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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 14, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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ground after winning his game but got rushed back up and beat rutgers 68-61. next up, maryland. that's good, that's great, he won. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now. goodbye. >> this is a culture of entitlement on steroids. >> i don't care how many movies you made or how much money you made, right is still right and wrong is still wrong and i hope they -- rob: it is march 13th -- 14th. one school is ready to take action in that college bribery scandal. this incredible story continues to develop. jillian: after all that bond money was all this really worth the price of admission? a major impact on air travel
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after donald trump grounds all boeing 737 max 8 planes. rob: the urgent warning and safety concerns for travelers that led to this alarming about-face. the question americans are asking themselves. what is beto o'rourke's dog thinking? jillian: your theories about what is troubling beto's best friend. ♪ ♪ got anywhere better to be ♪ look me up and give me the gold grounds ♪ rob: tell me about -- jillian: they are like welcome home. i love you. i'm excited to see you. i love my dog. rob: dogs are great.
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jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first" thursday morning. rob: thanks for starting the day with us. major impact to travelers across the country as the president follows an urgent warning grounding all boeing 737 max jets. jillian: new evidence showing a startling connection between the ethiopian air disaster and the lion air crash months ago. rob: boeing's response and the fallout for flyers. how it will impact travel. >> reporter: it is spring break season. we are talking a lot of passengers have to check their flight status. the ground impacting southwest, american and united. these airlines scrambling to rebook those passengers from canceled flights. american airlines operates 85 flights a day on these max 8
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planes, united, 40 flight today. the max 8 accounts for 5% of southwest daily flights. we are talking about a huge impact. the sweeping action comes after 157 people died when an ethiopian airlines flight crash three days ago. that tragedy eerily similar to the lion air crash last fall also involving a boeing 737 max 8 plane. some experts say planes should have been grounded sooner. >> question people should be asking is what took so long? i am not aware of the situation where the faa waited so long to act in this case. it seems they sat around the table and failed to act in the best interests of the american people because they took action only after public outcry. >> reporter: boeing will support the president and the faa's move. back to the passengers, there are options. most airlines will let you rebook or request a refund.
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you can try to rebook on a different airline, just make that phone call. united said it is preparing a contingency plan since sunday's plane crash, trying to prepare a fleet to minimize impacts to its customers. jillian: thank you. rob: fox news alert breaking overnight. new york city mob box is gunned down outside his home. gambino family leader frankie callie shot several times in staten island. the gunmen sped away in a blue pickup truck it is on the run. it is unclear if this was a mafia hit job or a rogue gunmen. callie is the highest-ranking mobster killed in new york city since 1985 when john gotti ordered the murder of gambino boss, what a story. jillian: cameras will be allowed in the chicago courtroom later this morning when empire actor
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jussie smollett appears. is expected to plead not guilty to 16 felony counts. jussie smollett accused of staging a phony hate crime on himself. empire's first episode since his arrest aired last night. jussie smollett's character was front and center. he has been written out of the final two episodes of the show. rob: the president threatened to veto the resolution to end his national emergency declaration. >> we will see if i have to do the veto. it will be i think very successful regardless of how it all works out, very successful. rob: the senate will begin debating this issue. 5 republicans have said they will side with democrats but we will see if that is changing. we get the latest in a live report from griff jenkins in washington 30 minutes from now. jillian: the story everyone is talking about, the university of southern california will review applications of students involved in the largest college admission scandal in us history.
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rob: lori laughlin charged for bribing that school, now out on bond. that is her daughter. todd pyro joins us with the latest developments. >> reporter: a huge response from usc. a spokesperson writing we are going to conduct a case-by-case review for current students and graduates that may be connected to this. we will make informed appropriate decisions once those reviews have been completed. some of these individuals may have been minors at the time of the application process. the current admission cycle connected to this being alleged by the government, will be denied admission to usc as actress lori laughlin is released on a $1 million bond following her appearance in federal court in la. the full house star along with her husband accused of paying $100,000 in bribes to get her daughters into usc, packing them off as rowers even though they
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never picked up and or. senator john kennedy says the scandal is endemic of a bigger problem. >> this is some of the most odious, viral, repugnant, reprehensible conduct i have ever seen. we look around and we see too many undeserving people at the top, cutting corners and getting bailouts and too many undeserving people at the bottom get handouts and we get screwed every time. >> reporter: laughlin and her husband and another actress, felicity huffman, meeting a boston judge on march 29th. prosecutors called the children as witnesses is what impact that has on any deals the parents might make. it is one thing when you are charged, another when your kids are charged as we find michael flynn's situation. rob: there is no better opinion on capitol hill than john kennedy, end of story.
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jillian: paul manafort facing new charges after being sentenced to 7 years behind bars. the former trump campaign manager indicted for mortgage fraud, conspiracy and falsifying records, the announcement less than an hour after a federal judge sentenced to 40 months in prison for illegally lobbying in ukraine. manafort was sentenced to 47 months for fraud. rob: will barajas on capitol hill. demanded to know why the trump administration is pushing to ask are you a citizen in the 2020 census. the hearing, days after a second federal judge ruled the question violates the constitution. the supreme court plans to pick up the case next month. jillian: the senate is expected to vote on the green new deal, republican senators say they expect majority leader mitch mcconnell to bring the resolution up for a vote on march 25th when the senate returns from recess. the proposal spearheaded by
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congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez strives for next 0 greenhouse gas emissions. the vote will not pass. rob: powerful strong cyclone, bombohgenesis bearing down on the central us, that storm turning deli in colorado where a corporate was hit and killed trying to help a driver in blizzard conditions. jillian: winds in texas so powerful a semi truck flipped on the highway on its side. the weather canceling 600 flights in and out today. rob: janice dean tracking the storm. >> reporter: the great blizzard of 2019. 103 mile-per-hour peak wind gusts and it did bomb out, the bombohgenesis dropped 33 mbar in 24 hours. this will be in some of the weather books. taking a look, really welled up
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yesterday, it is lifting across the northern plains and upper midwest, the great lakes, starting to weaken a little bit, but this was quite a storm. wind gusts in excess of 60 mph across the great plains. we are still dealing with blizzard conditions, blizzard warnings in the rockies towards the midwest and flooding concerns and tornadoes. and incredible storm system. severe threat will move across the mississippi river valley, ohio valley. this will mainly be a wind threat but we will see tornadoes, incredible throughout the afternoon, still dealing with this storm system. eventually lifts toward the great lakes into canada but in terms of meteorology, this thing was incredible. it was like a hurricane. different dynamics obviously but a hurricane across the plane states. unbelievable.
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incredible. jillian: hope everyone remain safe out there. it is 11 minutes after the hour. and illegal immigrant with 9 ice detainer requests charged with murder. the police chief slamming california sanctuary policies. the attorney joins us live with how the murder should have been revisited. rob: is air pollution racist? the new study that has social media blowing smoke this morning. ♪ at midas, with every oil change you get a free tire rotation. makes you feel like a king! king for a day!
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those policies are not set. this isn't about politics. this is about public safety. jillian: san jose police chief slamming california's thing to worry policies after an illegal immigrant and admitted gang member with nine previous ice detainer's is discharged with a brutal murder. rob: should stories like this be a game changer for thing to a policy? that is the question this morning. here to weigh in is ice fox news contributor. he has so many arrests and convictions, how do you argue against sending them out of the country? >> reporter: it is impossible to do that and the police chief said it best when he said we have 0 control of the city of san jose and my police force have 0 control over what the county does in terms of interaction with federal law enforcement, these violent felons which i want to point out if he had been a legal citizen
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under california's currents 3 strikes law he would be in prison for the rest of his life but because of his illegal status he was afforded the right at this point for the county, the city to ignore the nine detainer requests by ice. to me the travesty is obvious with that murdered woman. jillian: i am reading an article about this and it talks about everything the county could have done but also saying the county says federal officials are to blame for this because ice should have gotten a warrant here. what do you say to that? >> two steps down in the procedure. if they had responded to retain a request by ice, they wouldn't have had to get to the warrant stage. it is a little pushed off of her sensitivity. i point to the fact he had been deported in 2013, arrested and convicted multiple times through
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these years so it is not as if we are talking about a 1-time slip through the cracks in the last month and here's what could have changed that outcome. i call them the four horseman of federal prosecutions. what makes us 80% plus of federal prosecutions is immigration among them. the others with your fraud and drugs and firearms. my point is the doj and the us takes it so seriously it comprises among the majority of prosecutions and counties are ignoring that to the government of their citizens who are getting murdered. rob: stocking this 59-year-old woman, eventually killed her, let's look at what this young man was convicted of in the past, burglary, battery the police officer, possession of meth, kidnapping, a lot of these were serious crimes and i know a lot of californians, a lot of liberals say if you are interested for small things you
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should be sent out of the country but when we were reminded of his californians are stiff on the difficulty, we learned that through the gavin newsom situation. if you show them a case like this, somebody has convictions for violent crimes i have to think most people in california would say get him out of here. >> yes. also it is important in terms of the differentiating factor and a lot of california laws and the conversation is violent propensities, violent convictions. i agree with you that is why it is agree just. there were violent convictions, multiple over the last five years so you would think there's literally no argument whatsoever. this is not protecting a family that has come across the border seeking a better life. rob: a traffic ticket or something like that.
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rob: the fallout for flyers, after donald trump grounds those boeing 737 max jet. >> how will this affect travel? founder of travel pulse ways in next. so with xfinity mobile
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2:23 am
jillian: they use aircraft and how will they affect travelers., thank you for joining us, this is something that concerns everybody. is this the right call and what should people know? >> if you don't know what caused the crash, you want to be cautious because you're putting peoples lives at risk. it is an important thing to do. we saw that with the dream liner when they have the battery issue. at the end of the day it did not impact travelers because they were able to ship other equipment to those routes so always her on the side of safety. we didn't hear from pilots of the planes, the airline pilots association, we didn't hear from pilots complaining that you don't want to fly this plane. it is interesting in the last few days. rob: other countries that
2:24 am
suspended this, the us was last to do it and another graphic shows airlines affected in the us, southwest, american, united, 70 jets overall. if you look at the lion air flight, in some sense are on that flight that told the plane it was aiming up when it wasn't and that corrected the jet to start going down thinking it was correcting it to a flat flying and that is scary and the president says is too much technology and that killed these people. >> the plane can fly itself. if they are automated landings, the pilot has a backup to it. the key is whether or not the pilots flying the planes have the hours in the air and trained properly on the newer jet, for
2:25 am
distribution that is different and these planes can go further so that is configured differently and that will allow the plane to self-correct. if there is a center issue and the pilot doesn't override that, but the automatic pilot features take over that seems like what we're seeing here but they haven't put the two completely together. jillian: folks at home who have flights today or tomorrow or the next few days, what is your advice to them? >> they don't have to worry about those planes flying. if you're on american airlines it was 1.2% so it is not a big issue. southwest, 4% of the total fleet, you are talking a tiny number of flights are impacted and troops like new york to miami, flight on southwest to houston or the caribbean, it depends.
2:26 am
they pulled back flights from mexico, there are 900,000 that got pulled out of mexico. there are plenty of aircraft to substitute in. rob: appreciate it. jillian: 25 after the hour, donald trump will issue the first veto of his presidency is republicans hold out to say they won't back him on the border emergency. rob: mike pence says it is time to listen to border agents on the front line. >> people wearing the green uniforms, customs and border protection, told us they need a barrier to do their job and do it safely. jillian: pete is here live with the interview you won't see anywhere else. ♪ ♪ i'm a man i'm a man i'm a man . ...we're open just pass the ball!
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jillian: welcome back, a look at top headline starting with a fox news alert, several airlines grounding their 737 max 8 fleet after donald trump suspends the, southwest, united and american are among the airlines affected impacting travel for thousands of passengers, the order after two jets crashed in less then a year killing hundreds of people. rob: laura laughlin released on $1 million bond, the latest charged in a college admission bribery scandal, the biggest one in us history. laughlin and her husband accused of bribing the university of southern california into admitting their daughters. jillian: the british parliament will decide whether or not to delay brexit after lawmakers voted not to leave the european union without a deal. the uk is scheduled to break with the eu on march 29th. rob: the fight over the national emergency declaration coming to a head just hours from now,
2:31 am
senate will consider blocking it. jillian: the president is vowing to veto. the president makes his final pitch. >> reporter: the republican-led senate will issue a stinging rebuke of the border declaration, warning senators on both sides they are making a big mistake voting against him and he's ready to veto. >> anyone going against border security, drug trafficking, human trafficking, we will see if i have to do the veto and it will be are very successful regardless how it works out. rob: the training facility in harpers ferry, and some like rand paul feeling pressure telling the washington post if you see anyone with blood dripping out of their year there may be changing.
2:32 am
5 republican senators are signaling they will vote with democrats to block the president. susan collins, lisa murkowski, tom tillis and mike lee, a proposal allowing the border emergency to go through and separate legislation limiting the use of emergency declarations. it was shot down. chuck schumer bringing pressure too. >> you are to sit and up to fear, do the right thing no matter who is in the white house. our republican friends know the right thing to do. they should not be afraid to do it. >> reporter: it takes four defections to block, they have one to spare but you never know until it is over in washington. there are not enough votes to override a veto. jillian: talk about this, mike pence and homeland security secretary kirsten nielsen approving the president's declaration.
2:33 am
rob: pete hegseth went 1-on-1 with both of them in west virginia. he joins us with a look at these exclusive interviews. >> reporter: they went to the event center for customs protection, a symbolic move to say this vote is about border security. we don't have the wall, congress hasn't delivered and the frustration is they feel they are overthinking the vote. this is about an increasingly national emergency. the vice president, we sat down in an appropriate place in the training facility to talk about the border wall and this is what he had to say. >> the funding the president requested throughout the government shutdown, under the law in the national emergency is funding the department of homeland security told us they needed to construct a physical barrier, a wall in ten areas of high density population where people wearing gray uniforms
2:34 am
told us they need a barrier to do their job safely. shannon: you wonder where the messages lost in translation because these are border patrol agents. >> because they have become partisan. it is about the president's wall and priority and prerogatives. watching to interact with agents who clearly believe we have this crisis not just on national security but humanitarian one but it has become partisan. we had a chance to talk to homeland security secretary kirsten neilsen who said it should not be about partisanship. >> this is not a partisan issue. it is not partisan to protect communities or secure the border or secure the homeland and yet in this environment congress refuses to act.
2:35 am
rob: the emergency gets declared when the folks who get the vote won't do something about it and if your commander-in-chief looking at the problem eventually you step in. these five are starting to bend or that was the report in the last 48 hours, maybe there won't be a veto. the vice president was on capitol hill, had a clear message for republican senators. if you don't vote against this, if you don't voted down you are voting for open borders, you vote to not fund the border wall. good luck going back to your stated explain he that to your constituents. check it out on "fox and friends". jillian: the full interview airs this morning on "fox and friends" at 7:30 and one on one with mike pence tears at 6:30 and 8:20, thank you very much, see you later. rob: kids in elite schools who didn't deserve to be there because their parents paid the way. jillian: should the students be punished? the panel ways in next.
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jillian: lori laughlin is on $1 million bond and is one of the high-profile parents charged in the massive college bribery scheme that has her -- felicity huffman looking at serious charges. our parent panel joins us, how to reconnect our digitally destructive kids, joe borelli and attorney, thank you for joining us this morning. what do you make of this? as of right now we don't have confirmation of all the kids involved whether they knew about this. let's start, if they did know about this what should happen? >> of the kids know about this it is the parents fault, they
2:40 am
led them down this road and the opening lines of the segment we talk about the kids being victim and they are and the problem societally is there is so much pressure on kids to get into blue chip colleges and one of the reasons we see so much anxiety and problems, having worked in high school for so many years, i'm glad this happened so the cat could be let out of the bag and those kids sitting on the sidelines not getting admitted to colleges and have the credentials get into colleges in the future. jillian: these colleges involved, pretty big price tag,
2:41 am
georgetown, 53,520, and 43, university of san diego, 50,000, university of southern california, 55, university of texas austin, 35, wake forest at 52, yale at 55 and hefty price tags and there were hard-working kids who missed opportunities to go to the schools because these other kids were given those slots. >> that's one of the problems. this confirms a nasty idea about class in our country and something most of us suspected happened. you look at some of those colleges and they are elite based on reputation of their student body. other students go to the schools, because of this controversy, the idea of these schools, that elite, worth the money, called into question. heather: let's look at the statement from usc that came out, we will conduct a case-by-case review for current students and graduates that may be connected, we will make informed appropriate decisions once they have been completed. some of these individuals may have in minors at the time of the application process,
2:42 am
applicants the current admission cycle are committed to the scheme alleged by the government will be denied admission to usc. i want to go to you especially with the last part, students currently involved in that process of trying to get into school. they for argument sake they didn't know about this or what their parents were doing. is it fair to deny these could acceptance? >> if they didn't know there are two parts, whether they should continue to be in the school, they should not if they don't have the qualifications, they do not score high enough on the sat and do not have the grades. fair is fair because there's a criteria everyone will follow but i disagree with the children being victims if they knew about it. if you score high enough on the sat you would know if you are not an athlete or coach to be paid money to say this person, we are recruiting this student knowing it is not true. i think students need to be held accountable if they are part of this conspiracy.
2:43 am
jillian: what i'm hearing you say is my interpretation is it impossible for students not to know about this. >> absolutely. i have a daughter, she knows about the sat. if somebody sitting for this exam, if their proctors do these things, the student knows and the students know the criteria of getting into these elite schools which they are 18 or older they should be held accountable. of the 20 who thinks the schools should retest the students and take it from there? >> that would be fair. jillian: you don't and first. >> we would do anything to benefit our children, most parents would but what crosses the line of criminal activity, most parents, most rational parents should start to realize that doing these things is not benefiting the child and i think some of these kids, children of such wealthy people would be fine if they went to schools
2:44 am
they earned their way into. >> the other overlapping problem, let's assume some of them did know about this. what are we teaching them in terms of character and ethics? which are two of the most important things there are, that human beings can have. heather: final word, what do we tell our kids? this is a teaching moment because the whole world is watching. >> i said last night my daughter hard work pays off and you do not make your way by cheating and unfortunately there are people who do that. their careers are ruined so it is not worth it. jillian: thank you for joining us, good discussion, appreciate it. have a good one. it is 15 minutes until the top of the hour and time to check what is coming up on "fox and friends". brian: i wish you gave people time to answer if they knew what that means.
2:45 am
thank you very much, good to look at you today unlike yesterday where i had to stop myself from looking at you rebuke to me. more on that as the show progress is. we have that story and if i could squeeze in some guests we will do it. kevin mccarthy will be here live in the 8:00 hour. we will talk about the next series of interviews from bruce or to lisa page all coming from the republican house. what could be next in the public eye? and former house speaker newt gingrich on what he thinks is happening on the republican side is the president is about to get rebuked on his emergency action at the border. he will use his veto but republicans trying to send a message to the republican president, we will discuss that. judge andrew napolitano on the palm manafort sentencing and what was new york doing weighing in on it again when they were not asked or needed? tommy laren will be here, she will tell us what is at stake
2:46 am
and dana loesch joining us as well. a big 3 hours talking about beto o'rourke and the article in vanity fair. was he sent from another planet to save us all? do we need to be saved? we will discuss that and so much more if we can squeeze it in. we will talk about this catastrophe and urging everybody out there to please get dressed. you don't have to be dressed as we talk about what we are talking about. se? -i know, it's not much, but it's home. right, kids? -kids? -papa, papa! -[ laughs ] -you didn't tell me your friends were coming. -oh, yeah. -this one is tiny like a child. -yeah, she is. oh, but seriously, it's good to be surrounded by what matters most -- a home and auto bundle from progressive. -oh, sweetie, please, play for us. -oh, no, i couldn't. -please. -okay. [ singing in spanish ] -please. -okay. just between us, you know what's better than mopping? anything! at the end of a long day, it's the last thing i want to do.
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jillian: we are back with a fox news alert. like something out of the godfather a mob boss gunned down overnight outside his home. jillian: was this a mob hit? robert moses live near that home in staten island. >> reporter: good morning.
2:50 am
this killing were calls a grittier, more violent era in history. police are at the scene on staten island, a very tony neighborhood. you can see cops focus their attention on the area up the hill where we are. shortly after 9:00 police tell us that 53-year-old francesco kelly better known as frankie boy was shot brazenly multiple times in front of his home, was taken to hospital and pronounced dead. he is a reputed gambino crime boss. cops have been coming this area all night long. he may have been run over by a blue pickup truck in addition to being shot. cops about confirmed that part of the story. an autopsy scheduled to be confirmed today. police have not made any arrests. they have not released a description who they are looking for. this recalls a more violent time in the city of history. this is the highest profile
2:51 am
killing of the gambino boss since paul castellano was shot and killed outside a manhattan steakhouse in 1985. castellano lived half a mile away from where we are this morning. no arrests so far in the killing of frankie boy callie on staten island. rob: the air that americans breathe according to usa today, a study finding there is a race gap in pollution and it has social media and donald trump junior responding. jillian: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with what you are saying online. i did not wake up this morning thinking we would be talking about race and pollution. >> reporter: this piece is about air pollution through the lens of wealth inequality. white people find more stuff thus creating more air pollution
2:52 am
for minority in inner cities. black and hispanic americans very pollution burden. non-hispanic whites have a pollution advantage meaning they breathe 17% less air pollution than whites cause. this is not sitting well with donald trump junior who tweeted just when you thought you had seen it all now we have racist air. this insanity has to stop. the sparks a wave of negative reaction, one person says they are spewing lunacy in their attempt to divide america. another instagram user says they must be running out of things to be offended by. cell on instagram chiming in saying what will they come up with next? some people think the piece is silly but the co-author of it says pollution any quality is very real and his been going on for over a decade. jillian: this next one. rob thinks dogs don't have thoughts. i disagree. everyone wants to know what beto
2:53 am
o'rourke's dog is thinking. >> a bunch of buzz over beto o'rourke as he is ready to make his presidential announcement and he landed a fancy cover, vanity fair magazine putting his dog in the corner of the magazine cover that stealing the show on social media. everybody wants to know what his dog, armistice, is thinking. dogs do have thoughts. john on twitter says he knows how badly beto's presidential run will end. another two elizabeth, the dog is beto from the future trying to warn him not to do it. leslie david says i made by 2020 decision and i am writing in beto o'rourke's dog. a lot of conversation around the cute dog. rob: dogs have thoughts but very simplistic. cats are thinking how can i kill you and still get fed?
2:54 am
early risers are happier and more successful people. i disagree. >> really good news for our viewers. this new study finds they are happier and successful people. early birds more likely to be married with kids, earn more money, happy, friendly and confident, have high quality sleep and participate in active hobbies. rob: high-quality sleep. >> waking up at 1:30, midnight, more like a timeframe nobody should ever wake up. this is very good news for those starting their day with us and ending with us, we still love you. ohr:00 a.m. 5:00 am, not to:00 a.m.. jillian: that is just going to bed really late. it is 6 minutes until the top of the hour. they say a picture is worth 1000 words. rob: this video, a great wideout caught on camera. ♪
2:55 am
t a free tire rotation. makes you feel like a king! king for a day! well, maybe not the whole day. our 19.99 or 49.99 oil change includes a tire rotation. . .
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rob: aclu calling on limiting partnership with ice. have high take license plate readers which can scan 30 plates per minute. gives the feds access to too much sensitive information. jillian: critics are demanding that a county board stop praying before
2:59 am
meetings. a newly elected official outside of chicago says the practice is not inclusive and ending prayers is the, quote, right thing to do. the county board will vote on the issue at the end of the month. rob: time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. start with the good. freebies and deals for pie day today. restaurants and stores celebrating march 14th or 3-14. today you can a slice of pie at california pizza diswra czar kitchen, for 3:14. jillian: next the bad a woman calls 911 when she spots a teenager going crazy. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> yes, ma'am, i am calling because there is someone in front of our house. we just drove home and he is yelling and screaming and like flailing his arms. jillian: turns out 17-year-old cleveland brown fan was celebrating his team's trade for obj.
3:00 am
rob: went nuts for it college basketball coach let's a big win get the best of him. [cheers] >> tim miles celebrating a win over rutgers. there we go. >> just hours have now the senate will consider blocking president trump's national emergency declaration. >> a vote against president trump is a vote against border security. >> president trump has grounded boeing 737 max airplane. >> the safety of the american people and all people is our paramount concern. >> police furious with california state sanctuary policy after illegal immigrant allegedly stabbed a woman to death. >> we are not here to shield admitted gangsters regardless of the immigration status. >> within minutes of being sentenced to nearly four more years in prison. manafort was indicted again in a totally separate case. >> beto o'rourke will rert


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