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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 18, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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hydrates game by a fan's drink, 76ers forward taking swig crashing into the fan while chasing loose ball and the 76ers been the way, 130 to 125. this wraps this hour of "fox & friends first", "fox & friends first" continues right now, bye bye. ♪ >> somehow to the president's fault politicization of everything that is undermining the institution that we have in the country today. rob: monday march 18th, the trump administration defending the president against accusations that the new zealand attack was his fault. >> what we learned about the attack that killed 50 people and where investigators have turned investigation. rob: beto o'rourke taking tough questions in wisconsin. [inaudible]
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>> have you ever taken acid? >> no -- jillian: what are chances and get your daily caffeine fix by subscription? rob: major fast-food chain that wants you to pay, "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ carley: the weekend goes by so fast, don't they rob? rob: always. carley: the weather is beautiful too. good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning i'm carley shimkus in for jillian mele.
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rob: st. patrick's day -- [laughter] rob: i'm rob schmitt, thanks for starting your day with us, overnight police raiding homes in australia, this in connection to heinous attacks at two mosques in new zealand. carley: international investigation intensifying as the death toll raises to 50 and some people try to point the finger at president trump. rob: ashley joins us with response from the white house. >> morning, that's right, carley and rob, the white house is fighting ak, mick mulvaney says it's absurd to suggest the president somehow influenced these attacks, we just heard from the police commissioner of new zeland who now says they are certain only one suspect carried out the mass shootings at two mosques in christchurch but he did stress he doesn't mean there weren't possibly some other people out there supporting him in some way.
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australian police are conducting raids on homes, one of them reportedly belonging to the suspect's sister, back here at home, though, the white house taking heat to ask critics to slam president trump's down playing of the white nationalist threat. the shooter mentioned president in antiimmigrant manifesto. >> speaks to politicization that undermines what we have in the country today. >> meanwhile new zealand's prime minister announcing gun law reforms will be announced in just about 10 days. >> i will make clear that a number of new zealanders question the semiautomatic, however, more fulsome details once we make decision the cabinet has made. >> listen to, this christchurch gun shop owner has admitted that he did sell the suspect four guns and ammo legally but didn't
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notice any red flags about that man. carley, rob. carley: while lawmakers plan to vote to override, the first veto of presidency. rob: all this as secretary kristin wilson prepares to give speech today. griff jenkins live in washington with the latest. >> hey, good morning, secretary wilson will lay out vision for homeland security, humanitarian crisis on the border this as congress still trying to undo the president's national emergency declaration. the president tweeting this, those republican senators who voted in favor of strong border security and the wall are being praised as they return, they know there's national emergency at the southern border, great
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job, meanwhile might in capitol hill on where the money will come from. many concern about pulling funds from the military, defunded. acting chief of staff mick mulvaney dismissing the notion. >> no identified lists of projects that will not be funded. we can identify the project that is will not be touched similar to process of prioritizing what projects are on the pentagon's books for 2020 and beyond. griff: democrat tim kane says it would spell trouble. >> this is the white house wanting to hold the list back because they worry if senators and if house members saw projects to pay for the president's wall they would lose votes. carley: griff, thank you
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so much, we appreciate it. clear similarities, two deadly plane crashes involving boeing 737 max 8 jet, ethiopian officials say black box data from the wreck that killed 157 people last week is reminiscent of the lion air crash that killed 189 people. in both cases pilots struggled to control the plane and tried to return to the airport but crashed. authorities have identified the senior airmen shot and killed during gas station robbery in arkansas. police say 23-year-old sean mccoy, jr. was customer inside at the time and shot trying to stop these two armed robbers. he died at the scene, mccoy was active member of the u.s. air force, investigators are offering $10,000 in reward money for information that leads to an arrest.
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>> the suspected killer of notorious mob boss could be arraigned as early as today, anthony carmelo accused of gunning down mafia boss frankie outside of staten island home last week, what a story it was, reports show that this was not likely -- likely not mob-related, though, stem from a fight over niece, police reportedly concern that carmelo has an x on his back, no criminal history prior to this. new warning for parents about so-called virtual kidnapping, california police investigating after scammers called parents claiming that daughters had been abducted. demand money to be transferred to mexican bank account to give kids back and in both cases ransom was paid before they found out that daughters were safe the entire time.
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>> only a matter time before he declares his 2020 white house run. >> because i'm not highly famous and i'm not personally wealthy, taking a little bit to get organization in place to launch, you only get to launch one but all signs are pointing in the right direction. carley: presidential exploratory committee back in january, he's the only candidate still in that exploratory committee stage after new york senator kirsten gillibrand officially announced candidacy yesterday. if he does declare, he would be theth democrat to enter the 2020 play. rob: declared 2020 candidate beto o'rourke says he will stop swearing on the campaign trail, this comes after high-profile slips or maybe done intentionally, we don't know like this one during concession speech to senator ted cruz. >> i'm proud of you guys. [cheers and applause] rob: democratic hopeful telling supporters in wisconsin will
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keep it clean while denying that he has ever taken lsd. [inaudible] >> have you ever taken acid. >> no. rob: o'rourke says there's nothing that he has not revealed about his past that could come back to haunt him. the buzz around beto o'rourke is giving democrats high hopes for 2020. the former bush white house adviser karl rove says beto can draw a crowd he has yet to be tested by opponent on any of the issues. >> he's a chrismatic candidate, he speaks well, he can rouse a crowd, he has authenticity, it's ironic, generous interview with vanity in his title. he's a very attractive candidate and raised 80 million in race
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and nearly won a red state, on the other hand, the record is in and ability to talk about issues is elusive and the biggest problem he can face is, look, he had 2017 and through september of 2018 with ted cruz opponent never engaged him and now he's going to be engaged every single day. rob: o'rourke plans to visit in michigan, ohio and pennsylvania this week, all state that is president trump won in 2016. carley: 68 teams but only one national title. it is time to fill out your march madness bracket, can you believe it's that time of the year already? north carolina, snatched the coveted number one seed. williamson and devils are favored to win it all, first round of games kicks off tomorrow. rob: i don't know much about college basketball.
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carley: i just fill it out and hope for the best. i did win once. yes, i won $200. rob: 10 minutes after the hour, gop voting unanimously for transparency on the mueller report after what a top house republican is calling a failed stunt. we will talk about this, does this spell bad news for the democrats? >> this is the result of a massacre -- [inaudible] carley: students blaming chelsea clinton for the new zealand mosque attacks, unlikely conservative coming to her defense, we will have that next. oh! oh!
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rob: top republicans blasting transparency vote as failed attempt by democrats to divide the party, this comes as officials twarn end of the special counsel investigation may not be near. carley: tow, todd piro with the latest on capitol hill, good morning, todd. >> good morning, guys, congressman doug collins says not only is there no collusion, the vote was a stunt by democrats to divide republicans and make it look like they are hiding something. >> why are we wasting american people's time? >> democrats say that's not so. >> i don't think it's a political stunt at all, what we saw leading up to that vote was the president making, suggesting that perhaps it didn't need to
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be released and concerns with the answer of attorney general spot on saying it would be release and congress did what it was supposed to do. >> so what does the president think, he tweeted, quote, on the nonbinding vote, 420 to nothing, in congress about releasing the mueller report, i told leadership to let all republicans vote for transparency. makes all look good and doesn't matter, play along with the game. and despite recent speculation that mueller is wrapping up, former u.s. attorney says not so bad. >> i think people should be with some skepticism the notion that is reported every week that mueller investigation is coming to an end. the work of the investigation is pending any time soon. >> documents on e-mail scandal with more potentially on the way, carley, rob. carley: it's never going to come out. >> at some point.
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rob: next week, todd. >> everybody says next week but then barr goes on. we don't know. carley: betting lines right now. u.s. stream court will hear arguments today in a gerrymandering case, found 11 districts were racially gerrymandered. the gop has 51-49 majority in virginia house of delegates, the outcome will impact 370,000 voters. rob: a virginia county approves $23 million in incentives for amazon. officials stacking the deal despite protestors in board meetings to discuss the plan. >> james -- rob: amazon's new headquarters in suburban washington, d.c., the state has committed $750 million in
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incentives. amazon pulled out deal to build in new york after widespread criticism. carley: 17 minutes after the hour, have you seen this? students ambushing chelsea clinton blaming her for the new zealand mosque attacks. >> this is the result of -- [inaudible] >> i want you to know that. or car unlikely conservatives coming to her defense. rob: congresswoman omar called israel evil but now she says she has a solution for peace in the middle east.
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rob: crews rescuing 300 people from washed out neighborhoods in the plain states in nebraska. carley: look at the helicopter video we just showed. record flooding recorded in 17 areas, expected to get worse, river set to crest at nearly 48 feet tomorrow. flood waters have overcome one-third of the critical air force space damaging 60 buildings. rob: janice dean in the studio aftermath of powerful storms lately. janice: unbelievable. this will continue as the rivers continue to rise and then move downstream across the ohio and the mississippi river valley, so there's a radar today that you can see where we have flash flood warnings in effect in parts of nebraska, iowa,
2:23 am
missouri, downstream as well for st. louis as the water has to go somewhere, right, feeds into the mississippi river valley so all of the flood warnings in effect as the water moves downstream, this is going to be ongoing story not only for the next couple of weeks but the next couple of months as we get a lot of snow melt heading in spring-time weather. future radar, any more water will cause problems across areas that are already flooded. precipitation across southwest. there's forecast today. central u.s. looks good right now. system moving out of rockies, we have a little bit of rain across the mid atlantic and northeast and then, spring arrives on wednesday. 53 here in new york.
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carley: i didn't know that. rob: about time. carley: 58. janice: 53. 53 in new york and chicago. rob: thank you so much. very nice. carley: i like that. rob: president trump urging general motors to close ohio plant, ceo of general motors about the ohio plant, i'm not happy that it is closed, everything else in the country is booming. i asked her to sell it or do something quickly, she blamed the united automobile workers' union, i don't care, i just want it open. gm responding in a statement, quote, to be clear the future of unallocated plant would be resolved between gm. carley: former senator joe lieberman doubling down on the value of the democratic party. >> the democratic party is not
2:25 am
jewish party but there are some people in the party including congresswoman omar who has said antisemitic things. carley: suggesting her republican colleagues paid prolobbyist group for support. rob: congressman dan crenshaw coming to support after new zealand attacks. [inaudible] rob: responded to liberal activist that claims she was triggered by people who criticize congresswoman omar's comments as snt sematic. this is the insanity that led
2:26 am
terrible accusations and chelsea clinton is not the blame fi say -- if i say i am triggered, they will kick me out of congress, let us know your opinion on this carley: 26 minutes after the hour. memories of 2016. rob: another establishment versus socialist match-up just end up splitting the democratic party in two. political analyst here to debate that coming up.
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new zealand mosques, national investigation now intensifying, raids of two homes overnight. the death toll has now climbed to 50. carley: clear similarities between two deadly plane crashes involving boeing 737 max 8 jet, officials say black box data show 157 people is reminiscent of the lion air october crash that killed 189 people in both cases pilots struggled to control the plane before crashing. rob: kristin nelson giving major speech and to expand current situation along the southern border which the trump administration says it's a national emergency. carley: nation's top general denying report that is the united states has drastically reversed course from a withdrawal from syria, general joseph dunford, saying in a statement, there has no plans --
2:31 am
there has been no change to plans announcing february and we continue to implement the president's direction to draw down u.s. forces. wall street journal reported plan to leave up to 1,000 troops in syria. minnesota congresswoman omar with new op-ed supporting two-state solution with israel-palestine conflict, writing, quote, my goal in speaking out has been to encourage both sides to move towards a peaceful two-state solution, we will need to reinsert this call back into the public debate with urgency, omar has faced backlash from republicans and democrats over antiisrael comments. u.s. supreme court will hear court of gerrymandering case, republican leaders want the justice to overturn lower court ruling that found 11 districts
2:32 am
were racially gerrymandering, the gop has majority in delegates, the outcome in today's case will impact 370,000 voters. lawmakers in new mexico want to replace columbus day with indigenous people's day, the bill passed the state house and senate and now sits on the governor's desk, supporters think that change would recognize discrimination against indian americans and reflect culture. rob: joe biden slip-up hint at presidential run. >> but the new left, i have the most progressive record for anybody running for -- anybody who would run. [cheers and applause] rob, the former vice president still leading in the polls for
2:33 am
2020 contenders even though he's not officially in. he's followed by senator bernie sanders, the question will democrats hope to go choose the establishment path or move socialist, move further to the left, here to debate that ron meyer and molly mitchell. biden says he has the most progressive voting record, i find that hard to believe, what do you think? >> i think that's just a talking point, we know that for primaries people are always pulled on either side farther to the left or right and biden during his speech was acknowledging that but i think joe biden has the problem out of anyone who is running. i mean, he hasn't announced just like you said and he's leading in the polls in iowa and the progressive wing is extremely crowded even with bernie leading it right now. rob: let's get information here, biden versus bernie as we take a look at this assuming biden gets
2:34 am
in, 90% assurity. 27% on biden, bernie moving along quite nicely and closing the gap, much wider gap than a month ago, let's take a look at joe biden's history here, he does have a very bipartisan history as he calls himself very progressive but these are some more conservative bills that he has supported in the past, bankruptcy reform, drug bill, defense of marriage act back in 1986. i mean, when he calls himself a progressive, do you buy it? >> a lot of those, look at it, most of those things president trump is more progressive than he is. that's the irony, president trump has more progressive record. look at the crime bill, he was the chief sponsor, joe biden, president trump did criminal justice reform which overturned most what are seen as racist laws, look at the iraq vote, joe
2:35 am
biden was one of the chief leaders where president trump opposed that. look at wall street, joe biden has represented wall street which has many banks, crack down on student -- on students on graduates who had high loan debt and so a lot of these things are going to be really troublesome when bernie sanders starts coming after him and going after his record, you know, i think that gap is going to shrink, i see bernie sanders going up in the polls, i see biden going down. everybody likes uncle joe right now, when biden starts going after record -- rob: molly, you see in the regular election after you get through the primary who is do you think has better shot, biden or bernie? >> definitely i think biden over bernie sanders, but i think we just have to remember 9 months out for first primary and over a year away from the convention, so much is going to change between now and then and other candidates poll, they don't have
2:36 am
as much name recognition yet and so i think at this point it's way too early to say it's going to come down to bernie versus biden. rob: okay, my buddy has gambling in vegas and you can win who will get the 2020 election and nomination, right now the leader is kamala harris, she has the best numbers. guys, thank you so much, we appreciate it. carley: time now is 36 minutes after the hour, this vietnam veteran's life saved on the battlefield by medic after stepping on land mine, 50 years later he's thanking him, they join us live. rob: get your daily fix of caffeine by subscription, major fast-food chain wants you to pay by the month.
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carley: welcome back, the department of transportation is digging into the faa's approval of boeing 737 max 8 claims after deadly crash that killed 157 people last week. rob: tracee carrasco from sister network has the latest on the probe. tracee: good morning, guys, in addition to that federal prosecutors are secret newsing the development of the planes 737 max planes, the wall street journal says that grand jury in washington dc has reportedly issued a subpoena to one person regarding the development of these planes requesting more documents. that subpoena was sent just one day after the deadly accident last weekend in ethiopia, i want to mention shares of boeing, we are continue to watch very closely, looks like they could be starting the second week in the red, right now shares of boeing down more than 2% in premarket. carley: all right, people who love coffee, you can now buy a subscription. tracee: i think this is a great
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idea, burger king $5 a month subscription for coffee, so you can get one cup of coffee every single day any time at burger king, participating burger king, so to sign up for the subscription service you've just got to download burger king's app go, to app and that's how you do it but i think this would be a great thing for burger king because once you're in there you buy the subscription you will look at breakfast menu and other things and buy things to go with your coffee, worked for mcdonalds. we saw when they turned around breakfast menu and saw earnings up. rob: burger king every day and you're getting breakfast. one cup of coffee at starbucks. cofounder of the environmentalist group claims that google is scrubbing him for victory. what is search engine now shows and no mention of him, the bottom row which he shows does
2:42 am
mention him. critical of some of the stances and also recan wantly criticized congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez for green new deal. carley: actor dean shane is firing back for defending free speech, suggesting that australian senator shouldn't have been assaulted over controversial comments. this video going viral after protester egged senator for his response to new zealand mosque attack. telling daily caller that no one should be attacked for political views regardless of up -- horrifying they are. should he be physically attacked because of them. rob: okay, let's check in with steve doocy, let's see what's coming up in about 18 minutes, hey, steve. steve: i haven't been watching the news this week. i just saw the video for the
2:43 am
first time. we will have action, also a lot of news, the president has been tweeting about general motor, why did they close down the plant in ohio, we will talk to all sorts of people about that including counselor to the president kellyanne conway, she will be joining us from the white house. harvard law professor alan dershowitz. so we have a busy 3 hours, carley and rob, starts in about 17 minutes from right now right here on the channel everybody trusts for the morning news. carley: can't wait for that to begin. sounds like it's going to be a good show. i see you in a couple of minutes. rob: we will be right back [music playing] (vo) this is jerry. jerry has a membership to this gym, but he's not using it. and he has subscriptions to a music service he doesn't listen to and five streaming video services he doesn't watch.
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willrob: baccalaureate, 5ms13 members stabbing and burning body and dumping on the side of the road in virginia, force today join the gang there. so is further proof of the situation at the border? here to weigh in president of border patrol council, héctor garza, we hear the stories time and time again, i remember the story of two girls in long island and brutality is terrible whacker do you make of this? >> this is another example of humanitarian crisis on the border. this is a type of violence that it creates and that's why we need to make sure that we have the funding to secure the
2:48 am
border. we do know that ms13 is a very dangerous international gang that is infiltrating our communities and is having serious and negative effect in american towns. rob: in 2018 in the physical year, more than 2018ms13 gang members were arrested in this country. i want to ask you, we are seeing such a steady stream of unaccompanied minors coming into this country and i've always heard from law enforcement that they are so vulnerable to this gang because they come here and they are kind of lost when they arrive, teenagers and the gang recruits and takes them in, does that sound right? >> yeah, that's the humanitarian crisis these unaccompanied children are being recruited and targeted by ms13, recruited in their home countries and also recruited here in the united states and that's why we have seen crimes that are serious. now, we have a long list that have been affected by some who
2:49 am
have committed crimes. we need to get serious. violence that's coming across the border due to unsecured border. rob: a lot of people point to wanting to fix the problem in central america, that's something that has been tried for a long time. is that the way to go here, to try and fund their life there and try to improve the quality of life for these countries? >> so i'm sure that there's a lot of things that can be done to countries better the situation out there. first and foremost we have to take care of america first and that's what president trump has been talking about. make sure that we are protected, make sure that our border patrols have the resources along the border, make sure that we have physical barriers, infrastructure technologies and then, yeah, let's worry about central america and what else we can do in the country, first let's worry about the united states, that should be number one. rob: do you feel that many people on the left are ignoring
2:50 am
your emergency, we need barriers to help us do our job and you basically get ignored by many on the left. >> of course, that's been happening and we have been meeting with members of congress, let them know the realities to make sure that we don't let the fake news media dictate what is happening on the border. all border patrol agents are being ignored, ice agents are being ignored. we have to make sure that congressional leaders pay attention to the border security experts, president trump has done a great job with meeting border patrol agents and he's one of the first presidents meeting with agents and we just hope that those members of congress do the same thing. rob: yeah, the new york times says that the border is at a breaking point. it is not sustainable. thank you, sir, very much, we appreciate it. >> thank you. rob: carley, over to you. carley: thanks, rob, he lost both of the legs and one arm after stepping on land mine
2:51 am
while serving country in vietnam but denise never got to personally thank the medic who thanked his life until now. 50 years later, vietnam veteran join paramedic finally reunited and they join us now. guys, it is so cool to see you together. what a full circle and incredible story. first thank you for your service. denise, i will start with you, can you tell us about the day in 1969 when you sustained your injuries, what happened? >> well, we were out on a mission and i tripped a land mine, i don't remember the explosion when it happened that day, i don't remember flying in the air, i never lost consciousness at all, i was able to see the extent of my injuries. of course, immediately screaming for help, my sergeant was the
2:52 am
closest one to me, got to me first, we stayed in contact, haul today -- hauled to medic, the two of them worked on me for a little bit until they were able to get chopper in and get the bleeding stopped and basically without reynolds that day i wouldn't be here. carley: yeah, doc, i'm sure you saw a lot of severely injured people during your time in vietnam, do you remember this, do you remember helping him out? >> yes, very much so. carley: what condition was he in when you saw him? >> well, he was awake and aware, you know, of what happened to him and -- and i got out and first thing i did was give him morphine, i said to him and put
2:53 am
bandages to help stem the flow of blood. carley: yeah. i'm so glad that you did and i'm sure -- i know denise is as well , he's never forgotten you, how the heck did you guys finally reconnect after 50 years, tell us that story. >> well, what really happened, i tried for a number of years and i had made contact with ed and some of the others probably 10, 15 years after it happened, we could never find doc and we knew he was from tennessee and we kept trying and in 2014 and another stlaij was there that day, i didn't know, he in turn was in touch with me because he wanted to know what happened
2:54 am
also, he felt in his mind that me and doc should reunite and he kept after it and kept after it and past november he ended up -- he got a phone number that was disconnected and he sent a letter and doc, you can tell them about when you got the letter that day. >> well, i got letter, i didn't remember bill and i decided to open it up and i read it and seen it and i called him, he gave me denise' number and called denise. carley: you guys met for the first time this past friday, right? >> yes. carley: that's amazing, we have to go, but it is -- it is so cool to see you two together. you guys are both heros and we thank you so much for your service, thank you so much for telling your story, we really appreciate it. >> well, thank you, it's honor to serve.
2:55 am
carley: thank you. >> thank you, it was honor. carley: time now 54 minutes after the hour, chaos in the cabin as air raises new height. are known to be big fans of chick-fil-a but this one will go to great lengths just to get there. ♪ ♪
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jillian: for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first, the good. a little boy who loves police is sworn in as a junior officer on his fifth birthday. santa ana police caught word that little awin wants to be an officer when he grows up. the boys in blue bringing some soccer balls as presence. we love that. rob: next the bad a brawl makes out thousands of feet in the air. a woman not bearing shoes going to the bathroom. a boyfriend gets involved. one man got bit in the nose it looked really bad. carley: move over, everyone, this cow has somewhere to be. >> anybody have a lasso or something? >> is this like a promo for
3:00 am
chick-fil-a? >> they are right by chick-fil-a. the cow escaped a transport trailer. the cow was eventually caught and returned to the owners. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> authorities going door-to-door in australia hunting for clues in the new zealand max kerr. some try to point the finger at president trump. >> oh my goodness it must somehow be the president's fault speaks to the politicization of everything. >> ethiopian airlines that crashed shows similarity to the sam crash with the same plane last october. >> rivers are at historic levels and forced hundreds from their home. >> representative omar, would you do you think me


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