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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  March 5, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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with us. and we will never be the destroy-trump media, the hate-trump media mob had let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham standing by a in washington. take it away. ♪ >> laura: hey, everyone, i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington night on this fat tuesday, happy mardi gras. it is a time for masquerading in partying before lent. tonight, we are going to unmask the motives of some of those who are trying to take down president trump. jim jordan, ranking member of the house oversight committee, is here on the revolt from within. and we are going to take you to new orleans for an insider view of a real carnival, and my ridee with the crew of orpheus. that's why i have no voice. plus, a former fec commissionerv says aoc could face jail time for campaign finance violations. i thought she was all about
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transparency. and, we have some alarming new numbers about the crisis at our border, and it is an emergency, as the left wants us to focus on the fight of illegals, we will separate fact from fiction. but first, the resistance unmasked. that's the focus of tonight angle. the democratic resistance is running at full tilt, making threats, launching investigations. of 81 people and enterprises associated, some of them not even associated, with president trump. now naturally, the house judiciary chairman democratum jerry nadler is calling for the president's impeachment. >> do you think the president obstructed justice? >> yes, i do. it's very clear that the president obstructed justice. 1100 times he referred to the mueller investigation as a witch hunt. he tried to protect flynn from being investigated by the fbi,
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he fired comey in order to stop the russian thing, as he told nbc news. >> laura: okay, hold on a second. so now giving one's opinion qualifies as obstruction of justice. i don't know what by their criminal law nadler studied, but my legal background says that is just ludicrous. contrary to what nadlert and company claim, none of this is about exercising their constitutional right to oversight of the executive branch. i want you to understand that. it is not about what it they say it is about. so document request -- who needs documents? why hear testimony? they have already made up their minds. mueller, by the way, has spent two years best to getting russia's possible collusion inng the 2016 election and it looks like it is come up with nothing. he's issued indictments, called0 witnesses before the grand jury's, interviewed more than 40 people. he's reviewed over a million
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documents, and even referred separate matters to the southern district of new york to remember the democrats glowing words about mueller when he was appointed? >> this is an absolutelyd? brilliant choice. there is no more respected figureel in american law enforcement than bob mueller. >> i think the best thing that happened was to have something like mueller to come in. >> he is a pro. he is going to follow the facts where they lead. >> laura: okay, how odd, then. why does nadler not trust him and his prosecutors, who have already -- by the way, i just found this out. spent $25 million of the taxpayer money on this investigation. why do they trust him to get to the bottom of the things? he was the greatest thing since sliced bread, even ty cobb said so. the way i see nadler, come on, going to almost entirely retill the ground that mueller has already passed over. but why is now they're doing this, getting back to our theme of unmasking?
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for the sole purpose of creating a political spectacle. and to continue it's right up until the last vote is counted in 2020. remember, president nixon was threatened with impeachment for obstruction of justice. president clinton was impeached work obstruction of justice. why is he not moving forward with with the articles of impeachment against president trump immediately? >> impeachment is a long way down the road. we don't have the facts yet.g what we are going to initiate proper investigation. we do not now have the evidence all sorted out and everything to do and impeachment. before you impeach somebody, you have to persuade the american public that it ought tode happe. >> laura: that's not in the constitution, either, but whatever. a separate question, isn't that what nadler has been trying to do with his recent impeachment media tour? he's been trying to convince the public that there are a thousand reasons to impeach the president, even if he cannot
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prove a single one. meanwhile, the house ways and means committee chair, richard neal, is requesting the president's tax returns from the that's a shock. a pelosi spokesman said they will take all necessary steps, including litigation if necessary, to obtain them. what does that have to do with collusion? well, anyway, all of this sends a thrill up the leg of the media resistance, of course. yesterday, "the new york times" editorial page tantalized its readers by predicting a long and painful ordeal for the president and those close to him.g "political investigations tend to be marathons rather than sprints. with this investigation, mr. nadler is looking to make a case for impeachment there is so compelling it will have enough bipartisan support to survive the republican-controlled senate.
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barring that, his investigation will serve to keep the heat on mr. trump. perhaps keep the democratic base at least somewhat placated as the next election a process." aha! at least they admit that this is an entirely politically-motivated attack, meant to soften up the president for 2020, and dangle some red meat on a hook for their base. now note the wishful thinking -- i love that line -- thinking of bipartisan support for impeachment. hmmm, can you count that out completely? at a time when republicans should be bolstering the president's agenda, on key issues, especially, i see on one at least they are undermining him. and leadership can't seem to hold it together. >> hoping the president would not taking the national emergency route. oncehe you decide to do that, i said i would support him, but i was hoping he wouldn't take that particular path. >> laura: that is a really
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bold statement. i was supporting of it but hoping he wouldn't take it -- meaning he's not going to insist that his members but the real pressure, as he could do, on his members to actually push --is look. with all due respect, it is probably mitch mcconnell's fault that the president had to declare a national emergency at all. he and paul ryan promised the president when he signed that ridiculous omnibus spending bill last year that they would get him the funding heil needed for the wall. before last year ended, no matter what happened in the election. but what happened? we predicted on the show, they didn't do it. mitch mcconnell has done a masterful job of getting judges through the senate, phenomenon the court, supreme court stuff, all of it. he can't control how susan collins, lisa murkowski, how they vote. but he basically signaled to them that their vote against the
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president on this issue of the national emergency was okay. my friends, congress specifically delegated to the president the authority to declare national emergencies, they did it long ago in section 201 and 301 of the nationalme emergencies act. he cited this in his official declaration. the president did as is required. in the president has already invoked as national emergency powers on three occasions, adding to the 28 earlier national emergency measures that remain in effect today. this is an important point. congress has never before moved to end a president's emergency declaration. until now. now, even "the new york times" front page today painted a grim picture of what is happening at the border.
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here's a quote, "a feverish teenager, a man with a head injury and bright red eyes, children with fevers, cough and cold, the customs and border patrol numbers of family units crossing the border was breathtaking." >> we have apprehended and encountered more families in just five months in five days than last year's record total. now 70% of all crossings are from these countries, and a full 62% of all crossings and encounters are vulnerable families and children. a >> we've had almost 2400 fraudulent claims. a families. >> laura: more on the dire situation of the border is going to be coming up later in the will show, you don't want to miss it, it goes way beyond that. there's aa lot more on "the new york times" piece that we are going to get into. and we willd be naming names ad unmasking the motives of those on the left -- and some on the right -- who are working to stop stronger enforcement at the southern border, which includes a physical barrier. the president must continue to stand firm on this issue and forge ahead, against the chamber of commerce republican who want an endless flow of cheap labor
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and the open borders democrats who think they have an endless supply of new voters. as for the democratic impeachment squad, keep unmasking the real motives, you bet. if they cared about the constitution and the rule of law, they wouldn't have let the border get this out of control in the first place, and they would have demanded that hillary clinton and her protectorate paid for their wrongdoing. that is law and order, don't you think? this is a political war. all of this that you are seeing around you, and it is meant to undo the president's successes and block his agenda for the next two years. if that is all it is about. this isn't just harassment of president trump -- he said that today. it's harassment of the millions of americans who voted for his agenda, and it is an abuse of the entire democratic process that the democrats claim to care so much about. and that is "the angle."em joining me now with reaction, congressman jim jordan, ranking member of the house oversight committee.ngim
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congressman, let's start on the border issue, then we will get back to what else is cooking. we're going to talk about this later, but this is a national travesty. the democrats will say, oh, it's not bad at all on the border, interception of people are down, fewer people crossing. what is the real truth? >> just heard about the agents on the board, talking about the 70,000 this month alone crossing the border. what are we on, the fifth caravan? to we need a sixth caravan, seventh caravan, endless caravan before we say it is an emergency? the president's right, and some of the republicans were opposing the president, as you said in your opening, in your "ingraham angle," the same ones last year during congress, i didn't want to get it done when we had majority vote in theto house and senate, looks like the senate is going to vote to overrule the president's order, but when the president vetoes it and it comes back for a veto, we can sustain the veto. >> laura: mitch mcconnell could have pushed this, could have demanded his members. >> we should have done it last
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congress. >> laura: they promised the president we are going to get the wall funding, isn't that always but cannot you dangle in front of someone? >> we will get it later, always a million reasons you shouldn't do what the voters elected you to do. >> laura: your advice to him in this moment, we're going going to get into the impeachment squad, people, oh, we got him, the walls are closing around him, he got the issued, ivanka, jared, weird russians i've never heard of, they're all named.ia what should the president do? >> just keep doing his job. i had the lincoln day dinner, and the crowd was huge, they were so enthusiastically president fighting for what he told them i can people he would do. what's interesting about the 811 letters mr. nadler sent, what is interesting is who he didn't send them to. all of these people, 81e
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different entities come over 60 different people, but he didn't send it to the two most important: glennan simpson and christopher steele. glenn simpson was paid by the clintons to put the dossier together, he hired christopher steele, a foreigner, to write the dossier. all those people, but not the two that count the most. look, they started the impeachment effort last week with michael cohen, and michael cohen, their first announced witness of the 116th congress, going to prison in two months -- >> laura: that is their ace in the hole. >> lied six times under oath. >> laura: bill barr has got to act on this. i'm sorry, bill barr could act on this, could bill barr reopen investigation into mrs. clinton? should he?pe >> what he should do is tell us what john huber is doing, what michael horowitz is doing, what the fisa abuse they are supposed to be looking into, the whole idea you have the top people of the fbi, comey, mccabe, baker,
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the fbi, comey, mccabe, baker, idea you have the top people of thee fbi, comey, mccabe, baker, strzok, page come all these people in the clinton investigation and launched and ran the trump-russia investigation, they've all been fired, that is where we need to look. >> laura: there is plenty of collusion here, but what about tony podesta? why does he seem to be able to get away with so much activity with russia. >> we talked about this before, you been great on this, double standard. one set of rules for us regular folk -- >> laura: we have a t new attorney general in pace. no one is looking to put scouts
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on the wall, but this is what we are going to be dealing with. on the other side, at least people should have a clear sense of what happened before this, correct? >> go back and look at this fundamental fact, the clinton campaign paid the law firm who hired glenn simpson who hired a foreigner, christopher steele, talk to a couple of russians, never went to russia, put together this fake document called the dossier that the fbi used. that all these people used, strzok and page used, to go to a secret court to get a warrant to spy on the trump campaign. that is what launched it all. none of them are going to the guy that count the most: glenn simpson and christopher steele. c>> laura: that signed the fisa warrants, not revealing that hillary clinton paid for them, that sticks in my craw. >> we have comey saying one thing, strzok saying one thing -- this is why we need to look at this issue. >> laura: nobody pays, though! this is what drives people crazy. we have a new attorney general who is a consummate professional. >> we're going to talk to him about this. e >> laura: you are in process of talking about this? this is the rule of law. >> equal treatment under the law, most import dead. >> laura: congressman, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. jerry nadler revealedle somethig else during his media tour. that his impeachment
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investigation is basically just a popularity contest between the democrats and trump. you don't believe me? watch what he says next about the american public. >> before you impeach someone, you have to persuade the american public that it ought to happen. you have to persuade enough of the opposition party voters. trump voters. >> very high bar. >> yeah, it is a very high bar. you're not trying to reverse the results of the last election -- we might not get there. but what we have to do is protect the rule of law. >> laura: joining me now is ari fleischer, former white house press secretary for bush 43 and fox news contributor. also with me, pam bondi. let's start with you. why does nadler's planned revolve around "persuading the american people." it sounds a lot like the 2020 election cycle. he said he obstructed ju >> if tha jer committee you have to persuade enough of the opposition party voters. trump voters. >> very high bar. >> yeah, it is a very high bar. you're not trying to reverse the results of the last election -- we might not get there.omveli p' but what we have to do is protect the rule of law. >> laura: joining me now is ari fleischer, former white house press secretary for bush 43 and fox news contributor. also with me, pam bondi. let's start with you. no why does nadler's planned revolve around "persuading the american people." it sounds a lot like the 2020 election cycle. he said he obstructed justice,ot basically 1100 times, a breath
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earlier. so let's get the hearings underway. let's get the vote underway, forget the hearings. you don't need the hearings. >> if you don't have the facts and you don't have the events, you just have a p.r. campaign, democratss with the are launching. all of them. look, it's not just terry nadler, you have sicily knee, who said the president was on a crime spree before he was elected. the chairman of the oversight committee, elijah cummings, who said at the cohen hearing that there was proof the president committed a crime. the problem democrats have is you can't use words like that, crime spree, crime, pd obstruct, without unleashing impeachment that you cannot control. that is where this is headed in the democratic-controlled house. >> laura: pam, cnn's jeffrey toobin, who i know you guys are good buds, he was talking about how obama didn't have to deal with any of this because, let's watch. >> people in barack obama's white house didn't have to hire lawyers. because there were no scandals. i don't think it is just the times, i think it is the
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president. this is a president was underes investigation for good reason. >> laura: here's a list of some of the scandals, pam. let's put them up on the screen. fast and furious, of course, holder of guns, benghazi, irs targeting, clinton's private email server, just to name a few. we have the green energy blowup, et cetera. so where are we here? >> it is utterly ridiculous, laura. even in criminal court, your double jeopardy. when someone is charged with a crime. so here we have robert mueller, we know the report is about to come out. it is going to exonerate the president, and now they're going to go after him again. all they are trying to do, they are try to drag the president and his family through the mud, while look at jared kushner -- look at what he has t done. the democrats should embrace that. they should embrace, gareth
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fought to get the stamp act passed, everything ivanka has done, look at the gdp, look at women's unemployment, look at minority -- >> laura: you are acting like they care about that. this is a brutal political warfare. >> it is, they want to take him onto his knees. >> laura: it is not enough to say they are harassing me. this is going to be a forward campaign of historic speeches, he is doubling down on success. i think he has to double down on the border, asylum reform, all of the stuff. okay, i'm s serious about making this country even greater than it already is. and all you want to do is bring jerome corsi up to testify on capitol hill. my god. >> while the president is out there saving the world -- and he is. as far as the pointer, look at the guns. democrats want to take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. yet they won't stem the flow across our border into the hands of gang membersds and drug dealers? it's unbelievable. >> laura: ari, you've seen this before.
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no we witness what impeachment did to the country before. i was just getting going on tv when this was happening, i started a show on another network the daily impeachment report dropped, and i think thought we have them this time, how did that all work out for the republicans back then? >> a boomerang, republicans lost five seats in the house of representatives right after ,impeaching bill clinton because the country wasn't there, in the no country isn't there for this venow. the first campaign i ever worked on, 21 years old, 1982, and told the incumbent democrat did cocaine. how do you know that? we don't really know, but that is what we heard. and that is when i realized, in politics, there is a tendency to tcriminalize, delegitimize whee your opponent is, i've always tried to resist it in politics. it was wrong when it was done to georgen bush, it is wrong when t is done toge donald trump. the day donald trump was elected, the democrats went into overdrive trying to delegitimize him, and they never stopped. they boycotted his inaugural,
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had the phony dossier immediately released to the press, they unmasked michael flynn, leaked his phone calls to foreign leaders. they tried to turn around the result of the electoral college. they've never stopped the delegitimization campaign, and that is with the last two years of collusion have been about. that is what the next two years will be about as the democrats ecrsue impeachment. >> laura: about 15 seconds, wrap it up for us. >> laura, the president is out there doing his job in a great, great way. the democrats do not care about our country if they are not d going to support all the positive things that are going on in the obstructionist, that is an understatement. >> laura: they are literally downplaying the economy, one of the greatest ever. downplaying the problem at the no npborder, a serious emergency at our border right now. even with the humanitarian no crisis that they claim to care about. guys, we are going to continue on this. we have a lot more to get to. up next, the border patrol today revealed the shocking new numbers -- it's worse than i ever could have imagined. with the liberals aren't
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concerned about it at all. huh. could alexandria ocasio-cortez be going to jail? all of these topics coming up. ♪ this is jerry learning that he's still paying for this stuff he's not using. he's seeing his recurring payments in control tower no
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[ sighing ] ♪ oh my momma she gave me ♪ these feathered breaths ♪ ♪ oh my momma check in from afar with remote access. and have professional monitoring backing you up with xfinity home. demo in an xfinity store, call, or go online today. ♪ >> we are facing alarming trends in the rise in volumes of people illegally crossing the southwest border and arriving at ports t f entry's. this increased flow presents
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currently our highest levels in over a decade, both a border security and humanitarian crisis. regardless of anyone's preferred policy outcome, the status were unacceptable. >> laura: in this fiscal year so far, there have been more than 300% increase in the number of family units, or people posing as family units, apprehended, compared to the same time last year. in total, cbp has arrested more than 268,000 illegals at our southwest border. just in the last five months. with that in perspective, that is almost the population of durham, north carolina, which is the 77th most populous city in america. if the democrats want to block president trump's national emergency declaration because, you know, there is no crisis at the border. >> this is a manufactured crisis. >> a problem, not a crisis. >> a wall is a colossal waste of
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money for a crisis that doesn't exist. >> this is really a manufactured crisis on many levels. manufactured by the trump administration. >> laura: it is not minufactured unless you have oten borders, then just come right in. even the liberal "new york times" is more concerned about the plight of the illegals than their threat to our safety. just look at the headline on the front page today "border control's facilities put detainees with medical conditions at risk." why is the left attacking our border agencies? they are putting their lives on the line trying to protect us, the american people. joining me now, howie kurtz, fox news media analyst and host of "media buzz," and tim ballard, former dhs special agent and founder of operation underground railroad, which rescues victims from human smuggling. great to have you on.ft howie, why does
11:28 pm
"the new york times," after laying out, and i want to read part of it, they layy out this harrowing story about the border. then they claim in an editorial that doesn't exist -- this is part of what they wrote. "an average of 2,200 migrants a day are now crossing the 1900-mile border with mexico, many after grueling journeys that leave them injured, sick, or badly dehydrated, yet most of the nation's custom and border protection facilities along the border lack sufficient staffing or procedures to thoroughlyr assess health needs or to provide more than basic emergency care." and then, march 5th, "the new yorkng times" editorial board says that national emergency doesn't exist. saying "the national emergencies act doesn't define an emergency is, a loophole trump took advantage of. contrary to all of the evidence, there is basically not a crisis at thery border." >> a legitimate journalistic look at a humanitarian crisis.
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he says that many of the migrants arrive, already have chronic diseases. >> laura: why is that the american taxpayers fault, or responsibilityng? it's horrible and it's awful and parents do do this, i understand what they're doing it, but they are putting their children at risk, and themselves, at risk of being traffic themselves. >> it underscores how much of the media are totally focused on the side of the story. this is their emergency, not the broader emergency -- >> laura: not the american people and other people. >> enables them to blame everything that happens to migrants on the trump administration. >> laura: right, and i'm trying to get at this, they lay out what is in emergency situations. they can blame trump for it and say it is all trump's fault,la e don't have five-star facilities at our borders, hotels, full concierge medical care, english language we have a lot of good stuff helping people, but they lay this out. in their description, it is an
11:30 pm
emergency, they just want to throw more money at it. >> i look at this in the eyes of kids. i spent 12 years on that border, by the way, as an undercover special agent looking for children being traffic into the united states to be sold to our american pedophiles. this is an emergency to these children. they are coming in here, they are being dragged -- there's a 300% increase in adults bring children want their -- who aren't their kids. 93% of these kids that we are recovering are outside the ports of entry, so where are they going? a lot of them are being used as pawns because we have a strange policy that congress passed that says bring a kid and you can claim, you know. >> laura: democrats and republicans, i blame both of them. they are both responsible, both parties, for not addressing this asylum issue. as long as you come in with someone you say is related to you, you cannot be sent home, children are resettled here, even if they are temporarily, for short period of time
11:31 pm
separated, both settled together unless you can figure out they are not related, where is our congress? trump is a the problem?is crazy! >> think like a criminal, right, you bring a kid across, and if you're caught, you can say asylum. i get to stay here. but we know they are not doing all of them, they are taking these kids and selling them intl our sex markets here in the united states. we have to control the movement. a wall, a barrier, controls and movement so can identify who is comingch in. through the eyes of the kids i see this. save the kids. >> laura: there is the children aspect, the suffering aspect, the health aspect, and a lot of people watching tonight i like, look, i say this, two blocks from where we are broadcasting, every night, we drive home, and there are seven or eight people on the street. it is freezing out tonight. these appear to be american citizens, and they are on the streets 500 yards from the nation's capital, and it is sad, it is horrible, but a lot of americans watch and they go, why are we putting all of our resources on helping people who
11:32 pm
need to be able to thrive in their own country? as much as it is sad. it is sad two blocks from here.n these appear to be american citizens, and they are on the streets 500 yards from the nation's capital, and it is sad it is horrible, but a lot of americans watch and they go, why are we putting all of our resources on helping people who need to be able to thrive in their own country? as much as it is sad. it is sad two blocks from here. it is that what is happening with tim, he's documented all of this. >> part of the border situation the media -- at the same time, democrats trying to block president trump's emergency declaration. there appears to be enough republican defections in the senate that is going to go against the president. it will be vetoed, i understand. >> laura: it doesn't surprises me one bit, why does it not surprise me? we are going beyond the headlines, you digging beyond the headlines every day and you do such a great job, howie. this is about what has always happened with these two parties, republicans love to have the,,we the headlines every day and you do such a great job, howie. this is about what has always wppened with these two parties, republicans love to have the cheap labor flowing in for business for the worst thing for american business is when wages
11:33 pm
start goingn up. they want to keep downward pressure on wages. the more people coming in, the lower wages can be in certain sectors, and the democrats -- i want to play this for nancy pelosi, this is nancy pelosi. i believe today in an interview. tells what the democrats motives are. let's watch. >> thesese newcomers make ameria more american. and we want them when they come here to be fully part of our system, and that means not suppressing the vote of all newcomers to america. >> laura: she talking about legal immigrants, we want everyone to be able to vote, but this is going way forward. we have democrats pushing to legalize illegal immigrants to vote, even if they are not citizens, that they should be able to vote. that is a new movement b buildig slowly in localities and cities. that is what this is about, votes for democrats,it cheap workers were republicans. meanwhile, kids are being hurt,
11:34 pm
as tim has documented, and how much more money do you have to urspend? billions. >> the challenge for the process to focus on all sides if the crisis and not be swept away by one faction of political -- >> laura: i agree, but why not front page articles in "the new york times" of more about what is happening with illegal immigrant crime in the united states? oh, they commit less crime than american-born people. that is a trope, you don't have a brother or a daughter or someone who has been traffic, you're getting enough help from capitol hill in what you are doing? you get some help. >> we are getting help from the utah delegation. they have come strong, senator hatch, senator lee, congressman curtis, we just got some bills passed, the president signed them into law in january. the bills that will help us work internationally.o it's got to be a comprehensive approach, because these kids are traffic internationally.
11:35 pm
almost 800,000 a year. >> laura: what is a typical man, is there an age that engages in this disgusting, despicable criminal activity? >> there is no profile. it's scary, they are educators, they are everybody. we've arrested law enforcement officers. you can't detect this, that's why we had to be proactive as a nation to find these kids. >> laura: we have a 300% increase of adults with people they say are related to them. >> and they're not. >> laura: how do we track that down? we're doing dna tests? of course not. it's an issue i feel very t much about for the american people, and humanitarian, financial, or otherwise. thank you so much. up next, we have some breakingth news on the conservative attack at berkeley. plus, aoc's dirty little secret that could land her in jail, not so secret anymore.ty we will take you behind the scenes of mardi gras int new orleans.
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also, i was there. ♪ >> laura: now to a fox news alert in the case of the conservative assaulted on the campus of uc berkeley. today, prosecutors charge the suspect with three felony charges, one of the assaults likely to produce bodily injury, one battery with serious bodily injury, and one charge making criminal threat. last month, 28-year-old zachary greenberg was caught on camera punching the victim, hayden williams, during a recruiting event on the california campus. last friday, ten days after the attack, police identified and arrested the suspect. williams and his attorney joined williams and his attorney joined me exclusively right after that also, i was there. ♪ roger zapata. we're the tinch family, and we are usaa members for life. to begin your legacy, get an insurance quote today.
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go to and get 2 months free. >> laura: now to a fox news alert in the case of the conservative assaulted on the campus of uc berkeley. today, prosecutors charge the suspect with three felony charges, one of the assaults likely to produce bodily injury, one battery with serious bodily injury, and one charge making criminal threat. last month, 28-year-old zachary greenberg was caught on camera punching the victim, hayden williams, during a recruiting event on the california campus. last friday, ten days after the attack, police identified and arrested the suspect. williams and his attorney joined me exclusively right after that arrest. >> i remain disappointed with uc berkeley and the fact that they allowed such a culture of intolerance and violence to conservative viewpoints toto grw in berkeley and even thrive, really.
11:41 pm
>> laura: williams says he is considering filing a civil suit, and you remember at cpac on saturday, he stood next to the president and was the huge, thunderous applause, we will continue to follow the story and bring you updates as we get them. also tonight, could the democrats shining new star be seeing some, well, shiny new prison bars? congresswoman aoc, alexandria ocasio-cortez, and her chief of staff, are accused of illegally funneling nearly $1 million in campaign contributions in an effort to skate around campaign finance laws. the complaint claims that aoc's chief of staff took the money from the pac he established and move it to the private entities, llcs, that he controlled, and aoc was on the board of. these are entities that could donate to political candidates and a lot looser on the regulations.
11:42 pm
of course, to candidates like aoc herself, for example. so what happened to the money, and what did the candidate know about it? fox news caught up with her exclusivelyy today. >> do you have any comment on the sec violations filed against you? >> there is no violation. >> do you think that is a sign of you taking dark money? >> oh, no. >> laura: joining me now is brad smith, a former fecec commissioner. brad, first of all, it is nice to see the tables turned on some of these democrats on their high horses all the time, claiming to have the moral superiority over everybody else, and suddenly, they are on the defensive, no, let's get off of that elephant as soon as possible. you say that ocasio-cortez could actually see jail time in this case? how serious are these violations or accusations?er
11:43 pm
>> let's be cautious about that, laura. i've been doing this for 25 years, and an academic studying2 it as a commissioner on the fec, i've never seen this kind of set up, willing and willful violation can result in prison time, it's not be like the democrats. my guess is aoc will not go to prison for this, i can't think of a way you get out of violations that there might be one. it also shows, as you pointed out, the rank hypocrisy. aoc is out there promoting this hr1 bill the democrats, restrictions on ordinary americans, every little nonprofit, every trade association, they want to participate in politics. she is out, and she has this chief of staff, chakrabarti, who are doing things that seem to be -- i can't think of a way you get out of it, a violation. >> laura: you are being cautious, but i'm going to say, well, look at what they did in that case. okay, they threw the book at him in federal district court in new york, manhattan, because of money that was donated to a senatorial campaign of a friend of his, and it was like his wife, i can't even remember, it was the minimal amount of money, but in this case, wonky., restrictions on ordinary americe nonprofit, every trade association, they want to participate in politics. she is out, and she has this chief of staff, chakrabarti, who are doing things that seem to be -- i can't think of a way you get out of it, a violation. >> laura: you are being
11:44 pm
cautious, but i'm going to say, well, look at what they did in that case. okay, they threw the book at him in federal district court in new york, manhattan, because of money that was donated to a senatorial campaign of a friend of his, and it was like his wife, i can't even remember, it was the minimal amount of money, but in this case, and i want to understand this, this is not wonky. this is very easy to understand. there were two political action committee, started by this wonder kind chief of staff of hers, and that money ended up being funneled into an llc that could donate money directly to aoc herself, correct? >> the llc actually cannot donate. >> laura: if the other way around, the llc goes to pac, the pac can donate to her. >> the pac was funneling it to
11:45 pm
the llc. i've got a major problem, and that llc -- that pac took in over $2 million and paid out over $1 million to the llc. there is no accounting for $2 million, inmate $62,000 in contributions to candidates, nothing in independent expection expenditures. it disappeared into the pockets of chakrabarti or they used it to assist campaigns without reporting it, which would be major -- >> laura: this gets real confusing for most people. they were doing something they weren't supposed to do, and a lot of money was involved. and it looks like the money was going to support her campaign, and if she was in control of that and knew what was going on, she could be in big trouble. that's the law. >> our best defense is probably that she was too ignorant and didn't know what was going on. >> laura: she's so ignorant, she knows how to reorient the
11:46 pm
entire u.s. economy under the green new deal head this is from her chief of staff, the way he modeled this on operation. >> our ideas to run a single unified campaign that will look a lot like the bernie sanders campaign, use a model is a single website for fund-raising, a single, giant national movement of contacting voters. >> laura: thank you so much. coming up, it is fat tuesday, you know that means, ingraham and arroyo do >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we really pride ourselves on making it easy to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa!
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♪ >> laura: that is bourbon street live right now, fat tuesday. begins in about one hour and 10 minutes. our own raymond arroyo, new orleans native, insisted, twisted my arm that i go with the big easy ride there and my first mardi gras parade. it was an adventure, and we wanted to bring you all along on this mardi gras day. check it out. >> happy mardi gras! ♪
11:51 pm
♪ >> laura, mardi gras began in 1699 here when john baptiste landed a 60-mile south of new orleans, and they celebrated the first mardi gras here. it was actually in mobile, alabama, but very quickly, once new orleans was founded in 1718, this became the epicenter of mardi gras. ♪ >> as time went on, these mardi gras crews got bigger and bigger, and remember, this is not just any festival. this is our prelent preparation. >> laura: deprivation. >> remember, the old catholic
11:52 pm
right, you couldn't drink in the 40 days of rent, so you had a blowout from january 6th till ash wednesday. that's what this is. mardi gras. ♪ >> we have to wear costumes, laura. >> laura: this is the thing, i'm from connecticut. we have a memorial day parade, girl scouts, veterans. >> in new orleans, things are little different. everybody who parades in a group has to wear a costume, and you must wear a mask. it is actually against the law to not mask. a put them on. here we go. ♪ >> all right, we are rolling. >> let's do it. ♪
11:53 pm
>> before you load on the floats, you have to make sure all of your throws are ready. ♪ >> laura: this is going to be really fun. >> the float we are writing is the largest of mardi gras, six separate cars. it is not as easy as it looks. >> laura: all right, laura, your first mardi gras ride paired with it like? >> laura: it's cold. it's incredible, we have already met great friends, we have a lot of new friends on the float, everyone is drinking just water. >> only water.
11:54 pm
♪ ♪ >> happy mardi gras! look at this crowd, laura. unbelievable. ♪ >> we made it in one piece. i have to tell you, it's a long day. >> laura: it's a long day, but the faces, the smiles, the people on the street, that made it. it was fantastic.
11:55 pm
everybody have a happy mardi gras! >> laura: okay, raymond said we shouldn't throw all of the good deeds early because we would run out. we got to the convention center where all of the people are, we had four bags of beads left over, and we had to leave them behind. it was so much fun. my favorite throwing the football, i've got to say. there is more where that came there is more where that came from when we come back ♪ ♪ i can do more to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. and i take trulicity once a week to activate my body to release it, like it's supposed to. trulicity is not insulin. it starts acting in my body from the first dose and continues to work when i need it, 24/7. trulicity is an injection to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. don't use it as the first medicine to treat diabetes, or if you have type 1 diabetes
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oh, wow. you two are going to have such a great trip. yeah, have fun! thanks to you, we will. aw, stop. this is why voya helps reach today's goals... ...all while helping you to and through retirement. um, you guys are just going for a week, right? yeah! that's right. can you help with these? oh... um, we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... sorry, little paws, so. but have fun! send a postcard! voya. helping you to and through retirement. >> candy? what is this, halloween? anything else? want to throw books? >> laura: actually, that's a >> is this halloween? oh, great. anything else? want to throw books? rocks? >> that is a great idea.
12:00 am
a copy of the art of the deal. >> i was thinking will wilder but whatever. >> we've had a blast and if you have ever been to mardi gras you have to go at least one time in your life. it is a family and community celebration contrary to the stereotype. it is awesome. shannon bream and the fox news at 19 take it from here. >> we won't grill you on how you got those. >> i bought them actually. shannon: we start with the fox news alert, democrats delay the vote on and anti-semitism resolution, a freshman member taking heat from both parties regarding her comments on is real. the vote was supposed to be tomorrow but that's not going to happen. what's the holdup? progressives put the brakes on the vote. white democrats are divided over condemning the anti-semitic remarks, breaking news on the new plan to get the inside scoop


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