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tv   Watters World  FOX News  March 10, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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end. there has to be change. mark: lin wood, attorney for niclas, and a pleasure to thank you very much. pleasure was mine the five go get them. alright ladies and gentlemen. see you next time on "life, liberty and levin". ♪ >> he asked if i wanted to go swimming, i didn't think that was appropriate, i turned. i was by myself, i was running, he caught me again and tackled me, i fell to the ground out by
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the pool. ♪
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in early hours of march 30. teddy kennedy, his younger son patrick and 30-year-old nephew william kennedy smith found themselves at grounds of a trendy palm beach bar. what ted didn't know, when he suryed the boys out of bed, this night would end up in a courtroom with a sensational rain trial of his nephew. >> young woman claims she was brutally raped. for those who were able to reminisce about previous kennedy embarrassments, the palm beach story seemed all too victim. but it was centered on william
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kennedy smith. william kennedy smith was one of its most conpic conhe commandedf the attention
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>> then the story takes a dark return 1969 when ted kennedy drove off a bridge in chappaquiddick leaving a young mary jo to drown. that is the beginning of the kennedy saga, not just taking a dark return is almost irreversible but the public beginning to see behind the curtain for the first time the difference between the mess they had perpetuated in the darker steaming or reality of what was going on. >> as rumors naming mr. smith as a suspect questions have surfaced and answered regarding
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willy's background emerged as he remains in hiding. william kennedy smith, son of former us ambassador to ireland, jean kennedy smith, grandson of late ambassador joseph kennedy, nephew of senator ted kennedy, nephew of the slain president of the united states,un john fitzgerald kennedy and slain former attorney general of the united states, robert francis kennedy. the cousin of the assistant district attorney john it's gerald kennedy junior caroline kennedy and the cousin of maria shriver but even with kennedy name willy smith was described as the least spoiled and arrogant of the younger kennedy, a humanitarian, philanthropist helping his mother with an arts program for the handicappedro ad soon to become a doctor. >> he never boasted or bragged about his kennedy lineage but he was willy smith, clean and simple.
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>> while the kennedy name gave willy an automatic support group of 30 family members, willy retained the support of the residents of the crown jewel, palm beach. >> if it was not the kennedy's, this would not have happened. no one would be suing or anyone else. >> i don't think it was right, frankly. it takes two to tango. >> but while his persona was materializing amongst the nation, details about the night in question and the alleged victim were still a mess as the tightlipped palm police ddepartment withheld informatin that even before the police released information the medias lust to get the story first, hustle reporters to go elsewhere. >> i was also here hours agoe when i first went to the tail end of the kennedy powwow as they quoted the latest strategy into the storm of the story,
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camelot. >> your comment does not help anyone. >> my first big break was i tracked down and interviewed this woman, michelle. she had been at the bar the night william kennedy smith meets the alleged victim. >> michelle, 27 year old waitress from the palm beach area meets the cousin of william kennedy smith. she spent the evening gallivanting with the senators on wednesday sipped champagne until the bars 3:00 a.m. closing time this was how the kennedy's were choosing to observe easter weekend, good friday, one of the holiest days in the catholic calendar, to go out partying and raging until 3:00 a.m. >> not only did she leaked to reporters that she saw the
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victim, 29 year old woman from jupiter, florida smith that night but she also exposed details of the after party at the kennedy estate later that night. >> ted that he walked to the seawall and a woman is on his pickup at the bar, michelle, they had a couple drinks, no one else was there, ted recalls, but she remembers divinely. william was on the beach with the alleged victim and later she recalled a naked woman in front of them. ted and patrick member that. >> she said when i went back to the mansion after the drinking they were continuing to drink and she said she saw teddy kennedy in his underwear. >> the senator was just wearing a shirt, bare legs. >> yes,we no pants. >> no pants? >> no pants. >> i did not know it was true but she claimed it. she claimed she saw the alleged
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victim a terrible state? your sitting and talking and that's a man walking into the ocean and i said i hope that does not make a woman into your ocean. >> in the end as i later found out we talk to anyone the notebook and she stopped off every bit of attention she could get. >> everyone wants to talk to me. no one wants to support me. you all want to hear me but no one wants to hear what i have to say. >> she was not a witness to what happened between william kennedy smith and the young woman he met that night. her story added a great deal of atmospherics to what was becoming plenty of spectacle in
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palm beach. >> but after a barrage ofs, tv show appearances she lost her job. >> i do not remember -- [inaudible] >> she was caught battering the front door, bit the finger of a court reporter for displaying the photos of the boyfriend are taken. >> that's a real bite. >> michelle, the fighting machine, went on theen offensiv. now, as a gentleman i could not hit her and as a reporter, i cannot run away. i just had to stand there and take it. [laughter] >> she was arrested for violating probation for driving
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violations. >> michelle cassone cannot be a credible witness would lie to the press. light to the media. she has photographs that are not -- >> bottomley, while michelle cassone was one of the only witnesses at the compound in the early morning hours of art 30th who offer detailed to the press would be found in unreliable ghost in the william kennedy smith trial. >> get that [bleep] camera off me. always look for the grown in idaho seal. we're on the move. hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good.
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♪ ♪ oh my momma check in from afar with remote access. and have professional monitoring backing you up with xfinity home. demo in an xfinity store, call, or go online today. >> nothing proven at all that the palm beach police department has tried to conduct any type of cover-up in this matter, that word cover-up as been brought up only by the media and the public. >> although the aleppe alleged m went it police department, police were not able to reach william kennedy smith for 6 days, after two weeks of withholding much in, palm beach police released a report friday april 12, including victim's statements.
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william kennedy smith's name, detail regarding the on going investigation. and the examinations conducted by emergency room doctors at humana hospital. >> now finally, palm beach police department -- releases a report on what they say happened that night in the kennedy compound. >> i'm going to elaborate briefly on the alleged allegations cop contained in that report, the victim met william smith after -- midnight march 30, a short time later victim drove william smith back to the kennedy compound.
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>> all this was never examined by palm beach cops until 11 days after. >> they should have done it immediately, they had a chance to do it right afterwards, they done bother to go up there for 24 hours. >> why didn't -- >> according to police records
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when sergeant robson arrived to investigate the report, william berry, kennedy's beloved friend and security guard met him at door. chief of police in palm beach joseph, has stated mr. berry deliberately misled police officers when they arrived on march 21, and twice told police that no members of the family were inside of the mansion when he knew otherwise. >> detectives were misled by william berry, a long time family friend, police said they were wrongly told that kennedy and smith left town. >> mr. berry told invest getters about 1:30 p.m. march 31, that mr. smith might have already left palm beach in a deposition give confident spring, -- give confident spring, he said police had just festivitied the estate. police investigation determined
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that senator kennedy and his son patrick remained at the estate until april 1, when they left town without having talk to police, and mr. smith, sent most of easter sunday at the mansion before being driven to the airport by mr. berry himself that afternoon. >> police have not named berry a suspect. but they believe berry is the focus of the investigation. >> so mr. berry, shifts from being strong man in the shadows protects the family from out said harm, became the subject of a possible be o obstruction of justice charge that would later surface in a grand jury hearing after the trial. but, the police circled another, as they his details from the night in questions as well. several hours after the jupiter woman left the kennedy estate, she went to humana hospital to conduct a rai rape rape examinat
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determined a possible rib fracture. >> she turned to leave, she said, he attacked her and raped her, that night, she suffered what doctors later diagnosed as a likely rib fracture in the police report was downgraded to minor injuries, it is important to remember that night, the doctors, the police, believed her. prosecuters believed her. her rape crisis counselor believed her. >> she was shaking, in my mind she was traumatized. >> they pass a poligraph, but it cannot be used in court. >> on friday april 12, reports came out this samples of smith a hair, blood and semen were found
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to be consistent with evidence from the woman. >> a standard beyond probable cause for a prosecutor, i filed this information in tbl good fa. >> she was subject to 6 different recorded interviews in her case, something that sun sun heard of -- is unheard of. >> while alleged victim under went intensive analysis, william kennedy smith had gone almost a kennedy smith had gone almost a week without confronting
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your yard can look like pete's. it's that easy. this is a scotts yard. download the scotts my lawn app for your personalized plan. >> live from "america's news headquarters". china has grounded a boeing 737 max eight planes in the wake of today's crash in ethiopia. if european airlines plane crashed shortly after takeoff from the capital killing all 157 people on board. this is the second time this monoplane has had a traffic crash. another 737 max eight crashed last october in indonesia killing 189 people there.
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it was introduced in 2017 as an update for the 50 -year-old 737. thousands of protesters took to the streets to moscow to rally against internet restrictions, a bill making its way the russian parliament and aims to round the web traffic and data to date is controlled by the state. now back to scandalous.s. ♪ ♪ >> the alleged victim try to keep her identity buttoned up in the media frenzy over another kennedy scandal. they decided otherwise. >> the media step forward to involuntarily but within a week or ten days of her reporting to the police in english london tabloid outed her. a few days later the globe involuntarily outed her, tabloid
8:27 pm
newspaper from south florida. >> the picture had run in a supermarket tabloid and nbc nightly news when the name and picture of 29 -year-old patty bowman last night. >> her high school grades and her jobs, her social habits, they even published the titles of two books on her two -year-old daughter shelf. >> at the time it came out one new york times ever to the story was flushing her and another critical the op-ed. >> i think identifying the victim by name is not appropriate unless they want to release it. that goes against my grain is reporter that i feel that
8:28 pm
evidence should be a. >> not everyone who accuses him of rape is a rape victim. she is an alleged rape victim. i don't believe a person who is an accuser is right to anonymity while the accused has his face splattered all over the newspapers. that shifts the presumption of innocence to a presumption of guilt. >> i think turning that name against not only unethical but against the law. we had a long-standing law that sexual assault needs to be redacted and not released. >> however, after the globe discharged from using the sam same -- >> to protect the constitutional right and its response ability of reporting the events of this prosecution to the public is make the trial circuit judge but otherwise. >> this came out the trial judge dismissed or granted the globe, negations motion to dismiss the charges against. the judge said state law was
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unconstitutional on its face and one of the things the judge said was the privacy rights of the alleged victim in this case from a prosecution setpoint are not hers to command. >> so the name patricia bowman would be known treading forward. more personal details about her life soon unravel. >> when i first heard about the alleged rape i got the feeling that it could have been that it could have been, a young tourist girl first time in palm beach looking for a little bit of a celebrity play and perhaps a little bit of getting money but as it turned out of course, that was totally not the facts that
8:30 pm
patricia bowman was a 29 -year-old single mother from jupiter, florida. compared to the power and fame of that elastic kennedys, a bit player in the big criminal drama. even with her background the nation wanted to know more. back all of who did not know her identity that she would leave her house in the trunk of her car. the 29 -year-old single mother of one of against the kennedy machine. >> while a no trespassing sign was put up in front of the jupiter woman's home the persistent media continued to camp outside her front door. finally, forced patricia to retreat elsewhere. >> there were literally reporters sitting in trees with long-range cameras looking at her house so we decided to put it in the trunk in the garage was down and i open the garage and drove away but they were not going to follow me but did not see patricia in the car.
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>> but as patricia went into hiding willie came forward. >> it's time get your free trial of vaccination.
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otezla. show more of you. >> into. >> in the city of the uncommonly rich please think they now have a common criminal, william kennedy smith. laurent was immediately issued for his arrest the please don't plan to track him down. >> we stated to them would give mr. smith a reasonable amount of time to turn himself in. in that reasonable time is determined to be early next week. >> smith was charged thursday with raping a 29 -year-old woman. >> i'm obviously very sad and worried about my family, my future and my friends but i'm
8:37 pm
confident when this thing is resolved often by my original statement that i did not do th this. >> there was also an abundance of news media, never has any georgetown graduation attracted so many publicity. after 46 days of investigating, police release at all. 1300 pages of testimony that your new light on the alleged rape at the kennedy compound. >> as patricia bowman try to keep a low profile from the relentless media willie started to form a strong defense team spirit get back, william kennedy smith was the picture of confidence as he entered the courtroom for 11, smiling to observers and the press. >> i am not guilty, your honor. if convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 4.5 years in prison with probation is more likely to. >> this guy had a good
8:38 pm
defensive. roy black was the best, defense lawyer in miami. soon as he signed on to renew this would be a tough case for the prosecution because they were up against the man. >> he combines all the skills of your needs and wonderful with people. very likable. jurors like him. >> roy black, 46, was known in miami legal circles as the professor, taking on all challenges and challengers. >> while the defense attorney herbert jack muller who helped ted kennedy in the chappaquiddick affair was originally assigned to this kennedy spectacle roy was matched with former chief of the kernel division of the us attorney's office of miami, ma mark. >> roy black a lot of people working for him. it was more an eye on the other side. >> thirty-seven -year-old lashed with the no's feels prosecuting attorney, veteran of sexual assault education and some call her a goody-goody for an all catholic girl school.
8:39 pm
>> if we could con and other attorney into helping us, we do that but roy black had a big staff working for him. he could afford to get background information on every witness and he could -- he had a lot more power to get the investigation done than we did. >> and so, roy did. he hired five private investigators, including patrick mckenna, one of the masterminds behind oj and casey anthony acquittals. they not only dug up dirt on the alleged victim which included information about cocaine and her three abortions. >> were not here to embarrass everybody but we are to seek the truth and if the truth is embarrassing and embarrassing it may be but it will come out in this courtroom. >> [inaudible]
8:40 pm
>> i do not think the trial of abortion should never be allowed to be used by a defense attorney to question the credibility of a witness because it be prejudicial. >> on her friend, anne mercer, patricia telephone to pick her up from the kennedy compound. >> if william kennedy smith was sitting here right now what would you say to him connect. >> i probably spit in his face. >> on the trial was set to begin on august 5, smith defense attorneys while the 68 page motion to delay the rape trial for at least 90 days. due to sensational publicity a and, in black's words, complete insensitivity by the prosecution's release of three women's accounts of past sexual attacks by smith without the defenses retaliation. >> now three more women have come forward. prosecutors hoping these witnesses to testify against smith at his trial to prove he
8:41 pm
has a history of violent attacks on women but she did not have to release the documents to the public and some attorneys say she's only trying to sway opinion against smith and could make it more difficult to give him a fair trial. >> while these other allegations were known to the public debate about whether they were able to testify was still unknown. >> alas, the trial judge permitted the delay allowing the defense more time to prepare. >> more time passes from the event of issue and the more it helps the defendant, passion school, memories fade and everything that delays the trial, generally helps the defendant. >> roy black is a good pr guy. they made william kennedy look like he was your average joe not from a political family or wealthy family but just an average guy and had a picture of him with his dog. >> william kennedy smith, renamed from his actual name that he went by willie with this unfortunate sexual juvenile
8:42 pm
connotation renamed by the defense as either will or william for the trial. >> one more information was being leaked up patricia the entire family was on their best behavior. >> i'm the one in charge. i'm the one on trial. it is difficult sometimes not to feel like my family is on trial for me and in some strange way, i'm a trial for my family. >> there were no limousines or chauffeurs just a better 1989 mercury station wagon and low-key evenings. other than the courthouse the only other appearances the kennedy's were made with the saint edwards roman catholic church. >> we tried to keep it light and really as possible to get minds of the stress of the day. >> throughout the month leading up to the trial several kennedy members, friends and experts gave statements favoring willy's
8:43 pm
character. cat bennett, willie's cancer stricken jury selection expert, arrives on november 4th announcing her she put off her chemotherapy to help an innocent man. willy's aunt and founder of special olympics also spoke out on his behalf. >> he has the same loyalty from his cousins, 30 of which are coming down here to stay with him. >> on november 14 during jury selection smith's uncle, showed up to give more support. >> my personal feeling is he's a fine young man and always thought he had a affable personality and i'm happy to be here associated with him in his defense. >> is replaced smith's mother in court. she traveling overseas listening to potential jurors as they discuss the personal opinions of smith's guilt or innocence spirit william smith has been subject to unfair publicity and i also feel that if he were not
8:44 pm
a member of the kennedy family all this would never have happened. >> uncle ted kennedy was already here and cousin john junior made an appearance, though at least one gossip editor said mom, jackie onassis, had other ideas. >> jackie had told jfk junior, stay away from smith, willy smith and left keep ourselves separated from the scandal. >> there was no one here in palm beach who is not hurt the explosive and damning relations against them which light reflection will be a long labor is process that may last for weeks. >> [inaudible] spinner in court, he helped his lawyer roy black choose those who judged him. how's life was the first up and look like she did not even want to be there. [inaudible]
8:45 pm
>> i did read articles in the newspaper because it was in the news almost every day. i may have thought maybe it's another kennedy scandal. >> i think it was -- i think the fact -- they are very smart but when they get horny they [bleep] takes over in their brain closes. >> roy not only how to do to get the nation to fall for smith but the judge. >> she would stop the trial. whatever they were doing and welcome them to the courtroom and i see sargent shriver is here and she made a big deal out of the presence of the kennedys. >> article is entitled south florida's toughest judges and says judge is one of the ten toughest but tough can be fair
8:46 pm
quoting now the article says judge is known for trying to reason with defendants and that she doesn't necessarily inflict the maximum punishment and that she is hard on defendants and lawyers but there is a heart underneath that tough exterior. >> would you like to withdraw -- >> meanwhile, previously asked for a new judge saying she does not like a negative facial question. >> prosecutors they are tone of voice is different which addresses them. in documents filed with the court they charged negative facial expressions of the judge sewing cheese prejudice. >> from what i say a trial would be fair and people will be
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or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. ♪ ♪ >> the president, i can report to the nation, aggression is defeated in the war is over. [cheering and applause] >> what else is going on in 1991? anita hill comes forward to make her accusations against clarence thomas. >> it says he likes to discuss pacific sex acts and frequency of sex. >> if someone wanted to block me
8:51 pm
because they don't like the conversation of the court, that is fine. but to destroy me, a senator, i would have preferred an assassin's bullet. >> while ted kennedy already had one sexual allegation to addre address. >> expanding those opportunities right now he had two. >> senator kennedy who sat on the judiciary committee the liberal voice on the judiciary was conspicuously silent. he would not say a word and would not champion anita hill's allegations against clarence thomas. why? because he knew anything he said on the subject would immediately raise questions about his own conduct, not just going back to chappaquiddick but what had taken place in palm beach. >> i want to make it clear. >> on the number seven nation
8:52 pm
received more striking news. >> [inaudible] >> even with the breaking news, traffic circulating throughout 1991, trial of william kennedy smith was still one of the most watched television dramas of the year. >> sometimes look more like a ballgame than a news event in the star for business hotel the former is the smith child could be the equivalent of the super bowl. >> many of the crews are renting space in a church parking lot across the street from the courthouse. >> twenty dollars a day and $100 week for the trucks for microwave issues back heavy demand, i guess. >> the style was perfect for tv, of course. it had sex, privilege, power, the kennedys.
8:53 pm
>> 150 media passes are being issued and all will be spoken for. one goes to playboy magazine. >> why is playboy interested in the story? >> same reason everyone else's. the issues involved are compelling and we want to see how they play out. >> the trial itself was fascinating because we were witnessing the birth of a new phenomenon which was the televised criminal trial of a very prominent person. >> i've got to believe the family was used to the media attention, the whole scheme came to the events with an acquittal in mind and i never saw any waiver of competence. >> even though the kennedys were used to the media attention even roy black but allowing television in the courtroom would turn the trial into a hollywood style mockery of the justice system. >> here at bradley's, popular bar they're planning a pretrial look-alike contest for the night
8:54 pm
before opening arguments begin december 2nd. palm beach, or even a rape trial is an excuse to party. >> the national attention did not shield patricia's privacy like she wanted to before the trial he contacted me and i have done work in florida on behalf of crime victims and particularly issues concerning their privacy in dealing with the media. >> they depicted bowman as a scarlet woman, card party girl who cannot hold down a job and blew her to spend on champagne. >> national centers for become a crime did a survey that was well done by dean kilpatrick and her colleagues in that study started out with 4000 women and ended up identified over 700 rape victims. they said quite conclusively the victim said they were more worried about the newspapers and tv publishing the name, people finding out about the case then they were about contracting a --
8:55 pm
>> the media make claims it would feed into the already feverish national case and hope to win the trial by tablet. >> president of the media affects the trial. this is their 15 minutes of fame and want to do the right thing but they also want to be liked by community and will come back to the community. >> with the legend victims face is covered with a blue dot. >> when i cross-examine someone to see how they react to my question so i don't think the public was given the ability to public was given the ability to make a decision about her to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪
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our 19.99 or 49.99 oil change includes a tire rotation. of every great meal is always the potato?t bite that's why it should always be an idaho potato. only genuine idaho potatoes have the perfect taste and texture to get your meal started right. the death penalty? >> on the next episode of scandalous, the trial of william kennedy starts. >> what about the other woman? >> this was a famous prominent person, unknown person. >> i don't think she would have done there with this if she knew what harassment everyone was
9:00 pm
going to go through. >> good afternoon. i represent smith. ♪. steve: evening, everyone. welcome to the next revolution. this is the home of pop is that of populism. pro- worker, profamily, pro- community. if you're part of the ruling establishment in this country you saw last week was a disaster. for president trump, his campaign manager going to jail, lawyer lied to congress and putting the squeeze on 81 different people, new york regulated insurance fraud by the trump organization even a brewing scandal of the president's role in the future of fbi headquarters building in washington. so, why is it that the president's poll numbers are going up, not down?


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