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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 6, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> 76,000 total apprehensions in a four week month in february. the abortion community and the humanitarian crisis. jillian: it is wednesday, march 5th. coming straight from the border patrol chief, there is a growing crisis along the southern border. rob: face with real and present numbers democrats are not buying it. live in washington the length they are going to block the emergency declaration. >> tell me why you are flying today. >> because i need to go to work. rob: dc to new york, the mile high hypocrisy of aoc. jillian: the move her critics are calling just plain wrong. apparently everyone these days. rob: how you can take home your own copy of bob mueller's russia report. it is not out yet. "fox and friends first" continues right now.
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♪ got to keep your head up ♪ i don't want ♪ no exhaust ♪ got to keep your head up ♪ got to keep your hands out ♪ rob: it is 11 ° outside right now. march coming in like a lion. jillian: and out like a lamb. rob: i recall a blizzard in new york two years ago. let's not talk about that. you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. jillian: thanks for starting the day with us. customs and border patrol at a breaking point as homeland
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security secretary kirsten nielsen prepares for questioning on capitol hill today. rob: griff jenkins joins us from washington as we learn 76,000 people tried to cross the border just last month. that is the amount they caught. could you do more? >> secretary nielsen will be urging lawmakers before the house homeland security committee to heed what customs and border protection says are alarming numbers out. >> based on the expensive men and women on the frontline this is border security and humanitarian crisis. it is added breaking point. >> a 300% increase compared to last year. in the first 5 months of fiscal year 19, we had 136,150 exceeding the total number for all of fiscal year 18.
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and only two in 2017. and they are a new phenomenon. 700,000 central american migrants on the border. in phoenix yesterday, this to say. >> the crisis on the southern border is overwhelming the system. any vote against the president's national emergency declaration is a vote against border security. >> reporter: that vote is coming. with an ever public and defections to block the
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declaration the democrats continue opposing the use of military funds being used for the border. >> to a useless vanity project, would betray our national security. >> reporter: that vote will happen before march 15th. we are hearing officials hope that all lawmakers will take a hard look at these numbers and change their thoughts. jillian: thanks, griffin. a tragic turn, a homeowner opening fire on officer nathan heidelberg thinking he was at work, the veteran shot above his bulletproof vest in midland, texas. >> we are hurting to the core. well over 30 years, the police department has lost and shaken
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us to the core. jillian: first responders alluding heidelberg in a police procession. the man who shot him, david charles wilson, is charged with manslaughter. a fox news alert, satellite images appear to show north korea strengthening its nuclear arsenal. analysts believe the regime is really a large site days after donald trump's failed summit with kim jong un. john bolton warning of consequences if north korea doesn't denuclearize. >> i think donald trump has been clear they are not going to get relief from the crushing economic sanctions that have been imposed and we will look at ramping those sanctions up. heather: negotiations are expected to continue. rob: house democrats postpone a vote to condemn anti-semitism after pressure from progressives, the resolution
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seen as a response to the congresswoman omar's anti-israel comments. it will condemn anti-muslim bias as well. mike emanuel has more on the democratic division. >> reporter: lawmakers have heard enough from congresswoman omar so the house is expected to vote on a resolution condemning anti-semitism though it doesn't mention her by name. a draft obtained by fox acknowledge the dangerous consequent to the perpetuating anti-semitic stereotypes and reject anti-semitism as hateful expressions of intolerance are contradictory to the values that define the people of the united states. leading republicans say that is not enough. >> if they are serious about addressing the problem nancy pelosi has remove her from the foreign affairs can be. >> reporter: she tweeted being opposed to benjamin netanyahu and the occupation is not the same as being anti-semitic. new york democrats blasted omar urging her to retract. lawmakers must be able to debate without prejudice or bigotry.
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i am saddened representative omar mischaracterizes support for israel. omar fired back i should not be expected to have allegiance, pledge support to a foreign country in order to serve my country in congress or serve on committee. leading democrat was lawmakers must choose their words carefully. >> we are hurting people with our language. we have got to protect everybody's freedom of religion. >> reporter: the trump campaign advisor took a hard to tell with omar. >> is filth. >> something to omar's defense, alexandria ocasio cortez. if we call resolutions on statements of sexism a good chunk of congress would be gone. this expose friction between some veteran lawmakers and these new high profile freshmen, some thinking this doesn't go far enough suggesting congresswoman omar should be called out by name. on capitol hill, mike emanuel, fox news.
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rob: michael cohen on capitol hill as it is reveal his attorney tried securing a presidential pardon after the fbi raided cohen's home, an attorney push donald trump's lawyers to discuss the possibility the president shot the idea down. cohen was sentenced to 3 years in prison for lying, will testify behind closed doors. the former trump attorney testified last week against his former boss. cohen said in the past he didn't ask for and wouldn't accept a presidential pardon. jillian: congresswoman rashida tlaib will join protesters is democrats increase calls for donald trump's impeachment. two advocacy groups tell the hill the michigan democrat will deliver remarks on, quote, need to address the crisis by donald trump's administration. protesters will flock to the office of an unnamed lawmaker. democrats are urging neighbors to stop impeachment calls until the mueller russia probe is released. rob: the state of california doesn't want to give the united
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states its money back, fighting donald trump for $10 billion in federal funding from a failed high-speed rail project to reclaim that money. state officials say taking the money back would be disastrous. last one the white house announced it would ask for every legal option to get $2.5 billion back. jillian: christians around the world celebrate ash wednesday, one of the holiest days of the year. it marks the beginning of lent, 6 weeks period of fasting and repentance leading up to easter. rob: millions receive traditional ashes on their 4 heads today. pope francis is preparing for mass at the basilica at 10:30 eastern time. jillian: it is 9 minutes after the hour. committal or just incredibly stupid? alexandria ocasio cortez accused of moving $1 million in donations. did they know what they were doing? ned ryan knows how campaign works and is here to break down the allegations.
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>> there is no violation. >> is that a fine of you taking dark money? >> know. rob: aoc denying dark many allegations against her in a federal elections complaint. jillian: and conservative watchdog group accusing the president congresswoman and her chief of staff of nearly $1 million off the books operations. rob: ned ryan is founder and ceo of american majority which specializes in grassroots campaigning. explain exactly what his alleged here and is this an easy mistake
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to make? >> i got to tell you, this is either incredibly stupid and naïve or deeply calculated, neither of which are good scenarios. you cannot have a candidate and her chief of staff controlling a pack that is working on behalf of electing that candidate. this is campaign 101. you cannot coordinate at a level. there are couple issues at stake. if there was improper disclosure of independent expenditures, illegal income contributions to benefit the campaign, potential coordination, those are fines. you'll -- they will definitely get find on those things. the biggest question is did aoc and her chief of staff willingly and knowingly try to hide their control of this pack and if they did so you start to talk about jail time. jillian: even if it was a mistake for argument sake is
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that still okay? >> know, it is not okay. you are going to get find. if this is provable, it looks suspicious with these potential contributions and potential coordination this is campaign 101. you cannot coordinate because of the limits in federal elections with pacs versus campaigns. i'm staggered to think someone thought a camp had -- a candidate could be on the board of the pack and her chief of staff as working on behalf of that campaign. the thing is they took control of this pack in december 2017. they did not lose control until august 2018. in between aoc winter primary in that district, you basically win the general, very suspicious timing. rob: the primary was the whole thing. once you got the nomination you were good to go. what do you think the defense will be? in their minds how will they concoct a defense to this? >> if it is naivety and stupidity i have a hard time believing they will look at that
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and go we are not talking insignificant amounts of money, almost $1 million but what is interesting to me is we have aoc who sanctimoniously moralize us to us about climate change and she has a massive carbon footprint and lectured us on dark money and politics and it looks like she is probably guilty of doing the exact same thing, just a sanctimonious hypocrite. jillian: let's talk about the green new deal which we know would potentially eliminate air travel. listen to this soundbite of a reporter asking alexandria ocasio cortez why she was flying. >> tell me why you are flying today. >> i needed to go to work. >> a couple hours of my constituents time. jillian: presuming she was going new york to dc there are trains that do that.
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>> of the world is going to end and 12 years you have to maximize every hour. every our accounts. for someone that wants to outlaw planes she seems to like them a lot. i saw statistic, she 7 times more likely to use a plane and a train. i probably use trains more coming from dc to new york city. this goes back to global change. since, they want to virtue signal, they want to be emotionally right, but what is a few million cubic tons of co2 between friends as long as your heart is in the right place? it goes back to the hypocrisy of aoc and others just sitting around the world lecturing us on man-made global warming and they are guilty of the same behavior they are lecturing us on. rob: what is the straight shot? i've taken that train, 21/2 hours? you got to get there an hour and
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a half, he takes the same amount of time. unbelievable she would give that ammunition to the other side because that is the best ammunition you can get. >> i choose to take either train or i drive, going to the airport, going through security, it is just as much time to do that, 21/2 hours, 2 hours and 45 minutes, longer on the nor'easter. this is one of the things where it is again you have to be kidding me. that is your best excuse? i'm trying to save a couple hours of constituents time? it doesn't pass the smell test. the other thing i point out, she's $37,000 on huber at $8000 -- when i come to new york i choose to use the subway because it is more convenient on traffic time. rob: it boggles the mind initially connected by trains. jillian: you can take your liquids if you fly so there is that.
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friends to convince carly shimkus, here with reaction. >> another day another round of ocasio cortez tweets. she's taking an approach to be omar controversy, essentially calling out democrats for condemning anti-semitism saying there have been other instances of racism they haven't call out. she says one of the things that is hurtful about the extent to which reprimand is sought is no one seeks this level of represent when members makes comments that latinas and other communities during the shutdown, gop member yelled go back to puerto rico on the floor. there is one major problem with that tweet, guy benson was quick deck out, saying the member who yelled about puerto rico was referring to a trip taken by a number of dems in the midst of the government shutdown. he is saying it wasn't a racist
2:24 am
incident. remember when democrats went to puerto rico during the government shutdown? that is why this gop congressman said go back to puerto rico. not instance of racism. stephen on twitter says another instance of people in power caring more for the people of the privileged than those who are disenfranchised. the house will likely vote on this resolution tomorrow and it will include language that condemns anti-muslim rhetoric as well. rob: the fact they tried to use the puerto rico thing, the vacation republicans were talking about right after that, so clear that was being emphasized. what is milania up to? >> he is calling out the media for their press coverage saying they need to focus more on important issues and less on outrage over her husband. take a listen. >> i challenge the press to devote as much time to the lives lost and lives that could be
2:25 am
saved by dedicating the same amount of coverage you do to tribal stories. >> some see this as a no-win situation including this president is to graham his is the mainstream media will interpret this challenge to mean they have to spirit and mark milania even more. another commentor saying the reflection of a fabulous first lady. jillian: when twitter is at its funniest. >> back at it again. hillary clinton and the president taking jabs at each other on twitter when donald trump tweeted this, crooked hillary clinton confirmed she will not run in 2020, rolls out a third bid for white house. does that mean i won't get to run against her again? she will be sorely missed. hillary clinton responded with this mean girls gift that says why are you so obsessed with me? doesn't it feel like 2016 all
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over again? rob: i miss those days. rob: lawmakers demanding answers after high school is get punished for wearing m aga gear. kelly townsend is one of those and she will be here live with us. jillian: free pass for getting high happening in new york city schools. doctor safire says that sends a troubled message everywhere. ♪ about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making contributions to local charities. so this year, i've built myself a secret weapon. there it is let's get 'em boy! awe man. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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upload your logo or start your design today at rob: a look at top headlines, the department of homeland security secretary kirstjen and will face house democrats on the crisis at the border, what the administration is calling it as newly released numbers show
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76,000 people tried and were caught crossing the border just in the months of february, 76,000. border patrol officials this point to a border security and humanitarian crisis. jillian: donald trump approved disaster aid for alabama in the wake of deadly tornadoes. 23 people are dead, twee 7 from the same family. half a dozen still missing. the president heads to lee county to toward the devastation. rob: the president will meet with a former yemeni hostage in the oval office, texas oil worker danny birch is reunited with his family, 18 months held captive by rebel firefighters after he was kidnapped in that arab nation. the united arab emirates is at war with human and instrumental in securing his release to the united states. welcome home. jillian: new york city students
2:31 am
getting a free pass on grass. rob: if caught with marijuana teens are getting warning cards instead of another punishment. jillian: joining us to discuss what kind of message this sends our kids come medical contributor doctor nicole safire. when you heard this what did you think? >> new york is on its way to legalize marijuana. for me this is another free pass for children. the acceptance of marijuana. it is great in the sense we don't want young children to have permanent criminal records, they are trying to decriminalize it so they are not prejudiced against their entire life but i we saying to them if we don't give them a criminal summons this is okay and you get a slap on the hand? even when marijuana is legalized it is not legal under 21.
2:32 am
cuomo said 21 or older. still children. we know marijuana affects the brain. brains develop until the age of 25. my kids don't think that is true, they know everything but the point is the brain developing until 25 and marijuana has an aspect on brain developed. it can increase anxiety and psychoses in teenagers and one in six kids who use it regularly will be addicted to it. jillian: some learned is a gateway drug. >> gateway theories have been disproven over and over again. some conspiracy theory, will it lead to more hard-core drugs down the road? just studying marijuana leads to that. the answer is probably not. if we are doing illegal activity is more likely you do more illegal activity. rob: a heckuva drug as it is. the marijuana being produced today is powerful stuff.
2:33 am
let's look how the city is going to handle this, parents can be notified about pot infractions, nothing will remain on students record, ranging from a lecture to suspension. compare that to what it was when we were kids. you got caught smoking grass in school. >> the same for alcohol or cigarettes. are they loose on pot? and not allowing them to happen. very different from a couple decades ago. it is laced with a lot of things. i'm not okay with missing to kids this is a slap on the hand. there has to be hard-core infractions or punishment. they don't need to be criminal but i want to see the school stepping in and sending the message this is not okay. >> for wearing the wrong shoes. rob: let's check in on the
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freezing frigid weather outside. >> you nailed it. it is cold outside, a wind chill, we have freeze warnings, in south carolina and everywhere on the gulf coast. it is below freezing for several hours, the windchill radar as we go through time going into the 40s or 50s across texas still in the 30s in mississippi and alabama and georgia. for the next couple days, the next big weather maker moving across much of the country to bring heavy rain and mountain snow to some of these areas that have been inundated. a good news bad news story. they need the rain here but flash flooding is a concern for
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travel concerns. if you are a skier with the forecast, rob, jillian. >> making mostly sunny out of that. rob: you all read the books. thank you so much. jillian: huber releasing a list of the 50 most unique items left behind, they will surprise you. rob: the company listing at 8-week-old chihuahua as the most unique item. this includes a 6 piece chicken tender from 7-11 instead of gold teeth. assign babe ruth baseball and dirty laundry. jillian: the most common item left behind were phones, cameras, wallets, keys and purses. i have left a camera and a jacket and a.
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rob: i was so ticked off. 35, never got them back, after the hour. can't wait to see what is in bob mueller's report? you can preorder it on amazon. jillian: after falling flat on his face, coming right back. ♪ free ♪ freefalling ♪ and i'm free ♪ freefalling ♪
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jillian: hope you're having a good morning. amazon selling a robert mueller's russia report before it comes out. you can preorder a book titled the mueller report with an introduction by harvard law professor alan dershowitz, dated march 26th. not clear if william barr has
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cleared the report for release. rob: the alan dershowitz intro is interesting. bernie sanders signed a pledge to run for president as a democrat, promising to serve the party if elected, a new rule in place saying anyone seeking the democratic nomination must be a democrat. it came after sanders's failed presidential bid in 2016. jillian: socialist policies like free college and medicare for all are a major component of the 2020 platform. jillian: rob: larry code closes democrats will work overtime to twist the economic message, playing the recession card during a time of intense prosperity for this country. >> putting socialism on trial and i will convicted as well. they don't pay their fair share. look at the facts and figures. the top 1% pace 40% of the income taxes, the top 10% pace 70%.
2:41 am
the bottom 50% pay less than 3%. we have the most progressive tax code of any large industrial countries around the world. it is factually incorrect. here's another point. you should be incentivized. you should get rewarded for your hard work and your investment and risk-taking. this is one of the things donald trump has done. he and the war on business. he stopped punishing success. he said to men and women, take a look, by your own company and start producing and creating jobs. that's the new face of the trump economy. jillian: a new gallup poll showing donald trump's approval rating on the economy hitting a new high at 56%. rob: the nsa controversial program monitoring americans calls and text messages has been quietly shutdown according to republican congressional aide.
2:42 am
jillian: tracy carrasco explains why. >> reporter: this is the program that was pretty controversial, raised a lot of debate and questions following the september 11, 2001, attacks. the trump administration may not renew the legal authority which is set to expire at the end of the year. the nsa says they haven't used this program in several months according to the new york times. they haven't used it, this is a program that does want to monitor american call offs and texts. since they haven't used it they might not renew that but this program was disclosed in 2013 by it snowed and come of that brought a lot of awareness to people, your privacy might be in jeopardy. jillian: what is this about an airline offering $44 tickets to hawaii. >> they are starting their trips to why, they've been trying to do this for some time. introduced the flights, they
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have low fares, $491-way, round-trip less than $100, these introductory rates pulled out the first flights from california to honolulu for starting on march 17th. the other competitors had to get in on the election. as 198, united, united airlines as well. you want to check out a quick flight to hawaii. a good sign with southwest getting in the field and it has been a rough couple weeks. and products in time for spring. >> they have unveiled 20 products for this spring, 66% of american taxpayers put together an easter basket, most of them include pizza and new flavors
2:44 am
here, cotton candy, with maple syrup. blue raspberry, chocolate bars, jellybeans, orange sherbet, vanilla cream, lots of new flavors. easter on april 21st. i will try the vanilla cream. jillian: i can't eat pizza. rob: i can eat pizza but choose not to. >> it has vanilla cream on the bottom. very good. rob: kids like these things i think. jillian: my favorite easter snack when i was a kid. rob: what is this? >> sugar and marshmallow shaped like a tech. rob: i like chocolate. i am cool on that. give me some of that chocolate. we tried it. kids love them.
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>> 16 minutes until the top of the hour. did a high school violate students rights over their support for the president? that is what a group of arizona republicans want to know. our next guest is one of them. she says no one should be silenced over their politics. rob: steve doocy with what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> you have peeps in your teeth. they look delicious. coming up on the program, three hours, talking the news of the day, that is our lead story, breaking news, 76,000 cross the border illegally in february alone, that is 100% increase year over year. we talked to all sorts of people including white house press secretary sarah sanders, new
2:46 am
york congressman lee selden speaking about this anti-semitic resolution that is supposed to be voted on yesterday. today, maybe tomorrow. geraldo rivera will talk about the opioid problem in the country. someone who resigned over in opposition to chick-fil-a's corporate values exciting christian beliefs in her resignation. why she decided to quit over chick-fil-a? we tell you that and more. a busy 3 hours kicks off 14 minutes from now on the channel everybody trusts for their morning news. rob: i could use chick-fil-a right now. thank you. two travelers at a comfort inn with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows?
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heather: do high school students have a constitutional right to support donald trump if they choose? arizona republicans, punished for making -- make america great again here on campus. kelly townsend is a state representative looking for an answer and she joined me now. we appreciate it. what do you think you will get from this? >> we already have actions happening right now in that there are questions about various versions of the story we were hearing and attorneys that were involved and one of those attorneys issues a retraction because the school says before the video started the mother came into the school yelling, using the f word in front of students and the attorney should a demand for retraction because
2:51 am
there was more to the video that was cut off because the mother didn't want to release that but it shows from the moment she got out of the car and went into the building there was no yelling, no cursing or bombs. the school chose to fabricate a story about this mother to discredit her and because of that reason and many others, we asked the attorney general to investigate. rob: the theme was party in the us and some students were disciplined as a result of this. let's listen to one of those students. >> everyone is allowed to have their own political view. that shouldn't affect the way you treat a student and discipline a student. jillian: do you think high school students should be able
2:52 am
to wear this gear and show their support at school? >> doesn't matter what i think. what matters what the supreme court thinks and 7-2 decision that students have pure speech rights that they can express themselves on shirts, if they want to wear a shirt with a cross or a shirt that says trump or that says obama they have that right. what the problem is is when someone in a position of authority is offended by that speech they have the power to retaliate, to punish, to treat badly these kids and to make them take the shirt off and tell them they need to leave the property of the school because they have a flag they don't want and you can hear the video, that is wrong. jillian: the attorney general issued a response, rather short response, quote, we receive the letter, we look at all the facts, we don't know enough about the situation.
2:53 am
what happens next? >> it is really important that everyone begins to have a conversation about what the first amendment is and what we do to deal with situations when we see something we don't like, when we hear something we don't like. i hear people saying let's ban everything altogether. that is not what the first amendment is for. the first amendment is to protect the undesirable speech. we wouldn't need it if there wasn't undesirable speech. we have to accept that and understand people have that right and not react in a violent way. we have people being violent over m aga hats and those things. what they are doing is siphoning other people's rights out of fear of retaliation. jillian: we only have a couple seconds and i'm curious. have you ever seen another time in our country's history where this is been a problem trickling into even high schools. >> it is really bad because of lack of knowledge of what our
2:54 am
rights are, talking about the nsa out of fear of terrorism, recycling mass shootings, and people having basically a reaction where they become violent. it is important for america to open up the constitution, read it and understand what that means. the price of freedom is just that. we have to accept there is risks, uncomfortable things to deal with but that is our country. heather: we appreciate you taking the time this morning, we are coming right back. your tossing and turning isn't restlessness, it's gas! gas-x relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort... . . one swipe.
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rob: new bush to extend high school by one year. a boston city councilman his 13th grade proposal would help low income students better prepare for college and make them more competitive. the school year would be optional. only offered to high school graduates. boston's democratic mayor says he is going to review this idea. one more year of high school. asked if you thought it was a good idea or not or a waste of time. your comments pouring in. >> as a high school teacher i will tell you this will not make any difference. in fact, i think it will make things worse. higher dropout rates for one as it's not the amount of time but how wisely they use the time. >> michael on instagram maybe incorporate mindfulness and meditation. >> if you can't get 1 through 12 right why waste tax dollars on another year.
2:59 am
jillian: time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first we start with the good. infant fights for soldier dad's attention. you have got it see this. [. [laughter] >> hi. >> caroline, the dog, nudging baby savanna out of the way to get to dad. soldier billie redher had justen home to pennsylvania after military drills. rob: powerful gust of wind juries passengers on crew ship. it tilted to a side sending furniture flying after leaving new york on sunday. officials blame a sudden gusts of 150 mile-per-hour winds. 115 miles per hour. the ship safely arriving. jillian: the ugly. danny devito's appearance falls flat. literally. >> oh.
3:00 am
that's sad. devito taking a tumble news conference for upcoming movie dumbo. the 47-year-old is okay. i fall a lot. i broke the same ankle four times. i feel you, man. rob: we like danny devito. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> well beyond capacity and remains at the breaking point. >> compared to last year, the number of families apprehended at the border up 335%. >> are we on the fifth caravan? why do we need a sixth caravan, seventh caravan before we say it's an emergency. sean: congresswoman omar saying another anti-semitic comment. >> at what point do you say to congresswoman omar you are not on the committee anymore. >> no, i'm not close to it. >> alexandria ocasio-cortez claims that she violated campaign finance law. >> there is no violation. there is no violation.
3:01 am
>> today, christians all around the world


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