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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  February 22, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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said kenny. it was kenny boise. you can get covered in other things other than beer during a game it's happened. jillian: have a good weekend, everyone. no words. "fox & friends" starts right now. todd: bye. >> why would anyone, especially an african-american man, use a symbolism of a noose to make false accusations? >> senator, can you comment on smollett? >> one of the reasons why kamala harris and many other democrats bought into this immediately was convenient way to slander and smear half of the united states. >> california birkly a turning point u.s.a. recruiter was brutally attacked. >> this person claiming promoting violence on campus and proceeded to take his aggression out on us. >> thousands of migrants flood. right now agents are ramping up security. >> that is the same border patrol in el paso is using along with k rail to harden
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the integrity. >> move over colonel sanders new man keeping secret recipe. >> what's the secret recipe? >> if i told you, i would have to kill you. ♪ out there soaking up the moon light ♪ they got. brian: ever since we left school i never know the day until this show started we start on the date. school you have to put your date on every. ainsley: or when you wrote a check. i always look at my phone to know the date. brian: i look for the crane camera to take a shot. ainsley: what's the date today? the 22 sn nd. brian: friday. steve: what is february 22nd? something we learned growing up. washington's birthday. brian: washington's actual birthday. steve: you should know that. brian: i know. steve: you brought up the date. >> happy birthday,
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mr. washington. we have so much news, buckle in because we start with this. brian: straight to a fox news alert. actor jussie smollett is maintaining his innocence at this hour as chicago police accuse him in detail of staging an elaborate hate crime. ainsley: he is out on bond, already back on the set of empire shooting scenes. steve: where he told everybody i am absolutely innocent. matt finn is live in chicago with why prosecutors believe this was all a big hoax. matt? >> chicago police superintendent and prosecutors here are slamming jussie smollett saying he concocted this hoax because he was upset over how much he was being paid and now for the first time chicago police are also alleging that smowlt did indeed craft that fake letter and sent it to himself a week before this attack. when that letter did not get enough attention he broaded with the elaborate hoax
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paying the osundairo brothers. pledging to be president trump supporters that beat him. wrapped a noose around his neck. details police now say are a lie. a judge in a packed bond court yesterday also chastising smollett saying the noose part is the most outrageous because it conjures up the greatest evil in this country's history. chicago's top cop says the city embraced this actor and then he turned around and slapped it in the face. >> to make things worse, the accusations within this phony attack received national attention for weeks. celebrities, news commentators and even presidential candidates weighed in on something that was choreographed by an actor. >> smollett's legal team fighting back in a statement writing in part, quote: today we witnessed an organized law enforcement spectacle that has no place in the american legal system. the presumption of innocence, a bedrock in the
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search for justice was trampled upon at the expense of mr. smollett. fox news has learned that jussie smollett did return to the empire set yesterday shortly after he posted bond and left jail. he is set to appear in bond again on this charge of filing a false police report. the fbi is investigating that alleged death threat letter and if smollett is found guilty of that he faces serious fal federal charges. ainsley: he was back at the set yesterday and looked at all the folks he works with his family he says he says i'm sorry i put you all through and this not answered your calls. i wanted to the say i'm sorry. you know me i would never do this to any of you. you are my family. i swear to gotti not do this. brian: this unbelievably shameless sociopathical. steve: i was reading the hollywood reporter this morning and he was complaining about his salary and he didn't like how much he was being paid.
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ainsley: $65,000 an episode. steve: he was making $125,000 per episode. but just to show you. ainsley: different reports are out there. steve: absolutely. i go with the hollywood reporter. ainsley: go with the bigger number. what it is it is large. steve: here is another number goes to show you how badly he covered his own tracks, $3,500 is the amount he paid the brothers with a personal check. isn't that a red flag? brian: that was one of the most interesting, fascinating. well-delivered press conferences just the facts. i'm telling you that superintendent rattled off a series of events in order. expressed exactly what society thinks from the police perspective, what is at stake, the credibility, the wasted man hours that went into that the way he put that together. if someone wrote that out and scripted had to memorize i would say that's brilliant. to say sit that and pull that off in that press conference was endlessly
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fascinating. ainsley: saying how upset this guy we all supported him we are all from chicago. we love him. we supported his career because is he a local. here is the police superintendent eddy t. johnson. >> i'm left hanging my head and asking why. why would anyone, especially an african-american man, used symbolism of a noose to make false accusations? how could someone look at the hatred and suffering associated with that symbol and see an opportunity to manipulate that symbol to further his own public profile? how can an individual who has been embraced by the city of chicago turn around and slap everyone in this city in the face by making these false claims? bogus police reports cause real harm. they do harm to every legitimate victim who is in need of support by police
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and investigators as well as the citizens of this city. steve: i think one of the reasons the superintendent was able to give such a thorough briefing yesterday because the brothers who he hired for $3,500 and paid with a personal check, spilled the beans. they told them everything. the only thing that's still hanging out there is whether or not they were involved in that hoax letter because i was reading chicago cbs they say that's unclear. then again the hoax letter involved the federal government and that could have federal charges. ainsley: the two brothers said they were originally supposed to do this attack at 10:00 p.m. on the day of the attack. they said they had to delay it because the actor was coming back from new york and his flight was delayed. he said they sat in the car with him, with the actor on january 25th and they planned this attack. and then as far as the episodes are concerned and the show empire put fox in a tough position because they had a week and a half left of shooting or a week of shooting.
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they have an episode and and a half left to finish the fifth season. brian: every owner in the league has to deal with all the time accusations and accusers who seem credible and all of a sudden they go nothing has been proven. how do you stop someone from making a living until they have their day in court? meanwhile kamala harris immediately, some of the people, i guess she has a relationship with jussie. steve: she had said initially that it was a modern day lynching. brian: right. so she came out and with had his back and since that time has not said much. yesterday, she went with al sharpton up into harlem to be meet with al sharpton i imagine to get his support. al sharpton an interesting situation this repeople in many ways of brawley a white cop what they did -- he was alleged to have done to brawley which never happened. so she was asked about this. listen to what they don't
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say. >> can you tell us about jussie smollett? >> senator, could you comment on smollett? >> reverend, is this bad for the party? >> senator harris. >> what do you think about jussie smollett jump into the smoking gun defense? >> good work. >> what did you guys talk about? steve: that's when they exited from their 20-minute lunch according to one of the newspapers here in new york city. ainsley: 20 minutes? steve: a whole 20 minutes. obviously it was a photo opportunity because kamala harris did not say anything after all those questions, she felt obligated to put out a statement and she did. she said like most of you, i've seen the reports about jussie smollett and i'm sad, from us straighted and disappointed. at the same time we must speak the truth, hate crimes are on the rise in america. we must always confront hate
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directly and always seek justice. that is what i will keep fighting for. they asked her about jussie smollett but also on the way in asking about her dad because she had put out the comment about look, the reason i smoked pot was because half my family is from jamaica or something like that. brian: and then thee giggled. steve: he put out a statement her own father how he didn't like identity politics. ainsley: and how their ancestors are rolling over in their grave not the stereotype jamaicans. brian: will president trump will sit in the oval office and take committees from he everyone mostly adversarial question. she has had two days to answer questions not that difficult. you can honestly say i believe the guy i got to know i'm disturbed about what happened. she has handled crisis management terribly already. compare that to the transparent president. like it or not, he sits there and takes question. he took them last friday after his emergency action. ainsley: why not say you
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know what? we were really good friends. i believed him because of that the story is despicable and atrocious. at least she did put out a statement though. cory booker has not put out a statement. steve: when you looked at that video why doesn't she answer simple questions. brian: she could have dominated in the press and sat there with al sharpton. she could have been the number one story. ainsley: i'm sure she and her team had that conversation last night. they put out the statement last night. i'm sure she was thinking i'm going to do with cory booker and kristin gillibrand we were all rushing to judgment we will not talk anymore until we know all the facts. then she probably said that's what my opponents are doing i'm going to handle it in a different way. steve: the rush to judgment is the initial comment that some people made and then they had to walk it back. it's the same as the covington story, unfortunately. all right. a very busy friday as we told you. and now jillian joins us with the news from that woman who wants to come back because she is sorry. >> that's right. let's get you caught up with what's new on that. the father of the alabama isis bride is suing the
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trump administration to bring her home. hoda's family wants to confirm she is an american citizen after secretary of state mike pompeo said she is not. the government claims her father was a diplomat when she was born in new jersey, which would keep her from having american citizenship. coming back with her son after joining isis in syria in 2014. an irs analysis is charged with leaking bank reports of president trump's former personal attorney. john frye gave michael cohen's financial information to michael avenatti. the attorney for stormy daniels. according to an affidavit. he repeatedly searched law enforcement databases for information related to cohen. if if convicted he faces up to five years in prison and $250,000 fine. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein speaking out for the first time since announcing his dee dee par temperature from the doj. >> my time in law enforcement is come to an
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end. a lot later than i anticipated when i joined the government three decades ago. jillian: rosenstein is expected to step down after the mueller probe wraps up which could be as early as next week. president trump will nominate jeffrey rosen as the next deputy attorney general. a look at your headlines. back to you. steve: i guess his book will come out in six months. brian: absolutely, yeah it will contradict andy mccabe's as well as james comey. steve: thank you, jillian. meanwhile on this friday a new caravan apparently starting to be on the move in mexico as migrant shelters on our border are overflowing. griff is live outside one of those shelters, he's in mexico and griff is next. brian: that's exactly what griff looks like. it's a real life star is born. the woman who blew michael blue play away at his concert. >> his name i
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steve: at this hour shelters are overflowing as thousands of migrants gather at the u.s. southern border. brian: agents are ramping up security in el paso, texas. we knew that was a problem. after a new central american caravan unloads in mexico. ainsley: that is where griff jenkins joins us live at a migrant shelter. griff? >> good morning, guys. yeah, the new caravan better
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not come here in siudad waziristan. thejuarez. they say they are full. concertino wire that's exactly what the border patrol on n. el paso is doing hardening the border integrity. we saw the same thing in eagle pass when the overflowing shelter before that we saw it in california across from taiwan. an43,000 in justthis el paso arl year 2019. i spoke yesterday with the mayor here in juarez and he said that the people of juarez are very upset they are here. they are not welcome like they were before because it's becoming a problem. he is upset that the neighboring dumped their migrants over here. so that is the situation which will have to be dealt with. and, of course, a threat of
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ms-13 continues out in arizona. they arrested this man, alonzo. he has at least 10 prior ensocieties of crossing illegally. admitted ms-13 gang member. that is certainly something that has to be dealt with and then, of course, here in mexico, the number everyone is talking about in january 2452 homicides countried with. it is the deadliest february it on record. deploying troops and federal police in juarez. they are seeing six-year high. the threat south of our border here in mexico certainly a real one and then, of course, the folks hardening the border line on the u.s. side, we are going to take you a little later this morning down there where when we get a little bit of light and show you what that lacks like, guys? steve: the threat by the numbers and yet still not a crisis. no emergency. brian: i know there is four democratic congressman going down to see for themselves bernie thompson among them
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chairman of the homeland security in the house. i'm curious if they will come back and say i do see probability of it would be great to see someone observe what's going on down there because i don't know anyone who honestly looks down there and says seems to be going fine. ainsley: at love people who say it's manufactured. steve: let's hope they listen to the experts because they see never day. griff, thank you. ainsley: this video is shocking conservative activist attacked while recruiting at u.k uc berkeley. watch. this jesus christ. what -- what? wow. ainsley: you will hear from the victim coming up. it gets worse than that actually. steve: five democratic senators have entered the 2020 race. what have they accomplished? what do their records tell us about them? charlie hurt checking the records. he has the answer coming up. ♪ ♪
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welp, someone should. just say "teach me more" into your voice remote and see how you can have an even better x1 experience. simple. easy. awesome. brian: house democrats are introducing a resolution today to block president trump's national emergency on our southern border big shocker. texas congressman joaquin castro is leading the push and hoping to get a vote by next month. he also wants to be president. bernie sanders expected to sign a dnc pledge next week that he is running as a democrat in 2020. wouldn't that be novel. comes after complaints that sanders fought hillary clinton for the 2016 nomination despite being an independent. and the puerto rican mayor who ripped into president trump after hurricane maria is feeling the bern. san juan mayor carmen jolene says cruz has just signed on
3:25 am
to be a co-chair of bernie sanders campaign. cruz tells nbc she has been working with the vermont senator to help puerto rico recover. there you go. steve. steve: there you go, brian. thank you very much. more and more democrats 2020 with nine candidates already declared. five of them are sitting u.s. senators. do they have a record of accomplishment to stand on? they must they are running for president. here to break it down is "washington times" opinion editor charlie hurt. we send our senators and representatives to washington to get stuff done. the big question is did these people get stuff done? let's start with cory booker? cory booker, while he has been in the senate since 2013 has introduced 120 bills two have become law. >> one of his latest proposals is to start paying 18 year olds around the country $46,000 a year for not working, for doing
3:26 am
nothing. across the board when you look at them, these are people that i think they believe that representing constituents back home in congress is a lowly thing. it's why they are here for five minutes and immediately think they should be president and running on feeling and politicizing everything from, you know, crimes to whatever nominations come along. that's what they believe. in they think that those are the credentials to run for president. steve: elizabeth warren, you know, she has been in congress, we know, in the senate for a long time. she, during her time since 2013, has introduced 110 bills and absolutely not one has become a law. >> and, yet, she is also probably the most thoughtful of the entire field, probably the most carefully thoughtful -- i mean crazy socialist, but in terms of knowing exactly where she wants to take this country. she is probably spent more time than any of the rest of the field thinking about that. and for that reason, i don't
3:27 am
think she is a terrible threat just because i think she is very unappealing. but from that point of view, she is kind of the most frightening because she put so much effort into it. steve: she also was instrumental in the starting of that consumer protection agency. she helped start it and then she thought she was going to get the job from barack obama and he gave it to somebody else. and that's the heart of her political philosophy. steve: bernie sanders technique solid an independent although the democrats are going to make him sign a letter this week that says i'm a democrat. he has, during his long service since 191. introduced 364 bills and three have become laws. >> i mean, hasn't life been great for you ever since 1991 since he came to congress he? has fixed everything, hasn't he? he has really really put his shoulder to the wheel and we have seen some great results. but, he is probably my favorite because he has been around so, so long. he was obviously in the
3:28 am
house before he was in the senate. and what does he have to show for it? well, he has a bunch -- he had a great run in 2016 but the problem for him is, of course, he is kind of an old flavor. and democrats tend to kind of move on. they want something fresh and new. and i don't know how he is going to pull all that together this time. steve: well, nonetheless, the democrats are starting to try to outbernie bernie because he did do so well. the big winner this list so far amy klobuchar in the great state of minnesota. she has introduced 390 bills since she joined in 2007. 14 became law. her problem though is we are talking about a primary and she is more in the middle. she is not quite out at the wing. >> yeah. this is the funny thing about amy klobuchar. she is considered because she is compared with the rest of the field, she is considered a moderate, reasonable person. this is a person who believes the government should require employers around the world -- around
3:29 am
the country to enforce a minimum wage. yet, at the same time, she was not paying her own employees in the senate a minimum wage. she had free interns working for free. she changed all of that when she decided to run for president. but this is a woman who didn't couldn't bring herself to vote for president trump's qualified nominees. could not bring herself to vote for william barr for attorney general who by all accounts is a qualified, independent sort of person. they are just simply not that serious. and when you consider that she is sort of the gold standard for being sort of a moderate among this field, it's kind of scary. steve: it sounds like you read the oppo research on her. kamala harris would not comment on jussie smollett or her father's comments about her. she, since 2017 has introduced 54 bills, zero laws. but then again when you look at and not surprising that the record is so bad right there.
3:30 am
when you look at barack obama, remember, when he was in the illinois state legislature, i think he voted present over 100 times. so, is it about having a record or not having a record? >> no, it's not about having a record. it's about sort of capturing a feeling and that's what these people are running on. they are running on emotional feeling and trying to appeal to voters that way because they have no record and they have no accomplishments to point. to say. steve: well, we have looked at the numbers. charlie hurt, thank you for joining us have. great weekend. >> thank you, sir. steve: 6:30 in new york city. jussie smollett has captured the attention of the nation. will it have a lasting effect on race in our nation? our panel is next to discuss just that. good morning, ladies and gentlemen. and the left likes to take down statues, vandals burning this one of general lee. the only problem? they got the wrong guy. ♪ always burning ♪ since the world's been turning ♪ picy taco.
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>> who says [bleep] empire [bleep] this maga country [bleep] ties a noose around your neck. >> empire actor jussie smollett took advantage of the pain and anger of racism to promote his career. >> i noticed the rope around my neck and i started screaming. >> why would anyone, especially an african-american man use the symbolism of a noose to make false accusations. >> you do such a disservice when you lie about things like this. >> how can an individual who has been embraced by the city of chicago turn around and slap everyone in this city in the face by making these false claims? >> they get to go free and go about their life and possibly attack someone else? >> this publicity stunt was a scar that chicago didn't earn and certainly didn't deserve.
3:35 am
ainsley: emotions running high as new details emerge in the jussie smollett case. the empire actor now released from custody after posting a $100,000 bond and is facing felony charges for filing a false police report in an alleged hate crime hoax. here to weigh in is chicago native pastor corey brooks, former congressional press secretary for house democrats and political analyst rochelle richie and democratic strategist richard fowler. thank you all for being with us. >> good to be here. >> good morning. ainsley: what do you think jussie smollett's agenda was? >> you know, i really don't know. at this point even though this is a lie by jussie does not negate the fact that racism is real in this country. i really think he has done a disservice to people who are going to be unfortunately victims of hate crimes. i think we also have to recognize that racism has been used as a tool in this country, black people using it against white people. white people using it against black people and i think jussie's case highlights that side. who can forget in 1994 with
3:36 am
susan li von smith accused a black man of murdering her children when in fact she is the one who murdered 3-year-old and 14-month-old. also the most egregious case i can think of in our history that got national attention was that of carolyn brian who should still be held as an accomplice to the murder of emit hill. it's unfortunate and i think we have to find a way to see you lens bigotry and hate so we cannot use it against each other. ainsley: you know, richard, he is famous. he is from chicago. everyone there is so proud of him or was so proud of him. he had an opportunity to push his agenda and do good for his causes. as a black man and gay man what do you think about this? >> first this, i think if this is a hoax and the reason i use if is because jussie deserves due process like every other american does and see court cases come out and see what they say? if it is a hoax here is what we have to realize. jussie's case is an exception not a n each and every day there are lbgtq folks beaten because how
3:37 am
they show up in the world. it happens in chicago and right here in washington, d.c. and happens in atlanta. it happens in new york. and it happens in los angeles where maga dnc donor ed brooks is still walking free when two black men were found dead in his home. so we have real problems in this country that we have got to deal with we can't sit here and look at the box and look at this one case and say let's throw the baby out with the bath water. let's remember hate crimes are up and hate crimes are real and hate crimes happen to people that i know each and every day. ainsley: pastor brooks, he makes a great point? what do you think? is the media going to change the way they cover these stories? who is telling the truth? what does it mean going forward for people who really are victims of hate crimes? >> you know, going forward, i would hope that hate crime victims would get the attention that they need. i really feel about about the whole situation in chicago especially since we have a cloud over our city with so much violence going on. a lot of people don't understand that by him doing this it took a lot of
3:38 am
resources away from our city. only 17 pierc 17% of murders are solved in the city of chicago only 7% violent crimes or non-homicides are solved. so, you know, it took a lot from our city and i hope and pray that things will be worked out. ainsley: what is the city of whicchicago saying? are they still supporting him? according to tmz he was on the set of empire yesterday. he said he is so sorry he would never do any of this. you are my family. i swear to god i did not do this. >> you know, in chicago, a lot of people didn't believe the story anyway. i will be truthful about it. ainsley: really? >> if you go on facebook, social media, twitter in the neighborhood, interest are a loare -- there are a lot of people who didn't believe two white individuals walking around 20 below in the winter of chicago and happen to stumble upon him and do this vicious act. so, it's very disheartening and it's really despicable if this is true that he would do such a thing to the
3:39 am
city of chicago. >> ainsley, can i jump in really quick? i understand it was cold in chicago and take the logistics out of this for main. the reason why this story was believable for some people in the lbgt and black community is because we have seen multiple times in which we have been victims. when you have black people getting the police called on them for having a barbecue for going to the pool with socks on. for setting in their dormitory, it's not hard and it's not inconceivable to think that something like this could potentially happen. i understand it was cold. but if you look at the racial tensions in our country right now, this is something that is very possible and it is happening. >> i think that's a good point that row chilly brings up in chicago the case of laquon mcdonald people were very slow in the black and lbgt community believe the police department at face. i know there is problem color and police.
3:40 am
this is somebody beloved by the black community whose character had broken the lines when it comes to talk about homophobia in the black community. this has been a very, very hard couple of days for those -- for people in the lbgtq community and people of color because of who jussie represents and what jamal lions character on the show empire meant to the community. ainsley: thank you all for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: i appreciate you all weighing in. >> thanks. ainsley: have a good weekend. thank you. hand it over to jillian for headlines. jillian: thank you, ainsley. and to you at home as well. a conservative is assaulted at uc berkeley. the video shows curse and throw a punch at the subject. victim is speaking out. >> some students took offense to a sign that we had that said hate crime hoaxes hurt real victims. and this person claiming promoting violence on campus and proceeded to take his aggression out on us.
3:41 am
ainsley: the person who recorded of the alleged attack will join "fox & friends" in the next hour. stay tuned for that in the meantime, police are searching for the unidentified suspect. these vandals apparently need a bit of a history lesson. a statue of a world war ii hero is set on fire seemingly because of his last name. north carolina police believe the criminals confused major general william c. lee for confederate general robert e. lee. bit of a difference. the crooks caused hundreds of dollars of damages and left burn marks on the monument. there is a reward out for information. michael buble hands the microphone over to a fan and she blows him away. check it out. ♪ ♪ at last ♪
3:42 am
jillian: that is erin stunning the crowd atlas. the university of delaware student will join us on "fox & friends" tomorrow. what a voice. brian: she passed the audition. ainsley: i have so many questions for her. did he know her? how did he know? brian: remember courteney cox was pulled out of the audience on bruce springsteen video? wow, can you believe she can dance? it was all choreographed. steve: that was staged. brian: did i not know. took years to find it out. steve: meanwhile straight ahead. ainsley: 42 minutes after the hour. a state senator comparing the old glory to swastika. the comments sparking outrage this morning. brian: john james in the running to be the next u.n. ambassador. will he want the job? will he get the job? we'll ask him. steve: a question on many jeopardy fans' minds who will be alex trebek's replacement? his surprising answer coming up. you are watching "fox & friends" for a friday.
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brian: two american troops, guess what, are going to stay in sir i can't say as part a small peace keeping force president trump withdraws forces up to 2,000 war torn country. lindsey graham tweets this outs this will ensure isis does not return and iran does not fill the vacuum that would have been left if we completely withdrew. this decision will ensure that we will not repeat the mistakes of iraq in syria. here is john james army veteran. are you happy with the president going from 2,000 to zero to 200? >> well, i'm always going to be happy with the president
3:47 am
pulling our men and women in harm's way out of harm's way and also doing so responsibly. i agree. i believe that the 200 remaining will keep turkey out of the syrian conflict. will also keep iran's ambitions at bay. i believe iran's ambitions are abetted by russian aggression and pushing south and allowing iran to say things like death to america. death to israel. we need to make sure that we maintain our support of israel and that scaling back our presence in the region is done so in a responsible manner. brian: moving on to and we will see where it goes because the president is going to speak to the turkish president today. we know it's going to be happening next week the president is going off to vietnam to be with kim jong un. a lot of people look at this and says he hasn't gotten rid of his nuclear weapons it's a waste of time. "the washington post" breaks down progress being made. north korea slowed representization designing building and testing building system
3:48 am
developments. limited reach of arsenal big problem they thought they could reach our west coast. findings indicate that the latter outweighs the former. latter being that they expand the bomb fuel inventory but cut back on these things. there is some progress being made already. what do you want to see happen when it's all said and done? >> there has definitely been progress being made it would not have happened without the leadership of this president. i truly believe that these steps have been made but we cannot expect an immediate fall of that you ofthaw of acol. is he terrified. a hermit dictator taken a green and yellow train from pyongyang to hanoi and using nukes as insurance policy against the west. i believe that president trump's leadership and getting north korea to toe the line to approach the table and verifiable denukes nuclearization in the foreseeable future i applaud
3:49 am
the president for his initiatives and wish him the best of luck when he goes to hanoi. brian: word is you are one of the finalist to be the next candidate to be the u.n. ambassador replacing nikki haley. what would that mean to you, john, what would you bring to the table? >> it would be incredible and honor to even be considered. i will tell you what, we have plenty of foreign policy experience in turtle bay. what we need is. >> morgan: leadership experience in turtle bay. i have battlefield tested experience. we don't need more resolutions and rhetoric. we need to heal the world by getting people together, accomplishing tough missions and i bring real world experience and the ability to be able to be a messenger for america's priorities all over the world and in new york based upon the pleasure of the president and in the priorities of secretary of state as well. if i get the call, i believe that i would serve well and serve honorably, energetically and effectively. brian: real quick, john, if
3:50 am
they started background checking you? >> i don't know what the federal government is doing on me but can i assure you that they won't find very much. it's an honor to be considered and we have been in talks in the past and it's an honor to be considered. brian: i mean vetting you. they have to vet all your people. i'm not saying there is a problem in your background. it's a long pro-jess. john james, best of luck. >> thank you. brian: it would be a great move. remember when congresswoman rashida tlaib said this after winning her race? >> we're going to go in there and teach them [bleep] [cheers and applause] brian: how these three are explaining that in an interview you have to see. we will tell you about the other two. and remember when promoting terror popped up on youtube? the company promised a crackdown. has anything really changed? the results next.
3:51 am
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steve: two years ago hundreds of companies with pulling money from youtube after their adds were showing up next to very inappropriate content some of which was promoting terrorism. ainsley: youtube promised to crack down on this and many companies came back. and today new reports of inappropriate content back in the news. here to explain is kurt the cyberguy. >> you would think after that statement they came out they were so strong two years ago it would all be fixed, right? not a chance. it's all the same. two years later we now have somebody pointing out to youtube that on and this is disgusting, in the -- you know you are in the car and have you got your kids and they are busy and you hand them a tablet or they have a phone and they're watching youtube videos. kids videos. nothing wrong with that until did you go down in the comment section and what they are discovering is that pedophiles are trying to attract children in the
3:55 am
comments sections of some video that's thought were safe for your children. and as it turns out nobody but nobody is stopping these disgusting human beings from doing perverted things online. steve: where are the filters? >> where are they, right? they should start tweaght in washington, don't you think? if the tech companies themselves continue to fail and i remind you that youtube is owned by google and as you remember what google is, it's not just the google machine we search for. it's the surveillance company that has mastered surveying human kind for profit. and their interest in actually taking care of us is proven, again, in this. if -- they have no care in the world and nobody is policing them. and there is not any meaningful law on the books that says hey, don't do this. and that's because so much money is being spent on lobbyists in washington. brian: look at what's happening. companies are pulling their ads, disney, necessarily hasbro are also offended by this and they are taking
3:56 am
action. >> they did two years ago. they came right back an youtube said no, no, we are going to fix this. here they are again. probably going to come out with another statement, hey, so sorry, can't imagine this even happened. ainsley: because the last thing they want is government regulation. >> that is true. and the thing they really don't want are advertisers to start pulling the revenue off of youtube. ainsley: the guy who created it matt watson is calling them out on this. >> he uploaded the video. ainsley: here is a statement from. steve: youtube to "fox & friends." >> any content including comments endangering minors is abhorrent and we have clear policies prohibiting this on youtube. we took immediate action and we continue to work to improve and catch abuse more quickly. >> i'm all about less government but i can't stand the fact that these connect tech companies just have a free for all in our lives that have such detrimental effects. ainsley: thank you for getting the message out. those of us with small kids no more youtube. steve: adults shouldn't see some of that stuff.
3:57 am
all right, kurt. thank you. ainsley: white house press secretary sarah sanders, senator tim scott, pam bondi and geraldo all here live. oh yeah. how do you kind of buy a new car? it's used. it's for mikey. you know he's gonna have girls in that car. yeah. he's gonna have two of them. great benefits for veterans from navy federal credit union... our members are the mission. neighbors... loved ones. living with diseases like cancer, epilepsy, mental health conditions and hiv. maybe you're one of them. but new medicare rules could deny access to the latest, most effective therapies... therapies that keep them healthy. are medicare cuts that save less than one percent worth the risk to millions of patients?
3:58 am
president trump promised to protect medicare... we need him to keep his word.
3:59 am
4:00 am
♪ >> this publicity stunt was a scar that chicago didn't earn and certainly didn't deserve. >> when you use hatred and bigotry and lying young black kids do it old white guy you become president. >> outrageous what the left is doing. false narratives that they're establishing. >> the father of an isis bride is suing the trump administration to bring her home. hoda's family wants to affirm she is an american citizen. >> this video is shocking a conservative activist attacked while recruiting at uc berkeley. >> this person claiming promoting violence on campus and proceeded to take his aggression out on us. >> michael blew play hands buble
4:01 am
microphone over to a fan and she blows him away ♪ at last ♪ ♪ are you ready for a brand new beat ♪ steve: i don't see anybody actually dancing in the street. a lot of people are heading up north towards central park. it is a very busy friday. ainsley: until 5:00 the dancing begins. steve: indeed. thank you very much for joining us. and once again today, that's the lead story right there. ainsley: and next to brian. brian: facing justice. ainsley: maintaining his innocence still as chicago police accuse him of plotting an elaborate hate crime. steve: at this hour smollett is out on bond and already back on the set of empire where he apologized and said he is innocent. brian: is he? matt finn is in chicago with why prosecutors believe this was a publicity stunt.
4:02 am
not a lot of mystery here. they spelled the whole thing out. >> superintendent and prosecutors are saying he did plan this elaborate hoax fake letter and staged attack on the streets. fighting back writing in a statement in part, quote: wens withed an organized law enforcement spectacle that has no place in the american legal system. mr. smollett is a young man of impeccable character and integrity who fiercely and solemnly maintains his innocence and feels betrayed by a system that apparently wants to skip due process and proceed directly to sentencing. police and prosecutors allege smollett carried out with a fake attack because that death threat letter with the maga return address did not get him enough attention. police say smollett cut the osundairo brothers a $3,500 check to pretend to beat him on the streets of chicago. he shout this is maga country and to shout racial
4:03 am
and homophobic slurs. a judge publicly chastised smollett saying the noose if true is the most disturbing part because it conjures up the most disturbing evil in this country's history. the chicago superintendent says this city embraced smollett and he turned around and slapped it in the face. >> absolute justice would be an apology to this city that he smeared, admitting what he did. and then be man enough to offer what he should offer up in terms of all the resources that were put into this. >> the fbi is investigating the alleged death threat letter. if it determined that smollett played a role in it or sent it to himself he faces serious federal charges. jussie smollett did return to the empire set here in chicago shortly after he was released from jail. yesterday he is set to appear in court on the charge of filing a false police report next month. back to you guys.
4:04 am
steve: all right. matt, thank you very much. brian: the whole thing is -- you watch the police superintendent spell out exactly what you do in detail. they have the two witnesses you paid. the check that you wrote. the magazine where the letters were cut out were found in the brothers house. steve: phone records show he called them before the attack, after the attack when they were in another country. ainsley: like is he living out another scene from another movie. cutting out letters from magazine and putting it on that letter that he sent to himselhimself fake making up ths whole thing allegedly. steve: apparently the plan was attack me near my apartment. beat me up but not too bad. brian: they think he beat himself up. steve: no, they said the brothers wore gloves during the staged attack but did punch him the scratches and bruises on his face most likely self-inflicted. the part from the legal team there was one more line and his legal team put out why they feel he has been wrongly accused and is being railroaded they said this
4:05 am
all happened on the eve of a mayoral election. in other words, they are suggesting it's political. brian: exactly. steve: only political stuff i remember from this case was when he told people that the people who beat him up were talking about maga. ainsley: you watched that robin roberts interview now and you are oh my gosh he was crying in that interview. all an act, if he really did. this if he made up all this hoax, he went to the empire set according to tmz yesterday and he -- they have another week and a half of shooting, basically another week of shooting. finish out this episode that they have left. i'm sure they will replace him with somebody else who looks like him. acting he hasn't been proven guilty yet. he looked at the crowd that he acts with and he says i'm so sorry i have put you all through this i'm sorry i haven't answered your calls. you know me i wouldn't do. this you are my family. i swear to god i did not do. this still doubling down. steve: i read that tmz report several cast members
4:06 am
want him written out immediately. but other cast members believe him because they cannot fathom him pulling off a hoax like this. brian: beyond a sociopath. he gives a bath name to sociopaths. think about this. so obvious if you see the police superintendent say what he said and details in which this case was unwound and presented. however, amazing how some still don't want to blame the guy who made up the entire story. listen. >> i don't know if it's up to us to make some sense it. i will not throw him under the bus. is it a big, bad mistake? absolutely. but a lot of people have made some awful, awful big bad mistakes. now we can make up whatever we want to make up about it, but he told a lie the same way the leader of this country does every day. >> when you use hatred and bigotry and lying. young black kid. young gay black kid you get indicted. if you do it when you are an old white guy you become president. >> i still don't know all
4:07 am
the details i i'm waiting for the final results of all of this. if in fact it's a host i would be disappointed. brian: does she have audio on her television. does she understand the two black guys from new jersey -- nigeria well actually america or does she. steve: chicago. brian: or does she believe the actor? you can't have it both ways. steve: ultimately he has been charged and the whole case adjudicated. certainly was damning the way the superintendent laid it out. but then again he made it very clear we didn't know the story from the brothers until the 47th hour of the 48th hours they were able to keep him had they nulled spilled the beans in that 47th hour they would have gone free one hour later and nobody would have known. brian: no bleach, no gasoline, we will use bleach instead. but it does not add up. it does not make sense. he wasted a lot of man hours. a lot of goodwill. and it's amazing how people now want to wait in some cases for the final verdict
4:08 am
to come in. as soon as he made the complaint everyone believed him and willing to say that's typical donald trump supporters. that sounds like what will happen on the streets in chicago at 2:00 in the morning at minus 5 degrees. ainsley: rush limbaugh said the same thing all those in the media and those out there rushing to condemn the attacker they really wanted this story to be true. brian: how do you know what rush said? ainsley: sometimes i listen to him. brian: okay. go. >> the left is nothing but phony hate crimes. phony alleged hate crimes. phony charges, made up stories. you know these things probably aren't true but they want them to be. that's why they report them as true. so, in the mind of the american left, these crimes are happening everywhere. even if the smollett case isn't real, it's real elsewhere and we must raise consciousness. it's just outrageous what the left is doing to this country, the picture of this country that they are painting each and every day. the false narratives that they are establishing.
4:09 am
many of which they know to be untrue. brian: commercial. steve: and then he did go to a commercial. so apparently the story is maga he wrote, he scripted, directed and starred in his own hate crime all for a raise, according to the police, according to a hollywood reporter jussie was making $125,000. brian: how do you live on that? steve: every episode. brian: you can't live on that. steve: somehow they do. show time, got a program called day sues and mereo, they had on it three of the freshman congress man congressw. they had alexandria ocasio-cortez, rashid that tlaib from michigan and ilhan omar and filmed it in aoc's office. they talked about why is it the three of you have wound up with so much publicity and in particular tlaib made held lines when she said on the night everybody was sworn in to the house that she was going to impeach the president and referred to
4:10 am
him in awful language. listen to this. >> and when your son looks at you and says momma loves you juan. bullies don't win. baby they don't. we are going to go in there and we're going to impeach [bleep]. ainsley: two comedians show comes on late night and they asked the three freshman congresswomen why they say that can you explain why you are saying that about the president? listen to. this this is my girl ilhan from minnesota. rasheda in trouble for saying a boo boo word. rasheda, don't worry about it. like who cares? >> right. >> and she was like yeah, i'm from detroit. like back there that's what we call guys. >> no. that guy. the double standard is that guy never getting in trouble for all of the boo boo words he uses. >> nature. >> a lot of [inaudible]
4:11 am
>> you want us to visit? >> it's one of those things where it's like keeping it real with people it's like frowned upon thing and so we're just doing it anyway because it's too much work. it's too much work to not do that. >> i think we have a beef with almost everyone here because there is a lack of courage. >> right. >> it seems like we are all radical because we deeply care about the people that we represent and we want to throw down for them. steve: they are deeply radical because they care about the people they represent. ainsley: environmental protection agency it real, everyone. brian: like i know exactly what you mean. ainsley: like you do? steve: it reveals the mindset and they have -- the three of them have gotten so much publicity and that's what they were talking about. why do you think some members of the press are interested in what you are saying? brian: right. i would believe that aoc would be going to bat for her own people if she had an office in queens. she has yet to find an office. so how could you represent the people if you have no place to go?
4:12 am
ainsley: she is a little busy. steve: there did you go. email us at 7:11 in new york city. some liberal cities are proud to be sanctuaries, including new york city. but now florida, the state of, is one step closer to banning sanctuary cities entire state. florida -- former florida attorney general pam bondi here to weigh in next. brian: plus, they must be feeling down in the mouth. why the tooth fairy is getting cheap with kids. for powerful claritin-d. while the leading allergy spray only relieves 6 symptoms, claritin-d relieves 8, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more.
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4:16 am
♪ >> we will stand for the rule of law. we will not allow sanctuary cities. and we will stop incentivizing illegal immigration, which is unfair to our legal immigrants, promotes lawlessness and reduces wages for our blue collar workers. steve: the state of florida is one step further to fulfilling ron desantis' promise on banning so-called sanctuary cities. a new bill approved by the florida state judiciary senate committee would require state and local law enforcement to cooperate with ice. if they don't cooperate could be fined up to $5,000 a day. and that would get their attention. former florida attorney
4:17 am
general pam bondi joins us now from tallahassee with the very latest. pam, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: when you were attorney general i know you and governor scott would occasionally get these -- the burn grants which was money from the federal government to extend to localities to help them with law enforcement. there was a stipulation and that is got to cooperate with the feds, right? >> tough cooperate with the feds. and governor scott and i both had to say that to get this money our -- all of our police chiefs wanted it. all of our sheriffs for good reasons and it goes to project safe neighborhoods. and to get this money, you had to say that you are not going to have sanctuary cities. and the word sanctuary city is a bit misleading because these aren't just all great people there. you don't know who is there. you don't know if a sex offender could be mixed in with people who are there. and so, it's lawful for ice to come in and they have to
4:18 am
follow the law these cities. this is a lot of money to help keep our streets, our kids, our citizens safe. and so i'm so proud of governor desantis and senator joe griewder sponsored this bill. joe did a great job at this. it's very important for our state and protecting our kids and all of our citizens. steve: you know one of the problems that we have unfortunately become too aware of over the last number of years is when sanctuary city and they are holding somebody who is wanted by the federal government is a criminal alien. and the federal government wants to start the process to get them out of the country if that is how that case has been adjudicated. but a lot of these sanctuary cities don't cooperate with ice and next thing you know, this criminal element alien rather is back out on the street. now, if florida is considering this, pam, does that mean some city is on the verge of declaring, you know what? we have decided we want to be a sanctuary city?
4:19 am
>> well, we don't want that to happen for the reasons i just discussed for the safety of our citizens. i hope our whole country is about legal immigration. that's what we are founded on. but that's protecting people who have federal detainers and you can't violate federal law nor should you want to. and we also want to protect our citizens with all these grant money that my state got and multiple states throughout the country got. so, yes, if ice has a detainer it's pretty much common sense. steve: right. >> a city has to fault law. it's a shame we need legislation like this but we do. and hopefully it will pass and i'm certain governor desantis is doing a great job will sign it. steve: i'm sitting in new york city. and, you know, it's a sanctuary city. so it's a whole different scenario up here. florida democratic senator javier rodriguez put out this statement. said there is a lot of
4:20 am
things we ought to be doing to try to make communities safer and try to deal with the issues of racial profiling and what this bill does is the opposite. it really forces all levels of local government to engage with the federal government in ways that currently are not required by law and make their decisions and their missions more difficult. i will give you 20 seconds to respond. >> well, this is about the rule of law in the most basic form. it's called following the law. and our cities and counties can't disregard federal law. federal law will always trump state law. and they have to comply with it and it is keeping our citizens safe because we have to background people. what if you had -- i'm not saying the majority of these people are. but what if you had a registered sex offender? you are not going to know it a child molester. you are not going to know it this is about keeping our citizens safe. and immigration the legal way. steve: all right. pam bondi, former attorney general for florida. pam, thank you very much. meanwhile, shocking video
4:21 am
from the university of california berkeley. a conservative activist attacked while trying to recruit out in california. we're going to here the story and seat pictures coming up. ♪ [bleep] you know, i used to be good at this. then you turn 40 and everything goes. tell me about it. you know, it's made me think, i'm closer to my retirement days than i am my college days. hm. i'm thinking... will i have enough? should i change something? well, you're asking the right questions. i just want to know, am i gonna be okay?
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4:25 am
administration must pay for claiming ineligible fema funds. the city claimed 132 department of transportation vehicles were ruined in super storm sandy but they were damaged before the storm or they were already junked before the storm. the payout is part of a very substantial settlement. and $3.70. that's how much the average kid gets from the tooth fairy. that's a lot of change to leave under a pillow. according to the insurance firm delta dental plan association her rate is going down for the second straight year. that is the tooth fairy's. all right. brian? brian: we will see if that effects the markets. ainsley: what's the rate nowadays. brian: as we switch gears, ainsley. a conservative attacked for beliefs on campus. this attack caught on camera. watch. [bleep] >> jesus christ.
4:26 am
what? ainsley: gosh. poor guy. alexander szarka is a student at uc berkeley and witnessed that exchange. he joins us now. thank you for joining us, alexander. tell us what happened. >> effectively what happened was i got out of class and i went to the plaza which is the main area on campus in which students and other people are free to table and give out fliers this sort of thing. i noticed that there was a table that said something to the effect of beware of false hate crimes. obviously a reference to the recent jussie smollett incident. and right when i -- as soon as i noticed that i was drawn to a verbal altercation that was occurring between the individual tabling hayden and a few other people. and then that quickly escalated from a verbal altercation into a violent altercation where the table
4:27 am
was flipped by the individual who you see punching the man and then from there i started to record and i was lucky enough to get the most egregious parts of the incident on camera. brian: you didn't get everything. but, first off, how is it that we haven't found this guy yet? you have a full shot of his face on video. i mean, come on. he is most likely a student. it looks like he has a backpack on. is there any effort being made to find this guy. >> honestly, i can't weigh in on that. i know that the university, the response from the university has been very weak in my opinion. the statement that chancellor sent out was a very blanket condemnation of violence. and it really didn't go into the specifics of the case. brian: what an embarrassment. ainsley: let me read that statement so folks at home can make their own judgments. she says let there be no mistake we strongly condemn
4:28 am
violence and harassment of any sort for any reason. at this point we have no information indicating that the perpetrators are affiliated with the university and i join our police department in urging anyone with information about the incident to come forward so we can apprehend and bring the perpetrator to justice. you are not happy with that you said it's too weak? too soft? >> i'm not giving the context because if you see the last statement that she sent out before that, it was about three times longer and it was went into much more specificity, much more what's the word? ainsley: detail? >> much more emotion was behind it you could honestly tell. that was addressing some comments that were made about certain faculty members being plants or agents of chinese governments. while i agree with her statement the tone and tenure she took with that she did not apply that same passion, that same specificity to this case. ainsley: hayden williams, the guy who got punched, he
4:29 am
was on with sean hannity last night. >> right. ainsley: what was his reaction? what was he doing? was there anything we didn't see on this video in everyone wants to see the whole story when we see videos now. >> tough understand i only briefly -- it was just extremely frew dextreme fortuit. all i know he was standing there or i'm sorry, he was at the table and it was -- he was obviously had provocative material for berkeley. brian: for berkeley beware of false hate crimes? why should that be offensive to anybody? >> well, within the berkeley context it's offensive because it's -- obviously they are making funnel of the jussie smollett incident. that's obviously the perception here. brian: put it this way. look at the face. look at the video. any officer in that area knows who this guy is they could find him in nine
4:30 am
seconds. so, they are not making any effort. >> no. i don't necessarily disagree with you on that. i'm simply just saying i have come on this show because i want to prosecute this individual to the fullest extent of the law. and i have been talking to every media outlet i can from across the political spectrum because i absolutely believe he should be prosecuted and apprehended. ainsley: we appreciate you getting this video so we can find out who this person is and police can get to the bottom of it thank you so much for being brave. >> absolutely. brian: that guy should have been arrested already. meanwhile. ainsley: state senator trashing the american flag, comparing old glory to a swastika. the comments sparking outrage this morning. >> democrats say would he go don't need a wall. pete hegseth just got back from jerusalem and built the man who built their walls. pete will join us ♪ it's going to take some time ♪ ♪ last years' ad campaign
4:31 am
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(team member) this is wells fargo. >> celebrities, news commentators and even presidential candidates weighed in on something that was choreographed by an actor. smollett attempted to gain attention by sending a false letter that relied on racial, homophobic and political language. we have problems that have affected people from all walks of life and we know that. but to put the national spotlight on chicago for something that is both egregious and untrue is simply shameful. steve: so many people have said that since then. that's the superintendent of the chicago police department. pete hegseth joins us right now. >> good morning. steve: i'm sure you were watching the live feed from chicago as he explained the case general's jussie smollett who it sounds like made it up to get more money from his job at fox. >> good for him.
4:35 am
steve: what? >> good for who him is. the chief. he laid it out time wasted and money wasted and how it hurts false racial claims inflame things that we as a country have been overcoming for 240 years. you overcome 3/5ths of a person in a constitution. overcome slavery and jim crow. discrimination against guys and females and in this particular case you add to it the symbol of a noose. it's so irresponsible. brian: puts everything in one. >> everything into one it raised eyebrows at the beginning. turns out it's all fake. a big problem here too is jussie smollett thought he would benefit from being seen as a victim. the min mindset that says if i'm seen as a victim of a trump supporter i'm going to benefit in hollywood. i'm going to do better for myself and build up the characterization that anyone who voted for president trump who believes in making america great again is a racist. he just made the problem a lot worse. ainsley: i think your point is dead on. because i think so many
4:36 am
americans we want to improve our country. we have come so far. we want to get away from certain stereotypes. and it's like three steps forward and this can take us back so many steps. brian: could have been riots out of it. >> you can love your country deeply and still recognize her sinful and flawed past. what do you focus on the shared belief we have together. creator we are all created equally? that is the founding premise of america. instead we choose to focus on gender or skin color or sexual orientation as what defines a personal. put that all aside and let's figure out what we actually believe n america. brian: politics building wall. 22 miles in new mexico. time laps video. the president had it on his feed yesterday. the president liked the israeli model originally. the israeli model you saw up close and personal. pete: i was in jerusalem this entire week. we had a chance during that time to spend time with danny, a colonel in the idf.
4:37 am
he was responsible for building 455 miles of fencing and walls in israel. i got to speak with him briefly and asked him and this is what he had to say. pete: to those that say walls are ineffective what do you say. >> they don't know what they are talking about. look what happens in gaza. defense won't be there they would be in tel aviv. >> walls work? >> walls work. pete: how effective have walls been for israel? >> well, from 2,000 to the end of 2006. israel more than 3,000 thai attacks we lost in this period 1562 people that were murdered by terror attacks. steve: clearly it works. before they built the wall how much protest was against it? >> there was a great deal of protest against it international protest against it. you know, because the border walls there as you all know have been under dispute for
4:38 am
millennia. thousands of years. decades. drawing those lines wasn't hard. let alone you are doing it during terror attacks. they built it and terror attacks plummeted. ainsley: they rarely have anyone who tries to get over the wall. >> you can't get over it a combination of sensors, fencing, walls, guards. also watch people go back and forth every single day. the walls also have big doors so people can come through and you know who is congress through. brian: what's up on fox nation. >> i was in jerusalem for a week doing a documentary for fox nation called battle in the holy city. the secret story of jerusalem. we got exclusive access no one has ever had. interviews. behind the scenes stuff on camera. coming up on fox nation fox neighbors threat flicks for conservatives. steve: do you have time to do your other job. pete: on occasion. steve: will you be here tomorrow? pete: once again i asked brian to be here this weekend and he won't be. [laughter] brian: you never asked.
4:39 am
pete: we haven't have we. consider this a formal invitation every weekend. can you join us any time you want. we have a great slate of guest. pete. ainsley: did you find an apartment in jerusalem. pete: no i found one i really like. don't tempt me. brian: you don't do this on the weekends but we do. we toss to news. jillian: brian doesn't work enough you need to add one more day. jillian: he needs to work a little more. vendvenezuela is bracing for protests as closes the border with brazil. juan guaido delivering much needed aid suffering from economic crisis. guaido accepting help from russia. shutting down the colombian border. nebraska state senator compares the american flag to the nazi swastika.
4:40 am
independent bernie chambers saying quote when you show a way to persuade jews to sanctify and worship the swastika. when you show me that i will come up here and stand while you all hypocritical particularly pretend that rag is something that it definite solid not. a republican is slamming that claim. >> i think i speak for most of us that have worn the uniform it rips our heart out to hear someone say that they refer to the flag as a rag because. >> chambers comments were in response to a proposed bill to update civics requirements. a student is fighting to show support for at her high school. maddy muriel says she was denied permission to wear maga hat on her campus on california. she calls that a violation of the first amendment. >> how does being a patriot and trying to show pride in your country. how is that inappropriate? >> the school dress code doesn't specify if political hats or shirts are allowed.
4:41 am
jeopardy host alex trebek knows who he would pick to replace him. >> probably going to be a woman. it will be somebody younger. somebody bright. somebody personable. somebody with great sense of humor. so i nominated betty white. [laughter] >> the host of over 30 years currently has no plans to retire. i just think betty white is great at everything. brian: remember her husband was a great game show host al nunn. steve: she was on a million game shows. ainsley: he said someone younger betty white. brian: do you know who else is good at game shows janice dean? ainsley: she is very funny. janice: i have always wanted to be behind the doors open the door. i know that about me already. your name is nic and where are you from. >> long island. janice: what do you want to be when you grow up. >> maybe a meteorologist. janice: i love it look at
4:42 am
this great crowd we have here today for nick. [cheaters] janice: what are the current conditions in new york right now? >> 40 degrees and partly cloudy. janice: oh my gosh, you're hired. excellent. take a look at the temperatures right now. what is it in florida right now? >> it's hot. janice: excellent answer right there. again, bonus points. 22 in denver. i just want to make folks aware if you live across the southeast and tennessee we have the potential for flooding this weekend and severe storms. very like severe weather setup where we could see tornadoes tomorrow. keep that in mind. there is your flood advisories. then there is your severe threat as we go through saturday. that's going to be a big deal. out west, the southwest, the dessert southwest, nick. we have snow. you know we had snow in malibu, california yesterday. that's very rare. do you know what else? you know brian kilmeade? >> yeah. janice: is he as funny on off tv as on tv. brian.
4:43 am
steve: you know that kid. brian: i do know him and his dad played a vital roled in the gang unit. is he not in a gang he makes sure there are no gangs. ainsley: he says it's definitely improved with this administration. brian: takes on ms-13. ainsley: nice family. they come to our book signings. we appreciate all of you who do that. brian: 17 minutes before the the top of the hour. we saw a top prospect get injured. now many fans want duke star go right to the nba. is he supposed to be the next lebron. his shoe blew up it could have blew up his career. what should we do? ainsley: president trump's critics already pivoting on the mueller report before it's even out. what happens if democrats don't get the results they want? former white house press secretary ari fleischer on that coming up next. steve: hello, ari. ♪ ♪
4:44 am
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♪ >> congress and if there are also no public -- the public rightly will feel that there is a coverup. >> we are in a serious situation, congressional constitutional crisis which i expect to be a very limited disclosure of mueller's important revelation. >> we have to do our own investigation and we are. ainsley: president trump's critics are already pivoting on the mullen report which could wrap up next week. what happens if the special counsel doesn't deliver what the democrats have been praying for? brian: so rare to see his critics on cnn it jarred me for a second. here to weigh in is ari fleischer. all right. we have no idea what to expect. we do think they won't drop while he is in north korea. probably two weeks away.
4:48 am
but your sense is what's this -- how is it going to change things? >> my caution to everybody is keep your powder dry because do you not know what bob mueller has unless you are one of the attorneys who represents somebody and his people have filled you in. it you are not one of those people and have not talked to one of those people. just wait. have the patience and discipline not to get out in front of this story. let's see what bob mueller has and doesn't have. ainsley: will we all be able to seat report? will that go public. >> i hope. so one area we should not see is the counter intelligence portion of it. which is significant there are things that we as a nation and government need to know about russia and the things they did. we can use that to stop them the next time. we don't want it all out there. however on the trump, the collusion, the big elements that are shocked to rock the faith of this country is trump colluding or not? this country deserves to know everything. we need to get this behind us one way or the other. if mueller doesn't have the goods on trump, the democrats will owe him and the media a massive apology. if he has got the goods, trump and his people need to deal with that.
4:49 am
but, let's just wait and see. but, my sense of this thing is it's a huge because for the democrats it's been everything. it's been the reason to oppose him. brian: ari, other thing they said mueller's report will show a road map for democrats to impeach. they will say this is what we have. now go follow these leads. >> well, if they have the goods, people need to know it. and if the goods are that bad. they will speak for themselves. absent that the democrats have a huge risk on their hands. if they make this and investigation with an attempt to impeach when they don't have any evidence of collusion, this is going to bomber ranboomerang on the demo. tim kaine accused president trump of treason. these are the words they have described the president. they have done it from the start. if there is no proof. the democrats are going to have a lot of backtracking and apologizing to do. brian: it's going to go from politics to business. don't worry about the
4:50 am
mueller report. i'm going to go after his business connections after. that's the difference of this president. he actually has a business background. >> you don't investigate people. you investigate crimes. the democrats look, they have never accepted this presidency. you remember when he ran and people said trump won't accept the election. democrats have never accepted this election. they are doing everything extra political to get him out. ainsley: thank you so much for being on with us. brian: big hour, look at this, geraldo rivera who i have met. white house secretary sarah sanders who i also met and senator tim scott, always great to see him.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
♪ ♪ >> a lot of hip hop and rap music is built around me showing how i got more money than you, can i disrespect
4:54 am
you and you can't do nothing about it if you are very confident about your sexuality, you don't have to have 8 women around you twerking. brian: i have always said that. ainsley: no more twerking. former president obama slamming rappers for their own toxic masculinity. steve: town hall out in oakland. co-host of the new show tyrus and brit mchenry. good morning. >> thanks for having us. steve: the former president is talking about how rappers have this toxic masculinity. what does this mean tyrus? >> i don't know if it's necessarily the rappers or the industry who sign the rappers who dictate their videos. brian: you used to perform with snoop dogg. >> certain things getting a date, having a job, buy a car, have good credit and money. those are easy things to rap about. i never was a big fan of the
4:55 am
rappers who rapped about simple things like that. but those things sell. and young kids particularly eat that stuff up. men like myself like the lyrics like the guys to tell a story. brian: marketing. >> rock and roll and i thought what the president said was sound advice. i'm good with it. >> it's not just the men. we were talking back stage cardi b has five of the top 10 hits on the r and b chart she twerks and raps about this too. it's just to sell records. i'm not offended i know most millennials aren't either. brian: you are bragging because had you dr. drew on your show. >> i like dr. drew. >> spent a lot of time together. brian: really is that true? >> really align my life right and set things straight. brian: jonah hill. >> that was the topic of discussion. that was a moment that you guys had a bonding. >> in front of the camera.
4:56 am
brian: let's roll it; >> i would argue if he really wants to put a bold light on the toxic masculinity, double down on the comedy all the time now. this is supposed to be taken off the record. ices punked. take a good hard look at it double down and let humor do its job. it's supposed to bring out truth. steve: let humor do its job. >> you spoke the history of comedians. >> i put censorship on comedy with telling reporters what they can and cannot say. comedy heals. it can make a group more diverse than the four of us sitting here at a park bench we can look at somebody crack ago joke and take something different and laugh about it together as opposed to each one talking about political views. comedy heals. when you tell them what they can and cannot make fun of, it changes the things become more secretive and more violent because you can't say what's on your mind anymore. steve: sure. >> good way to do it. steve: one of the good things about your show there is plenty of comedy in it check out new shows of unpc
4:57 am
with brit and tyrus. go to and download the app. and try a free seven day trials. brian: don't be afraid to take a look at my series. >> i watch it all the time. . .
4:58 am
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just to help you improve your skills. boom! mad skills. education to take your trading to the next level. only with td ameritrade. ♪ >> put the national spotlight on chicago for something that is both egregious and untrue is simply shameful. >> jussie smollett thought thought he would benefit from being a victim. built up the characterization that anyone that voted for president trump is a race i. he made the problem a lot worse. >> a be conserve activist. >> it doesn't go into the specifics of case. despite the viral nature. brian: the president net week going off to vietnam to meet with kim jong-un. >> kim jong-un is terrified. is he hermit dictator. steve: florida is one step closer to banning sing wary cities.
5:01 am
>> our country is about legal immigration. that is what we're founded on. protecting people with federal detainers. >> trying to take picture of outfit, ow oh, after slipping off the bathtub. she will ask a friend next time to take that. ♪ steve: you can start dancing after you watch the news. one more hour on the very busy friday. thank you very much for making "fox & friends" your routine. ainsley: we have to download that one. brian: chris allen. didn't he win "american idol?" do you remember how much time i put into knowing everyone on "american idol" and how it would benefit me in the long run? steve: i remember in the beginning brian had a poster of justin guar independent ni on
5:02 am
his wall. brian: that is not true. just a picture. they did a picture about justin and carrie. it was kill. carrie underwood won next year. ainsley: the best part of "american idol" was when the worst people come out and sing. brian: they don't do that anymore. they don't like to make fun of people with no talent. >> i feel bad for saying that. steve: we'll get to geraldo in a moment. we want to talk to him about the lead story. fox news alert. actor jussie smollett is maintaining he is innocent as chicago police accuse him of staging an elaborate hate crime to get more money at work. brian: smollett is out on bond. he is already back on the set of "empire." he is not admitting he is guilty. ainsley: says he is innocent. i swear to god i am innocent. matt fin is live in chicago.
5:03 am
why cops believe this is all a bug pub histy stunt. reporter: police and prosecutors claim that jussie smollett is a liar who conduct ad elaborate hoax, included a fake death letter and reported attack on streets of chicago all because he was upset how much he was being paid and he wanted to advance his career. jussie smollett's legal team is swinging back, writing in a statement, we witness ad organized law enforcement spectacle that has no place in the american legal system. the presumption of innocence, a bedrock in the search for justice was trampled upon on the expense of mr. seminole let and notably on the eve of a mayoral election. smollett was released from jail on 100,000-dollar bond n a packed courtroom, a judge smollett said if the noose part is true, it is outrageous, it conjures up the most evil part in this country's history. smollett's attorneys argued that the actor is released bond.
5:04 am
twentieth century fox statement reads, we understand the seriousness of this matter. we respect the legal process. we are evaluating the situation. we are considering our options. yesterday smollett returned to the "empire" set in chicago shortly after being released from jail. the city's top cop says smollett took advantage of the pain and anger of racism and slapped the city in the face. >> "empire" actor jussie smollett took advantage of the pain and anger of racism to promote his career. why would anyone, especially an african-american man, use symbolism of a noose to make false accusations? how could someone look at hatred and suffering associated with that symbol and see an opportunity to manipulate that symbol to further his own probable profile? reporter: the fbi is investigating the alleged death
5:05 am
threat letter. if it is determined that smollett sent it to himself, he faces serious federal charges. smollett is set to appear on the charge of filing a false police report again in court next month. brian, ainsley, steve. steve: matt, thank you very much. let's bring in geraldo rivera, fox news correspondent at large. in addition smollett's attorneys said the reason he is being railroaded or falsely accused because it happened own the eve of a mayoral election, suggesting it was political. >> baloney. baloney. baloney. watching eddie johnson, the chicago born and bred black man, dignified black man that runs the chicago pd, listen to the police superintendent lay out evidence against seminole let, pretty clear to me, unless there is some miracle evidence no one knows about, this fellow smollett is a race traitor. he is cynical, selfish,
5:06 am
self-absorbed person who would do absolutely anything to get a buck. the chicago police superintendent was repelled by him, was repulsed by him and went on about how dare he use a noose, the most potent symbol of oppression in the jim crow post-civil war, post-slavery era. lynching that gave us emmett till, the teenager later lynched down south. come on. this smollett deserves all the scorn, all of the ridicule, all of the contempt that people are expressing toward him now. brian: what is amazing to me, i know you have a legal case, get least time possible, smallest fine possible, i get that the fact he is not even contrite. they spelled this thing out in a way as if it was a episode of "murder, she wrote." they put the whole thing out there. airtight case with two main witnesses with the check he
5:07 am
wrote. he is defiant, shows up on the set, not contrite. sad that the controversy brought scrutiny on the show. what about the mind-set of someone trying to lie last week on "good morning america," and lie after that police report? >> it is, there is no contrition there. this is contempt. this is also, brian, it is obvious to me, an attempt to ride the coattails of the anti-trump sentiment in the country. the whole maga hat business, pouring the bleach, the message repeated endlessly on the other news networks, how it is the tone of the president's rhetoric that leads to hate crimes. now it seems -- brian: still there. >> just as bogus, just as bankrupt, smollett is trying once again to gin up sympathy, if trump is criticizing him he must be right. it is trump derangement syndrome, being evidenced again here by someone.
5:08 am
smollett saw what was happening. he saw the impact you could have if only you could drag the president in. look at this, you know, i noticed when smollett was arrested and charged, i was watching cnn and msnbc. they didn't even put the story, maybe a brief mention, they went on to talk about roger stone with something other suitably anti-trump. and then hardly ever got to it. that's the sentiment they're trying to cash in on here, this small let. he is trying to gin up -- the coast guard, five minutes after smollett's announcement and they brush it off, the coast guard guy gets arrested with arsenal, oh, it is trump's tone that caused this nutjob. ainsley: he thought it was a good story. he uses the fact that he is gay. he uses the fact that he is black. he uses the fact allegedly saying this is maga country. he checks all the boxes. the guys, the brothers said he
5:09 am
was, they were supposed to pour gasoline on him, then he changed it to clorox or bleach. the media was rushing to judgment, because they were, rush limbaugh said they wanted this story so badly to be true. you had individuals going on the media, going on camera saying, he is a young black kid. you get indicted if you do something like this. if you do it when you're an old white guy you become president. they're blaming the president. brian: listen to this. >> i don't know if it is up to us to make some sense of it. i will not throw him under the bus. is it a big, bad, mistake? absolutely. but a lot of people have made some awful, awful, big bad mistakes, now we can make up whatever we want to make up about it. but, he told a lie. the same way the leader of this country does every day. >> you use hatred, bigotry you're a young gay black kid. you get indicted. if you do it when you're an old
5:10 am
white guy, you become president. >> don't know all the details. i'm waiting for final results of all of this. if in fact it was a hoax i would be disappointed. >> those people don't get how smollett played them. i covered the charleston church massacre in 2016. nine african-american, beautiful elderly assaulted by a white racist. we saw the reaction when barack obama wint down there. if donald trump was president during the charlestown, church massacre, they would have blamed him for it. there is cynicism this country. anti-trump hatred and loathing makes anything acceptable, any charge, anything negative that happens in the country, blame this president. it will only get worse as we approach the 2020 election. steve: there was such a rush to judgment. that is why so many people are
5:11 am
embraersed what they put out initially. have a wonderful weekend. >> thank you. brian: talk to you on radio. hi, jillian. jillian: good friday morning. we have a fox news alert. brand new video showing the damage after two earthquakes rattle ecuador. tremors so strong they could be felt in colombia and peru. the first, 7.5 quake forcing patients to evacuate a hospital. the second quake striking just 25 minutes later. surveillance cameras capturing traffic lights rocking back and forth. right now there are no reports of injuries or deaths. if that changes we will keep you updated. the former american marine accused of spying in russia will stay behind bars for at least three more months. a moscow court extended paul whalen's detention until his next court appearance on may 28th. he was detained in december and faces espionage chars. he denies the accusations against him. takes a hit after a college
5:12 am
basketball blows out a sneaker on the court. we told you about this yesterday. shares dropping 1% since zion williamson hurt his knee at the duke-north carolina game. he is expected to be the nba number one draft pick. the league is considering lowering eligibility age from 19 to 18. which means prospects don't have to play in college. brian: no more one and done. knick fans were upset than duke fans. they believe they will draft him. steve: nike. rough week. ainsley: nike's stock went down. you called it. brian: i did. ainsley: you were right, brian. brian: absolutely. steve: didn't take a genius, when the shoe explodes. brian: could have a moment, steve? could i have one moment? one moment of confidence out the window. straight ahead. >> his ego is getting too big. brian: tim scott just met with vice president mike pence to remote a new program helping promote low income communities.
5:13 am
the senator joins us live. steve: we're rolling out the red carpet. the oscars are this sunday? are you going to watch? probably not. tom shillue is here with oscar trivia and put us to the test right now. ♪
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5:17 am
♪ >> we passed legislation that included what has come to be known as opportunity zones. it is expanding opportunities here in northeast columbia and all across america and senator tim scott was the champion of this transformational reform. brian: finally ready to be presented. vice president pence praising our next guest for promoting opportunity zones, an issue embraced by the trump administration, that encourages investments in struggling low income communities across the country, and billions have poured in. south carolina senator tim scott toured the opportunity zones with the vice president in south carolina and joins us now. brian: tim, this is one of your goals being senator from south carolina, help those who need help. how do opportunity zones answer that? >> well, brian, it attracts private sector capital back into the most distressed communities around our country and we're seeing real progress.
5:18 am
about 15 to $20 billion already targeted by february of this year to go into those areas. we're excited about it. frankly to have the vice president come to south carolina, ainsley's country, by the way in columbia, there you go, spend some time, he inspired people. we had an illuminating opportunity to see the vice president's heart and the crowd responded in an amazing way. it was fantastic. brian: so tell me right now, in distressed community, we need infusion of capital, not just handouts, but we need opportunities. how is the opportunity zone going to do something others couldn't? >> number one, this is not a government program. there are no handouts. only a handout by simply attracting private sector capital back into the places where it is needed the most to build jobs, to create opportunities and we do that by deferring the capital gains tax up to seven years. so the only government part of it, is the deferral of the
5:19 am
capital gains tax that you have to pay later, but there are no handouts here. this is not a government program. no new bureaucrats. it is simply attracting more money to do more good in the areas where potential is high but opportunities are low. brian: already $15 billion. i definitely want to see in action. everybody is talking about jussie smollett, that story with the "empire" star who has been defamed and he has been unmasked as somebody who faked a hate crime, homophobic crime, everything you can mention. do you, what is your reaction to it? because it spurred you to push for an anti-lynching bill? >> no, my lynching bill was done last year. so that had nothing to do with this situation but i will say on smollett's situation, anytime you weaponize hate through false accusations it is awful, it is despicable. frankly if you want to look at hate, look at manifestation hate, look at uc berkeley campus, a conservative trying to
5:20 am
attract more conservatives. that response from the university so far -- brian: got punched in the face. >> can you imagine that happening to an african-american or to someone else on that campus? that kind of uproar that would have happened because of that hateful act, would have had national attention and yet, only fox news is covering it thoroughly. thank god we have fair and balanced on this station. brian: real quick, senator, you said maga hat being a trigger for african-americans. you have given those hats, had them signed by the president for friends of yours? >> i have, even one of my friends who is african-american wanted the hat, thankfully the president signed a couple of them when he was on the campaign trail for me. we were able to give one out. but the truth of the matter is, the maga hat has nothing to do with inciting racism. it is the left that wants to demonize president donald trump, even though we have the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years, even though we have the lowest african-american unemployment rate we've had in the history of
5:21 am
the country, even though we keep moving in the right direction. what do you do? brian: senator, thanks so much. appreciate it. senator tim scott. coming up next, entertainment, oscar trivia. pampers swaddlers the #1 choice of hospitals, nurses & parents cancer, epilepsy, mental health, hiv. patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies
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5:25 am
who holds the record for most oscar nominations? katharine hepburn, jack nicholson, meryl streep, or bette davis. dooc sy came in early not allowed. brian: not allowed. he eliminated. >> you have to finish the question. >> meryl streep. >> okay. let's go to the video. >> what i'm saying is, that someone must force the point, someone must say the unsayable. none of these men have the guts. steve: very good. >> knows nominations. she had 21. how many oscars did she get, brian, for the bonus. brian: four. >> three. close. 21 nominations. only three types. what was the first color film to win best picture? was it, an american in paris, "gone with the wind," the wizard of oz, or a star is born?
5:26 am
oh, brian was poised but ainsley, you buzzed in first. ainsley: is it gone with the wind? >> go to the videotape. >> and you miss, are no lady. don't think that i hold that against you. ladies have held any charm for me. >> you take a low common advantage of me, you insult me. >> i meant it as compliment. brian: did they end up getting married at end. >> it worked out well, frankly my dear, i don't give a -- brian: damn. >> bleep that. here we go, which of these films did not win record 11 oscars? "west side story.." "lord of the rings," return of the king, "titanic," or "ben hur? who was it, brian. ainsley: totally me. i give it to brian. brian: it was her. ainsley: is it b, "lord of the rings." >> "lord of the rings" did win 11. let's go to the tape and see.
5:27 am
>> ♪ i feel pretty, that's a pity ♪ ainsley: popular as "lord of the rings". >> it did not win. won 10. brian: i was saying b. >> all won 11 except "west side story.." steve: very hard questions. brian: we do not watch movies. >> who is the first woman to win best director. jane campeon. sophia coppela or kathryn bigelow. >> is he right? go to the film. >> the way you enticer her. >> great film. such a guy movie. kathryn bigelow. brian: who is she married to? someone famous. >> buy with the bonus. steve: last question. >> last question.
5:28 am
what was the first animated film to be nominated for best picture. "up." fantasia, "beauty and the beast," or the "lion king." brian: the "lion king." >> the "lion king." is brian right? go to the tape. >> ♪ ♪ every morning just the same, every morning that we came ♪ >> "beauty and the beast." ainsley: that was tough one. brian: do i come off that fragile, you have to make me feel better. ainsley: that was tough. >> these were tough ones. ainsley: there was broadway play, "lion king." steve: got us in the mood for the oscars none of us will watch. brian: no one is going to host. steve: great show to watch is "quiz show" at check it out. tom shillue is hilarious. ainsley: so fun. president trump's next meeting
5:29 am
with kim jong-un just days away in vietnam. what can we expect for a summit 2.0. brian: white house press secretary sarah sanders is here with a preview. i will find out why ainsley stopped reading in the break. ♪ the first-of-its-kind lexus ux and ux f sport, with the latest safety system standard, best-in-class turn radius and best-in-class mpg. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. ♪ when you have nausea, ♪ heartburn, ♪ indigestion, ♪ upset stomach, ♪ diarrhea... girl, pepto ultra coating will treat your stomach right. ♪nausea, heartburn, ♪ indigestion, upset stomach, ♪ diarrhea... try pepto with ultra coating.
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5:32 am
brian: we're back with a fox news alert. get this, "empire" actor jussie smollett is on bonn and he is out maintaining his innocence after chicago police accused him in elaborate detail of a hate crime against himself. ainsley: the president tweeting, jussie smollett, what about maga, the 10s of millions of people you inconsulted with your racist, dangerous comments. #make america great again.
5:33 am
steve: from the white house lawn, press secretary sarah sanders joins us. >> great to be with you. >> great to be with you as well. jussie smollett's story so troubling. why did the president put out that tweet? >> there were so many people including a lot of leadership from the democrat party, everybody from nancy pelosi, cory booker, and a number of others, mostly those running for president quickly came out, attacked the president, blamed the president. as we learned more, it certainly seems like the only person to blame in this case is smollett. it is another sad example of people so quick to want to attack and come after this president. much like you saw with the covington kids and certainly with this case as well. and the president is pushing back. ainsley: what about, he is going to vietnam next week to meet with kim jong-un. they're calling it summit 2.0.
5:34 am
what can you expect? >> look i think, you can expect continued conversations between the two leaders. we've seen progress since the beginning of this administration. when the president first took over we were at great odds with north korea, we're finally making progress. we're not seeing missiles tested and flying over other countries. the remains are coming home. the hostages were released. we've got a long way to go. we'll see what happens but we're continuing to make progress. this is another great step for the president and chairman kim to be able to sit down to continue those conversations. brian: interesting, do you think expectations have risen to the point where the president has to walk away with something. or the criticism will be greater than the praise? if so, has the ground been plowed for him to do it. i know the north koreans want to us give in any area. are we prepared to give at all? >> look, we kept the sanctions on throughout the process. we'll continue to keep them on until the president makes a
5:35 am
decision that is not necessary anymore. again, we're making progress. the president's in no hurry, particularly as long as things continue to move forward in a positive manner and as long as the conversations continue to go well. again we'll see what happens. i think that the only one setting high expectations is probably the media because they're looking for reasons to attack this president. they hate the idea that he has done so well on something his predecessors couldn't do anything on. he has had great success here in the fact they were able to even sit down at the table. the fact he is able to do it again is in itself a big success. brian: the washington post-of all places cite places north koreans have shown changes. they found north korea actually halted key elements of its weapons program, decreasing the threat in the area. and they also, he got rid of four people, did kim jong-un, many people think some of those four people were standing in the way of progress between our two countries.
5:36 am
>> absolutely. like i said, we're continuing to make progress. but we're certainly not naive in the process and the president is going to take things one step at a time. steve: all right. the number one story for the longest time has been that this president, this administration, colluded with the russians to win. of course we haven't seen any evidence of collusion thus far but the story out there now is that it sounds like robert mueller is wrapping up his probe. there have been stories that staff on the special counsel's office has been reduced. rod rosenstein, who had said he was going to stick through until it is released is about to go. what is the white house', what are you hearing from people at the department of justice? >> we're seeing the same reports that you are. that it is possible that this is coming to a conclusion. in his report it will be finished. and we feel good about the fact that what we've said all along for the last two years will be clear. there was no collusion. i mean the idea that president
5:37 am
trump needed to collude with russia in or the to beat hillary clinton is frankly laughable. he was an infinitely better candidate with a better message. he out worked her. that is why he won. it had nothing to do with russia or any other country for that matter. it had to do with the fact that he simply was better than she was. ainsley: sarah, the white house says the u.s. is keeping 200 american troops in syria as a small peacekeeping force. will you elaborate? why did he do that? why are you guys doing that? >> this is rough estimate. roughly 200, not a specific number. we're in constant contact with our allies. we'll continue to be in communication with them. at the end of the day the president wants to bring our troops home. he is working towards that. wants to do that in safe, peaceful way, in the best way possible, to make sure we have complete safety for our troops abroad. brian: is the president concerned that michael cohen will be testifying publicly on wednesday about his business, how he interacted with the
5:38 am
president in business even before he ran for president? >> i don't think the president has any concerns whatsoever about michael cohen. i think michael cohen may need to be concerned about himself. that is not influencing us or bothering us in this building. brian: if he starts to talk about things, a lawyer-client deal with over the past 12 years? the president had a lot of litigation in the past. michael cohen has been all over that? that doesn't concern the president at all? >> look, that's a, that's a problem that he is going to have to deal with if he breaks and violates some type of client-lawyer privilege. i'm not an attorney. i'm not going to try to get into what that looks like. what i can tell you, the president is very confident in what he has or hasn't done of the he is not concerned about michael cohen. steve: all right. sarah sanders, thank you very much for joining us. have a nice weekend. brian: nice slow week. ainsley: next week will be even slower. brian: just vietnam. >> let's hand it over to jillian who has some headlines for us.
5:39 am
jillian: following a number of stories. a conservative activist is allegedly assaulted for promoting conservative beliefs at uc berkeley. in a statement the school condemns the violence but the student who caused the attack on camera, tells us that is not enough. >> the statement that chancellor sent out was a very blanket condemnation of violence, and it really didn't go into the specifics of the case, despite the viral nature of this incident. jillian: uc berkeley is urging anyone with information on the attacker to come forward. a skier gets buried alive in avalanche and the terrifying moments are caught on helmet camera in utah. >> oh. uhh. >> we got you, buddy. we got you, buddy. we're right here. jillian: wow, that is really terrifying to look at. the man screaming out for help as he desperately tries to dig
5:40 am
himself to the surface. took 75 seconds for friends to spot his ski pole and dig him out. wanted a picture of her outfit but she wound up with a viral video. watch as the oklahoma teen falls to the ground, bringing the shower curtain with her. she lost her balance standing on the ledge of the bathtub, trying to fit her entire outfit into the shot. she says maybe next time she will ask a friend to take the photo. a little tip -- steve: she would still be standing -- ainsley: better idea. jillian: cameras have timer. ainsley: better idea. full length mirror. put it on the back of the door. jillian: set the timer. steve: that wound up with a lot more clicks. janice: hi, my friends. how are you? where are y'all from? >> alabama! janice: all over the country. take a look at your map.
5:41 am
a beautiful day here in new york city. it is 39 right now. which do have a storm system across the south. storm system will bring heavy rain and severe weather including tornadoes tomorrow. pay close attention. know what to do if there is a watch or warning in the area. there is the severe threat. make mention, we had snow in malibu, california yesterday. some of that is going into the desert southwest. little lady, whose birthday is it today? >> 134. janice: where are you from? >> georgia. janice: are you guys having fun? thanks for coming to "fox & friends" on a friday. we love you so much. back inside, back to you, steve, ainsley. brian: janice is building the crowd up every week. cory booker, kamala harris, both called the alleged attack on jussie smollett a modern day lynching. kind of. joe concha on the left's rush to judge next. steve: he won the america's got
5:42 am
talent in. terry fader will join us. good morning, terry. with advil liqui-gels, you'll ask... what stiff joints? what bad back? advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts. you'll ask... what pain? with advil liqui-gels.
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it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪ ♪ ainsley: right now shelters are overflowing as new central american caravan unload in mexico. steve: griff jenkins is on the border where migrants could stay up to three months before they figure out their next move, right, griff? reporter: good morning, guys. i moved from the shelter down to the border at juarez, where i'm standing on that side. that is el paso. this is the port of entry. this is very bright. that is the main point of entry. we heard it shut down temporarily yesterday, because migrants on the bridge, made it a little unsecure. if you look here, this is an older wall. there is section where they're doing construction. down on the end it stops there.
5:46 am
it picks up a little further down. not sure exactly what the overall construction plan is. any migrants, cross the shallow, less than one foot water in the ravine, this is the division between mexico and america. all you have to do to get to that ground, they take you in custody. this is the part of catch-and-release that the border patrol talks about threat of overflowing shelters with some migrants in areas like this and other border cities. consider the cpb have hardened the line. concertina wire and k-rails up on the bridge of the port of entry. one of the threats come across, not here in texas, but out in arizona, this mug shot, this is mr. alonzo aliman, wanted for 10 prior crossings illegally to the u.s. he is admitted member of ms-13. guys, back to you. steve: griff jenkins live in mexico. ainsley: thanks, griff.
5:47 am
2020 presidential hopefuls changing their tune calling of alleged attack against actor jussie smollett quote, an attempted modern-day lynching. >> with hold until all the information comes out. >> okay, so, i will say this about that case. i think that the facts are still unfolding. [shouting] >> jussie smollett. smoking gun defense? steve: so why did so many on the left rush to judgment? here with more, joe concha, media reporter for "the hill." talk show host on wor radio. joe, a lot of people got out there really fast. given the fact it likes like it was all a hoax now they had to walk it back. kamala harris was asked about it yesterday, she would not respond to 50 shouted questions, it seemed. >> amazing actually, steve because kamala harris is considered by many to be the front-runner for the 2020
5:48 am
nomination. you look at, at least from media perspective anyway, she checks off a lot of boxes, right? african-american, female, relatively younger. cnn gave her the first of their town halls when tulsi gabbard declared 10 days before she did. she is one in many in the media want to run against donald trump simply for the contrast. the way sheehan delled it in the terms of temperment, calls a lot into question, way she handled media questions, asked about it, in non-perfect setting on a couch, in gaggle situation on the street, that didn't bode well as well. by the way that tweet she sent out by modern day-he lynching it is still up. if she wants to heal this, she might take it down. couple days ago she was asked a question about the tweet, what tweet? what did i use -- clean off my server with a cloth? almost bizarre way she answered it, considering she is somewhat of a veteran politician. ainsley: maybe someone is doing official media for her.
5:49 am
they released a statement on twitter account. like most of you i have seen the reports about jussie smollett. i'm sad, frustrated, disappointed. at the same time we must speak the truth. hate crimes are on the rise in america. we must confront hate directly. we must seek justice. that is what i will keep fighting for. am are you satisfied from that. >> no there. is something missing from the statement a policy to the chicago police department. she helped pour care seen on the situation calling it a modern day lynching well before the facts. going by national media reports. you should have listened to chicago police and chicago local media teach a master class how to handle a situation like this properly in terms of coverage. they said smollett said that he was attacked or used this word allegedly attacked, not presenting it as absolute fact as many national outlets did on the national level. ainsley: trying to be sensitive too, because she said in the first tweet with the modern day
5:50 am
lynching thing they were good friends. we haven't heard from cory booker or kristin gillibrand. cory booker was saying the same thing about modern day lynching. at least she released a statement. >> they are running for president. not like the press isn't following them around everywhere. ask some questions, see accountability on the democratic side. ralph northam is still governor of virginia. all i know the lieutenant governor there accused of rape is still there as well. jussie smollett is going to work today. that is incredible to me. steve: joe, great analysis. >> have a good weekend. ainsley: you too. he won "america's got talent" in 2007. ventriloquist terry fator is celebrating another milestone. he is here life. >> wait until next week. today senator lindsey graham is our headliner. syria, bottomedder, summit 2.0, nuclear weapons, big issue. he is coming up. what could be the defense for jussie smollett.
5:51 am
he is defiant a day later. the isis bride wants to come back tried in u.s. courtroom, makes a move. on a friday. see you then, top of the hour. they're our parents...
5:52 am
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5:54 am
medicare patients depend on. ♪ steve: yes, las vegas, he won over the nation in 2007 on america's got tall len, the tv show. ventriloquist and comedian, terry fator will celebrate the 10th anniversary performing at the mirage on the las vegas strip in is march. brian: terry joins us about his new characters and brand new show. >> thanks for having me. steve: hello winston. >> hello. ainsley: tell us about the new show. starts march 15th?
5:55 am
>> march 15th. >> i decided for the 10th anniversary i would rewrite the show from the ground up. i do more characters, more impressions, more comedy than ever been there at the mirage. it i will was lot of fun. steve: how often does donald trump end up in the show? >> he is the most popular character i do. we decided he will come in at beginning of the show. rest of the time he will be tweeting critiques of show. tweeting is what we love about him. ainsley: really funny. how are you incorporating the tweets? >> they just appear on the screen as the show progresses. steve: will we hear his voice? >> we will hear his voice. i do a terrible donald trump, when you're doing donald trump you have to press your lips. doing it without moving your lips, i basically -- i can't purse my lips if i'm not moving them. brian: what does winston bring to the table? >> everything. >> right. >> i get all the money too. >> winston is the impersonating
5:56 am
turtle. he is kind of the glue that holds the show together. we're adding tons of new characters. entire rat pack, frank sinatra, sammy davis, jr., dean martin, all three puppets. stevie wonder. willie nelson. five new characters. steve: you're fantastic. if winston gets all the money. i just read you got another 100 million-dollar deal? >> they keep signing new five-year contracts. ainsley: that is amazing. you grew up as child doing this, perfecting it, winning on the show. you're at the mirage. making this much money. congratulations. we love you. brian: a lot goes to taxes right? >> most of it. brian: thanks. more with the "after the show show" with him. ainsley: more "fox & friends" coming up. ♪ cal: we saved our money and now, we get to spend it - our way.
5:57 am
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6:00 am
david cassidy's best song ever. >> today will be brian's best radio show. >> you are staying for the after the show show. >> if you are going to vegas, check out terry at the mirage. new show starts in march. >> have a great weekend! good morning, everybody. fox news alert, the actor, jussie smollett, fighting back, telling his castmates he did not fake this hate crime. good morning. i'm bill hemmer live. big welcome back to you. i'm heather childers in for sandra smith. prosecutors outlined their case accusing the 36-year-old actor of orchestrating an assault on himself and claiming he was the victim of a racist and homophobic attack. >> he asked him if he could trust him. when he said he did, he detailed his plans. smollett said he wanted them to


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