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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 11, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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in our country we hold that standard and we won't see that change. we'll demand it. >> dana: thanks, dennis. >> thank you. >> dana: thanks for joining us. we got off to a good start. i'm dana perino. here's trace gallagher in for shep. >> trace: would not -- the white householding their first press briefing in weeks. the feds planning to use social media to make sure that people are getting disability benefits that really deserve them. critics raising questions about privacy and whether a web post proves anything at all. also, the woman that learned the hard way why zoos have fences after trying to take a selfie with a jaguar. i'm trace gallagher in for
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shepard smith. reporting begins now. well, the white householding their first briefing in 42 days. it comes as president trump rolls out his new budget requesting $8 billion for a border wall. one of the biggest topics at the briefing, reports that president trump told republican donors that democrats hate jewish people. the press secretary, sarah sanders, not confirming whether the president made the comment, but she did say that president trump has repeatedly condemned bigotry. the chief white house correspondent john roberts reporting live. john? >> good afternoon to you, trace. this builds on comment that the president made friday as he head out the door to view the tornado damage down there in alabama where he said that the democratic party is anti-israel and anti-jewish after the democrats in the house passed what the president called a watered-down resolution about anti-semitism and anti-muslim sentiment in this country that fell out of comments that
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congressm congressman ilhan omar made. when asked about whether the president said that democrats hate jews at a fund raiser al mar-a-largo friday, here's what the press secretary said. >> the president said that democrats hate jewish people according to a recent report. we've seen him tweet in the last couple days that democrats are the "anti-jewish party." does the. really believe democrats hate jews? >> the president has been an unwavering ally to the jewish people. the remarks have been made by democrats and failed to be called out by democrat leadership is abhorrent and sad. it should be called by name. shouldn't be done the way the republicans did it when steve king made terrible comments. we called it out by name,
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stripped him of his committee memberships and we'd like to see democratics follow sued. >> sarah sanders was asked several time if the president did say the fund raiser at mar-a-largo that the democrats hate jews. she would not confirm that. the president did call that resolution last week disgraceful, trace. >> trace: john, sanders also faced questions about the president's budget. >> not just sanders but russell vogt. he gave us a breakdown of the president's budget. the most controversial point in the president's budget is he wants $8.6 billion to build a border wall that is $5 million in the homeland security budget and $3.6 billion in the defense and military construction budget. that would complete according to the office of management and budget nearly $722 miles of border wall. one of the really contention
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issues here is that about -- in the defense budget, $750 billion, $165 billion of that is called the overseas contingency budget, which is off the books. there are a lot of critics that say the president may be putting a lot of money into the oco budget as its called to back fill money that he's taking from other areas of the military to build the wall. so i put that question up. listen here. >> there's concerns by some budget watch dogs that money in the overseas contingency operation will build a wall on the southern border can you allay the concerns that the money will not be used to be build a barrier? >> we have not used any money for the completion of the wall. we do have emergency spending that we devote to it and we
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continue to the military rebuild by asking for what is necessary to complete the wall. that does include military construction funding. we back fill in fiscal year 19 any funding that is used in military construction. in fiscal year 2020, we asked for congress to appropriate these dollars. >> there's also very important vote coming up in the senate to rebuke the president's emergency bill to not fund the wall. the president has promised to veto it. sarah sanders was asked about that earlier today too. listen to what she said. >> the president is taking his constitutional authority that congress branded him. let's not forget, the only reason he has the authority to call a national emergency is because congress gave him a right to do so. they failed to do their job. the president is fulfilling to
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do their duty and he's going to make sure he does to secure our borders. >> the only question appears to be at this point, trace, how many republicans will defect to vote for this bill, which would block the president's emergency declaration. currently there's four or five. rand paul said there could be as many as 10. the white house is worried they could get to 67, which would be enough to override a presidential veto. if that were to happen, trace, politically that would be terrible for the president. >> trace: it would, john. i also asked you ask sarah sanders about staff shakeups. >> yes. jennifer griffin pinged me that there's rumors floating around at the pentagon that the acting defense secretary patrick shanahan would be tapped to permanently replace james mattis that left in december of 2018. i asked the press secretary if that is indeed the case.
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listen here. >> i'm not going to make any personnel announcements at this time. i can tell you the president has a great deal of respect for acting defense secretary shanahan. he likes him. when the president is ready to make an announcement, he will. >> there's a lot of actings in the administration. any possibility of removing acting from mick mulvaney's tit title? >> a lot of possibilities there. the reason why we have acting is we're waiting on the confirmation process of a couple of those folks. >> some of the reasons they have actings as well is because the president likes the idea of acting people in their roles. perhaps he thinks it makes them work harder. i don't know anybody that could possibly work harder than mick mulvaney, whether he was acting or permanent chief of staff. so it sounds like there may be some changes to titles coming up. mick mulvaney may become the permanent chief of staff. the president is very happy with what he's doing there.
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mulvaney is having the time of his life. while sarah sanders would not confirm that patrick shanahan will be nominated to replace james mattis, you want a permanent secretary of defense, not an acting. we have a permanent attorney general and soon to follow have a permanent secretary of defense. >> she was smiling when you asked the question. letting on a little bit there. john roberts live for us. thank you. let's see how lawmakers reacting to the president's budget proposal. mike emanuel live on capitol hill. mike? >> good afternoon. vermont senator bernie sanders is blasting it saying this is a budget for the military industrial complex for corporate ceos, wall street and the billionaire class. it's dead on arrival. we don't need billions for a wall that nobody wants. we need a budget for all of americans. much of the fight over the budget debate this spring will be over that border wall. the president wants $8.6 billion
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for it. the president's allies support that request but note that democrats are in the majority in the house. >> they don't want a border wall, they don't want border security. you know, they give lip service to it. we really could have resolved this the last time if the senate could have voted for the budget that came out of the house. >> that was last time. expect quite a fight in the months a head as they fight over the issue of the border wall. trace? >> what is the latest to reject the president's call for a national emergency at the border? >> all indications are a vote is expected this woke and it will pass with democrat votes, 47 of them and a handful of republicans. >> he's going to veto this, and then his veto will be sustained. they won't be able to override it. >> republicans say they continue looking for a way to encourage the president to find another path rather than this national
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emergency, trace. >> mike emanuel live for us on capitol hill. thank you. let's bring in john bussey, "wall street journal" associate editor and fox news contributor, the parent company of the journal and the parent company of fox news share common ownership. i want your take on this controversy, whether or not the president said he did or did not hate jews. what did he say on that? >> he said they're anti-jewish. it's elevated rhetoric. sarah sanders got asked about this. are you going to dial down the rhetoric going into the 2020 election? she said essentially no. this was a press conference where that issue came up. it was prominent at the press conference. it was a press conference in which no news was made. if you had not had a situation where we have not had a press conference for more than six weeks, you wouldn't have noticed anything having changed. there was discussion of china,
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of appointments that have been delayed and a variety of other issues including this one, which is rhetoric, statements that he made about democrats. it was nothing new. just -- more sort of elevated rhetoric from sarah sanders as well about, you know, democrats being to blame for everything that the president was faulted for. >> trace: a couple of fascinating things. $8.5 billion for the border wall. the welfare to work requirements. what do make of these? is this a rehash of something or did you find something novel in this part of the budget? >> a lot of these issues have been fielded before. i think you'll see, trace, this budget really being what budgets are frequently -- when a president puts one before congress, it's a wish list and an intention list. it's not something that actually gets much traction.
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the bigger issue for this budget is the fact that it is laden with deficits. the deficit in this past year rose 28%. that was really not discussed by sarah sanders. that is really going to be an issue for congress to contend with. republicans in the past have been very much anti-deficit, this republican party is raising them. the other thing the budget did including a lot of the president's wish lists for spending, including more than $8 billion on a border wall, is push out the date that the president sees balancing the budget. it had been 2028. it's now been pushed out to 2034. again, something that would have been not seen by the republican party in the past. embraced by his party this time around. >> trace: a good point. john bussey, "wall street journal." good to see you. >> pleasure. >> trace: a u.s. navy veteran locked up inside iran.
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excuse me, miss. ♪ does this heart belong to you? ♪ ♪ would you like it anyway? [ scatting ] >> trace: an american navy veteran behind bars in iran. now facing a verdict. but we don't know what it is. a semi official news agency reporting judicial officials have not released information on the ruling. the american's name is michael white. he's facing unspecified security charges. he went to iran to visit his girlfriend and arrested in july. jennifer griffin reporting live. jen? >> trace, u.s. navy veteran michael white was detained last july in iran while traveling on a valid visa on a visit to see his girlfriend, an iranian woman he met online. white's mother from california said her son was diagnosed with cancer and his incarceration in
12:18 pm
iran could be a death sentence. we want to be clear, he worked as a commercial janitor and never has been a supply. white served in the navy for 13 years. in february, iran's foreign ministry said white didn't face spying charges. white is the first american to be detained since donald trump became president, trace. >> trace: how many other americans are in prison in iran? >> there's at least five other american citizens being held in iran, including the 81-year-old business man and former u.n. representative that has been held over two years and diagnosed with epilepsy. his son was lured to iran's avin prison and arrested on trumped up charges. chinese american graduate student, zia wong was sentenced
12:19 pm
to ten years in prison. i spoke with his wife at princeton university. >> he is not a spy. he's not a spy. he's just a history nerd. all he wants to do is to do a good research and teach the rest of his life. >> there's an iranian american art dealer and his wife being held at iran's notorious avin prison. they received a 27-year and 16-year prison sentence respectively. another permanent u.s. resident that advocated for internet freedom was sentenced ten years on espionage-related charges. finally, former fbi agent robert levinson vanished without a trace in 2007 while on an unauthorized cia mission to iran. his family still waiting for news of where he is. the iranians deny having him. trace? >> trace: thanks, jennifer.
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12:25 pm
be extra eyes on your social media accounts. the trump administration is working on using facebook and twitter to find people that claim social security benefits but are not really disabled. if you claim benefits because of a bad back, pictures of you lifting bags of concrete might be problematic. critics saying using social media is dangerous. photos online don't represent someone's current condition. joining me is trial and civil rights attorney, brian clapel. i went to the dmv and took me 3 1/2 hours to get a license. how can they get people to look at the twitter accounts and facebook accounts? >> good question. the first thing is, can they use the pictures? my answer would be yes. you relinquish you rights of privacy when you post on social media. the question is, how can they find these pictures and what weight do you give to them if
12:26 pm
there's a hearing to deny benefits? that's where you get into a problem. you have to have the picture in the proper context. for example, if you're swinging a golf club, maybe that doesn't mean you played 18 holes. maybe you're trying out your back. >> and if you're squadding weights and you're on disability, are you squatting weights because you can squat weights or are you rehabilitating your back? you're talking about trials, evidence, you're talking about major resource to actually punish these people. >> when i first heard about it, i thought this is fantastic. we're going to eliminate fraud. in the private sector, this happens a lot. many cases. for example, the vegas shooting case. i have over 100 clients. i tell my clients, don't post anything on social media where you're at another event with a lot of people. here, how are you going to hire new judges, for example, you're going to have to have hearings. you can't take a picture and
12:27 pm
deny somebody benefits. you have due process. you'll need more judges, witnesses coming in to authenticate pictures. the cost of this might overrun the social value. >> trace: in is not to say it's not a problem. we're $11 billion a month in disability benefits. $3 plus billion of that money we think is fraudulent. so this is a significant problem. >> raise as good point. the government has to pick what cases might be fraud. somebody has a lot of benefits. get the resources out there, see if they're scamming the system. you can't have every single person posting not receive benefits. you have to focus on the bigger cases. >> trace: gaming the system. thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> trace: the latest on the plane crash that has some counties grounding jets and boeing stock taking big losses.
12:28 pm
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experience amazing at your lexus dealer. >> trace: several airlines in countries grounding boeing's brand new jet, the 736 max 8 after two plane crashes. the latest in ethiopia where the jet went down shortsly after take off are. search teams have recovered the cockpit voice and data recordings. eye witnesses say there were flames coming from the tail of the plane as it went into a nose dive. >> it tried to lift its nose. when it couldn't, it was leaning side to side. the nose then pointed down and the tail up. it went into the ground with its nose and exploded. >> came five months after the same boeing model jet plunged into the java sea killing all
12:33 pm
189 in that crash. officials say a faulty sensor forced the aircraft into an automatic nose dive as the pilot tried to pull up. china and indonesia and other countries are halting the use of the max 8. but other airlines are still flying the jet saying they have confidence, a boeing spokesman said they don't have any reason to issue new guidance. trey yingst has more. >> boeing issuing a statement earlier today saying that safety is the number 1 priority. there are new questions about the company after two fatal accidents within a six month period. the u.s.-based company said they're taking every measure to understand all of the aspects of this accident that killed 157 people in ethiopia. while many countries are grounding the 737, american
12:34 pm
airlines say they're confident in the plane. as u.s. carriers go, southwest is the largest purchaser of 737 max 8 airplanes. they told passengers today they won't be refunding tickets for those that don't want to fly on the plane. >> trace: what is the latest on the investigation? >> trace, right now there's multiple countries and organizations including american faa and ntsb that are sending teams to ethiopia to assist investigators and gathering information. as condolences pour in for the families of victims lost in the crash, many countries are grounding their 737 max 8 planes until they can be inspected and cleared for flying. china and indonesia joined ethiopia with the precaution. >> we have groundle all boeing
12:35 pm
737.8 max fleet, which was operating and was involved in yesterday's accident. as a precaution safety measure. >> trace, earlier today investigators didn't find the black box for this plane and the cockpit voice recorder so the international community may have answers sooner rather than later on what caused the crash and whether or not boeing is responsible. trace? >> trace: trey yingst live for us. boeing's stock taking a triple digit loss after the crash. boeing says they will postpone an unveiling for another new plane until wednesday. gerri willis has more. >> what was a disaster was trouble for the dow this morning. the index fell some 225 points at the open. boeing shares were down 8%. and then it got worse. as you can see from this chart
12:36 pm
here, boeing stock fell 13.5% at its worst. the dow down 386 points. keep in mind that boeing was the only negative component in the dow this morning. the stock has recovered tad. it's down currently only about 6%. meanwhile, boeing announcing that they will delay presentation of a new plane called the 777 x. the largest twin engine plane ever created. it's called the box. but they're not unveiling it this week. southwest saying they are confident in the safety of their fleet. southwest with the most of these planes in their hangers. southwest, united, comair, all of these airlines carrying this plane. we're told there's 946 airlines carrying the 737 max. american airlines saying we have full confidence in the aircraft
12:37 pm
and our crew that are the best in the industry. you're hearing that from several airlines this afternoon after chinese airlines say they would no longer fly the plane. trace? >> yeah, the max is brand new. we know the roots in the u.s. that use this 737 max. >> yeah. this from the points guy online, if you're interested in more details. southwest, vegas to houston is one route that uses it. washington dulles to denver and american airlines using it on miami to la guardia flights. more details on the website if you want to check it out. back to you. >> trace: yeah, i was on one of them last week. great to see you. >> thank you. >> trace: let's bring in john gurley, a former ntsb board member and former airline mechanic. the whole idea here, we're not trying to link the lion airline crash with the ethiopian air cran. but these planes don't just fall out of the sky. you know better that
12:38 pm
investigators don't like coincidences. what do you make of this? >> of course they don't like coincidenc coincidences. they're driven by facts. until we get the facts, they're not linked together. so the people on the ground in indonesia are going to be looking for facts. the fact that we have both recorders is great. i hope we get them read as soon as possible. you know, the voice recorder will yield some data field and interesting to hear what transpired in the cockpit between the two crew and the problems they experienced. the data from the recorder will give us all the information about the airplane. i'm encouraged we found both of them and apparently in good physical condition. we should get good data from them. until we do, we can't say they're linked. >> what do make of the similarities? both planes, 737 maxes having trouble taking off.
12:39 pm
the vertical speed was erratic. now you're talking about this system where the plane noses up, this system where boeing brings the nose down. there's concern about that, that the pilots may not have known how to override that system what are your thoughts? >> i disagree with that pilots not knowing unless the training syllabus that went to. >> trace: it wasn't in the training manuel a lot of pilots said when they came out with this, a lot of override, the maneuvering characteristic system was not in the initial flight crew training manual. so it will be put in now. that's a complaint they had. >> the terminology wasn't in there. a run-away trim system has been in there since 1967. so it's the same results, the same indication and the action required by the pilots are the same. reach down and turn them off. it's right there beside your
12:40 pm
knee, both tie lots. two switches. turn the whole system off. that argument that they're saying isn't clear. other than the terminology. if they didn't call it mcats, they called it a run-away trim. your trim system. so you know, i discount that. what i do look at and concerned about is the trim system on the airplane. did it play a role in this. did the pilots understand that they should turn off the trim whenever they have a problem with it. i mean, you have indications visual, audio and right beside your knee, a wheel going around, tells you the trim is going. the you're not holding the switch, asking the trim to do something, you know the trim is out of control. you reach over around turn it off. >> trace: understood. thanks, john. good advice. thank you, sir. somewhere a cartel boss is
12:41 pm
angry. investigators made an enormous cocaine bust. 3,200 pounds. went down at the port of new york and new jersey. teams found it in a shipping container that was loaded on to a truck. customs and border protection say it's the largest best in a quarter century. the estimated value on the street? $77 million. well, just ahead, we're hearing from the woman attacked by a jaguar while taking a selfie. but first, an nba owner firing back at a heckler threating to ban him from coming to a game again. that story is coming up. an for . it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments over 600 dollars a month. call today. and get the financial peace of mind every veteran deserves. go to,
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or call 1-877-806-8332.
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>> trace: a warning of the new york knicks fans. don't heckle him or he might ban you. >> you want to not come to anymore games? >> why? >> that's rude. >> that's your opinion. >> it's not an opinion. you know what? enjoy watching them on tv. >> the fan telling the owner to sell the team in the final minutes of another loss to the knicks that are currently in last place in the nba. after that exchange, tmz reports
12:46 pm
say cops came up to him, questioned him and kicked him out of madison square garden. rick leventhal has more. >> the lesson is, don't cross the boss. the knicks have not made the playoffs in six years and have the absolute worst record in temperature nba this season with 13 wins and 54 losses. that same, the team still has incredible value. dolan said in december he didn't want to sell but would consider selling it for a bona fide offer and the $5 billion range. he clearly doesn't like fans to tell him to do it. here's the clip again. >> sell the team! >> you want to not to come to anymore games? >> why? >> that's rude. >> that's your opinion. >> it's not an opinion.
12:47 pm
and you know what? enjoy watching them on tv. >> hold him for kevin. >> just like that. in a statement, a garden spokesperson said our policy is that if you're disrespectful to anyone in our venues, we'll ask you not to return. the garden wouldn't comment on whether the fan is banned for life. it appears trace the first amendment does not apply in the world's most famous arena. >> trace: this isn't the first time that dolan has faced off with critics. >> he's known as notoriously thin-skinned. he has had other people tossed out, including an incident with a former knickerbocker and league veteran, charles oakley. a fan favorite, vocal dolan critic, a used of trying to get too close to the owner i've courtside. that's a video of the incident. oak got into a shoving match. he was cleared of criminal
12:48 pm
charges. he then filed a civil suit against dolan and the garden. as far as we can tell, the suit has not been settled. apparently charles oakley is still banned from madison square garden. >> trace: rick, thank you. the woman injured after crossing a barrier to take a picture of a jaguar now apologizing to the zoo where it happened. that's according to a local station in arizona. witnesses say the jaguar grabbed the woman's hand with her claws. zoom officials say the injury is not life threatening. it happened saturday about 20 miles from phoenix. officials say the animal was never out of her enclosure. william la jeunesse has more. >> the women didn't get in the cage and the the jaguar didn't get out of the cage. we have video of the jaguar after it attacked the woman. the woman is in her 30s.
12:49 pm
she tried to get a close-up with this 200-pound cat when it attacked her through the fence. here's how. there's a three foot high concrete barrier and a four feet setback. the woman climbed on the barrier. >> the cat grabbed around her hand. she was holding her arm with her hand attached to the paw, screaming to get out. >> so another visitor shoved a water bottle to distract the cat. one man pulled her away. >> her paw was stick on the lady's shirt. >> so in short, she had some very bad scratches. had to go to the hospital and get them stitched up. >> she didn't look in good shape there. what did the park say? >> the park said the animal will
12:50 pm
not be euthanized, number 1. number 2, she showed up sunday and apologized for what happened. for all the negative publicity that she called. >> it's a predator. you put something in front of it, feels threatened, it will attack. >> why would you jump over a barrier to get a picture? >> because some people that live on social media will do anything for a picture. >> the jaguar was able to get her nails through the exhibit and grab her arm. it's a reminder to everyone that the barriers are put in place for a reason. >> so the purpose of the zoo is to get close to wildlife but probably not this close. a guy last year did something similar where he reached over to get a picture and the cat clawed him. >> i know the cat is not being euthanized. this has to be against the rules clearly. >> yeah.
12:51 pm
>> don't get near the cage. she showed poor judgment here. >> william la jeunesse, great stuff. democrats making their case to voters at the south by southwest festival in texas. a live report from austin is coming up next. in my ethnicity i have all sorts of things that i never would have imagined. ancestrydna was able to tell me where my father's family came from in columbia. it's just been a reconnection to my roots. 20 million members have connected to a deeper family story. order your kit at investment opportunities beyfirsthand, like because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowe price invest with confidence. and then there's the best. we like cage free, and which ones just taste fresher and more flavorful?
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get real relief we really pride ourselves >> ton making it easyautoglass, to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first.
12:55 pm
>> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ >> trace: fox news confirms the democrats have chosen milwaukee for the 2020 national convention. they went with the battleground state of wisconsin over houston and miami. president trump took the state against hillary clinton. with us the first time wisconsin selected a republican presidential candidate since 1984. some democrats question clinton's decision not to campaign in wisconsin during the general election. the republican convention will be held in charlotte, north carolina. well, some 2020 presidential
12:56 pm
contenders making their pitches to voters at a festival in texas. south by southwest. happening in austin this week. hillary vaughn reporting live from austin. hillary? >> hi, trace. 2020 democrats running for president or at least thinking about it facing a unique crowd of millennial voters where democratic socialism is the latest popular political trend and that favors the current frontrunner, democratic socialist, senator bernie sanders but it's dividing the rest of the pack that is not as far left. robert schultz, still thinking about a run, was heckled and booed when he spoke out about socialism. >> now we have a new extreme. it's the democratic platform. for us to start moving to a level of socialism is such an extreme position and something that i think is inconsistent with the values and the heritage and the tradition of the country. that is what bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and others are
12:57 pm
proposing. >> washington governor jay ensley, part of the 2020 pack, says he thinks that schultz should stay in the private business and not run and colorado governor john hickenlooper said he doesn't think it's fire to divide democrats up between capitalist and socialist saying it's silly. trace? >> trace: and elizabeth warren talks about whether she considers herself a democratic socialist. >> she did. she said she's not a democratic socialist distancing herself from bernie sanders. he said she's not a socialist. she denied reports that sanders asked you to stay out of the race. >> is it corrected that he discouraged you from running and if so, on what grounds? >> bernie and i had a private dinner. my feeling is that dinner stays private. bernie has to speak to what
12:58 pm
democratic socialism is. >> you're not one. >> i am not. the centrists have to speak to whatever they are doing. >> fellow senator in 2020 amy klobuchar defending her moderate take and targeted the men that are running for president. >> there are a number of great candidates. there really are. i always like to jokingly say may the best woman win. you can have legitimate differences on how you get places. i want to get to universal healthcare around do it with a public option. you can do that immediately. that's what barack obama wanted to do with the affordable care able. >> the one democrat not running for president is the one politician that got the biggest crowd. alexandria ocasio-cortez. trace? >> thank you, a fox weather alert. a new storm hitting the west and set to move east bringing snow
12:59 pm
and blizzard-like conditions. meteorologist adam klotz live in the fox extreme weather center. adam? >> we're just beginning to see the beginning edges of the storm running into california. it will be on the move and will bring the most damage tomorrow. this is the track and here's our winter storm warnings getting to portions of the american plains and continuing to stretch off to the east. the motion of this storm, you pay attention to the time stamp, it's a low mover. beginning with a lot of heavy rain across the southwest. it's going to continue to be on the move and eventually run into the cold temperatures where it turns into more and more of a winter-like system. here's the forecast. talking about the rainfall totals. all the cold air and the places where we saw the winter storm warnings. it moves into the plains. because of this in north texas, this could become a severe weather maker. tuesday, the slow-moving storm, across texas, we could be looking at a chance for severe weather tuesday and tuesday night, trace.
1:00 pm
it's going to affect a lot of people. we'll pay attention to it. >> they will. adam klotz live in the fox extreme weather center. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. "your world" is next. >> the black box is recovered. investigators are trying to determine what caused that boeing 737 max 8 to crash in ethiopia. it's a type of plane that is city flying in the united states. should bit? especially with china and indonesia grounding it. i'm charles payne in nor neil cavuto. this is "your world." boeing shares fell 13% before recovering some losses. we have fox team coverage with jeff flock with how bowing is reponding and doug mckelway with more. doug? >> we just received a statement from the faa which is onside alon


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