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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 14, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> kennedy: and the mueller report. >> greg: the mueller report. it will never happen not while i'm here. set your dvrs never miss an episode o of "the five." >> bret: hello, greg. senate republicans national emergency declaration for the southern border. setting up the first veto of the trump administration. beto o'rourke brings his rock star visibility and formidable fundraising machine into the 2020 democratic presidential race. and actor jussie smollett enters a plea to charges he staged the attack. he blamed on trump supporters. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. a dozen republican senators joined democrats today in voting to block president trump's national emergency declaration along the border with mexico. the president is maintaining he will veto the measure.
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it remains to be seen whether democrats with some republican help will have any chance of an override of that veto. chief white house correspondent john roberts starts us off tonight as he often does from the north lawn. good evening, john. >> bret, good evening. president trump was working republican senators hard today trying to stanwyk the bleeding. in the end it wasn't as bad as it could have been but it was pretty bad. president trump not known to be a man of few words said it all in what is likely his shortest tweet ever. veto. 12 republicans defected to vote against the administration. a stunning rebuke of the president. mitt romney made it clear it was not about building a border wall. >> it's a question about the balance of power that is core to our constitution. this is not about the president or about border security. in fact, i support border security. i support the construction of a border barrier. >> in the oval office with required's prime minister earlier today the president insisting he has the
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authority and that there was certainly the need for an emergency declaration. >> the legal scholars all say it's totally constitutional. it's very important. it's really a border security vote. it's pure and simple. it's a vote for border security. it's a vote for no crime. >> democrats say it's purely about politics. >> democrats and republicans both know the sad truth. the president did not declare an emergency because there is one. he declared an emergency because he lost in congress and wants to get around it. >> the president believes his veto will not be overturned. the house is expected to hold an override vote on march 26th, though at last count they were about 40 votes short. and with 41 senators siding with the president, there likely aren't the 67 votes needed there. president trump today said record numbers of people are being apprehended at the southern border. while the 76,000 apprehended in february is an 11-year high. it is far below the modern
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record of 220,000 in march of 2000. but the recent increase the president said has the system at a breaking point. >> we're catching them and we are keeping them. we are not doing release. now, at a certain point we are going to have to do some release because we don't have the bed space. we don't have the room and we don't have the funds to build this space. >> with the vote on the emergency declaration over, sights are now turning to the next big anticipated washington event, the mueller report. house speaker pelosi for the moment is sticking by her position that democrats should pursue policy and not impeachment. she left the door open should the mueller report find something. >> i don't think we should impeach a president for political reasons and i don't think we should not impeach a president for political reasons. but you have to be on in terms of your facts we will see where that takes us. >> pelosi says her constituents don't want congress wasting time and money on impeaching the president. she says they would rather they spend that time and
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money addressing important issues like healthcare. job creation, gun safety and more. but certainly there are elements in the democratic party who would like to see this president run out of town on a rail. bret? >> bret: john roberts live on the north lawn. john, thanks. elvis, madonna, prince, you can now add beto to the list of one name celebrities with rock star popularity at least it seems so by looking at the media coverage of beto o'rourke's first trip to iowa. the former texas congressman who lost to ted cruz in a contentious senate race last year is being audited to another list that continues to grow the list of candidates for the democratic presidential nomination. o'rourke took the plunge today. he is now in the 38 race and he told vanity fair, quote, man, i'm just born to be in it. tonight senior correspondent mike tobin looks at the latest event in beto mania. [cheers] >> after the long tease less than subtle hints and jack
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ramblings as he travels the country beto o'rourke made it official in a video with his wife by his side from the couch in their el paso home. >> i'm running to serve you as the next president of the united states of america. this is defining moment of truth for this country. >> promising a listening tour across the nation, o'rourke is on the ground in iowa starting his day with a meet and greet that coffee shop. and then another at burlington beate bean counter coffee house. the economy, bitter political divide and climate change. >> literally not to be melodramatic literally the future of the world depends on us right now here where we are. so, yes. let's find a way to do this. >> with star power like oprah winfrey in his corner o'rourke is on the next cover of vanity fair. loose decision making with quotes like i wannabe in it. man i'm just born to be in it. he actually said in an interview if he was elected president he would tear down some of the walls that are
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currently constructed on the border. i think that's an issue it's beyond where some of these even more progressive democrats have been and that's certainly one that the republicans will exploit. >> in fact, republicans call him no borders bailmen beto. supports green new deal. he called law enforcement the new jim crow after three terms in congress his sole win was naming a courthouse. right wing growth for action running a two minute ad painting o'rourke white privilege highlighting an attempt to flee from fbi an incident that dogged o'rourke when he ran for the senate. >> especially whether you have nothing to run on. his greatest accomplishment is. >> he looks great. >> i lost to ted cruz. >> the president took note of o'rourke's gestures. >> i think he has a lot of hand movement. i have never seen so much hand movement. i said is he crazy or is that just the way he acts? >> and with all the excitement on his first day as a candidate for the democratic nomination.
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o'rourke picked um four congressional endorsements. he also told radio iowa that if elected he would suspend the federal death penalty. bret? >> bret: mike tobin in iowa, thanks. the a former contestant on the o. apprentice unwanted kissing and groping can move forward with defamation lawsuit against him. the new york aspeelsz court says the supremacy cause of the u.s. constitution does not require trials in state court to be delayed until the president is out of office. summer is among more than a dozen women who came forward during the trump campaign with allegations of sexual misconduct years earlier. the president has denied all of those allegations. his lawyers have said the case should not go forward while he is in office. the house unanimously is calling for the justice department to release the special counsel's russia collusion report once it's finished. there are new indications tonight that might be very soon. here is chief intelligence correspondent catherine
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herridge. >> a spokesman for special counsel mueller confirms that top prosecutor andrew weissman is stepping down in what may be the latest clue the russia investigation is winding down. but the timing also reflects that former campaign chairman paul manafort's sentencing is now complete in d.c. and virginia. weissman was the lead prosecutor. and weissman was also in court today as political operative roger stone learned his trial date is set for november 5th. >> thank you ladies and gentlemen. >> the yeas are 420, the nays are zero. >> on the house floor with rare bipartisan support, lawmakers voted in favor of a nonbinding resolution to incourage attorney general william barr to release mueller's full report to both congress and the country. >> a vote for this resolution will send a clear signal to both the american people and to the department of justice that congress believes transparency is a fundamental principle necessary to ensure that government remains accountable to the public. >> the special counsel statute known as 26 cr 600
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sandy confidential report to the attorney general. during confirmation hearings he laid confirmation telling lawmakers he would summarize not send mueller's findings to congress and release as much as possible to the public. >> it's nothing but a restatement of the regulation. attorney general barr will follow the regulation. he has said so. >> the lead republican on the judiciary committee doug collins also released more transcripts from a house probe into the 2016 actions of the fbi and doj. fbi agent peter strzok dismiss from the special counsel for his anti-trump texts told lawmakers mueller never pressed him on political bias. republican john ratcliffe asked did you have any discussion with special counsel mueller or the other attorney about whether or not those text messages reflected bias or prejudice against donald trump? strzok: no. >> according to the strzok transcript there was a negotiated consent agreement between the justice department and clinton lawyers that laid down ground rules for fbi access
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to personal servers used for state department business. those servers also contained clinton foundation emails, bret. >> bret: catherine, thank you. >> you are welcome. ♪ >> bret: this is a fox news alert. air raid sirens wailed in tel aviv just hours ago. the israeli military there says it appears two rockets were fired from gaza. not since 2014 have rockets been fired from gaza. now, the question is not will israel respond but how will israel respond. let's get the latest from correspondent trey yingst at the israel-gaza border tonight where it is just past midnight. good evening, trey. >> bret, a major escalation in the region tonight after two rockets were fired from gaza towards israel's largest city tel aviv. the israeli military is expected to respond at any moment. they are making plans right now in an emergency security cabinet meeting. that, again, happening right now to determine what they sees a an appropriate
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response. currently there there are also egyptian and u.n. negotiators inside the gaza strip trying to broker a temporary cease-fire. they entered earlier today before the rocket fire trying to find a more long-term deal between israel and gaza. now, the two largest factions inside gaza, hamas and islamic jihad said they are not responsible for tonight's rocket fired towards tel aviv. despite the denials, israel has long held a policy that hamas is responsible for everything fired from gaza since they do control the area. israeli defense forces did note they were surprised by tonight's rocket fire and had no prior intelligence the attack would occur. told fox news in the past few weeks they are prepared for a war but would like to avoid it now, bret, i spoke tonight with a senior hamas official inside the gaza strip behind me. he tells me that they are currently waiting to see what is going to unfold. but he described the situation inside gaza right now as extremely tense. he had no further comment at this time. bret? >> bret: trey yingst along the israel-gaza border.
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trey, thank you. up next the economic impact of the aerospace. grounding of best selling plane. fox 61 in hartford as the connecticut supreme court rules gunmaker remmington can be sued for making the rifle used to kill 20 children and six educators at sandy hook elementary school in 2012. the plaintiffs include relatives of nine people killed in that massacre. they argue the rifle used by the shooter is too dangerous for the public. a lower court had dismissed that lawsuit citing a federal law that shields gunmakers from liability. fox 31 in denver as governor jared polis declares a emergency due to the blizzard hitting. wind gusts of 97 miles per hour are recorded in colorado springs. tens of thousands of homes and businesses in colorado and wyoming are still without power.
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major highways are closed across the front range including portions of interstate 70, 76, and 25. and this is a live look at new york from our affiliate fox 5. one of the big stories there tonight. new york democratic mayor says the city is going to study a pilot program to provide a universal basic income. guarantee income for all residents even if they do not work. he did not say how he would pay for that measure. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back.
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by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. note♪ >> bret: one of the high profile parents charged in the colleges admissions scandal is losing her high profile job tonight also the inevitable lawsuits have begun. correspondent molly line is in boston following the story that has been all the talk. federal class action lawsuit the latest aftermath of the college admissions scam ever investigated the target ever of the suit the confessed con man at the center of the scheme and more than a half dozen elite universities. the plaintiffs all students and parents argue in the suit that qualified college hopefuls paid admission fees while unaware that unqualified students were slipping in through the back
3:18 pm
door of the admissions process by committing fraud, bribery, cheating and dishonesty. priewrtsd say the institutions involved were unaware that wealthy parents were paying sometimes enormous bribes funneled by ring leader william rick singer to get their kids into the school via cheating on admission tests or secret deals with coaches. the suit argues the universities weren't negligent and failed to guarantee the sanctity of the college commissions process. while prosecutors are not charging the students involved. one is getting hit in the pocketbook. the daughter of actress lori loughlin and designer ginn prosecutors say gained unfair admittance. announced an end to the partnership with olivia jade. a social media star. according to tmz olivia jade was on a yacht in the bahamas owned by usc board of trustees member rick crouso when prosecutors announced the charges reportedly enjoying spring break with crouso's
3:19 pm
daughter. her numerous previous comments under fresh scrutiny including one from an interview just last week. >> like the coolest things getting dms from girls i'm college what did you do all this stuff it's fun. now the parent company of the hallmark channel has announced we are no longer workinworking with lori loughlin and the development of all productions involving her have stopped. bret? >> bret: molly line in boston. thanks. overseas now british lawmakers have voted to ask the european union to delay the u.k.'s withdrawal by at least three months. that departure is scheduled for march 29th. any extension to brexit has to be approved by all 27 remaining eu countries. secretary of state mike pompeo says the last remaining american diplomats in venezuela have left that country. pompeo tweeting earlier this week the diplomats would be withdrawn because they had been -- become a constraint on u.s. policy. the venezuelan government says it had instructed the diplomats to leave.
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we are inching closer to getting some information about what caused the crash of an ethiopian airlines jet last weekend killing all 157 people on board. meanwhile, airplane manufacturer boeing is working on a software update as the grounding of its most popular product is costing that company billions. correspondent doug mckelway has our update tonight. >> have to figure it out past. they know that they are under great pressure. >> in earth, washington yesterday a break from the pressure as boeing employees rolled out the new 777 series. longest wide body in history. wing tips like a navy fighter with 400 seats. the rollout was closed to the press which was focusing on another boeing product the max 8. >> i believe there needs to be an investigation to determine who new wha knew whatn and why they failed to react earlier. >> awaits boeing and stiffer competition.
3:21 pm
boeing had 5,000 orders pending for the max 8 but direct competitor airbus had over 6500 for new a 320 eo. the market poised to enter the fight. >> china has a brand new competitor for the 737 max series and that's co-maxine 109 i think it is which is about to be sold. the reason why they were among the first to actually ground the plane. >> in december boeing made a risky decision to open a finishing factor in china. some fear china could use the factory as a bargaining chip in trade talks. french president macron visits china next month to discuss a major order of airbus planes. today he is in africa winning an airbus contract in kenya and negotiating with ethiopian airlines to sell more airbuses. coincidentally the black boxes from the ethiopian airlines crash are being examined in macron's country. >> the bea which is the
3:22 pm
french investigation authority which is very good is also part of the airbus consortium. >> it took the better part of a week for ethiopian authorities to get the data recorders to a proper lab. precious days lost during which major decisions were made based on incomplete evidence. >> we have got black boxes that are going to tell us if this airplane did what people may be suggesting it did. >> a source who just spoke to american investigators at the bea tell me that the black boxes still have not been examined or read out in any way. they are damaged. but arguments are breaking out among the various parties that protocols for cooperation among investigators from different countries are being ignored. additionally the accident site itself was ransacked by locals before it was secured. the scene badly compromised. bret in. >> bret: interesting. doug, thank you. stocks were mixed today the dow gained 7 the s&p 500 lost 2 the nasdaq dropped 12.5. the actor ar could you seed of staging his own beating at the hands of made-up
3:23 pm
trump supporters enters his plea in court. first, beyond our borders tonight. iran's semiofficial news agency says the country's revolutionary guard is holding a drill near the strategic strait of hormuz to test dozens of iranian made drones. some of them armed. the report says it's the first time such a high number of offensive drones are being used in the exercise. the drill comes as pressure mounts on sanctions on iran's oil sector. french authorities are working to contain a oil spill off the atlantic coast after an italian tanker sank following a fire. the government there in paris says french and british rescue teams saved all 27 people aboard that vessel as it sank yesterday. a former british soldier is set to be prosecuted in connection with the deaths of two civil rights protesters in northern ireland 47 years ago. it was part of an incident known as bloody sunday. 16 other soldiers under investigation will not face prosecution in those
3:24 pm
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♪ ♪ >> bret: the actor who was accused of staging a brutal attack and blaming supporters of president trump is pleading not guilty to felony charges tonight. jussie smollett was back in court today in chicago. correspondent matt finn was there.
3:28 pm
[chanting] >> jussie smollett rah trifd criminal court once again flanked by siblings and security. smollett and his team were expressionless walked into the courtroom stood by his attorney and pleaded not guilty to 16 felony counts of giving a false report that he was the victim of a racist homophobic attack. one count for each instance police alleged smollett lied to officers. >> on the plea of go ahead or not guilty. >> your honor we waive formal reading of the indictment and mr. smollett enters a plea of not guilty. >> after the hearing the actor and his attorney left court without making a statement. a judge camera in court today in part because smollett's team told the judge they want the public to know the truth. >> there has been a lot of misinformation in this case that has been presented as fax and evidence against mr. smollett which is demonstrably false. we welcome cameras in the courtroom. >> the attorney for the two brothers who police say smollett paid to pretend to beat him tells fox news
3:29 pm
smollett is the mastermind behind this charade. >> they were manipulated and betrayed and what they were a part of was something much bigger than what they had thought. >> smollett's legal team disputes that claim and says there is a lack of evidence to convict the actor. smollett faces up to three years in prison for each of those 16 charges and he is scheduled to be back here in court on april 17th. bret? >> bret: matt finn in chicago. thanks. let's talk about the state of society, politics with arthur brooks. he is the president of the american enterprise institute and the author of a new book "love your enemies. how decent people can save america from the culture of contempt." great to see you. >> great. thanks to see you too, bret. >> bret: we see this story and about the college admissions. there is a feeling of societal decay about standards. >> it's are a real problem. kind of an every man for himself feeling now. people don't treat each other just not civility either. civility is a terrible
3:30 pm
standard. there is a lack of solidarity and brotherly love in this country. the worst part about it, bret, is when we are talking about politics, we treat each other with contempt as if we were utterly worthless. as if we don't actually convince anybody. we can't persuade anybody. so we lose arguments and we are actually, this book "love your enemies" you are unhappier actually when you treat other people with contempt. a happiness crisis and persuasion crisis and not helping our country. >> bret: so you have got not only these great stories and antidotes in here but some helpful ways to do it. you know, have you saving america. stand up to the man. say not bubble. disagree better not less. disconnect. give us a brief summary there. >> basically one of the things that i find is that 93% of americans hate how divided we have becomes a a country. one in six americans have stopped talking to a family member or close friend because of politics. which is insane. i mean, this is -- it's hurting our lo in this country. so the other 7%, however,
3:31 pm
93% of us hate it. the other 7% are profiting from it we need to stand up to that and declare our independence. we need to go where we are not invited. we need to treat people who treat us with contempt as an opportunity to show love that we will be happier and we will be more persuasive to those people. this book is not just about problems. we all know what the problems are in this country. this book is a step-by-step guide on how each person who reads it can be a more persuasive person, can be a happier person and can help heal america. there are real tangible steps. it's a how-too guide how each person can live a better healthier life. >> bret: last one disconnect social media. >> social media is isolating us a lot. young people are about 30% less likely to be in love than young people were when we were that age. a lot of it has to too with the fact we are too connected virtually with each other. if we want to have better friendships and we want to have more romantic love it's very important to disconnect from social media. >> bret: have you got this part in the book where you
3:32 pm
talk about the "saturday night live" sketch about more cow bell. and the inclination is just add more. and when it comes to stats and data, it doesn't really work. it didn't work for the band either. >> it didn't work for the band. more cow bell. add more data. you will convince people by overwhelming them -- it's wrong. have you got to tell stories. stories about your own life that connect with other people. that's not your identity. identity politics is a bad thing. that isolates us from each other. turns us into victims. you talk about the story about somebody who is pretending he is a victim when he really isn't. that's a kind of victim politics is very bad for him and very bad for society. stories connect us with other people. i tell in this book how to tell stories people listen to. such that even when you have a disagreement around the thanksgiving table about politics more likely be persuaded listen to you. >> bret: we are getting ready to go into this 2020 election season and likely going to be quite something to watch. >> yes. >> bret: do you think that there is any chance that we can lift up the conversation to substance or it's just
3:33 pm
going to fall down. >> no. i think there is. the reason i may not be optimistic but very hopeful. the reason is because people are sick of it you know, when people are walking away from family members and more than 90% say they hate how divided we have become. there is an appetite. when i see 93% are sick of how divided we have become. marked opportunity for candidates and politicians all levels mayors, governors, state legislators who are actually going to try to bring us together. the populist argument that we need to polarize each other and lock down our base, that's a thing of the moment. that's not going to last forever. i think we can have people who can do it better and i think we are going to see it soon. >> bret: interesting. the book is love your enemies. really a great read. arthur, thanks. >> thanks, appreciate it, man. >> bret: burch bye has died. his family says he died at his home in eastern maryland. he wrote the title 89 law. banning discrimination against women college admission and sports.
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♪ ♪ >> i will probably have to veto and it's not going to be overturned and we are going to have our -- it's been -- the legal scholars all say it's totally constitutional. >> today's votes cap a week of something the american people haven't seen enough of in the past two years. both parties in the united states congress standing up to donald trump. the united states of america has no king. and we never will. >> the president is operating within existing law. and the crisis on our border is all too real. >> bret: well, before this vote on this resolution about the national emergency on the border, the president tweeted out a vote for today's resolution by
3:39 pm
republican senators is a vote for nancy pelosi crime, and the open border democrats. well, there were 12 senators on the g.o.p. side who voted on the trump emergency declaration to block it. there you see them there. two of them caught people's eyes. thom tillis voted for this resolution. he said he was going to vote against it. and ben sasse. both are up for re-election. after the vote that was 59-41, the president tweeted out veto. and then he said he looks forward to vetoing the just past democrat inspired resolution which would open borders, increase crime drugs and trafficking in our country. i thank all the strong republicans who voted to support border security and our desperately needed wall. with that, let's bring in our panel byron york chief political correspondent of "the washington examiner." susan paige and mat true continetti washington free
3:40 pm
beacon. this is an exercise, it seems in that they are not going to have the votes to override a veto. at least not yet. just doing the head counts. but, it sends a message to the court, i guess. >> the white house feels very confident that they are going to win this. that the president's veto will not be overturned. but beyond that can you really look at this in a couple of ways. as a matter of principle we have had 12 republican senators reject the president's position saying is he overreaching his executive authority. that's, i think, the biggest republican rejection we have seen of the president so far in this presidency. so that is a big deal even if the veto can't be overturned. but as a practical matter, as far as the border barrier is concerned, it can go ahead. the president proposed to take money from three sources what congress had already appropriated for the wall, a treasury forfeiture fund and a military fund all of which do not require an emergency declaration.
3:41 pm
so he can go ahead and use that. there was a fourth source of money that even if the congress forbade him to use it he could still go ahead with the other three. >> bret: so just so we're clear, the resolution blocks the national emergency declaration. when i said thom tillis and ben sasse. these are people who spoke out against the national emergency declaration but voted against this resolution today. >> thom tillis didn't just speak out against it he wrote an op-ed in "the washington post" that said it would be intellectually dishonest not to vote against the president's declaration because he had opposed similar actions by president obama when he was in the white house as an overreach of presidential authority. and, yet, he flipped on this. you know, it's interesting. 12 republican senators voted against the president on this. but of the 10 republican senators who are up for reelectiore-election next year e of them voted for the president. the only republican senator up for re-election next year who defined the president on this was susan collins of maine.
3:42 pm
>> bret: here is ceedges the kin nielsen. >> tells the body that enforces the law don't enforce the law. if they don't like the law, they should change it the men and women of the department of home atlanta security have sworn an oath to predict protect the homeland and enforce the law that congress has passed. >> bret: it seems like we are going to have this back and forth. >> not only has congress not done anything about the crisis on the border, it also delegated the authority with the national emergencies act 40 years ago to the president to create these sorts of -- or declare these sorts of emergencies. i think there are two issues. the first issue is what is happening on the border? is it an emergency? i think. so we have had a change in the nature of immigration from single males looking for jobs to family units showing up on the border en masse and asking for asylum and the system is broken. the "new york times" and "the washington post" both
3:43 pm
say so. there is a second issue which is a constitutional issue which is does the president have the authority to repurpose this money that congress has not specifically appropriated for the wall? and there, i think, reasonable people can disagree. what i don't understand are the democrats who deny the existence of a crisis on the border. and at the same time, hope that the courts uphold trump's effort to declare an emergency because they want to use the powers themselves for climate change or gun control. that is being intellectually dishonest. >> bret: some of the same democrats talked about a barrier or a wall like chuck schumer back in 2006. i want to turn over for this as we are waiting for the mueller report to come forward whenever that is as washington is on pins and needles here. the house votes 422-0 to force this report out into the public to be released. it is currently be blocked by senator lindsey graham. we are not sure exactly why. what about this and whether it's going to come out. >> the sense of the congress
3:44 pm
is pretty clear 420 to nothing is pretty darn clear. and, of course, it is going to come out. >> bret: one way or another. >> of course, after everything everything that has happened is mueller going to be able to write a report and give it to the justice department and we are saying we are sorry, you can't see this? that will simply not fly. it will come out. as a matter of fact there will be a push for not only what his report is for what his actual underlying information is as well like testimony. >> bret: one of the key prosecutors today has moved on. the top prosecutor andrew weissman stepping down, at least in coming days. >> one more sign that as we have been saying for several months the mueller report is just about to come out any day now. >> bret: almost. it's almost here. >> bret: next up, beto mania. ♪ ♪ed s you really want to buy, like... well, i don't know what you'd wanna buy because i'm just a guy on your tv.
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3:49 pm
take him or her on. >> bret: the president weighing in on beto o'rourke who is now presidential candidate. i will say president trump has a few hand movements of his own. he is right o'rourke is really animated with his hands and also animated in talking to vanity fair with a quote: i want to be in it man, i'm just born to be in it about the presidential race and jennifer granholm former michigan governor said not sure this vanity fair piece will help beto o'rourke's campaign as he comes to grips with the presidential run i'm just born to do this. would are back with the panel. it seems baits toe mania has set. in susan, what about this? >> the good news for him is that he is excited all this attention. he has a huge platform and the bat news for him is he has excited all this attention and he is going to get a lot of scrutiny he has never gotten before. that's not only scrutiny about his charisma we know he has charisma. does he have policy answers that we expect of presidential candidates
3:50 pm
that's something we will find out. >> bret: if you go to his website you don't see a lot of answers on policy as far as substantive. he was asked about the green new deal in iowa. take a listen. >> some will criticize the green new deal for being too bold or being unmanageable. i will tell you what? i haven't seen anything better that addresses the singular crisis that we face literally the future of the world depends on us now right here where we are. [applause] >> yes, let's find a way to do this. >> interesting all these people get into the presidential race think about what they are all supporting the green new deal that will support the economy. all getting in saying the same thing. >> bret: listen to answer and not answer questions. >> really weak on policy. as a matter of fact, had a "the washington post" article that he cooperated with and now regrets where he basically couldn't tell them anything about anything any policy. i am in the sort of take beto seriously mood right now. i mean, this man almost became the democratic
3:51 pm
senator from texas. performed very well. won 59% of voters who were 44 years and younger. 69% of nonwhite voters. raised $80 million around the country. almost like a quasinational race. i do think we make mistakes if we don't take people seriously. a lot of commentators made that mistake about donald trump in 2015 and even into 2016. he has proven -- he has a proven ability to excite democratic voters. and this was not a very flashy, you know, rollout but he has already proved his ability to do this. >> bret: speaker pelosi was asked whether he had proven his ability as a congressman. what did he accomplish in congress? >> one of the issues in his -- i haven't asked him this question but i just know of his record here. when he came, he came as a real champion for the environment. and also, a member of the armed services committee. >> he served in the house
3:52 pm
and i served with him. but, to be honest i can't remember one speech that he gave on the floor or one bill that he passed. >> bret: matthew? >> the last former congressman to lose a senate race and then be elected to president two years later was abraham lincoln. i think we can safely say that beto o'rourke is not abraham lincoln let me counted the ways. lincoln grew up in a log cabin. beto had a very pampered life. married to an harris. beto is a graduate of my alma mater columbia university. lincoln was dedicated to the ideals of the declaration of independence. beto waves his arms a lot. the only thing they have in common is height. >> bret: okay. the 2020 contenders in declared or exploring as you take a look at them it's a list that's growing. mayor pete by the way is going to be on "fox news sunday" i have been told. this weekend. also there are possible
3:53 pm
contenders, susan, and this is a list that is biggest name obviously in these joe biden. >> joe biden, i think, is very likely to run. certainly all but said he wants to. he wanted to run last time for family reasons felt he couldn't. i think there is some competition between this youngest -- this very young candidate with little experience beto o'rourke and joe biden because they both are white men. they both have basically centrist political views. they both connect with voters in a real way. they are both kind of engaging. one is really familiar. one is very fresh. and democrats do have a history of liking the candidate who is fresh. >> bret: the biden-o'rourke irish ticket heading into saint patrick's day. >> the field can be divided in a bunch of ways. one there is huge generational question with biden and bernie and elizabeth warren with the 70 and over set against everybody else. that's going to be a huge
3:54 pm
difference. and, you know, in the vanity fair interview, beto o'rourke almost apologized for being a white man and said that he totally understands if people want to vote against him because he is a white man. and i do think this identity issue in the democratic party is going to be huge because it has been 23 years since a white male democrat became the president. >> bret: how did you think that i'm just born to be in it came across. >> he was coming across kind of arrogant. let him prove that he was born to do this by demonstrating leadership and building a coalition. >> going to gang up on beto because he has what they all want which is free media and great publicity from the mainstream media. so, watch them all attack beto pretty quickly. >> bret: they will all be looking for oxygen on airwaves soon, i think. when we come back, a really good samaritan. ♪
3:55 pm
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>> martha: on this pie day we welcome someone who came to the rescue of a local business owner. >> remember what your parents told you when you were young. >> 21-year-old morgan, papa john's employee in virginia taking out the trash when she found almost $7,000 in cash next to the garbage. and she works two jobs, but she says she never thought about keeping the money but instead she turned the money in and it was returned to the owners, the stafford county sheriff's office with the business owner also giving her a small reward, congratulations, that is good stuff, thanks everybody for happiness in your home tonight. fair, balanced and unafraid,
4:00 pm
"the story" guest hosted by our friend ed henry >> i will try to get next time. breaking into knight new info on the fbi controversial insurance policy to try to prevent donald trump from ever becoming president. these new revelation straight from the key architect. disgraced fbi peter strzok, good evening ed henry in poor martha maccallum emphasis "the story." a freshly released private testimony from peter strzok with former fbi attorney lisa page. closed-door interview, page rebuild obama justice department ordered her not to prosecute hillary clinton over email scan- scandal even though president obama promised there was no political influence and an fbi investigation period. the president said.


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