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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  January 26, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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now on fox nation if you're not a member sign up tonight. thanks for watching. i am advocating for justice and the american way.grgrgrgrgr. see you next saturday night. greg:. >> you can teach ago how to climb a tree which are better off teaching a squirrel in the first place. . >> what have we learned this week? the media sucks. [laughter] that is today's angle. i think of the covington story we realized once again the media will use anything they can and then unless unchecked they would not stop if not for honest eyewitnesses they would
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not go into the la brea tar pits they embraced it from a sketchy source and pushed out like cheap math so they were the media approved evil when they were caught pushing the why they blamed everyone but themselves. but thanks to nbc's savannah guthrie we can see it in all its glory by comparing her questions to the ones that she asked the native american nathan phillips. >> do you owe anybody an apology? do you see your own fault in any way? we my first question. how are you doing? do think it was a good idea to start chanting back ?-question-mark it has been a whirlwind few days for you on the front page of every newspaper. how are you doing? . >> you certainly have been through a lot these last few days but some people see you
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as a young kid with a smirk on his face. do you think you should have apologized? do you think if you are not wearing that hat this might not have happened? have you feared for your safety since all of this has happened? there is something about standing your ground. >> talk about a contrast. it reminds me of these two. [laughter] greg: thanks to savanna i do know that that is a sign of aggression does she think this is also aggressive? [laughter]
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that is terrifying. how about this? . >> i guess that is kind of aggressive. watching the media cover the covington fiasco is like a contestant with her own beauty pageant. now the story the manager the magically goes away so remind you of what's possible to make sure they are properly aligned they are liars and jerks that is it for now.
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[applause] these two loss one - - alyssa milano and kathy griffin with their drooling hate and compassion they led the charge branding them racist why do we let fame excuse people for being t20? the plague is famous and we don't admire that. but then on the status to excuse their own jerkiness muttering. the third culprit is twitter. in the traction machine with face-to-face contact platform
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where antagonism is its own reward and let's not forget. [bleep] this was brought to you by identity politics it is a power struggle between the oppressor and the rules are dictated by the entertainment complex and the crackpot culprits who accosted the teens? they are delightfully eccentric. the final culprit is your own eyes perk you cannot trust them viral videos are designed to trick them they are called viral for a reason they are highly contagious and will make you puke i initially fell for the wrong event by trusting my own beautiful blue eyes. i was fooled and i am never fooled never rush to judge yes
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i was at brunch at the time but no excuses. but if i can fall for this then we all can. the best bet is if it shows up on social media run like hell. to the safest space you can find is there one place we can until this all blows over? . >>. >> controversy can erupt at any moment. >> when outrage strikes can you keep your family sane? . >> what is going on? . >> there is no time. get the kids.
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. >> quick. . >> open the door. >> open the door. it's too late. if we open the door now we are sucked into the outrage for tax. . >> we can just wait it out in the outrage bunker. >> a self-righteous diatribe. and all that comes with sensationalize breaking news stories. and then you can come out and enjoy life and see as if it never happened. >> we made it.
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[laughter] . >> holy mother of god. [cheers and applause] welcoming tonight's guest. comedian joe mackey. [applause] his hand forward to bw estar.
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[cheers and applause] one - - former wwe star. >> so this is like a learning experience is anything going to be learned or will we forget about it? it seems like a lesson and something. >> all the way around. that kid is 15 years old i am a father heaven forbid that was my son required he talked to him about situations like this it is awful for him to walk up to him in the way that it happened and you fell for it i want to remind you because you have not been reminded enough. [laughter] greg: do you have to read that in x superman? have you been in a superman movie lately?
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[laughter] . >> he is in our hearts and minds forever. >> it was a horrible situation and savannah guthrie she is very nice but you made a very cogent point. >> that yes what was discredited by the department of justice you would think they would have said let's remember to check the facts. [laughter] . >> we will start next week why start at the weekend. now five days before the weather? i almost got frostbitten but i cannot trust anything anymore. >> to the breaking news here, the student has retained
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an attorney known for suing for libel. that something new. . >> very exciting. but if that was me i would want to sue a bunch of people i don't understand how this happened though because the first thing you learn in journalism class it's better to be correct and be first and i did not fall for it. >> y-letter? . >> i was in bed sick and not on twitter. [laughter] but i am an outstanding journalist i would never fall for that without checking on the facts these are children. they tell you in journalism class b very careful not to do stories the children all he wears a red hat.
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greg: you raised a good point those that were judging people rushing to judgment in a rush to judgment because they were sleeping for the weekend know you don't even know what happened. >> i withheld judgment until i saw all the facts. [laughter] greg: every time i go on social media now i feel worse about humanities. >> i feel like the guy that was fooled. [laughter] . >> i am not feeling forgiveness from this panel today. >> after three years of trashing me every week? [applause] . >> those are love taps. >> every part of my body shakes the earth. [laughter] what the hell?
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i don't respond when i see stuff on twitter. but i did watch the one hour 45 minute video. no one in this is a good person. my problem with the kids is where the hell are the teachers? greg: i agree. >> this started way early. what happened is they were messing with a different protester one kid took off his shirt leading a school chant then one taller kid took his turn with the mag a hat and then they said derogatory stuff to him than that group got aggressive really quick. then it came to the culmination because the kids are lucky it's not safe for
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them they should not have been with their dealing with adults. greg: nobody should be in dc. >> the original group of three guys yelling at the white house. yelling at all the injustice of the world as they go to work. but the mob behind them the boys are egging him on, he is very fortunate that gentleman chose to sing a song and beat a drum in his face because there are protesters that would do a lot different for a white kid with a red hat and easily could have went the wrong way. greg: but that's a good lesson for the parents. >> don't put them where we are lucky nothing bad happens. my son or daughter wouldn't be there because it's not safe for them. greg: that's a sad testament you cannot visit the nations capita capital. >> they were not looking at
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abe lincoln statue. but let's mess with the protesters. there are no heroes. greg: i will disagree because when i was at age i would have behaved worse. . >> probably at that time you would have gotten your ass kicked. greg: i'm lucky that there were not cameras when i was that age. and when we had field trips i was always shoplifting. [laughter] we would go to other cities i would just deal. what was i thinking? what was i thinking? [laughter]
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which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. greg: does your sex life fall short because of who you support? online daters are prioritizing to say okay cupid so what is more important than a romantic partner? great sex or political views? for the first time people are going with politics in 2016 just 27 percent but in 2018 it jumped up at 42 percent that
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is called an increase. and the millennial's. >> we shouldn't knock online dating. >> but it look where it ends up. i don't know what you are moaning about what do you make of this? . >> hundreds of women and 100 percent rate of them being flattered when they say no.
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i always to agree with everything that i say it will not work out and you are sitting there having a force conversation and doesn't she know i already told her i loved her? i would pay a thousand dollars to watch you want to date. [laughter] . >> i am with you. . >>. >> i'm telling you i word watch the hell out of that if you found out the person was me? [laughter] . >> i know it's a mistake.
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>> first of all, my dad is watching i want to say it is very difficult for me to come up for talking points for this story because i'm not married therefore i do not know what sex is. [laughter] [applause] i have heard of it. i am just not exactly sure what it is. >> i would be happy to tell you. mommy loves daddy. >> i am not a republican or democrat if i only agreed with people who agreed with my views i would be alone i am open to men of all the time now i'm alone only 90 percent of the time. [laughter] greg: i think this reduces
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complicated situation if you have one variable to eliminate that. >> stop. i will be honest with you although i never had to divulge i was a caveman and i got mine in the real world. here is the trick. we live. [laughter] we lie a lot. we will say anything so if you are online and say i'm into politics and astrology i will say me to. so we will say anything. it doesn't matter what you put on there if you're self he is hot we will try. . >> is the only way astrology has survived men pretending to like it.
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>> you're not into trump then you're not into me. wanna bet? [laughter] . >> i never liked cats but i love your cat. . >> you were a victim to that 400-pound gorilla so that guy dies then we will tell the truth. but until then we will live. swipe that. [laughter] [applause] . >> it is no surprise you're not married? you are superman. >> i don't do online dating but with a little bit of fire
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i'm brian llenas. the venezuelan government backing off in a showdown against the u.s. when the trump administration said maduro was no longer the legitimate president. he ordered american diplomats to leave within three days. but a 30-day window was granted for negotiation. the u.s. military says a pair of russian fighter jets buzz the america and canada today. norad said the jets remained in international air space. i'm brian llenas. . greg: why word you swat a
10:30 pm
gentle robot? why do we hurt robots? a human on robot aggression trying to hitchhike across the country and beheaded in philadelphia. philadelphia. the security robot to be smothered in barbecue sauce and then there is this a robot with four legs getting knocked over by a human foot. so looking at the situation except it is a robot see how they did that they are teaching them how to get back up why do we act this way? are we terrified they will
10:31 pm
control her every move or take over society? and air of quiet malice? i think it's time for an education or public service announcement. . >> by the year 3041 out of eight robots will be assaulted with a radioactive half-life. >>. >> if you work endless hours. >> i admit i never thought it was a big deal. not until i met my wife karen. [laughter] . >> and i use them to spy on my neighbors and thinks to karen i know they will never have an emotional or personal problem at home in fact, when i
10:32 pm
introduced her to my new girlfriend she didn't even react to my tirelessly to create a better life. smarter and faster and better than you and almost everything. >> checkmate. all of this and then asks for nothing it may be wise to listen it's only a matter of time and we crush you like the bug you are. [bleep] . >> a message from the ethical treatment of robots. [cheers and applause]
10:33 pm
. >> what did you make of that quick. >> i'm a libertarian anything that is victimless i am cool with so if people want to beat up things that don't have feelings i think it is fine. is it a bad sign somebody wants to dismember a robot? sure. but i would probably still data guy who did it? sure. [laughter] actually that's a red flag. serial killers if they did robots think of all the lives that could be saved and that's true people have used that argument before in different ways. >> i can only hope that for myself. >> is not a lost hope yet. can something that lacks human consciousness be treated
10:34 pm
cruelly? she says you could destroy it just because there's no feeling feelings. >> it doesn't. >> in 30 years they will call you bigots so my film that's coming out 2050 on valentine's day that people are sex pots and you could pick your perfect mate they could be dark care or short in blonde and how does that work out? pick a personality and then the film scores that however i don't think any of our androids in the film. >> i play the guy who runs the whole thing.
10:35 pm
. >> you are entering the age that you are the guy who runs it. [laughter] . >> i can get them right quick. >> is there a possibility? open your mind. >> one of the scariest things. i may be guilty of being abusive to machines i called xbox every name of the book. but i think also it is unfair that these robots were attacked not just the pillars of the community chances are
10:36 pm
you will not be attacked by bible beaters. that then shooing away homeless people? . >> yes. that will end well. [laughter] i think it is skewed but i would rather see them take it out on a robot. >> my feeling is you have to be careful because sooner or later we will be there slaves and i'm not going with this narrative and i will punch any robot the first chance that i get. . >> this sounds like the dark path we are jumping to a lot of conclusions about robots. matrix and terminator .
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greg: the oscar nominations out this weekend we hit the streets were a response. >> [laughter] most people notice bradley cooper did not get a directing nod for a star is born they call that has snubbed. but one noticed a difference
10:42 pm
that it doesn't have a social one --dash social message you dealing with race or lgbt heroes, class consciousness and of course, cheney bashing. but a star is born is just a love story that hollywood loved in the past it be 78 times actually so maybe that's just not enough anymore? what is my choice for best picture? this one obviously. >> i took best picture quite literally. . >> i have a feeling this will be a boring oscars people are scared to say anything. >> i'm glad to see the superhero movies are getting there just dues.
10:43 pm
>> nobody asked you cat. i'm really happy the movie they picked black panther is hilarious to me with the racial overtones but those who have seen the movie you will pay attention to this part it is about the trump agenda 150 percent. wakonda has a wall. they are not big on refugees. they keep technology from themselves one - - for themselves. wakonda first. they don't accept change at all. the good guy is actually the bad guy. literally was down one - - dumped off sorry just like donald trump wrote the script. [laughter] yes it's all about liberty and liberal stuff awol?
10:44 pm
it is okay. it is cool. that's why i love it. they say they want socially conscious films otherwise it doesn't count quick. >> it's not even close. >> but it does talk about abortion which is a tough subject but the academy is changing used to be an all-white group of people unattractive homely. and get this out of my way.
10:45 pm
>> no chance what about the oscars quick. >> i don't know. that is the first time that has gotten and applies. [laughter] and i am a big celebrity so i will just tweet about it. . >> i don't care about the oscars the greatest movie of all time the message of that movie was that you can be a bad hockey player with ankle problems then be called very successful at golf. i don't think that's true. but it still the greatest movie of all time happy
10:46 pm
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greg: we went from texas that former political advisor roger stone nabbed during a fbi raid at his home. with obstruction lying and witness tampering in the russia investigation. is he sweating this at all? . >> i have always said. >> the indictment part is also the discussion of trump campaign staffers of wikileaks. but he is not accused of colluding with russia but he has been warning for months he could be indicted and put on his to graham last year. >> oh my god i busted.
10:51 pm
arrest me. [laughter] [applause] greg: i have a theory his whole life is a spectacle he didn't want to be arrested in the dark. and with the raid it doesn't look like you were brushing your teeth he had already brushed his teeth his hair was combed everything was fine. that is one heck of a theory. >> that's the real deal walking out like this is probably not a good idea. [laughter] but i understand it's all on
10:52 pm
your back. it's on the internet. >> it was consensual. >> yes, sir. it is bad. [laughter] know she cannot talk right now. >> this is why i will never run for office because that will my friends to be hauled in and accused of things or i don't want to work for anybody because i'm a liar. i will lie i will tell you right now nine out of 90 things i say will be a lie. cement that's the good thing a liar tells people. you need to learn that off the bat. credit where credit is due people said somebody in the government tipped off cnn but they got the story right. [laughter]
10:53 pm
he was actually arrested. [laughter] . >> we saw something going on so we just went to his house. >> i think roger stone might be the only person that has ever existed not like i'm going to jail he is so happy. they are talking about me he says it's better to be talked about than not it's better to be infamous then never be famous at all. if he goes to jail he will just say everybody knows who i am now then to come out bigger than ever. i think it's unfair to anybody
10:54 pm
to have a predawn raid going after them after they are half-asleep you should be able to wake up. >> you have issues with the predawn raid quick. >> i do. . >> let me tell you something i have never been more shocked and appalled at what i saw. they actually knock on the. [bleep] door and allow you to change? in my neighborhood. [laughter] the greeting was just a scotia different. [laughter] instead of a knock it was don't move. where's your drugs? where's your drugs? don't move sir, fbi. just a second the light clicks on. who did you say it was? . >> fbi. give me a second. let me get my slippers. no problem.
10:55 pm
>> white privilege is beautiful because i'm telling you not all white people have white privilege some if you are treated like us. [laughter] that was the most caring arrest. what the hell? i'm on the couch playing video games. sir i'm just playing xbox. that was a comfortable and amazing arrest. >> the monologues create one - - continues live later this year washington d.c. and detroit and in may dallas and midland texas. go online for ticket information they are running out. i didn't really know anything about my family history.
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greg: we are out of time. great show. welcome jesse: welcome to. "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. by now everybody heard the story of the covington boys. we'll have a sit-down with a member of the community who started the whole thing, the black israelites. phillips first told "the washington post" and other outlets that he was surround and harass bid the covington boys. he said the boys wer


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