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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  January 25, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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800,000 plus people can go back to work and get their paychecks. a second one missed today. we are covering this life. stay with fox news channel. i'm harris, here's dana >> dana, president trump said to make a major announcement on the shut down any moment now. the source is telling that the president could announce a short-term deal to reopen the government. hello, everyone i'm dana perino and "the daily briefing." the shut down 35th day with border security and the major sticking point. john roberts reporting live from the rose garden, john, we were not sure if we had to do but there you are, what do you know? >> john: we know the cabinet has arrived and many members, secretary nielsen, purdue, and the representative is there so the president should be coming up soon. he is a little more than a half
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an hour off of his scheduled time but my understanding, just the finer points of this speech, we don't know exactly what the president is going to announce today but we do know the folks from capitol hill, a continuing resolution to fund the government through february 15th or 3 weeks. i'm not sure of the exact time. in our brief from the hill it does not include money for a border wall. this was a nonstarter for president trump as recently as yesterday said any cr needed to include some down payment or prorated amount of money for border barrier. and looking $5.7 billion for the year, then you are looking $320 million for a three week period. we don't know if there's any money for the wall in there. but amply exactly where we were a couple of weeks ago when nancy pelosi said reopen the government and then we can talk about a wall or lindsey graham the senator from south carolina
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said, i suggested that the government reopen a deal and at the end of that three weeks, you don't get a deal, then you can declare it a national emergency. the president has that in his back pocket dana, he alluded to that yesterday but here's the thing with a national emergency. the second that the president plays that he will get hold into a court in a district that is tough in the ninth court of appeals jurisdiction and he will likely be joined by court the history of the district and if he does his last card. he doesn't want to play his last card so he wants to negotiate. but this idea of opening government and then negotiating with the democrats has been palatable because he's pretty sure that as soon as he opens the government the democrats will suddenly go border security? when were we ever talking about border security? that is why he has been so adamant to get something in any kind of budget measure. because he's pretty sure if he opens the government, the
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democrats will turn their back to them. we will see. maybe a more concrete at the old. >> dana: and i understand if the sources are correct but we will see in a moment, this would bring the department of homeland security appropriations bill back on the table to so that would mean full funding. and i have just read sources say this deal would include a back pay probation so that any of those furloughed employees in the shut down not paid, they are back pay would be underway which obviously is important to them. and all parties here. >> john: everybody was talking about that. nobody wanted to see federal workers lose a time of their money except will in the colonnade famously said yesterday, doesn't see why federal employees couldn't go to the bank to cover a loan for expenses. which gave nancy pelosi running room but again, back to the idea of the president does not get money for a border barrier in this continuing resolution, the
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last two weeks of the shut down really have been for naught. because those offers have been on the table already. here is something else to consider too. if they have an agreement this afternoon, consents, parliamentary procedure on capitol hill, you might be able to open the government pretty quickly which state of the union back on the table. the president really does want to have that speech. i should tell you, i keep looking over here because the teleprompter every once in a while rolls up and it rolled up as far as to say that my fellow americans i am pleased and then it cut off the next line. so we are not sure, but we should find out soon because the president will be out here momentarily. >> dana: that is what they call a team indeed, john, let's bring in fox news politics editor chris who has been following this as well, but chris went up pressure points would ratchet up either side and they would say, we have to have
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game changing decision to end the shut down in whatever way it would be. the the pressure has ratcheted up and the president to make his statements, your thoughts. >> chris: look, all republican-controlled when they started the shut down and the choice the republicans made because they could not agree on numbers or the democrats to join in the effort to do something about the wall. the president was anxious his debates would punish him harshly if not a lot more border security funding with the republicans. so he said shut it down. we started this process a month ago of working our way through. what they failed to understand was that having the government shutdown, the the democrats took over in the house was a huge political advantage for nancy pelosi. she wasn't the one who started it. she wasn't the one who did it. it was not the negotiations fell apart with the two parties but within one party. now, this is the unavoidable
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consequence of a strategic missed play at the beginning, which is, the republicans shut it down by themselves and will have to reopen it by themselves sensationally. >> dana: we solve the flights delayed and held at laguardia, philly and other airports because of absences, air traffic controllers and actually after the president speaks come i will have the president air national traffic controllers association on the show to talk about the stress on air traffic controllers afraid to make a mistake but also a lot of pressure and about to miss the second paycheck. do you think that this morning that news was really eye-opening to both sides? >> chris: i think the hardship and the disruption for normal function of life not only for 800,000 families, but also for travelers and other things is a huge part of it. i think just as huge of a part, the downstream economic consequences that we are talking about. we have a president and administration that likes to focus on track record of
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economic success. it gets better from a look at the gdp and now stagnant or even recession as a consequence of self-inflicted wound the government has achieved here. and i think that has got to be startling for a president who wants to run in 2020 as economic whiz. and as we look at his supports lighting and as we look at approval sliding across the board -- >> dana: let me show you a new poll posted by "the washington post" abc poll showing president's approval number down at 37%, disapprove 58%. that is one of the lowest we have seen for him. it doesn't mean he can't make that up quickly, but that number also troubling to the white house. >> chris: to this point, the president's base has stayed with him. 37% is pretty low and as points out the lowest running present at the start of the second term or the start and -- start second of the first term, but he hasn'd to eat into his face. the president has a pretty clear
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range on his approval, 35%, 45% but really 37% to the low 40% and that's where we have him in the poll this week and he's remained in that space because his supporters. core supporters, the ones that saw him through the primary and general election. those folks fighting for him and fighting for this wall. that is why whatever he says today, he will not be able to get it back with persuadable voters necessarily. he has to make sure what he is doing here does not cost him with these supporters that think he has betrayed him if capitulating. >> dana: chris, stick around. i want to bring in chad, capitol hill senior prison -- producer but chad how this would work and the government could gt reopened if the president makess announcement in the next few minutes in the rose garden, how quickly can this get done? >> chad: you can move things pretty quickly if you can get everybody on board the $60,000 question. here are the three options, you have to move something through the house and senate and the
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three ways you vote, a roll call vote were faster come a voice vote and that is where everybody in favor and those opposed and then the opinion of the chair, and then you pass the bill that way or you do it by unanimous consent. they do a lot of business in the senate, unanimous consent, what that means you need over 100 senators to go along. what they do they put out a hot line ahead of time and safe are you okay with this? considering what happened yesterday afternoon with the 50 votes on those two procedural bills, the democratic bill and republican bill, the appetite to fix this and fix this quickly went up dramatically yesterday, dana so a scenario where they move this very, very fast. the senate in session and the house in session so hotline this to get it done lickety-split if you wanted to, dana. >> dana: does that mean, chad, nancy pelosi might re-invite
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president trump to give the state of the union address as originally planned for next tuesday january 29th? >> chad: absolutely. let's look at her term, when the government is open so in fact if the government is open at the president has signed that bill, the same bill, of course, you can't conceivably have it. you do have a logistical question. and they have been talking around the edges and made background for the state of the union. they like to have these things done seven, eight days ahead of time, but i was told when the state of the union started a few days ago, they could throw this together in 48 hours if they absolutely had to. so if they were to vote later today or the weekend, you conceivably could have stayed up union on tuesday night. >> dana: capitol hill, are the democrats pleased with how this has gone that they have held the president's speech in a fire that they feel like they have one here? >> chad: the fact that there hasn't been a lot of chatter from democrats the last
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24 hours. what that means, they thought the president was about to capitulate yesterday afternoon. we heard talks nancy pelosi the speaker was going to have a press conference early this morning. that was put off, tda with the term was used and talking with my sources here come if you think you are about to get a big cave by the president of the united states, keep it dry. we have not heard anything. at the end of the dates in operation for the stage of discussion. nancy pelosi had drawn down her marker and list the senate demonstrated 60 votes on either of those bills yesterday, that is where you had chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell me and say, we are talking. people were talking and they weren't talking before which is why warp speed the past 24 hours or so, dana. >> dana: watching life at the rose garden and the president about to speak. i think he will speak quickly because i saw an aide put the paper on the podium at the teleprompter they are as well but the president has the
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ability to use the speech of the teleprompter fails. and that is usually a tell that he will be coming quickly. mitch mcconnell to speak after the president. any idea what mitch mcconnell might say? he's obviously going to be an alignment with the president. that is where you could see the start of this. you asked unanimous consent in the senate and this is what you do, mr. president being the president of the senate, i ask unanimous consent move such and such bill to reopen the government to the 15th of february et cetera. whoever is presiding, objection, without objection so ordered. so it could be that where an actual speech, talking about what needs to happen, in other words, mitch mcconnell wants to make sure as you put it, this was not for not think actually get something out of this. again at the end of the date and exit ramp for both sides talking about some ant tanks what is wall, border security, but nancy pelosi seems to be the victor because she held the line
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when she became speaker. it doesn't look like the president will get the border wall. >> dana: all right, chad, if you can stick around, do we still have john roberts? we don't have john roberts, chris, tell me a little bit, we heard grumbling from democrats especially modern democrats won that one the republican districts. 13 of them voted yesterday with the minority leader on the motion to recommit with kevin mccarthy because they wanted to get the government reopened. they wanted to get the workers paid. and that was in defiance of nancy pelosi. what about the democrats ability to hold their coalition together? speak to democrats traditionally are better at unity than republicans. they do that better. and i will tell you this, this case is no exception. pelosi was definitely getting close -- pushed closer to the edge from the left and the right. she had alexandria oh because
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he, because she said it is funding ice and as you point ou0 members, member saying look you've got to do something and we need a bow and we have to have action so she was deafly under pressure but that does not compare to the kind of pressure trumpets under because when you look at the numbers we were talking about before consequences to the economy and all of these things plus he is the pressure in the end the end the voters look to the president the guy in charge in washington the one with the most power and he is the one with the responsibility, and at the outset this is a shut down worth having. >> dana: standby, john roberts, if you are available, john have a question for you my question about the scene there that you are in the rose garden. this is a significant place for major speeches. you said you have the cabinet there. why so bake here? >> john: a significant announcement and the government closed more than 30 days so the president to see what is happening. i keep on glancing up because
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the oval office i see movement. we are well inside the two-minute warning and it actually looks like somebody's moving towards the door. no, they move towards the door and then back into the president's private office. so this two-minute warning is 3 minutes and 30 seconds and we thought the president would be out here by now but clearly, a last-second delay here. but again, we still don't know what the president is going to come out with. and you and chris, a continued resolution until the 15th of february. does it include any kind of money for border barrier? we don't know and our understanding it doesn't. the president will negotiate are the next 21 days and try to get some money for the border barrier. if he doesn't do that come after that period is over, than it is up to him to declare a national emergency or decides if he will not try anymore. but if he declares a national emergency, likely to get into
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the courts instantaneously which plays that hard for him. then tried to go back to congress to get money for a wall. which likely he won't. as long as nancy pelosi is the speaker. so it will be interesting to see out the president threads the needle politically this afternoon so that he doesn't make this look like absolute capitulation to the demands of the democrats. >> dana: interesting to point out if he declares a national emergency, conceivably, john, he can say i did all i could. i was being reasonable and i put something on the table. the democrats would not take it. it's not like i rush to judgment on a national emergency. and if the courts want to join me, fine. i think there is a way i can write that speech, right? perhaps, but he could have done that going into christmas. here we go. the door of the oval office opening so dana i will turn over to you and then over to him. >> dana: thank you, john roberts, the president in the rose garden about to make an
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announcement about ending the government shutdown. [applause] >> mr. president: thank you very much my fellow americans. i am very proud to announce today that we have reached a deal to end the shutdown and reopen the federal government. [applause] as everyone knows, i have a very powerful alternative, but i didn't want to use it at this time. hopefully, it will be unnecessary. i want to thank all of the incredible federal workers and they are amazing families who have shown such extraordinary devotion in the face of this recent hardship. you are fantastic people. you are incredible patriots. many of you have suffered far greater than anyone that your
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families would know or understand. and all only did you not complain, but in many cases, you encourage me to keep going because you care so much about our country and about its border security. again, i thank you. all americans, i thank you. you are very, very special people. i am so proud that you are citizens of our country. when i say make america great again, it could never be done without you. great people. in a short while, i will sign a bill to open our government for three weeks until february 15th. i will make sure that all employees receive their backpay very quickly or as soon as possible. it will happen fast.
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i am asking senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to put this proposal on the floor immediately. after 36 days of spirited debate and dialogue, i have seen and heard from enough democrats and republicans that they are willing to put partisanship aside. i think and put the security of the american people first. i do believe they are going to do that. they have said they are for complete border security, and they are finally and fully acknowledged that having barriers, fencing, or walls or whatever you want to call it, will be an important part of the solution. a bipartisan conference committee of house and senate lawmakers and leaders will
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immediately begin reviewing the request of our homeland security experts and experts, they are. and also law enforcement professionals that have worked with us so closely. we want to think border patrol, ice, and all law enforcement. incredible. [applause] >> mr. president: based on operational guidance from the experts in the field, they will put together a homeland security package for me to shortly sign into law. over the next 21 days, i expect democrats and republicans will operate in good faith. this is an opportunity for all parties to work together for the benefit of our whole beautiful, wonderful nation. if we make a fair deal, the
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american people will be proud of their government to proving that we can put country before party. we can show all americans and people, all around the world, that both political parties are united when it comes to protecting our country and protecting our people. many disagree, but i really feel that working with democrats and republicans, we can make a truly great and secure deal happen for everyone. walls should not be controversial. our country is built 654 miles of barrier over the last 15 years and every career border patrol agent i have spoken with has told me that walls work. they do work. no matter where you go, they work. israel built a wall.
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99.9% successful. it won't be any different for us. they keep criminals out. they save good people from attempting a very dangerous journey from other countries. thousands of miles because they think they have a delivery of hope coming through with a wall, but they don't have that hope. they keep drugs out and they dramatically increase efficiency by allowing us to patrol far larger areas with far fewer people. it is just common sense, walls work. that is why most of the democrats in congress have voted in the past for bills that include walls and physical barriers and very powerful fences. the walls that we are building are not medieval walls. they are smart walls designed to meet the needs of frontline
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border agents and are operationally effective. these barriers are made of ste steel. have see-through visibility, which is very important. and are equipped with sensors, monitors and cutting edge technology, including state of the art drones. we do not need twomiles of concrete walls from sea to shining sea. we never did. we never proposed that and we never wanted that because we have barriers at the border where natural structures are as good as anything that we can build. they are already there. they have been there for millions of years. our proposed structures will be in predetermined high risk locations that have bins specifically identified by the border patrol to stop illicit
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flow of people and drugs. no border security plan can ever work without a physical barrier. just doesn't happen. at the same time, we need to increase drug detection technology. and manpower to monitor guys our ports o modernize our ports of entry and obsolete, old, tired. and this is something we have all come to agree on and will allow for quicker and safer commerce. these critical investments will improve and facilitate legal trade and travel through our lawful ports of entry. our plan also includes desperately needed humanitarian assistance for those being exploited and abused by coyotes, smugglers, and the dangerous
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journey north. the request we have put before congress are vital to end think they humanitarian and security crisis on our southern border. absolutely vital. will not work without it. this crisis threatens the safety of our country and thousands of american lives. criminal cartels, narco terrorists, transnational gangs like ms-13 and human traffickers are brazenly violating u.s. laws and terrorizing innocent communities. human traffickers, the victims are women and children. maybe to a lesser extent, believe it or not, children. women are tied up. they are bound. duct tape put around their faces come around there valves and in
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many cases, they cannot even breathe. they are put in the backs of cars or vans or trucks. they don't go through port of entry. they make a right turn coping very quickly. they go into the desert areas or whatever areas you can look at and as soon as there is no protection, they make a left or a right into the united states of america. there is nobody to catch them. there is nobody to find them. they can't come through the port because if they come through the port, people will see four women sitting in a van with tape around their face come around their mouth. can't have that. and that problem because of the internet is the biggest problem. it's never been like this before. and if you can imagine, it is at the worst level, human trafficking come in the history of the world. this is not a united states
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problem but this is a world problem. but they come through areas where they have no protection. where they have no steel barriers and where they have no walls. and we can stop almost 100% of that. the prophets reaped by these murderous organizations use to fund their malign and destabilizing conduct throughout this hemisphere. last year alone, ice office has removed 10,000 known or suspected gang members like ms-13 members as bad as them. horrible people, tough, mean, sadistic. in the last two years, i.c.e. officers arrested a total of 267,000 criminal aliens inside of the united states. including those charged or convicted of nearly 100,000
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households. 30,000 drugs, and 4,000 homicide or as you would call them violent, vicious killings. and we stopped. best quantities of legal drugs, math, fentanyl, heroin and cocaine's smuggled across the southern border and into u.s. schools and communities, drugs kill and much more than 70,000 americans a year and cost our society in excess of $700 billion. and the sheer volume of illegal immigration is overwhelmed federal authorities and stretched our immigration system beyond the breaking point.
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nearly 15 migrants a day are being referred for medical assistance. they are very, very sick. making this a health crisis as well. it is a very big health crisis. people have no idea how big it is unless you are there. our backlog in the immigration courts is now far greater then the 800,000 cases that you have been hearing about over the last couple of years. think of that though, 800,000 cases. because our laws are obsolete, so obsolete. they are the laughingstock all over the world. our immigration laws all over the world. they have been there all over the world.
11:30 am
we don't have the necessary space or resources to detain house, fed, screen and safely process this tremendous influx of people. in short, we do not have control over who is entering the country, where they come from, who they are, why they are coming. the result for many years is a colossal danger to public safety. we are going to straighten it out. it is not hard. it is easy if given the resources. last month was the third straight month in a row with 60,000 apprehensions on our southern border. think of that. we apprehended 60,000 people. that is like a stadium full of people, a big stadium. there are many criminals being
11:31 am
apprehended to come up but vast numbers are coming because our economy is so strong. we have the strongest economy now in the entire world. you see what is happening. we have nowhere left to house them in no way to promptly -- we can't get them out because our laws are so obsolete and so antiquated and so bad. without new resources from congress, we will be forced to release these people into communities. something that we don't want to do. it is called catch and release. we catch them even as they are criminals and then you release them. and you can't release them from where they came. so they go into our country. and they end up in places that you would least expect. and we do as little releasing as
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possible but they were coming by hundreds of thousands. i have had zero democrat lawmakers volunteer to have them released into their districts or states. and i think they know that. that is what we will be discussing over the next three weeks. it is the painful reality that tremendous economic and financial burdens of illegal immigration fall on the shorte shorter shoulders and wonderful patriotic law-abiding immigrants who enrich our nation. as commander in chief, my highest priority is the defense of our great country. we cannot surrender operational control over the nation's borders to foreign cartels, traffickers, and smugglers.
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we want future americans to come to the country legally and through a system based on merit. we need people to come to our country. we have great companies moving back into the united states. and we have the lowest employment and the best employment numbers that we have ever had. there are more people working today in the united states than have ever worked in our country. we need people to come in, to help us, with arms and with all of these great companies that are moving back. finally, they are moving back. people said that it couldn't happen, it's happening. and we want them to enjoy the blessings of safety and liberty and the rule of law. we cannot protect and deliver these blessings without a strong
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and secure border. i believe that crime in this country can go down by a massive percentage if we have great security on our southern border. i believe drugs, large percentages of which come through the southern border, will be cut by a number that nobody will believe. so let me be very clear. we really have no choice but to build a powerful wall or steel barrier. if we don't get a fair deal from congress, the government will either shut down or on february 15, again, or i will use the powers afforded to me under the laws and the
11:35 am
constitution of the united states to address this emergency. we will have great security. and i want to thank you all very much. thank you very much. >> dana: you have been listening to president trump and the rose garden as he announces there is a deal to end the government shutdown. please stay tuned to fox news channel and your local station for continuing coverage of this story. i am dana perino in new york. all right let's bring in martha maccallum anchor of the story. we were here listening to the speech. the president making his announcement and the workers will get paid as soon as possible. the backpay is really important, right, one of the most important things that could have been said there.
11:36 am
reopen three weeks until february 15 and in the meantime, a more permanent deal? >> martha: that is the big question, what happens over the next three weeks and the president tried to hammer home his point about how important the border is and hoping the next three weeks he will get somewhere on something really he honestly didn't get anywhere this time around. i thought, dana, it was interesting as late as he was come i think about 40 minutes late by the time he got going. one of the first things he said when he walked out, we all know that i have an option that i could use which is declaring a national emergency at the border. i'm not going to do with this time. and i wonder if that battle over that was going on until the last minute when he walked out there today. whether or not we learned that come i don't know but it is significant. >> dana: went to the national emergency question whether he would do it, i feel like he could do this one more time, write, say i will try and in good faith we will try this for three weeks and at the end of three weeks, can't get to a deal instead of shutting down the
11:37 am
government again he would sign appropriations bill and keep the government open but declare a national emergency then. another thing we were talking about the president has been in the white house since christmas. he hasn't been out and a bell and he hasn't been able to see things and i wonder if one of the ways to change the dynamic is for him to get out of town. >> martha: you make a great point. when we were talking about this, that when he worked with president bush, sometimes you see those moments and this is a president that we know he feeds off of the energy of the crowds. >> dana: and also a different look and feel and a chance to see other people. i just talked to this person and they said this and i thought the border trip worked well, we will see. martha will stay here and peter doocy with lindsey graham inside of his office on capitol hill for a live interview here on "the daily briefing," peter, go ahead. >> peter: thank you, senator graham talk to the president a couple of times yesterday and saying no short-term deal and less a down payment on the law. there is no down payment for the
11:38 am
law so what is his thinking? >> the best way to get this conclusion for the government but the bottom line is, the recipients have been here for decades and as a result of national disasters, wars, they will lose their legal sense this year. daca, the president is willing to give 1.1 million people a better life if a secure border. and to my democratic friends, you have voted in the past. the wolf hunting greater than the president's requested. this is the first time in 12 years i've seen a deal where a secure border and federal life to daca gps and if the democrats don't work with us the biggest losers, in my view, gps daca recipients plus the president will secure the border through executive action. speed theory based on your conversations with him is he leaning towards if there is no progress in three weeks, do you
11:39 am
think executive authority or just shutting it down again? >> lindsey: my belief is this needs to come to an end. that every commander in chief has an obligation to his defense the country. how can you look at that border and believe it's not porous? a nine month pregnant woman climb over the wall. a couple of days ago a hundred people came over the wall using a ladder. so i think the president hell-bent on securing the border. he would love to do it through the legislative process. he's better to get daca and humanitarian assistance on the table. here is what i think. the democrats still say go to hell on the wall and you get a dollar until trump i will not do what i did with bush and obama, then i hope you will go the emergency route. we don't need to shut the government down. we need to secure the border. and to me, the last best chance to do this when when is between -- >> peter: based on
11:40 am
the democratic colleagues, is this the end of the shutdown, three week extension, is that gh a comprehensive immigration deal. is there going to be a huge bargain elk the day after valentine's day? >> lindsey: to my democratic colleagues have been working with you for a decade and being voted 2013, $42 billion to secure the border. 700 miles of fencing. we have done this in the past. this president is willing to give a better life to the daca and two gps recipients who will lose their legal status and the president is willing to work with him if he can get something in return securing the border. as to shutting the government down, that makes no sense to me. what i want to do is shut down the crime coming across the border. the real danger is the broken border. the best chance i have seen since 2006 to get a deal a win-win for all of us. take advantage of it.
11:41 am
if you don't buy february 15, this president has no choice left to do it by himself and executive action and that is the last option but may be the only option if democrats won't work with us. nancy pelosi comeau you have done is say no. every time he's put an idea on the table and every time he's moved, you just tell him no. all i can say is to the democratic senators who took the floor yesterday eight of the promise with the president to wall security, barrier funding and if you can push the colleagues where you are at, we will get a deal for the country. >> peter: last one if the government quickly reopens today where -- will there be state of the union and the house chamber with the speaker nancy pelosi sitting behind president trump on tuesday night? >> lindsey: . i hope so the more we can get back to being normal, the more we can look like a country that has differences but still united in purpose. it would be good for this country to have the president speak from the house chamber with the speaker over his
11:42 am
shoulder showing we have differences but we are also able to work together. to my democratic colleagues, we have three weeks to bring about a conclusion to a problem that has been going on for 13 years. to the president, thank you for giving us this opportunity. if you have to go it alone, it will be because you tried everything and nothing worked but going it alone. i'm somewhat optimistic. the democratic senators who spoke yesterday are going to make sure the gps population does not go into the darkness. the daca recipients to have a better life and go to school and get in-state tuition legally. all that comeau you have to do is give the president a few biln dollars more for a barrier you previously voted for. that's all you have to do is give him the same thing you gave obama and bush, and we will have a deal that will be good for the country. please take advantage of this. >> peter: all right, senator lindsey graham you heard it here before anywhere else, dana back to you.
11:43 am
>> dana: from enterprise reporting thank you senator graham for being life on "the daily briefing." let's bring martha maccallum listening to that. martha, i was thinking lindsey graham, so reasonable and commonsensical. and maybe they will make a difference this time, but it is like the words are not penetrating. to the public. >> martha: it's always been about semantics when you think about it the discussion of the wall and the president talking about steel slats and then nancy pelosi said the wall was a manhood issue for the president. but lindsey graham is exactly right. when you boil it down both sides of the fence, essentially they agree to the same thing. you need to have a border as he said nine months pregnant women can't fight over. that is dangerous. you want to provide safe port of entry along the way and walls in between that work. i thought it was interesting lindsey graham said and was saying about physically going back to this notion of comprehensive immigration reform which has been around 13 years. we know jared kushner has one
11:44 am
pushing for that option. and i wonder if the discussion that going back and forth in the left wing, let's do this and get the government open again and push for really historic, big immigration reform bill that you can put your name on, mr. president as you had to 2020. >> dana: the other question he asked him if the state of the union should happen tuesday and that will be another bone's contention going into this weekend. >> martha: it absolutely will and i wonder come i think lindsey graham's point, we want to get back to normal and whether or not nancy pelosi, so far has only said no will say yes this time to that. my big question. >> dana: i would be surprised if she said just before the end of the three week period until they have a permanent solution because you don't want to have, you don't want to say, hey we will do this and three weeks later the government shutdown and furloughed workers have to go without being paid again. >> martha: my thing is the state of the union is the state
11:45 am
of the union, it is whatever it is. talking about what is going on that moment in time and wait until everything is perfect to make a speech about it. and thank you, senator mitch mcconnell is speaking life. let's listen in. >> lindsey: , thoughts from either side. and we don't want to go to an actual chance of being signed by the president and obviously, that is coming -- becoming law. so i was glad to see you today the president's announcement that he had the democratic colleagues have reached an agreement that will immediately reopen the government and providing the room to negotiate a funding bill for the department of homeland security. in negotiations on dhs will be prioritized over consideration of any other bills. so with cooperation, we can pass
11:46 am
legislation opening the government and sent the dhs appropriations bill to a conference with the house today. i'm glad the close portions of the federal government will reopen and get back online. i'm glad that the dedicated men and women of the coast guard, law enforcement, the tsa, and all the other federal employees will not have to go longer without pay for their work. and will receive their backpay. i know the pain that this episode has caused too many kentuckians and people all over the country. they deserve this resolution. so going forward, i hope our democratic friends will stay true and stated constantly over the past weeks that once government was reopened, they would be perfectly willing to negotiate in good faith. on a full year of government
11:47 am
funding that would include significant investment and urgently needed border security measures including physical barriers. after all, the only way the federal workers will have stability and certainly the next three weeks, the only way the border is going to have real security is if democrats will softly -- stop playing and start negotiating with the president n long-term compromise. the days ahead will tell us whether the democratic colleagues are actually serious about securing the nation. that they actually mean what they say. so the president has called on the senate to act on these proposals and now that there is an agreement between the democrats and the white house, we can make that happen. >> dana: that was mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader speaking right after the president's address to announce a deal that to reopen the government. let's go back to chad, the
11:48 am
senior producer from capitol hill for his thoughts, chad. here is a couple of nuggets, we expect this to move by a voice vote or unanimous consent later today but i've told the last couple of minutes, this will move into the house tonight by . this is what happens, you don't have a roll call vote but the chair as for those in favor to say i and those shout, no and in the opinion of the chair of the ayes have it and so you might have people yell louder on one side of the aisle and the opinion of the chair, but we expect this to move through the house and senate tonight. the other question on capitol hill whether or not they can put together the state of the union address which was originally scheduled for januar. i talked to a couple of sources in the past half hour and they say we are waiting to turn everything back on. that was the line used. they don't have any indication yet whether that will actually happen. i asked, could happen that
11:49 am
quickly cracks -? so why can't the terms for nancy pelosi, who wait until the government is open and of course they would have to approve concurrent resolution in the house and the senate to authorize the president to come and speak before a joint session of congress. whether that be next tuesday or sometime in the near future, dana. >> dana: chad pergram thank you for that wrap up they were, u.s. air force experiencing travel trouble today, flights delayed in atlanta new york and chicago among other places due to air traffic controllers and tsa workers calling out sick and not enough to do the work that we need them to do. jonathan very harpal jackson airport, jonathan, high, dana, telling passengers to get here early and early this morning, some passive jurors said they arrived four hours before their flight. this is why. when we arrived in the earlier hours of the morning, the wait time was not long enough -- long at all, and then suddenly the line extend all the way from the
11:50 am
entrance to the checkpoint all e way to the airport atrium. airport workers are keeping this line moving along. at one point, the line extended about 16 minutes with estimated wait time bounce back down to about 45 minutes. the tsa issued a statement explaining yesterday complete figures show that tsa experienced a national rate of 7.6% of unscheduled absences compared to a 3% rate one year ago on the same week day, thursday january 25, 2018. many employees reporting that they are not able to report to work due to financial limitations. now, throughout this partial government shutdown, the city of atlanta has been trying to assist these tsa workers, in fact, in an interview with fdr here and now, the mayor of atlanta said that they were working with the local credit union to extend loans. but now it appears the government shutdown is on the
11:51 am
verge of being over. perhaps we are going to see much shorter lines in the days approaching the super bowl, dana. >> dana: john, thank you in atlanta. let's bring in paul reynold d, air traffic controllers association, good to have you here. you are in the green room listening to the president speech. giving that -- given the stress that furlough workers have been under, do you think that they wl have a little bit of relief now? >> paul: absolutely commit his euphoria. they have been going through struggling times and i've heard some sad stories of decisions that had to be made and pursing out medication to putting food on the table. and i came to work, filled up my gas tank -- >> dana: and even people trying to find second jobs, year of our things like that? >> paul: of the working environment, we can't have
11:52 am
increased stress but they have o come to work clearheaded and ready for the task at hand which is a highly stressful occupation to begin with. >> dana: she had this to say yesterday about the situation. >> we are left -- i am getting notes from people that are saying they are making mistakes that they have made ten, 15, 20 years of service that they have been in air traffic controller. they are making them because they are stressed out and because i don't know when this will end. they are distracted. >> dana: in a bit of irony, the shutdown became the national emergency with a concern about safety. >> paul: safety was denigrated every day. we have built ultimate safety culture where we report everything that happens in the system. it gets reviewed by experts, quality assurance, training experts. they identify way to mitigate the risk and then retrain that risk for the controllers. since the system is safe. ten years we have been building
11:53 am
and for 35 days we have not identified, we haven't trained and we haven't worked on mitigating any safe conflicts. >> dana: i heard in oklahoma, there were air traffic control trainees, new hires, they were there. but then they got furloughed. they walked away and they might not come back. >> paul: i know -- >> dana: they might choose to go work somewhere else in the economy. >> paul: that is a big concern because they have met their hiring goal. we are at a 30-year low of certified controllers in the system. 10,500, of which 19,000 almost 20% of them, 1900, 20% of them can retire. and so we need to keep that pipeline coming through the academy. now, some of them close to ending that class and now they have to start all over again. >> dana: right. >> paul: it will take a lot to. >> dana: hopefully this three week deal with turn into a
11:54 am
permanent one. paul rinaldi, thank you. >> paul: thanks for the opportunity. >> dana: and we will be rightof backll.
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>> dana: the federal judge releasing former trump adviser roger stone on a $250,000 bond after his arrest from the mueller investigation. he said he will plead not guilty. the scene outside the court a circus. phil keating has more with roger stone. phil? >> dana, it was a scene, it was a happening, place to be for a few hours here in downtown ft. lauderdale. roger stone was going to come out to the microphones. you had pro stone, pro trump supporters screaming and anti-stone and anti-trump activists. when stone emerged and he loved it posing triumphantly. he exited the building and
11:59 am
stopped, exploded in a classic richard nixon pose. the long-time republican operative that worked in the nixon administration absolutely defiant after a dramatic morning after his house where fbi agents arrested him. his first appearance in court formal and straightforward as the magistrate listed the seven counts. five counts of making false statements, one count of obstruction and one count of witness tampering. after signing a $250,000 bond where he doesn't have to put up any money, just sign his name to it, he was done and outside he blasted the special prosecutor. stone blasted the way he was arrested at his house before it was even sunlight this morning. woken up by loud pounding on his door by fbi aagents.
12:00 pm
dana? >> dana: the president announcing a new deal to open the government. thanks for joining us. up next, here's shep. >> shepard: and we begin with breaking news. president trump announcing a deal to temporarily reopen the government and end the longest shut down in u.s. history and our team on capitol hill tells us congress could take up a bill on this by the day's end. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. the president laying out the details this past hour. >> i will sign a bill to open our government for three weeks until february 15. i will make sure that all employees receive their back pay very quickly or as soon as possible. it will happen fast. i am asking senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to put


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