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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 13, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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9. that means 67 planes, if they're in the air, they will be grounded. airlines are working on that now. >> shepard: continuing coverage of the breaking news. i'm shepard smith. this is "shepard smith reporting." president trump says the united states will issue an emergency order grounding all boeing 737 max 8 and 9 air craft after reviewing evidence from the ethiopian aircraft that killed 157 sunday. the u.s. the very last country to ban the aircraft from flying. here's the president. >> any plane currently in the air will go to its destination and thereafter be grounded until further notice. so planes in the air will be grounded if they're the 737 max
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will be grounded. safety of the american people and all people is a concern. >> shepard: more than 50 countries had already banned the 737 max from flying after the second deadly craft of one of those jets in five months. that left america alone on this matter until now. the acting federal aviation administrator has said now that a review of the aircraft shows no basis for grounding it. so what has changed? the president says a team has been reviewing evidence from the crash site and found something new. we're expecting an faa statement very soon. this comes after a new report piloting flying boeing 737 max 8 jets say the nose dipped suddenly forcing them to override the automatic pilot system. it's not happened once but at least twice in recent months. in other words, the auto pilot suddenly put the plane in a nose
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dive and the pilot had to turn off the auto pilot, gain control and pull the nose back up. sounds familiar. in one of those cases, the dif triggered the cockpit warning to say don't think, don't think. meaning turn it off and do it yourself. all of that is according to data compiled by nasa, though it does not reveal the airlines. take a look at this graphic from flight radar. it shows all the boeing 737 maxx jets in flight last wednesday, march 6. they're operating all over the world. now look today. they're pretty much flying nowhere except in the united states. and now the president has ordered that is over, too. the fox business network's susan li reporting from the new york newsroom. susan, in the united states, it's southwest and american airlines and they fly some popular routes. >> they do. we just got a statement from
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boeing. let's bring you up to speed. the plane maker itself, the 736 max says they continue to have full confidence in the 737 max. after complication with the u.s. faa and the usntsb, they have said out of an abundance of caution and to re-assure the flying public of the aircraft safety, they recommend the temporary suspension of operations testify entire global fleet, 371 of these 737 max aircrafts. we were one of the last countries to fly the max. canada joining 40 other nations to ban the plane from the airspace. southwest, american, two of the last airlines flying the max. american with 24 of them. so the faa as you mentioned up until this hour and president
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trump's order so there was no systemic performance issues with the 737 max 8 says they're working in cooperation with the government and those governments regulatory bodies. the black boxes from the ethiopia air flights will be sent to europe for analysis. we don't flow where yet. according to the ethiopian aviation officials, the pilots on the flight cited flight control problems before crashing six minutes after take offer. canada also citing new imagery saying the ethiopian crash had similarities with the lion air crash that after six months ago. boeing says they will make changes to the software in the cockpit. there's been previous complaints about the max and according to the dallas star, five pilots that complaints made to federal
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authorities. shep? >> shepard: the ethiopians were going to look at the black box and figure out what happened. they decided to send it to germany, not the united states. send it to germany. the germans have said this is a new thing, new black boxes, this is a new jet. we can't do this. who will be doing it? we're not yet sure. breaking news. the president also talking about the other big news here in washington. paul manafort getting more prison time. and in addition, his legal troubles just got a whole lot worse after a judge slapped a second sentence on him today, a grand jury in new york less than an hour later indicted the former trump campaign chairman on mortgage fraud. accusing him of running a multimillion dollar scheme, and because these are state charges, these new ones that came down from the grand jury today, president trump cannot pardon
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paul manafort. not if even if he's convicted. the new indictment came as i mentioned after manafort got 7 1/2 years behind bars for federal crimes and not one but two separate cases in the district and in virginia. including illegally lobbying for pro-russia politicians in ukraine and witnesses tampering, tax evasion and bank fraud. with us a lot less time than the maximum combined sentence of 34 years that manafort was facing. at his sentencing today, manafort begged the judge, compassion. the judge said saying i'm sorry, i got caught is not a good argument for leniency. paul manafort struck a plea deal with robert mueller. in doing so, he agreed to cooperate in the russia investigation. but that all fell apart when robert mueller was accused of
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lying to investigators so manafort is going to prison. the question now is will a potential conviction on the new charges in new york state mean even the president can't save him from life behind bars. laura ingle reporting live from new york. allison barber is live outside the courthouse here in d.c. where the manafort sentence came down today. first, john roberts. he's live there on the north lawn. hi, john. >> good afternoon, shep. just to remind you what the paul manafort's rule in the trump campaign was. he was the delegate wrangler. the chairman a few months before he was swapped out. the president has made no secret of the fact that he thinks that manafort has been unfairly treated not only in the charges but while he was in jail, held in solitary confinement. let out a couple times a day and hauled before the office of the special counsel investigators and grilled repeatedly trying to find out information about
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president trump. in the roosevelt room where he talked with border officials and local law enforcement people about drug trafficking across the border, president said this about manafort. listen here. >> i feel very badly for paul manafort. he worked for ronald reagan successfully and john mccain, he worked for bob dole and many others for many years. i feel badly for him. i think it's a very sad situation. i saw that just a little while ago. certainly on a human basis, it's very sad. >> the president also said that today's sentence proved that there was no collusion between his campaign and the russia investigation. we should make it clear that the sentencing and the charges that paul manafort was being sentenced for had nothing to do with russia collusion. so it's a bit of a leap to say the fact that he was sentenced to 7 1/2 years on charges that had nothing to do with collusion means there was no collusion.
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the mueller report and investigation is still ongoing. the president said today he has no idea when that report will be released. we heard rumors it would be friday. that apparently is now not the case. the president also did not rule out a potential pardon for paul manafort. this afternoon he was asked about that again. listen here. >> i have not given it a thought as of this moment. it's not something that right now on my mind. i do feel badly for paul manafort. that i can tell you. >> what about the second set of charges? >> i don't know about that. >> what i asked them there what you alluded to at the top, the second set of charges that had been filed by the manhattan district court, similar to what he faced in the eastern district of court. even if the president were to pardon him, he could not pardon somebody who is convicted on state charges. only a governor can do that. i think it would be highly unlikely for the governor of
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new york to consider pardoning paul manafort should he be convicted on those charges, shep. >> shepard: thanks, john. coverage continues now. ellison barber reporting live in d.c. ellison? >> hi, shepard. the judge told paul manafort that he's not public enemy number 1 but he's not a victim either. the former trump campaign chair is set to serve 6 1/2 years behind bars. he was sentenced to more but got credit for nine months and time served. paul manafort asked for leniency, mentioning his wife. he said "this case has taken everything from me already, my properties, my cash, my life insurance. please don't take us away from each other any longer than 47 months." manafort did say that he's sorry but he didn't say that in his sentencing hearing in virginia last week. that judge said that he should apologize when he heads to court in d.c. this week. the d.c. judge pointed that out,
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that he had to be told by the other judge he needed to apologize. for mr. manafort's attorney, he's far from pleased with the sentence. >> i think the judge showed that she's hostile towards mr. manafort and exhibited a level of callous news that i haven't seen in 15 years. >> and the prosecutor deal was thrown out when paul manafort laid to special counselors. they suggested a lesser sentence initially. prosecutors today did not take a position on impose ago particular sentence, but they did say this, that the special counsel's team according to their sentencing memo, they felt manafort presents many aggravating sentencing factors and no mitigating factors. shepard? >> the new charges levelled against manafort. the manhattan district attorney slapping manafort with mortgage
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fraud and several other crimes. these are the state charges. that's why the president can't save him from whatever the outcome. a president can only pardon those convicted of federal crimes. laura ingle with this part of the reporting live from new york. >> it appears manhattan's d.a. waited for the federal sentencing to wrap up before unsealing the 16-count indictment that was filed thursday, stating in a press release, "no one is beyond the law in new york." the findings being released the same hour that manafort's federal sentencing came down was to detail the allegations of a year-long scheme in which he's accused of falsifying business records to obtain millions in loans. the grand jury voted to charge manafort with residential mortgage fraud, attempted fraud, conspiracy, falsifying records. these charges all state felonies
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which the da says will ensure that manafort will still face prison time if the president pardons him for his federal crimes. president trump has long been supportive of his former campaign manager. the indictment is a result of an investigation that started in 2017 when the manhattan district attorney's office started taking a look at loans that manafort received from two banks. man tort could face up to 138 years in new york city prison if convicted on all of the charges against him in this new indictment. his lawyer has declined to comment. shep? >> shepard: thanks, laura. still to come here, the 737 max grounded minutes ago by the president and just seconds ago we got a flash urgent from the wire services saying southwest airlines is asking for more guidance. meaning what does this mean? we thought everything was fine with this plane. that's what you were saying. and a live look at british
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parliament. lawmakers voting at this moment on what to do about brexit. the result of today's vote, which we could get at any moment could have serious effects around the world. the latest from parliament and from the government on the 737. that's coming up as reporting continues on this wednesday afternoon. i switched to miralax for my constipation. stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate the nerves in your colon. miralax works with the water in your body to unblock your system naturally. and it doesn't cause bloating, cramping, gas, or sudden urgency. miralax. look for the pink cap. you should know about the newday va home loan for veterans.? it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments over 600 dollars a month. call today.
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12:19 pm
happen later this month. yesterday, lawmakers rejected theresa may's revised deal with leaders in brussels after they shot down her first plan by the biggest margin in modern history. if they vote to leave without a deal, there's a vote on whether to delay the whole thing. e.u. leaders would have to sign off on any extension. let's go to david lawler from axios. i know. it's like shut up with the brexit. it's important. the vote was just about a permanent removal of a no deal brexit. >> right. there's amendments ahead of the main vote that we're waiting on. members of parliament sent a strong union that they don't want to leave with no rules for the divorce that would be catastrophic for the economy. so they're saying we don't want a no deal but they still don't have a deal and we're two weeks
12:20 pm
away. >> shepard: yesterday was the last-ditch effort and the european union said you can go negotiate again, prime minister may but that's it. she got what she said was her best deal how to get out. she took it to members of parliament and they say no way. there's nothing put together. they can't exit without a deal. the next is to delay the exit and the e.u. will have to say yes or no. where is the money on that? >> tereheresa may said this is only deal. now today they're saying no deal. they're saying no to that, too. that leaves us in a scenario to buy time. the european union has a strong incentive to go with no deal as well. so there's a strong likelihood they will allow an extension there. they said we already had a deal with you. >> shepard: and that -- they
12:21 pm
may get nothing. and if they don't get the delay, they have a no and a no and its chaotic. in the military they may call it fubar. >> this is what they're worried about. we're going to get a delay. we need a delay. give us something. the european union says if we give you a delay, you have to do x, y and z. parliament could say no and we're closer to the deadline. so there's a possibility that they want a no deal but they get it anyways. that's what people that have their eyes on the markets and international business are worried about. >> david lawler, thanks a lot. we're just getting breaking news in to fox news channel. this from love field, this is dallas, texas. love field. listen to this. the faa has just released the following. now we see similarities between the first crash of a 737 max jet and the second crash of a 737
12:22 pm
max jet. so maybe it's about the plane. that's the reason for the groundings. the brand new breaking news after this. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis
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>> shepard: breaking news. new information from the faa. this is southwest airlines jets at love field in dallas, which is i guess their largest hub. the center of the southwest universe. all 34 of their 736 max jets are grounded now. because suddenly we've gotten word from the faa that they see similarities between the last two crashes of these jets. we're waiting for new information on this. trace gallagher compiling it. we'll go live to him in a few
12:27 pm
minutes. and the accused college entrance leaders are meeting the law, this is the live look in los angeles. lori loughlin, aunt becky to a generation of "full house" fans will appear in an hour. she's one of dozens caught up in a major admission scam. loughlin faces conspiracy to commit mail fraud. her husband also charged prosecutors say the pair paid $500,000 in bribes to get their two daughters into the university of southern california. as recruits for the crew team. neither of them ever played crew or rowed crew or knew anything about crew as a sport or otherwise. it's not clear whether the daughters knew what the parents were up to. the other actress charged, felicity huffman. she's the desperate house wives star that posted a $250,000
12:28 pm
bond. at the center of the scandal is this man, rick singer. yesterday he pleaded guilty to racketeering and obstruction of justice. his lawyers say singer is sorry and wants to cooperate. the feds say the list could grow. jeff paul reporting outside the courthouse in los angeles. jeff? >> yeah, shep, you can see line behind me of media outlets waiting to see if loughlin will make an appearance at the courthouse. she was taken in custody a little while ago and set to make an appearance at 2:00 local, 5:00 p.m. eastern time. she was reportedly filming in canada when news of this case broke. her husband, a fashion designer, was arrested yesterday and he posted a $1 million bail. the couple is accused of paying
12:29 pm
$500,000 to get their daughters in to usc. investigators say some students were placed in yale, georgetown, the university of texas and stanford. news of the scandal has some students shaking their heads. >> there are victims. any student that deserves to get in that worked hard. >> hard work, did my best. came out here. >> i would see to see fairness in the admissions process as a whole. >> now, some of those coaches that were involved in this scandal have been suspended and in some cases fired. shep? >> shepard: jeff paul reporting live. julie, when happens to you when you do what these people have done and you're convicted? >> well, they're facing sentences of up to 20 years in jail. most of them won't go to jail that long if at all because of
12:30 pm
the sentencing guidelines. the maximum sentence is 20 years. >> shepard: what about the ringleader? >> that's why he's cooperating. he's looking at upwards of 65 years in jail. if you notice this conspiracy is being investigated inversely from what we've seen on tv. they started with the ringleader and had him cooperate. so he has an opportunity to work off his time in a way that many ringleaders get. >> shepard: it's sounding like this is bigger. they're giving those hints. >> the ringleader said there were 751 families that he helped. it is bigger. i'm sure in addition to the people that have been indicted, there's a lot of people out there waiting for the axe to fall to find out whether theirs is one of those given. >> shepard: we'll know soon enough. we just got an urgent report from the federal aviation
12:31 pm
administration. this just in. quoting now, "the -- this is from a statement from the federal aviation administration. i'm quoting "the agency made the decision as a result of data gathering process and new evidence collected at the site and analyzed today." so they went to where this flight crashed. they got all the information together. hey moved the black box. now they looked at the scene. the faa says this evidence together with newly refined sat line data available to the faa this morning led to this brand new decision. the statement goes on, the grounding will remain in pending further examination from the flight data reporters. think where we are. the united states said we're leaving them until we have evidence to suggest that there may be a problem with the plane. so often the old saying goes, the first one is the pilot.
12:32 pm
the second one is the plane. the third is the corporation. in this case, they got the evidence together and the faa says yes, we're going to ground these planes. as it turns out, the united states was the last in the world to do this. so now all 737 maxes are on the ground. think of what this is going to do to boeing, the company. think of the effect that this is going to have on travel around the world. we'll get the details on what is happening on both of those fronts and information for you about if you have a flight booked on one of the two airlines that flies these jets, that would be american and southwest, what you could and should do and in addition what the risks are and how all of this could have happened. the new decision from the faa based on two jet crashes as our coverage continues on this wednesday afternoon. car. it turns out, they want me to start next month. she can stay with you to finish her senior year. things will be tight but, we can make this work.
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12:37 pm
in other words, all of the 737 new ones that american and southwest have. after crashes in ethiopia and indonesia killed hundreds of people. we're hearing from southwest and american airlines after the big announcement. trace gallagher has that live in the west coast news hub. trace? >> just heard numbers. we should know that southwests that 34 737 max 8s. it's a disruption because the planes are in the air and being boarded and you're talking about a domino effect because other connections have to be made. that will have a fairly significant impact on the day and the coming days for southwest airlines, which is why they're asking for a clarification from the faa. like how long is this ground stop going to be, what is the deal and what is the reason for all of this. if you go over to american
12:38 pm
airlines, it has 24 max 8s, 2% of their fleet, 135 flight as day. it will put some flyers in a pickle. united airlines is flying the max 9s. 1% of their need. and westjet, a regional carrier, has 13 of the max 8s. it will impact that as well. we know when you talk about the faa saying there's similarities, things they recognize the lion air crash in october and the ethiopian air crash sunday, we know the pilots of both flights tried to make it back to the airport but were unable. both had drastic flight fluctuations, which was the initial ascent. the lion air investigation is ongoing. the plane's automatic system is to make sure it doesn't stall.
12:39 pm
when boeing redesigned the 737, it changed the position of the engines and changed the balance of the airplane. so to make sure the nose never got too high, engineered added a system that automatically brings it down. during a faulty sensor reading, the automatic systems brought the nose down too much and puts the plane into a dive and you have to pull it back up. the pilots to do that would have to disable the system. the problem is boeing never included the fix or even the system in the operating manuel. so the pilots were unfamiliar with it and the faa and boeing later issued a directive saying this condition if not addressed could cause the flight crew to have difficulty controlling the airplane. now bowing is the process of giving this information to all the 737 max pilots to make sure
12:40 pm
they know what to do. once that is underway, you'll probably see a more lenient term of the grounding of these 737s, shep. >> shepard: thanks, trace, for the update. a federal judge sentencing the former trump campaign chairman paul manafort to 3 1/2 years in prison. now, that is on top of a nearly four-year sentence that he got from a different judge on different charges in virginia last week. now the new charges. let's go to a.b. stoddard at real clear politics. this new one, that's the one. >> right. they were clearly waiting for the federal judges that were sentencing paul manafort here so they wouldn't be influenced be i the potential for other convictions. it's a way to get at paul manafort, ensuring he serves time and the president can't pardon him. because it's a state crime. his lawyers will challenge this and say it's double jeopardy.
12:41 pm
we don't know if he will prevail. very interesting timing if they held it to be unsealed. >> when you're 70 years old, seven years is a long time. compared to the sentencing guidelines, this is really low. >> he should be very thankful for what he good a week ago and what he got today. part of it was concurrent. essentially he will serve less time than he could have. for what we've been talking about for 1 1/2 years, he's a lucky guy to be out late 2024 if he has good behavior. >> shepard: the president says he feels bad for him. >> the president made it clear that people don't cooperate are brave. just taking it from the president's tweets, this is going back a long time. the only person he's turned on is michael cohen. he cooperated. paul manafort violated his plea agreement. >> shepard: look at the crimes he committed before that. i mean -- >> right. >> shepard: basically working with and for the russians. >> right.
12:42 pm
that's what is so interesting about lawyers coming out when judge jackson wanted to make the case, this is not about collusion with russia. this doesn't deal with collusion. the special counsel's investigation, which is still not officially over with, is separate and then his lawyers came out and said what she anticipated that they would say, which is that she had ruled there was no collusion with russia. that's not what her case is about. that's the point she was trying to make in court. >> shepard: when he said, the judge said to him, saying i'm sorry i got caught is not a path for leniency. then arguably gave him lennensy. does anybody in washington have a finger on this, that why this happened for how it's happened? >> there's so many questions. i think because he technically apologized and because he waived the right to object to the two jurisdictions and she didn't want to give him double
12:43 pm
punishment. i still think he should be a thankful man. it's very clear from what he said in judge ellis' court last week when the judge said he otherwise lived a blameless life till today that he told counsel it was time to act contrite. she didn't believe him. >> shepard: blameless life. thanks. the top venezuelan prosecutor has said now that he's investigating the opposition leader there after he is accused of attacking the power grid. nicholas maduro didn't offer any proof behind the accusation. the people of venezuela have gone days and days now without power no, water, no communications. now there's reports that the power is starting to come back on in some areas. venezuela has plunged into a deep and debilitating recession under the president, bordering on a failed state. many people can't afford food
12:44 pm
and medicine. u.s. officials have called maduro's accusations that a u.s. cyber attack is absurd and a distraction. the united states and dozens of other countries are backing guaido while russia, china and cuba are supporting maduro. gillian turner is reporting live. the long and short hoff it is, they're in a real miss. >> it's a real miss. the humanitarian situation on the ground in venezuela is continuing to deteriorate very rapidly. it's day seven of national blackouts, water shortage and major medical simply crisis that is ravaging the country. there's new evidence of venezuela venezuela venezuelans scavaging water from sewers and drains. maduro is blaming guaido and
12:45 pm
accusing him of sabotaging the water grid. the state department is not lying it. releasing the worst human rights violators, they named the maduro regime. >> human rights situation in venezuela is terrible. i think it's well-documented in this report. of course, it's only -- this report goes through the end of last year. it's gotten only worse. >> the state department says they're holding maduro directly and personally responsible for this humanitarian crisis, shep. >> shepard: thanks very much. one more question. the administration is planning to take some sort of action this week. what do we know? >> so far the u.s. is preparing to issue new sanctions against the regime. they're preparing to revoke visas and evacuate haul u.s. embassy personnel by the end of the week. the trump administration is keeping military force in play though the european union is
12:46 pm
speaking out about that option. >> the crisis has political and institutional courses. it's not a natural disaster. the solution needs to be peaceful, political and democratic. we believe that no military developments from inside or outside of the country would be acceptable. the solution cannot be and should never be imposed from the outside. >> as the political stalemate continues to drag on inside venezuela, here at the state department officials are making plans now not only to evacuate diplomats and embassy personnel but to get all americans out of venezuela as soon as humanly possible. shep? >> shepard: jillian turner from the state department. thanks. a horrible attack in brazil. two young men carrying guns and cross bows and the knives opened fire at a school and killed ten people, including themselves. that happened in a suburb of
12:47 pm
sao paulo. the government says two teachers and six students died. several others hurt. one student at recess described hearing all of the gun shots and running to jump walls to get to a hiding spot. the governor in brazil said officials believe the gunmen were in their early 20s and not former students. at this hour there's no word on a possible motive. ahead, the trump administration clarifying that its policy on trans-gender troops is not an all-out ban. so what is it? details ahead. this time, it's his turn. you have 4.3 minutes to yourself. this calls for a taste of cheesecake. philadelphia cheesecake cups. rich, creamy cheesecake with real strawberries. find them with the refrigerated desserts.
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>> shepard: urgent now. throughout this whole allegations of your parents cheating to get you in to elite schools, the one group we haven't heard from is the schools. that just changed. this is from the university of southern california. quoting "applicants in the current admission cycle connected to the scheme alleged by the government will be denied admission to usc. so the kids in the pipeline now, parents are accused. you don't get in. current students, we're going to conduct a case by case very view on who may be connected to the
12:52 pm
scheme alleged by the government. we'll make informed appropriate decisions once the reviews have been completed. some individuals may have been minors at the time." so case by case on current students. if you're in the pipeline now and your parents are caught up in this, well, you're not getting in. just beginning. more to come. a three-story school building packed with kids has collapsed. it happened in lagos nigeria. some witnesses estimate there were up to 100 children inside when the building simply collapsed. now teams are looking for more survivors. search underway as we speak. the trump administration announcing their official policy on trans-gender persons in the military. it's not a total ban that president trump initially proposed. the new rules do put new
12:53 pm
restrictions on trans-gender troops and recruits. that starts next month. critics are calling the policy discriminatory and self-defeating. jennifer griffin reporting live at the pentagon. hi, jen. >> the new policy rolls back key components of the 2016 policy allowing all trans-gender individuals to serve openly in the military. the policy announced grandfathers 1,000 service members with gender dysphoria and bars those that seek to transition to a gender under than their asex assigned at birth. it's a severe restriction on trans-gender members serving in the future. all those that serve from here on out have to serve in the gender assigned at birth.
12:54 pm
there's 9,000 currently serving. the reaction from those serving, fear. a feeling this is a return to don't ask don't tell. many feel this is a return to discrimination. last month, several trans-gender members said they served with honor and did not want the 2016 pentagon policy rolled back. that policy was implemented under ash carter that will change on april 12 when this goes into effect, shep. >> shepard: thanks. more news next. a home buying you should come to newday usa first. there's no money down, it's the best vehicle that a person who served in the military or is serving today has today to have a new home. if we can possibly get that veteran in a home we're going to do it at newday usa. why would you rent today when you can buy your own home and participate in the american dream? call 1-844-970-3696. veteran families know what it's like to serve.
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the pain and swelling. the psoriasis. cosentyx treats more than just the joint pain of active psoriatic arthritis. it even helps stop further joint damage. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. get real relief, with cosentyx. >> shepard: massachusetts' highest court has reinstated the murder conviction of aaron hernandez. reversing a ruling that allowed it to get erased in the first place. in 2015, he was guilty of killing oden lloyd. an old rule allowed the judge to throughout out his conviction
12:59 pm
because the appeal had not been heard. this new rule allows the conviction to be stand. it will be noted an appeal will be pending. and what a stunner in the nfl. the new york jets signing le'veon bell to a four-year, $52 million contract according to reports. bell chose to sit out last year rather than playing for the steelers. meanwhile, the one that matters to me, the giants traded o'dell beckham jr. to the browns. the browns have a 14 to 1 odds to win the super bowl with o.b.j. on the field, considering a couple years ago they lost every game. maybe that kids from ole miss. maybe. a guy can hope. >> never know. >> shepard: you never know. should news break out, we'll break in. breaking news changes everything around here. cavuto is coming up. the dow, an update.
1:00 pm
see that dip that happened there at the end of the session? that was the boeing announcement. largely recovered. to get it sort out, we go to "your world" with neil cavuto. let's do that right now. >> neil: we're on that, we're on howard schultz joining us in a few minutes from now and we're on this. looking live at the federal courthouse in los angeles. that's where lori loughlin is set to appear in an hour from now. she was taken in custody earlier today in connection with the massive college bribery scheme. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. first to jeff paul in los angeles where all of this will be going down momentarily. hi, jeff. >> hi, neil. lori loughlin will appear in the next hour. you can see all the cameras and media outlets out here waiting to see if she will make an appearance. she reporte


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