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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 12, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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off more than 100 points on the session. let's see, 23 of the 30 dow jones industrial components are in the red today. "your world" with cavuto starts now. ♪ >> neil: less than 24 hours that nancy pelosi says impeachment should be off the table. did a democratic congressman named al green just put it back on? >> i do not believe that an unfit president should be allowed to stay in office. >> neil: battle not over. welcome, everybody, i' m neil cavuto. i would like to thank charles payne for filling in while i was out. al green was pushing ahead with impeachment despite the leader of his own party saying not so fast. he is not alone by the way. we will talk to the congressman in just a moment. ahead of that mike emanuel on the battle brewing within the democratic party. mike? >> neil, good afternoon to you there are clearly a number of democrats in the
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house of representatives who disagree with house speaker nancy pelosi taking impeachment off the table at this point. a couple of liberals who have gotten a lot of attention, alexandria ocasio-cortez and rasheda tlaib are two of those who have been very outspoken about the concept of impeachment, tlaib dodged our cameras today but ocasio-cortez says she disagrees with the speaker. >> i think this is a conversation in the caucus. and i know a lot of members in the caucus have a different opinion. but that's why we caucus. >> majority leader steny hoyer has warned to reporters that impeachment will be very disruptive to house democrats carrying out their agenda. he notes it is not popular in every district in the country and so they need to wait on the robert mueller impeachment report or rather the special counsel report. some allies of speaker pelosi say they also agree on waiting for the facts. >> i think there is no one
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in the congress, certainly on our side faced with clear evidence that any president had committed high crimes and misdemeanors that he would wouldn't pursue the appropriate action. but we are not at that point. >> impeachment plays well with the liberal base and a lot of liberal districts. there are many new members that gave the house majority to the democrats that come from swing districts that could really go either way. neil? >> neil: all right, thank you very, very much. now to that urging despite the speaker's warnings that this is a moment that calls for everyone to follow their conscience and go ahead and start impeachment proceedings against the president of the united states. texas democratic congressman al green with us right now. congressman, welcome. >> thank you, mr. cavuto. it's an honor to be on your program. >> neil: neil, please. let me get your sense about why you are doing this when nancy pelosi all but says it would be a waves time. >> well, it's not about any one person. it's really about the
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concept of government of the people by the people for the people. and the notion that we have a democracy and within this democracy our constitution accords its right to bring impeachment to the floor to every member of our caucus. so i'm not antithetical to what the speaker is saying or anyone else. i ask each person to vote your conscious, do what you may. but do understand that i will do as my conscious dictates. >> neil: all right. have you talked to her about it? >> no. we have not had a discussion about it. my belief is that this is something that i will contact every member of the house about at some point in a written communique and they will then govern themselves accordingly. >> neil: have you done this a couple of times in december of 2017, you garnered 58 votes for impeachment. and a month later it was up to 66. if you pursued this, congressman, you need 218 to move forward so you are a long way away from that. how many votes do you think you could get?
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>> i can guarantee one vote. and i say that candidly, mr. cavuto. because very candidly speaking this really is not about people who happen to hold positions of authority. i just believe that we should not allow political expediency until the next election to trump the moral imperative to act when there is harm being caused to society. so i won't be counting votes. what i dual is count on the opportunity to bring it to the floor and let people vote their consciences. i think that's appropriate. i won't be whipping anybody. i will simply bring it to the floor and every person will have an opportunity to vote. >> neil: well you know impeachable offenses high crimes and misdemeanors of which you have no doubt because some of them are waiting on this mueller report or other aspects of proof before even entertaining such a thing. >> well, here's what i know. that a good many of the people who say that they are not for impeachment indicate
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that the president has committed impeachable offenses. they will talk about how the president unfit for office. but they don't want to have impeachment because they are of the opinion that it would be disruptive. >> neil: what has he done that is impeachable offense? high crimes and misdemeanor. calling someone unfit for office is one thing. having the proof or something in a series of actions he has taken is quite another. right? >> no, it is. and that's a very fair question. here's what's happened. the president has put his bigotry into policy. the president was discussing immigration at the time he called certain countries s. hole countries and i might add these are countries where people of color were. the president has separated people from their families down at the border. these happen to be people of color. the president wanted a muslim ban it was bungled and they had to come back several times to try to correct it. the president engages in bigotry not only with his rhetoric and some of the things that he said but in
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his policies. >> neil: none of what you just mentioned, sir, is the collusion that is properly featured supposedly in the mueller investigation and none of that would seem to draw in republican votes. the reason why i mentioned that is your judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler had gone on record saying he would obviously oversee impeachment action. but he has said that you need broad bipartisan support to pursue impeachment. right now it's not there. >> well i would assume that anyone who is of that opinion would probably not vote for impeachment. but here's my point. i think that we have a responsibility to present an unfit president from staying in office. and that's what i plan to do. let me ask you this, mr. cavuto. i was a entire reared in the segregated south. i know what bigotry looks like and sounds like. the president is imposing bigotry in policy on the
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country. >> neil: that's your opinion and you are certainly entitled to it. >> i am. >> neil: the reasonable why i asked you this when bill clinton was pursued for people and a lot of republicans regret at the time pursuing the way they did some democrats are warned they could produce the same outcome. did you think bill clinton deserved to be impeached for lying about an affair with an intern? >> i thought that impeachment was an appropriate action for the house to take up. the house kep cast its vote it went to the senate. the senate did not convict and that was the way the process worked. i don't think we should circumvent the process. >> neil: you supported that impeachment move back then? >> yes. i supported the allowance of the house to do its will. absolutely. that's just what the house is for, mr. cavuto. federalist 65. let me make this point. in federalist 65 hamilton, madison jay they are the author ares of the
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federalist papers they made it clear impeachment is not going to be a pleasant thing it can cause turmoil and cause people to vote along party lines. when andrew johnson was impeached in 1868 he was impeached for speak ill of congress. if you cause harm to society, that's the test. then you can be impeached. >> neil: let me get a sense where you see this going. if you are well shy of the 218 votes and you want to make a statement because you believe the president is a racist or whatever his language and whatever he has done at the border, you are redefining what is an impeachable offense. >> not at all. >> neil: let me ask you, are you concerned, sir, that if democrat is in office and held to the same kind of looser standards, that this impeachment thing will be used under every administration by the opposition party? >> well, if we adhere to what you just said andrew johnson would not have been impeached in article 10 of his articles of impeachment. he was impeached for
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speaking ill of the house. that was the reason. so mr. cavuto, you don't have to commit a crime to be impeached. most of the constitutional authorities agree with me on this point. misdeeds, high crimes and misdemeanors, ms. deeds are misdemeanors. that's what the misdemeanors are all about misdeeds. if a president commits misdeeds, it doesn't matter what party is he in. >> neil: again, you are entitled to that let me ask you though, the leadership will decide whether your action can proceed. and the leadership right now doesn't seem too keen on doing that am i right? >> well, i will let the leadership speak for itself. i am going to pursue what the constitution and the rules allow me to do. >> neil: i know you are. they might not let you. how would you feel if they don't? >> well, if they do not. then there will be a vote that will take place to place that sentiment in the record. so, my position. >> neil: well, they can control that vote whether it even comes to a vote, right?
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>> well if they do that history will judge us all and we all would l. have voted. >> neil: last time you garnered 66 votes to impeach the president of the united states, if nancy pelosi were to allow to you have a vote and let's say you got 86 votes, i don't know. satisfied that you tried but you failed. >> mr. cavuto. >> neil: you make me feel like a big wig. >> i have a lot of respect for you. >> neil: i appreciate it. >> if i only get one vote. let's attract 85 from that. if i get one vote i have drop the right thing. >> neil: you are going to get at least 66 votes. don't you think that? your staff has been saying that. >> no. no. i have to make my way to the chamber to make sure that i vote. mr. cavuto, we have lived through bigotry in this country since african-americans arrived on these shores. there are people who suffered, jewish people have suffered, lbgtq community
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has suffered. bigotry is impeachable. now, if there are people. >> neil: you have to prove bigotry. you have to prove the kind of stuff that you outline there and that's a loose standard, right? >> no, it's not a loose standard. >> neil: you don't like the way the way the president speaks and the term he -- >> i don't like the way he puts bigotry into policy. immediately after saying s-hole countries he decided he was going to eliminate 30 visas from african-american countries. he has babies being separated from their mothers. 12 million people come through ellis island from scandinavian country trits and europe. they didn't separate babies from mothers when they did this. those people were here. they were part of the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. mr. cavuto we live to exercise liberty and justice for all. that's what i stand for. i love my country, i do it because i love my country. >> neil: you were the earliest on, this congressman green. >> thank you. >> neil: i tried my best for
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you to call me neil but i will call you congressman. thank you very, very much. >> you may call me al. my mother gave me that and i'm very proud of it thank you. >> neil: the fallout from that a little later in the show. still looking at the ramifications of that also this college admissions scam that is really shocking the nation. lost in the sorts of the rich and famous accused of bribing their way. in what about all of the hard working kids this scam kept out? ance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? oh. well, we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance, because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. [ loud crash ] yeah. he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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♪ >> sir, why did you game the system? why did you decide to plead guilty? >> neil: you are looking at rick singer. he is the man that orchestrated this scam to get kids into some of the elite schools in the country not legally. that's what the government says. he obviously disagrees. hollywood stars felicity huffman lori loughlin among those who were charged in a bribery scheme to get their
1:16 pm
kids into some of these elite schools. molly line in boston where all of this went down. hey, mollie. >> hi, neil. irs officials, prosecutors, the fbi today announcing the culmination of operation varsity blues the bust-up of this international, national college 2k34eugs schemes bribery faked test and faked athletic prowess as well. hollywood actresses, ceos, parents, exam administrators have been arrested facing various charges for their involvement in this widespread conspiracy. the scheme aimed to help students gain admission to these elite universities, yale, georgetown, wake forest, university of southern california. stanford, the institutions by the way did not know about this scam. and some have already taken action against indicted coaches. there are 50 defendants named as i mentioned a ceo, too fashion designer, wine maker most recognizable lori loughlin known for role in
1:17 pm
full house and felicity huffman of desperate housewives fame. rick singer pled guilty in federal court. racketeering conspiracy. money laundering conspiracy obstruction of justice. ran a charity. uber wealthy parents gave him in total combined 25 million to either aid them in faking their child's athletic prowess in the bribery of coaches or to aid them in a fake test or a corrected test or to pay off test administrators this is far from from over as well. investigators is i they are still investigating and there could potentially be more arrests, more indictments of parents and others, neil? >> neil: molly line, thank you very much. are these parents looking at serious jail time. attorney lisa joins us now. >> good to see you, neil. >> neil: are they going to jail? >> jail? that will be interesting. charges of mail fraud,
1:18 pm
that's a very delicate charge, a lot of applications for college now are electronic. this would really have to rest on the accept stance letters that would go through the mail. >> neil: paying to get your kid in the school. >> that's different. >> neil: is that the part they have to worry about. >> they have to worry about that and probably have to worry about money laundering. they also donate for a not for profit did think take a deduction on their taxes? they could have a lot of problems going forward on a case-by case basis when they look at the amount that's going to come into play if they get jail time or not. also, it's going to come into play who he was bribing a public official. any teacher would have public official standing. it's more egregious for a teacher to accept a bribe. all of the players in this. 50 players, administrators, parents. >> neil: what about the schools themselves? i mean, most pleaded ignorance to this. >> i think a lot of schools pleaded ignorance. upon looking at some published reports.
1:19 pm
i know a lot of the coaches at yale, for instance, and i believe at georgetown have already been let go from, they didn't really say. it would be interesting. >> neil: right. right. >> interesting to see if they had a reason. any beforehand knowledge of this. that would allow them to be culpable. but, not necessarily so. because, these colleges, if they didn't know, then how could we hold them accountable? >> neil: some of these kids have been accepted and graduated. they have moved on. so, what about them? >> you know, the kids in particular and if you notice the doj didn't charge any of the children. >> neil: that's right. >> a lot of these kids, i think, could be innocent. i think he did indicate that some of the children did know a lot of them had no idea that the parents had their college scores changed. >> neil: you are a great lawyer. if i'm thinking my kid didn't get in because one of these shrubs did. do i have a case? >> that's interesting. because there is no absolute
1:20 pm
way to get into harvard even 1600 and a 4.0 doesn't grant you entry. it would probably be difficult to establish a prima facie case against that. >> neil: you would have to think this person got, in let's say someone else was wait listed at yale i don't know if they have such a thing at jail. >> they do. >> neil: they do? you know that. all right. >> the thing is well they have deferment. >> neil: understood. >> if there was a student and probably this is more pertinent when the children that got in on the athletic scholarships, right? because there was certainly a tremendous amount of fraud. if there were students that got in on tennis scholarships that didn't even play tennis and you are a tennis, you know, ranked child that plays on a quasiprofessional circuit you might be able to establish a prima facie case special if your school was georgetown and you didn't make it. >> neil: very wealthy people with a wink and a nod promised a building campaign
1:21 pm
and donate to the school in the next year or two oh, look, my kid got into that school. >> you got the wink and nod isn't mail fraud and there is no quid pro quo. you can donate there is no quid pro quo you get. in this was pay to play. actual numbers associated with certain schools thank you very, very much. >> thank you for having me. >> neil: nor more countries banning this boeing max 8 plane. we will have more on that. it's america's most popular street name. but no matter what park you live on, one of 10,000 local allstate agents knows yours. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands?
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1:25 pm
and that has some fliers in this country very nervous. susan li at laguardia international airport where a lot of those jets are still flying. >> yeah, that's right, neil. we are here at laguardia taking really the temperature check of passengers set to get on one of these 737 maxes. southwest and american air being some of the last few still flying the plane today and as you can imagine some of these passengers are nervous. >> if you found out you were on a 737 max. how would you feel? >> i would feel a little bit insecure. a little bit, yeah. i probably -- if i could get off, i would get off. >> i would change my flight. >> because you -- >> -- i would be scared for my safety. >> there are around 370 of these 737 maxes in operation. most of those have been taken out of operation today. this is after the european union going against by the way faa recommendations which they rarely do join the likes of singapore,
1:26 pm
china, indonesia and australia banning the plane from airspace. meantime individual airlines in south africa and south america individually grounded the planes themselves. the faa continues to save say that the 737 max is worthy. and boeing reiterated full confidence in this type of plane. we do have senators, for instance like mitt romney, elizabeth warren, blumenthal and feinstein taking some precautionary measures maybe ground the plane until you know what's wrong with it and maybe there is some sort of software upgrade to make it safer to fly. boeing has taken a bat hid on the stock market. the worst two-day slide for the plane maker in close to three years, neil. people are still concerned about what's happening with this plane and whether or not we will get those real answers soon. back to you. >> neil: susan li thank you very, very much. add senator ted cruz the republican who chairs the subcommittee on aviation in space for those recommending
1:27 pm
for the time being an abundance of caution to ground the planes while they look into what happened here. boeing is said to be making key changes in the cockpit software involving a prevention feature which was rumored to be at play in latest airlines crash. a pilot and former faa inspector. thank you for coming. >> thank you, neil. >> neil: what do you make of this? it's hard to connect two accidents say the one we have seen featuring the same type of plane. the same eerie parallels with minutes after takeoff crashing. obviously boeing is taking some action to address this software issue. what do you think of that? >> well, i think it's a good idea that boeing is going to change its software. i don't know what they're going to change it to. but the other thing that goes along with this is both these airlines are third world country airlines. we don't know about their training. the loss of run away trim
1:28 pm
situation is quite unusual. so it would be interesting to see what kind of training the pilots got for that situation. >> do you think all of these countries and we go to norway, belgium, poland, itsly, france, ireland, australia, singapore, united kingdom, ethiopia, norwegian air have either stopped using this plane or stopped allowing it in their airspace or stopped flying it period. is that an overreaction? >> not really from those countries if they want to do that they certainly have the opportunity to do that. i really think if the faa thought there was a serious problem, or if they had any inkling that it was not air worthy it would certainly ground all the airplanes. the faa hasn't done that yet. we really are talking about something that happened recently. we don't know what the investigators have found and we know that the investigators will be working as hard as they can to get to the bottom of what's going on. sometimes these
1:29 pm
investigations last for six or eight months before we get to a final determination. >> the fact that boeing is trying to address this issue with this cockpit software fix or whatever it's going to involve, maybe there was an issue there. maybe there is an issue there. >> well, it could be. however, the faa issued an emergency air worthiness directive in november after the line air crash. that made some changes to the aircraft flight manual that had to do with the m cast system that's maneuvering characteristics augmentation system that they seem to think might be the problem or part of it. >> neil: bill, if you were flying and you would probably readily identify the air cavity carrier boeing 737 max 8, would you get off the jet or stay on the jet? >> no, i would stay on it no doubt. >> and you are convinced that it's a safe play? >> i am.
1:30 pm
yes. >> what do you think of people who would seek out an alternative? >> well, that's fine, if they know they are going to be on one of those aircraft, and want to get off, i don't see any problem with that the airlines should accommodate them. and hopefully they will. >> all right. thank you very much, sir. the former faa inspector. as he indicated so much to look into and not a lot of time has gone by to look into it. so we will see. not just mexico. the list you may want to see before you book your next spring spring break. venezuela isn't the problem. maybe that region is. ♪ [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have...
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save $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, free premium delivery and setup. ends march 17th. >> neil: think the european union is a hot club going on three years the brits have tried to leave and they can't. they failed big time today. not only is that in danger still the prime minister. we are back in 60 seconds.
1:34 pm
♪ >> neil: only now is our state department saying that venezuela is a place americans not want to go do. if you are an american you might want to get to and out of that country. venezuela is just a more prominence of examples in a region that has now grown to include better than a dozen countries that are questionable or just not safe to be in. some might surprise you. former state department official david tafuri joins us now. good to hav>> thanks for having, neil.
1:35 pm
>> neil: how is it decided this is not a good place to stay. >> so the state department does a travel advisory for every country. it's the diplomatic security office of the state department and others who are on the ground in countries who make these decisions. they try to base the decisions on real events that are happening in the country, looking at the direct threat level as it changes and then advising people on whether or not. >> neil: if you are a level 2. what is level 2? can we put that list back up? for those listening on the radio here it includes names like jamaica caicos, bahamas, the dominican republic, mexico, cuba. these are popular vacation places maybe less so cuba. what is a level 2. >> level 2 is take care. you know, it's a scale of 1 to 4. 4 being the worst. 1 being the best. 2 is take care. you can still it go there. think about the parts of the country that you are going to. i think a lot of your audience is probably surprised to see all those
1:36 pm
countries in the caribbean in level 2. those are places many of us go for vacation or for work that we enjoy. they seem okay. the crime in the caribbean gets less attention than the crime in places like venezuela, you just showed or places like mention co-but you would be surprised to know that there is actually a higher incidence of violent crime in the caribbean. even higher in africa as well. >> neil: when you take care, what are you looking for? what's been cited attacks on in this case americans? what? burglaries? what? >> well, in the caribbean it's violent crimes. it's crime with weapons. robberies with weapons. holdups. and there is a, you know, a high level of availability of guns in the caribbean. so that's part of the reason. if you look at the travel advisories that the state department has for some of those caribbean countries, they differentiate between different parts. they say it's okay to go to this part of the island but stay away from this part. some of the parts they tell people to stay away from are some of the neighborhoods where people live.
1:37 pm
some of the poorer sections of cities in the caribbean. so it gives travelers some indication of what parts they can go to and whatnot. of course, travelers have to use, you know, good reason in terms of where they are going to go. the travel advisory for the state department should be the starting point in your research before did you go somewhere. but you need to do other research. look at the travel advisories for some of the other country trits like the u.k. and as you stram i can't and do even deeper research into the particular place you are going. i would hate for people not to go to places that are off the beaten path if they are safe. investigate and do your research. >> neil: all right. david, thank you very much. david tafuri former state department official. some useful advice. look around. be careful. from big tech to. so big banks the hearings are coming. and they are not off to a great start.
1:38 pm
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>> given the unprecedented pressure is wells fargo simply too big to manage? >> no, we are not well he is the ceo imagine if he said i have got to admit i'm overwhelmed. getting the same treatment other ceos at a time when we're looking at congress looking more aggressively at industry titans, remember the drugmakers a couple of weeks ago there is a pattern here. is it worrying former reagan economic advisor art laffer? what do you think, art? >> i think it is very worrying, neil. they should not be involved in these things. when you have an air safety problem like we have with the airplanes that have crashed, that's a different thing, that's something government should be involved in for the safety of travelers. and even when you look at the universities when which was on there, these are all tax exempt organizations and bribery and that type of stuff. harvard university endowment is 40 billion, i think. if the hedge fund was a slight small attachment of a university. and they get all these tax
1:42 pm
breaks they should be taxed on profits they make for those funds. i don't think maxine waters should be looking at wells fargo and saying are you too large to be managed when she herself is in the federal government which is clearly too large to be managed take care of your ownership. >> neil: rich republican or democrat. tough questioning these guys and where money went when they will go through trillions. leaving that aside though, it's something that is obviously in the water now because there is an aggressive stance. >> it is. >> neil: breaking up big behemoth. google is the latest. rupert myrrh dock had recommended maybe it should be broken up. it's a bipartisan push to reign in these guys. what do you make of it. >> it's a bipartisan push always when government tries to take over the private sector. which is exactly what they are trying to do. they are trying to take over the means of production think can't do it by earning their ways up through the company and becoming a ceo they are not capable of doing that.
1:43 pm
>> neil: these guys have gotten too big for their britches and have to be rained in. >> they don't need to be reigned in. when they break the law they should be accountable for breaking the law. the government has more problems than they do to be really serious. it's not that companies are always good and fine and decent. they are not, neil. but the problem is is a government run company better than that? no, it's not. >> neil: do you get a sense though that they are thinking maybe it's the wealth tax candidates are pursuing or corporatism is out of control and these guys have gotten disproportionate amount of the tax benefits you have heard all of this and now it's just like piñata time every time. >> every day. every day and in every way. the pharmacies, you have got the banks and all these others there. the airlines, the companies, tesla, for example at of these things are sitting there being banged around by the government. >> neil: i'm free marketeer. don't some of it get it by
1:44 pm
the way they are arrogant how they go through things or get a little bit over zealous. >> you are completely right. a lot of them do things that are wrong and they shouldn't do them and all of that the question is a government run corporate sector than a private run corporate sector and beyond what we have done so far, we are way over the pale, i think. in having oversight on companies. when it's safety and military and stuff like that, yes, i totally agree. but just having them in there to talk about this stuff is just not where we should be. and, again, i'm not exonerating the companies. its shareholders have a perfect right to sell their shares and dump them and get out of them and all of that maxine waters has not earned the right to be the head of gm or ge or any other big company. yet she is able to put herself into that position by way of politics and that really isn't the way it should be done. >> neil: all right. >> we all bear the price of slower growth, less innovation because of these people interfering in the private market as much as they do.
1:45 pm
>> neil: i will put you down as a maybe on maxine waters. >> you think i'm too soft? >> neil: i know where you are coming. >> from i don't want to be too hard. >> neil: just checking fair and balanced. >> don't you agree with me. >> neil: no, look at the time. >> sorry. >> neil: all right a lot more time to address this issue. the house intel chairman adam schiff dodging some questions about michael cohen today. i'll explain. 's expenses ...while helping plan, invest and protect for the future. so they'll be okay? i think they'll be fine. voya. helping you to and through retirement. little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla.
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♪ >> neil: house intelligence chairman adam schiff was taking some questions today regarding his staff's contact with michael cohen prior to his testimony. a lot of things are not very clear. but fox news correspondent catherine herridge has been digging into it. catherine. >> thank you, neil, good afternoon. christian science monitor breakfast adam schiff was asked point blank to explain
1:49 pm
the meetings with cohen before his february public testimony. fox news first reported and it was later confirmed by cohen's attorney lanny davis that the president's former personal attorney met with cohen staff for over 10 hours during four meetings in new york. schiff said his contact was limited but he did not address what his staff did and then took a shot at republican critics. >> so that was extent of my communication with him, which was on the phone. now, several republicans, mr. meadows, jordan, the president and others have pushed out this false narrative that i spent 10 hours with mr. cohen. that's simply not true. and they know it's not true. >> those close to cohen have called on schiff to release a transcript from cohen's closed door testimony recently saying it will vindicate him but the congressman would not commit today for a timeline for releasing the cohen testimony. in a separate development, neil, a source familiar with the investigation confirms to fox news that the new york state attorney general has sent subpoenas to
1:50 pm
deutsche bank and the investors bank seeking financial records for several trump organizations that were mentioned during trump's testimony. the subpoenas are the response to that testimony and the valuation for trump properties, the trump organization had no on-the-record comment today. and fox news also confirmed that the special counsel budget is in place through september, but this reflects the government rules rather than inside information about the investigation's duration, neil. >> neil: all right, catherine herridge, thank you very, very much. >> you are welcome. >> neil: i'm wondering if nancy pelosi is seeing red over something just said on this show by one congressman green. to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth.
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>> a good many of the people who say they're not for impeachment indicate that the president has committed impeachable offenses. they talk about how the president is unfit for office but the door want to have impeachment because they are of
1:54 pm
the opinion would be disruptive. we do that was democratic congressman al green telling me he's going ahead with impeachment despite the fact that leaders within his own party are all but saying it would be a waste of time, at least right now. what is to make of this wedge between democrats? robin, i was thinking of you on the conundrum that democrats are in on this. >> to say the least. speak to how far they go? smarter than i ever gave her credit for. i was a huge credit of hers but she's doing a fantastic job managing people's expectations within my party and she needs to be doing that right now. impeachment is a nonstarter and we need to start getting it across to the base and we can focus on issues that actually have a chance. >> i think someone should go to hell and see if it's frozen
1:55 pm
over. i think nancy pelosi is doing the right thing. polling suggests more than 60% of voters don't want to impeach the president. it would be unpopular. even the people it might be popular with, it's not going to get enough votes in congress to get through. it could backfire with the same way with republicans and bill clinton. >> neil: the initial impeachment against richard nixon were not at all popular. sometimes you don't need an impeachment itself to get the hearings going and that's what the goal is. >> the goal is to undermine, people on the far left that want to nullify the 2016 elections. i think pelosi is being a realist. >> neil: jerry nadler too. >> i'm not sure that they have the votes. she is speaker because of the moderates and centrists in the swing districts. one of the going to do in 2020? yeah, we are part of the
1:56 pm
impeachment process. she is looking at this for her political life and being speaker, saying let's not go down this path. i want to be speaker post 2020. >> neil: what al green is saying, he just doesn't like the president. he thinks he's a racist and all of this. it's open season time. >> the president is his own worst enemy so many times. to put those aren't high crimes and misdemeanors. even to go so far as to accuse someone of that, where you going? >> so much of it is nonsense. quite a lot of damage control. managing expectations, as you said, there are people in my party who legitimately think if we have impeachment that somehow by the grace of god, hillary clinton -- >> you are going to get pence, far and away more conservative than donald trump. they don't understand. it doesn't mean hillary rises up
1:57 pm
and takes control. that's not how it works. >> neil: republican senate. i don't even know where to go here. leaving that aside, the passion of the party, he represents a lot of folks who find that they can't drop the ball on this. they won't drop the ball on thi this. 66 votes like last time he did this in early '18. he said all i need is one, my own vote. he feels strongly about it. >> this is what the democratic left phase has been wanting. they've been begging for this, driving for this, wanting it. symbols like some of these elected representative's like al green feel like there are certain expectations they have to continue down this path. >> neil: he's been consistent. >> you got to give him that. >> neil: what i was trying to raise with him. i did like the fact that he kept calling me mr. kabuto. you should work on that.
1:58 pm
this is where it could be a slippery slope. i don't like his policies, i don't like the fact that it rings of racism. you keep holding these loosey-goosey standards to every president, we could be impeaching -- >> everyone. just because you don't like the guy, it's not a reason to impeach him, especially when it would so divide the country. it's not worth it. focus on winning the next election. that's what normal, levelheaded people do. >> neil: you want democrats to focus on the prize. do they look too zealous? >> the guys across the aisle, how are they going to want to work with us we can't get out of our own head about impeachment, when we have things we can actually do together. >> they just really love pence. >> if they go down this path, i loose -- i think they lose the
1:59 pm
white house. >> neil: a hard left person. the columnist of "the wall street journal" talked about the mistake the party made in 1972 when they went hard left with george mcgovern. >> there's a lot to be said, it is a what if. if we go hard left, it's going to energize the youth vote. i get it. we'll get a whole bunch of new people registered to vote but we're going to lose a substantial portion of our blue dog vote. you lose some come again some. i am concerned. >> neil: i want to thank you all very, very much. we are going to pursue this because it's right beneath the surface. we are going to be talking to to the house majority leader steny hoyer, what he thinks is this impeachment thing and whether
2:00 pm
there's anything there. again, democrats and leadership so far have been saying let's focus on the issues that matter, not on an issue for the time being does not. we'll see you tomorrow. here comes right now. >> jesse: hello, everybody. i'm jesse watters with dagen mcdowell, juan williams, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." fox news alert. explosive college admissions scandal has landed two hollywood actresses in big trouble with the law. felicity huffman and lori loughlin are among dozens of people charged in a 25 million-dollar bribery scheme. authority's a rich parents bribed, cheated and defrauded in order to get the kids into some of the country's most elite schools. the alleg c


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