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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 31, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> neil: you are open, right? anything could happen. we'll see. okay. have a nice day. congressman, i appreciate it. so much we don't know. this we do. it's going to be an interesting day tomorrow. here comes "the five." ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone. i am dana perino with katie pavlich, juan williams, jesse watters and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." democrats continuing to embrace progressive policies, 2020 hopeful elizabeth warren making these claims about capitalism while talking about her wealth tax plan. >> i believe in capitalism. i see the wealth that can be produced, but let's be really clear. capitalism without rules is taft. encouraging companies to build their business models on cheating people. it's not capitalism. what i believe is capitalism
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with serious rules. that means rules where everybody gets a chance to play. >> dana: senator bernie sanders join in on the call to tax the wealthy. that potential candidate proposing a plan to dramatically increase the state taxes, including a 77% tax on billionaires. congresswoman alexandria kaser cortes and senator edward markey planning to introduce legislation for a green new deal as early as next week. the goal of the plan is to transform the economy in the name of fighting climate change. creating a rift within the democratic party. moderate and former starbucks ceo howard schultz clashing with ocasio-cortez. >> it's easy to call what aoc is doing as far left but nothing could be further from the truth. when you advocate for economic
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policies that benefit the broad majority of citizens, that is true centrism. what howard schultz represents, the centrism he represents his religious -- it's really just trickle-down economics. he's not the centrist. aoc is the centrist. >> dana: how about that, jesse? >> jesse: ask the people of venezuela if socialism is benefiting them. i don't buy that argument. if warren love capitalism so much, why is she introducing ig socialism? i don't think you try to radically change the things you love. peter, your husband, he loves you. you love your dog. you love reading. you are a republican. he didn't marry you and then try to change you into a democrat dog hating nonreader. he accepted u.n. loved you for who you are. she also says capitalism without
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rules is theft. we have so many rules and capitalism. 185,000 pages in the federal registry of codes. that's not including city regulations and state regulations. i would say that socialism with rules is theft. they have this new green deal or whatever. they want to eliminate all oil and gas in ten years. if you are in the polar vortex, how are you going to stay warm with solar panels? are you going to drive a prius through a foot of snow? no. they want to tax estates. it's going to be a disaster. democrats have become greedy control freaks. they want to tell you what to wear, what to say, want to drive, want to eat, want to
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drink and they want to take your health care, your money, and your kids' money. donald trump is going to win in a slam-dunk if he plays this way. >> dana: take a listen what -- it's a tweet. this is what she said about the green new deal. "our children and grandchildren grow up in a world where they can breathe the air and drink the water and go outside without risking their lives in extreme temperatures. it's time to protect our planet and pass agree new deal." then she uses #polarvortex. >> greg: i learned from jesse that the key to a good marriage is don't try to change your spouse. >> jesse: exactly. see >> greg: you should write a book on this. >> juan: i am stunned into silence over here. >> jesse: she said if you love capitalism. >> juan: if dana started doing crazy stuff, i hope he might say something. >> dana: that's what we're trying to say to the democrats.
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don't do crazy stuff. >> juan: republicans in an era of tremendous income inequality. >> greg: i always try to steal elizabeth warren's arguments. i try to pretend i'm her lawyer. she is saying that capitalism is good unless it's bad. that's exactly what she said. you can't say that about socialism because it's all bad. think about this very capitalism, even with its flaws, is easily understandable and successful. capitalism is so easy to do that even a kid can do it. at 6 years old, kate can understand capitalism and have a lemonade stand. there is no kid trying to operate a socialist enterprise at six unless he has a standing army of 12-year-olds with baseball bats. in order to do socialism, it has to be top-down and it has to be enforced by a government army. they need a bully.
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>> juan: isn't a family -- the kids aren't providing. you are taking care of your children. >> katie: your children are little socialists. that's why we take half of their allowance. this is why you take the allowance. you pay them for the chores and you take half a bit away and say it's going to the government. >> juan: part of this is a response to gregory. i think we have things like child labor laws. you can't exploit children. >> greg: kids love to work. >> jesse: 100 years ago. >> juan: that's the rules. we have rules about things like you can't pollute the air. why is that? >> greg: do you agree that all people should work more? i think it's wrong to have retirement at 60 -- what is that? 65. we should kick it up to 75 or 80. >> jesse: juan just hit 65. >> dana: katie hasn't had a chance to talk.
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>> katie: capitalism is done through free exchanges. socialism is done through government force. that's the first big difference between the two. hate to tell you, juan, but you are completely wrong about us being in an age of extreme inequality in income. since 1970, the number of people who've been suffering from starvation style poverty, not just being poor. suffering from starvation around the world has decreased by 80%. in 1970, it took americans two months to save up enough money to buy a tv. today it takes two days to make that much money. capitalism has been the only form of government -- government or system program that's taking people out of poverty. the war on poverty fails. the social programs are running out of money they want more of them. a quarter of people are living on less than a dollar a day. a couple years ago, one and 20 people. >> juan: katie, hold on. you are right.
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those numbers are right about global situations. here in the united states, we live in a time when 50% of americans can't afford an emergency $500 bill. >> dana: that's not necessarily because of wages. that's because of choices or it's because of student loans. >> juan: oh, please. we have it concentrated wealth. >> katie: there more billionaires now than they are banned in america. as they get richer, they are getting richer. everybody else is getting richer faster at a higher rate than billionaires. >> greg: everybody keeps talking about how the median household income is getting lower this is proof of economic inequality. no, it's because we doubled the number of single households in 50 years which means that even though there's a decline in median household, it's because there are more households with people actually making more money. they are the single breadwinner. actually we've been doing really well. the other thing that katie
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brings up that you so quickly but is really important. technological innovation is making us so well-off. even when we are making slightly more money, were actually infinitely richer. somebody making 20 grand right now is far wealthier than a king in 1910. >> katie: because of the free market. >> juan: if you get sick, you have an illness and you can't pay for it, that's not a king. half of republicans favor single-payer. you guys think it's ridiculous. >> dana: karl rove wrote about that today. he said when you get into it, the number drops off by half. >> juan: look at the reality that people right now in this era of income inequality are worried -- >> jesse: economic boom, juan. >> juan: for the rich. >> jesse: for the middle class. >> dana: next, a virginia abortion bill creating a brand-new controversy. obviously we need another
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controversy. that's next.
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a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. ♪ >> katie: a virginia bill reigniting the debate over late-term abortion. the uproar comes as the governor of rhode island gets behind a push for similar legislation and after new york's democratic governor andrew cuomo signed a bill dropping restrictions on abortion last week. greg, i want to play the sound from the virginia governor, ralph northam. there was controversy yesterday and i will get your response. >> where it's obvious that a woman is about to give birth, would it still be a point at which she can request an abortion if she was so certifie
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certified? she's dilating. >> my bill would allow that, yes. >> katie: that was not the governor. that was the woman who introduced the bill as a delegate in virginia. the governor responded yesterday on a radio show. he said when we talk about third trimester abortions, consent of the mother and physicians, went on to talk about keeping the baby comfortable while the parents, doctors decide whether to give up medical care or resuscitated after an abortion. what are your thoughts about this swing? >> greg: you are conflating two things. the governor clarified. let's talk about the bill. the thing is, couldn't you argue right now that this is an actual humanitarian crisis? we have been talking about humanitarian crises. people are shouting at republicans for splitting up families. is it worse than splitting up babies? the fact is, you actually need pro-lifers to make noise about this. no one else will. a total blackout of the movie
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gosnell tells you everything you need to know. i focus on the bill. i interpreted as crazy. if you don't speak up about stuff like this, are you going to push abortion to the terrible twos? what made this bill interesting and correct me if i'm wrong because we rarely read the bills. i tried. i saw something in there about, having to do with psychological reasons. if the birth is psychologically traumatic to the woman. i don't see it's a risk of life. you could extend it to the terrible twos. if you're talking about psychological trauma to the mother, you could just go into being a teenager, because it doesn't get any better. i think this bill has been tabled and i think people are realizing that it's absolute nuts to say it's not about a threat to the mother's life. it's a threat to her psyche. that's the thing that is scary.
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they reduce the number of doctors who could sign off on this to make it easier. that was also something. the good news is, because there's outcry, it causes people to look at this stuff and it makes you wonder what would happen if there was no pro-life movement. >> katie: i think it's important to say i'm not conflating the two issues, because he specifically said when we talk about third trimester abortions, and then went on to talk about it. he may have answered the question in terms of hospice care but he was talking about third trimester abortions i didn't answer the question, jesse, from the interviewer in the radio interview because he didn't condemn the bill or say he supported it. >> jesse: i don't like talking about abortion. it's private. it's personal. it's very painful. when i saw the sonogram of my twins, it had a huge personal impact on me. i know other people have that same feeling. everybody's different and everybody's journey is different and women are faced with a lot of tough decisions. there is a pretty strong consensus in this country that
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late-term or partial birth abortion is very, very wrong. split down the middle on abortion. actually i think we are more pro-life, but only 13% of americans support partial birth abortion. you can tell how horrible it is and grotesque by the way that people refuse to talk about it in detail. they talk about it in vague clinical terms, because when you actually talk about the procedure in graphic detail, you can't help but feel shame if you support it. that's why there's a media blackout on it and that's why you can tell even the woman supporting the bill didn't want to talk about it. but i believe, as greg said, the more you talk about it in detail, the more people know what it is and more people can say no. >> katie: juan, this bill was voted down but cosponsored by 20 democrats. one of the virginia delegates, john adams, apologized for cosponsoring it at it to her admitting she it.
2:19 pm
what about democrats and deciding they're going to introduce these bills across the country and it enables women up to labor to have late-term abortions. >> juan: i want to second when jesse said. it's a very difficult topic to talk about it. we go back and forth here on "the five" but it's a touchy subject for so many people. i don't take it lightly. i love kids and i love my grandkids. i think ralph ralph northam ise right track when he says it's a decision between women and their doctors, not politicians and the legislature. the current law right now says you can have an abortion in the third semester if if, in fact,u see their child has some medical issues that would complicate issues or a threat to the mother's life. again, you need to doctors plus the primary care physician to make this decision now. the new bill would reduce the number of doctors involved. what we are talking about here is a situation in the country where i think right now it's like, i think there's seven
2:20 pm
states where there is only one abortion clinic in the whole state, which is essentially forcing the politicians' attitudes on women. i don't think that's right. i just think it's right. jesse, the numbers that i see says 58% of americans, a majority, say yes to legal abortion in almost -- all or most cases. >> jesse: i have seen different poles. >> katie: there's plenty of polling. this is happening because democrats feel like rovio weight is going to be overturned with the recent shift in the supreme court. a >> dana: huge political fight. also it's a fight on the merits but it's also a fight on politics. getting people fund-raising and getting people to the polls. what president trump we did today. the democratic party is becoming a party of high taxes, open borders, abortion on demand, high crime. the question on this is if the democrats don't want to have a
2:21 pm
situation like this where they say their words are being misinterpreted, then first of all, read the bill before you cosponsor it. that's a good idea. also read them carefully. these words really matter. we are charged as human beings at the top of the food chain, we have brains and hearts and we have science and we have faith and all of that informs how we think about things and how we talk about things. a fetus is not viable, to their point, until it's born. then it's born and it has inalienable rights that our country bestows upon the innocent. i don't mind having the debate. it should be held respectfully of course. but i do think the reason democrats are finding themselves in this position today with all of the scrutinies because they were on careful. i they don't realize people are paying attention. you might not read the bill in virginia, but that means everyone else was still going to talk about it. this bill passed in new york.
2:22 pm
there is another one in rhode island. the bill was tabled in virginia, but the republicans narrowly have the majority in virginia. they had to fight for it. the bill was table 3-2. it could come back at any time. it will be a big political issue in 2020. >> katie: your tax dollars are hard at work in d.c. paying for the plastic straw police. greg breaks it down next. our big idaho potato truck is out there somewhere and we're going to find it. awe man. always look for the grown in idaho seal. our grandparents checked zero times a day. times change. eyes haven't. that's why there's ocuvite. screen light... sunlight... longer hours... eyes today are stressed. but ocuvite has vital nutrients... help protect them. ocuvite. eye nutrition for today. metastatic breast cancer is relentless,
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because they let me to customize my insurance, and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything. like my bike and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ >> greg: washington, d.c., has many problems, most have a d or r after their names. thank god the cities tackling the most pressing problem of al all, straws. d.c. has a plastic straw inspector. they visit restaurants warning of fines if they don't get rid of the evil, thin hollow tubes.
2:27 pm
being found with a straw can earn you an $800 fine. that's more than the fine for practicing medicine without a license in connecticut. don't ask me how i know. [laughter] worse, it's more bureaucratic harassment that rattles cashiers and clerks just trying to do their jobs. the hassle solve no problems with the overwhelming majority of plastic waste in the ocean, which seems to be the hot-button issue here, comes from ten rivers, all from africa and asia. it ain't us, which poses a problem for left-wing activists who need america to protest. the stuff that you separate ends up back in the landfills because there's no market to sell the stuff. recycling was sold to us as a magical solution but even mainstream media outlets like 6. as usual, our nations busybodies ignore the consequences of their actions. plastic straws are necessary for people with disabilities as well as the elderly. but who cares. every band is considered progress for feverish. eggs.
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why should someone, products that makes life easier when the lives of activists are so grim, more so than straws, they truly suck. dana, 800 bucks in wyoming, florida, mississippi. simple assault as of the fine $500. >> dana: happened to me when i was in d.c. i tried to get a straw. i'm kidding. i didn't get anything with a straw. i'm going next week. i will check it out. this reminds me of when i stockpiled light bulbs for years. there was the warning that the light bulbs were going away. every time we went to -- what was it, on capitol hill in washington, d.c., gets more light bulbs. then we moved them from d.c. to new york. >> jesse: did they break? >> dana: know. but i feel bad about are the clerks and cashiers getting yelled at by the customers. they want a straw. and the fine. but they don't have to pay the fine. the owner pays the fine.
2:29 pm
>> juan: as a resident of the district of columbia, you can get a straw, dana perino. it just won't be a plastic straw. >> dana: have you tried them? >> katie: they dissolve in your cup. >> greg: it's not biodegradable. >> dana: we should have them on set tomorrow and start "the five" with our cups with straws and see how long they last. >> juan: i can spit spitballs? >> greg: juan, the spitball is the issue. eight gets soggy with a paper straw. you need a plastic straw for spitballs and some other things. >> jesse: a dollar bill, greg. >> greg: what do you mean? [laughter] >> dana: i have no idea what you're talking about. >> greg: jesse, "60 minutes." in december, they did this piece. john tierney, he has written about it. john stossel has written about it. how recycling is more expensive and nobody's buying it. they are taking the stuff that
2:30 pm
you separate out and they just throw it back in landfills. this was on "60 minutes." maybe we are coming to our senses. >> jesse: i was always coming to my senses because i never recycled ever. everything is coming back full circle. >> greg: stay in the same place. >> jesse: the inspectors job sucks. i feel bad for them. did you get the joke? >> dana: already used that joke. you recycled his joke. >> jesse: i do recycle! here's my honest opinion. i flip-flopped on the plastic straws. i am enlightened. juan, it's possible. flip-flopped based on facts. if they are getting in the potomac because they can be recycled because they are too small, what's the big deal if you use another type of biodegradable straw? other industries can pop up and make these things. it's not going to cause a huge dent in the plastic industry. >> greg: you just lost the speaking engagement at u.s. plastics. don't you know. the more you defend the straws. >> jesse: they pay well.
2:31 pm
>> katie: there is more in the potomac than plastic straws. much bigger problems. the problem is finding people. we might have paper straws tomorrow. i brought our real plastic straw to set today. i'm wondering if, the fine for having a straw is $800. what is defined for smuggling straws into the city? if i have straws in my purse. is ten straws considered high capacity? >> greg: i am not explaining what i just said. >> juan: i think we are supposed to be, you know, good stewards of the earth, right? what is wrong with trying? >> dana: i think it's a great time for innovation. the current paper straw don't last long enough and it's annoying. all you smart whippersnappers out there. >> greg: i have an idea: plastic stress. nothing will ever be better. china, indonesia, philippines, they feel the ocean with plastic. >> jesse: can i say one thing about straws. the only people that use draws
2:32 pm
our babies, okay, or when you go through a drive-thru so you don't spell or if you are at a free drink or something. >> dana: how about the ball game? >> jesse: everybody can drink out of -- >> greg: no, no, i'm saving you heartache. agree with me. the disabled relied plastic straws. >> jesse: they do and they should be able to have access. >> juan: the d.c. bill allows them to have plastic straws. >> jesse: i read the bill, greg. >> dana: the best thing that ever happen at at our house. my mom would let us buy bendy straws. >> greg: silly straws. don't ban them. only silly people will have been. i don't know what that meant. >> dana: the straw man. >> greg: the straw man argument. the media mocking sarah sanders. what she said and how she's fighting back. that's next.
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>> i think god calls all of us to fill different roles at different times, and i think that he wanted donald trump to become president. >> jesse: i wonder if god wanted me to do this job. >> greg: [laughs] the devil made you do this. these eggs democrats and the media mocking sarah sanders for that comment. >> no, he didn't. even god was like what the hell, i can't take my eyes off you. >> if he did, he wanted to punish us for taking our democracy for granted. this president is the antithesis of jesus christ's teachings. >> i believe god called me to make sure people know donald trump is not the dude. >> jesse: sanders taking aim at the white house press corps for grandstanding during
2:38 pm
briefings. >> this isn't everybody and i don't want to generalize the crowd. you see a lot of, like, angry faces. people, their sole purpose is to find this moment to catch you. their job is not to get information which is what the briefing is supposed to be. it is to trip you up. i think if the briefing loses purpose and it isn't a good resource for the american people to get information and answers to real questions, then you do have to wonder if asked the best forum in order to put a message out. >> jesse: going back to the top, greg, i bet the media is thanking god every day terms as president. we work are you kidding me? they are making more money than ever. the publishing industry especially. it's okay for them to make jokes about it, they were pretty funny, but it seeks an example of the media mocking a christian
2:39 pm
displaying their faith openly when we know they would dare not do that if she had cited the muslim god or a buddhist propher whatever. if she had gone in any other direction, if anybody else had done that, it never would've happened. i think she probably meant he was the right person for the right time. i don't profess to know what god wants, and i'm always skeptical when people say that. >> jesse: she wants what's best for you, greg. >> greg: when people cite religion as motivation for an action, i just go, you can't know that. i know what you mean. you are saying this is for the best. but i'm always very skeptical that now i'm going to shut up and watch the hate tweets fly at me telling me i'm going to hell. >> jesse: i wanted to get katie's perspective. charlie rangel. he said god put obama in the white house. >> katie: obama said he was going to lower the seeable. i think obama thought he was actually god.
2:40 pm
she has her own beliefs. they are the beliefs of millions of people around the country. the mainstream media and the comedians can make fun of it all they want. they have the right to do so. it goes to show that they are willing to continue to insult millions of people who agree with the trump administration and the people that support them. >> jesse: what do you think, juan? >> juan: i think you and greg said those are her beliefs, let their -- let her have them. i don't think you buy it. the ten commandments. okay to lie, cheat on your life, hang around with porn stars? >> greg: what's wrong with that last part? that's not in the commandments. >> juan: what about paying them off with hush money? that's okay too. the russians, god bless them, the russians must've been instructed by god to go after -- >> katie: i didn't hear sarah sanders say donald trump was a
2:41 pm
perfectly moral person. she said she believes god put him in place to do the job. >> juan: what a choice. >> jesse: what you think about what she said about the white house press corps? >> dana: remember the interview was given to the christian broadcasting network. >> greg: it's a good piece of information. no one told me that. >> dana: she's talking to cbn. when george w. bush was president, they made fun of george w. bush for years. i can't remember the exact details. along the way, somebody said he felt called to do this. it was the same type of antipathy for people that are christians. you are right. i don't know what buddhists believe but i assume buddhist think you are in the right place at the right time. all of that. there's that. then what you sent, juan, but the ten commandments. christians also believe in forgiveness. we don't know what's in his heart and what he's asked god
2:42 pm
for and what sort of forgiveness -- none of our business. the great thing is we don't have to decide. he gets to judge. >> greg: it could be a she, dana. >> dana: it could be a she. >> juan: i was interviewing your former boss, george w. bush. afterwards i got so much flack from my bosses for saying mr. president, in my church, we pray for you every sunday. people said why would you say that to george w. bush? >> dana: this is the thing. do you know what george w. bush used to say it when we are praying for you, sir. he would say thank you. i feel it. the media would make fun of that. the media for the last two years has spent a lot of time, they sent reporters out, go see america. go figure out how we got it so wrong. this is part of the reason why. to your point of why, in the press room, i think it's not that they are trying to trip you up. in the press room, how do you make news? one of the ways you make news is if you find inconsistency. it's not that you're going to
2:43 pm
tell me these things i write them dutifully down and i don't get to argue back. a lot of people in the room are frustrated that they were called fake news on something and it turns out four months later that was true. that's why they look for inconsistency. they are trying to break news. >> juan: maybe it hurts her that the president says the press is the enemy of the american people. >> dana: i don't think it hurts her. >> katie: take up all the oxygen. >> jesse: juan, do you pray for president trump at church? >> juan: every sunday. >> jesse: keep it up. if you think there is nowhere that dana's dog jasper isn't welcome, think again. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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♪ >> juan: imagine a place where america's dog, dana's dog jasper is not welcome and where, sorry to say, animals are not great. that's what is happening in iran's capital city of tehran. they have band walking dogs in public and also they band driving fido around in a car. authorities hoping that it helps discourage dog ownership, saying they "create fear and anxiety among the public." also in iran, dogs are reportedly viewed is unclean.
2:48 pm
dana. >> dana: here's the thing. we've been waiting for the moment when the iranian people will finally rise up against the regime. we should be there for them, like we were not there for them during the green revolution. >> greg: or would you call it, the paw revolution. >> dana: i would call them the brown revolution but that's kind of the problem. they are saying that they are unclean. creating anxiety. >> jesse: the rrrevolution. >> dana: there's a reason they are called man's best friend. all this crime in tehran and people need their dogs to keep them safe and et cetera crappy place to live that the dogs make it better. i am ready to take up arms myself. >> greg: i have to say.
2:49 pm
it's a religious-based law, correct? like we are upset when we hear this. imagine being a practicing hindu coming to the united states and going into a ruth chris steak house. isn't the cow a sacred animal? we butcher millions of them a year. all cash in religion, jews don't eat pork and i believe muslims detest dogs. the hindus embrace cows. christianity is different. we had an ark. we had an ark. i have no idea what i'm saying. i guess what i'm saying is a lot of this is religious-based. we think it's weird but hindus must look at us and go, you are killing our most sacred, symbolic -- >> dana: i appreciate your argument but can't you just agree -- >> greg: i will. i was trying to find a different angle. >> juan: jesse, when i walk down the street, especially in tough neighborhoods where guys are walking around with pit bulls, i am scared.
2:50 pm
>> jesse: like in my neighborhood, juan? rough streets. >> katie: rough streets. >> jesse: i have a different angle. i used to hate dogs as much of the ayatollah did. i bought rookie. it's made me calmer, more peaceful. maybe the cia should send over some dogs. unleash the dogs of wars. >> greg: parachuting poodles. >> juan: katie, we've heard -- this is an interesting discussion. we've heard angles about religion, about knowing dogs, but according to a lot of the rulers in iran, this is a symbol of the old monarchy. the rich, the middle class, upper-class. >> katie: the upper and middle-class have dogs and they are cracking down on it because it's the last freedom any of these people have. they don't have access to
2:51 pm
social media, the best internet, that kind of stuff. now they are not allowed to be happy and have dogs. people in iran are saying they're going to fight back and still walk their dogs and fight about it in the streets with the people patrolling you can't hav. this is another reason people hate living there and they are willing to rise up against the regime, another one. >> dana: we will stand with you. >> juan: we will walk with you with a leash. >> katie: where you can have a dog, israel. you can have all the dogs he wants. >> juan: how do you like the dog? >> jesse: i love my puppy. >> juan: do you have to walk it? >> jesse: i did. i had to walk in the freezing cold. >> katie: it's not a cat. >> juan: i know. maybe somebody else, maybe jesse hires a dog walker. >> jesse: sometimes i do. they can be very expensive. >> greg: i have a man and a rubber suit who is dressed as a dog. he does everything i want to. >> dana: that is also banned in iran. ot for colds.
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♪ >> greg: we haven't done this in a week. ♪ robots are great ♪ ♪ robots are great ♪ this is another step towards super artificial intelligence, a robot playing agenda doesn't use the same kind of strategies humans do, he's more like a forklift. this is great if you are lonely, you can play with your robot. i've never played janke, i hear it's good to play when you are drunk. he looks like a tiny forklift. this is another step in the right direction for aia. that is why we need artificial intelligence.
2:57 pm
humans have the wrong button. >> katie: andy dalton the quarterback of the cincinnati bengals is going to join the daily briefing tomorrow so we are going to talk football. because he's part of a group of other nfl standouts like matt ryan, nick falls, aaron rodgers, they are working on "it's a penalty" campaign to harness the power of sports to fight abuse and trafficking on a global scale. it's a penalty is attempting to stop it, they have a short film that is being played by airlines in atlanta area hotels to help spread the message. in the lead up to the super bowl, federal law enforcement officials announced they have arrested 33 people in the atlanta area already for sex trafficking in a planned operation. you can find more at
2:58 pm
it' >> juan: baseball legends jackie robinson would have been 100 years old today. his baseball debut marks the first time the major leagues had a black player in 63 years, they were banned after the civil war in the late 1800s. he was a six time all-star, he led the brooklyn dodgers to their first world series victory in 1955 and major league baseball is going to be celebrating the centennial of his birth all year long. the entire 2019 season. they started with an exhibit at the new york city museum. he won the congressional medal of honor at the, of freedom and all major league players wore 42 in his honor. take a look at ed henry's book, happy birthday jackie. >> greg: i don't want to read ed henry's book.
2:59 pm
>> dana: did you see "the new york times" special today? >> juan: i did! 's patriot sometimes you the sheep and sometimes the sheep shares you. sheep bounding off two walls like a jackie chan tackling unfortunate farmer unlike those kids yesterday on the trampoline, we have no confirmation that the farmer was okay. >> katie: you have very strange "one more thing" choice choices. sticking with the sports the income of the first and only father-son foot golf where you play golf with your feet of a soccer ball, they were the national champions, they won their titles in florida and recently went to morocco to represent the united states against 35 other countries and 400 participants and they came
3:00 pm
in third place with the united states of america in the first ever world cup. >> dana: never miss an episode of "the five," "special report" is up next. very special. >> bret: this is a fox news alert, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. a record-breaking post at the border and a big concession from china on trade. two very big stories we are following tonight as a scan of a truckload of cucumbers coming from mexico produces the biggest fentanyl bust in u.s. history, nearly 254 pounds of the synthetic drug. an amount so big it could kill more than 100 million people. the bust coming as border security negotiations keep hitting the same sticking points in washington, we'll explain that. the trump administration could be getting closer to a trade deal with china as beijing makes a big purchase of u.s. supplies and what the


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