with an open mind with the gentleman and i still have an open mind. but how do you talk to someone who claims when you put a maga hat on, that you are the worst scum on the planet, which would be a racist. >> those are your words. don't put words in my mouth. i'm well able to articulate for myself. i am well able to articulate for myself, and i didn't say that. you said that. let's not sit here and pretend that symbols don't mean -- ha it's the basis of your commentary. >> let's not pretend that symbols don't have meanings. o
11:21 pm
the maga hat has a meaning. it's a simple. donald trump and everything he stands for. >> laura: we are out of time but i can say there's probably hundreds of thousands of americans who have those hats and i think it's really dangerous for any of us to judge them as individuals based on the fact that they voted for president trump because they just thought he had better ideas. they are not bad people. there are always bad people in every group. there are bad people in every group, i get that. i think we shouldn't profile people based on the clothes they wear. tshouldn't do it, and i don't think anyone should do it. i think it's bad and i think it's toxic. we might get somewhere eventually, but i really appreciate both of you joining us. thank you both. i probably talked too much in this segment but that's the way it was. couldd those who threaten those covington teens be charged with domestic terrorism? a prosecutor from kentucky joins usdo next exclusively to explai. president trump defiant, saying that he will deliver a state of
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the union next week even if it's not on capitol hill steve scalise will join us. andy biggs also here. where the president could make the next speech. we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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the latest inisn't just a store.ty it's a save more with a new kind of wireless network store. it's a look what your wifi can do now store. a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. >> laura: covington catholic high school has reopened but the violent threats against the students have not stopped.
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in fact, the covington diocese received a suspicious package just tonight. we share tweet after tweet with you from celebrities, liberal commentators calling for attacks and even the death of these tonight some hope that this hate speech will not go unpunished.d. joining me now exclusively foro his first national television interview is rob sanders, he's a prosecutor for kenton county kentucky where covington catholic high is located. rob, it's good to see you. what kind of charges could realistically be filed and against whom? >> we have a number of different charges in kentucky that might apply. the one that jumps out the fastest isy. terroristic threatening. there's three different degreesc of terroristic threatening in kentucky. two of them are felonies. the most common one i think that might apply to the situation is terroristic threatening second degree, that's anytime someone threatens death or violence against an educational institution in kentucky or any
11:27 pm
student in an educational institution in connection with a school function. now, that is a class d felony 1 to 5 years in the state penitentiary and it could rise to 5 to 10 years in a class c felony if the person threatens that violence or death in connection to an educational institution and the use of a device of mass destruction or -- >> laura: this is happening on twitter. mr. sanders, this is happening on twitter from different states, different locations. h does that hinder the prosecution? interview these people. they are in different states. you're going to have to get to them. >> it makes it much more difficult, much more complicated. number one, there's a number of misdemeanors that could apply in a lot of these cases but we can't reach across state lines and extradite. it means we would have to wait for the person to come back to kentucky or make a stop in kentucky before we could ever arrest them.
11:28 pm
when it comes to the offenses that rise to the felony level we can extradite. now, it's not as easy as arresting a twitter handle. we can't just reach out and arrest someone who half the time they're using a fake name, fake profile picture, that sort of thing. we have to go through a process of issuing subpoenas, search warrants, getting -- >> laura: are you going to do this? >> it's already underway. i've had detectives in and out of my office all day today. we were starting with some comments, some threats that were made in-state because those are people we don't even have to extradite. we are moving to the ones that are out of state. we have had the detective that works in my office has already been busy issuing grand jury subpoenas and composing search warrants for detectives and other agencies. we can get the information associated with the ownership of these accounts. we get the ip addresses that are registered. >> laura: you've got to get these people. you are only one office, and we are going to -- we're going to
11:29 pm
follow-up with you later in the week to find out where you are on this, but this has to happen because until people -- >> everybody has to realize -- >> laura: they have to go to jail. it's got to hurt, otherwise someone's going to get hurt and i fear, and we are about to talk to steve scalise who felt it in a different way, someone's going to get hurt or someone's going to get killed. prosecutor, i really appreciate your joining us and we will have you back in a longer segment. you've got a lot of people to talk to. we appreciate it. >> let's vote together on a mutually agreeable day when we can welcome you to the capital for the state of the union address. >> it's a disgrace. just so you know, she uses on the basis of the shutdown, when she asked me to make the address, she did it in the shutdown, well into the shutdown by a couple of weeks. so the shutdown was going on now she's blaming the shutdown. >> well, the gloves are off and
11:30 pm
the state of the union in the house chamber has officially been canceled. very adult of nancy pelosi. there's going to be some version of the state of the union next tuesday. maybe it's not called the state of the union. it's not going to be on capitol hill. here now house minority whip steve scalise and congressman andy biggs. you both offered the president of an alternate. congressman scalise, where? >> frankly i think the president ought to do a state of the union and let him choose. we've talked but a number of locations but ultimately it's the message that is so important. this is about securing the border of our country. clearly nancy pelosi doesn't want the american people to hear the president's message but you know what, laura? the american people want to hear the president's message. nancy pelosi can't stop this. it just shows how petty she is and how disgraceful this action is. she will go down as the first speaker in the history of our country -- george washington gave addresses to congress. this is a constitutional requirement. she's not going to have the
11:31 pm
stain on her record. the president is still going to give a state of the union and frankly i think a lot more people will listen to it now and hear the message about why it's so important. >> laura: why is she afraid of the people hearing the president and what he's going to say? congressman biggs, you have an idea. >> we have invited the president to come to arizona. it's a border state. it's a great backdrop. he is loved in arizona. i don't want it to be a rally. i want it to be a true state of the union but let's do it -- why not do it in a friendly environment? bring the democrats in. maybe they will go to the border and understand what's going on. >> laura: interesting. congressman, surprising twist there appear to be some defections among the democrats who may have just had about enough of this shutdown. watch. >> i know we are going to add additional border security. >> where folks say we need additional barrier protection, i am all for it. >> physical barriers are part of the solution. >> you don't share nancy pelosi's view that a wall is immoral. >> give trump the money.
11:32 pm
i would give the whole thing. put strings on it so that you make sure he puts it where it needs to be. why are we fighting over this? we are going to build that wall anyway sometime. >> laura: i think the president is getting some push from certain corners, everyone is blaming you. you got to give in. you've got to stop but i think he's doing exactly what needs to be done. it's a lot like the obamacare thing. the longer you let it play out the more clear it becomes what a crisis this is and we need to do something. >> laura, the american people are for securing the border. president trump is gaining momentum because people are saying what this is about. frankly, these kind of actions by nancy pelosi only heightened awareness of what's going on. the more she does this, she's got more of our own democrats in her party that are moving away from her. they are taking a dangerous position by opposing border security. they are on the wrong side of this issue. >> laura: they don't want a wall. repair existing fences.
11:33 pm
there are more centrist democrats who wrote a letter to pelosi. that's not nothing. are there cracks in the resolve? >> i talked to them on the floor. i try to get out of my echo chamber and a lot of them are like, well, you know maybe we need to move on. i think that's part of it. they just want to move on and resolve it. i'm not sure how keen they are on building a wall. they want to resolve the issue to get the government open. >> laura: i think look, it's been a month. they haven't been paid. that's a rough deal for a lot of people. they need to get paid. and they need to have their jobs and they want to do their jobs. really it's not great for this to continue to go on for anybody. >> we need to reopen the government and we need to secure the border. we can do both. president trump has worked overtime to come up with different ideas. nancy pelosi has not offered one single alternative. now she thinks by holding the state of the union hostage she's going to be able to win this. people in this country want to see the border secure. she is on the wrong side. >> laura: freshman congressman, democrats on the house government -- oversight
11:34 pm
committee. ilhan omar, she's from minnesota. she's quite a firebrand. in a number of others, there we've got them all. pressley from massachusetts. tlaib. they are far left. very popular in their own way. how's that going to be different on committee life? >> the reality is they have kind of stacked that committee for the one reason they are there. it's to impeach the president. if they can't impeach them, they want to force him out somehow. that won't happen. the bare minimum is to try to embarrass him. that's really what it is. they want to further try to delegitimize president trump. that's the whole purpose of the committee now. that's the way they have structured the rules and their membership. that's where they are going. >> laura: well, we are going to be following at every step of the way. we hope the president delivers the state of the union. i hope he delivers it at ellis island. that would be great. have you seen best picture nominees?
11:35 pm
can you name them? raymond arroyo took to the streets to ask people if they saw any of these films. you won't believe the reaction. "seen and unseen."
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11:38 pm
>> laura: it's time for our "seen and unseen" segment where we expose the big cultural stories of the day. oh, well, we hit the streets to find out who you thought will win best picture at the oscars or if you've actually seen any of these movies. plus the personal days and
11:39 pm
nights of a uncertain congressional star. joining us now, all the details raymond arroyo, fox news contributor and best-selling author. raymond, you hit the streets today. it was a little warm for you. what did you find out? >> last year's academy awardsit ceremony, i have to tell you was the lowest on record. down from the year before. doese films used to bring the country together. i took to the streets to see if people had seen these eight best picture nominees. when i found was surprising. are you excited about any of the best picture nominees for the academy awards? >> i don't know anything about them. >> you didn't see any of them? did you see "the favourite"? >> i did not. >> "green book." >> i did not. y>> "vice." >> no. >> "blackkklansman," "roma," "the favourite", "black panther "bohemian rhapsody"? >> no. >> "vice"? >> no.
11:40 pm
>> "roma"? [laughter] i am trying here. "the favourite," "green book." you look like a hollywood type. have you seen any of the best picture nominees for the academy awards? >> i have not. >> does the academy awards have the same power and influence itf once had, do you think? >> no, no, it doesn't. >> why not? >> i feel like what the fans want now and what the film creators are deeming as what is best and what the fans want as best are very different. >> are you excited about the host of the academy awards this year? >> no. [laughter] i mean, i love watching it. >> which one do you think should be best picture? >> the "green book." >> i would say "vice." >> i didn't have to ask her and she came up to offer. >> "a star is born." ♪
11:41 pm
>> you liked "black panther." >> i love those. >> what was it? i think you saw a different movie. >> "black panther." >> what was your favorite? >> "black panther." the main character was seen as ."e royals but they were super humble. >> i loved that. >> i love the way africans were portrayed. it was amazing. seen as royalty. we had better technology than the rest of the world. >> i think it's unanimous. wakanda forever. >> yes. >> you saw "bohemian rhapsody". can you sing a lyric from a queen song? >> ♪ we are the champions, my friend ♪ >> the list of best documentary nominees were announced.
11:42 pm
mr. rogers documentary "won't you be my neighbor." wasn't on the list. was he snubbed? >> it's been a long time since i have watched mr. rogers. >> please won't you be my neighbor? >> i thought he did a wonderful job. >> please won't you be. >> my neighbor. >> be my neighbor. >> what you please be my neighbor. >> yes, i will. [laughs] >> laura, these films cumulatively made $1.2 billion at the box office. that's on par with 2010. this is actually one of the years when you had big films that made a lot of money that made it to the oscars. "black panther," is clearly the one most people saw. these other films. once you get past "a star is born" and "bohemian rhapsody," these other films. >> laura: i'm embarrassed. i'm actually embarrassed. it tells you how busy i was. i saw not one of these. >> none of them. >> laura: none, not one. >> they were not seen. they were unseen.
11:43 pm
>> laura: i have them at home because i'm a member of the screen actors guild. >> the rbg documentary was nominated for best documentary but mr. rogers. we have all seen and heard the political side of 29-year-old new york socialist congresswoman ocasio-cortez, one of your favorites. her every move is covered with such attention but you might have missed the personal side of the congresswoman. tonight we are unveiling a new mini-series, the days and nights of alexandria ocasio-cortez. the young congresswoman, whenca not staging sit-ins in nancy pelosi's office and advocating a 70% tax height for upper income earners, she is something of a homebody. she readily takes to instagram to share her favorite recipes mixing politics with mac and cheese. >> real special.
11:44 pm
you just got to be good at getting things done. here's the final product everybody, before i sign off. here's the final product. we've got some of our mac and cheese. >> there is brilliance here. she personalizes -- she films herself washing the laundryer cooking. >> laura: i'm getting pushback because i find her impressive. i don't agree with her probably in most things.hb i wish i could spend some time with her.iv maybe i could make her agree on some >> politicians and the public have a lot to learn, like donald trump. >> laura: conservatives, don't freak out. she is connecting with people. she's a storyteller. she is young. she hasn't been around a long time. >> laura, lest you think she is just a gourmand, make no mistake aoc is a full-fledged start up. she's gracing the cover of "hollywood reporter" and is about to take sundance by storm. she is the subject of a new documentary appearing at the film festival.
11:45 pm
"knock down the house," her climb from bartender to congresswoman. she uses the platform, again, to set her own political narrative. watch this. >> the darkness of this administration really forces a certain clarity. there's a lot of people that know or feel like what the trump administration is doing is wrong. when our back is to the wall you're going to see way more courage and in a way, thathe darkness can bring out the brightest lights in some communities across the country. >> it's amazing -- she's worthy of a hollywood production because she is recasting reality. p where's the darkness? these communities have low crime, high wages, low unemployment. she should be celebrating but she's recasting. it's rather brilliant what she's doing here. people should take notice laura. finally, it's not all politics with ocasio-cortez. fie knows how to have a good
11:46 pm
time. she's coined a new game which he plays regularly in the halls off congress called where is mitch? >> we are marching to mitch mcconnell's office to show him what's up, isn't that right? #where'smitch. you can run but you can't hide. we went to his office at the capitol. we went to his office in the russell building. we went to the floor. we went to the cloakroom. he's notot in the cloakroom. he's not in the capitol. he's not in the russell building and he's not on the floor of the senate, and 800,000 people don't have their paychecks. where is mitch? >> laura: she hasn't set up a regional office yet. that came out today. maybe we should spend a little time doing the nuts and bolts of politics. >> million followers on twitter. the only politician who exceeds her is donald trump. don't underestimate her particularly on social >> laura: don't steal my lines. don't underestimate her on social media. great point. great new mini-series. disturbing new abortion law
11:47 pm
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>> laura: what ever happened to abortion being safe, legal and rare? a bill just signed into law by new york governor andrew cuomo takes the radical and inhumane and barbaric step of legalizing abortion up to birth in many cases.s. now, you would think the passage of a bill like this would be greeted in a much more muted fashion due to the cruelty of it. but here the new york assembly they basically celebrated its passage. >> the bill is passed. [applause] [cheering] >> laura: they got a standing ovation for death. we want to show you just want a fetus looks like at approximately 24 weeks gestation. okay.
11:52 pm
about that. remember that this bill would allow abortions after this date. 11.5 inches long, almost 1.5 pounds, the face is almost fully formed, eyebrows eyelashes and hair. the baby can hear your voice and will recognize these sounds after birth. here to debate, madeline morreira, research attorney at the bioethics defense fund, and asha dahya, a reproductive health advocate. let's start with you, madeline. this new york bill allows, and this is key for women's health. it allows not only doctors or ob-gyns but health care practitioners to perform abortions. not necessarily a doctor, right? could it be a dentist chiropractor? what does it mean and why is it dangerous? >> what this law does is effectively legalizes abortion on demand up until the due date.
11:53 pm
the reason is because it's not -- abortion for cases where it threatens the life of the mother but where her health is threatened. that's defined as including mental or emotional health. you can effectively go to your doctor or your nurse practitioner or midwife or physician's assistant even and have them determine that your health on some level is threatened by the pregnancy or the impending birth of your baby and up until the due date have an abortion performed and a doctor is not involved. not only that. this new law removes protections for babies born alive, who survive abortions. >> laura: asha, you have no problem with that? >> the most important thing for me is seeing this law taken out of the state constitution's criminal code and put into the health care code.o this is a law that was put in to the state constitution dating back to 1970. now that it's in the health70
11:54 pm
code, the state assembly -- and i hope the leaders will take a look at it and make it so that they can better serve women and children and their families. >> laura: how are you serving women?re i'm really happy you came on. i really appreciate you coming on. i'm really curious to understand, how does this law help a child who is, has an 80% chance after six months of being viable if born? this is a child that feels pain. this is a unborn child that hears, knows sounds, voices. when someone's pregnant, they don't say oh, you know, we are going to have a fetus shower. they say a baby shower. it's a baby. how is this not -- for economics, when a baby --
11:55 pm
a baby is being killed in the womb. >> let's remember women aren't choosing abortions at a late stage because they are excited about it. it's often a very difficult decision. they are making these decisions with their doctors, with their families, and i think they should be given the dignity and the respect and make these tough decisions. >> laura: does the infant deserve any dignity? does the infant in the womb deserve anything? nmean, they don't get anything. it's not their fault they are there. >> these are important questions and they should be discussed in privacy with respect and with intelligence with the doctor with family. as opposed to criminalization. >> laura: okay, madeline quick last word. 15 seconds. >> is 24 weeks not long enough to tell that you don't want to have the baby or that it will affect your mental health? t there was no point of passing this law. it goes way past what roe v. wade requires.
11:56 pm
new york state may well be the most radical state in the nation on abortion. >> laura: shocking. we are out of time, madeleine. sorry to cut you off. it'sho shocking and shame on andrew cuomo. shame on you. yeah, uh...for the team... the team? gooo team.... order online pickup in an hour. hurry in and save on tax software. at office depot officemax
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>> it is time for the last bite. democrat darling beto o'rourke is referred to as a rock star and that is kind of true.
12:00 am
♪ >> is that him? if you can't sing, don't. that is all the time we have tonight. shannon bream, nice purple outfit. daymac i hope no one has a video of me singing. this is a fox news alert. you are not welcome here. that is the message from the democratic speaker of the house to donald trump as she on invites him from delivering the state of the union address on capitol hill. take back your party, that is nancy pelosi is message to republicans as she hopes to drive a wedge between the gop and donald trump. a seismic shift in venezuela as an opposition leader vows to the


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