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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 16, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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nine days 12 hours, 31 minutes and six seconds to complete the 1,000 mile race. congratulations to him and to his dogs. we will see you tomorrow. >> president trump slamming the congressional resolution, locking his national emergency to fund the law wall. the president calling it quote, dangerous and reckless. he issues the first week two of his presidency, opponent's calling his and overreach had not needed. now it all goes back to capitol hill. setting up a new fight in the on the battle against security. hello. >> the resolution now returns to the house where lawmakers are expected to hold an override vote on march 26. the president insisting that the situation is a real threat to national security.
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>> congress has the freedom to pass this resolution. i have the duty to detail it. i'm very proud to detail it. very proud of a lot of republican senators that were with me. i'm also proud of the republicans in the house who voted overwhelmingly who favored in support of the border. let's go to gary tinney. >> the white house at this point is not concerned about the president overriding the veto. at least for now the math is on their a two thirds majority in both the house and the senate. the house was about 40 votes short of that last month. in the senate was short by eight. on friday in the oval office, president trump described the effort to end his national just emergency is dangerous. he insisted is his
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constitutional duty to stop what he described as an invasion. >> congress is vote to deny the crisis on the border is a vote against reality. it is a tremendous national emergency. it's a tremendous crisis. we want border security, we want safety, we want no drugs and no human trafficking. >> over the next ten days, democrats will try to convince more republicans to go against the white house. they admit getting 40 plus republicans to do that will not be easy. >> now, we are going to try to override the veto. i know it's an uphill battle. i know the math is. the question is simple. will we stand with the constitution or with party loyalty? i want to stand with the constitution. >> one key element in if they are successful is the details of which military construction project president trump plans to take money from to fund the
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construction of his border wall. a number of republican lawmakers have been concerned projects in their states could be affected. even then, overwriting the veto was seen as a longshot. that's why democrats are looking into a number of other legislative options they have to counter the president. arthel: thank you. eric. eric: the battle over the border security drags on. both wayne on the political impacts. for more we have the correspondent for daily cars. >> and override his we just heard is not likely. what is the significance, if as expected the effort fails? >> even though it is likely to fail, both in the house and u.s. senate, there are a number of options available to lawmakers. they're looking at possibly joining the lawsuit organized by the state of california that are suing the president over the legality of the national emergency. they're talking about bringing up the vote every six months on congressional disapproval of the
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national emergency to force republicans in both houses to take difficult votes. they're also looking at adding this approval or the power of the purse that exists to add disapproval votes or block the funding that the president will try to use either use of the appropriations process in the house. this is not the end of the fight between the white house and congress on the national emergency and border security funding. >> they fell 45 votes short. what if that narrows? what would be the significance if indeed the president wakes up more support? >> even if the vote doesn't narrow, there has always already been reviewed by both houses of congress. it is a defeat for the white house. even if they had a two thirds override in the house which is unlikely, the white house will be looking to with that vote significantly.
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the president is unlikely to give what he said earlier today, his permission to the gop leadership to let republicans vote for something. something they would oppose strongly. the significance of the gap were to raise would be even more of a rebuke to the white house. eric: and if the democrats keep on every six months renewing this, it will be a hot issue in their opposition against it right through the 2020 election. >> absolutely. it's a defining moment for both parties. many republicans, some sought a backup plan to make sure they did not have to vote for this resolution. it is overwhelmingly politically popular with much of the president's face. they look at it as a campaign issue in many republicans who rebuked him as betraying him on the issue of border security. democrats know that republicans do not want to take difficult votes against the president
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especially when it comes to issues of constitutional principle which don't always translate to the battlefield. >> that was brought up by the wall street journal. let me read you a quote. pretty much a bluntly titled, trump loses the senate. democrats are united against the emergency and their motives are largely partisan. the gop opposition is sincere because it comes out of political costs. it's never vote to easy to vote against the president of your own party. he should not test the loyalty. could that mean in terms of the first time a block of gop senators and talk to him? we see more of this in the future? >> yes. this week has been extraordinary in the break between congress and the white house. you had the overwhelming majority of the entire house
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boat that the mueller report should be public. you have them cut funding to the saudi backed effort in yemen. you also had congress disapprove of the president's national emergency at the border. you have a congress that is reinserting itself in terms of power of the purse. and his ability to control u.s. funds abroad. a lot of congress are talking they are re- finding much of the powers they had that exceeded to the executive branch. eric: anything that will continue? >> it will absolutely continue. the president and white house are not backing down. they look at it is within their prerogative. it's not something that would go over well with some constitutional republicans in the senate. eric: it is the way the system was created by our founding fathers and continues today. this is an example of that. it's good to see you.
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tomorrow on sunday morning, maria sits down with republican senator, ron johnson of wisconsin. he's chairman of the omelette security committee. we'll get his reaction to the president's first veto and what comes next in the border wall funding fight. that's 10:00 a.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. arthel: the chance of meat reaching a diplomatic breakthrough with north korea's not looking good. the regime now threatening to pull out of talks with united states, following the summit in vietnam with president trump in kim jong-un that ended without an agreement. north korea also weighing whether to resume its nuclear and missile testing. julia turner has more from washington. >> new concerns breaking this weekend about north korea, is the trump administration scrambles to figure out kim jong-un's next move in the wake of yesterday's announcement. a korean official to schools
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that kim is considering ditching negotiations with the u.s. altogether and resuming nuclear weapons testing. a worst-case scenario for the united states. the secretary of state jumped in yesterday with a pointed reminder to pyongyang. >> in hanoi in multiple locations, he spoke directly to the president and made a commitment he would not resume nuclear testing, nor would he resume nuclear testing. that is chairman kagan's word. we have every expectation he will live up to that commitment. >> talks between president trump and kim fell apart when they reach an impasse over sanctions. trump has imposed five rounds of them so far during his presidency. north korea continues to demand sanctions really. something the u.s. will only provide after kim surrenders his nuclear stockpile of weapons and long-range missiles. yesterday, a spokesperson accused the trump team of taken a gangster like stance. >> i make this clear, the forceful stance of the u.s. will
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certainly make the situation were dangerous. our supreme leadership will clarify its decision soon. >> the trump administration has hung their hat in hopes on the fact that north korea's nuclear testing abated over the past year. >> we stopped missile testing a nuclear testing. we are hopeful that we can continue to have conversations and negotiations. >> everyone from the secretary of state to the national security advisor, to the president has proclaimed that to be their top achievement so far. should the north resume it would be an injured blow to their strategy. worse, major threat to u.s. stability. arthel: thank you, julian. eric: now and alert on the deadly and sickening rampage that occurred in new zealand. the man accused of opening fire inside to mosques, killing 49 worshipers appeared in court
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today. police are charging that suspect to lifestream the killings and charged him with murder as a country reels with grief and searches for answers in this despicable crime. kitty logan has the latest developments. >> this primary suspect is a 28-year-old australian man and detained shortly after the shootings on friday. this apparently is the same man who claimed responsibility for the killings online. he posted in a manifest outline his efforts. the courts ordered his face to be blurred. he was handcuffed and closely guarded. he will remain in custody until his next court appearance on april 5. he's facing one murder charge but the judge said he will be likely charged with other deaths. meanwhile, forensic works is continuing world police try to gather more evidence to support that court case. they're trying to establish if anyone else may be linked to
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this main suspect. forty-one people were killed at the first mosque that were targeted. they were attending friday prayers. police said the suspect drove to a second mosque and killed several more people there. one of the injured later died at the hospital. more than 30 year being treated for gunshot wounds. the graphic video of the shooting at the first mosque was streamed live. it was then taken down. he reportedly showed the suspect firing indiscriminately at worshipers, including women and children. many of the victims were refugees who fled war-torn country such as syria and afghanistan. today, new zealand's prime minister met with members of the muslim community to offer reassurance. >> new zealand is united in its grief. we are united in our grief. so, i convey that message of love and support on behalf of
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new zealand, to all of you. >> now, people in christchurch are trying to come to terms with that grief. setting candles and flowers at a makeshift memorial. using it as a quiet peaceful shooting, this is the worst in its history. now it's on high alert. police believe only one gunman was responsible for the killings, they have not ruled out accomplices in their are keeping a watch out for any possible indication of any further attacks. eric: thank you. meanwhile, neighboring australia, people are standing in solidarity with the victims. take a look. it is the sydney opera house, projecting a new zealand silver firm on the building's iconic sales. the new south wales premier says that it represents unity and compassion for the victims. they say the whole countries and morning adding quote it is as though this has occurred on our
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own soil. >> very moving. back here at home, robbery at a famous las vegas casino leads to a shoot out on the strip. one responding officers lucky to be a live. also, states of emergency or declared throughout parts of the midwest the heavy rains and melting snow is causing widespread problems. the nebraska governor tweeting that historic flooding has hit nearly every region of the state. the situation has now turned deadly. a meteorologist is in the weather center. adam. >> unfortunately, we still see major flooding on the way across nebraska, iowa, southern wisconsin. were talking about the flood waters over the course of the weekend. i'll talk about that in my full forecast, after the break.
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to help your family be tall of you. how you live, what you love. that's what inspired us to create america's most advanced internet. internet that puts you in charge. that protects what's important. it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. arthel: rescue and evacuation efforts underway in many areas of eastern nebraska. after combination of heavy rain and snow melt are causing rivers and creeks over the flow. the trouble is spread out throughout communities and parts of the plains and midwest. the national guard carrying out rescue operations for people trapped in the rising waters. water breached a pair of levees
11:19 am
north of fremont, virtually cutting off the states six largest city. were plans underway to shut down a nuclear power plant. but that nebraska emergency management says there are no safety concerns at the plant. let's go over to adam who is in the fox weather center with the latest. >> this is a huge area. we saw such big rain on top of that were talk about areas that seem a good amount of snow through the winter. because of that the snow melts and you see serious flooding. this is our current flood gauges across portions of the midwest. you seen at least minor flooding. that will only intensify. some areas where is thicker you talk about the missouri river behind it, the mississippi river, these are the current gauges. we can look at the forecast and it looks as though the water will only raise as we continue through the weekend. you see more red and pink colors
11:20 am
which means were getting moderate flooding or major flooding. this happening despite the fact there is no rain on the way. we saw big storms but now were drying off. good news, satellite and radar across the region. were getting a chance for water to eventually run down getting into early next week. future radar shores mostly clear conditions. you're not seeing a lot throughout the center of the country, sunday into monday. as we look further down the line we will see rain work back into the area. this is the precipitation models. it's taking you to tuesday. dry until the middle of the week. for the middle of next week another system will be sweeping across the country. this will bring more rain. it should be enough time to let water levels fall. is something we will pay
11:21 am
attention to as we get closer to that timeframe. the only other good news, a lot of areas the temperatures are holding up. we won't see a lot more snowmelt. they have a lot of snow over the winter in the center of the country, running into the upper plains and midwest. we'll be melting and something will pay attention to. as far as rain goes it does look as though the rain is wrapping up. arthel: thank you, very much. joining us by phone we will bring in the mayor of columbus nebraska, mayor bulkeley. thank you for joining us. we know you're busy busy trying to help out the residents. if you could tell us, understand some rain waters receded. what is the biggest threat facing your city at this moment? do you have any residents trapped? >> right now, columbus is not in a dangerous situation. even our surrounding county area
11:22 am
right around columbus come as far as residents trapped, those who had been trapped and we were aware of, with the national guard help between friday and yesterday, or thursday night and friday, we have gotten everybody out that needed and requested help. we do have some people who are stranded. they are safe, they're good people that just can't get out because the roads have been washed out. but, they are fine. some people don't want to go, either if you ask if they're okay they say yes. that's a situation here. we dodged a bullet very much so in the town of columbus. arthel: i'm happy to hear you dodged a bullet. are you helping with neighboring cities in terms of resourcing, helping them with -- i understand they are still dealing with floodwaters. >> there is a lot going on to the east.
11:23 am
yesterday, the fremont into omaha area really was getting hit hard with floodwaters. at this point, we are not being asked for assistance. i know some of the national guard people who were here, the helicopters were here, the rescue people who were giving us assistance were moving over that way. one of the issues we have, and it will relieve itself tonight and tomorrow, is for three days, we were an island by yourself. we could not get or out of columbus proper. we had grocery stores that were concerned, we had gas stations that were concerned. we are going to be able to get north later today. it may not be a straight line. you may have to go a little east, north, west, but, we will get out. we will have some rose opening. arthel: do you have power for those folks who decided to stay home? >> most of them did.
11:24 am
most is because part of a road washer when they cannot get out. some people when they say, let's go and you say no, there's not much you can do. >> i understand that. >> we did not have a lot of that. there is always a few who want to stay with their belongings. we did not have any mandatory evacuations. we had a few suggested evacuations. >> adam is saying there's another system heading that way. i hope you again get lucky and dodged a bullet a second time. mayor of columbus, nebraska, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. glad to give you an update. eric: meanwhile, overseas, bank was set on fire in paris. that as yellow vest protesters were clashing with police again. this time for the 18th weekend in a row. firefighters had to rescue a mother and child who lived in the apartment above the bank. the flames threatened to engulf
11:25 am
their floor. and all, 11 people were injured including two firefighters. meanwhile, rioting continued. proposed struggling to contain demonstrators. they use tear gas and water cannons. smoke bombs and other objects were thrown at officers. seems to becoming a regular saturday occurrence on the streets of paris. arthel: had home, las vegas police officer is lucky to be a live after shooting on the strip last night. it happened at the bellagio hotel before 10:00 p.m. a man went into a poker cage area and demanded money from the clerk. he then ran outside and tried to steal a car. that is when shots were fired. >> the suspect was confronted by former metro police officers, at which time the suspect turned, pointed a firearm at an officer and fired at least one round,
11:26 am
striking our officer in the chest area. the officer had the bulletproof vest on which probably saved his life and has been treated medically and released sue make the suspect was shot by another police officer and was taken to the hospital in critical condition. eric: mitch mcconnell is up for a procedural vote on the green new deal. that does not mean the plans the main architects is happy about it. you'll hear what democratic congresswoman, alexandria ocasio-cortez has to say about the new move. plus how the party could benefit politically on the latest by shaping up on capitol hill. the 2020 presidential hopefuls are fanning out across the country. former congressman, beto o'rourke holding a rally in the hawkeye state. we will have the latest from the campaign trail here. >> the president needs to bring the country together. we have to show up everywhere
11:27 am
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eric: former congressman and presidential candidate, beto o'rourke or is on the highway. two days after officially launching his presidential campaign. texas democrat is in waterloo. he is joining a packed lineup of white house hopefuls. a new york senator, kristen gillibrand is also in the campaign trail. she's in another voting state of new hampshire. former vice president, joe biden is creating a flurry. he's scheduled to speak tonight in his home state of delaware as we all await whether or not he will make another presidential run as is widely speculated. jeff paul is following this action and is in the west coast newsroom with the latest.
11:32 am
>> it is another packed week in for a democratic presidential hopefuls who are campaigning to be the name that carries the party in 2020. as you take a look at the live look, that's former congressman, the beto o'rourke who is campaigning and i went. he spoke to a crowd at the blackhawk county democratic headquarters. earlier he picked participated in a 5k run. he took questions after the run, most centered around healthcare saying it's important that everyone has access to it. >> weather is absolutely free for everyone up front, at one point or another, we are all going to have to pay for it. i don't think any of this will be free. i want to make sure cost is not an object to obtaining your care, prescriptions are taking your child with therapist. >> and former hud secretary was in nevada last night. he spoke at a bar in downtown las vegas where he talked about humble bringing's and wants to make sure all americans have the
11:33 am
same opportunities to prosper. he also pledged to visit every single state during his run. he sounded confident about how he thinks his campaign will progress. >> i look forward to a moment he comes later in the day, in the afternoon, when it's customary for the incoming president to assure of the outgoing president on the white house lawn. before he goes i'm going to tell -- >> even though he has not announced he is officially running, former vice president, joe biden leaves most polls as the democratic front runner. he'll be attending the first state democratic dinner tonight in delaware. elsewhere, ensley will be out campaigning, -- a baker's dozen to keep watching. we'll see if someone else joins in soon.
11:34 am
thank you. of course you can catch one of the 2020 democratic candidates on fox news sunday, tomorrow. chris wallace will talk with the south bend mayor, the youngest candidate to enter the field, so far. the program and interviews at two and 7:00 p.m. you can check local listing to see when it airs on your local fox station. >> senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell was expecting to hold a procedural vote on the green new deal by the end of this month. but, some democrats are calling this a political stunt. accusing senator mcconnell of testing their support. here is the from kentucky on that accusation. >> most democratic presidents -s for president and most in congress say they are capitalists. but, i think the important thing to look at is not what they say, but what they are doing. another example is the green new
11:35 am
deal, we have been talking about that. watch what they do, not what they ultimatelyarthel: joining , democratic strategist, scott bolden and john thomas, republican pollster and founder of thomas partner strategy. good to have both of you. john, your first. what is senator mcconnell strategy, his goal? will the plan worked where he hopes it will? >> is a brilliant move. as the senator said in the warm up package, quotes are one thing, quotes or something these candidates, especially democratic primary candidates can walk back as they go into a general election say they've all their positions. , but votes are another animal. it's important both to take a lot of these senators like senator harris and others to put and say they support the green new deal which is wildly unpopular with the mainstream
11:36 am
electorate. and to decide the presidential election. that's an important strategic thing. i think it will go perfectly as planned. arthel: scott, if the idea is to force the dems to show their hands either in support of the green new deal, against it or in favor of a modified version, how might his trip up some lawmakers? >> i know the republicans want to trip up the democrats is dangerous. the majority of americans believe in gold global warming and that is man-made. the reality is the democrats are going to vote present because that's their response to this political maneuvering by mcconnell. the reality is, there are republicans and democrats who support reducing the carbon footprint. the green deal is a broad, conceptual piece on how you get to an emission free piece. it's not legislation. so, all you have is this process of going through with the
11:37 am
resolution. i don't see how the republicans expand their base with independents and democrats by doing this. >> here's the problem. you call a broad and conceptual. it is toxic to voters in the key swing states. here's the problem with voting present. that may work fine for democratic senators who don't have their name on a ballot in a democratic primary. the senators like harris, booker, and others will get lambasted from the left of their primary base if they don't vote their values. that is voting for this bill. there are damned if they do and damned if they don't. >> the reality is this. they can vote present and explain that vote, but on the campaign trail if they're running for president's work in a particular state whether red state or blue state, they can advocate for the green deal or parts of it or add more to it
11:38 am
so, clearly it's on their mind. with democrats the environment is a big issue. they don't necessarily have to vote for it up or down. the house is done that already. on the campaign trail they say they supported. arthel: the green meal new deal strives for net zero emissions while creating millions of quote good jobs, high wage jobs. so i want you to tell me why this is a good deal and then john you tell me why it's not good for americans. people want to know what was the fuss. >> the republicans have made it a big fuss. we have a real problem with emissions. we have a real problem with global warming. every scientist have described this, the voters we know 80% or more support doing something about it. it's man-made. we know under the obama administration new energy deals created thousands of jobs. as a goal here, if we can get
11:39 am
started on reducing these admissions is going to create a lot of union jobs. we should not be afraid of it. there's more to it. these are broad outlines. arthel: john, what you say? >> first wallace advocates for larger government control, telling an individual with a can and can't do with their lives. i would disagree with scott. what it does, it regulates things from the fact that perhaps we shouldn't be allowed to eat hamburgers that are beef consumption might be adding to co2 gas emission. it's the kind of cars we can drive. it dictates -- arthel: john. >> will note on. arthel: are you old enough to know, back in the 70s, if you got behind a car, shame on you.
11:40 am
that thing is killing you with the exhaust. it's a good thing for me, for you, for the environment. that's what this is about. >> technology and the market can solve that. even union leaders like the president of the a fci jo says it's a disaster. the bigger electoral problem is that the green new deal it's essentially saying night coworkers, -- coal workers, minors, blue-collar workers their jobs will be absolute. >> the coal miners don't have jobs now. coal is archaic. i'll tell you what. [inaudible] [inaudible] >> were going to end it there. nobody can hear anything. we don't want anyone to lose their job. we just said coal miners are losing their jobs because we don't rely on coal so much
11:41 am
anymore. we hope these people can get other work, of course. thank you both. i have to leave it there. i'll talk to you both again. eric: president trump, yet again slamming the rush of pro. because the illegal and conflicted. it's uncertain whether the attorney general will be swayed by the house vote to release it completely. there's a new probe and handling the hillary clinton e-mails. all that and more next.
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11:46 am
republicans vote for transparency. makes us all look good. doesn't matter. play along the game. david is live on what else is going on. >> that vote in congress as a nonbinding resolution. but, a message congress' bipartisan congress wants the report to be made public. this week was busy for special counsel robert mueller and his team. paul manafort was sentenced to seven and half years behind bars. roger stones trial date is on the books for november. manafort deputy, rick gates continues to cooperate with authorities. we are learning through new court documents that the late senator john mccain of arizona, made public in unverified dossier that alleged russia had compromising rough information on president trump, known as the steel dossier. former senator john mccain denied being the source for a buzzfeed article after it was published on the internet. we are learning that mccain did
11:47 am
provide part of that dossier, specifically the first 33 pages back in 2016, the end of 2016. meanwhile, paul manafort's is in jail this afternoon. if the president were to pardon paul manafort he's not out of the woods. earlier this week, manhattan district attorney filed a 16 count indictment against him mirroring federal charges in virginia. president trump would not have authority to get him out of those state charges if he's found guilty there. no word specifically on when the mueller report will be released. when it does get released it will first go to the attorney general, bill barr. certainly congress wanted to pay made public. for 20 - zero. arthel: david, thank you. eric: the house resolution went to the senate and then it hit the wall called lindsay graham. the german committee wants the attorney general to appoint a special counsel to investigate
11:48 am
allegations of misconduct over the way it handled hillary clinton's e-mails. a former special assistant to the attorney general joins us now. john, first on the mueller report. 420 - zero. can't get much stronger than that. do you think the attorney general will weigh any of that with whether he decides what to release or not to release in terms of the full report? >> i'm sitting in miami, where i live and practice. people are enjoying the beach, enjoying golf, of course watching your show, i don't think they're preoccupied with this. i was in washington a few days ago on a client matter and i was astounded by the media interest. after be back on monday, i may have to walk over reporters. i don't know what they're expecting. if there expecting a gold box and mueller report. the congressional resolution you have to go back to george washington to find something
11:49 am
that is unanimous. it means absolutely nothing. here's my view. number one, it's possible that the attorney general already has the mueller report. i don't know if that is the case. but, the people who really know, being the people in miller's office and the attorney general and his small staff, they are not talking. the only reason i say it's possible as once he gets it, it's a confidential report. the fact of the transmittal is a nonstory. he has to study it and determine what to do with it. now to your question. i wrote an article which the hill published called i'm looking down. william barr is the right man for the times. i argue that barr is going to do the right thing. he is not going to be influenced by polls, by congressional resolution, he's going to follow the law and the department of justice regulations. there are three things that come to mind. number one, national security matters are going to be
11:50 am
rejected. number two, grand jury information, he cannot release to the congress or public and number three, i believe white house counsel and possibly rudy giuliani, they have a right to preview it, not change it. but in the event they want to assert any privilege. here's the bottom line, if they assert privilege it gets decided by the courts. we will be terribly frustrated because that litigation which will go on forever, we will see the redacted pleadings where everyone will speculate and we will not know what's underlined in the read actions. i think bill bar is going to do what he thinks is right. he will follow the law on the regulations, including the one that james comey, i think violated, and that is releasing to anybody information about people who are not indicted. eric: that is a terrific,
11:51 am
detailed explanation of what we can expect in the mueller report. right after the break and commercials i want to ask you about if there should be an investigation of the dio g regarding hillary clinton. >> okay. thank you. now there's no reason to rent when you can own. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. helping veterans buy homes, that's newday usa. call 1-855-678-9927 we're finally going on the trip i've been promising. because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. ♪ so even when she outgrows her costume, we'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure together.
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>> senator lindsey graham puffer second special prosecutor to investigate the handling of hillary clinton emails. john, obama justice department blocked charges against mrs. clinton according to lisa paige testimony. you think is appropriate that there should be a prosecutor look into the deirdre handling of this? >> here is my answer based on what was released to the public. secretary clinton is not above the law. the department of justice, attorney general first needs to review all of the available evidence and decides if it meets the threshold to conduct the investigation. if it does he should then decide whether or not the department can do it or appoint a special prosecutor. the attorney general i trust will make that decision. they should do an investigation in the affirmative and without -- quick she's been cleared basically several times in terms of the investigations and
11:56 am
there still is the perception, the perception of questioning, perception of some possibility. you think i should finally be wrapped up? >> not based on perception. i think it should be based on hard evidence that the attorney general is sworn to uphold the constitution to enforce the law equally and if he thinks that it meets the threshold that would apply to anyone there should be an investigation. leave it up to ag. eric: we are out of time, thank you for joining us, thank you for your insight. >> thank you. arthel: we will be back one hour from now. for pm eastern. journal veeditorial report is next. on every purchase, everywhere. actually, that's super easy. my bad. i never count thattrthe wrinkles.s. and i don't add up the years.
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corruption of elite college admissions. to the steady application of wealth, combined with fraud. there can be no separate college admissions system for the wealthy and they will not be a separate criminal justice system either. paul: welcome to the journal editorial report on paul gigot. federal prosecutors announcing charge this week against some 50 people in six states and with the department of justice says is the largest college admissions scam ever prosecuted. dozens of wealthy parents including permanent business leaders of two hollywood actresses charged in the


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