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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 31, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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ticket. the final bell is ringing on wall street today. the dow with a good turn around. now above. we're up 10 points. good news. neil cavuto has the rest now. >> neil: the freeze is on. chances are you're feeling it if you're one out of the 7 and 10 americans in the bone-chilling past of it. forget about the buses and the schools shut. ten people are dead because of this brutal cold. guess what? that brutal cold is not over. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." the records are falling faster than the temperatures across the country today. minus 30 degrees in rockford, illinois. minus 32 in grand forks, north dakota. minus 45 in international falls, minnesota. it is so cold that 18 auto
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plants in southeast michigan are limiting operations or shutting down completely today because there's not enough natural gas to go around. michigan's governor issuing an appeal directly to residents to reduce their energy consumption, too. >> turn our thermostats down to 65 degrees or less from now until friday at noon. >> neil: snow falls on icy roads. this truck driver swerving to avoid a multi-vehicles accident on a high tway in michigan. >> i just got caught in a giant wreck. holy [bleep]. there's people hurt. i have to let you go. >> banged up. we're told that everybody will be okay. meanwhile in detroit, more than two dozen water mains freezing up as the mercury plummeted to 13 degrees below zero. in new york city, temperatures
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were in the low single digits. this is bryant park and a giant foul tin that looks like an ice sculpture. jacqui heinrich has more and rick reichmuth on when we can see relief. hi, jacqui. >> hi there. it's 16 degrees out here with the windchill, feels like negative 2. the key is to dress for it. wear layers and be prepared. i have these goggles in case the wind kicks up. you can see the mountain behind me is just ice. we talked to new yorkers and visitors about how they were faring in these chilly temperatures. take a listen. >> i know the western new york attitude that they can handle anything. i believe that.
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i respect that. but there's no need to test that premise over these past couple days and these next couple days. >> yeah, back home, our toilet is plugged, the bathtub doesn't work. i left my wife and four kids with a disaster. >> i have to buy my new jacket because of the cold. actually, my old jacket, we're going to give it to some homeless person, so we're looking for somebody. >> western new york has two feet of snow yesterday. lake-effect snow bringing another 2-3 feet today. that's compounded by extreme cold from the polar vortex. wind gusts up to 45 miles an hour. windchills at minus 25. governor cuomo told people don't death your limits, don't go out there. so emergencies in these kinds of situations can be extremely dangerous. the governor is warning people not to go outside.
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take the massive fire that happened just across the state border in new jersey yesterday. hundreds of firefighters were bracing windchills at minus 16 degrees. winds and embers sent for miles. 200 workers in the plant at the time of the fire got out safely. nearby homes were evacuated. school was cancelled because of the smoke. now the rubble is encased in ice. so for your safety, stayed authorities warning people not to go outside. we just confirmed in buffalo, eerie county, three deaths, all men who died because of the cold. one person perished in a bus shelter. another person died while snow blowing and the other one died while shovelling outside. take the cold temperature sears usually. neil? >> neil: so now what are we looking at. rick reichmuth. >> we're almost done. we have 24 hours to get through and then a dramatic improvement. you can see the minus 45 in
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international falls. that's the actual temperature there. that's colder than 1921. minus 27 draws the record. did not hit that for your coldest ever. last night, 10 in d.c., 2 in new york. minus 13 in west virginia. obviously the colder air. current temperatures cold. actual air temperatures in chicago is minus 6. that's a lot better than yesterday. we are going to see the improvements. factor in the wind, feels cold for everybody. that said, a windchill advisory will get whittled down to far less territory now. the interior parts of new england. when you look at this, the blue line is zero. so anything in blue at least is zero. not in blue is above zero. watch what happens on the forecast windchill as we go through tonight, towards tomorrow morning. still there. and then throughout the day on friday, this really whittles away. by the time we get to saturday morning, it's gone for everybody except for parts of maine.
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you'll notice we'll be up to around 26 in chicago. you're talking about snow squalls. yesterday we had the line of snow that came through everywhere in the northeast. that was the actual cold front that brought the frigid air in behind it. a very quick batch of a lot of wind and a lot of snow. just a short time. this is one of the lake effect snow bands that has been pummelling the plateau around watertown. that's why we're seeing incredible snow. it's a really isolated area. that is your lake-effect snow. you can see it across every one of the great lakes right now bringing the snow bands on the open side side of the lakes. that side, minus 2 for a high in chicago. 42 two days from now, saturday. 51 for monday as a high in chicago. so a huge swing in temperature about to hit everybody and going to feel really nice. >> neil: yeah. people will get really sick. >> that, too. >> neil: thanks very much. here's something that might warm your heart if you're in making
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money in the stock market. you made it handsomely the past month. stocks are hotter than hot. for the s&p 500, the last time we saw a month them pressive was back in january of 1987. ronald reagan was president at the time. the new york giants had beaten the denver broncos in super bowl xxi. whitney houston and lionel richie were winning big at the american music awards. the dow jones industrials crossed 2,000 for the first time. keep in mind, we're 25,000 right now. that was the same time that wall street and greed is good came to the scene. these people are too young to remember this. we have susan li with us, katherine rooney and john. john, an impressive star to the year for the s&p 500. the best start since january 1987. we know what happened the end of that year. but i'm curious, what do you make of this start and what it portends for the rest of the year? >> i'll point out that i
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attended that super bowl in person. in terms of -- >> neil: what a show-off. >> what will happen for the wrist of the year, i'm a little more bearish. i think people underestimate the import of the u.s. harassment of huawei. that would be the equivalent of chinese officials telling apple you can no longer sell in our country. imagine the market impact that i think we're underestimating this. it's not getting better. we keep going after even more. so i feel like there's substantial bumps in the road coming ahead. >> neil: susan, we just got numbers out. amazon, the big retailer that blew away estimates. in after hours trading its hopping. a lot of the same issues that were getting shellacked in september are storming back. what to you make of that? >> i'd say amazon just crushed it in their earnings report. they beat amazon again. they beat the street by 40 cents. as you know in the markets, that is huge. they're also reporting growth in the web services as well.
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jumping more than analysts expectations. yes. people had bearish thoughts in december with the route. heading into january, the over and over again with apple, facebook, companies are proving they're still making money and amazon just did that. >> neil: what is interesting, i was looking at the particulars of this rally. some of the big outstanding contributors of boeing in the month in excess of 21%. goldman 22%. ibm close to 19%. what happened? what was going on? >> can i raise my hand and say i was the bull when everybody was a bear? a month ago, we talked about recession. if you remember, neil, that was breathless anticipation in the media. recession is coming. u.s. is slipping into a recession. how much do we hear that now? never hear it. no u.s. recession and the two things that took down the markets last year, neil, one is fears on the fed and two is trade fears. so what i think is going on here, the markets are returning
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to fundamentals. the u.s. market is strong. earnings are up 13% year over year with almost half of the s&p reporting. and we're regarding march 1 with a trade deal. so the fed is very unlikely to move if anything once this year. all good to the markets. >> interesting, too. we're waiting to hear from the president. he's meeting with the vice premier of china on this two-day series of trade talks. we don't know how much progress has been made. the president has been very optimistic. how much does that factor into your view of the markets? john first. >> i think it's a massive factor. you just brought up boeing. boeing gets 1/4 of its sales from china. apple gets the third most of its sales from china. starbucks has 3,400 stores on the way to 7,000. mcdonald's second largest market is china.
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if you make it difficult for the chinese to sell in the u.s., you're putting a bulls eye on the most successful corporations in the world. that will have an impact. >> neil: but if you don't, it's off to the races. >> yeah. we had this discussion on the floor of the stock exchange. and the hopes of the u.s. china deal rallied the dow. down eight points at the end there. there are expectations here amongst traders that there's going to be some sort of a deal. what does the deal look like? to us and to the traders here in this discussion, it's if the president says it's a deal first of all, then -- >> neil: speaking of trade, the president with the vice premier of china. >> the vice minister of trade of china, we have had long discussions. this has been going on for quite some time. it will by far, if it happens, the biggest deal ever made. not only the biggest trade deal
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ever made, it will be the biggest trade deal by far and the biggest deal ever made. the two largest countries doing a trade deal. won't be anything that will match that. we'll see what happens. we've done very well. we've had a very, very strong relationship as my relationship is with president xi. i think we'll start by reading the letter that president xi sent to me and to us. it puts us off to a good foot. and then we'll also repeat a couple of the remarks that the vice premier stated and then we are going to have mr. lighthizer speak a couple seconds. with that, i'm going to get back to business. you can go and have fun and write your stories. so thank you very much nor being here. we appreciate it. if you can start by reading the letter from president xi, maybe speak loud. >> message from president xi to president trump. mr. president, i send you my
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best as the new round of high level talks are being held between our two countries with economic and trade issues. i ask to give you my best wishes. right now china-u.s. relations are at a critically important stage. we had a success fful weekend i argentina. we hope to build together and build bilateral relationships. that was followed by the conversation we had through a phone call and the letters of congratulations we sent each other on the anniversary of our diplomatic relations. our economic teams engage intensive negotiations. i hope our two sides will
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continue with mutual respect and cooperation and step up by meeting each other halfway in order to reach and early agreement that works with interests for both sides. such an agreement will send a positive signal to our two peoples and the international community. it will ensure healthy development of china-u.s. relations and contribute to steady growth of the world's economy. mr. president, in our last phone call, you said you want for china to buy more agricultural products. i have made some arrangements about which might have been good. as i often say, i feel we have known each other for a long time. i cherish the good working relationship and friendship with you. i enjoy our meeting and phone calls in which we could talk
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about anything. it falls to us to work together and accomplish things meaningful for the people of our country and the world at large. mr. president, if there is anything that you could always approach me through various means. i hope we keep close contact in various ways. as the chinese new year draws near, my wife and i wish best wishes to you and melania and your family. may you enjoy a happy and prosperous new year. >> a beautiful letter. then we go with the premier's statements and ask you to say a few words, please. >> the vice premier say that president xi values his friendship with you and hopes to have continues success. the past two years since you've been in office, you have made
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tremendous accomplishments on the domestic and diplomatic fronts. thanks to your policies of tax reductions and regulations, the u.s. economy as i heard from my american colleagues over dinner last night is now enjoying low employment with unprecedented prosperity. it is because of your decisive positions that have directly facilitated and made a break through in the relationship between the u.s. and the dprk. under the specific guidance of you and president xi and you, mr. president, it's hopeful that china and the u.s. all have the possibility of striking a historical deal on trade. my trip to the u.s. this time is to follow-through on the important agreement between you and president xi to accelerate the 90 day in china and the
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united states in hopes of striking a comprehensive deal. we are working with ambassador lighthizer and mnuchin over the past couple days. our negotiations are going well. we have achieved a lot of important agreements towards a deal which will be reached between you and president xi. >> thank you very much. if you would, tell where we are, how we're doing, what we're discussing and maybe i'm ask the vice premier to say a few words and get on with our negotiations. >> thank you, mr. president. the vice premier. [speaking chinese]. >> based on months of negotiations, we have two intense and long days of
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discussions. your team -- all of your team was involved. i think we made progress. we have much work to do if we're going to have an agreement. we've made substantial progress. we focused on the most important issues which are the structural issues, the protection of u.s. intellectual property, stopping technology transfer and property protection, agriculture and services issues and enforcement. both side agree this employment is worth nothing without looking over it. we have more to come and the structure of the issue that you've been so focused on. we talked about enforcement, enforcement. >> and you'll be going in early february with your group to china? >> we are -- mr. president, we're more or less in continuous negotiations. there will be a brief pause by the chinese new year, briefer
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than the chinese want, but our people will be in contact, going back and forth with papers and with discussions. the secretary and i will be going over there shortly and we'll see where we are. at this point it's impossible to predict success but we're in a place if things work out, it could happen. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. look forward to that and look forward to the trip. you're discussing it anyway, whether you're -- we have a thing called a telephone and other means of talking. so i know you're spending a lot of time and moving along well. the vice premier is a friend of mine. he has become -- he's one of the most respected men in asia, one of the most respected men in all of china. frappi frankly one of the most respected men in the world. it's a great honor to have you here with us. if you'd like to say a few
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words. >> i fully agree with the report. [inaudible] [inaudible] at the same time, also discuss something from china. we need -- [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] >> it will be going. we look forward to that. i'm going to go back and forth
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and ultimately i know i'll meet with president xi maybe once, maybe twice -- seems to be coming together. i do appreciate the fact that you said so makeup about our farmers. that you'll be doing purchases quickly about the farmers. that's wonderful. >> 5 million tons of soy beans. >> wow. that's big. >> per day. >> that's going to make our farmers very happy. that's a lot of soy beans. that's really nice. i know he said other things. we'll put out a release for the press. but the relationship is very good between china and the united states. the personal relationships are very good. the vice premier with myself and president xi. with our representatives. it's been very good. you know, you read a lot of
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things. sometimes you hear good, sometimes you don't hear good. i will say that i think the relationship that we have right now with china has never been so advanced. i don't think it's ever been better. but i can tell you for a fact it's never been so advanced. certainly a deal has never been so advanced. essentially we don't have a deal. we never had a trade deal. we'll have a great trade deal. why never really had a trade deal with china. now we're going to have a great trade deal with china if it works out. we look for toward to it. it's going to be great for both countries. not just us, not just -- this is going to be great for both countries. and i know you have already done a lot of opening up china to the financial services, industry that's been happening very much. hopefully we can get that done for our farmers and manufacturers. likewise the united states. so it's just an honor to be with you. i will see you today and see you a lot over the next month. that i can tell you.
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okay? thank you very much. great honor. thank you. >> mr. president, when are you going to meet with president xi? >> we haven't set up a meeting yet. i think we're working on seeing where everybody is and then we'll meet to discuss some final issues and maybe a lot, maybe a small amount. i have a feeling it will be agreed to quickly by both countries. both countries want a positive result. >> are you seeing enough progress based on what you heard from ip and technology? >> very much. technology transfer, it. i think we have made tremendous progress. doesn't mean you'll have a deal but i can say there's a tremendous relationship and warm feeling that we've made tremendous progress. >> mr. president, did you talk your intelligence team about the displeasure -- >> i did. they said they were totally misquoted and totally taken out of context. what i do, i suggested you call them. they said it was fake news. so we're --
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>> we just ran exactly what they said. >> didn't surprise me at all. we're here to talk right now about china. >> did the fact they didn't bring up the border as the world threat assessment, did that undercut -- >> didn't undermine anything. we need a wall. if we don't have a wall, we'll never have security. >> they didn't bring it up as part of the national -- >> next. please. >> [question inaudible] >> it's so nice. he said soy beans, a tremendous purchase that will take place now. our farmers will be happy. when is the soy bean taking place? they've already started. >> [inaudible]. >> they started on a smaller scale and now going bigger. on behalf of the agricultural
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industry and on behalf of our farmers frankly, we appreciate it very much. it's a very big order. >> [inaudible]. >> they like the u.s. farmers. we have a good product. i appreciate it. that was fantastic to say. that's before we make a deal. a fantastic sign of faith. >> [question inaudible] >> we haven't discussed that yet. it will be. >> [question inaudible] >> it will be discussed. i'm sure at some point -- actually, as big as it might seem, it's very small compared to the deal. it will be discussed. anything else? >> [question inaudible] >> excuse me? >> [question inaudible] >> it's possible. we haven't discussed it yet. when president xi and i meet, we want it down to have certain
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points to discuss. we're not quite at that stage yesterday. all of these representatives and these representatives are coming to a conclusion except for certain very important points. we want to make it comprehensive. we want to make a deal that we can look at and be proud of for many years. not that we have to go back and renegotiate or we left things out. so whether it's intellectual property or any of the other things that we discuss auld the time, we want to try and have everything included. we want to have it very comprehensive. >> [question inaudible] >> we really have discussed many of those points today. but i would say probably more than any other thing, every single point that you discussed in the newspapers and on television. those are the points that we're discussing. i don't think i've ever heard of any point than was discussed by the folks that represent you and represent you well.
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it's every single one of those pints have been discussed in our transactions and trade deal, in this trade deal. >> mr. president, you said you're willing to postpone this. what did you mean by that? >> we haven't talked about extending the deadline. that's march 1. we haven't talked about it. i don't think why have to extend it. now, at a certain point you'll have -- this is a very complex -- it's the largest transaction ever made to be perfectly straight. we have to get this put on paper at some point if we agree. there's some points that we don't agree to yet. i think we will agree. i think when president xi and myself meet, every point will be agreed to. one of the things we discussed in argentina was fentanyl. this is not a trade deal. this is a fact that president xi was extremely good when he said they would criminalize fentanyl. fentanyl is killing a lot of our
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great american people. if they did what they're going to do, it would very much halt or at least -- i think it would stop fentanyl from coming into this country, would be a tremendous thing. so that's a separate trade deal but very important thing. >> mr. lighthizer on enforcement. how do you view -- >> i think we're going to have strong enforcement language both ways. they want enforcement, too. i think we'll have it both ways. we'll have strong enforcement language. this is a serious deal. it could be done quickly, easily but it wouldn't be comprehensive. it would be small. and i just want to end by saying really as a sign of good faith for china to buy that much of our soy beans and other product that they just committed to us prior to the signing of the deal is something that makes us very proud to be dealing with them. i think that the farmers who have already been notified of
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this by me and my representatives and by sonny, sonny purdue is here, secretary of agriculture. i think that was music to your ears, sonny. >> absolutely. >> a big number. >> good news. >> will you let the farmers know right away? >> i'm sure they know. >> that was more than even soy beans. the other things we discussed. they discussed other things they're buying also. sonny, let everybody know it will be great. were you surprised to hear that? >> pleased to hear that. >> it will keep the farmers busy. a big order. so lets keep going. let's start our discussions and ask the media to leave. thank you all very much. we appreciate it. thank you very much, everybody. thank you.
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>> she wanted to know about mnuchin. >> we have a tentative date. we need to confirm. >> what about the summit? >> moving along well. the end of the month. the end of february. >> thanks. >> early next week. probably the state of the union. >> keep moving. keep going. >> [question inaudible] >> one way or the other. >> neil: all right. you never know. you're probably wondering, why were you on that wall-to-wall? just the same reason why our business network, fox business network was on it. i don't know. maybe it hints of a major trade deal between the two biggest economic powers on earth. no matter how you feel about the president, no matter how you feel about china, what was
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discussed in that room will effect each and every one of us. $200 billion of chinese goods to come into this country that could be facing some very big tariffs. the president of the united states hinting with the vice premier of china in the oval office, something you don't see every day, the two biggest economic powers on the planet are on the cusp of something that could be huge and could change the complexion of how trade deals are scored. not only between this country and the chinese but you can imagine the europeans watching closely. that's why this is significant. i stress the significance of what was going on. the chinese vice premier has said the chinese has agreed to buy more soy beans from the united states. that was known for quite some time. what wasn't, the number attached to it. better than 5 million tons. more than twice what had been rumored and talked about before. the president indicating here that he wants to see this
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continue and will continue with discussions with xi jinping, the chinese president. what this means in this back and forth and its been a rough ride here, the chinese economy, which has been back and forth, this is the first sign of the chinese cracking. the first sign of them conceding that they rather have a deal sooner than later. and that this gets to be a lot broader than buying soy beans from the united states or wheat from the united states. we went wall to wall on this to indicate that this isn't about politics. this is about money. how often do i say it's about green, not red or blue. we're looking at the money and the dollars and the won attached to the two biggest players on earth doing business together in a fair and more amicable way. if the president can pull this off, if the chinese can make good on their commitments, this, my friends, will be
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unprecedented. leave your politics aside and look at the significance of these two powers coming to potential agreement on thorny trade issues that have bedevilled administrations, republican and democrat for decades. we're not there yet but we're closer. blake burman at the white house. blake? >> neil, the last time the vice premier was here at the white house last year, i believe, this was not played out before the cameras. just give you a sign. you and i were joking yesterday about what is progress? i think you just watched there exactly what progress is. the treasury secretary, steve mnuchin told us going into this that they expected significant progress and we saw some of it there between president trump and the top negotiator with china. china saying that they will indeed start -- it will begin a massive soy bean purchase. as you and i discussed on the fox business network and as you just hit on, this is not just about soy beans. the u.s. is going into this, trying to get major structural
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changes out of china. namely china to stop engaging in intellectual property theft, for them to stop engaging in the forced technology of -- forced technology transfer. and to open up their markets. the president said that these issues were addressed. he said they have made "tremendous progress but they haven't made a deal yet." that is kind of the next phase in all of this. to get those systemic changes on board with china. the president's top negotiator, robert lighthizer discussed the issues. enforcement is key. something that the u.s. has talked about. if indeed the chinese are agreeing to some sort of enforcement measures, that would be a significant step here. the bottom line with this, neil, the folks here who are involved in this were telling us for the last several weeks, this is the
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matting that matters. don't worry about the other noise. this is the meeting that matters. now in this meeting we hear that president trump and president xi will probably meet in the grand scheme of this. you heard it from the president, that is the meeting that will really matter. but indeed, between now and then and from over the last couple months until now, it seems as if the u.s. is making progress on this one. >> neil: it is remarkable. make berman, thanks very much. just to review. you have the vice premier, the number 2 in china greasing the skids for a meeting between the two world leaders in february. the president making it clear he's not stopping at the chinese commitment and promise to buy more soy beans from american farmers and more agricultural items. he could have cut it at that and left it at that. we're getting indications now that robert lighthizer, the trade negotiator, playing with the chinese, want to see more.
1:36 pm
more about patent infringement, why american companies have to give away their heart and soul and spreadsheets to do so. that is significant. i can not stress enough to you, though it might be boring economics to a lot of people, might'have the appeal of scandals and rumored scandals and collusion and all of that. this is huge. the potential for a trade deal that could change the lives of not only a couple of billion people in china, but millions in the united states of america. as i stress, we are nowhere near a finished deal. but we're getting the first signs that the chinese want one and the sooner the better. that is why we were wall-to-wall with it. because it affects you. more after this. did you ever notice that the very first bite of every great meal is always the potato? that's why it should always be an idaho potato. only genuine idaho potatoes have the perfect taste and texture to get your meal started right.
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>> thank you very much. a great honor to have the vice
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premier of china with us and also the vice minister of trade of china. we have had long discussions. this is going on some time. the it will by far if it happens the biggest deal ever made. not only the biggest deal ever made, the biggest trade deal by far and the biggest deal ever made. the two largest -- >> neil: that's what the president wants to see, the biggest deal. we're a long way from that. it was spelled out in number if the chinese stick to it, agreeing more than 500 million tons of sow beans by farmers that have been beaten by the trades. the president setting the stage for what he hopes will be a completed trade deal with his chinese counterpart when they meet next month. let's get the read on this and the fast-moving developments with charlie gasparino from the fox business network and scott levinson. janine, the first thing you
1:41 pm
seize on here, what we say, it's not about red or blue. it's about green. potentially a lot of green between the two largest economies on the earth. we're inching closer what do you think? >> i think this is a beautiful thing. this has been going on for many, many years in terms of china taking advantage of america, americans and our economy. when you look at the counterfeit products, the intellectual property theft. this has been going on and taken care of before now. thank goodness the president has not only informed americans of the severity of this, but moving forward and getting china to come to the table. >> neil: we don't know what the final deal look like. one of the things that has been brought up, who needs the other more. the growing sense is because of the china slow-town, this is prompting them to come to the
1:42 pm
table and literally go into the oval office with a resolute desk to hammer out something. >> yeah, listen, there's something -- what is fascinating about china, you have to get trump and peter navarro, who a lot of -- he's a lot of the anti-china stuff, credit for at least enlighting how big china is, how they steal our stuff. they're on the war path against us. they basically created a hot war in terms of trade and stealing and theft of intellectual property. where you have to criticize the trump administration is how they deal with it. yes, this is a good deal. the fact is, when you go narrowly -- when you go at china, go at our trading partners, go at the world instead of isolating china, makes the business of doing a trade deal like this more difficult. >> neil: i'm wondering, democratic and republican presidents in the past have been hoodwinked and fooled by the chinese that make a commitment
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like my diets and never stick to them. how do we make sure that it works? again, there's no deal here. >> timing is everything for the president. he needed to change the subject the last couple weeks. he did that today. people will be looking to see whether this deal comes through and the details matter. >> neil: what do you follow more closely? if you can avoid a government shut down or score a trade deal? >> with 800,000 americans suffering every day, obviously that gets all of our attention. >> neil: they're not suffering anymore. they're back at work. >> that's a great thing. >> what is the economic consequence if they buy these soy beans? >> that's one important. what i wanted from you, if the president can work something out with his chinese counter parts -- we're told that is a very strong personal relationship -- how will he avoid what his predecessors were unable to avoid? in other words, just getting hoodwinked? >> look at the time it has taken for us to get to this situation that we're in now in terms of
1:44 pm
president trump. getting china to come to the table. so he's the negotiator. he's willing to stand by and let china really basically implode. they need us more than we need them. >> neil: the perception that the president might have failed with the shut down -- >> it's not over yet. >> neil: you think the chinese read into that that he was vulnerable? >> i don't think so. >> i agree with you. they want to do a deal. they have a economy that is problematic. we're -- >> timing wasn't better than this. to make a deal. >> they had leverage. he needed -- >> they have leverage -- >> neil: this meeting was scheduled long before, to be fair. >> the meeting was scheduled and a deal announcement are two different things. >> the minute that trump pulled out of tpp, they had leverage. >> yes. >> that was it. we could have squeezed them that way. he chose to pull out. >> i want your take on this, the
1:45 pm
economy and the markets seem to have a big turned around in january. the perception one of the best performances of the s&p since 1987 before all of you were born. i'm wondering whether that signals things will change not only here but for the globe or are we getting ahead of ourselves? >> the economy has been doing really well under president trump. so with the lower taxes, americans are getting -- the wages are going up -- >> the truth of the matter is a very erratic stock market the last six months. >> neil: you wouldn't hang your hat on it. >> the fact we've had a good three weeks shouldn't negate that we've had tremendous -- >> the stock market is down the past six months because of the trade stuff. >> neil: well -- >> 26,000. the stock market was up in january. you know why? think about the fed. he's not going to raise rates. we're going to a global slow
1:46 pm
down and impacts us. but i don't think this is a thing that we should be celebrating. the trump economy has grown at 3.5%. >> neil: godfor bid. kidding. what was the deal with that roger stone raid and what did they get in the raid? after this. ♪ not long ago, ronda started here. and then, more jobs began to appear. these techs in a lab. this builder in a hardhat... ...the welders and electricians who do all of that. the diner staffed up 'cause they all needed lunch. teachers... doctors... jobs grew a bunch. what started with one job spread all around. because each job in energy creates many more in this town. energy lives here.
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>> i am heartened that senator graham and also some republican members of the house are looking into the manner in which i was arrested. >> neil: that was roger stone commenting about lindsey graham's curiosity on the methods used to go after roger stone and get his house ransacked, looking for stuff and
1:50 pm
arrested and charged on seven counts of everything from witness tampers and obstruction of justice. robert wray on this. you and i were speaking at the break about it. this was unusual but it wasn't unprecedented. what did you make of it? >> that's right. if there's a situation with an obstruction of case, you can ungenerally speaking without talking specifically about this why the fbi investigators might be interested in raiding a home in order to execute a search warrant to find out any additional evidence that they might be able to glean that they wouldn't otherwise have access to, for example, if they issued a subpoena. >> neil: did you ever use methods like that? >> well, sure. there's questions about legitimate claims of fbi overreaching, sure. i've been familiar with those. they were -- i had those issues when i was a prosecutor. i've had them as a defense lawyer. all i will say to that is be careful, neil. think about there's another side
1:51 pm
of the coin and that is, you know, ordinarily we leave it to the sound judgment of law enforcement officials on the ground and provide them with a wide berth about appropriate exercise of ford and order to effectuate an arrest. that doesn't mean it's an appropriate subject of congressional oversight. but everybody in the public concludes you be careful about trying to rein the fbi in -- >> neil: is there's no questionable methods -- >> right. are you going to get in the business of saying if the fbi sent ten people it was enough. but if you sent -- >> apparently they sent more people than to get osama bin laden. >> okay. you're going to criticize that? you have to be careful. my deal is it's the same thing as a military commander on the ground. you don't second guess the judgment -- >> neil: what do you think they were looking for? roger stone is not top of mind to get this treatment.
1:52 pm
>> may not be anything more complicated than to get the latest communications on his computer that are otherwise not privileged. >> neil: they can get a warrant for that. >> and they had one. otherwise you wouldn't capture that if you had a subpoena. you're telling the target of the investigation, oh, i'm looking for these things. already evidence in the case that he obstructed justice, you might understand why the fbi would take those precautions. >> neil: trial of something like this could be a ways off. maybe a year off. >> sure. >> neil: and the acting attorney general saying he is under the belief this is wrapping up soon. who is right hahn that? >> depends what happens to conclude an investigation. i'd imagine that bob mueller stays as long as necessary to conclude the major -- >> neil: another year? >> sure. that doesn't mean he has to remain. that could be returned to the ordinary processes of the department of justice once he's made the major prosecutorial decisions. that doesn't mean there might
1:53 pm
not be trials or appeals or other things that would happen that the department of justice is well-equipped to handle. >> neil: robert wray, thanks very much. so many talks going on today. including what to do about a wall. it works fine in southern california. but that's about the only place they want it or do they? after this. our grandparents checked their smartphones zero times a day. times change. eyes haven't. that's why there's ocuvite. screen light... sunlight... longer hours... eyes today are stressed. but ocuvite has vital nutrients... help protect them. ocuvite. eye nutrition for today. wat t. rowe price, hundreds of our experts go beyond the numbers to examine investment opportunities firsthand.
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(gasp) (singsong) budget meeting! sweet. if you compare last quarter to this quarter... various: mmm. it's no wonder everything seems a little better with the creamy taste of philly, made with fresh milk and real cream. >> if you go to tijuana and you take down that wall, you will have so many people coming into our country that nancy pelosi will be begging for a wall. she will be begging for a wall perch was a mr. president, please, please give us a wall. >> neil: well, i suspect the democrat from texas who starts on this conference committee trying to hammer out an agreement the next two weeks, i suspect he might slightly disagree with that. he joins us. congressman, very good to have you. would you think about the president was saying that there is a need for a while and it
1:57 pm
works and eventually given some of the issues we have on the border, you are nancy pelosi and others will be begging for that. >> [laughs] well, first of all, i think the president has also said that every part of the border is different. in texas, for example, there are cliffs that are 200 threw 300 feet tall. the call them god's wall. then you have rivers. every place is different. >> neil: he has acknowledge that. do you look at a wall where nancy pelosi has said it's not up for debate. she doesn't want to do that and doesn't think it's necessary and won't provide the funds, do you agree with that? >> i think what we ought to look at is what are we trying to accomplish? >> neil: do you agree with that? do you agree with her it's not necessary? >> i'm trying to answer your question. what are we trying to accomplish? if you want to stop drugs,
1:58 pm
listen to the latest drug case in new york or look at the dea reports, most drugs will come through ports of entry. we need to put canines, the latest x-ray machines there, men and women in blue. >> neil: i agree. you want smart drones, i get all that. do you rule out a wall, even though along the tijuana-san diego border, it seems to be working just fine. >> if you want to stop drugs. if you want to stop people from coming in, you've got to look at where most people coming in? and 2000, we had border patrol detained 1.6 million individuals. >> neil: do you have a problem with a wall? yes or no. >> yes, i do. it's a 14th century solution. >> neil: democrats voted for wall funding when barack obama was president. >> let me finish. you asked me a question.
1:59 pm
let me answer your question. if you put billions of dollars and take away private property rights which i know, neil, you are a big believer in private property rights. sometimes they have to put a fence up a mile or two away -- >> neil: i want to be clear on the semantics. >> it's a 14th century solution to a 21st century problem. >> neil: many in your party voted for that 14th century solution. i guess what i'm asking is are you open to that in any way, shape, or form? as part of a security package? >> i will look at what are the threat assessments so we can address that issue. i have not voted. i think the wall is a 14th century solution. the bad guys are creative. what they will do, if you put it up, they will go around.
2:00 pm
>> neil: you are open, right? anything could happen. we'll see. okay. have a nice day. congressman, i appreciate it. so much we don't know. this we do. it's going to be an interesting day tomorrow. here comes "the five." ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone. i am dana perino with katie pavlich, juan williams, jesse watters and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." democrats continuing to embrace progressive policies, 2020 hopeful elizabeth warren making these claims about capitalism while talking about her wealth tax plan. >> i believe in capitalism. i see the wealth that can be produced, but let's be really clear. capitalism without rules is taft. encouraging companies to build their business models on cheating people. it's not capitalism. what


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