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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 12, 2019 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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hoyer, what he thinks is this impeachment thing and whether there's anything there. again, democrats and leadership so far have been saying let's focus on the issues that matter, not on an issue for the time being does not. we'll see you tomorrow. here comes right now. >> jesse: hello, everybody. i'm jesse watters with dagen mcdowell, juan williams, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." fox news alert. explosive college admissions scandal has landed two hollywood actresses in big trouble with the law. felicity huffman and lori loughlin are among dozens of people charged in a 25 million-dollar bribery scheme. authority's a rich parents bribed, cheated and defrauded in order to get the kids into some of the country's most elite schools. the alleged crimes include paying for someone to take their
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kids s.a.t.s, paying an admissions consultant to bribed coaches into labeling their kids as recruited athletes to boost their chances, and also faking athletic profiles to make students look like strong athletes when they actually weren't. there is no evidence school admissions were involved in any of the wrongdoing. the u.s. attorney in charge describing the bombshell allegations. >> the parents charge today, despite already being able to give their children every legitimate advantage of the college admissions game, instead chose to corrupt and illegally maneuver late the system for their benefit. we're not talking about donating a building so that a school is more likely to take your son or daughter. we are talking about deception and fraud, fate test scores, fake athletic credentials, fake photographs, bribed college officials. >> jesse: felicity huffman is expected in court this hour while lori loughlin is apparently on a flight back to
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l.a. where she is expected to surrender to authorities. for more, let's go to jonathan hunt, live at the courthouse in l.a. with the latest. >> good afternoon. felicity huffman, the actress, famed for her role in "desperate housewives," among 13 people do to appear this hour in the federal court behind me. she, as well as the actress lori loughlin are two of dozens accused of taking part in what was a wide-ranging scheme, essentially to bribe and defraud the college admissions system to get their children into colleges that those parents presumably thought they otherwise would not be able to get into. felicity huffman and her husband william h. macy accused of paying 15,000 to alter s.a.t. test scores. lori loughlin and her husband, who is the designer, are accused
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of paying $500,000 to have their two daughters labeled as recruits to the usc crew team. neither of those daughters ever took part in that sport. this was a wide-ranging scheme, one essentially run by a company that was run out of newport beach, california, by a man called william singer. he pleaded guilty earlier today to racketeering. we assume he has given the feds much of the evidence on which all of these charges are based. we will now have the 13 here in l.a. arraigned. we have not seen felicity huffman at this point, although she should, by all logic, be inside the courthouse already. we have seen her husband, william h. macy. he was asked if you want to comment on the case, his answer was no. >> jesse: great get, jonathan.
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greg, you are a big fan of "full house" and "desperate housewives." are you taking this exceptionally hard? >> greg: i am damaged by the news. the great thing about the scandal, is when they make the movie, everyone can play themselves. who can play felicity huffman better than felicity huffman. >> dana: i like william h. macy. >> greg: there's a couple things. people are as sinful as their options allow them to be. you have to ask yourself if this option were allowed for you to help your kid get a leg up, would you do it? we can dislike what they do but we have to wonder, what if we have that option? it does show a lot of people really enjoy the story because we have a biological revulsion to line cutting. everyone hates all kinds of line cutting, whether it's actual line cutting or immigration or college admission. it bugs us. we are programmed to be disgusted by people who don't
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get there the right way. >> jesse: bribing the coyotes, cutting in line in front of other people. >> greg: this is why i only have houseplants and not kids. i don't need to grease a gardeners palm to get him to trim my box was. stupid kids are a problem. >> jesse: i thought there were other reasons you didn't have kids. everybody's interested, there's the line cutting. they are looking at hard times. one of the recorded conversations somebody said i'm not worried about the moral part of things. i'm worried about what's going happen if we get caught. >> dana: you're going to be embarrassed. what drives it is the fairness issue. everybody in the world, human being is born. fairness is innate in you.
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making money by helping rich people get their already privileged kids even more privileged so they can make more money, it seems like the system is rigged. the system is working against you. kudos to president trump's fbi who went ahead and got these guys instead were not going to put up with this anymore. i don't have children either but i have plenty of friends that do and i know that they start talking about paying for college before the babies are even conceived. you start wondering how mike and make this happen? getting your child into college now is like a part-time job and kids don't have part-time jobs because it's their job to try to get into college. they need to have all the requisite things. i'm glad they caught them. i don't know if it's more widespread. they found these guys but this is happening elsewhere? >> jesse: like dana said, parents are thinking, did my son or daughter not get into the school because some rich fat cat bribed to coach? >> juan: right. this is not a victimless crime. there are real people who
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suffered as a result of lost opportunity. getting into the very best schools in the country. to me, there's a bigger story here. there's a lawsuit right now it's been put forward by conservatives using asians to challenge affirmative action at harvard. in the course of that debate, here's what we found. right now if you look at selective schools, if you have a legacy, that's what these people -- we are talking about athletics. legacies, if you went to the school and then applied for your kids, that's even bigger than athletics. 34% admitted five times higher than people whose parents did not go to school. if you want to harvard, you are already rich entitled on famous and your kid applies, tremendous advantage especially if the kid has good enough grades. the most privileged kids in america get the biggest boost. not the black kids, not the asian kids, not the hispanic kids. the second point to make is if
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you have an athletic credential on your resume which is what these fraudsters were doing, they were putting pictures of their kids on the bodies of athletes and pushing it out there. if you're an athlete, guess what, you have about a 50% boost in terms of your likelihood to get into a school. one last point, most of the athletes in america, despite the black best buy players and football, most college athletes are white. the cross, crew, ice hockey. >> jesse: squash. >> greg: nobody brought upgrades. >> juan: the conservatives are using asians to challenge affirmative action at harvard as if -- >> dagen: let's talk about -- >> greg: i'm not sure how we got into the asian question. >> dagen: let's talk about the people named in the complaint. it's not about advancing their kids and making their lives better down the road. they are embarrassed by their dumb kids and they couldn't get
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into a decent school. if you read the complaint and i don't know if we have the sound of it but if you go online, olivia jade, one of lori loughlin's kids, has youtube channel. she had a career before she ever had to go to usc, which she got into apparently because they paid $500,000, her parents, for the two kids to get into usc to be on the crew team. >> jesse: i think we have some sound of lori loughlin's daughter that we can listen to. >> i don't know how much of school i'm going to attend but i'm going to go in and talk to my deans and everyone and hope i can try to balance it all. i do want the experience of game day partying. i don't really care about school, as you all know. >> dagen: years when her mother said in the complaint -- or her father copying her mothe mother. "i had some concerns and i want to fully understand the game plan i make sure we have a road map for success as relates
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to our daughter and getting her into a school other than asu." >> dana: that's the other thing about this, college is not that important, folks. >> greg: amen. >> dana: it's too expensive. one of the reasons you have tuition so high as people are willing to do things like this so there's no incentive to lower it. none of us went to a fancy school. >> jesse: went to berkeley. that's pretty fancy. >> dana: okay, i didn't go to a fancy school. >> greg: we have reduced the barrier for loans. you have all these kids saddled with debt. even more because it used to be the virtue signal to get a job was a ba. not everybody can get a ba. so now it's a masters. now you have to spend more money to get a masters in our masters isn't enough i do need a phd. >> dana: no one hires people with phds. >> greg: really?
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>> dagen: google wouldn't interview you unless you went to an iv. you couldn't get a job intervie interview. it made sense to go to wake forest. it was $7500 a year when i started there. i could major in art history and blow it off and not get -- not care about the education. not anymore. >> juan: unlike dana, i think college is very important. >> dana: i didn't say it's not important. not this important. >> greg: is where you learn about identity politics, juan. >> juan: credentialing, especially for low income kids, minority kids, to have a college degree makes a huge difference. you can quantify in terms of lifetime income. >> dana: i agree with that but maybe my point is this. going to an elite college is way overblown. the importance of that. i didn't have anything. i didn't have any connections, family, no legacy.
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disaster. 157 people were killed. here in the usa, the federal aviation administration says it will continue to let the aircraft fly despite mounting concerns. boeing releasing a statement saying in part "it has full confidence in the safety of the planes." dana, would you get on board? >> dana: yes. sometimes you don't have a choice. you have to get to where you're going. as a passenger, sometimes you can say no. take a train or drive but if you've got to get somewhere, you've got to get somewhere. i had a former ntsb investigator on "the daily briefing" today and he reminds us to be fact-based in our thinking. the flight recorder has recovered. boeing has a team there on the way. the problem for people that are anxious about this is that we probably will not get conclusive reasons for this plane going down until friday or saturday. a whole week of people to be worried. i think because of the training we have here in the
2:18 pm
united states, the pilots that we have. it's not happened here yet. there are a lot of these planes flying in america. people should be cautious but as of right now i don't like there's any reason to ground them. >> dana: trickle >> juan: southwest and american. they don't have that many of them because it's relatively new. one customer said i don't feel comfortable getting on this plane. can i get a refund. they said no. we trust our aircraft. >> juan: i trust boeing. i think it's a great company. a lot of people in the e.u. specifically wanting to ground the fleet. a lot from fear and safety. but competition. you have airbus and rolls-royce and they are competing for market share and if they could knock the stock price down and stick it to boeing, they will. politicians getting involved. elizabeth warren, obviously running for president, calling for them to ground the fleet. like dana said, we need the facts first. with they haven't completed the ethiopian or indian ocean study to find out what's going on. we've learned we want to bring
2:19 pm
in the facts before you make a judgment. i don't think the faa in this country is going to ground an entire fleet if we don't have concrete evidence has a manufacturing or design flaw. "the new york times" is saying maybe it's new computer software and some of these foreign pilots don't have regulations where they need to have a specific amount of flight hours on this new system. the american pilots have to log a lot more hours on new systems that could explain the discrepancy. there hasn't been a fatal commercial airline crash for ten years in this country. i was on a jet ski this weekend, seems much more dangerous. >> juan: i think it's much more dangerous to get in a car. the human response is is it dangerous to get in the airplane and and to be up in the air. >> dagen: two crashes in five months. the one in indonesia. investigators did fight the plane and that crash suffered an unreliable sensor information before it went down, a problem
2:20 pm
that boeing has promised to fix with the software upgrade. it's not clear whether it was some sort of pilot error or lack of training or the actual sensor. the software upgrade is coming next month. i want to point out that president trump did tweet on this. >> jesse: you are kidding me. >> dagen: not helpful. can i read this? "airplanes are becoming far too complex to fly. pilots are no longer needed but rather computer scientist from mit. i see it all the time in many products. always seeking to go one unnecessary step further when off in old and simpler is far better. split-second decisions are needed and the complexity creates danger. all of this for great cost yet very little gain. i don't know about you but i don't want albert einstein to be my pilot. i want great flying professionals that are allowed to easily and quickly take control of a plane!" he's had a call that was arranged yesterday with the ceo
2:21 pm
of boeing and it says it was only a coincidence that it took place after the tweet. we'll see what comes out of that. china was first on board with this. i must point out maybe because they are developing a competitor to boeing number one and number two, we are in a trade war. >> greg: okay, well panic is often worse than whatever event leads to panic. it is true of everything from foods to energy to drugs. we have a panic over opioids and who is getting damaged most? cancer patients in pain patients who get their drugs from prescriptions, who follow the law but they are getting caught in the opioid panic. we've seen people panic over nuclear power which is basically prevented us from embracing probably the cleanest technology in terms of energy for at least 40 to 50 years. we haven't been able to do anything with nuclear power because we freaked out, overblown freaking out over a few accidents. the argument in trump's tweet is
2:22 pm
based on the whole sully idea. could he have landed the plane if he wasn't in control? or was it human fault? a lot of people believe these flights were human error. it's going to be a debate being raised when we get autonomous cars because whenever there is an accident people are going to freak out because the accidents are rare. indonesia, ethiopia. i would believe it's more about the training and experience of their pilots. >> juan: hang on. we've got to go. i make this quick point that in both cases the nose was named down. the pilot apparently tried to straighten it up. that's why there were so much attention to the software. one other thing, to have people like feinstein, rahman a, blumenthal, they are not running for president but they are saying how about a moratorium? >> dagen: they are not pilots either. maybe we should nip it. >> juan: another politician waging war on meat. banning it in public schools to
2:23 pm
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♪ >> greg: here's a fun fact about nyc. murder is up 55% this year. sorry. that's not a fun fact. that's a terrifying fact especially if you live in new york or are a tourist. from the start of 2019 there's been 48 killings, almost one per day. last year this time there were 31. thankfully, mary bill de blasio, a.k.a. captain lerch, is here, announcing all public schools will be going meatless on mondays. i bet this is important on so many levels. >> this is important on so many levels. i've got to say if you are thinking about our kids individually, we want them to be as healthy as they can be and we want them to learn as well as they can learn. meatless mondays will help. it will create more balance in
2:28 pm
their lives. we are talking about a climate, the existential threat of global warming. this is something we do that's another contribution to addressing global warming, striking more of a balance in our whole society. >> greg: cutting back on meat will help save the planet. so would eliminating the cross-country tour he plans to take. when things aren't going well at home, best to run away. between crime and scandals, i would leave too. the mayor shoveled nearly 900 million bucks into his wife's mental health initiative. that's nuts. we have still yet to figure out where the money went. you take the subway, you know it's not mental health and that's criminal. the city that we love needs help but it's run by left-wing democrat so that mentally ill are left to languish because the left has made it acceptable to languish. meanwhile crime creeps back up while amazon and it's 25 25,000
2:29 pm
jobs flee. lerch is only mayor of new york. the bad news is that he's headed your way bearing tofu. i'm going to go to the vegetarian first. jesse. >> jesse: [laughs] >> greg: i thought cafeterias were always meatless because that wasn't meat. >> jesse: mystery meat. >> greg: weird stuff. i don't think animals exist to create that. >> dana: come on. they have good food at schools. >> greg: somebody is sponsored by big meat. >> jesse: big cattle. the wyoming lady. and wanting to be the mayor, not the lunch lady. the city is a mess. you can't drive anywhere. loss 25,000 jobs with amazon. he can't handle a snowstorm. people are leaving for lower taxes. stay out of our food choices, mr. mayor. this is a publicity stand. if kids have pasta on monday, it's not going to reduce the earth temperature. you pointed out --
2:30 pm
>> greg: or their body weight. >> jesse: if he cuts back on his private jet flights that would reduce emissions. the only thing he's worried about his cows getting murdered, not people getting murdered. the whole thing is a joke. kids need protein. they are going to have cereal for breakfast and lentils for lunch. and the student athletes are supposed to go out and perform, go to the weight room, hit the court? these kids are going to pass out. even the speech team is going to pass out. >> dana: [laughs] >> greg: they will be speechless. meatless and speechless. all right, dagen, you are the actual vegan here. i will say you could get fat as a vegetarian because its carbohydrates, not protein. i know he's making it an environmental claim. >> dagen: tater tots and french fries are what they going to get. if you would never do this but make your meatless fridays and then that would be -- help catholics who don't eat any meat on fridays.
2:31 pm
you know what? the steaming sack of cooked cabbage would never, ever do that because again it would be religious in some way, shape, or form. he's worried about saving mother earth, make the siblings run. let people avoid getting in their cars and get in the subways and not get their faces caught or pushed and thrown in front of a moving train. it shouldn't take two and a half hours to get 60 miles from connecticut into new york city. he's got his priorities misplaced. he's worrying about people having hamburger. >> greg: i want my tax money to go to mental health. i can think of anything more important. >> dana: if it actually went there. >> greg: that's what bugs me. i tried to look and find out where this money went. it means it's almost a double crime. >> dana: the announcement about the 900 million into the mental health was on the same week that they announced that the mayor had $773 million forward no project for schools, also deemed a failure.
2:32 pm
that's money down the drain. lentils is protein. but kids need protein. >> jesse: is not going to fill you up. >> juan: yes. >> jesse: let's do some varsity football players eating lentil soup for lunch. >> juan: there are a bunch of nfl and nba players who don't eat meat. i don't think -- >> jesse: they don't win championships. >> juan: apart from the bashing of bill de blasio which i think is unfair, crime in this town you should know is down 8% this year. most of these murders, gang related in one section, north brooklyn. >> greg: so they don't matter? that's kind of racist. >> juan: i love playing along when "the five" bashes people. i guess they think -- >> greg: thank god you don't bash anybody. >> juan: going after de blasio. >> dagen: a pot hole as big as a refrigerator in front of my apartment building. >> juan: you should go to detroit and baltimore and check out some other cities.
2:33 pm
>> jesse: we are better than detroit. is that your argument? >> juan: my argument is this town is attracting more young people. >> jesse: not from amazon. >> dana: everything's great. >> juan: this town is a boomtown. my point is the health of these kids, i think what de blasio is saying about climate change is ridiculous but i think when it comes to staying to kids, you are being pushed hamburgers on you, hot dogs. take a break from eating meat. >> dagen: he's not the student's daddy. >> juan: he's the mayor. he can make the call. >> greg: mayor make cheese. breaking new details in the college admissions cheating scandal. update next. i can't believe it. that we're playing "four on four" with a barbershop quartet? [quartet singing] bum bum bum bum... pass the ball... pass the rock..
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charges and the largest college admissions scam ever prosecuted by the department of justice. >> dana: we are awaiting a court appearance for actress felicity huffman, the star along with "full house" actress lori loughlin are caught up in a bombshell college admissions scheme where they literally played millions of dollars to get their children into elite universities. prosecutors in massachusetts laying out the charges. >> singer and use that money to bribe college officials, division i coaches, college exam administrators all to secure admission for the children of his clients, not on their merits but through fraud. singer worked with the parents to fabricate impressive athletic profiles for their kids. including fake athletic credentials or owners or fake participation in elite club teams. there can be no separate college admission system for the wealthy. there will not be a separate criminal justice system either. >> dana: good line. one thing some colleges have
2:39 pm
thought about doing is eliminating taking any s.a.t. or act scores. forget it and just go on grades, essays, merits, interviews. do you think that would be a good idea? >> juan: i'm not sure because the idea was it would be a matter of achievement, that if you qualified and you were really that smart. we know it has a history. it was intended to keep out jews and immigrants and the like way back which is the same basis for legacies which is the number one reason along with athletics. to me, given the discrimination that i see in terms of elementary secondary education, i prefer something like what texas was doing, the top 10% of your class in high school, you can get into at least the university of texas in those schools so you can get in with people who are trying their best, demonstrating this capacity wherever they go to school. this is absolutely the rich and privileged taking advantage and
2:40 pm
rigging the system. this is not about, which is what you see every day in the papers, somebody saying oh, it was affirmative action for those minority kids. this reveals the real disadvantage, the real discrimination in the system. >> dana: one thing that's amazing, you look at the coaches implicated. stanford, yale, the women's soccer coach, $500,000. georgetown, ucla. soccer, water polo. usc water polo coach. >> jesse: they bribed the coaches. i guess because they were paid less, they were more susceptible to bribes. now i know i didn't get into yale. i've been wondering for so long who took my spot now i know. >> dana: because your parents would never do that. >> jesse: they couldn't afford it. >> jesse: i have been noticing f intellectual depth on college campuses when i was doing watters' world now makes perfect sense. if you do not have to go to an elite school to be successful.
2:41 pm
my sister went to oxford and i make ten times more money than she does. i've been wanting to say that for such a long time. this is a corruption situation that involves two liberal institutions. hollywood and higher education. that's the real collusion. they finally found collusion. >> dana: before he and matt, i would like to check your phone for a mom text. you think and hollywood people are nervous. >> greg: a lot of parents are going to be awake wondering when the doors going to be knocked o on. we talk about the problems of college, it's the way colleges. the internet has changed or destroyed industries. i work in magazines. magazines have forever been destroyed. nobody is reading them anymore. with the combination of the internet and robotics, there's no need for brick-and-mortar colleges. you can lower the overhead and
2:42 pm
make college extremely cheap. i learned from four years of watching podcasts. you can get anything and everything you want, unless you want to work on cadavers and stuff. you can't do that online, although may be. it's time to kill the university as we know it and start thinking about ways -- bernie talks about free university. start with that point and go how do you get there? how do you work backwards? it's going to be about innovation. it's going to be about online. >> jesse: i thought we want in our kids to move out of the house. >> dana: dagen, last word. >> dagen: what has holly weird come to that some power couple can't get their kids into some power liberal school? >> dana: we have all been victim of those insanely annoying robo calls and sadly it's only getting worse. details ahead.
2:43 pm
fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely.
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but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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♪ >> dagen: it's enough to make your blood boil, though super annoying robo calls where you make the mistake of picking up.
2:47 pm
you think it's your great aunt on your unguarded with an unwanted call. i've been the victim one myself. this voice mail scam somebody left me. >> sisters getting number social security number being suspended due to criminal activity. i'm calling you from social security administration. do return the call before we take legal action against you. >> dagen: i like the "take care" part. the fcc says nearly half the calls you receive this year will be spam. dana. >> dana: i think you're looking for a silver lining, the fcc is not waiting to do something. they are asking companies to create a digital fingerprint so will be clear to them, very clear, that if they are doing any funny business they will get in trouble.
2:48 pm
also these scammers are hurting legitimate companies. the fcc has done the largest finds in their 85 year history. at least somebody is trying to do something about it. >> dagen: if you pick up the phone in a moment of weakness, i've got your bank account number? i have heard so many stories about this. >> greg: it's weird in this day and age when you see an unfamiliar number, kind of excites you. who could that be? it could be anybody? it's somebody speaking another language. the ones that i get are asian. i believe it's because of robotic repetitive action. a computer is putting in numbers and yours comes up. >> jesse: i thought i was the only one that got back. >> greg: i get two a day. some point it will be directed towards your password. a small example of nonconscious thinking of machines and you can't stop it. once it starts, it's going to
2:49 pm
override all consequences. that's what scares me. >> dana: just don't answer the phone. >> jesse: i don't answer the phone because media relations scared me into not answering the phone. don't answer the phone if it's an unidentified number because it could be a reporter. if i answer the phone and its reporter and they asked me, what you think, then i hang up and they write the story. when reached by phone, watters hung up on me. now i screen everything. i screen my mother. just text me. >> dagen: you don't screen calls. >> juan: i don't. i have a d.c. area code so i get a ton of these. apparently they focus on places like d.c. where the government, you have people like the white house, it doesn't come up as a number. it comes up is blank. even calls from colleagues at fox come up as unknown, so i pick up.
2:50 pm
occasionally i get calls that you get in foreign languages. but more often it's people like the hotels, the airlines. >> greg: marriott is the worst. >> juan: and then i get things like, there's nothing wrong with your credit card but you could get a lower rate. click. come on. i've got things to do. >> greg: you stay at marriott and all of a sudden they want you to fill out a survey but they call you every single day. finally i returned and they hung upon me. i go, why do you keep doing this and they hung up on me. >> juan: is everywhere you leave the palm in los angeles. they go mr. waters, we have a reservation for you for 15 people tonight at 8 p.m. i said, i didn't make the reservation, i'm across the country. i said, some guy said he was going to bring a bunch of people at 8:00, wearing maga hats and maga shirts, is that okay with the dress code? yes. >> hilarious. >> do you think that was a fox
2:51 pm
affiliate? >> funny story. >> you know who placed that call, smollett. >> the other jussi,sorry. >> one more thing. ei,sorry. >> one more thing. i,sorry. >> one more thing. paint a picte,sorry. >> one more thing. r me. uh, well, this will be the kitchen. and we'd like to put a fire pit out there, and a dock with a boat, maybe. why haven't you started building? well, tyler's off to college... and mom's getting older... and eventually we would like to retire. yeah, it's a lot. but td ameritrade can help you build a plan for today and tomorrow. great. can you help us pour the foundation too? i think you want a house near the lake, not in it. come with a goal. leave with a plan. td ameritrade. ♪
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>> time for one more thing, dana. >> there was a birthday in d.c., mitt romney, senator from utah got a twinkie cake. they brought it in there. everybody was interested in something they felt like they had never seen before, the very -- way that he blew out the candles. he picked the candles up out of the twinkie cake and blew out individually. >> that is why he could never be president. >> you think because he didn't want to get germs all over the
2:56 pm
cake. >> he is a strange man. >> that is really nice. i think it is pretty nice. >> i don't know. >> happy birthday, senator. >> happy birthday sghchlt that is amazing. >> weird. >> he was just being weird. >> what did he do? >> juan williams. >> i'm all for sanitary behavior. last week we showed you, thank you, love, thank you. last week we showed you a man who lost his lottery ticket, found it and realized he won hundreds of millions of dollars. the ficle finger of fate showed its face again. take a look at this video. >> oh, yes. >> that guy was seconds away from being crushed by falling bricks. this happened in north london. luckily the fire brigade said no one was hurt. it took two hours to clean up the rubble, i'll bet it took
2:57 pm
longer for that guy's heart to recover. >> timing is everything. >> mr. gutfeld. >> let's do this. >> animals are great. >> animals are great. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> animals are great. >> you know what, this is the greatest feeding time video i've seen because it involves a bearded dragon, a slippery hardwood floor and a blueberry. >> look how happy he is. >> but you got to listen to his feet. look at that. >> look how happy. you know, see the bearded dragon? it's fun being a bearded dragon. when you throw blueberries, he's got blueberry mouth. his mouth is blue. i love blueberry. >> where is his beard? >> out for a walk. >> okay. >> he's pretty cute, guys. >> thank you. >> that's why animals are great. animals are great. animals are great. k-d ♪ >> are you sure that was the
2:58 pm
best feeding video you have ever seen? >> best involving a bearded dragon and blueberry. >> i'll give you that. you ever want to go to a game, you have the kids with you. what do dow? can they last for the third inning or first quarter? dad hack. watch this guy, watching the game. just has a beer in his hand, other hand, the iphone playing a movie. the girl can watch and eat and not bother him and want to leave immediately. >> that is fantastic. >> a dad hack. >> fantastic. >> that is great. >> all right. >> yeah. dagen mcdowell. >> okay. kids rock. this is a billboard, way to wish my dad a happy birthday. watch this. a jersey dad getting birthday wishes from around the world thanks to maybe a prank by his two sons. chris' birthday isn't until this weekend, the 16th. his face and birthday on this billboard leading to hot lantic
2:59 pm
city. wish my dad a happy birthday. he's gotten 15,000 messages and calls. from philippines, luxembourg and australia. he had to change his voice mail for them calling. >> the economy is doing well when you can afford a billboard. >> how much is a billboard? >> i don't know. >> i thought about getting one. >> what would you put on your billboard? >> like feed the poor, something like that, i wouldn't waste on birthday. how selfish. >> no meatless day. >> eat a cheeseburger, you freak. give my love to the bearded dragons. >> that is right. i thought a bearded dragon was something you see at the zoo, not a zoo, like a -- >> reptile garden. >> a circus or something. >> bearded lady. >> we're stretching. >> yeah.
3:00 pm
>> not as bad as that lady who stretched into the jaguar the other day. >> that's right. that animal was not great. >> that animals totally fine. >> set dvr, never miss the five. hey, >> bret:. >> thanks, the trump team hope venezuela see the light through darkness. two hollywood actresss accused of bribing their kid's way into college. will he or won't he? joe biden contemplates a third white house run. democratic party moveod? this is "special report." >> bret: good evening, i'm bret baier. how far are you willing to go to get your kids into the college of their dreams? for some, that path may now lead all the way to jail. dozens of the rich and famous are accused of paying huge bribes to


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