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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  February 16, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PST

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♪ >> we are going to confront the national security crisis on the southern border. i will be signing a national emergency. we are talking about an invasion of our country with drugs, human traffickers. >> congress should have stepped up. >> democrats colony manufactured crisis which means these are people in denial. >> new details about what happened when a man described as a disgruntled employee shot his way through a warehouse. 6 people dead, 5 wounded. >> we know this is what they do every day.
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>> trying to walk back those comments claiming 25th amendment talks were taken out of context. >> it was simply, rod raised the issue. >> amazon's decision expose the party's other reputation. >> 20,000 jobs you will no longer have. >> you are just anti-amazon? ♪ >> come on, enjoy. this saturday morning. jillian: a beautiful song. rob: i would not say that, it rocks. we have some strong beats. no idea what is coming in on the show ever.
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being on the couch with you -- >> griff brought me a gift. he brought me a map from the caravan. an authentic caravan map like the real thing, where they are headed. big arrows from griff. in a war zone. a prize sort of trophy. you are looking at where they are going to go, across from texas, they may have gone to the east. a battle map. and of course that map ended up being a national emergency declaration because the president was not getting the money requested for a wall. to give some context the wall is going to be where we have seen the heaviest. >> yesterday in the rose garden,
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the president came out and said i'm signing this bill. i don't like it, i will sign it but at the same time i am declaring a national emergency because of what is happening on the border, here was the president yesterday in the rose garden. >> we are talking an invasion of the country with drugs, human traffickers, all types of criminals and gangs. when you listen to politicians, particularly certain democrats they say it all comes through the port of entries. wrong. they say walls don't work, walls work 100%. nancy nozick, chuck nozick, they all know it and the only reason we are up here talking about this is the election. this is one of the ways they think they can possibly win, by obstruction. we will have a national emergency and we will then be sued and we will end up in the supreme court and hopefully get a fair shake and win in the
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supreme court. >> it was an honest moment going through, i am ready for it, we are going to get to the supreme court, a lot of people asking where the money will come from and we will let you know, $1.375 billion in dhs appropriations from the bill, dod counter drug support, 3.5 billion military construction budget, 600 million from the treasury department. >> i love that even though it is the smallest number, that is el chapo. the treasury department put out a press release saying at least some of that 600 is el chapo money. >> ted cruz was one of the first who said we should get this money from el chapo, he is probably sitting there saying well done.
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>> this is what conservatives refused to do for a long time, they've been good at groveling at the table and hoping to get a good deal. there are people concerned about national emergencies, if you believe this is an emergency, the president does, his moments with the angel moms with the most powerful part of the press conference when they talk about they understand what is going on and why the problem exists, he said this will happen and i will make sure it is constitutional in the process. >> i don't know he had a choice. he didn't like the original bill, he rejected that, you had the government shutdown, people say he will take the heat for this and you can't have a permanent shutdown. at this point he had been saying a national humanitarian crisis,
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drug trafficking, human trafficking, if you make that your ctr. point i don't know how you followed through, i have to shift this money around, it is a crisis i've been talking about for a long time at the democrats challenge it, this is the only way he could fulfill a campaign promise. mike: trump was sued over his national emergency declaration less than 6 hours -- the national emergency declaration, the governor taking pride for doing that announcing a lawsuit over blatantly illegal national emergency, judiciary seeks hearing on emergency claim. for our viewers the national emergency act was established in 1976. never before has it come under the heavy scrutiny we are seeing now. the national injunction from one judge and one circuit to stop the prerogative of the executive. i'm sure it will be the ninth
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circuit but this will be challenged and they will issue a stay and it will go to the supreme court and determine like they did with the traveled and whether it should happen. it seems a little out of order. we will have a guest today. does it make sense for one judge to have that prerogative? he wasn't elected. the president was elected, congress can check the president. one judge and one district court. pete: maxine waters, ninth circuit, is in california. california, she is rallying the troops to stand against this emergency declaration. >> it's time for everybody to stand up. all hands on deck, to refuse this president these fake emergency powers he would like to have. i'm urging everybody to get together, rally in every community across the country all
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this weekend, send a message to washington dc, no, mister president. we not going to allow you to do this. >> trump is lawless, they defend sanctuary cities, the same people the defendant president obama on daca. doctor david hansen remembers how obama's actions went through it nobody on the left cared. >> barack obama was not going to get a 2 thirds majority, just changed the nomenclature on the iran deal, and dreamers. it is a little dramatic to say the constitution is in danger. pete: it was not a formal
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national emergency. the treaty ratified by congress. it was done deceptively with a bunch of side deals and the cash we didn't know about. that is an honest question. you can't move the money. it wasn't appropriated. brian: you are going to be told all this weekend into next week that the president declared a national emergency when he should not have. the soundbite, he may have hurt himself but the point is if you talk to border patrol officials and i spent the last year of my life with they will tell you we are in an overwhelming number of legal crossings, four times the amount we see last year and it,
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because they are family units. that is why the soundbite is so good but at some point donald trump could win profiles of courage for take the heat he is in fighting for that. share make this isn't what president obama did with daca. that was in deciding he didn't want to enforce federal law and wanted to exempt a group of people. using a national emergency -- don't correlate the two things. it is very different. we will check headlines for you this morning and begin with a fox news alert. gunning down 5 coworkers and injuring 5 police officers during the shooting rampage. the 15 year employee opening fire, police rushed inside the action plan. gary martin killed during the shootout, all officers in stable condition. we have a live report from
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aurora coming up in 30 minutes. two men released from police custody after being questioned on the alleged attack on jesse smallest. new evidence for not charging them. the brothers from nigeria getting into company wednesday after returning from nigeria. one worked on empire. this comes hours after authorities denied local reports that the racist and homophobic attack was a hoax. mike pence wrapping up his european trip with a siege from the security conference moments ago and doubling down on the administration's commitment to nato while calling on european allies to pull out of the iran nuclear deal. >> this murderous revolutionary regime, the time has come to stand with us and with the iranian people. arthel: 0 he will meet with angela merkel before returning
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to washington tonight. a mailman is retiring with a perfect after 69 years on the job. in 1949, 21 years old, utah coworker said the package, always making his delivery in bad weather or car trouble. he was honored for his dedicated service with the us flag and postal artwork. pete: not even close. no comment on that. brand-new comments from deputy director of andrew mccabe, >> the attorney general is very concerned about the president, his capacity, and about his intent at that point in time.
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>> discussion of the 20th amendment, rod raised the issue and discussed it with me in the context of thinking about how many cabinet officials might support the effort. pete: new comments from andrew mccabe saying it was rod rosenstein who discussed ousting donald trump from office.
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here is former assistant us attorney andrew mccarthy. good morning. what do you make of this? amazing interview. >> what it does is highlight what we heard months ago. mccabe is trying to sell his book. 60 minutes is hyped by cbs but you have a situation where you have two sub cabinet officials having a serious conversation about a potential mechanism for removing the president from power. it isn't a lawful mechanism and these two characters don't have the authority, they are not cabinet officials, by the 25th amendment's own terms they could not have invoked it themselves. griff: when they talk about removing the president of the united states, that is a pretty
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serious event. >> do you believe congress should pool rod rosenstein on the hill to learn more? >> i thought he should testify for a long time not just about this but a lot of things. i really think it is not that hard as i have been saying for over a year now to understand what happened. rosenstein wrote a memorandum that was used as the explanation put out by the administration for removing fbi director comey. he expected to be brought in for it because if you read the memo, all this stuff about how the only bipartisan consensus in washington was comey overstepped his bounds in the hillary investigation and needs to be removed. he thought this was a bipartisan moment to be praised for and what happened was he ended up being roundly criticized by
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democrats. when the president removed comey they saw an opportunity to portray that is obstruction of justice. suddenly rosenstein who has never been criticized by anyone before is taking the arrow and he needed to prove himself to those people he has been pleasing all these years so he wanted to show him he was on the p. let's talk about removing the president, the 25th amendment, maybe somebody firing up to collect evidence on which you will need to because you are talking about the 25th amendment. then finally, what did he do at the end of that period? he appoints robert mueller as the special counsel even though they don't have a criminal predicate. griff: is this evidence that these disgraced fbi officials are succeeding in trying to push donald trump out? >> i don't think there was ever
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a prayer they were going to be able to pull this off. what is is an indication that for a very long time, they were trying to make a case on trump and there was political motivation behind it. griff: thank you for joining us, have a good saturday. beto o'rourke is willing to tear down the existing border wall. the democratic hopeful is back. >> see which party needs and if it makes sense. >> senator gillibrand throwing her head in the ring. we will ask tom home and what he thinks. and live from daytona international speedway with a preview of the daytona 500 coming straight ahead. ♪ it's time for the ultimate sleep number event on the
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and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. >> some quick court headlines, the supreme court agrees to hear an appeal on a citizenship question on the 2020 census. justices will your arguments, the question is crucial to determining the population but it may discourage immigrants from participating. this from terrorists who claim donald trump politicize the case, could still face the death penalty. polo is charged with killing eight people in manhattan bypass in 2017. the president tweeted should get death penalty. a judge said there is no proof it persuaded the department of justice. donald trump taking on the border crisis by declaring a
3:25 am
national emergency. >> we are going to confront the national security crisis on our southern border and we are going to do it one way or the other whether it is $8 million or $2 million a 11/$2 million, we are getting it done because we have an invasion of drugs, invasion of gangs and it is unacceptable. shabbaty here is tom home and. this is a very controversial decision, trump taking heat from the left and some on the right. what do you make of the decision to declare national emergency? >> something a lot of people don't understand. there is terrible language in here and 7 to 10 days, to try to change the language that i will think would entice more illegal immigration. on the hill into the white house, democrats, the cr has to start in the house, they had the
3:26 am
president in a corner, either sign this terrible bill or shut the government down. he chose the smartest way, i will sign it, take executive action, declare an emergency and try to fix it, this president is on his own, do the right thing for the american people. >> they wanted him to sign bad ideas. >> funding ice for less, unless they move money around, illegal immigration is going up. that doesn't make sense. what really angers me, parents and sponsors cannot be held accountable. criminal organization, put her child in the hands of common organizations and they could remain in the shadows. up to this point they worry
3:27 am
about hhs and being held accountable. what this does is every sponsor in the country, they are afraid of ice action, now i can bring my child so this gave me amnesty. it gives me protection from enforcement of any kind, no prosecution. two things. that will increase the ways to turn this country so the hypocrisy of the democrats, don't want to hear another word about family separations when families are separated. they just wrote legislation to put children in the hands of common organizations. that is ridiculous and worse than anything this administration has done. jedediah: i got to ask about the race to the left. beto o'rourke and kirsten gillibrand saying they would tear down the border wall. i want to hear reaction. >> if you could, would you take
3:28 am
the wall down here? >> absolutely. >> the proposal from beto o'rourke to -- he was talking about el paso. good idea, bad idea? >> i would see which party means and if it makes sense i would support it. >> they have to run in a general election. it is insanity. >> they've gone so far left, the best thing that happened this administration, most american people understand. every place they build a wall, every single place they build a wall, has decreased. as a native new yorker she is an embarrassment in new york, she will change her mind tomorrow. he used to be pro-immigration enforcement. running for senator, out the window. when she ran in midterms, elected to the senate seat. that lasted 60 days.
3:29 am
she could change her mind tomorrow, she's an embarrassment to the state of new york. griff: should parents be able to decide to vaccinate their kids? one state says no. we will tell you where? jedediah: colin quarterback's settlement. griff: in daytona beach, gearing up for the daytona 500. >> reporter: a better place and warmer place. the best time of the year, racing season begins right now with the biggest race of the year, the best seats in the house. that will change throughout the day. the first one up, coming up soon. "fox and friends" will be right back.
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>> they save lives, took on gunfire, pressed on until they located the shooter. griff: an employee about the fight guns down 5 coworkers. jedediah: police officers rush toward a hail of gunfire to protect those trapped inside.
3:34 am
griff: jeff paul in aurora, illinois, where 5 officers are recovering from gunshot wounds. >> reporter: investigators are on location as they piece together what is described as a large crime scene. we are learning more about the man police say is responsible for the killing. investigators say gary martin was a worker at henry pratt manufacturing and was about to be fired. his mother told local newspaper he was, quote, too stressed out. using a handgun, he walked into the building and began firing. investigators say the suspect killed five coworkers, and injured another, 5 police officers were shot, some of the first to arrive on scene and ran inside hoping to save lives. >> there is a lot of somberness knowing lives were lost. they felt they saved a lot of lives today but they are
3:35 am
concentrating on the four, the five victims they couldn't. right now on the one hand a sign of relief that officers are going to be okay. >> reporter: police eventually found the suspected gunman, shot and killed him. investigators searched the suspect's home in aurora but didn't find anything suspicious. it is a sad day for the community, and never forget the innocent lives that were sensibly guns down. investigators haven't released any names of these five workers killed. griff: thank you. jedediah: we are turning to some headlines, two police officers on their way to a call slam into a vehicle that an intersection. the horrific crash caught on camera.
3:36 am
>> are you okay? jedediah: the squad car striking a lexus and jumping the curb in wisconsin. the two offices at suv driver suffered minor injuries. officer nicholas guest who was driving the police car had resigned after the incident. washington lawmakers pushing members to limit exceptions for vaccines. a measles outbreak rose in the state. the new bill would ban parents from using personal or religious reasons to stop their kids from getting vaccinated. the statehouse is expected to vote on it for the few weeks coming. there 54 cases measles in washington. former san francisco 49ers player colin kaepernick and eric read settle their suits with the nfl accusing roger good dell and team owners of keeping them off the field for kneeling during the national anthem. colin kaepernick has not played since the 2017 season. the details of the settlement are to come.
3:37 am
what does vladimir putin do? he trains with judo fighters? a black belt warming up with the russian team. throwing some fighters to the matter. he injured his finger during one toss. a female fighter also threw him to the mat. russian media didn't show this. lace up skates to play with the president. he is pretty fierce. griff: don't hurt your dictator. that is a bad idea. if i don't do it right i might die. good propaganda. presidents' day weekend. for nascar fans that is one thing. racing season returns, the daytona 500. live from daytona with a preview of the 61st edition of the great race.
3:38 am
who is going to win? >> reporter: that is what you're going to talk to me about? a lot of people to interview before i make that prediction. before the end of the day tomorrow we will answer. the best part about this weekend is i ditch the coat and come to florida which is great this time of year. a preview of spring, the buds are on the trees already, very early spring starting but that just means this is the first race of the year, 61st running of the daytona 500. a lot of big stories, one of which, a guy in his second year taught himself how to raise that he is in pole position meaning he will be racing first, an incredible feat for a young guy like that. we will be talking over the weekend, talking with eric
3:39 am
amarilla, one of the potential favorites to win as well as the all-time favorite or someone who will always be a favorite, kyle busch and we will be taking a few laps with austin dillon which is incredibly exciting. this is considered the super bowl of racing, different from most sports, the first event of the year, that is what is going on here. one thing that could impact the race is the weather. this year it is looking pretty great for this race. everybody excited, no big precipitation, the race can take off. talking about the weather across the country, very cold across the northern plains, you see warmth across the southeast, well above average temperatures across parts of florida and there will be the case through the day today, upper 80s by monday. not the case farther north. across parts of the southeast
3:40 am
get ready for a drench or this week, the southern appalachians looking at flooding in some spots. thursday and friday, 7 to 8 inches of rain and that will be problematic. across the west we deal with all that drenching rain, the flooding we are seeing, incredible amounts of mountain snow. griff: i'm hearing a couple football players, are they part of the show? >> reporter: we are working on it. jedediah: working on it? >> reporter: they have not confirmed to us yet but we are working on it. griff: love it. >> reporter: they won't let me drive. i wish they would. have you ever done a lap or two around the track. it is incredibly fun. when you get on the banks, i don't know that i could drive it. you watch it on tv and looks
3:41 am
like you are in it. jedediah: we will be watching. griff: the raceway is next to the airport so as you come in, wow. jedediah: i am jealous. peter: could you pass the citizenship test? a lot of americans cannot. alexandria a cardio cortez, what impact could their departure have on the economy? susan lee is right here to tell us. departure have on the econom? susan lee is right here to tell us. [nondescript dialogue] what would it look like if we listened more? could the right voice - the right set of words - bring us all just a little closer, get us to open up,
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even push us further? .. download audible and listen for a change.
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griff: hollywood headlines, the oscars will air live and without edits this year. the academy reversing its decision to avert categories during the commercial break after facing backlash from members. the 91st academy awards airs sunday, february 24th, ensuring again low ratings. jennifer aniston having bear time issues, the costars making an emergency landing after the private jet got tired -- blue a tire during takeoff. they were unheard and quickly switched planes like you and i would. soon they were taking up again reportedly headed to mexico. aniston's 50th birthday. i am old. jedediah: amazon dropping plans to build one of their headquarters in new york city, and taking 25,000 jobs with it.
3:46 am
some on the left taking a victory lap including alexandria cardio cortez was criticized. she is standing by her anti-amazon stands. >> every day people in the community stood up. where are these jobs? what are they? what is the break down? all of the sudden -- jedediah: here with reaction, susan lee. what is the implication? this is a big decision, diblasio and cuomo, a lot of people saying this hurts new york in a big way. >> it could have been a generational, transformative event with 25,000, good paying jobs coming to new york city, $150,000 each. that could have brought in $27 billion in revenue, over 25 years.
3:47 am
these tax incentives, $3 billion, you get $27 billion back. the industry has been beat, the foundations of the finances and tax revenue in the city, that industry is shrinking. technology is growing, they missed out big time. jedediah: she seems to imply we are going to give $3 billion to amazon, just invest in some ways in school. it wasn't just sitting there. it is a tax break off of amazon, they need an economic slide. >> i was wondering what the basic tenets of their mathematical thinking because it is not in the bank, you don't have $3 billion to spend right now. amazon is not coming here. it is worth 21/$2 billion budget shortfall at this point. we have a statement from amazon i want to read and get your
3:48 am
reaction, amazon saying we always thought local business would benefit from this project. we've seen in seattle, 2000 new businesses have opened since we moved into thousand 10. our investments in the city, $4 billion so far, created an additional 53,000 jobs on top of 40,000 direct hires. what is your reaction? >> that is part of the proposal. i went through it carefully, 20,000 high-paying jobs would have been part of that 21/$2 billion headquarters and 107,000 indirect jobs as well. there is a multiplier effect in the economy. you need to build, rents go up and lots of property gets built. the economy goes around it. jedediah: companies trying to come to new york -- two men
3:49 am
questions in the jesse small it case released, new details on the alleged attack on the empire star. fishing season just around the corner. we are unveiling their hottest deals of the greatest fishing show on sale coming up next. ♪ can't even bait a hook ♪ ♪ as they kiss you
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>> there is no shadow of me. a beautiful spring it shall be. griff: punxsutawney phil predicted warm weather around the corner and that means fishing season is nearly here. duke snider from bass pro shops has the hot deals in their
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spring fishing classic which starts today. >> we are open for business, tons of kids activities. we have a women's fishing seminar, all kinds of awesome deals. a rotted real trade-in. if you have a rotted real you can forget in, 200 bucks on a new deal. if you know about fishing they come this afternoon to get us in there. griff: flyfishing has to be one of the coolest things in life. it is difficult to teach us. >> you can come in under 40 bucks. right here the trick is you come back and let it load up. griff: i am trying to hit our camera man. >> it is a lot more rewarding
3:54 am
when you get one. griff: my brother and i learned standing on the riverbank, before we went in the water because of the motion it is, when you're in the environment competing with the fish, there is no odds in your favor in learning to come back, the practice i can't do to really help them. griff: jedediah: you are intimidated, what do those seminars look like? >> these guys eat, live and breathe, that is what they are doing. and somebody has been there. jedediah: i am killing it, look at that.
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>> when you go to pro shops you get an experience. >> like a vacation and shopping and the opportunity there but what johnny morris to all of these, the way he does this is an experience, waterfalls, fish habitats, the one in springfield, make a trip, the most fantastic thing. griff: i caught the dog, you ever seen that? >> check out the seminars, connectivity. griff: live in dc with a look,
3:56 am
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>> we are going to confront the national security crisis on our southern border. i'm going to be signing a national emergency. we are talking about an invasion of our country with drugs, human traffickers. >> political crisis, manufactured. >> democrats call it a manufactured crisis which means these are people in denial. jedediah: new details about what happens when a disgruntled employee shot his way through a warehouse, 6 people are dead. police officers wounded.
4:00 am
>> lives were lost. we know this is what they do every day. >> walked back the comments to a degree. 25th amendment talks were taken out of context. >> the discussion of the 25th amendment, rod raise the issue. >> amazon's decision to bail on an opening in queens new york. >> 20,000 jobs you guys will no longer have the opportunity -- >> you are anti-amazon. 25,000 jobs. ♪ griff: there's trout in the rivers of colorado and bonefish in the florida keys shivering in their boots. you are killing it out there. jedediah: i've never been fishing but you got to dive in.
4:01 am
a lot of fun. don't know what is going on. jedediah: i love this. a great song. griff: a nice -- jedediah: i love them all. catch and release. i've seen them. griff: are you awake? welcome to "fox and friends" weekend. david: do not get dressed, don't listen to brian kilmeade, stay under the covers. jedediah: get some pancakes and watch us. all right, we have to cover serious news. to our top story. an invasion of our country, those words from donald trump as he declares a national emergency at the border. >> we are going to confront the
4:02 am
national security crisis on our southern border and we are going to do it one way or the other we have to do it. jedediah: jillian turner in washington with how democrats are focusing. >> reporter: just a few words in the rose garden, the national emergency, most hotly debated and contentious issue over the past few weeks is off to the races. >> i will be signing a national emergency that has been signed many times before. it has been signed by other presidents. >> reporter: there may not actually be an emergency. >> i didn't need to do this. i would rather do it much faster. i have already done a lot of walls. >> reporter: the fact he is using the emergency to circumvent congress on appropriation and pulling money
4:03 am
from the nation's military drew the eye of nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. both of them quick to accuse the president of fabricating a border crisis, stealing funds from the nation's military and making america less safe. they say this is a coward wrapped by disappointed president who go is outside the law to fail -- do what he failed to achieve in the legislative process. the president is not above the law. congress cannot let the president read the constitution. here is what donald trump will get the $8 billion he wants for the wall. he will get $1.4 billion from the department of homeland security, $2 billion from the pentagon counter drug support program, $3 billion from dod's military construction budget and $600 million from the treasury department. this will continue to get hashed out in coming weeks as he admits himself but in the interim he avoided another government shutdown.
4:04 am
jedediah: one thing he will get is a compromise report, the debate will be unconstitutionality. a big debate all about the border. and running against the party, talk not just about tearing them down. >> before the debate starts the lawsuits are coming fast and furious. the emergency declaration in 6 hours, la times, colorado to sue over national emergency declaration and blatantly illegal national emergency, and judiciary chairs, the hearing on emergency claim that the judiciary chair, gerald nadler, you will hear a lot from him
4:05 am
this year. jedediah: that is why trump came out right away. he laid that out. the way he did it was like this. was we are in for, the second he did this he would get lawsuits the folks on the left saying he loves this lawlessness, the same folks who support sanctuary cities and accused president obama of overreach with daca. he was prepared for this and backed into a corner. i don't like the spending bill he signed but don't know what else he was going to do, shut the government down again which did not work. the fact of the matter is at the end of the day it is a national emergency. jedediah: griff: regardless what the president did, the outrage of the mainstream media. >> donald trump set to declare a national emergency over the border wall bypassing congress
4:06 am
in an unprecedented move. >> donald trump was to take action that could cast our 230 year are the system of checks and balances in government. >> when crisis averted, another one started. >> reality provided by the us government statistics, apprehensions, 76%. >> federal law gives the president wide latitude to declare national emergency even for something that is not really a crisis. griff: you said that. all those people in the video are reading teleprompters. in case you don't do tv they are all reading teleprompters, someone wrote that and they are reading it. jedediah: in parentheses it says armageddon. griff: we keep hearing in that report and the ap wire, down from 2000. here's the reality. from this time last year, there's been 109,000 across the border. it is more than 220,000 as of last night.
4:07 am
what is different is it is overwhelmingly a crisis of family units, women and children who have not dealt with it and it changes the dynamic. if you are a border patrol agent, it takes more time, there aren't enough places or beds. you are not being totally honest about the debate. jedediah: where was the panic when it came to other presidents like jimmy carter declared two? ronald reagan six, george hw bush five, bill clinton 17, george w. bush 13, barack obama media's best friend, 12, donald trump four. this is all political. the issue of immigration, democrats dug their heels in this, they feel if they give trump this win, allow him to admit is a humanitarian crisis which is the same thing democrats were saying for years, nancy pelosi and barack obama, he military crisis but if they
4:08 am
give it now -- griff: they don't want to hear from the experts. griff jenkins is an expert. the insight you have is unlike anyone. griff: on this issue. pete: at the border patrol, ran the whole thing, democrats play identity politics, listen. >> this is part of the frustration for those of us from a law enforcement or security perspective. how many more statistics do we have to provide? how many more angel families have to stand in front of individuals before they finally say okay, this is real? just incredulous, driven on identity politics. the experts have spoken, both on ice, border patrol, cdp and told
4:09 am
congress what they need to protect our borders, for the security and safety of this country and they have not just ignored it, they have absolutely discounted everything they have said. pete: those angel moms stood up to tell me it is not a crisis, the left uses emotions so powerfully and so often. jedediah: the obamacare signing. pete: those pictures and those mothers, important and powerful. pete: it is forcing democrats to come out and say what they believe which often is completely absurd because beto o'rourke saying tear down the wall. >> if you could, would you take the wall down here? >> absolutely. jedediah: following up, kirsten gillibrand saying she would support the tearing down of the border wall. >> what about a proposal from
4:10 am
beto o'rourke, he was talking el paso but the idea of dismantling some of the wall. >> i could look at it and see which party means and why and if it makes sense i could supported. pete: i would challenge senator gillibrand or beto o'rourke, the heaviest trafficked sector where 5 miles of fencing will be billed, spend 3 days on the border alongside border patrol. kirsten gillibrand, just three days and maybe one day where they are fighting over the number of beds so that they see from start to finish the entire operation and then make the decision to take down existing wall. the fact is in the rio grande valley you have 55 existing miles of border, 360 miles of river in mexico. in that area on the west side, almost 91% of illegal crossings
4:11 am
where there is no wall, less than 5%. griff: you are talking about facts and real things, kirsten gillibrand has been on both sides of every issue for ten years. then double down is go further. this is inevitably where the debate has to go. trump is for the wall, they are not just against the wall, they have to be for tearing down the wall. imagine the debate in the presidential cycle, i am pro wall, i went to tarrytown. jedediah: how hard left everyone in the democratic primary has gone. they shift back to the center for the general election. sitting back, not saying anything. pete: we want to hear from you all morning long. griff: we want to give you some headlines. jedediah: two men released from police custody after being questioned in the alleged attack
4:12 am
on empire actor jesse smollett, police citing new elements for not charging them. the brothers from nigeria were taken into custody wednesday, police saying one worked on empire. this is hours after authorities denied reports the racist and homophobic attack was a hoax. a suspected cop shooter killed in a fire during a standoff with police. christopher wallace shot the alabama officer several times after getting pulled over, matching the description in an armed robbery. wallace fled to a nearby apartment. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the injured officer is expected to survive. robert mueller recommending paul manafort serve 19 years in prison. mueller's team wants the trump campaign manager to pay $52 million in fines. a jury convincing him of bank and tax fraud and earlier this week a federal judge voided his
4:13 am
plea deal, warning intentionally lied to mueller and made false statements to the fbi and the grand jury. 's lawyers say he did not lie. this might need mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. that is one of several comments on this viral photo of a dead rat lying on the sidewalk with an empty bottle of booze. the person who tweeted the image captions it with another day in new york city. i feel bad for the rat. pete: did the rat drink the hennessey? jedediah: if you see it, you feel bad for the rat. i saw it. pete: i tell you what. we have your teeth. can you pass a basic us citizenship tests? we break down a new survey that shows a lot of americans can't.
4:14 am
griff: the activist mommy taking videos of cultural issues. he has a new book with advice to help you stand up for family and faith. i know there is a guara. it's for my family, its for my self, its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at retire your risk dot org. it's a revolution in sleep. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now, from $899, during the ultimate sleep number event. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to hit the ground running. only at a sleep number store. during our presidents day weekend special, save 50% on the sleep number 360
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4:17 am
>> the 25th amendment, rod raised the issue and discussed it with me in the context of thinking about how many cabinet officials might support such an effort. >> the deputy attorney general was definitely very concerned about the president, about his capacity and about his intent at that point in time.
4:18 am
>> he did this interview with scott elliott and there is this strong thing coming out one of which, the headline, this new clip released last night that there was a discussion, and effort among cabinet members to invoke the 25th amendment to remove donald trump. the department of justice saying it didn't happen. think of the delusion in that moment, the doj and fbi, all career types not of which appointed by donald trump, go to the cabinet, support -- supporters of his agenda and it was never going to happen. how much they would never support his agenda and the best move this president made his firing james comey. none of this comes out, the whole beast rears its head. those eight days in may, the
4:19 am
25th amendment, wearing wires. jedediah: mccabe has no shame. even if what he is saying is true, talking about the 25th amendment, based on what? what are your grounds for obstruction of justice investigation to begin with. what is -- everyone on the right and left falling for james comey to get fired over the way he handled hillary clinton investigation. i would like to know what his justification was. what was your -- >> he used his justification to fire comey and wants to investigate him. this is the story, you have to make an effort to get to the facts. mccabe's spokeswoman put out in
4:20 am
a tweet at no time in any extended discussions about the use of the 25th amendment were aware of any discussions, mister mccabe confirmed the discussion reported elsewhere about that wire that it was in just. jedediah: love the walk back. pete: nobody believes melissa orandi. i don't know how he still has a job. jedediah: from the late-term abortion bill to fight over free speech, you may not know how to deal with central issues in the country but our next guest wrote the book how to stand up for your family, faith and freedom. pete: a school resource officer stealing the show at a school dance from his fancy footwork going viral. metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too.
4:21 am
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4:24 am
pete: quick viral headlines, this vintage super mario brothers videogame cells for more than $100,000 at auction. it is one of the earliest known copies of the game, believed to be a record for single game. it is a great game. ice fishermen making the catch of a lifetime, 78 inch sturgeon, the biggest ever caught in minnesota by ice fishing, pulling it out of the hole. it took an hour to bring in the beast. 120 pounds. jedediah liked this. it released the sturgeon back into the river.
4:25 am
a school resource officer puts on a show at an elementary school dance. joining the students while bugging. the woman who took the video happened to be there in the shot, she was filming her son right there. jedediah: she's known as the activist mommy with 7 million views on social media. >> admit you are liberal media platform and going to discriminate against conservatives and christians on behalf of normal women everywhere. i want to say that was not our march. welcome to 2019 where we don't just have legal abortion, we brag about it. we are in a rapid tailspin of moral decline. pete: not on my watch, how to win the fight to help you stand
4:26 am
up for your views. author and blogger elizabeth johnson joins us now. thanks for coming in. >> nice to meet you. pete: talk about what you do. people are not familiar with the activist mommy. what do you do? >> i'm a very ordinary homeschooling mom with ten children. a couple years ago i filmed my first video when obama issued his transgender bathroom directive. i was concerned about the nation my children and future grandchildren would be growing up in, 70 million video views later there was a hunger in our culture for a bold answer to the moral and social issues of the day. pete: tackling issues every mother is. my wife and daughter. trying to have difficult subjects and dive into them. the late-term abortion, states pushing that.
4:27 am
>> absolutely. cuomo and the radical feminist just signed, not only signed but celebrated like they had won the super bowl game the murder of children until 40 weeks and possibly after. the nation has been reeling ever since. my in boxes land with people saying i'm done with being on the sidelines, help me get on the front lines of this issue. that is why we have organized for this next saturday a week from today the day of mourning. we are asking the nation to wear black, not shop, close down your businesses, repent and mourn with us in solidarity with children, we have a huge rally planned in albany. the brothers you had this week will be speaking, black conservative baby, 8-year-old abortion survivor sharing.
4:28 am
i need all the viewers for a day of and see how they can get connected. jedediah: you are also passionate about gender and how it is talked about in schools, california law, gender, education, i found it striking. pete: recommending k-people, who are you, which lists 15 genders. help me. >> this is why i organized the global sit out last year where we sat out on april 23rd in california, they are sitting out in protest of this gender bending and often times what parents don't know, pornographic sex education. we out of our mi
4:29 am
country? this is happening because we allow the left to bully us. pete: the pta, you have to stand up. we reached out to that district. jedediah: you are culture warrior and many people feel that. what you think it is? why does the right lose the culture war battle? >> they fear the left. they fear being bullied to. if we just learn to not fear them and even laugh at them they lose their power and that is why people of donald trump. he knows how to push back against the bullying and all of that taking place by the left. my attitude is even though i get death threats and my children's
4:30 am
get death threats my attitude is the left didn't give me the platforms. god gave me this platform and it will be over when god decides or they decide or i will keep pushing. pete: elizabeth johnson, the activist mommy, the book is not on my watch. thanks for being here. donald trump slamming republicans who didn't help him get border wall funding done. >> it would have been a lot easier but some people didn't step up. we are stepping up now. pete: jason chaffetz says congress. it on the wall fight. twitter might not have an edit button but you may soon be able to clarify old tweets. ♪
4:31 am
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4:34 am
>> people who should have stepped up did not step up and they should have. it would have been a lot easier. some people didn't step up. we are stepping up now. we have a chance of getting close to $8 million. whether it is 8 million or $2 billion or 11/$2 million it will build a lot of wall. we are getting it done.
4:35 am
we are right now in construction with wall in the most important areas. and we have renovated a tremendous amount of wall. pete: we are going to bring in jason chaffetz, former utah congressman of the house and government oversight committee and chair of the committee and author of the deep state. the president was pretty candid, not just critical of the current congress but republicans who held control for two years and never got this done as well. >> congress was pathetic and inept, shame on them. they prioritize not shutting down the government over fighting and shutting down illegal immigration. shame on the democrats for not protecting this nation but republicans are complicit. they should have gotten them to build the money for two years when they control the house and senate. i got to tell you they absolutely blue this. there was a better, smarter way to do this.
4:36 am
one of the things you can do is take one of the previous continuing resolutions, do it on a page and a half and by doing that, would have saved tens of billions of dollars and it would not have put the handcuffs on the president that the current bill the president signed. ♪ what about the fact that in continuing resolutions there was no money for a wall? nancy pelosi said she would not give one dollar and now as we heard, it comes with strings, do the republicans, mitch mcconnell, not get some credit for moving off of 0? >> reporter: it got off of 0 became with all these handcuffs. i wrote an op-ed that said the president can move billions and billions of dollars by not having handcuffs and that would have been a better, smarter,
4:37 am
easier way, the president can only sign what shows up on his desk so i understand and support what the president does is doing, he's doing everything, he feels like he is out there all alone. pete: paul ryan asked -- the establishment is so stuck in their ways, they are unwilling to go with this president. >> we spend $1 trillion every three months, they couldn't come up with a few billion dollars. jedediah: i got to get to andy mccabe. you are the book called deep state. now on 60 minutes, saying there was a deep state, there was a plot to oust this president. mccabe is blaming rod rosenstein for his comments about the 25th amendment and how it was going to be invoked to out the president.
4:38 am
i want your reaction. >> discussion of the 25th amendment was rod raised the issue and discussed it with me in the context of thinking about how many cabinet officials might support such an effort. the deputy attorney general was definitely very concerned about the president, about his capacity and about his intent at that point in time. jillian: the justice department saying that is not true and i am wondering what would be your justification for invoking the 25th amendment against the president. >> there was no justification. these were the precursors of essentially a coup. congress got its side deep into this. andrew mccabe did the one thing most people can't do and get fired for lying in the inspector general cited four times under
4:39 am
oath where he lied. i want to know why the department of justice is prosecuting manafort and others, papadopoulos, for lying. why not prosecute and put andrew mccabe in jail? he lied. it is documented. the referral is given at the department of justice and this guy should be prosecuted. i don't know what to believe because he never tell the truth. pete: do you believe rosenstein should be subpoenaed to talk about not just this last 60 minutes interview? >> they should have had rod rosenstein before congressman to go. the lack of leadership particularly in the house did not allow trey gowdy and radcliffe and jordan and meadows to go after this guy. they issue a subpoena, they pat him on the back. engaged in -- don't know how he should have been fired, should
4:40 am
be prosecuted, he has conflict of interest. i don't understand. i hope the new attorney general will take care of this. pete: never too personal at the department of justice. jedediah: thanks for being here. we are going to turn to some headlines. the compensation fund for victims of 9/11 is running out of money. future payments have to be cut by 50%, to 70%, new claims according to officials, nearly 40,000 people with potential illnesses related to the terror attacks have applied. 19,000 of those claims are pending. more than $2 billion are left in the federal fund. twitter could help you out with old embarrassing tweets. jack dorsey is considering a tool that would allow users to clarify posts. those tweets would only be shared with the updated content. the idea comes amid controversy
4:41 am
including kevin hart losing over old tweets. could you pass the us citizenship test? a new study says most americans would fail. the woodrow wilson foundation surveyed people, vermont is the only state where the majority got 60% of the questions right. louisiana has 27%. foundation says the study proves we need to change the way history is taught in schools, actually teach it may be. pete: first it was history and then civics and then social studies and now it is not even there. now is brainwashing. pour the louisiana. this is a story we have been following for weeks, decorated navy seal gallagher accused of killing isis prisoner of war. his trial, what happens next? his brother here to tell us. jedediah: karl rove joins us too.
4:42 am
pete: rick from daytona international speedway, nascar driver as a special guest. >> reporter: i was really excited. i am hungry. >> you can't rush. todd::40 in the morning. more coming up. ♪ sy day. ♪ the beat goes on george has entresto, a heart failure medicine that helps his heart... so he can keep on doing what he loves. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. it helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby.
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4:45 am
jedediah: the war crimes trial of decorated navy seal leader has been delay. edward gallagher is accused of killing isis dirt bag, prisoner of war in iraq during 2017 deployment, his defense team was granted more time to go over 1000 pages of new evidence and while they do this the married
4:46 am
father of three remains jailed in a navy brig in california. gallagher is the brother of any gallagher. he joins us with the latest. talk about how your brother is doing, a long process for a hero to go through and talk about the latest in this case. >> it is another in a long line for decorated war hero. he spent 5 months before he spent a day in court in jail. we didn't want to, he did not want to push the file back another 3 months but prosecutors are literally leaking slanderous things to media and withholding direct evidence to be as best prepared as they can before trial. just a couple days ago, the defense or prosecution gave us 1000 pages of documents so we wouldn't be prepared.
4:47 am
and, >> before day in court. here's what the navy has to say. the legal process is ongoing, the integrity of the proceedings, imperative the navy declined to comment at this time. you know who is commenting? there is an iraqi general that came out and said i saw this isis guy that was supposed to be killed before, during and after, any gallagher and the seal did nothing. >> i can't emphasize how important this is and you know this as well. this is an iraqi general who reports to the minister of interior of iraq. the alleged incident with eddie, he was there before, during and after treatment and not only innocent of all charges, he
4:48 am
rebukes every claim made. he goes on to say i cannot believe you guys in america are treating a decorated warrior this way. he worked with eddie during deployment and said he was the best chief he ever worked with, a relentless worker and consummate professional. here we are, and iraqi general, a neutral party, someone with no allegiance, saying i don't understand why you are treating a guy like this this way and he is completely innocent. i was right there. you mentioned before too the navy puts out these statements, we want to respect the integrity of the process. three times, we've seen them break the law and damning information against eddie. they selectively leaked points in a jury pool to get everybody to think he has done something he hasn't so this is the first time, there are many other witnesses and finally the truth is starting to leak out. this never happened.
4:49 am
pete: he's an isis fighter. 10 seconds. why are they doing this? >> i think it is a bad eat those, they have the wrong idea about what our war fighters are trained and tasked to do. you had the segment with duncan hunter. there is no compassion in combat here. we send you guys to do a job, eddie does the job and we second-guess them for it. pete: killing the right people in the wrong way is the quote. whether it is any gallagher or matt goldstein, these guys make tough calls. most people have never been part of in their life and folks in suits in washington dc for a paper at them and accuse them of it and that is why we bring this forward. you are a powerful spokesman for your brother, thinking of him as he is in jail, appreciate your time. >> appreciate it.
4:50 am
pete: is joe biden getting ready to jump into the race for the white house? he is 90% sure. the former obama advisor heard that joins us coming up, firsthand account. plus rick is live from the daytona 500 and cooking breakfast with a special guest. a rockstar nascar driver. that looks like bacon. a tailgate. ♪ originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
4:51 am
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4:53 am
pete: one day from the great american race, the daytona 500. we are getting ready for the big day. >> reporter: live in daytona beach, eric omorolla.
4:54 am
what are you making? we are funny over here. >> reporter: i'm not making, eric is making good. what are you making? >> ham and steak on the grill, bacon and it is actually done. we timed it perfectly, the cheese won't be ready and you were giving me a hard time about it but i will call that ready to eat bacon. >> reporter: can't smith get you a bigger grill here? >> it has to be mobile, fit on the motorhome and travel across the country. >> reporter: i want to know how you guys live when you are out here. you live inside this 40 weeks a year. >> thursday through sunday after the race and a real house for a few days a week.
4:55 am
four days a week. >> reporter: you have breakfast every day? >> not every day. >> reporter: let's talk about the race. last year you had a really good year. you almost won at daytona. looks like you were going to win and you didn't. >> we met up. >> reporter: how did that feel? >> heartbreaking. leading on the last lap, getting ready to win on the biggest race of the year, coming so close, wrecking on the back trailer with a mild ago with a brand-new team. i have been representing them for 7 years, going on eight. i wanted so badly to win the daytona 500 and it didn't work out. we are back in 2019 and we are going to get redemption. >> reporter: do you have all the pieces put together to get a win? >> i really do.
4:56 am
last year was an incredible year finishing fifth in the point standings. so close to making it to the championship round and a great breakout year for me. with a new race team, this year i feel we were ready. we won a race last year and probably had 5 or 6 and should have won and didn't capitalize on it. our goal is to have six or twee 7 and capitalize on 60% of them. it will be a great year and we will make the championship. >> reporter: how many years is it? >> eight years in cup. pete: i introduced you. >> i've been in nascar since 2004 and we did our first interview together. pete: did you drive around in something like that? >> know. when you first come into this sport, you basically pay a lot to get going.
4:57 am
there is no rving in your first year. >> reporter: we will try to wake some people up in just a minute. >> i got to stick with a 5-year-old, they are still sleeping. >> reporter: eric, good luck tomorrow. back to you. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company,
4:58 am
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and gives you a real offer in seconds. when you're ready, we'll come to you, pay you on the spot, and pick up your car. that's it. so ditch the old way of selling your car and say hello to the new way... at carvana. ♪ ♪ >> the national security crisis on our southern border. i will be signing a national emergency. >> refused the president the fake emergency powers. >> once again this president is on his own to do the right thing to the american people. >> found 5 coworkers and injuries 5 police officers during shooting rampage. >> we are going through somber moment. we know this is what they do every day. >> andy mccabe saying that it was rod rosenstein trying to get
5:01 am
president trump out of office. >> 25,000 jobs that you guys will no longer have the opportunity. you are just antiamazon. >> well, they say 25,000 jobs, is it? ♪ ♪ >> is this 25,000? where did the jobs come from? if the government doesn't create them, who creates the job? >> stunning. >> i sense you're marketing -- >> she has a degree on economics and doesn't understand how tax breaks work.
5:02 am
>> really? >> i want to know where andy mccabe's glasses were. he didn't have glasses anymore. is that a pr thing, smarter, different. >> smarter usually with the glasses, though. >> the pressing issues but there are other ones we must talk about. good morning to you. we are having a great saturday morning, national emergency declared by president trump, here is, let us start you off with a little bit of rose garden announcement yesterday. >> we are talking about an invasion of our country with drugs, with human traffickers, with all types of criminals and gang and when you listen to politicians, in particular certain democrats, they say it all comes through the port of entries, wrong, walls don't work, walls work 100%. nancy knows it. chuck knows it, they all know
5:03 am
it. >> i know someone who will be fired up about this. we have got dan bongino, fox news contributor, offer of spy gate, the attempted sabotage of donald trump. i know that you're fired about this, what do you make of declaration of national emergency and flood gates have opened up not only from the left but some right on as well? >> listen, the bill was a bad bill. he was boxed in by relatively weak republicans and democrats up on the hill who have given up on america entirely. one thing that they are missing, i'm not sure that democrats understand how badly they got wrecked on this, wrecked, listen here. here is what he did. he's good at this trump, he's good to finding ways around these people. he did this thing with the
5:04 am
funding on the border where he did it sequentially, but the time he gets to national emergency funding, but the time he even gets there, he will already have spent money, 600 million, perfectly obtained legislatively and also money from the military construction budget, the mil con budget obtained legally. now the sequential part matter because by the time he gets to 3 billion plus there, the wall is already being built. again, i don't think democrats understand how badly they got owned on this on the funding side. >> yeah, they don't agree with you, dan. let me put out quotes from many democrats, presidential hopefuls on national emergency, elizabeth warren calling temper tantrum. julian castro, constitutional crisis. >> do i want to know this
5:05 am
because you're a lover of the constitution and you believe in fidelity is the president within powers? >> to declare a national emergency according to 1976 national emergency's act the answer is yes, of course, now, the question isn't on -- the declaration is perfectly legal according to law, i don't think the most radical left would dispute that. the question would be on the funding side, is moving around the funds going to be held up in court, pete, as i just said here, president trump outfoxed these guys again, they have to spend 3.75 billion allocated according to bill, the 600 million from the treasury funds perfectly legal and the other 2 billion from the -- from the other funds, from the military construction budget. there's no doubt about that. he outfoxed them again i'm sure of it.
5:06 am
>> dan, jim acosta coming out and saying, this is raw manufactured crisis and saying, this is a national crisis, talk to angel moms and get your reaction. >> what do you say to your critics that you are creating a national emergency, concocting national emergency in order to get your wall because you couldn't get it otherwise? >> ask these incredible who lost their daughters and their sons, okay. >> powerful stuff. >> shot jim acosta pretty quick didn't he? >> i'm not a journalist, i do opinion, i appreciate facts and data obviously but i don't -- he does journalism, he's supposed to tell a story, not be the story. i ran into boast acosta and angel moms and ran into both of them.
5:07 am
when you run into the angel moms like i did and they come up that say hello and have a picture of the loved they lost, you don't know what to say. i know how you feel, thank god i don't know how to feel. acosta, again, put himself in unwinnable situation by trying to show-boat and make himself the story. peter: powerful moment of the confrontation or conversation after the press conference between the angels moms and jim acosta, to be a fly in that wall. another issue we have to get your perspective on, andy mccabe, out with new book, doing interviews, he's revealing, we don't know if he's truthful or not that there were serious discussions of invoking amendment in the constitution to remove the president, listen to
5:08 am
this. >> discussion of the 25th amendment was simply rod raised the issue and discussed it with me in the context of thinking about how many other cabinet officials might support such an effort. the deputy attorney general was definitely very concerned about the president, about his capacity and about his intent at that point in time. >> dan, you have been on it from the beginning, no one ever thought they would get caught, now they are pointing fingers at each other, your latest on the revelation. >> do you understand what you just heard there, the deputy director admitting in national tale -- televised to take part in coup attempt, give me what -- even to the radical far left, please describe to me in any other terms other than a coup reasonably what you just saw?
5:09 am
the number two at the fbi explaining how to remove a president from office using constitutional means not meant at all for what it was meant for. one more thing, mccabe has unique liability, pete, because he's the one guy on the record that is already admitted that the warrant to spy on the team wouldn't have existed without the dossier was never verified. he's admitted this. unique liability here and that's why he's running for the hill. griff: the spokesperson at doj, mccabe walking saying at no time did did cushion happen. should rod rosenstein finally be made to answer the congress? >> griff, number one, i appreciate that, you can't unrob the bank, the bank has been robbed, mccabe said it. [laughter] >> you don't walk back, hey, mad
5:10 am
bad, i screwed up, here is the money back, should rod rosenstein testify in congress, absolutely? number 2, what the heck was in that expanded scope memo to bob mueller? were they investigating people and not collusion with no evidence? peter: the memo that justified the special counsel which has not been made public? >> no, the initial memo has, the expanded scope member that gave additional powers, we don't know what was in there and rosenstein and buddies are hiding it. peter: interesting. should he still have a job, dan. >> no, god no. is that a serious question? [laughter] peter: i don't ask a lot of serious questions. >> i'm messing with you, brother. rod rosenstein should be in a beach getting a tan and nowhere justice department. >> thank you, dan.
5:11 am
[laughter] >> when the ink explodes i want the money back, appreciate it. >> turn to go headlines for you and we begin with fox news alert, factory worker about to be fired gunned down 5 coworkers. the 15-year employee immediately opening fire on police that they rushed inside manufacturing plant just outside chicago. the gunman gary martin killed during shootout with police, all officers shot in stable condition. two men are released from police custody after being questioned on alleged attack, chicago police citing new evidence for not charging, the brothers from nigeria taken to custody wednesday. police say at least one and authorities are investigating alleged and calling it a hoax was unconfirmed. federal authority seizing 251 pounds off of cocaine in
5:12 am
coast of california, largest bust in 25 years, the drugs discovered under the floor boards of produce boats from ecuador and guatemala. part of federal joint operation. and former san francisco 49ers players colin kaepernick and eric reed settled collusion suit with the nfl, accused of keeping them off the field for kneeling, kaepernick hasn't played and the details of the settlement were confidential and those were headlines. peter: probably a lot of money. >> big time. peter: we will find out. liberal mayor, no other explanation needed, bill de blasio, ripped the socialists in the bronx, listen. >> as a progressive my entire life, i will take on any progressive anywhere that thinks t a good idea that it's good idea to lose job and revenue.
5:13 am
>> they are battling each other. is the left taking on the left a good idea? is joe booed ion getting ready to jump into the race in the white house, apparently he's 90% sure. adviser who heard that from biden himself joins us next. 300 miles an hour, that's where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. learn more at retire your risk dot org. with my bladder leakage, the products i've tried just didn't fit right. they were too loose. it's getting in the way of our camping trips. but with a range of sizes, depend® fit-flex is made for me. with a range of sizes for all body types, depend® fit-flex underwear is guaranteed to be your best fit. for all body types, when it comes to reducing the evsugar in your family's diet,m.
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uh, well, this will be the kitchen.
5:16 am
and we'd like to put a fire pit out there, and a dock with a boat, maybe. why haven't you started building? well, tyler's off to college... and mom's getting older... and eventually we would like to retire. yeah, it's a lot. but td ameritrade can help you build a plan for today and tomorrow. great. can you help us pour the foundation too? i think you want a house near the lake, not in it. come with a goal. leave with a plan. td ameritrade. ♪ griff: getting ready to jump into the race for run to the white house including our next guest spoke with joe biden and is 90% sure, fox news
5:17 am
contributor, he joins us now, robert. >> thanks for having me on. griff: you had a big conversation with joe biden, what happened? >> i spoke to him wednesday, we have known each other for 10 or 15 years, it's not surprising, i met with most of the candidates but he really told me, you know, he's going to be incredibly excited and enthusiastic to enter the race and i think it's about a 90% chance, it's never certain until he announces. i mean, i met with him a lot in 2015 when he was truly agonizing, i think his mind was telling him to go in and heart was telling him not to go in and he wasn't ready to commit. it feels to me that after a great midterm for him where he was the most populist surrogate in the country that he feels incredible to run. he can get both the coastal, you
5:18 am
know, excitement as well as industrial america. griff: he would he position himself because the democrat party are so far to the left? >> you know, griff, that's a great question and it's a debate that we have internally within our party all of the time. i don't necessarily agree that everyone has made incredible shift to the left, what i do believe everyone has to check a few different boxes, they have to be for immigration, they have to be for health care as a right, they have to be for smart gun reform and they have to be for climate change but i actually will tell you 80% of the country is there as well, so to say that's incredible shift to the left is a bit of bs. griff: it's not bs, hold on, you had this week beto o'rourke who is going run, you have kirsten gillibrand talking about taking down border wall after border patrol official in the country is saying we need more. >> yeah, but you also had president trump asking for
5:19 am
something like 800 miles of wall and will hurdt who is in the district who hayed it's ridiculous and he's the republican congressman in the district. listen, i think there's arguments every which way for a wall, barrier, fence, security, you know, smarter minds working on it than me, the populist rhetoric on the far left and far right is going to extreme because it gets their grassroots going. griff: do you believe that a democrat presidential candidate could get elected if they're not for essentially open borders at this point? >> yes, i think absolutely there's a big difference between being for immigration reform like, you know, dreamers and a pathway to citizenship than there is than saying open borders, i think democrats have been strong on border security in the past. the truth is that the wall, the wall has become a campaign hot
5:20 am
potato. what i would say as democrat, you can have progressive issues but you need to be a progrowth democrat to be president trump, you have to be strong on the economy and if you're not strong on the economy, president trump will win again because what we've learned from our decades of elections people don't end and pull ler -- lever because of economy and my view those progressive issues, those are national issues. griff: robert, we have to leave it there. we will see if joe biden will jump into the race. >> my gut says he's going in. griff: he won't anymore, plus, we looked at pete's dna test results on the show and we found out he's mega norwegian.
5:21 am
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5:25 am
>> sanctuary city, yes. peter: he may be dancing again, federal appeals court siding with philadelphia in sanctuary city battle. the court ruled the trump administration can't cut funding because the city won't cooperate with ice, the doj has yet to comment. >> a few months ago we saw the result of pete, my heritage dna's test and he was pretty spot on on what you would find. you told me that your family is norwegian, you're correct, mega norwegian. [laughter] >> i love that. peter: griff also took the test, now time to find out the results. griff: my, author of something beautiful happened and she joins us now, i'm dying to know how norwegian am i?
5:26 am
>> you have more diverse background than your friend over here, are you ready? incredible surprises. griff: i've been traveling with caravan but i have no idea what my heritage is. >> interesting surprises for you, ready? griff you are 41.4% irish, scottish and welsh. >> i believe that. >> you are also 32.7 scandinavian. peter: welcome cousin. >> 14.9% iberian, spain and portugal. poland, romania, ukraine and finally 4% english. >> he's 100% european. >> a little bit of everything. but not just that because my heritage is global database you actually have close to 15,000
5:27 am
people around the world who share your dna. >> wow. >> lots of cousins waiting to connect and research at my heritage were able to go back using information using database of billions of records, they built a family tree going back 8 generations with 92 people in it? >> really? >> i'm not good at math but -- >> that's a lot. there's some surprises in the family tree and really cool historical stuff as well. ready to dive in? >> yes. >> maternal came over on ship called envoy from ireland bound to pennsylvania, i believe we have the ship's manifest, on the manifest you can see your great, great, great grandparents charles and rosanna crawford, they came over with 9 children including your great, great grandfather charles who was 3, you can see his name on the manifest, he was 3.
5:28 am
also traveling with twin instant girls, matilda and rebecca, rebecca did not survive the journey. the baby did not survive but the rest of the family did make it safely. >> amazing you have to manifest, how do you guys trace back as something historical, that's really -- >> the database on my heritage of close to 10 billion historical records including immigration documents, ship manifest, census documents, marriage certificates and in the database we found something pretty cool, this is your grandfather world war i draft registration document. >> wow. >> that was your grandfather, 20 year's old when he registered for draft. medium-height, medium-built. >> how about that? that's pretty cool, i will send copy to my mother who is
5:29 am
watching. he had a furniture store and so i actually have a glass from the furniture. how do i get in touch with the 15,000 griffs in europe? [laughter] >> you have history on your dad's side, did he tell you you have connection for alamo? >> no. >> george kimel was gonzález rangers, answered desperate call for men that was under siege, he went to his wife. >> that's him? >> that's his son, these are great grandparents. your great, great grandfather answered call to alamo, that's him, said i have to go help these men, i will likely never return and he was killed on the last day of battle of the alamo. >> thank you so much. >> isn't that amazing.
5:30 am
>> remember the alamo. >> never forget it now. >> that's great. now we will have to test you. >> we test everyone, your turn, you take that and you swab the inside of your cheek for about 30 seconds. >> are you getting -- i can't see them, are there germs in there in. [laughter] >> it's okay, you do that about 30 seconds, we pop it off and send to lab in texas and 3 weeks you will get dna breakdown and you can choose to connect with people all around the world that share dna. >> wow. >> it's good. go to thank you so much, i'm still stunned. >> myheritage >> we know of two families in the u.s. who have found each other because of segment and excited to find history.
5:31 am
>> i'm excited. [laughter] >> the left is taking on the left, liberal mayor bill de blasio ripping socialists in the bronx for opposing amazon in new york? >> working people are very smart and discerning. >> response is coming up. griff: fishing season is around the corner, unveiling hottest deals on the world's greatest fishing show and sale, that's coming up. you will want to catch this. this is not a bed.
5:32 am
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5:35 am
peter: amazon sent you packages, biggest companies in the world, headquarters is in california, they wanted other headquarters, remember, they did the big search, they found one in northern virginia, they thought additional headquarters were going to be in long island, city, $3 billion in tax breaks to be there, everyone thought that's where they would be, a lot of progressives and leftists came out we don't want that in the backyard and democrats like bill de blasio wanted in the first place, the left is fighting the left whether amazon should be here in on island city. here is mayor de blasio in opposition to aoc. >> as a progressive in my entire life i will take on any progressive anywhere that's
5:36 am
saying it's a good idea to lose jobs and revenue, i think it's out of teach -- touch with what people want, they want jobs and revenue, they want the things the government can do for them, they understand -- >> you will have people on the left, i can't believe i'm saying de blasio has made sense, first time i have ever said, it would create jobs and revenue for new york, aoc, doesn't understand how tax breaks word, oh, well, if we have $3 billion, why don't we invest it in the subways and is schools, i'm saying, you don't have $3 billion, you were going to get money in tax breaks, so before she talks about issues, figure out how tax breaks work. >> now we know where the line is with other democrats that may want to be president of the united states from going in line with aoc.
5:37 am
aoc is shining, bright, exciting and she says pretty outlandish stuff and you saw kirsten gillibrand moving on board trying to move to the left, now we know as de blasio comes out, it's a bridge too far. peter: it was a pretty croany deal that brought deal. 25,000 well-paying jobs, no. >> i have front row seats to the left fighting left. roger stone denying claims robert mueller team that he connected with wikileaks, prosecutors with new evidence in court filing, they didn't say what it is, stone tells fox news quote, there's no evidence, federal judge issues gag order on both sides in and outside the courtroom. witness tampering, he calls the charges politically motivated. virginia governor ralph northam to kick off a reconciliation
5:38 am
tour, first stop at virginia university, historically black college on thursday. northam has been under fire for weeks over racist photos, the governor says he will not resign. california governor gavin newsom is backing colleague in 2020 presidential race? >> i'm enthusiastic about kamala harris and you asked me first so i will let you know, i will endorsing her candidacy as president and i think the american people could not do better. >> serve as cochair for her campaign in california. justice ruth bader ginsburg returning to work, attended close-door conferences. had been working from home, it's unclear whether she'll be on the bench when the court returns from recess next week, those are the headlines.
5:39 am
>> all right, give them -- [laughter] >> getting set up. fishing season will soon be here, our next guest has gear and tips to make sure you are ready. griff: here with us bass pro shop, luke, how are you doing? other than fixing my rod fishing, what do you have coming up. can't wait for fishing season? >> we have activities like you are doing here with casting buckets for kiddos. [laughter] >> on that note, you can bring these in now during the classic, they will give you up to $1,500. >> okay. >> the new stuff, these are the combos, under 250 bucks, you trade in an old set.
5:40 am
griff: that's amazing. peter: when i go into the store, i have not done one successful catch and i blame the rod. would you teach us how to fish? >> absolutely. the best thing about bass pro cabela's, if you go to fishing department, they eat, breathe fishing, that's what they do. a lot of the guys in missouri are in fishing team and will know firsthand knowledge of using words, it'll be a great experience. griff: real quick, our viewers wondering what you're wearing, jacket in cabela's, i want it over my rain jacket, won't make it in play, you have the submerging water and no excuse not to wear one. >> you can pull it. >> you can pull it. these are fully wired to do
5:41 am
electronic. peter: fully wired kayak? >> that's right. all kinds of stuff store wide cabela's and bass pro, anybody, all of the guys that fish all of the time they know about the deal but somebody is looking getting in outdoors for the first time, come see us. griff: you know who is looking to do that? peter: are we friends? >> yeah. peter: what do you think? [laughter] >> good stuff. i will have to come out and try it out. thank you, guys, #fake emergency as democrats keep dismissing crisis at the border. >> simply no emergency there, it's unquestionably not a national emergency. >> all hands on deck to refuse
5:42 am
this president. >> democrats are ignoring the facts, he joins us next, rick is live in daytona florida where he's gearing up for daytona 500, rick. >> the official race car is a truck. dylan will drive me around. "fox & friends" will be right back check out the spring fishing classic at bass pro shops and cabela's and get up to a $1,000 gift card with purchase of select tracker and nitro boats. plus see the new bass tracker classic boat, motor, and trailer package for only $10,995.
5:43 am
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but ocuvite has vital nutrients... help protect them. ocuvite. eye nutrition for today.
5:45 am
>> democrats dismissing the crisis at the border. >> first of all, it's not an emergency what's happening at the border. >> simply no emergency there. >> it's unquestionably not a national emergency. >> all hands on deck to refuse this president these fake
5:46 am
emergency powers. >> the #fakeemergency even trending online. but with nearly 400,000 apprehensions are they ignoring the facts? >> here to react host of the michael show, the man michael. >> hey, michael. >> thanks for having me. peter: you saw the rose garden press conference, they say this is a fake emergency, what's your take? >> the real emergency is when we cut off illegal flow of future voters, this, of course, qualifies 400,000 people apprehended our border each year, that's just the people we watch and not those who come undetected. if this is not a national emergency, no end in sight, no way to stop the blow, what is national emergency. of the 32 active national emergencies declared by bill clinton, george w. bush bush, barack obama, most of those
5:47 am
involved economic sanctions on people around the world, but the conservative estimate we have at least 10 million foreign nationals living in the country, how can we stop that? how can a country remain a country if we cannot stop that? by the way calling fake emergency and dismissing this, it's going to hurt democrats at the poll. the majority of americans seriously want to reduce not only illegally immigration but even legal immigration at culture that's discouraging assimilation which is a loser issue for the left but they are digging their heels in. >> it seems democrats, michael, what they want open borders, you have beto o'rourke and gillibrand outright saying it, if they make to it democratic primary, they have to run in general election with the very radical ideas, have they not processed that? >> well, they campaigned in 2018 on abolishing immigration
5:48 am
enforcement. that didn't poll too well so they stopped doing it, i say that president trump is the greatest civic's teacher in american history, poem didn't realize that the national emergency's act even existed even though we have 32 current national emergencies, but let's not forget the text of this law permits military construction specifically for the purpose of securing our country, now, if we cannot use that money to protect our country and the commander in chief cannot secure the country, what's the purpose of this law, what's the purpose of extraordinary armed forces if democrats on the left will hamper us from the most basic functions of government? >> the basic things are so much of what the president has reminded people of. if you don't have borders, you don't have a country which we use today take for granted. now we have to explain that to people because they want to get rid of those borders.
5:49 am
mike knowls. president trump's numbers are going up, karl rove is saying there's one thing that keep momentum going. >> plus, rick is live at daytona 500 and taking us inside of first ever race truck coming up next, i can't wait
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
griff: this time there's twist with pace car, for the first time pace truck, 2019 chevy. peter: live from inside defending champ austin dylan,
5:53 am
you are there. >> looking good. >> hey, guys, all right, austin, turn around and look at the camera. we have a camera inside the chevy silverado right here and you will take us around. >> thisthis is the actual pace k for the daytona 500 silverado 2019. let's go for a ride, what do you you think in. >> you said pace truck. all right, so you won the race last year. >> we did, yeah, this is -- this is any favorite track that we go to all year, a lot of hype goes into the race and nothing like being a daytona for the 500. >> all right, so this is turn 1. >> this is turn 1, try to keep your eyes on the road here. we get 3 wide in here, it doesn't -- you can't tell how
5:54 am
tight the track it actually is, it gets pretty wide, not much room left. not much available space. >> you're doing this for 3 and a half hours or so and you're completely trapped in it. clearly you're not claustrophobic at all. >> no, we can go 100 but we are going 200. >> yeah. >> we are pulling a lot of heat so throughout the race, i mean, you have to stay hydrated and eventually focus, the focus here is bigger than anything, we are constantly 3 wide, 2 wide, right on each other's bumper. >> all right, we went through turn 4, like how much practice, are you completely used to seat -- >> i think so so. the new system has done good job to keep us exactly where we need to be in the car, we don't move
5:55 am
around much and pretty much locked in in the entire race. >> did you ever drive with one hand on the race? >> only when i'm signaling with my hand, pit, most of the time i have two hands, i'm usually looking at mirrors. >> and you don't have rear-view mirrors or anything. >> we run one rear-view mirror. >> communicating with you and telling you what's going on and what you need to do? >> you to trust your spotter because he can see more of the view of the track than you can. you are seeing the guy in front of you and the guy behind you. hopefully you're controlling the race. this is the line that you can see, it's right against the fence, so we will be all over
5:56 am
the track some sunday with 40 cars out here. >> you won last year, your chance this is year? >> i feel great about it. we struggled a little bit in dual because the handling wasn't there, yesterday in practice felt like we got it right, try and cross checker flags like we did last year. >> that's it, checkered flag. >> that's where it all comes down to, dreams are made right here. >> your dreams, i'm one of two at this point. [laughter] >> thanks so much. >> how does that feel, rick, very quickly, going 100 miles an hour? >> yeah, i mean, so this is a really incredibly steep bank that i don't think you can get appreciation for in tv. >> no. >> i don't feel amazing, i feel queasy. there you go. >> pretty cool deal taking a pickup truck around.
5:57 am
>> thanks, rick, austin. >> great shot. we have more great stuff, karl rove, laura trump, we have cheetos too, stay with us on "fox & friends" what do you look for when you trade? i want free access to research. yep, td ameritrade's got that. free access to every platform. yeah, that too. i don't want any trade minimums. yeah, i totally agree, they don't have any of those. i want to know what i'm paying upfront. yes, absolutely. do you just say yes to everything? hm. well i say no to kale. mm. yeah, they say if you blanch it it's better, but that seems like a lot of work. no hidden fees. no platform fees. no trade minimums. and yes, it's all at one low price. td ameritrade. ♪
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6:00 am
i'm going to be signing a national emergency. we're talking about an invasion of our country with drugs, human traffickers. >> congress should have stepped up. >> these fake emergency powers. >> i don't think the democrats understand how badly they got owned on this thing. he's good at this stuff. he's good at finding ways around these people. >> a fired factory worker guns down five co-workers and injures five police officers during a shooting rampage. >> fired fbi deputy director andy mccabe saying rod rosenstein discussed ousting president trump from office. >> precursor of essentially a coup. he should be fired. he should be prosecuted. he has conflicts of interest. >> amazon dropping its plans to
6:01 am
build one of its headquarters in new york city. >> there's 25,000 jobs. >> it saves 25,000 jobs. >> we saw the results of the heritage dna test. >> great, great, great grandfather, one of the gentlemen who answered the desperate call for help of the men who were under siege at the alamo. ♪ griff: i'm feeling emboldened here. he died on march 6th, the day my brother was born. pete: his great great grandfather fought at the alamo. gives me so much perspective about griff. jedediah: you didn't see me grabbing this out of his hand. pete: this is how i wash my
6:02 am
hands. jedediah: we almost made it. we almost made it. griff: sometimes you have to clean your hands. with cheetohs that's how you do it. pete: you wouldn't be washing your hands if you were in the migrant caravans because conditions are difficult there, many of them are sick and it's a situation that the president and a lot of others are calling a crisis at the border. that is why we saw this week president trump signing a national emergency declaration. watch. >> we're talking about an invasion of our country with drugs, with human traffickers, with all types of criminals and gangs, and when you listen to politicia politicians, in particular certain democrats, they say it all comes through the port of entries. wrong. they say walls don't work.
6:03 am
walls work 100%. nancy knows it, chuck knows it, they all know it, and the only reason we're up here talking about this is because of the election. and this is one of the ways they think they can possibly win is by obstruction. we will have a national emergency and we will then be sued and then we'll end up in the supreme court and hopefully we'll get a fair shake and we'll win in the supreme court. jedediah: i love that. i love that he laid it all out. like listen, i'm going to do this, here's what's going to happen. that's exactly what you needed. he knows lawsuits are already rolling in, that was no surprise. he realized he was backed into a corner. he didn't know what else to do. it is a national emergency. we already went through the shutdown. democrats aren't budging. one thing people are asking if he brings in the money, where will the money be coming from. $1.375 billion is the dhs appropriation coming from the bill. $2.5 billion d.o.d. counter drug support. $3.5 billion, d.o.d. military
6:04 am
construction budge. $600 million treasury department for forfeiture fund. that will be combined to make up a total that's more palatable to him and border patrol agents he's spoken to this whole time and will be something that might work. pete: he was in an impossible situation. he was given a terrible bill. he didn't want to shut down the government again. he believes it's an emergency. he signs the bad bill which has a lot of bad stuff in it. it was a nancy pelosi special. by announcing national emergency, he shows how committed he is to building a wall. i think that press conference was really effective, especially with the angel moms, who rarely get that kind of publicity, but they are standing there, some of which sons or daughters were killed just last year, holding up their photos and saying the lives of our kids matter. this is an emergency to us and to all americans who believe the bothered -- griff, nyou know ths better than anybody. griff: many people in washington say the democrats clearly won the standoff and the declaration
6:05 am
was a step backwards for the president. but we had dan bongino on. here's what he said about who actually won the fight. >> i don't think the democrats understand how badly they got owned on this thing on the funding side. he did the funding sequentially meaning by the time he gets to the national emergency funding, they have to spend $1.375 billion allocated according to the bill. the $600 million from the treasury fund's perfectly legal. the other two billion from the other funds, by the time he gets to the $3 billion plus there, the wall's already being built. griff: that's the strategy. jedediah mentioned salutes earlier. i will be reporting all week long, i'm sure, about the number of lawsuits coming. look at the headlines already. this from daily caller, trump was sued over his national emergency declaration in less than six hours. jedediah: six hours. griff: the hill, aclu announces lawsuit against trump over
6:06 am
blatantly illegal national emergency and the a.p. picking up on judiciary chair hearing on emergency claim. pete: so predictable, you can almost plan according to it. jedediah: that's why he was laying it out day one. this is what's going to happen because of course, you know all of a sudden they are all fired up and calling him lawless. the same advocates for sanctuary cities, for obama's daca overreach, suddenly now a national emergency. the national emergency act is designated to the president by congress. just so you know. you may disagree with it but it is designated by congress. pete: we will have a big conversation about the constitution, about borders, about immigration and people like this will say crazy things. listen. >> it's time for everybody to stand up, all hands on deck, to refuse this president these fake emergency powers he would like to have. i'm urging everybody, get together, rally in every community across this country all this weekend. send a message to washington,
6:07 am
d.c., no, mr. president, we are not going to allow you to do this. griff: she's urging people to rally. i would suggest to her, not necessarily urge, that she spend 24 hours with border patrol. pete: last hour you said three hours. griff: it doesn't take long to see. i get video of wow, amazing stuff and i tell people it's all day long. there will be, by the time we start this show and finish it tomorrow, there will be hundreds arrested. if you are watching, send me the numbers by tomorrow on just what happens today. pete: great point. hundreds arrested between when this show goes off the air until it goes on tomorrow. that's just those arrested just in the rio grande valley sector. we don't know how many are actually not arrested which is the entire problem. jedediah: democrats have come out, you know, pretty strong on this, at first saying it's a fake emergency, it's a manufactured crisis. when are we really going to hear how they feel?
6:08 am
you are hearing it now. beto o'rourke saying he would tear down the wall. take a listen. >> if you could, would you take the wall down now here? >> yes. absolutely. i would take the wall down. jedediah: follow that up with, i want to hear what you have to say, senator gillibrand saying she would support the tearing down of the border wall. >> we just heard from beto o'rourke to remove some of the existing wall. he was talking about el paso. but the idea of dismantling the wall, good idea, bad idea? >> i can look at it, see what part he means and why and if it makes sense, i could support it. pete: step into the i see the future machine. three, four months from now you will have the first democratic presidential debates, msnbc or elsewhere. that question will be not only do you oppose the president's wall but would you tear it down. if you are a politician on that stage appealing to the far left, which is what the base is in primaries, i dare you to stand up and say no, i'll keep the wall. i'll keep trump's wall. they are all going to say i
6:09 am
would tear it down. i would take it down. that will become the litmus test which exposes them for what trump has accused them of which is being an open borders party. that is where their base is. play the tape. let's play the tape in four months. that's exactly what will happen. the majority will declare i will tear down trump's wall. griff: that will be interesting if they do that because setting the president aside and the politics associated with him, it is the border patrol officials, all of them are saying we need three things. infrastructure, man power and technology. you can't just take one away because it has a political association. correct? pete: correct. jedediah: what happens when that person is out of the primary and has to run in the general election and has made outrageous statements that no one who is a moderate, even independents who maybe they don't like trump, don't know where to turn, they will hear this and go wow, this party has gone really extreme. i'm curious to see how joe biden plays that. joe biden has to know some of this rhetoric coming out of the aocs and elizabeth warren and kamala harris, this is crazy
6:10 am
talk and he knows it. pete: they will go to drones. drones will solve everything. drones everywhere. i want more drones. that's where the conversation will go. we have an actual expert on this program earlier, the acting director of i.c.e. he knows what he's talking about. he commented on the democrats and where they're going. listen to him. >> the best thing ever happened to this administration is these people go so far left, i think most american people understand, beto o'rourke hasn't looked at the data. every single place they built a wall, illegal immigration has decreased. as far as gillibrand, she used to be pro-immigration enforcement. she used law enforcement to enforce immigration law. then she wanted to run for senator and threw it out the window. she will change her mind tomorrow. she's an embarrassment to the state of new york. i'm a native new yorker. i'm embarrassed for her. pete: talk about the results. on the east side of that sector, there's 55 miles of wall existing. on the left side, on the west side, none. guess how much of the apprehensions illegal crossings are having on the west side where there is no wall?
6:11 am
90.66%. griff: in el paso, after they built the wall, apprehensions went way down because people weren't able to cross. jedediah: we asked you guys what you think. we have e-mails to share. don, if democrats want to tear down a wall, start by tearing down the partisan wall they built on day one of the trump presidency. pete: from gene, beto won't send money to build the wall but will spend money to tear it down. e-mail from lorain, some of these democrats need to spend a day with our border patrol to see what actually happens without a barrier. that's true. jedediah: that's the best point made. until you are down there and actually seeing it with your own eyes, that's a whole different experience. then you are live in the flesh. that stuff becomes real real fast. pete: america is reacting to your dna test. marcus says tell griff he's always welcome in our home. remember the alamo. you got a whole new level of street cred this morning. jedediah: we will get to some
6:12 am
headlines for you in this 9:00 hour. we begin with a fox news alert. a factory worker about to be fired guns down five co-workers and injures five police officers during a shooting rampage. the 15-year employee immediately opening fire on police as they rushed inside the henry pratt manufacturing plant just outside chicago. the gunman, gary martin, was killed during the shootout with police. all officers shot are in stable condition. two men are released from police custody after being questioned in the alleged attack on empire actor jussie smollett. police citing new evidence for not charging them. the brothers from nigeria were taken into custody wednesday. police say at least one worked on "empire." authorities are still investigating the initial alleged attack and say local reports calling it a hoax were unconfirmed. vice president mike pence meeting german chancellor angela merkel this morning. the two leaders talking on the sidelines of the munich security
6:13 am
conference. the vice president called on our european allies to pull out of the iran nuclear deal. >> the time has dpocome for our european partners to stop undermining u.s. sanctions against this murderous revolutionary regime. it is time for our european partners to stand with us and the iranian people. jedediah: the vice president returns to washington tonight. pete: i have been to the munich security council many years ago. it's a lot of hob-nobbing but it was cool. pete: president trump's approval numbers are going up. we break it down next. failing at love? i never have. maybe it's time for classes. a look at college level dating cours courses. ♪ to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best
6:14 am
to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪ a place with one of the highest life expectancies it's the most wonderful life on earth. in the country.
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6:17 am
we are going to confront the national security crisis on our southern border, not because there was a campaign promise, which it is. it was one of many, by the way. we're rebuilding the military, our economy is thriving like never before. people get what we're doing. they get it. they really get it. and i'm honored by it. pete: president trump touting his accomplishments while declaring a national emergency at our southern border. now new numbers show the president's approval rising to 43.6%. so will he keep that momentum going? jedediah: here to weigh in, former senior adviser to president george w. bush, fox news contributor karl rove. welcome. >> thanks for having me. i'm prepared to talk with -- jedediah: there you go. look at that. >> look, we really, we
6:18 am
norwegians really are sort of a hygienic people. you have to change your practices. jedediah: oh, karl. griff: you're in texas. i've got kin that's part of the alamo. >> you have always been high in my estimation but you are higher today. you are eligible, my friend, as a descendent of a defender of the alamo to join the sons of the republic of texas, one of the most storied organizations in texas. only people who were here at the time of the republic of texas are members and as an alamo descendent, you would be right up in the elite. griff: thank you. i accept. >> congratulations. what a great thing to have in your past, to be a descendent of the defender of the alamo. griff: it was special. thank you. whal what else is special, two and a half point rise in 15 days in this approval rating. what do you attribute that to? >> well, look, first of all, it's a modest increase but remember, that's in the real
6:19 am
clear politics average. you are averaging in a bunch of polls, a number of which happened before the state of the union. i think three things. first of all -- four things, actually. i think the state of the union had the right tone when it came to unity and compromise but i think three things that have happened since then have helped keep the momentum going and could keep it going if he builds on. one is the budget agreement. the shutdowns are not good for anybody, but particularly for the president since he assumed responsibility for it, so by avoiding a shutdown and making a deal, he gets forward progress and that's what his people want. but we had two other things that happened that i thought were good. one is the house judiciary committee hearing with matthew whitaker. i mean, the democrats were dreadful. they have the right of oversight but i thought the tone that they adopted and they would ask questions and cut him off before he could answer, they were badgering him and they made him a sympathetic figure. they keep that up and what's going to happen to them is what happened to the republicans in
6:20 am
the clinton impeachment and that is the american people say you are overreaching. n then the final one was the release of the green new deal by ocasio-cortez and by senator markey of massachusetts. what a dreadful rollout. what an idiotic plan. we are going to get rid of oil and gas in ten years. in ten years we will all be driving electric vehicles, we will retrofit every building in america, we will overhaul agriculture, we will do all of these things and we are going to do it with government massive investment and the government's going to take an equity position in all these new industries. that's called socialism. the american people don't like the price tag or the method. pete: you broke it down well, thank you very much. we will get griff signed up for that organization. jedediah: thanks, karl. lara trump is here and joins us, coming up next. ♪ too much time in the bathroom
6:21 am
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pete: time for quick headlines. new york city has a gender x option for birth certificates. now senator gillibrand wants to make it a national choice. the 2020 candidate telling voters in new hampshire she backs adding a third gender option at the federal level. gillibrand says she will fight for the lgbtq community if she becomes president. travelers on some airlines will reportedly be given new gender options when booking their tickets. passengers will be able to select undisclosed or unspecified on american, delta, united and alaska airlines flights. changes are expected soon to promote inclusiveness. pete: welcome back.
6:25 am
former fbi deputy director andy mccabe speaking out and confirming that he ordered an obstruction of justice probe into sitting president trump. listen. >> i was very concerned that i was able to put the russia case on absolutely solid ground in an indelible fashion that were i removed quickly, reassigned or fired, that the case could not be closed. pete: here to react, lara trump. great to have you here this morning. thank you so much. you have seen the coverage of this. react to what was done in may of 2017 as president trump was in the oval office. >> so this is a duly elected president, someone who the entire country said we want to be our president, and here we see that yet again, people cannot accept the results of an election and by the way, the president knew that something was amiss. he had been saying from the very beginning something's going on within the fbi, something's wrong within my justice
6:26 am
department. he knew and everybody said oh, he's crazy. no, he wasn't. this is exactly the thing that he was talking about happening. it's disgraceful and i think he needs to answer a lot of questions. pete: what kind of consequence would you like to see? >> well, listen, if he answers questions and we get more information and we understand that there was essentially a coup that was being considered here against our president, i mean, that's illegal. you can't do that. that's treasonous, it's horrible, it's not, again, what we stand for in the u.s. and i think he should be pun shalled -- punished to the full extent of the law. pete: the president reluctantly signing a bill that doesn't provide much money for the wall, then declaring a national emergency to tap into more. your reaction? >> it was more than a dollar. we know that nancy pelosi only said she was willing to give a dollar. so look, he got $1.4 billion within the bill for funding the wall -- pete: with a lot of caveats, though. >> right. right. but at least congress came together on something.
6:27 am
i always say we need to remind the people in congress they are there to represent us, the american people. lot of times they get to washington, d.c., they play politics, they forget about their constituents around the country who all want a safe country, who all want to know our immigration system works in the proper way. here we finally have a couple of steps in the right direction. pete: joe biden, new indications he may formally enter this race. the reaction? >> that's okay with us. i always say this president is doing all the hard work for us at the campaign right now because he's winning for this country, he's delivering on promises he made in the campaign in 2016 and he's delivering results for the people of this country. so biden can throw his hat in the ring. anybody else can do it. whoever would like to, bring them all on. pete: a new fox news poll talked about, laid out what are the chances of defeating president trump in 2020. over 50% think there's an excellent or good chance. only a few says none. i think americans acknowledge
6:28 am
while he has a lost accomplishments and his approval rating is high considering what an onslaught he's gotten from the media, this still could come down to the wire in 2020. >> you know what, i just think there are so many people that go in a voting booth that will never tell their friends or family or anyone, but they are going to vote for this president, even here in new york. eric and i walk around and people, a guy just down the street earlier was screaming out his window make america great. there are people all across this country that are not voting in those polls, that are never going to talk to a pollster and certainly won't be honest. pete: speaking of the presidency and the white house, some news was made recently that here's the president after -- you have been making the case that maybe he should get a dog. here are his thoughts. >> how would i look walking a dog on the white house lawn? seems a little phony to me. >> i have been pushing a dog for many years. many, many years, to my father-in-law. i would love for him to adopt a dog. i have two.
6:29 am
if my husband wouldn't divorce me, we would probably have 30 in our apartment right now. i love dogs. i'm a huge animal advocate, rescue advocate but listen, if somebody doesn't want a dog, you can't force it on him. he has had dogs in the past. he, despite what he says, i think he's a dog person. pete: what about a presidential cat? >> i feel like he would get a dog before a cat. i'm great with cats, too. if he wants to get a cat, let's do it. pete: petting, purchasine purri. >> i'll bring it up. pete: well done by her. failing at love? maybe it's time for classes. a look at the college level dating courses now teaching the basics, the 101 of love, you might say. and in another story, this little guy, this is kind of a sad story, might need mouse-to-mouse resuscitation. it's going viral this morning. ♪
6:30 am
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6:33 am
griff: well, it's two days after valentine's day. if you missed it, you missed it. turns out you can learn how to love. there's a new trend starting in south korea but we believe happening elsewhere, because of a new generation of kids growing up, they are saying how do i date? there are classes now, college dating classes taught on how you
6:34 am
date. jedediah: know why this is happening? i'll tell you. everyone's dating, i wrote the book on #do not disturb. everyone is on their smartphone all the time, they don't make eye contact. i think it's a good idea. i dated in new york before i got married. it was not fun. it was not pleasant. new york men did not make things pleasant or nice. i thought i would roll with a bunch of cats until i met my husband. a few classes wouldn't hurt. pete: we have sample questions from the south korean college level class. pete: here's a sample question. how long does the feeling of love last? jedediah: that's very hard. pete: there's no answer to that question. jedediah: you conflate lust and love. i think it's tricky. i would have to distinguish. lust is temporary, love is eternal. griff: how long does the feeling of love last, how many days? jedediah: forever. pete: what have you got? griff: 900. pete: 900? griff: that's the correct answer.
6:35 am
listen, my wife and i gave each other the same valentine's day card. what are the chances? jedediah: wow. griff: these classes, want another question, by the way? ready? what part of the brain produces dopamine? pete: what is dopamine? jedediah: i don't know. i don't know. griff: the frontal lobe. it's the only part of the brain i know. i will give you a hint. it starts with "h." jedediah: i will say it wrong and it will be all over the internet. griff: i'm no ph.d.. hypothalamus. jedediah: tomorrow is my wedding anniversary. one year. i believe love is eternal so i'm good. i'm set. i'm good. griff: congratulations. pete: we married a couple on
6:36 am
thursday. jedediah: really? sorry i missed that. pete: we could renew your vows tomorrow. should we do that? jedediah: it's only been a year. don't you do that at the ten-year mark? pete: now that we know it only lasts for 900 days, we should lock it in while we can. jedediah: i want to know what the viewers think. do you back me up, i want to know is love eternal? pete: do you think we should take classes on love or do you prefer my approach, stumble your way through? jedediah: wing it? griff: they did it because marriage rates are down at 45-year lows in south korea. maybe we can learn something. jedediah: that's true. all right. let us know what you think. we will turn to some headlines. a man dies after falling down stairs near the high roller ferris wheel on the vegas strip. the 23-year-old man was running around in an unauthorized area when he dropped nearly 50 feet
6:37 am
down. he later died at a hospital. authorities say the incident appears to be an accident. at least one person is killed in a massive 47-car pileup in missouri. wow. car after car smashing into each other outside kansas city. police are blaming icy roads and limited visibility for the wreck. what does vladimir putin do after a tough day of talks? he trains with judo fighters. that's right. putin, a black belt, warming up with the russian team in sochi. also throwing some fighters to the mat. putin injured his finger during one toss and a female fighter who won olympic bronze in 2016, she also threw him to the mat. russian media apparently didn't show this. putin had laced up his skates to play some hockey with the president of belarus.
6:38 am
this rat might need mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. this makes me so sad. that's one of several comments on this viral photo of the hennessy rate. it shows the likely dead rat lying on a sidewalk next to an empty bottle of booze. the person who tweeted the image captions it with just another day in new york city. those are your headlines. let's go outside. pete and griff are out there. pete: how about that? look at this awesome crowd out here. they are here to see our rep from bass pro shop. you got a big sale going? >> that's right. tons of kids' activities, seminars and we are really proud about this. we have been -- you want to talk about a deal. this is under $11,000. it's a throwback to the very first one johnny morris cranks out. got a 50 horse motor on it. tell you what, you will be going about 42 miles, you will be cooking in this. loaded with fish finders,
6:39 am
trawling motor, whole nine yards. griff: if you are going fishing this spring, why not go big. >> that's right. one thing we are excited about, brand new, never before seen, are you guys excited to see something brand new? all right. we partnered with techtron, they make things for land, sea and air. made right here in the usa. pete: whoa! >> it's going to be the 800sx. goes about 42 miles an hour. as far as noise goes, it's leading the market as far as quiet. pete: super-quiet. >> it's super-quiet. this is idling. you guys want to give it a test drive. pete: can i fish from it? >> this will be under $11,000. this is unprecedented. they will be available at bass
6:40 am
pro cabela's in march. pete: we can do the rest of the show from this bad dog. let's give it to jed. for details. check it out. someone else has to read the tease. jed, it's to you. sorry about that. we're going for a ride. jedediah: all the fun happens when i'm inside. i see how it is. brand new comment from fired fbi deputy director andy mccabe pointing the finger at those who wanted trump out of office. >> deputy attorney general was definitely very concerned about the president, about his capacity, and about his intent at that point in time. jedediah: so what should happen to rod rosenstein? will the new a.g. take action? we will discuss that next. plus, rick is live at daytona international speedway and he's in front of kyle busch's trailer. the nascar star joins us live, straight ahead. ♪
6:41 am
check out the spring fishing classic at bass pro shops and cabela's for weekly hot deals on popular items-- just in time to stock up for the season. free seminars and workshops this weekend. plus our triple crown bonus from these top vendors!
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pete: a fox news alert. an employee about to be fired guns down five co-workers at a company where he worked for 15 years. jedediah: panic and chaos breaking out at a warehouse in illinois as police officers run toward gunfire to protect those trapped inside. griff: we are live in aurora, illinois, where five officers are recovering from gunshot wounds. good morning. reporter: good morning. there are still several police officers here at this location at a scene that's been described as a very large crime scene. this is a manufacturing facility and that's where investigators say the suspected gunman walked in with a handgun and began
6:45 am
shooting. now, this is a picture of that suspect, 45-year-old gary martin. they say he was an employee at henry pratt and was about to be laid off. they believe he showed up to work yesterday, shooting and killing a total of five of his co-workers. one other worker was injured as well as five officers who were shot. those officers were the first to get on scene and were running inside hoping to save lives. >> we were having a somber moment because again, lives were lost, but we know that this is what they do every day. i mean, you wake up in the morning and you put that uniform on and you don't know what the day is going to hold for you. just like those victims that went to work today. but these officers know that this is -- the thing they are willing to accept. reporter: investigators have yet to release any names of the victims who died in that shooting. back to the studio. jedediah: thanks so much. pete: we have to get to this one
6:46 am
more time. big interview airing on "60 minutes" tomorrow, the fired deputy fbi director andy mccabe has a book coming out and is talking to scott pelley. a lot of interesting things he's saying, one of which, there was a discussion amongst top officials about invoking the 25th amendment. here is what mccabe had to say. >> the discussion of the 25th amendment was simply rod raised the issue and discussed it with me in the context of thinking about how many other cabinet officials might support such an effort. the deputy attorney general was definitely very concerned about the president, about his capacity and about his intent at that point in time. pete: he mentions rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general who is still there today. he, by the way, says nope, that didn't happen. mccabe, a known liar and leaker, so we don't actually know whether what he's saying is true or not, he says that rod
6:47 am
rosenstein seriously considered wearing a wire, this is while the president was in office. eight days in may between when jim comey was fired and when rod rosenstein appointed a special counsel. they said the moment was so ominous that they felt like they might have to -- imagine trying to approach the cabinet for the 25th amendment? it's a coup approach. jedediah: it's stunning mccabe says this as if no one watching is saying wait a second, you were trying to oust the president of the united states, invoking the 25th amendment based on what? it doesn't even occur to him people are saying we are talking about the deep state for awhile, this is the deep state in action. we spoke to jason chaffetz, former house oversight committee chairman. he says mccabe should be prosecuted. take a listen. >> these are the precursors of essentially a coup. andrew mccabe did the one thing most people in federal government can't do. that is he got fired for lying. the inspector general cited four times, three times under oath, where he lied. i want to know why is the department of justice
6:48 am
prosecuting manafort and others, papadopolous, for lying. why aren't they prosecuting and putting andrew mccabe in jail? this guy should be prosecuted. i don't know what to believe because he never tells the truth. griff: their only refuge is to say we truly thought trump was a russian agent. but we know by may of 2017, they knew that wasn't the case. they were wiretapping and surveilling him and his campaign for years. jedediah: you can't just launch investigations because you think somebody, oh, i think pete might be x, y and z, i'm going to investigate him at length. that's not how it works. you have to have proof of that. pete: you can't just jump into a race car at daytona like rick did. he's coming back to us one more time live at daytona international speedway. he's got a special guest. nascar star, kyle busch. rick? reporter: we are talking to kyle busch coming up after the break. kyle's younger half, he looks
6:49 am
just like you. >> little bit. absolutely. yeah. reporter: that's coming up in a minute. ♪ what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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jedediah: we have been checking in with rick all morning as he takes us behind the scenes of the daytona 500. pete: he's still at daytona international speedway, now live with nascar star kyle busch. rick? reporter: good morning, guys. yeah, we are still behind the scenes and are able to be here at your motor home, kyle. >> this is a good area to be. reporter: good area for you, just to walk out of your motor home and do an interview. what's it like living in these motor homes all the time? >> it's good. obviously it's home away from home so you have your necessities on there, all the great things you want or need.
6:53 am
then we travel every single weekend, 40 weekends out of the year so it's nice to be able to have something to go to. reporter: you are one of the consistently best drivers out there. this race, the daytona 500, you have not won. >> that's right. i have not won the daytona 500. i would certainly like to be able to change that this year. i have won at daytona before. i have won qualifying races. i won the july race here, a 400-miler. i have not yet won the daytona 500. we are hoping that can come to fruition this year and we can take home the trophy and it can be mine. reporter: little bit of luck goes into this race, for sure. >> little bit. reporter: also, your team and the driver obviously. how do you feel about this year? >> i think you got to have good preparation. all of our guys at the shop, everybody at joe gibbs racing and toyota, they do an amazing job of being able to work on our cars and develop our cars and try to make them faster each and every time we come down here. i do feel our cars are pretty fast. it's just a matter of trying to beat out those that are around us, you know. and having the chess pieces kind
6:54 am
of go in the right spot at the right time and making sure you are in the right position when it comes down to the end of the race. so people ask well, how much of it is skill, how much of it is luck. i say it's 80% luck and 20% skill, when you come to this race at daytona, where it's probably vice versa everywhere else we go. reporter: you have to have the skills so when luck presents itself you are ready. >> absolutely. reporter: you became famous this week. >> he's becoming spider-man. yeah. reporter: did you hear about that mario cart thing your dad did? >> yeah. reporter: what did you think? >> how was it? >> it was good. >> do you remember what we were doing? weren't we playing mario cart and you asked me if i could be in the game? >> yeah. >> then what happened? what? wasn't i in the game? >> yeah. >> who was i in the game with, do you remember? wasn't it mario? >> yeah. >> and yoshi. >> yeah. >> and donkey cong.
6:55 am
>> yeah. >> and who won? >> you. >> i did. reporter: how long did that take you to put together? >> i crashed. reporter: you crashed on it? no way. >> you crashed. >> why are you giving away all my secrets? the filming of the video probably took about two hours. then the video editing took about a week. so it took a little bit of all of that. reporter: you got a good dad that can make that video of himself. congratulations. thank you. >> i appreciate it. absolutely. thank you guys. it's going to be a fun weekend. reporter: guys, back to you. griff: good luck. good luck to kyle. i played hours and hours. jedediah: me, too. i love it. pete: more "fox & friends" moments away. ♪
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pete: we had a lot of fun. as you know on the weekend, we do just about everything. jedediah: that's true. pete: couple weekends ago we had a crazy story, last weekend, saving the life of a dog. jedediah: cpr. pete: with cpr. this dog, i don't know, firefighters on the scene, revived this dog, brought him back to life. i just remember -- jedediah: you were so curious, how did you do that with a dog? pete: i know how to do adult cpr but no idea how to do dog cpr. you guys are both dog lovers. you know anything about dog cpr? jedediah: i don't know, but i need to learn. griff: i want to learn, too. my house goes up in flames, the dog may be the first one i rescue. jedediah: tomorrow, we will learn how to do this. griff: just kidding, family. pete: because jedediah is the
7:00 am
biggest dog lover on the show, she will go first. jedediah: i will be happy. i will do whatever. pete: we will cover all the other big stuff and it's national something food day tomorrow. we will enjoy that, too. you will be with us. have a great saturday. ♪ it's presidents day weekend. he will sign it if he wants to. president donald trump sparking a brand new battle over the border by declaring a national emergency. we've got senate judiciary committee republican john kennedy on the legal fallout coming. border patrol on what his agents are already doing. and california democrat john garamendi on his state already suing. here comes the hearings. did james comey's number two guy just do a number on the trump russia probe? why the former whitewater special counsel ken starr says no. house intelligence ranking republican devin nunes says


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