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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 5, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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old they would push each other around? >> dana: yes. >> maybe that's the secret. >> dana: that's for joining us. i'll see you on "the five". here's trace. >> trace: we're following breaking news. explosive packages are in london at the train stations. we're also watching capitol hill where two house democrats are feeling the heat. one for comments she made, the other for her campaign cash, a live report ahead. we're learning more about the victims of the nation's deadliest tornado in years including seven members of one family. and the google pay gap. why the tech giant is giving out millions in raises. i'm trace gallagher in for shep. the news starts now.
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our reporting begins in washington. house democrats are finalizing a resolution to condemn anti-semitism by freshman democrat ilhan omar from minnesota. some republicans say may call for her to lose her seat on the foreign affairs committee. the house set to vote tomorrow on the democrat's resolution. the draft does not mention her by name but makes sure that her comments cross the line especially last week when she said israel's supporters are pushing for allegiance to a foreign country. we're stalled staffers for nancy pelosi and steny hoyer and jewish leaders worked on the resolution. omar has been in office two months and this will be the second action against her. she says he's talking about
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policy, not people and is herself the victim of anti-muslim attacks. mike emanuel reporting live on capitol hill. mike? >> trace, good afternoon. the resolution does not mentioned congressman omar by name and some think it should. the draft obtained by numbers news says -- >> a leading democrat today says words matter. >> what i know is i've seen it too many places. we have racism in this country. why is it so politically acceptable to have all of this kind of hatred against so many people? i want to fight back against every ounce of hatred i'm seeing. >> some republicans say they should remove congresswoman omar
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from the house foreign affairs committee. >> why would you have her on a committee that important to our foreign policy if she has those anti-semitic beliefs unless you're willing to tolerate it. she should be removed immediately. >> this has exposed friction with house democrats. democrats don't care for the high profile freshmen making waves, trace. >> trace: another freshman democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez also facing accusations. >> that's right. there's an accusation that her chief of staff funneled $1 million of contributions to political action committees to private accounts. we caught up with alexandria ocasio-cortez earlier today. >> there's no violation. >> you think that's the sign of you taking dark money? >> no, no. >> the complaint notes the money
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transfers were for strategic consulting. that raised eyebrowser. her supporters say it was legitimate. >> trace: let's get more on congresswoman's omar's comments and tomorrow's vote. we have more on this reporting from capitol hill. heather, welcome. even if they don't name ilhan omar this legislation, it's a high rebuke. >> this is the second time that omar has been rebuked in a matter of weeks. i can't think of another time -- i've been on the hill several years -- that we've seen leadership go after a member of their own party, particularly a freshman, so publicly like this. >> trace: yeah, she's apologized a couple times. this time she seems to be standing her grand more. she came out saying it's
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problematic being told that you're anti-american if you're not pro israel. so this time around, she's getting some support from herb freshmen colleagues and she's going to stand her ground and fight more. >> congress woman omar was in afri africa. she went after a junior jewish democrat that called on omar to apologize and retract her statement. congress woman omar said there's nothing to apologize for, these are my positions. we saw she was packed up by her freshman colleagues, particularly alexandria ocasio-cortez who said on twitter today, you know, there's a double standard here for controversial comments that lawmakers make. why are we going after congress woman omar when yes don't pursue other comments that have been made that can be considered controversial and bigoted? it's interesting to see the divide on the hill between even
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within the democratic caucus with senior lawmakers and the younger progressive freshman that have come on the hill. >> trace: it's a good point. take us forward now. now you have republicans that are willing to offer a censure movement against her and you have jewish organizations that say she should be removed from the house of foreign affairs committee. what happens next to omar? >> a good question. something that democratic leaders have not answered. they've resisted calls to remove her from the committee and they have rebuffed any talk of censuring her on the house floor, which would be the most extreme. we'll see this resolution voted on tomorrow. it's expected to get broad support. like you said, doesn't mention omar by name so we could see her vote for the resolution. but the question is, do democratic leaders including nancy pelosi to take action to remove her. they said they're not going to
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do that but people are watching to see if she apologizes or if she makes any further controversial statement that may warrant further action. >> trace: you mentioned controversial statements. there seems to be a pattern. you go back to 2012 when omar said israel was hypnotized by the world. she asked allah to help the evil doings of those of israel. but democrats are trying to stop this in their tracks. >> you can see senior democratic leaders, several chairman of powerful health committees including one that congress woman omar is on and several jewish members. they're very uncomfortable with her statements that she made recently and in the past. she apologized for the 2012 tweet but some of the stuff she said recently, this falls in the same line. congress woman omar has her defenders like alexandria
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ocasio-cortez who said no, we're not anti-jewish, we're not against israel but we have a right to question u.s. foreign policy and the u.s. stance towards israel that doesn't make us bad people. so there's clearly a generational divide playing out publicly on the hill this week and, you know, the past couple weeks. >> trace: good insight, heather. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> trace: counter terror place are investigating after three explosive devices turned up in london. according to british police, they were small and inside padded yellow mailing bags. investigators say they're treating the incidents as being linked. officials say they found one near city airport, another in the mail room at waterloo station and third at heathrow. they say part of one of them was burned and nobody has been hurt.
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benjamin hall reporting live from london. benjamin? >> certainly this morning there was disruption across london. but nobody was hurt and those sites are open again. counter terrorist police say they're iud's and not terribly so fphisticate sophisticated. they happened at rush hour and all found within hours of each other at three major transportation hubs. waterloo, heathrow and london city airport. police say the devices were in full size envelopes and capable of ignite ago small fire when opened. which they say in the right place could have spread. fortunately the second two envelopes remained unopened. in heathrow, the areas of evacuated after the first package was opened. staff opened it and nobody was
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hurt. the next two were found the next couple hours. as i said, those sites are now open again but being closely monitored. trace? >> trace: benjamin, what are we learning where the packages came from? >> it seems the only evidence that the police have to go on at the moment, or they're disclosing, all three envelopes had irish stamps on them. we're told the irish police were called. a clear connection there. this comes a year as mi 5, the british security service, down graded the threat of a u.k. terrorist attacks by irish dissident republican groups. the security service lowered they assessment from substantial to moderate, which means intelligence officials consider an attack possible but not likely. there's no confirmation this is irish dissidents. there's been tensions over brexit. but at this point, that's as much as people know. certainly for the moment, all eyes are on ireland. the last time there was an
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attack from ireland in 2014, letter bombs were set over. we wait to see if this is something similar. trace? >> benjamin hall, live for us in london. thank you. we have breaking news coming in to "shepard smith reporting." the attorney general of california just said that the officers involved in the see -- stephon clark shooting will not be prosecuted. there was a suspect reported of vandalizing cars and homes. deputies had night scope vision and police officers on the ground. police officers mistook a cell phone for what they thought was a gun. they opened fire and killed clark. this has been causing protests across northern california. the attorney general in california has now said that they will not face charges for the death of stephon clark.
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this clearly will prompt more protests and more activism on this case. we'll have more breaking news as it comes in live to "shepard smith reporting." identifying the victims in alabama. survivors of the deadly tornado outbreak now facing life without their loved ones. >> our son was the reason i lived when i got up. >> trace: the youngest of the victims, six years old. right now there's a search for people still missing. we're live where the twisters hit hardest. the young sisters that survived all alone in a rugged wilderness. they're talking about how they made it and the lessoned learned. >> we're not going to go on a hike until we get a gps tracker. i switched to miralax for my constipation. stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate the nerves in your colon. miralax works with the water in your
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>> trace: officials in alabama releasing the names of 23 people that died when a tornado tore through a small community. happened sunday night in beauregard near the border of georgia. it's the first time we're learning all the victims' names and ages. four children. the youngest, six years old. the oldest, 89. the sheriff says seven of them all belong to the same extended family. the tornado is the country's deadliest in six years. it killed more people than all of last year's combined and today rescuers are searching for more possible victims. the sheriff says some people are still missing. jonathan serrie is reporting live from lee county, alabama. jonathan? >> imagine your taking cover from your storm. in an instant, your house and all of your belongings are scattered amongst the trees. survivors have been coming through the debris, trying to
12:18 pm
salvage momentos and photos. the items are precious for those that lost loved ones like with the case of this wedding photo with carroll dean who lost her husband when the tornado struck their home in beauregard. >> i wasn't working. he was here by himself. if i came home earlier, i would have been in the middle of it. if i could have been here, he would have gotten me to safety, he would have been here. >> here in the community of salem, a local high school coach organized an effort to salvage items from the home of a beauregard high school student that lost one family member in the storm and has another family member in the hospital amount go fight me sight for taylor thornton that died in the storm has raised nearly $35,000. family members say 10-year-old
12:19 pm
taylor loved horses and was sweet and innocent. the child storm victims also include the youngest victim, 6-year-old armando hernandez jr. better known as a.j. he was described as happy and outgoing. back to you. >> trace: what are we learning about the recovery efforts on the ground? >> yeah, we're here in salem. this morning we saw utility crews come in and quickly restore power lines that have been toppled during the storm. of course, it's going to take longer to remove all of this debris. both the structural debris and the downed trees and longer to rebuild these structures. from the air, you can see the extent of the damage from the drone that we set up, damage from the ef-4 tornado which tore through this community. officials say at some point the tornado was as long as a mile
12:20 pm
wide as it tore through portions of lee county. the devastate and the death toll has gotten the attention of the highest offices in washington. in fact, earlier this afternoon, president trump announced that he plans to visit alabama friday to look at the damage first hand. trace? >> jonathan serrie live on the ground in lee county, the hardest hit county of the tornadoes sunday. thank you. just ahead, a major turn around in one of the towns hardest hit by the opioid crisis. geraldo rivera give us a look at what is working there. we'll hear from the young sisters that spent two days lost in the california wilderness. this is something you don't want to miss. how they spent all of those hours in the woods coming up in their own words next.
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>> trace: they're only 5 and 8 years old. two young sisters survived two cold and rainy nights lost in the california wilderness. now we're hearing their story first hand. the girls say they drank water off of leaves and sang as loud as they could to keep their spirits up and maybe somebody would hear them. >> my sister cried the whole night. i told her to think happy thoughts of our family and i kept up. when we woke up, we stayed in the same place so dad could find us. there's a creek nearby. we screamed at the top of our lungs until the morning. the firemen found us. >> trace: and the firemen found us. they admitted they got lost after they wandered out off with
12:26 pm
telling their mom first. jonathan hunt has much more on this. >> you just heard 8-year-old caroline there, trace, telling -- saying she told leah to think happy thoughts. here's what 5-year-old leah said she did. >> i thought of going to the park with mom and dad and thought of going to the oceans. i remembered. but it didn't work. >> and it was just 38 degrees that night and raining heavily. both girls a part of something called the 4-h club which teaches survival skills. the skills served them well. >> we found shelter a tree branch close to the ground. we had my sister's rain jacket to keep us warm. we each had an arm hole that we stuck our arms into it. >> as for whether they will head off on another adventure any
12:27 pm
time soon, listen. >> we're not going to go on a hike until we get the gps trackers. >> they live on an 88-acre property in the countryside. so adventure is a part of their lives. the gps trackers might be a good idea. >> we don't have many of these successful stories, this is great to see and a huge sigh of relief from mom and dad. >> can you imagine? we're both parents. here's how dad described it. >> that two days, i eyed my eyes out looking everywhere, going through every house, the neighbor's houses, every vehicle and trailer. everything we could find. just very happy to have my girls back. >> and mom, of course, went through the same emotions. >> i had very dark images in my
12:28 pm
head. i constantly hard them screaming for help. knowing i couldn't help them and there was nothing that i could do is very difficult. >> now misty had just one very simple and desperate wish. as you can see in this video, that wish granted as rescuers returned the girls to their parents. >> i just wanted my babies back. i wanted my babies back. >> try not to hurt them, squeezing them too tight. >> misty says, by the way, she "raised super heros." hard to argue that. >> trace: thanks, jonathan. a great story. whether your a crime survivor or committed a crime yourself, you'd have a story to tell. today is the day to share it. it's the third annual national day of empathy in the united states. here you can see some events happening across the country. organizers say the goal is to generate empathy on a major scale for the millions of americans affected by the criminal justice system. people that have survived
12:29 pm
violent crimes, spent time in prison or anything else. they're encouraged to come together and meet with lawmakers to tell them and their experiences. in december, president trump signed the first step act. it's a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill that aims to keep people out of prison after they serve their time and reduce the sentences for nonviolent offenders among other things. fox news is a supporter of the first step act. the opioid crisis is accused of killing tens of thousands of americans a year. overdose deaths have been dropped in one of the cities that was hardest hit. geraldo rivera traveled to dayton, ohio to see what is working there. geraldo? >> at one point, dayton, ohio was the overdose capitol of the country. they lost 11 people in a single day to overdoses. rich, poor, black, white, dropping like flies and leaving
12:30 pm
their families in grief and dragging the city down with them. there was an all-out effort and dayton has rally to fight off the epidemic. all involved in a proactive way that has combined not just braves cops busting traffickers, but everyone from family and drug treatment centers the local businesses all doing their part. here's the county sheriff. >> we bring the world, we bring marked cars, unmarked units, specialized drug teams and air support. we came in like a tidal wave. >> a total of ten agencies, local, state and federal are involved right here. kind of a potpourri of police agencies from the region, all working together in this joint task force in this blitz. >> here to initiate a traffic stop. pulled the driver and passenger
12:31 pm
out. searched the vehicle. they found a loaded glock. the passenger will go for gun charges. >> he's not going to run it around here. if it hits on the car, we'll search. we put the money in a bag. if the dog hits on the odor of drugs, that gives us more probable cause to seize the money. it says it has an odor of drugs on it. >> what happened here? >> we had a truck with a female inside. when she got out, you can see the things that she dropped here that are usually drug-related, stuff like that. when i pick that up, little rockses of heroin. she was arrested on that. >> ever get the feeling you're trying to sweep back the oh slan? >> sometimes. we've always known that. we're going to fight. we got sick of seeing our loved ones die. everybody came together and said, you know what? we're done with this. we're going to do whatever we can to make sure that our loved
12:32 pm
ones get the hope they need. >> i bet most of you know someone that has been crushed by heroin's cruel embrace. many just kids like this young lady that got hooked at 18 years old. why don't have her sound, pathetic story. started stealing from friends, neighbors, her own family. she's getting the help she needs. more than just her being locked up. she's going the emotional support and this overdose capitol of the country is fighting its way back. trace? >> trace: geraldo, great stuff. thanks so much. good reporting. thank you. breaking news. the man that helped head up the trump administration's response to the point crisis is out. moments ago, the food and drug administration scott gottlieb is resigning. gottlieb pushed for a crackdown on the sale of flavored e cigarettes to prevent kids from using them.
12:33 pm
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>> trace: america's top general in europe warning that russia is making significant military improvements that i rode our competitive advantage. the general that commands the troops testified in front of the senate armed services committee. he says russia threatens one of the united states's security interests, a free and peaceful europe. jennifer griffin reporting live. jen? >> trace, the general warned lawmakers that russia's military is modernizing at a disturbing pace threatening to undermine american forces in the region. >> while the united states maintain as global military superiority over russia, evolving russian capabilities
12:38 pm
threaten to erode our military advantage. i'm not comfortable yet with the deterrent posture that we have in europe. >> the general, the supreme allied commander, says he needs two more troops to rotate through europe. he's short of drones. he's comments come a week before the pentagon rolls out their 2020 budget and including a warning to turkey not to purchase a russian defense air system or else the u.s. will cancel the sale of fighter jets. >> trace: does the pentagon say russia or china is the bigger threat? >> it's an ongoing debate with more officials say china poses the greater long-term threat, but russia as a declining super power is still capable of playing a spoiler role. last year russian forces kicked off their largest war games since 1981 claiming more than 300,000 troops, thousands of jets and tanks and 50 war ships
12:39 pm
took part. the general took issue with the numbers but expressed concern. >> it wasn't that large but it was large and we should take notice. it included china, which is the first time i can recall them providing forces and a partner training scenario, which is unusual. >> a report issued last year from former senior u.s. military officers warned that the u.s. military could struggle to win a war against china or russia. the united states is particularly at risk of being overwhelmed should its military being forced to fight on two or more fronts. trace? >> trace: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. crews recovering the bodies of four american tourist that died when their helicopter died in
12:40 pm
kenya. this new video showing recovery process. the helicopter went down in a national park on a remote island in the northern part of the country. we still don't know what caused it. happened just weeks after two other americans died when their small plane also crashed in kenya. we've been following stories of chinese hacking for months. now there's word that hackers are targeting american universities to steal the u.s. navy secrets. there's been cyber attacks against dozens of schools including mit and the university of hawaii where researchers develop military technology for the high seas. eric shawn has more. eric? >> the chinese said that america is gotten worse. that's the claim for the new study of beijing spying on our soil. the "wall street journal" reporting that story and exposes chinese efforts to steal america research and maritime military
12:41 pm
technology. the study claims that hackers have breached u.s. navy contractors and some u.s. universities. >> we have seen a huge increase in chinese government activity related to this type of theft. if they're saying it came from china, probably a lot of great evidence to support it. >> some of the universities mentioned say they're aware of the hack attempts and say they're cooperating with the government, trace. >> eric, what are we hearing from the navy about this? >> the navy says they recognize the threat and protecting the systems. texas republican senator ted cruz will introduce a senate bill that is aimed at blunting beijing's spying here in the u.s. the legislation is called the stop higher education espionage and theft act. >> the chinese government is investing vast sums of money infiltrating american universities, infiltrating american businesses and they're engauged in a host of nefarious
12:42 pm
activities, this is a concerted organized systematic threat to undermine our universities and economy and we need to be serious about it. >> the chinese government did not respond to our request for comment. china has denied in meddling in other country's affairs despite the growing allegations and convictions in u.s. courts. trace? >> eric shawn live for us on the news deck in new york. thank you. doctors say they may have cured a second man of hiv. the virus that causes aids. he's from london. doctors say they performed a bone marrow transplant on him 12 years ago. scientists used the procedure to cure another man and he's still hiv free. the process is dangerous and failed in other patients. steve harrigan is reporting live live in line line, home of centers for disease control and prevention. steve? >> scientists involved in this are still being cautious.
12:43 pm
experts say it's a cure. it's the second time in the past 12 years that they have found a cure for hiv. they've been able to do it, removing any signs of the virus that does in fact cause aids. in both cases the patient had cancer. they underwent bone marrow transplants for that cancer and the result of those transplants left the patient hiv-free. they're often risky and have heavy side effects. this whole cure, the second time around in 12 years, has given a lot of hope to scientists around the world. right now they're tracking 38 people that have had bone marrow transplants and are hiv positive. meantime, this patient now, he wants to remain anonymous. "the new york times" has e-mailed with him and he says this process of becoming free of cancer and hiv at the same time
12:44 pm
is overwhelming. trace? >> yeah, it's in its infancy but fascinating. steve harrigan, thank you. one of the biggest cities in the country passing ban on stores that won't accept cash. both sides of that issue as head and speaking of cash, somebody claimed the biggest single prize in u.s. lottery history what the winner did before buying a ticket that made it all possible is next. aleve is proven better on pain than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills. so why am i still thinking about this? i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain. a place with one of the highest life expectancies in the country. you see so many people walking around here in their hundreds. so how do you stay financially well for all those extra years? well, you have to start planning as early as possible. we all need to plan, for 18 years or more,
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>> trace: it's not easy keeping up. kylie jenner is the youngest billionaire on the planet. that's according to forbes. she's the youngest self-made millionaire. her billionaire status is the result of her makeup company, kylie cosmetics, which she started in 2015. she's been at it 3 1/2 years. she has more money than her big sister who is worth a paltry $350 million. philadelphia will be the first major u.s. city to force stores to accept cash. the major signing off on a new law that bans cashless stores. some businesses only accept cards and mobile devices as
12:49 pm
payments that will end when the new law goes into effect on all-1. susan li has more. >> just when you think it's safe to leave your wallet at home. this runs counter to the trend of buying things without cash. philadelphia says they're protecting their low income earnings from discrimination. a quarter of philadelphia's population lives below the poverty line according to pugh research. around a quarter of philadelphians are underbanked meaning they have limited access to plastic or bank accounts. the new law will carry fines as much as $2,000. as a result, amazon which wants to open as many as 3,000 of these cashierless amazon stores is rethinking plans of opening one in philadelphia. amazon was trying to actually negotiate an exemption to the law. a spokesperson says they have no comment to fox news at this
12:50 pm
time. it's not just sampson. blue stone and screen green are businesses that say they will be impacted. there's some businesses that mr. be except from this cashless pan. including parking lots and garages, sales made online. trace? >> trace: now we're hearing lawmakers in other sisters are considering the same laws? >> yes. both houses in new jersey have passed a cashless ban. other cities are new york city, san francisco, chicago and washington d.c. all of them have either these bill proposals being considered and looking to discuss further. according to the government, 8.5 million americans have no bank accounts no, credit cards and nearly 24 million households were underbanked in 2017, trace. >> trace: susan li live in new york. good to see you.
12:51 pm
my call it karma or what happens when you pay it forward. someone just got really rich after doing something nice for somebody else. turns out the largest winner of a jack pit in history let a stranger in line to purchase a ticket. a lawyer for the winner's $1.5 billion megamillions prize says the person wants to be anonymous. unclear why it took so long to come forward. one of the world's biggest tech companies reports yes, it has a gender pay gap problem. google taking steps to fix it. finding is a surprising trend. that's next. ith type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? and you may lose weight.
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12:56 pm
were being paid less than women for certain work. critics say this self-report doesn't address the full picture of gender equality at google, which is facing a class action lawsuit from thousands of women over pay. hillary vaughn is here with more on that. hillary? >> google did an audit of 91% of their work force. some men were not making as much as women in the same position. google saying in a blog post, the 2018 analysis flagged one particularly large job code, left 4 software engineer. men were flagged for adjustments because they received less funds than women. google paid out almost $10 million to 10,000 employees. some were men being underpaid by some women received additional pay as well. >> trace: is google still facing
12:57 pm
a lawsuit for underpaying women? >> yes. 8,000 women are accusing of underpayment. the lawyers have said that the lawsuit is misleading. several engineer jobs were included in our analysis and our pay equity analysis showed women were paid less than men. there's gender pay issues that the company says they plan to wrap up as quickly as possible. google telling me they're instate ago new type of audit at the company this year. they're looking at not what people make but the types of jobs women get and making sure they're getting high placed jobs like men are. >> trace: somebody won't be happy whatever happens. hillary, thank you. israel and gaza on the brink of war. that's according to the israeli top minister officer.
12:58 pm
this comes ahead of elections and a year after palestinians began protesting. the israeli military began larging air strikes against hamas over the last week after reporting protesters were throwing explosives at their forces. trey yingst reporting live. trey? >> trace, tensions are rising between israel and the palestinians in gaza. just to show how close we are, we're getting reports of an air strike that has been conducted in central gaza likely against a hamas target. we know there were night-time hamas units operating trying to distract the israeli forces. a report of an air strike in central gaza. we have been speaking with factions inside the gaza strip that indicate that they're preparing for the possibility of a larger conflict.
12:59 pm
palestinians have been protesting the blockade on the gaza strip. hamas and islamic jihad tell fox news the protests will continue a second year in order to pressure israel to allow more aid to enter the strip of land. as protests are unsuccessful in bringing change, both groups have warned of a larger conflict with an arsenal of rockets. these factions are ready for war as the protests continue to escala escalate. if war erupts, there could be a large number of civilian casualties with upcoming elections, politics are playing a key role in how this conflict unfolds. trace? >> as always, trey yingst live. after our reporting here, we'll have a reporting on facebook live with unique content that is on the facebook home page a few minutes from now. once it concludes, it's available any time on demand.
1:00 pm
at the corner of wall and broad, the market is up a little bit. it was down earlier. we're hearing it trending up because of a deal on china may be in the works soon. charles payne is in for neil cavuto. "your world" is next. >> forget reports about alexandria ocasio-cortez's campaign money. you might want to worry about what she has planned for your money. welcome. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." alexandria ocasio-cortez, the lawmaker behind a green new deal is co sponsoring a bill that would impose a tax on most stock transactions. the move would raise hundreds of billions. deidra, what did you find? >> i have been, charles. democratic congressman from oregon leading the charge against wall street, expected to introduce legislation this even


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