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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  March 14, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> harris: quick live look at the senate floor, where a number of republicans who say they will rebuke president trump's projection on border wall has grown to eight. rob portman now voting against the president. >> dana: your daily briefing starts now. three big stories. airlines are scrambling to rebook passengers after the boeing 737 max 8 and 9 planes are grounded. and beto o'rourke ends a road trip with a stop in iowa. yes, folks, he's running. and jessie smollett pleading not guilty to a hate crime. we begin on capitol hill where any minute the senate will vote on the president trump's measure to block the national emergency.
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chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. mike, where do we stand? i think the vote's happening any time. >> reporter: that's right. any time now. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will stand with president trump on this border emergency. >> beyond all the partisan rhetoric and denials of reality that we see from our friends across the aisle, just the facts of the matter. and the facts are not at all ambiguous. there's a clear border security and humanitarian crisis on the southern border of the united states of america. >> reporter: mitt romney is one of at least eight senate republicans expected to oppose president trump saying, quote, i am seriously concerned that overreach by the executive branch is an invitation to further expansion and abuse by future presidents and the senate democratic leader is trying to put pressure on republicans.
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>> all of a sudden again because president trump simply wants it. they say let's abandon those principles and vote, and vote to change fundamentally the way the balance of power works. shame. >> reporter: again, that vote any time now. we'll be watching to see how many other republicans may cross over and oppose this president this one time, dana. >> dana: mike, on the other side of the capitol, the house voted to make the findings of the mueller report public. >> reporter: that's right. 420-0 with this pitch coming from the house intelligence chairman. >> if the special counsel has indeed uncovered evidence of serious wrongdoing on the president's part, that evidence must be furnished to congress and ultimately to the american people. with holding the full report or under lying evidence would only heighten concerns over a cover-up or a partisan double
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standard. >> reporter: a leading house republican warned that mueller report might not live up to the hype. >> i have heard a lot of my colleagues across the aisle talk about what they believe should be in this report. maybe i have a problem and maybe a news flash to give them. what happens when it comes back and says none of this was true? the president did not do anything wrong? then the meltdown will occur. >> reporter: supporters say it is about transparency and trying to press william barr to release as much as possible of that mueller report, dana. >> dana: thank you. more on this now with karl rove, former white house deputy chief of staff and white house contributor. i want to ask you about this vote that's happening about the national emergency declaration by the president. it is the first time the president will have to exercise his veto. senators that are making this decision, it's not an easy one for them. they don't want to be seen as rebuking the president, but they are trying to protect the legislative branch.
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do i have that right? >> i think that's right. you've got to differentiate between votes against a sitting president by members of his own party that really matter a lot and those where it matters, but not as much. remember, if republicans break on this particular issue, it's to pass a measure that would crimp the president's ability to declare a national emergency in the future. and he can veto it. he will be sustained on the veto. these are the votes. it did pass the house by a margin big enough to sustain, to override a veto, it won't, in my opinion, pass the senate by a margin big enough to override a veto. the president, even if members vote against him, he ought to remember there's another day. when we were there, you may remember, no child left behind and the medicare prescription part d bills. there was a member from indiana who voted against president bush's position on both of those measures.
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voted with the democrats. his name was mike pence. but on the other side of it, he was one of the leaders of giving trade promotion authority and the president's trade agreements passed through the congress. there's always going to be another day, and so the president's got to be careful. he gets the final say. he will veto it. he'll be sustained in the veto. but he's going to have to depend on these members to pass his program. if we dumped all over mike pence then, maybe he wouldn't be as enthusiastic ab standing up and carrying on the fight about other measures we cared about. >> dana: ten senate republicans voting to basically condemn the national emergency declaration. we have pictures of them here. another example i think would be on member dubai ports, karl? that brought republicans and democrats again against president bush. that was his first veto threat. >> yeah.
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exactly. sometimes it's even worse than that. i remember social security modernization, social security reform in five. we couldn't even get them to vote for it. in may, a close friend of mine, then house majority whip roy blunt of missouri listed the legislations the house would take up after memorial day and social security reform was not on the list. >> dana: when i describe that time, the republicans were behind the president, so far behind that you couldn't even see them. karl, can you stay with us? beto o'rourke, former congressman who just lost against ted cruz is now running for president. already hitting the campaign trail in iowa, the state that kicks off presidential voting. we have mike tobin there in burlington, iowa. what's the mood there, mike? >> reporter: the mood is very exciting. if you look over my shoulder, that's mr. o'rourke on the
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counter top here at the coffee shop because the place is so packed, that's the only place he could address the crowd out here after making it official this morning. his priorities, as he's outlining very clearly, the economy, the bitter partisan divide, hyper partisanship. he puts a lot of emotion behind climate change. >> some will criticize the green new deal for being too bold or being unmanageable. i tell you what. i haven seen anything better that addresses the singular crisis that we face, the crisis that could, at its worse, lead to extinction. >> reporter: critics are already after him. club for growth action calls it beneficiary of white privilege. rnc chair says that he has nothing to run on. his greatest accomplishment is losing to ted cruz. the president this morning criticizing his hand gestures. >> dana: he is certainly gesturing a lot.
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let's bring back karl rove. you know texas very well. you know beto o'rourke. this last night, right before i think press time, for print papers, look at this vanity fair cover. this was obviously an annie lebovitz shoot. what do you think about his rollout so far? >> for the democratic primary, it's pretty smart. i do think it's ironic that he announces for president in essence in an article in a magazine that has vanity in its title. there's a lot of vanity in this for robert francis o'rourke. but he's going to be a serious contender. he is, i think, one of the most reckless candidates i have ever seen. he said in the vanity fair article that he never prepared speeches. he never wrote them down. he just winged it. that's why he came out in favor of tearing down all the fence and wall between the u.s. and mexico, which go to san diego
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and ask people if they want somebody to be walk out of a neighborhood and walk into a neighborhood in tijuana. that's not secure. >> dana: let me ask you about one thing i saw today. perhaps people on the right and maybe his other competitors on this democratic primary should not under estimate him. one thing i didn't realize, apparently, especially younger christians, seem to be attracted to his candidacy. he has got an ability to have support across the country with small donors willing to pay up over an over again. >> he raise $80 million in his senate campaign, a record. the question is how many of them are gonna stick with him? lot of them will. look, this guy has got charisma. this guy has got personality plus. there's a comfort in the article vanity fair article he says, you got to be comfortable with who you are. you got to know who you are an be authentic. he has a lot of authenticity
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about him. we shouldn't under estimate him. he's also from a democratic perspective going to say something usual about, i want to work with republicans and democrats to get things done. elizabeth warren isn't going to say that. bernie sanders isn't going to do that. on the other hand, his positions are pretty -- he's in favor of the green new deal. he wants medicare for all. universal basic income. in june of last year he called for the impeachment of president trump. even before there was any evidence of any wrongdoing. >> dana: even though nancy pelosi is saying no. i could talk to you all day but they're telling me i have gotta go. there is a new criminal investigation into facebook. and passengers across the country are in limbo after president trump makes a tough decision to ground the newest model of boeing 737's. we are live at chicago's o'hare an miami's airports to see how travellers are doing.
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>> dana: back now. french investigators saying there is minimal damage to one of the two black boxes recovered from the wreckage of an ethiopian airlines jet. this as they work to figure out what caused the plane to go down, killing all on board. airline an travel plans have been up ended after boeing was forced to ground the entire complete of 737 max 8 and max 9 planes. we have team coverage with phil keating live at miami international airport. but first jeff flock is at chicago's o'hare airport. how is it going there? >> reporter: it's a bit of a
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mess. look at the bore here. maybe you see every other flight essentially are cancelled or delayed. part of that is weather from that bomb cyclone out there. look at the delay and cancellation numbers system wide. delays, over 2,000 delays, cancellations about 1400 thus far. and it's not just the 737 max flights that are being cancelled. the airlines are canceling some other flights to sub in for those 737 max flights that have been grounded. some flights that were previously not scheduled as a max may be cancelled as our team is focused on canceling flights that will impact the smallest number of passengers. case in point there is united. a flight from houston to san diego, united 991 today, was scheduled to be flown on a max 9 aircraft. instead, it is traveling on time because they cancelled another flight to bring that plane over which was a 737 900 series.
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that's the previous version of the 737 to sub in for that one. bottom line, if you're going to the airport, if you're on a max, maybe you're cancelled, maybe you're not. i'd check it out. >> dana: lots of scrambling indeed. thank you, jeff. let's go to the travel situation in florida. miami international airport is home to dozens of grounded boeing planes. phil keating is there with that story. phil? >> reporter: american airlines has a bit of a small fleet of these 737's. none of them are carrying passengers because they are now all grounded. that impacts 85 flights in and out of miami international airport every day. so now obviously all of those are having to be rescheduled. as for cancellations today, 28 arrivals and departures cancelled at mia on top of 19 yesterday. this is where all of the affected passengers, many of
11:18 am
whom are frustrated, but many feel relieved they're no longer flying on this particular aircraft. they line up here. depends on when those flights are booked, in the daytime, morning, afternoon, whether you have waves of dozens of people behind me or you just have an smattering behind me. the very last of this aircraft landed here last night. same is true for southwest airlines and its 737 maxes at ft. lauderdale hollywood international airport last night. in total, there are about 75 of these 737 maxes flying u.s. routes. about 400 world wide. it's a new plane, only about two years old. all the airlines that use those planes, which include american, southwest, united, they're all shuffling around other airports to get tens of thousands of passengers rebooked. that causes a domino effect for other passengers. now, in phoenix wednesday, tom payne's son had already taken
11:19 am
off from houston. that's when president trump announced that the faa was going to ground all of these planes. so payne was well aware the whole time his son was in the air and, as one would expect, he was quite concerned the whole flight. >> 60 planes in the united states were flying. two crashed in the last couple months. everybody else in the world is shutting them down and we're still flying the same planes. >> reporter: now, american airlines here tells us they did pay for all of the hotels for those impacted passengers last night. most were able to fly out early this morning and into the afternoon as well. as far as spring break goes, well miami and south florida are home to five weeks of spring break. we'll see if the airline can get the reshuffling done in time for the weekend.
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>> dana: people need a dose of vitamin d down there. phil keating, thank you. roger stone spending the morning in district court. what a judge said about his gag order and when his trial will begin. a live look at the senate floor, as we are waiting for lawmakers to vote on blocking president trump's border emergency. >> this is not a normal vote. it's not a normal day what we're doing here today.
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oh, it won't do that. welp, someone should. just say "teach me more" into your voice remote and see how you can have an even better x1 experience. simple. easy. awesome. >> dana: roger stone's trial date set for november 5th. he faces seven counts of lying to congress, witness tampering and obstructing justice. stone has plead not guilty. catherine herridge is live in washington. there's a development every day. >> reporter: good afternoon. the trial date of early november and a status hearing set for mid september, roger stone left district court in washington. stone is facing trial for lying to congress about his communications with others about hacked democratic e-mails. stone, who made his name and living with publicity, today shunned reporters and their questions after the two-hour session. today stone also signed
11:25 am
outstanding paperwork. the gag order was not modified. stone is free to fund raise for his defense and proclaim his innocence, but is not free to discuss the special counsel case against him. for now judge amy berman jackson set aside issues surrounding stone's book and whether it violates a gag order called "the myth of russia collusion." the book contains what's built as a new explosive introduction. an aide subpoenaed said he expected more from the president. >> i think that trump should have been more loyal to roger. i think between roger and trump, roger is the victim in that relationship. once again, i think roger went out of his way to help donald, even during the primary. >> reporter: also the stone hearing this morning was lead prosecutor for special counsel andrew weissman. just a few hours after that, dana, we confirmed through the special counsel's office that
11:26 am
andrew weissman is leaving. some are reading this as another indicator that the high profile case is winding down. but the facts are weissman was the gate keeper for the manafort case. his portfolio is empty. >> dana: his to-do list is all crossed off. thank you very much. for more on this, former deputy assistant, attorney general. andrew weissman, prosecutor, as catherine and i were just talking about, does this give us indication that if he is not having anything more to do with the mueller investigation and coming back to new york, he'll be working at nyu and teaching there, does that give you a sense that the mueller investigation is wrapping up? >> dana, i think you've got it about right. weissmann is pretty much the lead prosecutor for the mueller team. so that, plus scheduling the roger stone trial in november. it looks like the last weisses
11:27 am
of the investigation are falling into place. really, all we've got to wait for is the report itself to be submitted to attorney general barr an then whatever attorney general barr decides to give to congress and the public. >> dana: andrew weissmann if you look at his qualifications there, he was counsel at the fbi. he prosecuted lots of mafia cases. also led the prosecution of the former enron executives. obviously, that was somebody that mueller brought in, a heavy hitter? >> oh, yes. he's considered one of the top, if not the very top justice department prosecutor for crimes involving financial fraud. he's been involved with many of the big organized crime investigations, lot of the prosecutions against big businesses. i think when, if you're stone or manafort and you saw weissmann was being brought on board, you and your lawyers probe would have been quaking in their boots. >> dana: should we read anything about weissmann being in the courtroom when stone was getting
11:28 am
his update? >> i think what you're seeing is mueller an his top deputies sort of tying up all the loose details. i think they wanted to get more out of stone. they hoped to get more out of mueller. instead what they found is these were dry holes, if the point of the investigation was to find collusion between the trump administration and russia. they didn't find anything so they are prosecuting them for things that are unrelated. stone is being prosecuted for lying to congress. >> dana: you're out there in california. can i get a quick thought from you about the announcement that facebook is being investigated. there's a criminal probe about how user data was shared with about 150 companies, facebook saying we're cooperating with investigators. we take it seriously. provided testimony, answered questions and will continue to do so. your quick thoughts on that case. >> well, it's hard to tell exactly what facebook's being investigated for.
11:29 am
civilly, they might be liable for millions of dollars in fines for allowing companies to access user data without the users permission. the criminal charges though, hard to tell what those might be. perhaps maybe wire fraud. perhaps maybe conspiracy. but you need intent by the corporation. i don't see that really likely. >> dana: raised some eyebrows, that's for sure. john yoo, we appreciate you being here. fox news alert. the senate is voting now on whether the block president trump's national emergency. moments ago tom tillis voted no and imposed ending the national emergency. tillis is up in 2020 in a battleground state. another fox news alert. teresa may plans for leaving the
11:30 am
e. u. has been rejected. this is one of five amendments lawmakers debated. jussie smollett, what he's saying today about allegations he faked a hate crime to advance his career. college admission scandal sparking anger and outrage. now students who feel cheated are going to court. should schools be sharing the blame? >> i can't believe it. who would have thought some of the kids were bribing their way in. >> it's not fair. actors, ceo's would do that while the rest of us have to play by the rules.
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>> dana: the senate is voting on whether to block president trump's national emergency. we will monitor that, of course, and give you a full breakdown when it's over. new fallout from operation varsity blues. two college students suing usc, yale and others alleging they were defied a fair opportunity
11:35 am
to apply to those shows. tmz found a clip of rick singer, the alleged ring leader. >> this process brings out all the good and lot of the bad that goes on in families' homes. so mom and dad are praised, so i am brutally honest about where the right kids. we work in the home of all these families so we know them intimately. >> dana: molly line has more from boston. molly? >> reporter: dana, talented test taker played a major role in this scandal, physically taking exam force some of the students involved in this scandal have expressed remorse and we're just beginning to get details of how complicated and what parents were willing to do. one los angeles mom was asked by the master mind to provide a handwriting sample from her son so that the test taker could try to emulate it while taking the act exam.
11:36 am
buckingham complied, e-mailed that with a notation saying good luck with this. bummingham's son was giving a practice test. ultimately he received a 35 out of 36 possible. gordon tap, chair of the international law firm will pher and gallagher was in court this week caught on camera leaving by the daily law firm announcing he's been put on leave and face charges of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud allegedly paying $75,000 to have his daughter's act corrected after she completed it. the primary test taker mark rudell faces conspiracy charges related to mail fraud but denies bribing anyone and publicly offered an apology writing in part, i am profoundly sorry for the damage i have done an grief i have caused those as a result of my actions. i understand how my actions contributed to a loss of trust in the college admissions process. a federal class action lawsuit
11:37 am
has been filed, naming the confessed con man at the center of the scheme and half dozen elite university. two standard students argue in the suit that qualified hopefuls paid their admission fees were unaware that unqualified students were slipping through the back door of the admissions process by committing fraud, bribery, cheating and dishonesty. dana? >> dana: what a story. for more on thrb let's bring in josh silverman founder of edge edge tutoring. let me just start with you, josh. you've been involved in the circle for a long time. you're not surprised that this happened? >> for one thing, i work with students every day, many of whom are applying to some of these very schools, stanford and georgetown and yale. they're angry and they're upset. personally, i'm not terribly
11:38 am
surprised because we know that money talks and it's a pay to play kind of situation here. but this is particularly brazen. >> dana: had you ever been asked by somebody that you were helping, that you were -- a school you were trying to get into, have you ever been asked to pay to play? >> no, no, nothing like that. >> dana: let me ask you about this class action lawsuit. this could get really big really fast. what is the likelihood this could go forward and have standing in the courts? >> well, this just becomes more jaw dropping by the day, doesn't it, dana? these class action lawsuits are a great symbol, but at the end of the day, i don't know how much relief they will be able to bring to individuals who were denied entry into these colleges because somebody else decided they wanted to bribe their way in or bribe their kid's way in. this is a symbol. what this does, it brings the information out in the public. there's going to be, of course, litigation. there's going to be depositions,
11:39 am
documents shared. but at the end of the day, dana, it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for any person to prove their particular child was denied entry because of what someone else did that was unlawful. so that's called causation and will be difficult to prove. then the issue of damages. how can you prove how you were harmed maybe beyond the loss of the cost of admission application. say your child wound up getting into the second or third choice they had and went on to do quite well. how can you say definitivety if you were harmed by this? so while i think this is a good start, i don't know how much relief it's going to bring to the real victims in the case. >> dana: molly line talked about the buckingham family and the son who was the accused college cheater. he apologized saying there are millions of kids less wealthy. he was upset. he knows it's very hard to get
11:40 am
into these schools and he had an advantage over those who truly deserved those spots. do you think students, even if they didn't know their parents were doing this, should they be expelled? >> i don't think there's any doubt. in order for this process to have any sort of integrity, any of the students involved have to be expelled. this doesn't mean they can't ever go to college. they can't go to these schools that they fraudulently bought their way into. parents will have to go to jail. there's no doubt about it. this whole admissions process is opaque. it needs transparency an accountability and needs it right now. >> dana: one last question about these universities across the country. are they lawyering up in case they're going to get in more trouble? >> they better be lawyering up because this class action litigation is gonna cost them dearly. attend of the process, we'll have tens or tens of thousands
11:41 am
that receive cards in the mail that said congratulations you're part of this class action lawsuit and there's a settlement. all you have to do is send this car back and you can receive your check for $15. that's going to be precious little justice for people who are real victims who have had their place in line bought and sold to the highest bidder in this criminal action. >> dana: all right, josh silverman and philip holloway, thank you for bringing us perspective. hurricane force winds blowing over a semitruck in texas. where else the storm is hitting. verizon ready to launch 5g, but it's going to cost you. you'll hear how much. ♪ limu emu & doug
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>> and a national emergency, i
11:46 am
think we have one at the border. if you don't like the statute, change it. i'll work with people to see if we can change it. i think the president is on solid legal footing. >> do you think this is a rebuke of the president? >> dana: senator lindsey graham on the vote on resolution of disapproval to block president trump's national emergency declaration. chad, there were some last minute changes in how people voted. >> reporter: right. tom tillis, a republican, who was one of the first tot be on the record saying he was going to be against the emergency, he said he was going to switch his vote. that's important because tom tillis is a vulnerable senator up for re-election in 2020 in a swing state, north carolina. republican convention will be in charlotte. that's key here. i'm gonna read through the list of the republican yays. even though this vote is still open they have the votes to pass
11:47 am
it. this is going to pass. they had more than 50yays. here are the republicans voting for this, to go against the president. lamar alexander, susan collins, rand paul of kentucky, mitt romney, pat toomey, mike lee, lisa murkowski, jerry moran of kansas, roger wicker of missouri and marco rubio. this vote is still open right now. then the president will have his first opportunity to use a veto. he has not done that during the first two years and change that he's been in the oval office. >> dana: there were two others that i noticed voted to support the president and they both have challenging races in 2020. one senator gardner from colorado and the senator from nebraska. >> reporter: right. senator sass is somebody who was reported to be at the white house last night. that's somebody who i would look at as well. some of these senators might wonder about primary challenges.
11:48 am
might wonder, hey, can we get the money here? maybe the president will put in a good word for us or help us on the campaign trail. corey gardner is a different situation in the general election because the politics in colorado veered more to the left since he was elected in 2014. senator gardner supporting the president in this case is a little different than some of his other votes where he's broken with the president on some other key issues, especially on foreign policy. >> dana: like the white house might be playing hard ball. bob costas tweeting several donors were privately telling him they were ready to start drafting primary challengers to tillis if he held firm with an eye on mark meadows or mark walker. mark meadows head of the freedom caucus. maybe that's what got tom tillis to change his mind? >> reporter: mark walker -- so that's significant as well.
11:49 am
now, here's the thing to watch in the coming hours. we might even get this bill signed by the speaker of the house because the house and senate will have synced up after this. we're told there could be an enrollment ceremony by the speaker later today. this is key. there have only been 111 successful veto overrides in the history of the republic. there's about 2500 total vetoes, dana. veto override doesn't happen very often and it probably wouldn't happen in this instance. i asked nancy pelosi if she would commit to having an override vote and she wouldn't go there. they're going to be about 40 votes short in the house of representatives. this may not be a good vote for moderate democrats, especially freshmen who won in swing districts to vote to override the president. it's one thing to vote to override. here's the key. the last successful veto override came -- unsuccessful
11:50 am
ride came when the republicans tried to override the veto by president obama on repealing obama care. that was a very good vote for republicans to vote for trying to override the president because they already campaigned on that. that's key. i'm looking at the forum. they're close to kissing about 60 yays. the threshold would be 67. they're not going to get anywhere near that. i would watch for 60 to be significant. this vote is pretty consistent where we've seen republicans in the senate break from the president. we saw this on resolutions even yesterday about u.s. involvement in yemen and dealing with russian sanctions as well. >> dana: there's no one more informed than you on capitol hill. thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: jussie smollett pleading not gill toy the 16 counts of criminal conduct. so, i have to say, i was a little taken aback.
11:51 am
i thought maybe he would plead guilty. but not guilty was in place. >> reporter: that's right. he walked into this courthouse flanked by some siblings and security. they wore what has become their signature dark sunglasses, expressionless. they did not answer any questions from the media inside of the courtroom, jussie smollett stood alongside his attorney from mark geragos law firm. here is smollett and his attorney in their brief not guilty plea before the judge. >> do you plead guilty or not guilty. >> we waive formal reading of the indictment and mr. smollett pleads not guilty. >> reporter: smollett's legal team said they do not think there is enough evidence in this case to convict smollett. judge ruled a camera was allowed inside the courtroom in part because smollett's team said they welcome the cameras because they claim there have been so many false leaks they want the public to hear what they call the truth.
11:52 am
jussie smollett faces up to three years for each of the 16 counts against him. it's possible all 16 charges might fold into one count. smollett is scheduled to be back here in criminal court again next month. >> dana: we should find out what the postal service is doing or not about the letter. maybe we can catch up with you on that next. thank you. a historic bomb cyclone slams the northwest triggering major storms an even flooding. the sugar you don't. (straining) i'll take that. (cheers) 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors. stop fearing your alarm clock... with zzzquil pure zzzs. a drug-free blend of botanicals with melatonin that supports your natural sleep cycle so you can seize the morning. zzzquil pure zzzs.
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>> dana: happening this hour, the senate has voted to end the president's national emergency. the vote was 59-41. all 47 democrats voting against the president. they were joined by 12 republicans. i don't have the exact list but you heard it from chad pergram. however, as we also just said, the president will veto this. congress does not have enough votes to override. so we'll keep an eye on this and
11:57 am
bring you more as it goes. a look at other stories. the u.s. diplomats are out of venezuela. mike pompeo tweeting the announcement today. he said the u.s. will support the venezuelan people and juan guaido. college your fridge. there's a butterball recall. the company is recalling 78,000 pounds of ground turkey over salmonella concerns. finally, super fast internet connection 5g is coming. verizon will charge $10 extra a month. it will launch in chicago and minneapolis first and be in 30 cities by the end of the year. wild winds and wide-out conditions slam the midwest. northern colorado hit with high winds and blizzard conditions caused wyoming schools to cancel classes. alicia acuna is live with the
11:58 am
latest. my mom is in denver. she said it was horrible. they lost power in their condo buildi building. >> absolutely. there was 250,000 people without power in the denver metro area according to excel. so yeah, terrible. colorado is under a state of emergency. that was declared by the governor. the national guard is out and about helping to dig out vehicles stranded by the bomb cyclone. take a look. i-25, this is today. this is the main north and south corridors. those are cars and semis abandoned by drivers that were bussed to shelters. the wind from this system so destructi destructive. this was north of denver yesterday. corporal daniel groves was killed while helping someone whose car slid off the highway. he was hit by of driver that
11:59 am
lost control of his car. denver international airport says operations have received after 2,000 flights were cancelled between yesterday and today. they had 96 miles an hour winds out there at dia at one point. dia says 5,000 people spent the night in the airport. officials provided blankets to those stuck. we're seeing a lot of downed power lines and trees like this 80 foot tall tree that came down. >> this tree was 100 years old. i was in the kitchen making soup. all of sudden it went crash. we're sad to see it go but this is also colorado. >> this storm is moving east. the national weather service says that travel in so many states is going to be difficult and life threatening. you mention the school closures. the five biggest school districts all closed, which my
12:00 pm
kids were too happy about. >> dana: that was a very dangerous storms. thanks for joining us. it's thursday. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: emergency declaration down in flames. our recording begins with a live look at the white house and what president trump called a loyalty test. a vote in the senate on whether to block the president's declaration of a national emergency at the mexico border. democrats stood united. republicans are very much not. in the last hour, not a few, but 12 republicans voted against the president in the senate. they were senators rand paul of kentucky, mike lee of utah, lamar alexander of tennessee,


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