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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 7, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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see the sworn and totally sincere enemy of lying all of which are everywhere. good night from washington. sean hannity from new york next. >> sean: welcome. a brand new scandal with alexandriaio ocasio-ortiz -- cortez. also paul is going to weigh in on the state of the republican watch. we begin with a hannity watch featuring a sad and scary radicalization of the democratic party.
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everybody should be concerned. just a few decades ago we had racist and bigots think back to the voting rights and some of the past history to the democratic party, we've outlined the history. congressional democrats voted against the act. the 1965 voting rights act was largely opposed by democrats. 70 democratic lawmakers opposing those important protections for minorit ies in america. one of the longest serv ing democratic rock stars for the u.s. senate was a former clan sman. hillary clinton has mentioned as a mentor, robert berk. the more things change, sadly, we're beginning to see the more they stay the same. freshman congresswoman omar who has exposed her relationship with
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anti-semitism constantly pushing anti-israeli conspiracy theories. she continuously using anti-semitic character izations abou jewish people and money and jewish dual loyalty. we have 12 o pro israel and projewish organization have called on speak speaker pelosi to remove omar from the committee. pelosi is i making the lamest of excuses for her colleague. let's take a look. >> with you cross that threshold into congress, yourur words weigh much more than when you are shouting at somebody outside. i feel confident that her words were not based
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on any anti-semitic attitude, but that she didn't have a full appreciation of how they landed on other people where this -- these words have a history and a cultural impact that may have been unknown to her. >> sean: i'm sure she will give the same considerations to republicans when they say similar things, god forbid. or she will make excuses for anybody. pelosi is not the only democratic giving cover.. the chairman of the committee is refusing to take the necessary action against the anti-semite on his committee. it>> at what point do you say to her, congress woman omar, look , you are not on the committee anymore. are you close to that? >> no. i'm not close to it. first of all, it is not up to me. it is done by the u leadership. i don't know that that would do anything except
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exacerbate the situation even more. i'm e looking to get rid of anti-semitism. i'm not looking to punish anybody. >> the biggest problem here it keeps happening again and again. believe it or not, it gets worse. the democratic majority saying to the hill that omar's life experiences weigho quote more personal than the children of holocaust survivors. everyone should give her a break. i'm not sure if most americans agree with that analogy. we did lose six million jewish souls were slaughtered in the holocaust. that's not all. many 2020 presidential candidates are support ing omar, includ ing bernie sanders , elizabeth warren. toma our many other prominent democrats, we have the tape. take a look. >> i think it is art of a learning process that we have as a country.
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>> it is a different perspective. >> i'm looking to get rid of anti-semitism, not punish anybody. >> she's a refugee from somali, she's from a different culture. sheif has things to learn. >> sean: they apologize again and again. this is the party of accepting what is anti-semitism, big bigotry, and perhaps part of the entire scandal was a house resolutiont to condemn anti-semitism didn't have enough democratic support to even bring it to a vote, because they knew it wouldn't pass. that was until speaker pelosi allowed congress woman omar access to help in the editing of the new resolution. you can't make this. it doesn't mention her name. this bill condemning pretty much every horrible groupth of people , white supremacist, kkk,
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condemning bigotry against muslims, hindus, and also condemns anti-semitism. didn't mention her name, not once. bill was to be written in the first place. it also made no mention of congresswoman talid. it made no pensions -- mentions of the democrat s that publicly supported sharia law and female genital mutation like 2020 contenders. gill brand, democratic congressman ted lou and so many more. where is the moral simple strength to stand up to theer bigotry. where is nancy pelosi? there's a reason why she is acting this way. the truth and the
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reality she knows deep down many her heart, she's no longer speaker. she lives in complete fear and panic and is totally and completely controlled by the fridge , radical, social ist party. she knows in the extreme she wins, she will be overlock up -- over thrown from the all important position. h the radicals are pulling the strings. it is a pretty scary picture. today we learned that congresswoman ocasio- cortez has been hit with a my complaint this time over her boyfriend's e-mail account. they say she obtained an official e-mail address for her boyfriend by falsely designating him a staff member. this is the third recent complaint filed against ocasio-cortez. she received two fcc clients, including one
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accusing her of illegal ly funneling thousands and thousands of dollars in campaign funds to her boyfriend. another alleging her campaign manager funnel ed a million from the campaign to private business. that one in particular. but they are all extremear ly serious issues that could result in charges as it relates to campaign violation. that's if we have equal justice under the law. according to reports, oc asio-cortez may face more trouble with the ethics complaint surrounding the proper campaign and government social media accounts in order to raise money. like every other good socialist, she appears to be corrupt to the core. especially now with money involved. tonight she represents everything that's wrong with the new democratic socialist party. a party that's excusing their own bigotry and anti-semitism. a party that's pushing the economic policies that will guarantee
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america spirals into a depression. serious.t a party that's gone so far to the left it won't even hold a debate on the fox news channel. i won't be hosting. let not your hearts be troubled. yesterday president trump responded on twitter writing democrat s just blocked them from holding a debate. i think i'll do the same in the general election debate. that makes sense given that every single second of every 24-hour day theseev other networks are dedicated to one thing and one thing only, trashing, smearing, and destroying president trump and anyone that liked him. i'm sure the networks would love to hold future republican debate s despite constant ly dehumanizing and lying about president trump and never admitting. in reality we know that 2020 democrats they are just too afraid to face
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questions from fair and balanced journalist on the news division. journalist who don't buy into the conspiracy theory and fakeco news that will ask fair and tough questions. theyre are not in the tank on the network we distinguish. journalist who won't feed questions outhear favorite candidates ahead of time. cnn did that for hillary clinton. in 2016, hillary's campaign ignored huge blocks of voters. the rest is history. the radical prop of 2020 democrats will learn from her mistake. i tend to doubt it. before we get to the guest, we have an important update. hannity watch on mueller's witch hunt. paul manafort was sentenced to 44 months in prison. it's shy of four years.
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this is for tax fraud, bank fraud, other crimes not at all as the judge pointed out in very strong terms today, nothing related to trump-russia collusion. nothing to do withve the time tt manafort worked for trump which was maybe 100 days. manafort could have been sentenced to 19-24 years if mueller got his way. obviously they wanted to die in prison for cheating on his taxes and lying on loan applications. free advice? pay your taxes. federal judge calls the guidelines obsessive. the judge has gone out of his way reminding people this case has nothing to do with the trump campaign and russia collusion. this is a witch hunt. remember the judge in the case said they want to put the screws to manafort so he will start to sing orth compose. we know what this is all about. or we wouldn't be here. all true and four years in jail for manafort. now that's not stopping. the mainstream, hate trump media
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mob from taking a joyous victory lab. when is hillary going to be charged? take a look. >> it is like when they wheeled hannibal lecture in. >> they are not working in the american history. >> his days of $10,000 suits are over. he's going to prison for some period of time, most likely a long time. >> sean: paul manafort's case and even michael cohen's case. pay your taxes and if filling out a loan i application, don't lie. good advice. obey the laws. the years of mainstream media reporting theories about president trump t and russia and trips to prague that never happened. theyha reported that donald trup had two hookers in his suite
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urinating on his bed. it never happened at so many other lies were told by the media. they are celebrating sentencing of a 69-year-old man over charges that had absolutely zero to do with president trump or his campaign. theyth take great joy in all of this. more on this later in the program. joining us now to react to america first, sean spicer, fox news contributor, dan bongino, and civil rights attorney, daryl parks. you know what i see that happened when democrats didn't have the votes to rightly condemn daryl, congresswoman omar, and then ocasio-cortez was sporting omar. then they come up with the retick louse resolution. look at the action in the first place. i see a scared, frightened,
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speaker of the house that knows she will do what the new extreme element of her party says or she will lose her position as speaker. >> let me say this, sean. i think that the speaker knew she had to deal with the issue. obviously none of us are in support of bigotry and the democrats had to answer the issue they did. it is a party with a lot of view points at this point. i thinkia the speaker is leading well. >> sean: a lot of view points. they didn't have enough votes. >> be careful. >> sean: would you get on the stage with a woman that supports sharia law? because kirsten gilebrand did. >> i'm a strong supporter of apa
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ac. >> sean: what would the reaction be if it was a republican? it is a simple question. >> it wouldn't be a good question. >> sean: would you get on the stage? >> i think you have to be careful with who you are seen with. >> sean: would you get on stage with linda? >> i don't know that pen. >> dan bongino, i don't think he would. >> you know, sean, daryl is right. they do have a lot of view points, the democrats. socialism,m, anti-semitism, i'm just curious to why daryl can't answer a simple question. it is obviously what congresswoman omar said was an anti-semitic trope meant to attack israel and the anti-jewish people. it is stunning the democrats wouldn't vote on a simple resolution condemning anti-semitism. this isn't hard to do. they tripped over each other to getem away from this thing. through everything the entire
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mess. because that's what democrats do. >> sean: you know there's something called selective moral outrage. if justice kavanagh is accused of i something when he was a hih school student, the mantra was i believe. we have a governor in the commonwealth of virginia accused of rain with witnesses that say it was stated at the time and other serious sexual assault allegations. i don't hear anybody saying i believe. they say they care about dreamers and daca. they won't sit down with president trump to negotiate a deal that would help those people. we see it on a lot of issues. if this was a republican, i think we'd get a very different response from the democrat. >> absolutely. i mean look. the democratic party in the last two months has become unrecognizable. they are embracing socialist. now theyar are washing away this
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anti-semitism. you played the clip. member after member of the party got up there and excused it. she's fromed somalia. she's a member of the u.s. house of representative. even if it was, it shouldn't be excused. but it is kind of disgusting to see the senior members of congress in the democratic party whoon as you point out have outrage about everything that's going down to thomas madison middle school says if they are a republican. one of their own members does it. they talk about how she didn't understand what she was saying. it wasn't in their heart. they are outraged by every republican and conservative that anything they deem inappropriate. it is disgusting. they aresg doing it to the clost allies, israel. it wasn't just israel. it was the only reason that some members support them. it isrs all about the benjamins. it is about the jewish payoff.
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>> sean: they were numerous and frequent. >> yeah. >> sean: i have a question for everybody. they are going to be right back in the position sometime probably in the near future. what do you think? sean is laughing. >> i think within four weeks. she went from being condemned to writing the resolution. within four weeks we're back where we are and try to figure out how we condemn her and express outrage with her. they have now created this problem. frankly instead of punishing her, they've emboldened her. >> there's no place for bigotry anywhere in america. any time we see this type of comment, we have to speak >> sean: i think you should tell that to your party. dan, last word. >> i'm glad to hear daryl say that. i agree. i t wish nancy pelosi and the leadership of the party, steny hoyer and a others would take a bigger stance.
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that's the only way it is going to stop. >> sean: thank you for being with us. when we b come back, the returnf glenn beck. he opposed him in the election. where does he stand on president trump today? also an investigation into joe biden that will shock you and may very well prevent him from ever becoming president. that's up straight ahead. on "hannity." ♪ i think i found my dream car. it turns out they want me to start next month. she can stay with you to finish her senior year? of course she can! [ laughter ] [ groaning ] hey! want to drive? really? [ engine revs ] do you think we can do this, rob? things will be tight, but we can make this work.
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author of the upcoming book "addicted to outrage." all right. good to see. you are not be brought on this program in any way. we got a long great for a while. you were very generous to me when i needed a radio studio.e you never charged me a penny. listen to me, we are -- we both believe that our country is in trouble. we're both men that are very passionate. there's nothing wrong with that. and i'm more than happy that you reached out and wanted to talk. >> sean: let me ask you. look, you've always been an ndtertainer and performer in so many ways. everybody's views vary. we watch the cheetos the day after trump was elected, you know, you said you compared trump's win to what happened in germany in 1933. then you really lost me when you were hanging out with samantha
10:25 pm
bee. >> i wasn't hanging out with samantha look i think i'm been very consistent. i was judging donald trump on his record prior to being president of the united states. that's all you had to judge him tn. i said after the election that he's my he's all of our presidents. it is in our best interest that our president succeed. i want him to succeed. i said over and over again, i hope i'm wrong. i'll be the first to admit it. oncead he got into office, now he's the president. now i'm not judging him on the past. i'm judging him on what he's doing. i call balls and strikes. quite honestly early on i said i never thought he would do that. i never thought he would do hoat. i never thought he would do that. by the time he got to israel, he
10:26 pm
was proving me wrong every step of the way. on his policy. i was happy, thrilled, thrilled to say he's doing the things he said he would do. i think the problem has been since he got into office on policy the democratic -- i'm sorry the republican party. the republican party he is the alltest misdirection of time. all he has to do is tweet something and the media goes crazy. they could m have passed anythi, and he would have signed it. they didn't. i ask what's wrong with the republican party? >> sean: you know, to me there are way too many republicans. we learn this over obamacare. they replacel 65 of them. real votes, spineless, visionless, feckless. >>es nothing. >> sean: nothing. >> i'm not a supporter. >> sean: you know, the only thing is -- i might have had an
10:27 pm
advantage that you didn'tn have. like you, i went out on a limb. i told my conservative audio what i knew about donald trump. if you looked at his record he gave money to democrat, said nice things about democrats. i always knew that was him playing the political game. he even said it. i'm playing the game in new york so i can keep my buildings going up, learn trigses, plumbers -- electricians and plumbers and steel workers working. i'm still in business. or i would be shut out. the way i look at it, biggest tax cuts, conservative justices, fighting like with everything that he's got to get the border wall because he made the promise. israel is another. getting out of the iranian deal and even the concessions that he got -- >> standing for abortion. saying that he's against socialism. i was there at the state of the union. i watched the democrats. i was sitting right across from
10:28 pm
the president in the back. that's the way that thing should be shot. you should be able to see who is texting, who is laughing, who it poking each other, and who is mocking. i was in the state of the union. i never thought i would say this.g i thought -- >> sean: a connection. >> i never thought i would say had. i left there thinking i don't think i would have had the restraint that donald trump w had. they weree hissing him, they wee mocking him, the whole time. you didn't see it or hear it on television. i went back and watched. there's a twist now in the democratic party that are as radical as radical can come. i remember when i was told i was a racist for saying that people were socialist and the democratic party was going to become anti-semitic and socialist. they take their mask off was my quote. that's who they are. they want to say that. here we are. we are now at a point where if
10:29 pm
you -- >> sean: let me ask this. youn see the new green deal. no planes, no cows, no cars, no oil, no gas. the problem is it is not just one congresswoman, it is 100 democrats and 2020 contenders. this is real for them. then youou add to that this absolute disgrace they can't even condemn congresswoman omar in this case today. you c look at where they stand. more importantly, i think the biggest abuse of power corruption, scandal, and in the history as it relates to the deep state those at the top of thep fbi, not rank and file, those in the justice department, what they have done and still not held accountable. i hear they will be. >> i'll just tell you this. the new green deal is one of the most frightening things. pert about the car -- forget about the cars.
10:30 pm
they don't care about the green thing. the second part of that is the fundamental system for the economic transportation. they are looking to transform our system. theyhe say the free market systm doesn't work and it is not going to be aroundd long, they mean it. and the good democrats in the center of the country who are not displaying policy, they've got to wake up to who is the democratic party today. these people are serious radicals. they have serious issues with race and anti-semitism. they are serious socialists. they are not talking about sweden. that's a free market with a lot ofke welfare on top of it. it is not a socialist country. >> sean: well said. last question, if you don't pined. glenn, will you vote for trump in 2020? >> you know, sean, i think when you are looking at a vote
10:31 pm
socialist that wants to end the free market, they aren't talking about abortion, we are talking about third. trimester when you are sitting here and talking about infanticide. when you look at who the people are there's no way anyone that's standing up against those guys and has a spine, yes. now will i say i'm going to vote for him?il no. here's why. because anyone i ever say i'm voting for gets the kiss of death. >> sean: loses. >> don't ask. >> sean: one time i endorsed joe lieberman. he says don't, you are not helping. you are killing he. >> i know. >> sean: all right. goodow to have you back on fox. thanks for taking the time we appreciate it. when we come back "hannity investigation." wait until you find out. we have the evidence about joe biden and his past and how it
10:32 pm
will haunt him. later steve scalise. you won't believe what he said about him. he's here to respond. we have our closing arguments and villain of the day straight ahead.
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>> sean: now as the democrats make d the radical shift heading to the left in 2020, new reports are saying that joe biden is expected to announce his white house bid in april. he may seem like a moderate compared to the new crop of socialist democrats, well, his past remarks reveal just how out of touch he is with most americans. stuff you haven't seen before. take a look.
10:37 pm
>> delaware the largest growth in population is indian-american. moving from inn ya -- india. you didn't go to a 7 eleven or dunkin' donuts until you have an accent. >> what chance does joe face in the southsome >> you don't know my state. it is a border state and has the eighth largest black population in the country. the americans that are clean and a nice looking valet. that's a storybook. >> they are going to put y'all back in chains. >> sean: on the same day many democrats confused to condemn hate. we're learning more disturbing details about his political past. he came out hard against a busing plan to integrate public schools in the 70's.
10:38 pm
he had the local newspaper. quote i don't feel responsible for the sins of my father and grandfather. get this, do you remember when hillary clinton faced furry from progressives when it was revealed. she used the word superpredator. just listen to these remarks from crazy uncle joe talking about the same law. take a look. >> that's unless we do something about the group of young people, tens of thousands of them born out of wedlock without parents without supervision, we should focus on them now. not outut of a liberal instinct for love, wore, and humanity. i think that's a good instinct. but for simple pragmatic reasons. if we don't, they will or a portion of them will become the predators 15 years from now. we have predators on our
10:39 pm
streets. >> sean: here with reaction, fox news contributor is with us. there's so much happening here. i know you've had stylistic differences with the president. you've been very outspoken about them. ien also have known you over the years that you support a lot of his policies and the things he's gotten done. i look at the new crop of democrats.ey i really think this is the worst we've ever seen this party. i want to get your thoughts moving forward and what it means for the republicans. 93% of republicans supporting the president now. what does it mean as we now head into 2020? >> well, you are right. they are extremely left. it is probably both -- we've seen left wingers in the democratic party before. we've never seen the mob that we've seen today. they are taking the democratic
10:40 pm
party off of the edge of the world. they are falling off of the edge. we got to recognize this is a huge challenge for the republican party. and a huge challenge for the president. we need -- the president laid thesi predicate in the state of the union address by saying we will not become a socialist country. we can't leave it all on him. we have to have republican candidates from the top of the ticket to thef bottom of the ticket take the argument that the democrats are laying out for a socialist economy seriously. you can't just dismiss it and mock it. we have to take it on from top to bottom with a comprehensive rebuttal of why this is bad policy, why we can't afford it, why it is not keeping with our values, what it would do to america. this is the difficult point, point to a conservative answer to some of the challenges that our country faces. how will we make sure that people will have jobs and be able to go to college? how will we make certain that people have access to quality
10:41 pm
health careol but with conservative principles of liberty, freedom, and choice driving the recommendations. >> sean: look at the president tax cuts. they are energy independent. for -- choice for justices. look at him pulling us out of the iranian deal. i don't even know if i can think of a single thing policy-wise that you disagree with him on. >> yes. north korea ya we've been played by the grandfather, father, and now the son. wee. have the toughest sanction. they were done through the united nations. it is a sign of success and the realism on some of the president's issues he was able to say to himself in that meeting i'm not going to get what i told the american people i'm going to get. i'm going to do what might look like the wrong thing, but it is
10:42 pm
the tough thing and the right thing. i'm going to walk away from the table. if you are not going to do what you pledged, i'm got going to undo the tough sanctions that are squeezing the north economy. >> sean: we have watched this week six to eight democratic committees. they have no interest in solving any american problem. the whitest net ever cast after -- i'm assuming just from democrats reaction. they are not expecting when they thought they would get with the mueller report. now they aret on the plan b, c, and d which is to investigate any and all things trump hoping something sticks. that's not serving the public. more importantly, that's not oversight either. i'm worried. you lived through a part of this with patrick fitzgerald. i'm worried it is going to be a never ending push to get to impeachment and also to continually slander, smear, death by 1,000 cuts and try to
10:43 pm
render donald trump unelectable in 2020. i don't hear enough republican voices standing up saying enough is enough. >> look, i think you are right that's what they intend to do. i think the american people are beginning to have a bad reaction to what they are seeing. i may have been in the minority. i think i still am. i've always thought for i a long period of time that robert mueller is going to come out with a report that's going to exonerate the president and going to be the best possible defense. because the democrats put so much hope and faith that he would somehow come up with something that would show that president was a tool of moscow and that putin was pulling the strings and calling the tune. when that doesn't turn out to be the case mueller is going to -- he's been tough. no doubt about it. every presidential campaign -- >> sean: i don't like hillary's attention. >> what happens when the report
10:44 pm
is sent to the attorney general and there are no indictment to the president or the people around him for russian collusion. as you said earlier, paul manafort -- these are things that happened long i before he s involved with the trump campaign for 100 days. and my point is this, what is going to happen when the mueller report comes out, i think, is that the democrats are going to have the great hope that they had disappear. they are over the top. that hearing with matt whitaker was over the top with michael cohen hearing was over the top. we're going too see more and moe of this. there will be a point where the american people are going to make a judgment. these people should not be given any more power because they can't be trusted with doing the job that we sent him there to do. do what's right for the country. >> sean: we've learneded again that we need to know how conservative works.
10:45 pm
>> absolutely. >> sean: all right. when we come back, steve scalise responds to congresswoman tlaib's vile remarks. also i'm going to make a closing argument tonight about selective moral outrage and our villain of the day straight ahead.
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>> sean: we mentioned in myhe openingty monologue that the democratic part is now a part of hate. yet tweeting out hard to watch representative scalise being
10:50 pm
removed without wondering if it is deep in a phobia. congresswoman omar are making decisions in the best interest of her decisions and all americans. washington times conserveist, and steve scalise. i don't know how to respond to that. she calls israel evil. she's made multiple anti-semitic remarks. this is not the only time. the democrats didn't have the vote to condemn her. i think the proper discipline would be to take her off that particular committee. steve? >> sean, first of all it is concerning that she continues to make the anti-semitic comments questioning people that support israel and the american-israel relationship first trying to imply it was about money when groups like aipac don't give
10:51 pm
money toap members of congress. then she went further in giving the dual of allegiance that you can't have allegiance to america if you support the nation of israel as a jewish state. that's another anti-semitic statement. as she continues to make the statements and not apologize for them, it has nothing to do with her faith, it has to do with her anti-semitic beliefs. the question really is posed to speaker pelosi. is she going to keep her on the committee which ultimately determines the policy our nation especially when it relates to allies like israel. >> sean: they forgot what country they represent. the dual loyalty issue and stereotype. 2020 candidates are hanging out with linda sarsour, an anti-
10:52 pm
anti-semite. they supportia the sharia law ad female genital mutilation. >> they rarely apologize, because they believe it. when they do, it is a sham apology. it is only because they've been called out and they are getting media attention for it. look condemning the vile anti-semitic hatred that we're seeing should not be complicated, partisan, or difficult. today we saw the democrats cannot even get together to do what should have been unanimous andts thundering in terms of the anti-nation and semitism. they are normalizing anti-semitism and turning it intom. the policy of the democratic party. >> sean: like socialism. >> then they want to turn it into the policy of the united states. they have taken over the party. they are not being condemned
10:53 pm
that congressman scalise and others have suggested. it is a open rebuke of her and throwing her off of the foreign committees. they are sanctioning the positions and taking the side of palestinians and the terrorists groups they support. >> sean: all right. thankor you both. congressman, sorry you had to go through that. i'm glad you are not fazed at all. thank you for being with us. our closing argument we're going to explain the less selected moral outrage. also the villain of the day is coming up as we continue. ♪ it is such a good time to kiss ♪
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10:58 pm
confront the disturbing turn towards anti-semitism and bigotry in their own party. unfortunately, it's the latest display of their blatant hypocrisy. democrats say they care about family separation at the border. yeah, but then they will not meet with angel families who have been permanently separated from their loved ones because of a legal immigrant crime. there are a lot of them. they smear justice kavanaugh based on no evidence and they just said "i believe." mostly now they are silent on the serious, credible allegations against the democratic virginia lieutenant governor fairfax, they rush to judgment on jussie smollett and perpetrated a vicious hate crime publix. they attacked the covington students, nicholas sandmann, who had to deal with death threats. they had to watch the characters defamed repeatedly day in and day out. do you see the pattern here? the left brushes to judgment, batter, bludgeon, bloodied all
10:59 pm
political opponents, weaponizing identity politics, where facts? they always come second. fake news narratives, that comes first. like the phony two year trump rush of collusion that is collapsing before their very eyes, so let's move onto the next thing. ignoring the biggest abuse of power of corruption scandal in history. the dnc, christopher steele, liza fisa abuses, we've covered right after night and been proven right. a great reminder we need to support the president at this time. all while facing unprecedented opposition from the washington, d.c., swamp that has casted the widest investigate of net they've ever seen as they speak of resistance big time for our villain of the day. the real deal, then your deranged "new york times" opinion column as paul krugman who had the nerve to tweet this
11:00 pm
out, blatantly on social media in . we condemn all forms of anti-semitism the matter where they come from. the persistence of anti-semitism, but only one brand of anti-semitism. that's not on the left. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham standing by. how are you? >> laura: hannity, fantastic show tonight. the war against free speech. carry on from what you're talking about big time into this our. >> sean: we say something even remotely wrong, fire them, destroy their career. >> laura: that's the intolerant left. but wait! they are so exposed now. it's almost funny. it's like shooting fish in a barrel, but that might be violent against fish. >> sean: the new green deal is not funny. >> laura: hannity, thanks so much. have >> sean: have a great show. >> laura: liberals doing


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