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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 24, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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other, let's take care of each other." i once ran into the general on the subway. that is it for "special report"" i'm john roberts in washington. "the story" starts right now. >> martha: thank you very much much. some shocking new numbers tonight from customs and border protection layout with the agency calling an urgent military and crisis that is ongoing at our southern border. take a look at some of these numbers. in the past four months, the course of the year, 9,000 illegals have been apprehended at the border. most of them are coming in with families, with children, that is a new trend that we are seeing. as a result of that, many were coming through are in need of medical attention and much higher numbers than what we have seen in the past. the agency also reported that it spent 20,000 man hours they break it down and taking these and bend it to to get metal to
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make medical care. also this report, and a one day. my cologne, take a look at what they apprehended. almost a thousand pounds of drugs that were coming around the border from smugglers and traffickers. remember, this is the issue that is at the heart of this will shut down. a shut down that the senate voted on twice today, but failed to bring to an end. now a new suggestion tonight from the presidents. >> i suggest they pay a down payment for the wall, i think people agree that we need that. a lot of the democrats, almost all of them are saying, the wall is good. spew and except for nancy pelosi who is saying, absolutely not. but the peace and movements between mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer were still meeting tonight?
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kellyanne conway to president trump. thank you for being here and go to see you. what is the very latest? what did you hear out of that meeting and -- what is the president talking about? >> we are encouraged that the leaders, they are still meeting into the night here because that says that perhaps we can get that border security at also got the government reopens. those are the dual goals here. this president is keeping a promise to the american people, his duty to have the border be safe. we have the drugs are pouring through, the child smuggling, there is a lot of crime. most importantly we have at the other side of the border people taking this journey and of course mexico has started to implement some of the policies that allow people, particularly unaccompanied minors and families to stay in mexico while their asylum claims are being
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processed. >> martha: they tag bracelets on people and telling them, head right to the united states. want to get your thoughts on the boat that we saw today. we set terkel boats on the boat that had no border wall funding actually got more republican votes than the one that had a b. that one pulled in from alexander, isaacson perkowski and met romney. it appears on the senate side that they want to get this over with and they want to compromise on border wall funding. >> those boats of course -- code neither achieved the threshold that is necessary. i was really struck by how many republicans tricked together with the president's point of view and priorities here as well. the presidents, i was there in the oval office and he is speaking to a number of different republican members and he feels very bland but his negotiating team on capitol hill is up there today and trying to come up with the next phase of a deal.
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we are get to get a counter offer or even much of a response from the democratic leadership, the proposal that the president put forth publicly on saturday. it is now thursday. they didn't take a counter offer, nancy pelosi is saying no money. >> martha: chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell, do any indication that chuck schumer is in there with some kind of response? with a proposal from the democratic side? when the president talks about the impulse to to mike possibiy comedy of a number of weeks that has broken down? here is some wall money for number of weeks? >> on that regard he is considering the number of different options and speaking with his legal team. what i want to tell you about the funding and the terkel bills is this, the priorities remain
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the same. it is more than that. it is more than the barrier which is the centerpiece, the democrats wish list is in the president's proposal. daka, humanitarian needs, detention beds, more immigration judges, new personnel at the border and border patrol. more technology, $8,000 for a method to seize these drugs, $800 million for that. there is no doubt. come to the table, stay in town. >> martha: there's all kinds of evidence up to this point that they don't want the president to be able to sign anything. we will see. >> the win is for the country, we are a sovereign nation that needs a border. want to say something, i worked on the drug crisis here every day for this president and for this nation, every single democrat last summer who voted
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in favor of it, every democrat who voted in favor of the drug legislation have already admitted that we have a huge drug problem in this country. nick comes to the 300 people died from heroin overdoses a week in this country, 90% are coming over the southern border. fentanyl, cocaine, we have to stop it. spew what i want to look at the poles with you because it appears to the polls here at fox and other places that the presis getting blamed for this. the approval number is down three points. his disapproval is up two points. the question, who's to blame for the shutdown? president trump gets 51% in the fox poll. democrats only get 34%. how does the president feel about that? does that feel difficult for him? him? will that push them to make a compromise he wouldn't have made prior to that? >> the president is not looking at the polls, he is looking at the policies on the crisis at the border. he is not keeping a campaign
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promise, he is trying to keep us safe. if you do look at both to make decisions. >> martha: he said yesterday, he clearly follows the polls, we know that. >> no question he is happy that people are getting the message, and the fox pulls you through the wall itself has gone up and appealed to many people. it is not just the wall, the barriers, call it what you want as long as we have it. martha, this president doesn't want to be blamed for not taking action on the border so many presidents have promised, both republicans and democrats. congress has failed to do its job for any number of years. congress last year had promised him after he signed that bill, don't ever give me anything like that again. where is that? now the democrats are in charge. i think this is much like criminal justice reform, all these bipartisan measures that passed, this is a nonpartisan issue at our border.
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i think there are number of democrats, 31 democrats who win in 2018 and districts that president trump carried in 2016. 22 of them are freshman. we didn't send you to do a shutdown. "midnight hero" let you go, you said they're going back home and that is one thing that i think it is scaring people. they're not getting paid right now. >> they are fully funded, they have the longest we can't of any workers in their district. stay in town, the president is saying to my stay in town and hash it out. we are glad that leaders are doing that right now. hopefully we will come up with a resolution. >> martha: we will be here, thank you very much. good to see you tonight. there are fears tonight for the security of the new interim president and venezuela, secretary mike pompeo says his
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and the man in the high castle. all in the same place as your live tv. its all included with your amazon prime membership. that's how xfinity makes tv... simple. easy. awesome. ♪ >> martha: of russia and china issuing a string of blistering message directed at the united states. they are telling us that we need to stay out of the power struggle that is now underway and venezuela. lives were lost and deadly protest there is the u.s. recognizes the opposition leader, juan guaido is the rightful interim president. my next guest argues the socialist nicolas maduro's regime is guilty with crimes against humanity. marco rubio, member of the committee joins me now.
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>> the threats coming from russia and also china are not happy that we have intervened. what you say to that? >> venezuela owes china a bunch of money and they just want to get paid. russia's different, they want to have control over the oil and a base of operation to threaten america and leverage us in the western hemisphere. i think it is funny that vladimir putin munchers anyone about not interfering. he messed with her elections, invited -- it is a joke. that said, we are not interfering. i hope will stomach more people are reporting it, this is a constitutional action by the people of venezuela. under their constitution, the constitution under chavez. the election happened in may, he was ordering an election lost to mike next month. the elections are every four years. likewise, it wasn't a constitutional election, that means there is a vacancy.
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there is a vacancy, the speaker of the national assembly becomes the interim president and has 45 days to call for a new election, new democratic election. that is what has happened here. not only has the u.s. recognized that, six other countries in the hemisphere have a question that. from chile, peru, everyone. on top of that european countries have jumped on board. this is not some unilateral activity. >> martha: there is no doubt that there is a tremendous amount of support for this new interim president, the big question is whether or not nicolas maduro and his henchmen will accept this. your second mike pompeo speaking about the danger that exist here moments ago, let's watch >> we call on venezuelan security forces to ensure the protection of juan guaido and his physical integrity and his safety. we have seen reports that a
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number of protesters were killed yesterday and that more than hundred were arrested. i reiterate our warning about any decision, elements of the regime to use violence to repress the peaceful, democratic transition. >> martha: very strong words there from mike pompeo about ensuring the safety of this interim president. will that happen? >> let me tell you something, the administration has been pretty clear about this. if something were to happen to him or got prepared to our diplomats for the general public, there is going to be swift and immediate and significant consequences. it is not for me to decide what they are, i am just telling everyone. believe me when i tell you that there will be significant consequences. some people to like the president some people love the president, i work very well with the president. one thing i could tell you but donald trump, he doesn't usually
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block for play games. we do something, he says he will do it, he will do it. he does these things, he is very serious about them and he will do it. they need to pay attention to that and be very careful about what they do. as far as moving forward i think our focus is first and foremost about providing humanitarian assistance. people of the most real from diseases and mike pompeo has announced a $20 million, they are working to deliver thought. that is the first step that will be delivered through the legitimate government. >> martha: just to be clear, he would support military actio action? i know everyone wants a peaceful transition, but if it doesn't come to that, would you support military action? >> i support having every option available to us. it is always an option. it is not for me to decide that or to speak on that, i am telling you the u.s. has always had the right and continues to have the right to action or
4:18 pm
security interests. that said, our goal here is a peaceful transition of power. a reestablishment of democracy, the election is very soon and in the meantime and interim government that can help improve the quality of life and deal with humanitarian crisis. >> martha: on that front, you look at a situation where we are pulling out of syria, most likely pulling out of afghanistan and the question that you just touched on which is, what does the american interest in the interest of her allies, that is a pertinent one. how come we are leaving there and we can potentially be going into venezuela? how do you answer that? >> anyone who is talking about going into venezuela is getting ahead of themselves. the only thing we have done to support the constitution and the people. the second point i would make is, the things he described tesco i didn't agree with some of those decisions, but they are far away.
4:19 pm
this is in our own hemisphere. millions of venezuelans, the largest migration in latin america history has poured into colombia, ecuador, brazil, and in particularly on the colombian front, the government there does not have the resources to take on another million migrants. all that money is coming out of the drug program. although strokes -- all the drug dealers, they are destined to come to the united states. but he mentioned nick maduro has openly and repeatedly invited vladimir putin to open a facility. we have multiple national interests in our own hemisphere. we should care about that. >> martha: senator marco rubio, thank you. up next, can start on what democrats may have planned for michael cohen. >> we should not let the president of united states to intimidate and prevent a witness from coming to court.
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♪ >> after one big cancellation this week it looks like tonight the michael cohen show is going to be back on, at least on the senate side of congress. yesterday the president's former attorney announced that he will no longer testify on february 7th committee hearing before the oversight committee because of safety concerns for him and his family. today the senate intel committee issued a subpoena, compelling him to testify with a closed-door hearing next month where he will be asked about whether he lied to congress in the past and about some tweets by president trump, among other things. the former independent counsel and author of the book "contempt, a memoir of the
4:25 pm
clinton investigation." thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. >> martha: let's take a look at the instances that michael cohen one claims were threatening to his family. i want to get your thoughts. the first one is a tweet from president trump where he draws kevin corke's attention, he says "don't forget, michael cohen has already been convicted of perjury and fraud, "the wall street journal" has suggested that he may have stolen tens of thousands of dollars. lying to reduce his jail time, watch the father-in-law." this backup from rudy giuliani. speak of his father-in-law, the reason it is important, he may have ties to something called organized crime. >> those two things together, michael cohen says he has been intimidating his family and
4:26 pm
threatening his family. what do you say? >> that is a subjective reaction and obviously i have to take some of that quite seriously. at the same time, there is the political side of the human side, there is also the legal side. i will just say this. some folks are saying, this is obstruction of justice, intimidation of witnesses and so forth. once again, i don't see that. we could talk about with the president is doing, what rudy giuliani is saying and so forth, the community or lack thereof. there is no crime being committed here. i wish the president would get off this case and would just stay focused on the economy, the great problems that we are experiencing right now. he is practicing law, getting his shots against michael cohen. let's say this about michael cohen, he obviously has a big
4:27 pm
truth telling problem and i am happy that the intelligence committee behind closed doors is saying, we want to know what this guy has to say. he is led to the congress. we're just trying to seek the truth and let's see what that is. i have a lot of confidence in the intelligence committee in light of their record thus far. >> martha: i want to play one more sound bite. you said earlier that we have all fallen into this habit of criminalizing regular behavior, this is the charge from the congressman of california. >> talking about the president of the united states, this is how gangs are conducted. this is how ms-13, the president's conduct themselves. they threaten their families, they tell them to cooperate. >> martha: first of all, sm 13 is an adversary to many more
4:28 pm
than just the president. what you think about him comparing the president's behavior to ms-13 and gain like behavior? >> it is extravagant, it is ill-conceived and mean-spirited, this is all about politics now. how to be found on the president? absolutely no justification for making that kind of comparison. again, is a president wise in doing this? i don't think so. this is not the intimidation that courts have dealt with day in and day out and with the congressman is talking about. that is intimidation. those kinds of threats, you testified i will take you out. there is nothing like that, even remotely like that and what the president rudy giuliani has had to say. >> martha: thank you very much much. have you heard about the controversy at the university of notre dame? plans to cover these murals of
4:29 pm
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it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> martha: on the campus of the university of notre dame, a change of scenery has set up a heated debate. the president, father john jenkins announced the murals of christopher columbus would be preserved, but would be covered up in the famous gold dome building in the campus. saying that the artwork may be offensive to indigenous people and failed to depict the darker side of the story. the national italian american foundation said this in a letter to him. "while there remains a serious debate about certain attitudes and actions of christopher columbus, he alone should not be bargained with the entire fate of native americans.
4:34 pm
we do not believe the university of notre dame should take this action and seek to erase history, simply to appease a small number of local columbus to tractors." father john jenkins, the president of the university of notre dame. one of my favorite places, i'm a little biased. it is great to have you with us to respond to this controversy. thank you for being here. >> thank you very much. to start by taking issue with your description, we are not concealing anything. we are not erasing anything. these images will be on display continuously. they want to be on display in the main room, and a place where the full story, the full story can be revealed. it is not a criticism of christopher columbus, he was a great explorer, a devout catholic. he had his failings and blind spots as we all do, we are to tell the story of the native
4:35 pm
people. that is a horror story, a better story, but it must be told as well. contrary to the suggestion that we are trying to conceal or erase, we are trying to reveal until the whole story. that is what is behind this decision. >> martha: these images will be covered up, right? the other characterization was from the letter, it is a fact that they will be covered up in that building? >> it will take high resolutions, high-quality photographs, they will be displayed and we can at times show the paintings themselves. the reason for that is to show them in a place and in a manner where the full story can be tol told. that is what we are about to comment on the full story. >> martha: i know there have been pamphlets in that area that put the murals into context and address that. we all know history is messy and there is a lot of artwork that is in museums and churches and
4:36 pm
places all over the world that is in exactly the way we would portray things now. it is my understanding that the original mural, they were painted as a way to uplift catholics who are being looked down upon in this country at the time and also immigrants were being looked down at the time. for that reason it is good that they are going to be displayed in another form because those issues are still very much exist, don't they? >> very much though and we want to make sure that that message is communicated. it is important part of who we are at notre dame and what our history is. we want to communicate that. at the same time as a catholic university, we are interested in the whole truth and the marginalized people. the native people of this country have had a difficult history, a harsh history we want to make sure that that story is told.
4:37 pm
without any intention to slightly native americans, these images simply don't tell that story. we want to display these images in a place with that story can be told. the full story can be understood. >> martha: i want to show a few quotes. one is from the american to mike native american student group or a large voice in the process. in reaction to this decision they said, it is a good step towards acknowledging the full humanity of those native people will come before us. we sincerely hope that father jenkins and the administration will continue to prioritize native issues on our campus is there still work to be done. that is a side that is very pleased with this move and thankful on the other side comes from the young americans for freedom. they launched a petition that has about 1500 signatures according to what we have seen, they are against this decision. if the decision is not reversed, the first step in an irreversible spiral of erasing
4:38 pm
history on campus. how do you address that concern? perhaps it is a slippery slope about if there are more request to cover up other things were to change other statues, it will be erasing history? >> again, we are not erasing anything. we are trying to tell the full story. my ancestors are irish, they come over and the potato famine. if we had murals that depicted the english and irish society without talking about the suppression and the irish culture, the death on the potato famine, we irish would be offended at that. there is no clear where stomach way to say, you don't matter and do not tell your story, do not make your story part of the larger story. our effort is to make the story of the native americans part of the story, as is the story of columbus and as is the story of wonderful immigrants who made this country as great as it is today.
4:39 pm
that is the intention behind it. not to raise stomach erase anytl the full story. >> why did he tell the decision now? >> it is a continued process, universities are about conversations and gaining perspective. as you know, people love notre dame and they feel passionately about it. they feel passionately about -- iconic places like the golden dome. i know it is difficult for everybody. it is difficult for the people who care about native people as it is for italian-americans. it is a difficult decision, our effort is not to marginalize anyone, but you make everyone's story part of the notre dame story. that is who we are and what we are and we will continue to try to do that as well as pecan. >> martha: thank you very much for being here tonight. we appreciate it. good to have you here. >> it is a pleasure, thank you.
4:40 pm
>> martha: my next guest says it is a whitewash of christopher columbus, we just heard from father jenkins who said that is not what it is. these images will still be seen on campus and that they'll be seen in a fuller context. she has an online opinion editor for the washington times and she wrote a piece. what is your reaction to the discussion and you understand where he is coming? >> i do understand and i do have some sympathy with his position and with the thought that he must've put in to make this decision. i disagree wholeheartedly with this decision. let me give you an example of how better this could depend on. if you look at plymouth massachusetts, the land of the programs, land of the settlers, heavy on the christianity foundation and so forth, standing among all about historical artifacts is a statue
4:41 pm
of the native leader back then who was credited with helping the pilgrims survive the winter. his statue stands amidst all of that and i think what could better be done, instead of moving historical artifacts and tearing them down, we can instead put up other historical symbols, other monuments and so forth that i do in fact tell the other side of the story. >> martha: and terms of these murals which are beautiful when you see them up close, they have images that some native americans have said that they don't reflect the accurate garbs that would have been worn at the time, they are historically inaccurate. it is an area that is near the admissions entrance and people come and go, some 50,000 people come through there with families. the feeling is that this has
4:42 pm
become controversial. does that resonate with you and is moving into another area and re-creating these images, is that a good solution? you can hear that he really does not want anyone to think that these are going to disappear or that these are going to be erased. >> the message can resonate with you without having to take action on it. for instance, in my view it is in the eye of the beholder. down the street from where i am, there is a 30-foot tall monument of martin luther king. mlk didn't have a pristine past, he did a lot of good for america and there is a lot to honor him for, i'm in favor of the statue, but for instance a women's group founded by his adultery could say that, he is not a great guy to have a monument in d.c. say a religious group did not like the fact that he
4:43 pm
plagiarized during his time at boston university. is that too offensive because he doesn't present the right height of history? the problem is, when we start making this theater of offensiveness, where does it end? secondly, who gets to decide? >> martha: good questions, thank you very much. coming cap next, the sweeping expansion of abortion rights under new york governor andrew cuomo allowing the procedure up until birth in some cases. guy benson and marie harf are up next. >> we pointed to the direct direction of this president and this government. ♪
4:44 pm
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♪ >> a new york national president will be established, the most aggressive women's equality platform in the nation. in law and in the state and that is the way it should be. >> martha: a big applause that
4:48 pm
went on for some time, bursting and applause in new york over the reproductive health act which provides sweeping new safeguards for abortions, allowing them basically at any time during the pregnancy and in some cases, even up until the point of birth. in a sign of solidarity, one world trade center was lit up and take to celebrate the passage of this law. here now, guy penson and marie hart, the house on the radio, good to have both of you with us tonight. you have been tweeting about this and speaking out about this. explain to everybody what the changes, what is allowed now? >> let me just say, i am pro-life and probably pro-life. we also recognized that the overall issue of abortion is a challenging one and a difficult one for a lot of people. what are the competing rights of the woman and the child, what does the government's role?
4:49 pm
what laws are appropriate or not? i don't just dismiss people who disagree with me based on those issues, it is hard. which is not hard for me at least is to feel just disgusted and heartsick over this new law which prevents abortion on demand up till the seventh month of pregnancy and really all the way up to the moment of birth for virtually any reason whatsoever, including very broad health exceptions like emotional health. this is a late term abortion law that puts new york unfortunately right up there with oregon with having some of the most inhumane abortion laws, not just in the country, but in the entire world. >> martha: marie, you are the applause they are. they all tend to have very broad names, woman's health, reproductive, i think that some people who are pro-life find those misleading. >> want to say a few things.
4:50 pm
pro-choice which i am probably does not equal pro abortion. i think that sometimes advocates on both sides can make those trick don't like to think of synonyms and for me that is very much not the case and i want toe very clear about that. but i would also say is that new york in the previous was replaced was passed and signed before roe vs. wade before a number of court decisions that have codified abortion law and this country. it was out of step with federal law and it was out of step with the judiciary. this new law has brought it in line with those including provisions that allow -- if the women's health is at ris risk, abortions for the nine months, that is true. my view has always been, those kinds of health decisions are best made between a woman, her doctor, her family, wherever she goes to for religious advice. though should not be dictated by the government. in this case, we are allowing
4:51 pm
women to work with her doctors in terms of what justifies them. it is their health or their life and it is at risk. bringing it in line with federal law, new york needed to do that. >> martha: andrew cuomo has had this in a tweet back in august. "the death penalty is morally indefensible and has no place in the 21st century. i'm in solidarity and i will advance this legislation." >> i would just say that as a joke. he is going to quote the pope only death penalty and then celebrate, celebrate, abortion, late term abortion by letting up this building in new york city. the vast majority of americans, men and women support restrictions on abortion in the second and third trimester is. this is tragic and not worth celebrating. >> it is also a joke for
4:52 pm
conservatives who are very antiabortion and choice and celebrate the death penalty. i've given you credit for that. >> martha: think you guys, great to have you both here. she is appealing to president trump after a policeman was convicted of murder and got a lesser sentence than her husband did. she thinks there is something strange about that. she joins me next. ♪ no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ they work together doing important stuff. the hitch? like you, your cells get hungry. feed them... with centrum® micronutrients. restoring your awesome... daily. feed your cells with centrum® micronutrients today.
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4:57 pm
of 17-year-old mcclung mcdonald, a black teenager, a shocking dashcam video in this part nationwide protest. former chicago police officer jason van dyck was just sentenced, he was given less than seven years in prison for that mortar stomach murder. she believes it shows a sentencing of her husband, he is 14 stomach serving a 14 year sentence on a single count of corruption charges. she tweeted, "i am speechless, a 17-year-old is dead in the sentence is less than half of my husband's for discussions with his staff and attorneys about political fund-raising." she cites that real donald trump, you now know mike will come to the program. obviously everybody looks at the story in your heart breaks for
4:58 pm
this young man and for his family and for what they went through. this obviously opens a very difficult time in chicago history. i think that first and foremost is what this is about. from your perspective when you look at this and you look at the sentencing, you feel like it highlights an injustice about your husband situation. >> right martha, the sentence highlights the corruption in my husband's trial. he is serving 14 years with conversations about fund-raising and the penalty for second-degree murder is just six years? prosecutors even asked the judge to sentence my husband to 20 years. why would they do that? he wanted to bury my husband and the truth about what they did to her family so deep. the obama justice department locked him up and threw away the key, comey, they destroyed my family by creating fake stories
4:59 pm
with unprecedented raids. >> martha: there is so much focus right now on sentencing and fair sentencing, prison reform and i should point out that the state attorney general in this case feels that the sentence here may have been too lenient for this murder and they are going to reevaluate that. he may get more time than it has initially been given to him. i want to emphasize, these are very different cases that we are talking about here. in terms of your husband's situation, i have half a minute left here. is there any update? are you getting anywhere with your request? >> i know the president has a lot on his hands, that is for sure. all you have to do is look at your show tonight. he mentioned my husband last may and to give us hope.
5:00 pm
when president obama at the opportunity to this wrong, he looked down. >> martha: thank you very much. that is the "the story," we will be back here tomorrow. have a good good night. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," for a brief and shining moment earlier this week, the national press corps felt a mild pang of conscience for mishandling the covington high school story so thoroughly. that moment has passed, a blip on the screen and the presidents renewing that. that is the preview. first, a border wall battle, republicans and democrats in the congress held votes on two proposals that would end the government shutdown, but in the end it did not. ed


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