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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 16, 2019 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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and i want to shift gears one more time before i let you go because i want to ask you about another top story that we have been talking about this week and as a member of the select committee on climate crisis. i want to ask you about the green new deal. >> the main suspect in new coal mining important in your state. if the green new deal were to zealand's worst terror attack in happen it would most likely court today, two others in custody. decimate west virginia's we'll take you to the worldwide economy. search for anyone else who may do you see anywhere in the be connected to the massacre. middle you could get on board with when it comes to energy? >> plus, fallout from president you plan to look at energy what trump's first veto. house speaker nancy pelosi vows to fight for an override on would that look like-- legislation that would scrap the >> we need to research and make president's emergency declaration to fund the border sure we have clean coal. wall. we are an energy state. we'll ask members from both sides of the aisle if speaker we have beautiful natural pelosi has the votes to do that. resources, with coal and natural leland: new clues into the crash gas, and oil. and i will absolutely stand up of ethiopian flight 302 as u.s. and make sure that what we do is well thought out as opposed to airlines struggles to cover not flying in airplanes or hundreds of cancelled flights driving cars, or having because of the grounded boeing
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electricity. so, i am definitely very much 737 jet. behind the industry in my state. ♪ >> hello from washington, on a >> okay. nice saturday, good to have you >> i think that innovation is down here, i'm leland vittert. the way to go. >> representative carol miller, west virginia, thank you so much >> i'm laura ingle. for being with us today. >> thank you. >> thank you, leland. leland: all right. and with that we bring in congressman henry cuellar, the gentleman from texas from laredo the suspect facing one charge in as he often does. connection with the shootings good to be with you, sir. that left 49 people dead. >> thank you. leland: the white house according to our garrett tenney ryan chillicothe joist joins us who is there on the lawn, is not worried about the veto override. it would take 55 republicans to with more. >> we're learning more about the 49 people killed in the attacks, defect in the house. as well as the gunman. are you guys don't seem to have he was identified in court the votes, do you? papers today, that's something >> well, you know, the house that we're not doing on fox news voted to disapprove. the senate voted to disapprove yet, as part of company policy, and of course, now the president has veto to get to two-thirds bump he also appeared in court, both in the house and the senate as you mentioned there. we actually have some video of will be an uphill battle unless that. you can see that on the judge's our republican friends want to make sure that we protect orders, his face was blurred, article one of the constitution, where the power of the purse but we do know that he is 28
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belongs to congress. leland: i understand. >> and not the president. leland: i understand the years old and australian, and arguments, but by the math, when has been charged with murder. you look at the original now, just before he entered the first and then second mosque and resolutions to disapprove the opened fire, we also know he emergency declaration, eight posted a manifesto on social votes short in the senate. media and e-mailed it to dozens 40 votes short in the house, of news organizations and despite some republican politicians, including the prime defections that you pointed to. minister's office. we learned today. certainly seems that this is in the manifesto, it's actually going to fail. more of a hate-infused rant, he if it does fail in the house, or says he was inspired by the in the senate, isn't it going to be a pretty loud thud when that charleston church shooter, fails to go through? dylann roof, as well as a night why not just move on? >> well, you know, again, i nation think the large noise that we nationalist who killed people in norway, if you remember that. heard is when both the house and people are gathering for village the senate disapproved it, that's what we're looking at. gil i think what we want to do is give it another-- gills vigils across the world. >> this is more about symbolism. >> well, let me answer your question. so now we're going to try to and people still in shock. override the veto. the victims in the mosque, three i know that's an uphill battle. years old, a little boy i know that's a math and know attending friday prayers with his dad, to a 71-year-old man, what the math is. the question is simple, are we and there are still, we know, in going to stand with the
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christchurch several people constitution or stand with party fighting for their lives. loyalty? i want to stand with the we also know that the shooter constitution. didn't just use social media to leland: noteworthy, the republicans from the far extreme right to some of the more post his manifesto, as we learned yesterday, he live centrist members in the caucus streamed his attack for 17 in the senate voted against it minutes on facebook. citing reasons that you said. now, facebook, for its part, a woman who has supported the said it did its best to quickly president threw thick and thin, remove, not just that feed, but marsha blackburn now of the also his accounts. we're hearing the same from a united states senate had this to lot of social media companies, say in defense of the president. but clearly, there are a lot of take a listen. >> every state is a border people out there wondering why it took so long. state. every town is a border town back to you. >> all right, ryan chillcote for until we secure the southern border and the president is us in london, thanks for the correct in taking the step to update. veto this resolution. in new york's one world trade congress gave this authority in center glowing red, white and blue friday night showcasing the 1976 through the emergency powers act. they gave this to the president. colors of the new zealand flag he is exercising that. for those in the shooting. president obama had 13 and showing solidarity with the emergencies that he declared. victims going dark friday night, leland: why is she wrong in your mind? >> well, you know, again, with as people mourn with vigils all due respect to her, look,
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including in gaza city, london, there's two issues here, this issue, this vote on the istanbul and new york. leland: democrats now resolution is an article one strategizing on a veto override argument, that's it. it's whether, who owns-- vote. do they have the votes or not to who controls the power of the try and stop president trump's emergency order to fund the purse. i sit on appropriations, i'm an wall. the president used his veto for the first time yesterday. attorney, and it's the u.s. he's spending the weekend at the congress, it's very simple. now, if you want to make an white house. garrett kenny is there as well on the north lawn. argument about border security, that's a different thing and i hi, garrett. >> leland, good morning, good can certainly, now, have my discussion with her, with afternoon to you. at this point the white house is anybody else, but right now, not worried about the vote to we're talking about article one override the veto. question, it's a constitutional and he describes it as reckless. question. leland: you certainly are on a and he issued the first veto of committee that has a lot to say his presidency and argued there about funding on the border for is a invasion invasion taking p the submarine committ-- across the southern border which subcommittee, and you're from a poses a national security threat true border state, a centrist and it's his constitutional duty to stop it. democrat there. >> consistent with the law and fair to say that reasonable the legislative process designed people can agree that more money is needed to fund the border and by our founders, today i am border security, agree? >> no, you know, of course. i want to-- vetoing this resolution.
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congress has the freedom to pass i've always been fine put more this resolution and i have the money into border security. the question is how do you put the money. duty to veto it and i'm very if you want to stop drugs and i think that my colleagues that proud to veto it. you had, ms. miller, you were >> speaker pelosi said on march talking about fentanyl. a lot of that comes through the 26th would protect our constitution and our democracy u.s. postal office. leland: congressman, i hear the from the president's emergency declaration by holding a vote to arguments. i guess the question is, if you override his veto. have so many executive branch house republicans will have to groups saying they need more choose between their partisan money, whether it be dhs, the hypocrisy and their sacred oath postal service, as you pointed out, ap others, why not give to defend the constitution, them a lot of money and let them decide how to use it? why is it that every congressman #fakeemergency. and a two-thirds majority is who comes on here seems to be an needed in the house and senate. expert and i want more money thr as of now that's not expected to this and i want more money for happen. the house was about 40 votes shy that and why not let the people of the two-thirds vote last who runs the front lines decide month and the senate short where the money goes, walls or eight. the legal battle over the national emergency is by no drug dogs or new postal sorting means over though. machines? >> well, you know, the question 20 states filed a lawsuit against the president's is, is that i've always said that if we give the powers to declaration and the-- the local border patrol chiefs that could block the administration from accessing and let them work with the local 3.6 billion dollars in military communities, they can find funding that the declaration border security, the problem is allows the president to use to
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use towards building his wall. but, even if those lawsuits go a-- >> only 15 seconds and i want to on, and they're not able to button this down. if the local border chiefs say access, the white house still that the money that we needs to has roughly another 3 billion go to a wall and-- from other departments they plan >> a question, i have to answer to use until those lawsuits are it, you ask me a question finished playing out. quickly. the problem is washington leland: and the white house were dictates this. the president dictated he put a 14th century solution with a strategizing a few other options wall. as well. i want to see border security laura. >> now let's turn to the technology, personnel, i worked with those folks and i can say republican congress womb from west virginia, carol miller, my border is a lot safer than good to see you, thanks for being here today. even where you're at right now and i can make that bet with you >> good afternoon. >> all right, congress woman right now. leland: we know in a lot of places there are large walls and other places as you point out. miller, you voted against this by el paso there is. around and does speaker pelosi other parts you point out is have the votes to turn it around. >> i stand with my president not. congressman, thank you for always being here. with his veto and i urge my >> it's a pleasure. leland: the pleasure is ours, colleagues to do the same. >> moving on to new zealand. enjoy saturday. with that, enjoy your sunday as we've learned there were five well. weapons used in attack. chris wallace is going to talk and first i want to ask you to mayor pete buttigieg of south about your reaction to this and then let's talk about the guns that were used. two of them semi automatic along
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indiana to clear up many things with two shotguns, apparently including how to pronounce his obtained legally from a suspect last name. people are discussing as well: with a gun license so far. the 2020 hopeful pointed out he here is what the prime minister of new zealand had to say about has enough donors to get into the country's gun laws. the presidential debate. >> i can tell you one thing right now, our gun laws will change. local listings on channels, there have been attempts to howard kurtz looks at the senate change our laws in 2005, 2012, vote to block the president's national emergency and house and after an inquiry in 2017. speaker nancy pelosi's comments about impeachment. a lot of news about that, digesting it in weekend at 11 now is the time for change. a.m. eastern. >> so, that's what's happening >> and some major airlines are there. warning about the impact of west virginia has some of the least restrictive gun laws here grounding boeing 737 max jets. in the u.s. first, i want to ask you your this in the wake of the reaction to the attack and what did you make of what the prime ethiopian airlines crash that killed 157 people. minister says? our jacqui heinrich joins us >> i was absolutely heartbroken live from l.a.-- when you news first was out. that's not l.a., it's laguardia my heart goes out to the airport with-- >> i wish it was l.a. families, you know, our places >> i know, hi what's happening of worship are sacred and we there? >> hi there, had a lot warmer and for folks headed to the need to stand up against the warmer destinations they may hatred and the evil that is have some impact to their travels. going on across the world. some of those warmer
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destinations are being disproportionately affected and >> and your thoughts on gun laws i'll tell you about that. in your state? unfortunately, no matter where you're going, you might be >> our gun laws in our state are impacted, whether or not you're able to fly on a 737 air max very good laws and we have the jet. and the problem is a lot of them least amount of violence that i know of. are absorbing into other planes >> okay. let's go ahead and move back and it's like a giant puzzle trying to rearrange things. onto new zealand-- or i'm sorry, the vote with the overall the impact is no greater veto. than what you'd see in a i wanted to get to that. as we were talking, let's go snowstorm. some areas are back to that. the president using the first disproportionately affected and veto of his administration, to for instance, the max planes to and from the hawaii hub and nearly 2000 passengers fly on the emergency at the border. max jets each day to hawaii. your state had a hit with it's a problem, especially for illegal drugs. some spring break travel two weeks ago i read that customs and border protection, destinations. >> this week, all the way making a haul of fentanyl enough through tuesday is full. to kill everyone in your state they've got to get all of these two times over. people out of honolulu. that's devastating. they can take that airplane off let's talk about the national of that domestic route and send it across the water, where it's emergency and how you feel about it in your state? >> i feel again, strongly in more needed. support. we have a crisis at the border, >> the good news for those travelers is some airlines are humanitarian and security-wise,
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and we've got to continue with replacing the air max planes with bigger, nicer planes and some are travelling from hawaii the plan that our president has. on united are updated to the what's gone on in my state has polaris business class 777. been devastating, but of course, and some have a minimal impact i think we have a lot of mental there. airlines are finding a way to health issues that need to be minimize on travelers and dealt with, you know, the opioid looking at each route individually. out of the americans, 6700 crisis has been very tough. you know, it began with us, flights per day only 85 on a 737 really, more with the war on max. united completes 700 a day and coal and the loss of hope with the people. 40 on a max. and southwest, flights were grounded from a max. one airline not impacted. delta, they don't have any 737 max planes and southwest the most at 34. the other equation, trip insurance, insure my trip says they're seeing a 20% call volume increase due to cancellations from a number of issues, fear of flying and then also, delays and canceled legs of your trip.
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they expect a wave of thousands upon thousands of planes the next few weeks. laura. >> jacqui heinrich, reporting out of laguardia. that's why many are asking does my airline fly that. >> and we'll talk about the legal side of the invee of the data means so far. leland: and one of the top guys on this. coming up, beto o'rourke's first weekend as a declared 2020 candidate literally running in iowa. we'll find out what texas talk radio thinks about him. and live images from paris. thousands of people fed up with sinking living and protests as you can see, 5:20 p.m. in paris and it shows no signs of slowing down. and, with misery increasing for millions of people in venezuela under the socialist leader, liberal activists in washington
9:11 am
are telling president trump to back off and try to help. griff jenkins near the white house with the protesters and their arguments. hi, griff. >> hey, leland, the banner here is hands off venezuela. hundreds turning out here with a message for the president who is in the white house right now. we'll bring it to you live from one of those organizers who just got back from venezuela.
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simple. easy. awesome. >> yellow vest protesters in paris tossing smoke grenades at police, marking the 18th straight weekend of protests in the city. demonstrators reigniting the violence after weeks of relatively peaceful marches. attacking store fronts and setting vehicles on fires. it's a mess. police say they've already made several arrests. >> well, the president is at the white house this week, and protesters are gathering across the street from the white house in lafayette park this afternoon. about 75 degrees yesterday. 50 degrees today here in d.c. they're holding a, quote, handsoff venezuela rally, to demonstrate against president trump and the u.s. involvement in venezuela. griff jenkins down there with them trying to make sense of
9:16 am
their message. hi, griff. >> hi, leland. it's a fine day for a protest, the sun is out and you can see hundreds of protesters here under a group called answer coalition. they were prominent during the anti-iraq war movement, back during president george w. bush, they're out here in what is believed to be the first of many rallies, trying to affect the administration on what they see as an intervention into the venezuelan selection of their country. these folks are effectively marching today for nicolas maduro. they believe that he is the rightful president of that country. i wanted to bring now maria in, very quickly. and was just back to venezuela. one of the org why are you doing this today? >> well, this is the most opportune moment days after the four-day blackout. and to be in front of the white house and to tell trump, trump, this movement has just begin. we're going to start across this
9:17 am
country, with a campaign saying hands off venezuela. no sanctions, no coup and stop the economic war. stop the media war, too. >> gloria, you're effectively marching for nichololas maduro, seen by more than 50 countries as a dictator and state department labeled him as a human rights violator? >> are you supporting maduro? >> and that's the state department. saying nothing about saudi arabia. and nicolas maduro was elected by more than 65% of the population and i was there, and people across the country saying he's our president and the u.s. has no right to decide who our leader is. i'm marching to defend the government, to support the people-- revolution. >> and as leland pointed out many one of the things that the democrats and washington agrees, that maduro has got to go. leland: they agree on the
9:18 am
terrible conditions inside venezuela. no power and blackouts for ten days. no food. people are eating their dogs there, we hear because they're starving. griff jenkins on the ground. we'll check back when the audio is better. laura. laura: coming up, joe biden watch. he's leading the pack of possible 2020 democratic presidential candidates. so when, if ever, is he going to throw his hat in the ring? everyone is talking about it. our political panel will debate. plus, biden has competition from the former popular candidate from texas, beto o'rourke. he's getting running and getting flak from his animated hands. >> it's only a matter of degrees and along this current trajectory there are people who can no longer live in the cities they call home today. there is food grown in this country that will no long prosper in these soils. ♪ born to hand jive, baby ♪
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>> well, it's a busy weekend for democratic hopefuls with several 2020 candidates hitting the campaign trail, but as these candidates hope to rally their supporters, we still have yet to hear from joe biden about his plans for 2020. we're waiting. jeff paul joins us with the latest on what's happening on this front. hi there. >> hi, laura. yeah, democrats are scattered all over the country this weekend as they try to separate themselves from the continuously growing field of presidential hopefuls. former texas congressman beto o'rourke right now is in iowa after he just ran a st. patrick's day 5k run. o'rourke just announceds' officially running for president this week took questions after that run. most of them centering around health care saying it's important that everyone has access to it. >> whether it's absolutely free for everyone upfront at one
9:24 am
point or another we're all going to have to pay for it. so i don't think that any of this is going to be free, but i want to make sure that cost is not an object to obtaining your care, your prescription, or taking your child to a therapist. >> former hud secretary julian castro spoke at a bar in las vegas. talked about his humble upbringing, saying he wants to make sure that all americans have the same opportunity to prosper and he sounded pretty confident how he thinks he is campaign will progress. >> we look forward to a moment that comes later in the day, in the afternoon. when it's customary for the incoming president to usher off the outgoing president of the white house, right before they did, i'm going to tell adios. >> yesterday, south indiana
9:25 am
mayor pete buttigieg, raising money and amy klobuchar in hawa hawaii -- iowa and joe biden will be attending in delaware. >> that's a busy weekend, jeff paul. thanks for rounding it all up. good to see you. leland: still nine months away from the first primary. hear to weigh in from beto's home state, talk show radio host, jimmy, appreciate you being here and in your st. paddy's day green. good to see you. >> glad to be rocking it twor for the irish this weekend. leland: and beto seemed to get status whether it's "vanity fair," whether you see him in the crowds, media coverage he has gotten.
9:26 am
right to take him seriously as a front runner in your mind? >> i think you do from the standpoint he's got the ability to raise a lot of money. he's brought a lot of money into texas when he ran against ted cruz. the problem is, is that with all of that money he still couldn't beat ted cruz. how much money would it take for beto o'rourke. leland: he couldn't beat ted cruz in deep red texas, but he got within a couple of points and it would be unwise for republicans to take him lightly? >> we wouldn't take him lightly. he's a great campaigner, a lot of charisma. he doesn't have a whole lot to say when it comes to content on the issues, but good at getting out there and working the crowd. he plays in a band. he rides a skate board into what a burger. the kids love him, but people--
9:27 am
>> people said the same thing about the junior senator in 2007 barack obama. >> very true. he had something that no other presidential candidate before him and that was he was a person of color and americans wanted to put a person of color in office. beto high school a hispanic first name even though he's not hispanic and doesn't make him a minority. i think that democrats will look at somebody of color or the right gender this time around. leland: one thing that does not seem to be being explored right now even though you have the new york times looking into schultz's background, perhaps he didn't come from quite the rags to riches story that he said he did. you have other news organizations looking into the background of other candidates, elizabeth warren comes to mind and then you have beto o'rourke who plays up his working man
9:28 am
image from el paso, texas. you look into his background, he married a woman with a whole lot of money. >> oh, yeah. leland: and done himself pretty well. did the texas media explore that fact in the 2018 race? if so, would the results make a difference? >> i don't think it was explored that much. people brought up the fact i think he has a net worth somewhere around $9 million. when he was in congress he was one of the top 50 u.s. congressmen as far as personal wealth. so he may try to play up that working class image, but he comes from a privileged background. if you were to put up a definition of white privilege, beto o'rourke's picture would be there. leland: when you consider his wife's family and some ethics complaints involving his wife's family's dealing with real estate in his time in the el paso city council. president trump has taken him seriously enough. here is president trump about beto o'rourke. take a listen. >> i think he's got a lot of hand movement.
9:29 am
i've never seen so much hand movement. is he crazy or the way he acts? i've never seen anything like it. study it, i'm sure you'll agree. laura: -- (laughter) >> that's pretty funny. leland: when president trump makes fun of somebody it shows he's taking it seriously. >> i would agree with that. it's legitimate say the pot calling the president black in this case. the president has been known to make hand gestures along the way himself. i would agree, the thing that worries me about beto, if he's in a restaurant and a waiter comes by, what are the chances he's just going to knock that tray off of his hands. he could be dangerous in the wrong setting. leland: we're watching him at least on that restaurant on the counter talking. jimmy barrett, have some st. paddy's day beer for us. see you again soon. >> i will. leland: all the best. laura. laura: officials in chance working to retrieve data from the black box of the ethiopian
9:30 am
airlines plane that killed 157 people. we'll tell you what is next as the investigation moves forward. >> and family members mourn the loss of those in the crash, including a catholic priest. >> their brother died, and have hope tomorrow. beneath the duvet i'm begging you... take gas-x. your tossing and turning isn't restlessness, it's gas! gas-x relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort... fast! so we can all sleep easier tonight.
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was i'm just wondering. >> that's the sister of a catholic priest who was killed in sunday's ethiopian airlines crash. one of 32 kenyans killed as that flight headed to nairobi. >> and a second key piece of evidence emerging from the opec plane crash that killed 157 people. experts say it could suggest similarity between this crash and the lion air crash. i'm glad you're hear with us today. we've learned that the two crashes, both with of course the same boeing 737 max-8. they have a similar oscillation, and a lot of people are talking about that, and we're finding more evidence about this, struggling with the nose going up and down and we have animation to show you and the viewers that compare to the two. it shows what satellite imagery,
9:36 am
and this led to the f.a.a. grounding the plane on wednesday. in comparison, the vertical variations. what stands out to you. >> i think to the extent that those two recreations are accurate, certainly similarities. i think that one has to realize in connection with the lion air accident, laura, they've indicated the angle of a tack indicator, a tube outside of the airplane near the fuselage, apparently it was defective. there was a problem with it and sending bad information back into the system. and i think some of that has gotten sort of lost in the whole discussion, recording this system that, that system that was meant to push the nose of the airplane down. it did, in fact, at least according to preliminary indication, push the nose of the airplane down in lion air, but that was due to getting bad information from the sensor on
9:37 am
the aircraft. we have no idea, other than the similarity of movement with respect to what happened on ethiopian airline. laura: we don't know and it's hard to imagine that just a small piece could be responsible for something so physically small, could be responsible. we have three major airlines that fly these planes here in the united states. southwest, american and united and many grounded these planes right away. f.a.a. in the u.s. waited until wednesday. there's been a lot of controversy about the timing of that. what do you make of that? >> well, the f.a.a. is the certifying authority. and nobody knows as much about the airplane as the f.a.a. the f.a.a. historically, you probably know i started my career with the f.a.a. as an attorney, historically the f.a.a. has acted strictly based on facts. now, they haven't disclosed, other than saying they've seen or apparently seen some
9:38 am
similarity in the flight tracks. they're found some information that's been released, i don't know that the f.a.a.'s released it, but it's come out with respect to the position of the jack screw on the aircraft. and the f.a.a. acts only on facts. they don't act on emotional reactions or sentiment in terms of what should be done. so, i think that they were waiting for the facts. if, in fact, they have the facts, that's fine in terms of taking action. if they acted, based upon anything other than that, either because everybody else was doing it or any other consideration, i think that's problematic. >> all right, yeah, i guess noise when everybody starts talking about this, especially online. i also wanted to ask you about what captain sully sullenberger said. we turn him and other aviation experts when drastic things happen. he's making note on his facebook page. talking about the amount of hours the first officer had and the level of experience we require in the u.s. talk about that and obviously we
9:39 am
don't know if it's a contributing factor yet, but captain sullenberger being very vocal about this. >> as well he should be. everyone is focused on what little information, as being a problem. the fact that the black bocks, which are orange as everybody knows by now. >> right. >> haven't been read out. it's outrageous, it's a disgrace we have no information. >> why is that? >> well, there's all sorts of indications. one is that the ethiopians who don't have the technical capability to read them out went to the german aviation authority who don't have the technical capability to read them out even though the n.t.s.b. has been on the scene from the beginning and go to the french. the speculation is, and people are out there talking about the fact that maybe n.t.s.b. is going to be biased. i don't buy into that at all. and there's actually been some reports about disputes between the ethiopian authorities and the n.t.s.b. authorities and i
9:40 am
heard as late as yesterday n.t.s.b. couldn't be in the room during the readout. in terms of captain sullenberger, what we've heard-- i agree with him. the captain had 8,000 hours on ethiopian airplane and the co-pilot 200 hours. we don't know what the background is of the hours, we don't know the quality of the hours, don't know where they were gotten. if that's accurate, that's outrageous. in our country, airlines that are out there, all the airlines, have high time pilots in the left seat and a minimum, there's an f. an a mandated minimum whether want wants to believe it's too high or not, 1500 for the right seat. laura: that's amazing and that's a key part. mark, appreciate your time and your perspective. leland: scary weather moving across the country this weekend, as some are cleaning up from disaster. where the weather is headed next. newday's operation home lets veterans
9:41 am
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>> a staggering total of 18torns kentucky, indiana, michigan, and alabama, this week. thousands lost power across the four states and a state of emergency was declared a western
9:45 am
kentucky. is the severe weather over? our meteorologist is in the weather center with more. >> hi, lori. that system as far as bringing big storms is wrapping up. in spring and devastation in his wake. we have major flood issues because of that systems. you're looking from nebraska, i went portions portions of southern wisconsin. everything running along their, the missouri river, mississippi river, this is going to be flooding right now and over the next couple of days. it has not really crested yet. everything you are looking at across this area were talking about, in some cases some really big flooding in some of the spots. take a look at the populate here. i'm having an issue with the graphic. we are going to see flooding, especially their across those portions where we saw all the flood advisories. the good news with the situation is, even though it has not crested yet, satellite and radar
9:46 am
is completely clear across the region. we are not looking at rain adding to this over the next couple of days. the only thing we will pay attention to his reign across the gulf of mexico. >> 18 tornadoes, when you think about that happening in that region, that's crazy. thank you, for that. >> reaction around the world to the museum mosque shootings that left 49 dead. additional possible charges are coming. and, the 2020 democrats are on the road this weekend. along with vice president joe biden. in the end, or, is he out? the political panel is next. the best simple salad ever? heart-healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good.
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>> we are in our too. i'm leland. >> i am a laura ingle. it's great to be here with you, as well. here's what's making news right now. people around the world today remember those lost in the worst terrorist attack ever. >> this is theears in court fore first time. laura: plus, the his hat into t0 presidential race and hits the ground running in iowa, today. leland: north korea threatens to pull out of nuclear disarmament talks with the united states, despite mysteriously wonderfully chemistry, in their words between the two leaders.
9:51 am
>> at this hour, we are learning more about the suspect in the christ church mosque shooting. he faces charges in the shooting spree that left 49 people dead. new zealand police say they are looking worldwide for possible connections. i ready each sunday in new zealand, were being joined by london from the latest. >> as you say, this was the first court appearance for the suspect, about half an hour after the shootings yesterday he is said to be a 28-year-old australian man. this is the same man who had already claimed responsibility for the shootings online. we added a manifesto to that social media fee. courts in new zealand ordered his face to be blurred in the video. he was handcuffed and closely guarded. he did not speak. he has been remanded in custody
9:52 am
until his next court appearance on april the fifth. meanwhile, forensic work is continuing as helpful work on gathering evidence to support the court case and look for accomplices. forty-one people were killed at the first mosca to be targeted. that happened during friday prayers. police say the suspect drove to a second mosque and killed seven more people, one of the injured later died in hospital. more than 30 injured people were caught up and are being treated in the hospital. a graphic video of the shootings at the first mosque was initially posted online. later, it was removed. it showed the suspect firing repeatedly, discriminate only at worshipers, including women and children. many of the victims were refugees who fled wars including syria and afghanistan. today, new zealand's prime minister met with members of the countries in muslim community
9:53 am
offering a message of reassurance. >> new zealand is united in this grief. we are united in our grief. i convey the message of love and support on behalf of new zealand, to all of you. >> an outside investigation continues. people in christchurch are trying to come to terms with the grief and shock of what has happen. they lit candles, laid flowers at a makeshift memorial in the city. this is a quiet, peaceful, tolerant country and this is by far the worst in its history. meanwhile, the terrorist threat level in new zealand has been raised with highest level. police are still looking for anyone who may be linked to the shootings. they are not aware that anyone else other than the key suspect in court today, was involved in it. leland: katie logan, thank you so much. laura: for more insight, let's bring an vice president of national security and policy at
9:54 am
the heritage foundation. james, thank you for being with us today. it's important to have your perspective at this devastating time. as we are learning more about the suspect, who we are not naming in this case, law enforcement ours noting the striking similarities about how this was carried out on the tactics we have seen at the hands of isis. even borrowing from the isis playbook of dying lives in reference of killing while live streaming. they have coined that phrase. what you see here? >> that is a trend we have seen growing for decades. they have invented suicide bombing and islamist terrorists picked it up as a technique. as the information proliferates we see it all the time. people learn about what other people do. isis was the textbook of learning from other groups in masking those tactics together. it's not surprising to see other terrorist groups mimicking that behavior. laura: getting it off-line, that has been an important part of
9:55 am
this. some of these social networks are still having trouble getting the video of a. >> the cow is way out of the barn. this notion of managing content as a solution to keep the information out of people. >> hands, i think that is a losing strategy. laura: intelligent strategy between law enforcement around the globe has never been more important than it is now. yet, the main suspect was never on a watchlist that we have been told. everybody is doing the checks. he made sure to make sure his white supremacy ideology known before, during, and after this lifestream attack. he claimed he spent two years in the planning. what is the take away their about how we can know about these folks? >> intelligence and information sharing is not a panacea. it is the most significant and important global tool for countries to work together. where new zealand is unique, they have flybys, united states, canada, australia, great britain, and new zealand who seamlessly share information more tightly than any other group of countries on the
9:56 am
planet. not only do we do it on the intelligence side, there is also an immigration enforcement side where there similar sharing. new zealand is privileged in that and they are one of the countries with the greatest access to law enforcement information. laura: will be learning more as a go throughout the investigation. i want to switch gears to your secretary, mike pompeo. he is traveling to the middle east next week and will make a stop in israel ahead of the trump administration unveiling of the palestinian peace plan. as we look at the travel plans, what you expect? >> there's so much on the plate. to be honest, i don't think anybody thinks the peace plan is going anywhere. it demonstrates that the united states is serious. it is working in good faith. someday there will be people who want peace and they will sit down at the table and maybe they will use the plan. on the palestinian plan, nobody is interested. it's important the united states to play a proactive role.
9:57 am
you need to talk particularly about what's going on with syria, iran, and on and on. leland: laura: will we be able to get all that? >> i think so. the u.s. relationship in the last two years under the administration, the amount of cooperation and integration is incredible. it has had a positive effect on the ground. people forget how quickly and better off we are on this region is today as it was two or three years ago. laura: i want to ask about timing. it's everything. the prime minister, close ally of the trump administration is up for reelection. as the timing of this a coincidence? >> i think it's her by the facts not the politics. the americans can have a strong important relationship with our ally. regardless of who's running the country. >> thank you. leland: the white house, confident right now that this weekend president trump.
9:58 am
>> veto will hold. meanwhile, democrats say they want to push for an override vote to keep the emergency declaration over funding the wall as topic number one. garrett is live on the north lawn. >> good afternoon. before president trump had signed his veto, speaker, nancy pelosi announced the house will hold a vote to override it on march 26. as of right now, that vote is not expected to pass a two thirds majority is required to override a veto. the house was about 30 votes shy of that last month. the senate was short by eight. in the oval office on friday president trump said he is notde override of the veto. >> it yesterday, congress passed a dangerous resolution that if signed into law would put countless americans in danger, very grave danger. it is definitely a national emergency, rarely have we had such a national emergency.
9:59 am
therefore, to defend the safety and security of all americans, i will be signing and issuing a formal veto of this reckless resolution. >> democrats plan to continue fighting the emergency declaration both legally and legislatively, as well as in the court of public opinion. this morning, one of the president. >> top critics, adam schiff, tweeted, first congress rejected the walden trump declared an emergency. next, congress voted to reject the emergency, then he vetoed the bill. now, we vote on a veto override. this cynically divides us at home. on the legal side, 20 states have filed a lawsuit against emergency declaration. legislatively, democrats are looking into various strategies to prevent the president from building his wall to use ones that were intended for other efforts. that could play out later this year, raising the prospects of another potential shutdown this
10:00 am
fall. leland: garrett, north lawn of the white house. garrett, thank you so much. >> it's a busy weekend for 2020 democratic hopefuls of several candidates hit the campaign trail, today. beto o'rourke is attending a stt in north liberty, iowa, this afternoon. that's followed up by a an appearance from erica gibbons in waterloo. he will be attending a meeting greet in dubuque, this evening. washington state governor is in new hampshire where he will join state legislators and members of the rocking ham county democrats. minnesota senator, amy kopitar will be holding a meeting greet in independence, iowa. joe biden will be the featured speaker at the delaware democratic party. >> state dinner as we wait for the former vice president to announce his 2020 plans. vermont senator, bernie sanders
10:01 am
is holding a campaign rally this morning and henderson. a busy weekend. leland: with that, we bring in our panel, founder and president of defiant strategies and robin, former obama campaign regional director. robin, let's start with you. beto o'rourke. >> rhetoric, and away way reminds a lot of folks of a young barack obama 2007. is it fair to make that comparison and the way he is campaigning and in his message? >> that is very fair. he is actually becoming a little bit more moderate the more he hits the campaign trail. the one thing i want to point out with him is that, some of it is not sitting entirely well with democratic paris. he does have some old gop ties that may come back to hurt him. the same is true with bernie sanders is for is the purest go. of course, he was an independent, then democrat independent, no democrat.
10:02 am
but, if he can get through those obstacles i think joe biden is still pulling is number one. he will do well in iowa and new hampshire. leland: you have to imagine that the name id part that is so big in these early month polls, bado o'rourke will be held by that with the immediate coverage she's getting. >> definitely, that's what i don't put too much steak on these early polls. it is about name id right now. of course, you will have beto o'rourke with his recent senate race that went to become a national sensation, bernie sanders and joe biden. right now we haven't gone through any sort of that team yet, has not been a process to play out. everyone is testing the waters. it is purely about name id right now. i look at it as tongue-in-cheek. leland: when president trump, then candidate trump in 2015 announced, he rocketed to the
10:03 am
top of the polls and seem to stay there until he got through the primaries. is it something to watch were, robin, or not? >> definitely. these things change it week to week. we saw kamala harris as a front runner for maybe two weeks. it is shifting. "rolling stone" just put their constituents and bernie sanders was number one. they had biden as number four. i want to point out there are 206 democrats filed to run. only 20 have qualified to be on the stage. thank goodness. leland: mayor pete, as he goes by, he just qualified to be on the debate stage as well. he is on fox news sunday tomorrow. let's touch on one thing that robin said. the name, joe biden, keeps coming up here. he is the only one who was not declared that we keep talking about. where is the over under date
10:04 am
where the desire to be wanted and the desire to be drafted is offset by the fact that consultants, donors, and staff are going to get tied up by all the other people before biden is able to get in? >> that's a great point. i'm not sure what that date would be. right now, biden is writing this out. in terms of the public perception, we saw with a beto o'rourke, there was some backlash where people thought he teased out the announcement too much. he was teasing them in leading them along. leland: it was such a great vanity fair cover. >> the photography was excellent, don't get me wrong. leland: the dog seemed a little uncertain about everything. >> the dog was awkwardly off to the side not knowing what to do. i'm not sure why the dog was in the photo. it's a real concern. right now, with so many people in the race, you would have to wonder when is all the top
10:05 am
talent going to be taken up. >> real quickly in terms of beto o'rourke who has an unbelievable ability to fund raise on line, lifestream meet wherever he is, this is marc stein yesterday talking about how this is going to run out for bado. take a listen. >> i don't believe in the concept of white privilege. but these guys do. it's hard to bring white privilege the boarding school son who is writing bovine. that you just quoted there is some other forgery out there. leland: this does bring up the important concept that it is one thing for beto o'rourke to have gotten lambasted by ted cruz and right ring radio in texas, it's another thing when fellow democrats start going after him in this primary.
10:06 am
is there a flank that he has exposed? >> just like i said, it is the purity, it is be because he used to support some republican things. i think it's a positive because it shows he can work across party lines and get things done. i'm all for it. just like amy global char has republican support right now. that might not play well in the primary bed in the general it would. >> christian, to that point, how does beto o'rourke protect that flame. he doesn't have a lot of policy proposals that allows virtually anyone to go, well that kinda sounds good. on the flipside, you have elizabeth warren out there with these very detail policy proposals looking at her twitter feed about what she can do about all sorts of different things. is that how beto protects himself? by not going into policy?
10:07 am
>> i'm not sure i think you answered your own question. i think that is the key where he remains the aspirational candidate and allows voters to project their perceptions on them. if you think back to 2016 hillary clinton on her website has entire polit policy proposa. someone like me is going to eat that up and spend hours reading that. the average person never would. elizabeth warren, though i agree with many proposals are rooted in very sound economic and public policy. those are hard things to sell. beto does have the personality factor. leland: we are looking at the monmouth pole right now. joe biden at 28%. were talking about how important name ideas. bernie sanders 25%. then, you drop down to kamala harris, beto o'rourke all the way at 6%. robin, what he think the disconnect is between the amount of media coverage that beto is
10:08 am
getting, the amount of life streaming that he is getting not only on his own instagram a facebook pages, but other networks are following him around the cover of vanity fair for rola versus where he is in the polls. >> it's interesting to say the least. he's a celebrity candidate right now. but, it's almost unstoppable to deal with bernie sanders. his face is galvanized. they came into this galvanize. bernie definitely stands the most to benefit from a crowded democratic field, right now. the ones i am watching are like pete who is skyrocketing. he's super popular among the democratic base. he's a harvard grad, and afghanistan vets, that will play well. leland: he certainly put howard schultz in his place on twitter. schultz ended up apologizing. chris will ask mayor pete as he goes by that tomorrow. we appreciate both of you being here on a saturday.
10:09 am
lots to talk about. we will have you back. good to see you. laura: did you see this one #a cliffhanger and baltimore several train cars dangle from elevated train tracks. plus, we'll check in with a midwestern farm are affected by president trump. >> trade war. and, new press from north korea. to pull out of nuclear disarmament talks despite two high-level meetings with president trump. >> the president. >> 100% committed to denuclearization of the peninsula. he will make sure whatever we do further that process.
10:10 am
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a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. >> you are looking at video outt train was left hanging off of a bridge after derailing friday afternoon. cleanup efforts underway with several cars already removed. officials say no hazardous material spilled and likely note injuries were reported. that is hard to imagine. >> news this weekend from north korean leader, kim jong-un. he is now threatening to pull out of talks with the united states. you may remember he and president trump left before launch and did not come to an
10:14 am
agreement about denuclearization during the summit. julian turner with us now. we can always think the north koreans and kim jong-un, not just for saying things but saying it with colorful language. >> there are new concerns this weekend breaking about that colorful language. the trump administration is scrambling behind the scenes to figure out kim jong-un. >> next move in the wake of yesterday's announcement. a korean official confirms that he's considering ditching negotiations altogether and looking at nuclear weapons testing. the secretary of state jumping in yesterday with a pointed reminder to pyongyang. >> and hanoi, on multiple occasions, he spoke directly to the president and made a commitment that he would not resume nuclear testing or missile testing. so, that is chairman kim's word. we have every expectation that will he live up to that commitment. >> it talks between president
10:15 am
trump and kim fell apart when they reached an impasse over sanctions. trump has imposed five rounds of them so far during his presidency. north korea continues to demand sanctions relief, that's something the u.s. is only willing to provide only after he surrenders his stockpile of weapons and long-range missiles. yesterday, spokesperson accusing the trump team of taken against her like stands. >> i make this clear, the forceful stance of u.s. will certainly make the situation more dangerous. our supreme leadership will clarify the decision soon. >> president trump. >> administration has hung their hats in hopes on the fact that north korea's nuclear testing abated over the past year. >> we've had hostages return, we've had stop missile testing and nuclear testing. we are hopeful that we can continue to have conversation negotiations. >> everyone from the secretary of state to the national
10:16 am
security adviser to the president himself has proclaimed the testing to be the top achievement so far. so, should the north resume it would be a major blow to the strategy. worse still, a threat to u.s. stability, here at home. leland: talking to your sources yesterday and through the weekend on this. have you heard of any contingency planning yet by the united states or messages to the north koreans publicly or privately? if you do this, meaning test a missile or nuclear weapon, here are the possible repercussions. >> one thing we're hearing is that dod has plans so if the north koreans do this we are going to do this. if they do this testing we will do this. so, i know that dod and state policy planning has all types of contingency plans in place. i think exactly what those are remains to be seen. leland: give the president's in, if you will of response. proportional is the word that we are ski. julian turner, jillian, thank
10:17 am
you so much. laura. laura: coming up, the suspect in the new zealand mosque shooting appears in court. we will have the latest on the charges facing and what we know about those killed and injured in the attack. president trump reacts to the ethiopian plane crash that left 167 people dead and because the faa to ground boeing 737 max jets. >> it's a terrible, terrible thing. boeing is an incredible company. hopefully they will very quickly come up with the answers, until they do, the planes are grounded. with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate i switched to miralax for my constipation. the nerves in your colon. miralax works with the water in your body to unblock your system naturally. and it doesn't cause bloating, cramping, gas, or sudden urgency.
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so how are you enjoying your it's just lovely.ament? i'm here to let all these folks know how easy it is to save money on their car insurance with geico- oi oi oi set the pick! kick it outside!! shoot the three! shoot the three!! yessssssss!!!!!! are you...ok? no, no i'm not. i think i pulled a hammy. could we get some ice? just one cube of ice? geico®. proud partner of ncaa march madness®. >> foxnews learned of a navy veteran being held in iran is being sentenced to ten years in prison. the lawyer for michael white tells the associated press that his client was convicted of insulting iran's supreme leader, and posting private information. he was in iran to meet a girlfriend he met online when he
10:22 am
was taken into custody. leland: in an update out of new zealand. it is already sunday morning, the expected shooter in the new zealand mosque attack that killed 49 people has been charged with murder. he made his first court appearance on saturday morning. you can see his hands there and we are not showing his face. it has been blurred out. he has been charged with one charge against him. but, new zealand police say there are more charges to come. forty-nine dead, 39 hospitalized after the attack. eleven of those in critical condition. as you can see, the growing memorial as people are placing flowers and notes in christchurch. laura: boeing facing scrutiny over the boeing 737 max eight planes in the wake of the plane crash that killed 157 people. the company saw its share of fall 11 this week. probably understandable. reports that the company is
10:23 am
rolling out a software fix in the coming week is bringing optimism from wall street. for more insight let's turn to business correspondent, christina. laura: let's talk about what is happening with the company in a business perspective. what more do we know about this new software? how specifically will it help boeing moving forward and consumer confidence? >> you mention the stock is down 11%. on friday there was only one report that came from afp. this is a french newswire. they said that boeing has a software fix and it will be put out in ten days. nobody else has been able to confirm that. there is another report saying boeing could possibly have 2 - 4 weeks to roll out. the fact that the report came out did add optimism to investors. they were happy. this is needs to happen quickly. you have 50 nations that have grounded 737 planes.
10:24 am
this is a lot of money on the line. southwest airlines for example many of the planes are 730 sevens. they have to show that security and safety is a priority especially after 346 people perish with both crashes. >> boeing has a lot of the 737 max planes in production. when we compare this to the boeing streamliner that was grounded in 2013. it took 20 million in three months to fix the problem. >> they will have to show that they are working on it immediately. that's what they're doing. he did say they will continue and build the 4600 airlines right now, the planes in order. your 4600 on order. the continue to build it and are working on the software fix. these planes are worth over $100 million. the buyers have already put down a down payment to the tune of about 20%. there not just going to just stop. though work on the software fix.
10:25 am
the question is how fast they can roll it out and how it that will affect the prophet line. in 2018 the last quarter you saw prophet of $10 billion. they will take a hit, but they been around for quite some time. if the software can fix it they believe it can turn around. leland: laura: while we have your let's talk about the china trade deal. the trump administration saying is moving along in the ob announcement in the next few weeks. there is still no piece of paper on this. >> it's difficult to get an actual date. we originally thought it would happen at the end of the month and the premier would come here and there would be discussions. that is not the case, according to steve mnuchin, the treasury secretary, on thursday he was at a hearing when i was able to ask a quick question, a 150 pages. a document that is huge. they need to look at no intellectual property thefts and
10:26 am
there's a lot that involves technology. i asked specifically about the timing and listen to what he had to say. >> average objective is to move forward and completing the documents. that is our focus in the china team's focus. we've had conversations about coordinating a presidential visit. i think they are still determined and willing to come tomorrow i'll go for. the specifics have not been worked out. >> if i could point out, if you're talking about the negotiations, the united states is at a point of strength because the economy is so strong in china's economy is weakening. however, you look at the president's term much shorter as being a leader of china where he has almost an indefinite term. we can take a hit politically. there's a lot of back and forth. how long can china suffer and at the same time come to the table and not steal the ip technology and as for direct transfers on all the other details. >> let's talk about the american
10:27 am
companies. so many are left with uncertainty moving forward there is a long list with the business between the two countries. >> the thing is, the business community and we talk about it, they don't like it. it's like a tax. you're bringing imported goods into the united states. it costs companies more. they have to pass the cost to consumers. pepsi, coca-cola, costco, walmart, all said they had higher cost because of the trade terror for going on. they need to pass it on. this is why it's so important at this moment to get the ball rolling. then you will most likely see an uptick in the markets. even though it could be priced it. just that optimism on friday you sell the s&p 500, the nasdaq close higher after concern over the past few days. >> reporter: it's good to have you here. a lot to get to. thank you so much. leland: how do these trade
10:28 am
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well, i don't know what you'd wanna buy because i'm just a guy on your tv. esurance. it's surprisingly painless. >> he got a rescue from the skies after getting lost on a mountain ledge in scotland. the dog was found 200 feet up by a mountain range by a coast guard helicopter that was performing training exercises. the dog had been missing for 48 hours. the bad storm had pummeled the area. leland: a happy little bed. it is possible -- it is possible
10:33 am
but still undecided of president trump and the chinese president will hold their tomorrow lago settlement to finalize the trade deal. that's from the treasury secretary who says there is not in agreement, yet. you heard laura and christina talking about that last segment. caught in the middle of that is america's farmers. with that, we bring in michael, third-generation fruit farmer from the gods country. and by that, i mean the great state of michigan. michael, good to see you. we talked last summer and you were hopeful it would be wrapped up in a couple of months. you would be back with high cherry presses has that happened yet? >> unfortunately, no. the cherry prices have not rebounded. leland: one issue we talked about a lot, was the president getting tough with turkey and some of the other nations that were charging high tariffs on american fruit products. we have seen this during the same position that soybean farmers and missouri, north dakota, south dakota are in, as
10:34 am
well. have you gotten any relief there? >> when you start talking trade, there is a trade issues that we are facing. i want to recognize that the administration is a took it upon itself and took the tough road to try to deal some issues that agriculture is facing in relation to trade deals. the first thing that happens is it jumps into a tariff sort of battle. we know farming income across the country is at a low point. we are less than 50% of the end, where we were in 2013. bankruptcy rates are higher than they have been in the last decade. from a specific tart cherry standpoint, in the last fiscal year we lost over 10% of our growers and processors. leland: when you say lost 10%, that means the guys who drive the trucks and low forklifts, the people who work on the refrigeration machine, all out of a job now? >> that's correct.
10:35 am
when a grower goes out or trickles down into the community in different areas, that is for sure. leland: has that translated into either a loss of support or skepticism for the president among a group that was so supportive of him in 2016 in these key states? >> as long as they should are still engaged in trying to come up with a solution, farmers are right behind them. farmers are some of the most loyal, hard-working people. farmers are fighters. they are appreciative of the fact that we are getting a little bit of attention, so to speak. leland: but, how long does that patient last before he said he can't get it done. as you noted, we are going out of business. >> right. i know we predicted the industry could go under in the next ten years. as long as the president and the administration is at the table trying to work for a solution for a tariff and non- trade
10:36 am
barriers i think agriculture will support the administration's play this out for us. all of us were not farmers go to the supermarket. if you take a second you marvel at the abundance and for thorough food, and the fresh produce. some of us take a step back and say wow, what an unbelievable privilege and success in testament to american ingenuity merely as supermarket is. testament to your hard work, as well. when does this begin to hurt the consumer prices at the supermarket? >> consumers at the supermarket might even be benefiting. if you look at tart cherry specific comments coming in at half the cost of production. some products are benefiting. other products that may be getting tariffs may not benefit. but that is an area where i hope the administration is looking at every commodity group not just the major players.
10:37 am
i'm hoping specialty crops do not get ignored and thrown to the black burner. leland: specialty crops, michigan has a huge cherry industry. michigan a state that the president only one bite ten or 12,000 votes and 2016. this is a potential to certainly affect 10,000 people, right? >> for sure. this could definitely make an impact on the cherry industry. we need to somehow figure out, and we were through the generalized system, remove the duties free access which took some of the sting out of turkey importing products. however, the minor tariff that was imposed due to them not being fair within the trade agreements or adhering to the rules of the trade agreements has paid an impact. that is one big thing that trade specialty crops need. leland: just to educate the viewers, you grow a cherry and
10:38 am
tried to send it to turkey, the chair percentages what? >> 58% plus. they grow at tart cherry on the chair percentages what? >> it was zero. we got it up just a smidge. it is still nowhere near an even playing field. if you get millions of dollars thrown at you to buy your crops by your trees and input cost. >> we certainly know the turkish government has been subsidizing things over there, as well. mike, we appreciate your time and advocacy for you and your fellow farmers it's admirable. the very best of what farmers are. it is good to see you. >> thank you leland. leland: thank you. laura: as robert mueller reportedly ends his investigation congress is sending a special message. these people are planking outside this of cream court for a pretty special occasion.
10:39 am
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laura: special counsel, robertma special report on his decision
10:43 am
to the attorney general. meanwhile, most house republicans joining democrats on thursday to demand the justice repairmen publicly release the full findings of the special counsel's investigation. david joins us live with the latest. the ever evolving story. >> the other trend ever evolving story. it's a nonbinding resolution in congress. it is a message that congress, a bipartisan congress wants this report to be made public. this was a busy week for special counsel mueller and his team. paul manafort was sentenced to seven and a half years behind bars. roger stones trial date on the books for november. and gates continues to cooperate with authorities. we are learning the new court documents that the late senator, john mccain, and an associate made public and on for dossier that alleged russians had compromising information on president trump. known as the steel dossier, funded by the democratic national committee.
10:44 am
former senator john mccain denied being the source for bus speed after it publish it. however were learning that he did provide the first 33 pages to the fbi in 2016. former independent counsel in general of the united states, kenneth starr on fox news, this morning. >> deeply disappointed. we will see. that's what the evidence shows. i am one who keeps saying, don't rush to judgment. i'm just saying, i am very saddened by this. look, john mccain was an american hero who did so much for the country. but, this is a dark stain. >> meanwhile, paul manafort sits in jail this afternoon. it president trump were to pardon manafort he's not out of the woods. earlier this week, manhattan district attorney announced a 16 count indictment against manafort with charges mirroring the federal ones from eastern virginia. the president would not have the authority to get manafort out of
10:45 am
the new york state charges if he is found guilty there. no word specifically when the mueller report will be released. when it does, will first go to the attorney general, william barr, then we will see if it is made public. certainly congress wants it to be made public. in fact president trump is all for transparency. he wants people to see what's in the report. leland.laura: thank you. leland: there is a winner. we'll tell you how long it took the canine and their mush or to come across the finish line at the iditarod. and, it's a plane. no, well an invasion. we'll talk about that coming up the best simple salad ever? heart-healthy california walnuts. the best simple pasta ever? california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever?
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laura: fans of supreme court justice, ruth bader ginsburg gathering outside the supreme court in planking and honor of her 86th birthday. the blinkers celebrated ginsberg who is well-known for exercising routinely and seem to get her attention. in fact, she asked her trainer to relay a message, assuring them she has been doing planks and push-ups the correct way since her cancer surgery in december, and not to those. >> anything is possible out there. >> if you look at the video, we can put it up again. there were a few people who could use a lesson from ruth
10:50 am
bader ginsburg, madame justice's trainer on their plank form. as we look across. i won't call anybody out. >> be nice. leland: well, these guys that were going to tell you about, here they are from alaska, pete keiser is the big winner at this year's iditarod. he has earned his first victory after competing in the race ten times. thirty-one years old, took in nine days 12 hours, 31 minutes and six seconds to complete the 1,000 mile race. congratulations to him and to his dogs. we will see you tomorrow. >> president trump slamming the congressional resolution, locking his national emergency to fund the law wall. the president calling it quote, dangerous and reckless. he issues the first week two of his presidency, opponent's calling his and overreach had not needed. now it all goes back to capitol
10:51 am
hill. setting up a new fight in the on the battle against security. hello. >> the resolution now returns to the house where lawmakers are expected to hold an override vote on march 26. the president insisting that the situation is a real threat to
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