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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 30, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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shovel the driveway while the other responders were inside helping deliver the baby. i would work on that delivery first but it was nice to have the driveway cleared, too. momma and baby are doing just fine. good stuff. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. here's martha. >> martha: polar might be a good middle name polar vortex. something like that. >> bret: there you go. >> martha: thank you, bret. speaking of that we have an extreme weather alert tonight insanely cold it is colder in the united states than it is at the north pole and it is dangerous. frost bite that can set n minutes. some people in areas are being told that even breathing heavily outside could compromise your lungs. not a great idea. good evening, everybody, i'm martha maccallum and this is the big story out of the gate tonight. we have mike tobin standing by this a freezing city of chicago. rick reichmuth here with me in the studio and kentucky governor matt bevin who said that closing schools today was a sign that america is going soft. he is going to join us in a
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second. mike tobin is up first in one of the coldest cities in america. we have got them out there at nighttime for us tonight. hi, mike. >> martha, at the risk of undermining the seriousness of the weather. let's show you a science trick, if you will. brutal cold temperatures. a cup of hot water. let's watch the effect. instant snow. that's what you get when the temperatures have dropped now again to negative 156789 the clouds didn't really exist today. there is nothing to hold in the amount of sunlight and energy we got from the sun today. sometimes when you blink in this cold your eye lashes freeze together. you are talking about the dangers of breathing. when you breathe, in you get the shock of cold air as it goes all the way into your lungs. climbers on everest who developed the condition called the kumbu cough that is a major contributor. climbers will cough so hard they will break ribs because of that particular condition. it is very serious. also very serious when you get weather like this you
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get a lot of house fires. that's what happened on the south side with fatal results. it complicated it, bitter cold complicated the efforts of firefighters. they had to bring in extra firefighters and extra crews rotating them in through warming buses. among other reasons just so they could keep their hands working. they were able to rescue some four people from that house fire on the south side but, sadly, two people on the you were floors perished in that particular fire. significant homeless population here in chicago. just outside of the business district known as the loop there is a tent city. a good samaritan, anonymously sprung for hotel rooms for a number of people living in that particular tent city; however, some of them refused to go. we talked with georgia royal who calls himself the mayor of tent city. he says he wants to stay there and keep an eye on his belongings. he toughed it out last night when the temperatures dropped to negative 22 he says he will be there again tonight. we have one more night of these brutal cold temperatures. i think everybody is looking for a break.
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martha? >> martha: absolutely, mike. thank you so much for being out there tonight. how long is this lasting? what does it mean? where is it going next. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth joins me now. what do you see out there tonight? >> rick: if it makes you feel any better this the coldest air anywhere on the planet. at least you are dealing with that kind of maybe you can count on that a little bit better for you. coldest air right there. that kind of central part of canada down across that far northern tier of the u.s. right now the wind chill in chicago is minus 35. it's the saying that you have it's colder than it is than many places farther toward the north. one positive of this one this isn't going that far south. we are not talking about record breaking cold in places like florida and central gulf coast. this stays centers right up there across areas of the great lakes. this is our current wind chill. we have got the wind chills now back into the minus 40's. this is one more night of the cold air and tonight the one spot on this map if you look at all-time record lows versus the forecast tonight is chicago. the coldest chicago has ever
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seen is minus 27 degrees. tonight probably right at about minus 25. >> martha: could be the coldest ever potentially. >> rick: definitely probably the second coldest they have ever had. i will tell you as you move forward the next couple of days this does start to retreat off towards the north. it's not a long duration event. tomorrow will be the coldest day across the eastern seaboard and then for everybody it retreats off towards the north by friday. that said, still wind chill noon on friday, minus 9 in international falls. so it's going to be cold but here's the biggest thing that you're going to want to look for this. this is chicago's forecast over the next five days. that cold right now. look at sunday 48 degrees. a swap of about 70 degrees. >> martha: it's been so weird this winter. it's been extreme. people talking about why that might be and global warming and all of. that is it freaky or is it normal? >> rick: this is not abnormal. this is not abnormal. this kind of a cold spell is certainly extreme. we get into periods where meteorologically we call that a meridnal flow.
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>> martha: that's what i was going to call it. >> rick: troughs and ridges. sometimes you get a flow straight across. >> martha: i like that better. this is the weather that makes everyone sick. 48 one day and 7 below the next. rick, thank you so much. good to have you here tonight. >> rick: thank you. >> martha: my next guest is taking some flack for suggesting the freakout over this cold weather is an indication that america is basically turning into a nation of snowflakes. watch this. >> again, you know now we cancel school for cold. >> it's deep freeze. this is serious business. >> it is? come on now. there is no ice going with it or any snow. i mean, what happens to america? we're getting soft, terry. we are getting soft. being only slightly facetious. it does concern me in america on this and any other of number fronts we are sending messages to our young people that if life is hard, can you cellular up in a feta --curl up in a fetal posn
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somewhere in a warm place. and that wait until it stops. that isn't reality. >> martha: we just heard about loss of life and everybody feels for those people and we want to make sure that the elderly are safe and that the young are safe. but, you know, in the middle zone of what you are talking about, a lot of people look at what goes on in the winter when everything shuts down at the hint of snow, and they say this is ridiculous. >> a couple things that i would clarify. number one, the tease at the top of this segment, you said that i implied that due to the fact that schools were being shutdown that people were getting soft. did i not say that and even that clip that you just played conveniently was two pieces of a clip with the middle cut out. in the middle, what i said and which anybody who actually took the time to listen to the segment would know, i said when it comes to school safety, it is important to err on the side
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of safety. that was conveniently clipped out of the middle of what you just played. that is what i think is important for people to understand. i do think in america we are getting soft. >> martha: yeah. focus on what -- explain to us what you think. you claim that it was misinterpreted. >> not misinterpreted. i'm saying you literally cut out the part where i said we need to err on the side of safety when it comes to school closings. i said that specifically. you cut that out. >> martha: what did you mean when you said americans are going soft. >> that america is getting soft. i do say that i didn't say it as it related to closing the schools specifically for children. i'm saying that in general in america, in a society where we have safe rooms for college students with play dough and lollipops and pictures of puppies because they feel traumatized by ideas they don't like, in a society where we are closing churches on wednesday nights but not bars. where people would be offended if at the same temperature we cancelled a football game but we don't
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think twice about canceling other things where the government is in charge. i'm just saying in general, in america, we are getting soft. and i think that point is generally agreed with by many. as it relates to children. >> martha: just so we are clear. you said it is, come on now, there is no ice going with it. >> correct. >> martha: or any snow. what happens in america we're getting soft. >> right. yes, i did. but, again, what you are quoting is two ends of a sentence. the middle of which i said certainly we need to err on the side of safety. you took that piece out of the middle as has everybody else. >> martha: mixing with your message was never our intention, i promise. i apologize if that's what you feel happened. >> just quote the whole, again, with everybody in the media, everybody in the media would do well did we learn nothing from what happened with the kids with covington catholic? did we learn nothing as relates to actually presenting what was actually said or the actual entirety of something? >> martha: hold on.
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we are not. >> taking things out of context. >> martha: presenting that story quite clearly here for the record. >> understood but it adds to the problem. >> martha: i think, you know, really the question here is whether or not we have become a country and i think, i will say, i think at times we have. we close schools too easily. we shut down businesses too easily. everybody gets the day off at the drop of a hat. do you disagree with that? >> i don't disagree. and this is the point that i was making is that, in general, we are getting soft. it's interesting. my children's schools were cancelled. guess what they did today? they played outside in the snow. so did most kids. a little tease at the front end about these kids. it's awesome and they went out and shoveled people's walkways. terrific. i don't believe those kids in wisconsin froze to death. there are people who are freezing to death. it's very dangerous. a year ago at this time last january there was a story that went viral about a town where the temperatures were expected to get 100 degrees below zero with the wind
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chill factor. it wept viral all over america. that's the town i grew up in. i understand cold weather. northern new hampshire is a brutally cold place. underneath the valleys and underneath mount washington. i understand it's important for people to be careful. but we also are getting soft in america. and anybody that would question that is really not paying attention as indicated by. so things we have mentioned earlier. >> martha: all right, governor bevin thank you very much. good to see you tonight, sir. >> thank you. >> martha: coming up, virginia's governor under fire tonight about what she said about something very serious. a bill that would allow abortions up until the moment of birth. governor mike huckabee really wants to weigh in on this when we come back. ♪ ♪ before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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>> martha: breaking tonight, we are just learn learning that vice president mike pence is going to miami. he will meet with a group of venezuelan exiles all of this as the u.s. tries to shore up support with many other nations to oust the disputed leader, nicholas maduro. earlier today maduro said. this watch this. >[speaking foreign lang badge] >> martha: saying that the united states would have a vietnam on their hands if we tried to intervene. and i want to point out, again, that there are many nations and a concerted effort around this to pull nations together to support the person that the united
4:16 pm
states and others believe is the appropriate appointed person to lead the country right now. now, a short time ago, president trump issued this warning to maduro in response. tweeting. this. the fight for freedom has begun, said the president. steve harrigan is live in caracas, venezuela, protests in the street there today in support of the opposition. steve? >> martha, it is worrisome whether this is going to turn into a bloody fight or not. some would say that's already started with at least 40 protesters killed. since juan guaido declared himself interim president just one week ago. you are right to point out the tremendous international support guaido has garnered very quickly. not just the u.s. but much of south america, european nations, also, calling for new elections here in venezuela. he has got about the heads of 50 states backing him. he got a call from president trump today offering full support. and the u.s. has put oil
4:17 pm
sanctions against venezuelan oil. that's a key source of income for the maduro regime and now that income is going to be reduced dramatically. so guaido has a lot going his way. the big problem though is that nicholas maduro, the man who was elected in an election many people consider rigged last year, who has been in power for seven years, does not seem to be going away. he is making threatening statements like the one you point out about vietnam. and when you see him on state-controlled television, is he almost always with the military now. with generals, with soldiers. is he a great big man, a former bus driver. he was even running in fatigues with some of the soldiers. he is trying to shore up his support for the military. he does not seem to want to go. so publicly, at least, it looks like he is preparing for a fight. martha, back to you. >> martha: all right, steve. the big question is whether or not some of these members of the military are going to start appealing off and pealingd supporting the opposition.
4:18 pm
some of that ground is shifting but we have no idea how this is going to end. good to see you tonight in caracas. coming up next on "the story." elizabeth warren taking a swing at the ultra-rich with a wealth tax and now the billionaires are fighting back. charlie hurt and juan williams, not billionaires but excellent analysts coming up next. ♪ >> elizabeth warren, a number of years ago, knocked on my door and asked me for money when she was running for the senate. so, it's somewhat duplicitous, isn't it? .that's wr of 1-2-3 medicines with trelegy. the only fda-approved 3-in-1 copd treatment. ♪ trelegy. the power of 1-2-3 ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 trelegy with trelegy and the power of 1-2-3, i'm breathing better. trelegy works 3 ways to... airways,... ...keep them open... ...and reduce inflammation... ...for 24 hours
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♪ >> martha: let them eat cake. make no mistake about it there is a revolt going on against billionaires and successful americans and it is only likely to gain traction because it tends to
4:23 pm
be a popular idea and billionaires considering running in 2020 perfect target for senator elizabeth warren's plan as she looks to tax them because she says they just have too much and that that is immoral. >> when i see elizabeth warren come out with, you know, a ridiculous plan of taxing wealthy people a surtax of 2% because it makes a good headline, -- this is what's wrong. you just can't attack these things in a punitive way by punishing people. >> number one, i think the constitution let's you impose income taxes only so probably is unconstitutional. number two, i don't know of any country that has done that. people earn money. they pay their taxes. and then they don't expect the government to come back and take some of it away. >> martha: warren just ate all that up and fired back this is what happens when you challenge the rich and powerful. they will fight tooth and nail against anyone who stands up to them but we
4:24 pm
need structural change to get our economy and our democracy back on track, and no billionaire is going to get in my way of fighting for it here now, charlie hurt, opinion editor for "the washington times" and a fox news contributor juan williams co-host of the five and fox news political analyst. bloomberg makes a great point. you know, we never in the history of america have taxed people, juan, on their assets. and you can just imagine what that process would be like trying to figure out what someone is worth and if it all added up to 50 million then you are going to tax 2% on top of that. >> i think she is really talking about the marginal tax rate. the kind we have often heard often derided in conservative circles alexandria ocasio-cortez who said basically we should have a higher tax, marginal tax on people who make more than $10 million. >> martha: she said your assets. >> i don't see that i think mayor bloomberg has a point on the assets. i have never heard of that. i have think that the point here and, again, what
4:25 pm
they're shooting at at a time of income inequality whether you have, i think it's 50 plus of americans say they can't afford a bill of $500 to raise their family for a medical catastrophic medical event, a car crash, there is a huge political appetite right now for trying to equalize what is tremendous income inequality in america. >> martha: speaking of alexandria ocasio-cortez, she said this: why don't people ever tell billionaires who want to run for president that they need to, quote: work their way up or that maybe they should start with city council first. charlie? >> she says a lot of goof ball things but that's one of the goofest that she has said. because, you know, the notion is that somehow and i'm not knocking people that serve on city council that's great and everything. but the idea that what howard schultz or michael bloomberg has accomplished in this country isn't an extraordinary worthy success is, i think that that's not
4:26 pm
stupid but it's also -- it's dangerous it undermines what's great about our country. look, you know, elizabeth warrens it's not about raising tax dollars. the money that she could raise through her plan would literally be a fraction of the amount of deficit that politicians over the past 10 years and probably over the next 10 years add to the debt every year. >> martha: true. >> this is about making a point in the primary. it's about punishing rich people. the truth is it plays great in the democratic primary. when you get into a general election, class warfare like this doesn't work very well. if we didn't learn anything else from donald trump, they should learn that americans don't hate rich people. they want to be rich people. but they don't hate them. >> martha: do you think that's true, juan? >> i think so. americans are greatly as spur racial, martha. where i would differ with charlie is this. you look at kamala harris the senator from california talking about medicare for all and you hear tremendous blow back on that. >> martha: what you heard the blow back on is eliminating private insurance.
4:27 pm
>> exactly. >> martha: i think the other idea is something a little bit more palatable in some ways to some people. >> i was going to say that to you most americans support that idea. when you get the idea would you give up your private corporate health insurance plan, people react. but the bold idea here is that you shouldn't be in a situation where did you go to the hospital and they want to know if your insurance plan covers this before they treat you. >> martha: you are talking about 190 plus, that million people in america who will not probably find it attractive in an election if you want to take take away their private health insurance. >> they may not love their insurance company but they dutifully pay their insurance company and they want that insurance. to lose that would be devastating. >> if they get the coverage then they don't lose anything. that's fine. the question is and i think. >> martha: bloomberg said do you want -- >> -- do away with an entire industry and taking away my private insurance. >> why don't we get the federal government to do what they are trying to do
4:28 pm
now right before we start adding, you know, --ed as onto the things they need to do. their track record is terrible in terms of the entitlement programs? >> i think there are a lot of people who just feel like, you know what? it shouldn't be the case that i am putt in a desperate situation because of illness. >> martha: i think people agree with that i want to put up one more tweet from bette midler. it goes to the anger of these individuals' successfulness howard schultz and bloomberg who really are great. howard schultz grew up in a public housing area in new york city and made himself into an enormous success. a reminder of how wealthy opinionated white guys are just like starbucks. there's one on every f'ing corner. that's bette midler. why is there so much anger for successful people. >> i don't think it's anger at success. i think americans love successful people. donald trump is the president of the united states and one his biggest selling points is i'm rich i know how to make a business
4:29 pm
go and solve problems, et cetera. i think what you are seeing here again is about income inequality and people saying hey, the rich have to share the burden here. if we are in a time when people can't afford things. >> martha: so take away some of their money and give it to other people? >> we had 90% tax rates as bernie likes to say under president eisenhower a republican. >> martha: people ended up paying 40%. >> that would be increase what they pay now. >> martha: big loopholes. >> one of the worst things you could do. bad enough tax people for working but the idea of tax taxing people who save money and preserve money, that's a step that i think is disastrous for the country. >> martha: thanks, guys. good to see you both. outrage over a growing number of states considering late term abortion laws. >> where it's obvious that a woman is about to give birth. she has physical signs that she is about to give birth, would that still be a point at which she could request an abortion if she was so certified? >certified?
4:30 pm
she is dilating. >> my bill would allow that yes. >> martha: governor mike huckabee coming up on that and what this tells us about the state of our nation. next. ♪ ♪ let's be honest: dealing with your insurance shouldn't be more frustrating than the accident itself. that's why esurance makes it simple. just take some pics. [picture noises] go to sleep. wake up. grab a bite. maybe some racquetball. and boom - your money's on the way so you can get back on the road fast. well, not that fast. the editor had to make it fit in 30 seconds. it's pretty tricky actually trying to ... and ... tagline. when insurance is simple, it's surprisingly painless. when insurance is simple, it would do more than haul. if i built a van, it would carry my entire business. i'd make it available in dozens, make that thousands of configurations. it would keep an eye on my fleet. [ beeping ] and an eye out for danger. with active brake assist. if i built a van, i'd make it available in diesel and gas.
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march mash this is getting a lot of attention today virginia joining the trend of states moving toward long-term abortions in america. a lawmaker there putting forward a plan that would allow for abortions even when the mother is about to give birth. >> where it's obvious that a woman is about to give birth. she has physical signs that she is about to give birth, would that still be a point at which she could request an abortion if she was so certified? she is dilating. >> mr. chairman, that would be a, you know, a decision that the doctor, the physician and the woman would make. >> i understand, ma'am, i'm asking if your bill allows that. >> my bill would allow that
4:35 pm
yes. >> martha: her plan was ultimately rejected by the state committee. but the fight is far from over here. today the state's democratic governor also in the background was a pediatric neurologist found himself in some hot water when he was asked about this bill. >> if a mother is in labor, i can tell you exactly what would happen. the infant would be delivered. the infant would be kept comfortable. the infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother. >> martha: joining me now former arkansas governor mike huckabee former arkansas governor. it's hard to listen to a lot of that. we should point out that part of the discussion that they were having is whether or not the current laws that there has to be three physicians who sign off on this kind of long-term abortion and she is discussing having it be only two. that's just one of the particular later of this.
4:36 pm
in the big picture, your reaction? >> well, the big picture is we are coming to a place where we are saying some people aren't worth as much as other people. that there is such a thing as a life that's expendable, disposable, that you can throw it away like you would throw away a piece of trash. i find that revolting and i find it disheartening that america has not moved beyond the place where we would consider some human beings less than other human beings. i thought we got over that after the dred scott decision. the idea of slavery, that you can own another person. even to the point of life and death. and when we are talking about a perfectly healthy baby, or even if it's an unhealthy baby, and it's being birthed and then you make the decision that you are going to take the life of that infant because it's going to be an inconvenience, martha at some point we are all inconvenient to somebody. i just find it very frightening as a civilization, forget the politics of it. i don't think this is about a political issue.
4:37 pm
but, i'm troubled that america is even having this discussion. we have gone from the idea that we said well, you know, we have to allow for abortions early on. but, long-term abortions, there's never a need for that. and every obstetrician objectively have said for the mother's health it's better to deliver the baby from her standpoint than to take the surgical procedure and take that baby out of her. this is just revolting. i pray to god we come to a better decision on how we treat other people. >> martha: i want to put up a map of the other countries in the world that allow this kind of procedure at that late stage of the game. you have north korea, you have china, and then you see the united states and canada on that map. that's the company we are keeping here. it strikes me when you hear people who are considering running for president saying that the big question is that we need to decide as a
4:38 pm
nation what kind of country are we? what are we about? who are we? and this is one of those questions. >> it's a really big part of that question. do we want to be like north korea? do we want to be like china where they force sterilization and they insist that can you only have two children. >> martha: insist girls are not as valuable and boys, for example? >> that's hideous. who in america would justify that? who would say that somehow that the can't of the captain oe football team is more valuable than the child with down syndrome. i would never want to say that because the precious child with down syndrome is every bit as valuable as the captain of the football team. god forgive us if we ever think that one is more valuable than the other that we elevate one and dispose of the other, discard them because they don't live up to somebody's sense of perfection. that's evil these just plain evil. >> martha: what kind of
4:39 pm
country are we. thank you. >> thank you, martha. >> martha: we will get the real story from voters about whether they want their parties, as the survey has just shown, most people want their party to move more to the right, whether they're democrats or whether they are republican. coming up. ♪ ♪ carl, i as my broker...invite here. what am i paying you to manage my money? it's racquetball time. ♪ carl, does your firm offer a satisfaction guarantee? like schwab does. guarantee? ♪ carl, can you remind me what you've invested my money in. it's complicated. are you asking enough questions about how your wealth is being managed? if not, talk to schwab. a modern approach to wealth management. jerry♪eastbound and down.ound loaded up and truckin'♪
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♪ >> martha: 2020 election is rapidly approaching, believe it or not. still a ways away but starting to get a lot of attacks. the new poll suggests that voters actually in both parties favor moving their party a bit to the right. look at these numbers that just came out. 53% of democrats want their party to be a bit more moderate. and then look at the republican side. 58% of republicans say that they would like to see their party more conservative. so tonight, we want to get the real story from voters of all political affiliations represented here. we have democrats. we have republicans. we have independents. so welcome to all of you. thank you very much for coming to "the story" tonight. good to have you here. i want to kick things off with a sound bite from alexandria ocasio-cortez that i want to get your response to. let's play this. >> capitalism has not always existed in the world and it will not always exist in the world. when this country started we
4:44 pm
were not a capitalist. we did not operate on a capitalist economy. >> martha: she got a lot of attention for that rachel, you say you are a supporter of aoc as she has known. do you agree with that ultimately capitalism might not be the right system for america? >> i think it's definitely time for us to take a look at what's working and what's not working with capitalism. for example, our healthcare system is in crisis and it's based on a capitalist model. countries such as sweden and other industrialized countries have universal healthcare and that is working much better for them and we're spending way more on our healthcare. so maybe it's time to look at a different model for our healthcare such as improved medicare for all? >> >> martha: who disagrees? >> absolutely. >> martha: mollie, do you want to jump in here. >> i'm a republican. but i find it fascinating that we're talking about our healthcare system being in crisis in light fact that obamacare was supposed to
4:45 pm
essentially get rid of that crisis. and everybody who is looking towards socialized medicine, it's not a panacea that people think it is. if you go to some of the other countries, if you look at what's gone on, even in the u.k., and canada, different areas, people who have the wherewithal have historically been coming to the united states to get their medical treatment. so i don't think that that is the area that we want to go into. >> martha: raise your hand if you think that america should stick with capitalism? that that's a system that's working for the country who says yes to that. >> may i speak to that issue? >> also would like to say something. >> absolutely. >> i'm a physician, i'm a medical doctor, i see patients in the harlem community every day. i feel strongly about the need for quality comprehensive healthcare for all americans from every background and every community. the question about capitalism, i think that should be addressed by the american people. i think right now we have a great deal of economic
4:46 pm
inequality. we have many, many crises in our society that are not being addressed that impact on a person's health. public housing, lead crisis, asthma many things impact on a person's health. >> martha: country gravitated more towards a socialist medical plan? >> i think we should try a fundamentally constructive democracy plan. i think that the american people -- i'm an independent. 26 million independents were shut out of the last presidential election. i think that has to be changed. we have to open up the process and allow real dialogue. you quoted the different positions democratic republican parties. i think the american people fundamentally want to come together and go beyond these divisions. >> martha: i want to hear from howard schultz and i will come to you, robert out of all of. this i ran as a democrat which i would not do, i would have to be disingenuous given the platform that they're moving towards which is a level of
4:47 pm
government takeover of healthcare. government takeover of free college for everyone, a job for everyone. >> martha: what do you think about howard schultz, robert. >> i will tell you what i think. i think the country today wants more moderation with its policies because the idealogues are scaring everyone. there is a purpose for us to come together in a more-know a greater understanding. as a former mayor of the burr of -- never thought when you have a difference of opinion with anyone that they would not only dislike you but they would hate you. that word hate is a scary word today. you ask me about capitalism. i have been a democrat my whole life. i have owned and operated a successful business this year by the way it's 40 years i celebrated this business opening and it's been successful. and i believe capitalism works but i think to the point raised by another member of your panel, we need to look at what capitalism can do and how we
4:48 pm
can make it better. you don't throw the baby out with the bath water. >> martha: gotcha. >> and on socialism real quickly, three countries. i just ask people, you are entitled to your opinion by that your own facts. go to those three countries that have socialism. go to north korea if you get in but you won't get out. go to venezuela where they're all trying to get out. or go to cuba where i went two years ago. i was there. and see what's going on in a country that is wrought with socialism. >> martha: i hear you. donna, let me see if i can get to you weigh in on howard schultz. what do you think about him as a potential candidate the starbucks man. >> hearing what he is about. hearing some things i'm trying to figure out with him. i think he has got some interesting ideas. >> martha: when he says the democratic party has gone too far left. he says i won't run as a democrat because they are going too far left to win. what do you say to that? >> i don't agree with that i don't agree with that. because i think that the --
4:49 pm
have to be addressed. as democrats we have to figure out where we can have everybody included going too far to the left, i don't tend to agree with that. >> martha: i want to play one more sound bite. this is from president trump and then we will go to jean. >> i have seen and heard from enough democrats and republicans that they are willing to put partisanship aside, i think, and put the security of the american people first. >> martha: jean, he's talking about the fact that both democrats and republicans have said they want a secure border but they don't seem to want to give him a deal on this at all. your thoughts? >> i think we need to start working together about the whole situation. we have to secure our borders. we need to protect our national interest. that's why people have fences for their houses. right? it's the same thing with our country. we have to be real careful about that and who we let in. there is a process in place. i think we need to follow
4:50 pm
that process. >> martha: will democrats come to the table on a secure border? democrats, do you want to weigh. >> in i think so. when it makes sense. when you do it in a humane way. you can't do it like separating children is just wrong. >> just something to add about the process. i think maybe we should think about putting more money into our immigration infrastructure. so, there's waits of three to four years in immigration court for people who are seeking asylum and coming here trying to become legal citizens but when you have to wait three to four years when you risk getting put in detention centers when you are declaring asylum. >> martha: both republicans and democrats say they want more lawyers at the border. that's something they could definitely agree on. thank you very much. we have got to leave it there we will do it again. thanks, guys. good to have you with us today. >> martha: good panel. our thanks to them. look who is coming up our wednesdays with watters, next. ♪ ♪ omize everything - bike, wheels, saddle.
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>> martha: this story just broke a kentucky jury just awarded senator rand paul $580,000 in damages and medical expenses in the lawsuit from when his neighbor attacked him back in the fall of 2017. he broke a couple ribs and something about lawn maintenance but 580 grand to senator rand paul. all right. so, ahead of the patriot's third straight super bowl. sam adams is brewing a special beer to honor the goat the greatest of all time tom brady. has a goat's head replacing the quarterback. too old, too slow, still here because that's what the patriots love to say to each other. with that it is time for my good friend jesse watters wednesday with watters. i wish i could get one of those. i think they are only selling them in boston though. >> i need a beer doing another segment on the patriots with you. [laughter] >> bring me in here and abuse me. >> martha: this is what tom brady had to say to the haters. listen to this. >> how are you able to focus despite the negative fan
4:56 pm
base? aka the haters. we love them. we don't hate back. >> i think this is a jinx, martha. this is the kiss of death. you name a beer after someone who doesn't even drink beer. you can't name a beer after somebody who doesn't drink beer. >> martha: he drank a whole beer in like one big gulp on colbert. >> if you watch the video he brings out two beers like that. he switches them like that. i think that was nonalcoholic. i think that was odouls he doesn't eat chocolate, bacon or anything. >> martha: too old and still here. let's play this when he was asked if this might be his last game. >> is there any chance this is your last game? zero. say it. i just don't want to see it. >> zero. i have said that for a long
4:57 pm
time. >> martha: plays until he drops on the field. >> they will wheel him out there. they have to protect him. he hasn't been sacked in two games in a row. >> martha: i know. >> if you breathe on him they call a penalty. >> martha: is that the way it works? i have seen him sacked plenty of times knocked down plengted of times. the eagles did. they won. i stale again. eagles won the last time around hopefully the underdog team can come back and win this year. >> you guys are the underdog. >> martha: they lost last year so, yeah, in this case they are. nike is in trouble for a symbol that's on the bottom of their shoe. let's show a picture of what they're saying here and that they believe that this is too close to the symbol for allah and they want -- it's like the right hand side of it. >> where is the symbol. >> on the right-hand side. >> you know what this reminds me of, martha, when christian people see jesus in a cheetoe. i saw jesus. this is the same thing. you have to look so hard to find islamic thing and i actually own air maxes.
4:58 pm
so muslims don't get mad at me. i'm wearing them for comfort. it's not an insult, okay? the christians are already mad i'm wearing nikes because they back kaepernick, i don't need any more people mad at me. >> martha: you can't really see that i want to move on quickly to ashton kutcher who tweeted out i miss having a real connection with real people my community. from now on you can just text me. i won't be able to respond to everyone. we can be real to each other and i can share the latest and greatest in my world. yes, this is my phone number. >> that's a red flag for me if i'm his girlfriend. >> martha: his wife is he married. >> trying to be single. i don't trust this. there is dating apps, ashton. and he is a celebrity. if he wants a real human connection, go to the mall. >> martha: i love that human connection is now texting. >> with a stranger. >> martha: thank you very much, jesse. we want to play this for everybody. earlier on the show kentucky
4:59 pm
governor matt bevins said his comments about america going soft were taken out of context at the beginning of the program. we want to play for you full unedited clip we now have our hands on you can listen to it and decide for yourself. >> by the way you will be up late tonight with your kids because there is no school again. >> again, you know, now we cancel school for cold? i mean. >> it's deep freeze. this is serious business it? >> is? come on now. there is no ice going with it or any snow. i mean, what happens to america? we are getting soft. >> it cost a lot of money to heat those classrooms. >> you think they are not heating them anyway? >> put it on 65. >> you would like to think so. as a taxpayer we would like to think so. again, do i appreciate it's better to err on the side of being safe and i'm being only slightly facetious. >> i know. >> it does concern me a little bit in america on this and any number of other fronts we're sending messages to our young people that if life is hard, you
5:00 pm
can curl up in the fetal position somewhere in a warm place and wait until it stops being hard and that just isn't reality. >> martha: he wasn't happy we cut that differently. there we go. you decide. that's "the story." we will see you tomorrow night, guys. >> welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it's clear both of the country's political parties are have changed radically. they are changing still. we covered that every night on the show. donald trump is transformed the gop, you may have read about it. on the democratic side, there have been profound changes too. ones that don't get as much attention. party for hundred years stood with america's middle class now represents the nation's richest and poorest. the party position on policy have changed accordingly. a lot. this is about 20 years ago, democrats champion free speech. they worried about illegal immigration, loudly.


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