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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 26, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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arthel: new reaction from president trump, 24 hours after announcing he would sign a short-term spending bill to reopen the government following the longest partial government shutdown in u.s. history. the president says negotiations with the democrats will start immediately but both white house and congress are working under a tight deadline. hello, welcome to a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. i'm arthel neville. eric: i'm eric shawn. taxpayer money will only last for three weeks funding the government. on february 15th, president trump says he has the option of triggering another possible shutdown over the, quote, powerful alternative of potentially declaring a national
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emergency if a deal is not struck to get the border wall funding he wants. for you now, the main players in the washington drama, while they remain optimistic. >> over the next 21 days, i expect that both democrats and republicans will operate in good faith. this is an opportunity for all parties to work together for the benefit of our whole beautiful, wonderful nation. if we make a fair deal, the american people will be proud of their government. but proving that we can put country before party. >> i can't assure the public on anything that the public will do but you i do have to say i'm optimistic. >> the president's called on the senate to act on his proposals and now that there's an agreement between democrats and the white house, we can make that happen. arthel: allison barber is at the white house on the north lawn with more.
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hi, allison. >> reporter: hi, arthel. who won here, this battle in what has become a larger fight really depends on who you ask. at this point in time, we have mixed reaction. some people say that president trump gave democrats everything that they wanted and he got nothing that he wanted, the big thing of course being funding for the border wall. the president in the president's hometown, the new york daily news called him a cave man this morning. president trump is urging his supporters on twitter to listen to his words, tweeting this quote, this was in no way a concession, it was tack car take of millions of people with the understanding that in 21 days if no deal is done it's off to the races. >> all those options remain on the table. the president has taken nothing off the table. we are where we are because democrats refuse to negotiate. there aren't has many unicorn as you thinker out there. plenty of folks have said they want to negotiate. hopefully that happens. >> reporter: president trump
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signed the bill late friday, reopening the federal government for three weeks. it does not include new funding for a border wall. part of the deal is that democrats and republicans form a bipartisan conference committee so they can continue negotiations on border security. president trump tweeting this morning, 21 days goes very quickly. negotiations with democrats will start immediately, will not be easy to make a deal. both parties very dug in. a senior white house official tells me part of the reason they went with this agreement is because in private conversations moderate democrats told them they were willing to support some sort of fun funding for a border wall if th. if the negotiations fail, if they're not able to reach an agreement, the president has said he will move forward with plans for declaring a national emergency and get funding that way. arthel: what's the word on the state of the union? >> reporter: right now we're being told by sources with knowledge of the planning for
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the state of the union address that it's probably not physically possible for it to happen on its original date as it was originally planned and that right now it's floated for the following tuesday, that would be february 5th. the white house however says those discussions are still ongoing. >> our staffs are talking from the white house and the staff members at the speaker's office as well. listen, she said she would not let us give the speech while the government was closed. guess what? it's open. so hopefully we can give that speech. the president needs to take the message directly to the american people without the filter of political pundits and beltway beurre kratz anbeltwaybeurre cr. >> reporter: kevin mccarthy said he would like it to happen january 29th. for security purpose, he's not sure it's not enough time. nancy pelosi says it's not planned right now. all sides say they want it to happen and expect it to happen at some point. arthel. arthel: allison, thank you.
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eric. eric: as the political battle plays out in washington, u.s. officials at the southern border are starting to send some of the asylum a applicants back to mexico and the trump administration has begun to implement a new poll circumstance requiring migrants to wait in mexico while the cases are processed here. the pilot program starting at the busiest border crossing in the nation, just south of san diego. jeff paul live in los angeles with more on those developments. hi, jeff. >> reporter: hi, eric. previously those who had credible claims were either detained for several months or released into the u.s. while they waited for a hearing. but now some asylum seekers will be sent back or have to wait in mexico while their claim is processed. at the moment, this only applies to the sandy cedar point of entry in san diego, where many from the migrant caravan have traveled to over the last few months trump administration
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stressing something had to be done with so many clients. >> it seems like a reasonable compromise so that people are still having their claims processed but at the same time we don't -- we're not forced to release people into the entire r of the united states with no other recourse. >> reporter: some migrant advocate groups on both sides of the border feel this policy will just make situation more dangerous for migrants. they feel it will push them away from legal ports of entry, forcing them to turn to dangerous border towns where homicide rates are some of the highest in the world. even the national border patrol council which often shows support for the trump administration feels the change could harm those trying to migrate layfuly. >> -- lawfully. >> if they come across illegally, you can't send them back. have you to go through the whole process. who would you send back? the individuals who go to the ports. >> reporter: we should note unaccompanied children and disabled will continue to receive shelter. at the moment, this only applies
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to that one port of entry in san diego. it could be expanded. while the mexican government has said it doesn't agree with the move, it will continue to take care of those asylum seekers in mexico. eric. eric: there may be a way to smooth it out. thank you. arthel: thank you. for more on this right now, we are going to talk to saga anjetti. first, let's start here. how grave is the harm to the american people and the democratic process if the only thing that comes out of this is if those in the far right say the president caved and conversely if those on the far left celebrate this as a victory? >> well, i'm not sure if it's grave to the american process. it could be just politics as usual because what's ended up happening here is that we're going to conference over the next 21 days. the real question and the possible threat to normal normss whether that results in a
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national emergency. that would be an unprecedented use of the president's powers to use military funding to try and build the wall. it would almost certainly invite numerous judicial challenges that would almost certainly make their way up to the supreme court and it could even make it so that any sort of wall funding or building would happen over the period of years, which is not something that the president would want to try and do. arthel: proceeding through the conference process, will that lessen the political tribal drum beat? >> we'll have to see. but i'm actually fairly certain that it will only strengthen it. nancy pelosi actually was speaking yesterday and said that her position on the border wall remains clear. the white house has tried over and over again to court moderate democrats. all they were able to do was to score a meeting with perhaps a dozen of them. they never received any affirmation. there's no indication yet that nancy pelosi is going to face a break within her caucus which is going to provide funding to the
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president. right now, all signs point towards that national emergency even if we do have he three weeks of negotiations because democrats at least their leadership are firmly opposed to a border wall. arthel: on substance, which items will be included in a bipartisan bill that will improve border security? >> well, what the democrats say that they are willing to do is they're willing to offer things for technology, drug detection technology, at legitimate ports of entry. they're willing to look at upgrading already existing fencing. they're not willing to authorize new fencing. and most importantly, they're willing to appropriate money to humanitarian aid. that aid would go towards helping many of the my grants who are fleeing a desperate situation, increasing new housing and increasing the detention facilities for the border patrol because the family units are overwhelming the current infrastructure that we have in place at this time. arthel: what about daca and tps, will those issues be included or will we see two
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separate bills, border security and immigration? >> it's possible. the white house says it's on the table. it's not necessarily going to be there if the democrats are not going to give up any sort of funding for new border barriers that would exist. so in terms of daca and tps, that really is something the president has tried to make clear is only on the table for a $5.7 billion appropriation for actual new border barrier funding, without that it's very difficult to see such a major concession from the white house on those programs. arthel: let's play more sound from the president. >> if we don't get a fair deal from congress, the government will either shut down on february 15th again or i will use the powers afforded to me under the laws and the constitution of the united states to address this
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emergency. arthel: finally, what is the post historic shutdown talk around the hill? was this the tipping point and perhaps will this produce procedural adjustments moving forward? >> we have just seen absolute frustration that's come out of many of the republicans that we've spoken to privately. it is just a very -- a big frustration that the white house in their opinion wasted this opportunity to try and use it as leverage. arthel: it should not have been used as leverage. you don't shut down the government as a negotiation tool. >> they looked at that and the republicans have failed at that in the past, in 2013, and in 1994, so there is actually some talk of whether it even should be leverage in the future. they look at this as a political defeat. arthel: we leave it there. thank you. >> thanks, arthel. eric: new reaction from president trump's former associate, roger stone. mr. stone we're told is back at home today, that after that dramatic predawn arrest. it was followed by a defiant
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appearance outside of a federal courthouse, even waiving the richard nixon v, victory sign as you saw with his arms. his arrest after he was indicted in the russia investigation. stonies said to be arraigned in federal court next week. roger stone telling tucker carlson last night that he would not testify against the president. jillian turner in washington with more on this fast moving story. >> reporter: roger stone slate todd appear for arraignment tuesday morning at 11:00 a.m. you according to the latest from court officials. he was released on bail yesterday and showing the world he's in a fighting mood. >> i will not bend. i will not bear false witness against the president. i intend to fight. this indictment is fabricated. this indictment is thin as can be. >> reporter: the president reacting this morning with a new tweet. deflecting attention from his
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long-time friend. saying if roger stone was indicted for lying to congress, what about the lying done by comey, brennan, p clapper, lisa page and lover, baker and so many others. what about hillary to the fbi and her 33,000 deleted e-mails? what about lisa and peter's deleted texts and weiner's laptop. much more. while his attorney is sticking to the favorite line, no collusion, saying in a statement, quote, the dickment t doesn't allege collusion. the white house staff is echoing the message, there's nothing doing. >> i'm not an attorney. i haven't read the document. what i do know, this has nothing to do with the president, has nothing to do with the white house. >> reporter: the house speaker is sticking to the addage that you can tell a lot about people by their friends. >> it's very interesting to me, the kinds of people that the president of the united states has surrounded himself with, this connection to the integrity of our elections is obviously
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something we have to get the truth about. >> reporter: he now faces seven charges including lying to congress, witness tampering and obstructing an investigation. national security advisor and campaign chairman have also faced charges. arthel: an arctic wave sending temperatures plunging in the midwest. chicago is colder than some parts of ant actor a antarctica. we have details on where millions of other people will feel a deep freeze. plus, the trump administration responding to chao kaye chaos i. the united nations is being called on to pick a side over the political showdown in venezuela as protests continue. american personnel in the
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country were ordered to get out. >> the time is now to support the venezuelan people, to recognize the new democratic governmenledby interim presidend end this nightmare. no excuses i don't keep track of regrets.
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arthel: a fox news alert on the political crisis in venezuela. the united nations security council holding an emergency meeting today. secretary of state mike pompeo attending that session, where he called on countries to support opposition leader juan guaido as the country's rightful leader. secretary pompeo's remarks coming as thousands of protesters take to the streets in caracas, demanding president nick maduro -- nicolas maduro step down. we have more from the united nations. >> reporter: russia tried to block the talks from happening and accused the u.s. of meddling. there is growing support for the u.s. calls to recognize venezuela's interim president after a rigged election. the trump a administration has been pushing other nations to support and recognize juan guaido as interim president after president nicolas maduro won re-election last may in what the u.n. and e.u. rule as a rigged election. maduro has packed venezuela's
11:20 am
supreme court with loyalists, suspend elections for provincial governors and moved to dissolve the legislature. the economy is in freefall. millions have left the country. this morning, britain, france, germany and spain said they would recognize guaido unless fresh elections were announced venezuela's foreign minister said they are caving to u.s. pressure and were trying to convince them that the election was legitimate. >> the former maduro regime has suppressed its people for years, forcing millions to leave the country to get basic access to nooned water. this has ove overwhelmed the capacity of countries to address the urgent needs. >> if anything does represent a threat to peace it is the shameless and aggressive actions of the united states and their allies.
11:21 am
>> reporter: maduro's win has been widely rejected by the international community. he called for the election seven months early and voter turnout was less than 50%. guaido was declared interim president because of a clause in the con constitution that allowe chair of the national assembly to declare temporary power and declare ne elections. maduro has support from russia, china, cuba, syria and iran. these talks are going on as americans in venezuela face uncertainty. earlier this week, maduro gave u.s. diplomats 72 hours to leave the country. the united states, arthel, said they would not comply. arthel: jack he ooh jackie, ty much. eric: let's bring a former senior advisor i. in many ways it's like an echo
11:22 am
of the cold war. i remember the charges of yankee imperialism and all that. at this time, in our time, the future of the venezuelan people hangs in the balance. >> there are a lot of echos in the sense of russia is accusing us of engaging in a count in venezuela. there is a transition taking place that is outside of the constitution. the perm who stepped out of the constitution is not guaido, who would be the new president, but actually maduro who held the sham elections and has taken moves to undermine what was left of democracy in venezuela. the important counter arguments to russia and china is this isn't just the u.s. and u.s. policy. this began first of all in venezuela with people taking to the streets. it is supported by brazil which flipped from left wing to right wing rule, argentina, they want
11:23 am
maduro gone he. eric: let's take a look at the list, those who are supporting guaido. they show the western democracy is as you pointed out, most of the major central american countries, yet the same time for maduro, it's the same old suspects, russia, cuba, iran, some smaller countries. so how do you think this will shake out and what do the venezuelan people have to do for a change after this 20 years of failed socialism that is has basically driven that once prosperous and gleaming nation into the gutter? >> it's such a shame. both venezuela, argentina, these were first world countries before they were ravagedded by socialism. people need to hang on and keep up the pressure and things are looking good. the key issue is when the military and the police -- it would be nice if they supported guaido. all they have to do is signal they're no longer supporting maduro. it will be an interesting sign. the president and secretary of state pompeo defie demaduro who
11:24 am
ordered u.s. diplomats out of the don country. if the cops and the millly are e wise they won't interfere with the u.s. and other diplomats. that will be the turning point when the support pillars for maduro evaporate. eric: what does the venezuelan military commander, what do they have to do to potentially switch it over to guaido? >> maduro, the outgoing hopefully president is not a nice guy, chavez before him. you mentioned cuba as being that axis of bad guys supporting these people. they have the ability to crack down and put out -- do very bad things to people who they see are disloyal in the military. there was dissent within the national guard unit recently that was put down. short of an outright mute any, nonetheless signaling they're
11:25 am
going to stay in the barremarks, stay in police headquarters, as people take back their country, that's what they need to do he. eric: it's been a mixed reaction. let's give you a taste of the security council discussions that happened earlier today. >> we stand shoulder to shoulder with the united states in saying that the national assembly and its president juan guaido are best placed to lead venezuela to the restoration of its democracy, its economy and its freedom. >> 1914 mexico, 1915 haiti, 1916, dominican republic, 1918, panama, 1924, honduras. 1925, panama. 1926, nic nicaragua. 1930, dominican republic. eric: that's the british ambassador, supporting guaido and there's the venezuelan ambassador, listing what he said
11:26 am
was american intervention in central and south america. how do we prevent the old yankee go home. >> i think it's important, the brits and the europeans are doing okay on this. i wish the british ambassador said he stands with the people of venezuela. they're the ones that brought this about, not us. europe said they're getting around to supporting guaido, unless maduro calls elections. the elections he would call would be a sham. i think the key is pointing out the people who are accusin accu, china and russia, made a bunch of investments that are going bad. this isn't us imposing our will. we're not invading the country. we're trying to allow the people who have already expressed their will to basically have that borne out. it's a key turning point in our foreign policy, i think a lot more focus on the western hemisphere and the important changes away from the left that are taking place there as we
11:27 am
refocus things in this new era. eric: the president has come out strongly for democratic change and for guaido. we'll see what happens. christian, always good to he see you. >> thank you. arthel: a he show of support for president trump's re-election, the republican national committee backing him up bigley. and as the 2020 race heats up with more democrats joining the race for the white house, is there any chance the president might face a challenge from within his own party? and the president now has three weeks to strike a border security deal with congressional democrats. how all of this impacts federal workers moving forward, how soon will they get their back pay. it's a good question. i'm in! but first... shelfie! the great-tasting nutrition of ensure. with up to 30 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals! ensure. for strength and energy.
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eric: federal workers, 800 you thousand of them are breathing a sigh of relief this weekend. they're set to return to work on monday, they're getting paid for it. that follows the end of the
11:32 am
longest partial government shutdown in american history. it will take a little longer to get everything up and running again, that includes the back pay and their financial future could be again in limbo perm temporarily if they can't strike a deal on border security by february 15th. >> the only way the federal workers are going to have stability and certainty beyond the next three weeks, the only way our border is going to have real security is if democrats will stop playing partisan games and get serious about negotiating with the president on a long-term com compromise. the days ahead will tell us whether our democratic colleagues are serious about securing our nation. eric: david has more from our washington bureau. >> reporter: good afternoon. listen, now the clock is really ticking, the pressure is on, february 15th, if congress doesn't come up with a compromise before then, president trump has made it very clear he'll declare a national
11:33 am
emergency. soon those 800,000 employees as you mentioned that missed a paycheck will get a paycheck but president trump said this is not going to happen overnight. many of these agencies have been shut down since since december t and they need a day or two to process everything. the real behind the scenes work on capitol hill will begin soon, if it hasn't already, as lawmakerlawlawmakers try to hama deal. louis gomer from texas doesn't seem to be too optimistic about a deal with democrats. >> the problem is, when you're dealing with leaders in a party who are more concerned about political victories than they are about protecting the country, then you really have a tough time and when you've got a senate that has people that got elected to do nothing as republicans except make president trump's life miserable, it's a tough area to navigate. >> reporter: there is some
11:34 am
optimism that maybe republicans and democrats can get together to satisfy the president and keep government open. congressman dan kilde was on with neil cavuto this morning and said this about president trump's wall. >> are you open to funding for a wall? >> well, you can call it what you want. we're open and continue to support effective border security which would include fencing and barriers where appropriate but also hopefully will focus much more attention on those issues that relate to our ports of entry. you will start to see things opening soon when it comes to national parks and museums. we checked with the national park service and we're told that you would need to check with specific parks and sites to find out when they will be opened. sites here in washington on the national mall will be open tomorrow. the zoo and smithsonian museums will open on tuesday. eric, back to you. eric: the traffic controllers keeping things safe for all the
11:35 am
fliers. thank you. we'll look and new reaction tomorrow on fox news sunday. chris wallace will interview joe manchin and rory blunt, members of the appropriations committee that will negotiate funds for the border security. you can watch fox news sunday tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. eastern, right here on the fox news channel. arthel: i was going to say thank you to the air traffic controllers,. eric: absolutely. arthel: president trump receiving unanimous support from the republican national committee for his re-election. the president tweeted about it this morning, quote, thank you to the republican national committee, the rnc, who voted unanimously yesterday to support me in the upcoming 2020 election. considering that we have done more than any administration in the first two years, this should be easy. more great things now in the works. joining me now, cab bought phillips, -- cabbot phillips and
11:36 am
robin byro. good to see both of you let's start with you, cabbot whavment d.what do you think about the fl support from the rnc? >> i think it's the right move. it sends a message that the leadership is behind president trump and it sends a message to potential candidates that it will be an uphill battle, you won't have much ease getting financial support, those are the two messages it sends. this is coming at a time when president trump has had his 2020 chances hurt. let's be honest. the shutdown did not play out well for him and it's certainly going to hurt his 2020 chances if there isn't a turnaround moving forward with the wall. this is the republican party leadership coming around to say we've got your back and we're trying to give you positive press to show that in 2020 we're going to win the re-election. i think the timing it not an accident. arthel: robin, who is going to challenge president trump on your side?
11:37 am
>> oh,- arthel: who can be a formidabe challenger. >> there's 47 candidates right now. arthel: i thought about it. i had to change it. there's 15,000 people right now. exactly. who can really beat him? >> the formidable challenger, kamala harris has had a great message. she's a l california democrat. i think that's going to hurt her -- in the long run. she's been delivering a great message, especially at the confirmation hearings for some of trump's choices. you've got corey booker, he's got a long history. i think he's got the pull. elizabeth warren, i think her chances are diminished. 2016 was really her year and the pocahontas thing, let's face it, donald trump's messaging on that hurt her, it hit hard and hurt her. arthel: two things -- >> as long as it's not hillary clinton. arthel: let me follow with you,
11:38 am
robin. robin, you think that senator kamala harris could be a formidable force for president trump. but you say that because she's a california democrat. you also say she has a great mess averagmessage. it seems she's speaking to the american people, not just californians. >> to clarify, i said being a representative from call califoa would hurt her. arthel: why. >> being from california -- her message speaks to all americans. she's speaking directly to our democratic base which is great. it's what we need. we are looking for a fighter. i'll tell you that right now. we've got one in her and i can't remember her name right now, but the senator that announced from hawaii, she's another one. she's a veteran and i think that that's one to look out for. arthel: so robin just mentioned two female candidates for president of the united states who might be the -- >> it's probably a bad sign if
11:39 am
you can't remember her name. arthel: wait, what did you say? whose name are you saying you can't remember? >> i imagine tulsey gabbord. when it comes to moving forward for 201 2020, it will be a brean between establishment democrats. a lot of voters are tired of business as usual, tired of the idea of the life long politicians that led to gridlock. i think the democrat that republicans should probably fear the most is the one that's going to come out and promise to break that up and be an outsider candidate. i think the past months have hurt establishment democrat candidates because of their association with d.c. and the association with the gridlock. i think moving forward, this past month was helpful for candidates that are running as an outsider. arthel: i think i started with you so you get 10 seconds, robin. are the dems afraid of president trump in this next round?
11:40 am
>> yes, because incumbents tend to favor well for re-election. and cabbot just said look for the dark horses. i say look for beto o'rourke. arthel: cabbot phillips and robin byro. thank you very much to both of you. eric: we gave out a shout-out of thanks to the air controllers. now reports are returning to normal. in atlanta, the tsa is scrambling to get their agents back to work just one week before thousands of fans are going to be arriving for the super bowl. jonathan surrey like from heartsfield jackson international airport with how that ramping up is going. hi, jonathan. >> preparation for the super bowl are definitely underway at the world's busiest airport. even though the government shutdown is over, tsa employees and other federal workers here at the airport are still
11:41 am
recovering from missing two paychecks. but there are a lot of helping hands pitching in. southwest airlines has opened a food pantry at the airport for federal employees. other airlines and an airport food vendor are pitching into that. a local credit union offered tsa employees free gas at nearby service stations. nationwide, many federal airport workers have mixed feelings about the temporary end to the shutdown. >> we're a month behind on our bills already. so - and we don't know exactly when our paychecks are going to catch up and then having another three weeks where we're worried about being in the same situation we're in now, it's demoralizing. it's unfair. it's cruel. >> reporter: the national air traffic controllers association issued a statement saying although the news today is positive, we must not lose focus on the short-term nature of the
11:42 am
agreement and the need to continue to make our voice heard to avoid another shutdown on february 15, 2019. take a look at this. this what is the security lines looked like in atlanta midday yesterday, hours before an agreement to end the government shutdown was announced. the timing comes as a relief to a city that is preparing to host the super bowl next weekend. the mayor says the record crowd of 110,000 is expected to travel through the airport on what she is calling mass exodus monday. that is the day after the event when everyone tries to leave the city at the same time. coming back to our live shot, you can see not much to talk about in terms of lines outside the tsa check points. the airport estimating it will take 15 minutes to get through the lines, that is pretty typical for saturday which is ordinarily fairly slow. eric: looks like it's pretty light and they've got everything under control and handling it well. >> reporter: that will change next weekend. eric: especially on that
11:43 am
monday. maybe some folks could stay an extra day. jonathan, thank you. arthel: satellite images of a military base deep inside saudi arabia. what experts say was found that could further escalate tensions between the u.s. and the kingdom's crown prince. eric: millions are under threat of bone-chilling freeze gripping the midwest. we'll have the full forecast coming up. you know how to stay warm this weekend? stay home and watch fox nation and my special riddell, the search for james r. hoffa, it details what happened to jimmy hoffa and is streaming right now. look for that graphic on fox nation. od clot i was thinking... could there be another around the corner? or could it turn out differently? i wanted to help protect myself. my doctor recommended eliquis. eliquis is proven to treat and help prevent another dvt or pe blood clot...
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11:48 am
experts say it shows a military base deep inside the kingdom, testing and possibly manufacturing what appears to basketbalbepartly sunny ballist. kitty logan has more. >> reporter: these are new unverified reports about a possible test site to the west t of riad. the satellite images appear to show buildings large enough to hold missiles. also, the experts who have seen the images say they show evidence of missile tests. the concern is that if these ballistic missiles which do have a long range, there i the potential to compromise regional stability. saudi arabia has been fighting a long-running war in yemen for the past three years in support of the of usua official governmt there. it has become a proxy war are iran, iran backing the haughty
11:49 am
rebels. several missiles were fired into saudi arabia by the houthi rebels. the situation could escalate further if the saudis were to start using long range missiles in response to regional adversaries. last year the sawe saudi crown e said the country would develop a nuclear weapon if and only if he thought iran was doing the same. of course, saudi arabia, the u.s. and israel have criticized iran for developing the weapons program. the weapons program is limited by the iran deal signed back in 2015. some believe iran may be continuing to work on developing those nuclear weapons. the bottom line is there are fears that if saudi arabia is developing its missile program, that could seriously risk regional stability. it may also put pressure on the relationship between the u.s. and sawedded sawed. eric. eric: this as iran continues to test its ballistic missiles that
11:50 am
some say is a violation of the u.n. security council resolution against that very thing. kitty, thank you so much. arthel: as that heats up, it's getting colder here. bone-chilling temperatures putting many parts of the midwest in the grips of a deep freeze and the worst is yet to come. adam klotz has the forecast next. and tomorrow on "sunday morning futures with maria bartiromo," she has an exclusive interview, actually two of them, with house minority leader steve scalise, republican senator lamar alexander and congressman ben mcadams, a member of the bluedog coalition, they will be reacting to the february 15th deadline looming over border wall funding, so don't miss it and don't miss us after this commercial break. this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now during the january savings event. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable.
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arthel: an arctic blast gripping the upper mid t west. the dangerous deep freeze hitting chicago especially hard and more bitter cold is on the way. meteorologist adam klotz is live in the fox extreme weather center. give us the details. >> it's already cold across the upper midwest, as you were mentioning. we're just getting the early stages of this. there are places right now where wind chills are dropping down into the negatives. you mentioned chicago, feels
11:55 am
like negative 2 there right now. another system will be pulling through. the backside will pulling in colder air. this is the future radar. there's a little bit of snow moving across the great lakes throughout saturday but really this is the next system i'm talking about, sunday into monday. this one widespread across the upper midwest, getting from wisconsin, to minnesota, back towards michigan. all areas where you'll see widespread 3 to 6 inches of snow. this system will pull perhaps some of coldest air we've seen in a decade, that will be coming in the middle to early part of next week. everything in the purple color, those are temperatures getting down below zero degrees. that's what it's going to be like, the feels like temperature close to negative 20, negative 40 in some locations. that blue will be down to freezing, down to the gulf of mexico. it will be incredibly cold across the entire country. monday is not too bad. tuesday we start to h see it,
11:56 am
wednesday morning you really start to see it, negative 20 degrees close to it in chicago, lingers into thursday. this is going to be bittery cold, the coldest we've seen in a long time. arthel: i refer to that type of cold weather as o as of as of. it's dangerous too. eric: they say it will be the coldest winter we've seen in quite some time. arthel: too much. eric: we're over right now. we will be back in just one hour from now at 4:00 p.m. eastern here on the fox news channel. arthel: please join us. to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ paul: welcome to "the journal editorial report," i'm paul gigot. president trump friday announced a short-term deal to reopen the federal government, putting an end to the longest shutdown in history. the president and congressional democrats agreeing to a bill that would fund shuttered agencies for three weeks as lawmakers try to hash out a larger agreement on immigration and border security. though the deal does not include funding for a border wall, the president warned that he would not give up that fight. >> we really have no choice but to build a powerful wall or steel barrier.


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