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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 19, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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las vegas benefiting big time from legalized gambling becoming the entertainment capital of the world. state gambling these days accounts for the lion's share share of nevada's tax revenue. >> sandra: lucky lady. thank you for joining us here at "america's newsroom." "outnumbered" starts next. ♪ >> harris: a new idea is picking up steam as more and more democratic 2020 presidential candidates hit the campaign trail. reforming the high court -- some democratic white house hopefuls are express and support for expanding the number of seats for justices on the supreme court as pushed back against president trump's supreme court picks. you are watching "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner. here today, town hall editor and fox news contributor katie pavlich. fox news contributor, jessica tarlov. post of kennedy on the fox business network, kennedy. and joining us in the center seat for the first time on
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"outnumbered," ian pryor, former justice department deputy director of public affairs. it is also an attorney and vice president of mercury public affairs. great to have you. >> thanks for having revenue. >> harris: are you ready to rock 'n' roll? >> ian: i'm ready. >> harris: let's do it. "they'll" is reporting that expended the supreme court is a key litmus test in the primary field. many democrats are urging sweeping reforms at the judicial level over what they see as senator mitch mcconnell's blocking president obama's nominee, merrick garland come in the final year of his term. democrats say they are opening to shape the supreme court. watch it. >> i think we need to fix the supreme court. i think they stole a seat. i think i would like to start exploring a lot of options and we should have national conversations, term limits might be one thing. >> what idea i think is interesting is you have 15 members but only ten of them are appointed in the public affection. five of them can only be seated an agreement of the upper ten.
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>> what if there were five justices selected by democrats, five selected by republicans, and those ten -- independent of those that chose the first time. i think it's an idea we should explore end. >> harris: that's beto o'rourke another 2020 democrats considering supreme court reforms, including senators kirsten gillibrand, kamala harris, and elizabeth warren. ian prior, do need term limits for supreme court justices? >> ian: no, i think this is so ironic. for years we have heard that trump is a danger to our institutions and our very way of life. here we have democrats wanting to pat the supreme court. they want to do what roosevelt tried to do in '37. it backfired on him then. it would be good if trump did it, it wouldn't be good if democrats did it. let's be reasonable, there is no way they will get there. in order to do that they have to win -- they have the house, they would have to win 60 seats in the senate and the white house. that would be so dangerous to do that. >> harris: you know what you are pointing out, jessica?
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it's like -- "vote for me so i can get the stud." but as we hear from ian, you have to win-win. >> jessica: that would be lovely on a number of levels. >> harris: is it fantasy or reality when you are in such a deficit? >> jessica: we won't get that many seats this time around. what they are trying to do is have a conversation about what's going on right now. president trump has put 91 judges, he could have 100 by the end of the first term. if you with a second term we will have more. they are not proposing saying just about democrats in. the people who are advocating for the 15 person plan, it's five democrats, five republicans, and a panel like heavy appellate court works. it will be rotating. it's not a democratic majority. i do understand the pushback, that you just want -- because it's frustrating to you that it didn't go your way. but they are trying to have a serious conversation about judicial reform and how all of this is going.
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but there are people like dianne feinstein and others who said absolutely not. the constitution is very clear about this one. there's a lot of things we can talk about revising, but the supreme court -- if 9 and it's for life. that's it. >> katie: they keep making this false accusation that a seat was stolen. mitch mcconnell held that seat open because of joe biden, who will be running for president, something he sat back in the 1990s. "we won't appoint a supreme justice in the election year, we will let the people decide." there was no trump was going to win when he held open. nobody thought he was going to win. if hillary had one, she would be the one to appoint the justices we have now. in the future, it's the same thing. she would have been able to appoint all the lower court judges that president trump president trump has appointed. the truth is that elections have consequences. every clinton lost the election. time after time, democrats --
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instead of winning elections, they like to change the rules and say that democracies in crisis even though we have a republic. they wanted to fit their own agenda and power structure. >> jessica: we -- brett kavanaugh was confirmed in a presidential election year. >> katie: not a presidential election. >> harris: one thing democrats can't miss is that the senate is confirmed 91 judges nominated by president trump. it's a reconfiguration of the court system, may be having a little bit of panic. or not. >> kennedy: i think that's what this is all about. it's emotional and political reaction to this electoral reality. instead of trying to change the rules i think democrats need to work a little hard at changing outcome of elections by may be running better candidates. candidates and people like and want to vote for, and not people like hillary clinton who really have the easiest political layups in american history.
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[laughter] and everybody knows that. that. the other thing, why stop at 50? 99 judges. i've got 99 judges, and a libertarian 81, apparently. >> harris: does not have a beat? >> kennedy: it will. believe me, it's deep inside. [laughter] but stay with me. beto o'rourke and pete buttigieg are talking about republicans getting five and democrats getting five. what about those who are unaffiliated with either party? what about people who are libertarian or members of the green party? or democratic socialists? or far right republicans who aren't going to be served by this trying to please everybody nonsense? facet democrats are trying to do, at the same time calling ino question the legitimacy of 2 supreme court justices simply because they lost an easy election and they can't get over it. >> harris: and you are right, the list of 2020 dems is a little longer. so we've got beto o'rourke, who
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kennedy just mentioned. you've got cory booker and pete buttigieg, who hasn't made it official but he's out there talking about it. >> ian: i agree, i think they learned the wrong lesson from 2016. is not to go out there and come up with these proposals that haven't been aired in 70 years and didn't work then. it's to get a better candidate to run. that's lest they should have learned. imposing these things is not really where it's going to -- >> jessica: democrats picked up 40 congressional seats, seven gubernatorial seats, in the the 2018 midterms. i maintain that hillary clinton was not nearly as bad of a candidate as many of the people on the couch feel that she was. but when you look at how people are running even now in the primary field you can see that people have learned from their mistakes. we had a victory in 2018. how can you say -- >> kennedy: it wasn't a victory in the senate because so much of that rests on the supreme court. that's why the senate votes are completely different than the house. i mean, what more --
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>> jessica: besides that, i don't think you can -- >> kennedy: he is still very much in the senate. >> katie: when it comes to presidential elections i think there is left is trying to compete with the right when it comes to the issues that matter on election day. in 2016, president trump repeatedly campaigned on the supreme court, give that list of candidates he would choose from should he be elected, and republicans tend to come out more on the issue of the supreme court that democrats do. i see this as an effort by the left to say, "clearly we've learned the supreme court really matters during the last two years. the other lower courts really matter and we have to care about this is much as republican voters do." >> harris: this is one of the ideas, here's another one. this is on the tape on the democratic side -- 2020 can 2020 contender elizabeth warren at a town hall last night. watch. >> my view is that every vote matters.
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at the way we can make that happen -- [applause] -- is that we can have national voting. that means get rid of the electoral college. [cheers and applause] >> harris: the electoral college has been a sore spot for democrats since 2000. they have seen two of their presidential candidates win the popular vote only to lose the electoral college and the election. plus, senator warren is also saying it's time to have a national conversation about reparations for slavery and other forms of repression. here she is. >> america was founded on principles of liberty and freedom. and on the backs of slave labor. this is a stain on america. it's time to start the national, full-blown conversation about reparations in this country.
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[applause] one senator warren's fellow 2020 candidates you see here on the big wall -- kamala harris, former obama cabinet official julianne castro -- have all signaled that they favor reparations in some form. but let's unpack this. kennedy, i want to start with the electoral college. which of the democrats -- it's an interesting thing that they want to tear down what they built. >> kennedy: the electoral college -- what liz is saying is that of course presidential candidates go to california. that's where they go to get a bunch of money so they can run the rest of their campaign and battleground states. that's the system we have set up so far because they are not going to go to places like iowa and wyoming and oregon if you are just focusing on the densely-populated states like new york, massachusetts, and california. and those are the only places -- frankly, i have lived in california for the better part of my life and i don't trust california voters to make every decision. because they are, by and large, pretty schizophrenic when it comes to their voting
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preferences. i don't think the presidency should rest entirely in their hands. also, this is a constitutional issue. i would encourage senator warren to go back and read several amendments, including the 12th, 14th, 15th, and see how the electoral college is crafted and how it is playing into our political lives. >> harris: so you can started to our program with that. [laughter] >> kennedy: the electoral college. >> harris: let's talk about what i said previously and the role the devil has played with the electoral college. i'm thinking mainly of the superdelegates because they thought they could really sweeten the pot and it hasn't helped them. why not question ? >> ian: that comes after candidates. it comes down to candidates -- >> harris: here we go back to human beings again! >> ian: [laughs] what katie said earlier, we don't live in a democracy. we live in a republic, a representative democracy. the electoral college was designed to prevent tearing of the majority from the founders' vision. that's equal if more important
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now when we have the internet and social media and it's so easy to create this outrage mob. everybody is the pc police. i think that having california and new york and illinois as the three states that are going to guarantee a democrat wins every four years, that's really not the answer. >> kennedy: don't forget, florida will find a way to screwed up her [laughs] >> ian: from better campaigns, when the seats you need to win. >> harris: jessica, why is your party, the democratic party, losing with the electoral college but losing with the big election mark y can think why can't they make that system work for them? >> jessica: we just finished eight years of president obama, bill clinton got to terms. george w. bush. people didn't think that was good happen. >> harris: we just said the last couple of elections. >> jessica: before that we have a democrat. when that was popular. >> kennedy: elizabeth warren elizabeth warren -- >> jessica: that's not what was happening. i very much enjoyed our town hall and i thought she did amazing job connecting with the
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audience. anyway, the point is that what elizabeth warren is talking about is actually reflected in the public polling. 65% of americans want to abolish the electoral college 32 only 3% are undecided on this issue. you really get a poll that shows -- >> harris: isn't data confidential issue question require you pulling >> jessica: because going on on the national -- we've got amendments for very good reason. because the original set would put us in a lot of trouble. i don't know why that's destructive, or be the cause for mockery. >> katie: we can have a conversation about the electoral college. but you have to change it you shouldn't do that through this roundabout way of the national popular vote. you should go through the process of what it takes to repeal a constitutional amendment. democrats know that's not going to happen so they are going around the system and advocating for one that allows tyrannical
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rule over the others. and for states to not have any say. the fact is that swing states change all the time. they are the same for a little while and then they change. this idea that we are only getting -- that the swing states are crypto in the conversation is not true. i want to see the time for harris on the topic we were discussing. the second topic election you mentioned about the reparations. i know you have some strong feelings about it. >> harris: i have strong feelings because -- look, i obviously know our history is a shared history with slavery in our country. i get it. i also understand that reparations are kind of in that spirit of what we can do to make the past right. i raise my children to make the future bright. we can't always correct the past. we can do is create jobs. we can create opportunities. we can teach people to fish rather than just feeding fish, as the bible says. i'm paraphrasing, obviously. my concern about reparations or apologies and all that is that we are trying to fix something that is so incredibly broken in the past but we are taking our
9:15 am
eye off the ball of the future. you can take some of that same money and create some opportunities for young people. you could train. there are a whole bunch of things he could do with that cash. you also have a strong view on this? >> katie: i have two pretty strong views. they keep blaming america for slavery, but that history slavery has existed. america came along as the first country to end it within 150 years. and we get no credit for that, to move forward and try and make -- >> kennedy: we did have a very blood he civil war over that. we also -- the remnants of the civil war, particularly blacks in the south, that was not an easy path. it was bloodied and violent and deadly -- >> jessica: and they there were native americans when we showed up. >> katie: all i'm saying is where the country that decided to end and we are still dealing with the issue. if you want to inflame racial tension even more, start blooming people who have nothing to do with slavery for the sin
9:16 am
of slavery. that is not fair, that's not the american way, and we shouldn't be doing it. >> harris: we will move on. a bunch of documents released on the fbi raid of president trump's former attorney and fixer -- what they tell us and don't tell us about michael cohen and his damaged credibility. a live report, next. and a former "saturday night live" cast member speaking out on what president trump gets right and wrong when he events over "snl" making fun of him. it was a rerun. we will start there. is the show harsher on the president than past presidents? we will take a look and talk. ♪ if you feel like you spend too much time in the bathroom with recurring constipation and belly pain talk to your doctor and say yesss! to linzess. ♪ ♪ yesss! linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation. linzess can help relieve your belly pain and lets you have more frequent and complete bowel movements.
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9:21 am
and office last april. that's according to a trove of heavily redacted search warrant documents released publicly this morning. millions of electronic papers and files were seized in that read, the first sign of a criminal probe that threatened the trump presidency and landed come in three years in prison for tax evasion and campaign finance violation. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge's life in washington with more. catherine? >> thank you, kennedy. the newly unsealed court records show robert mueller and his team obtained search warrants for michael cohen's email accounts much earlier than previously reported, with the first warrant in july of 2017. then over the next four months the special counsel sought more warrants that covered the email correspondence during the presidential campaign. the records read in part, "on or about november 13th, 2017, the fbi sought and obtained a search warrant for his gmail account, sent or received between june 1st, 2016 and it november 13th, 2017.
9:22 am
this time frame manage manners because cohen was negotiating deals and paid to women to remain silent after the alleged affairs with then-kathy donald trump. the president has denied the affairs. for federal and state issues, the issue is whether the payments amount to campaign finance violations. it's worth noting that anything related to campaign finance redacted. he testified recently about these payments and told lawmakers that he was specifically instructed by the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york not to discuss his conversations with president trump or others that took place after the fbi raid. >> unfortunately this topic is actually something that is being investigated right now by the southern district of new york. i have been asked by them not to discuss and not to talk about these issues. >> we continue to go through these records. as we learn more we will bring it to you, kennedy. >> kennedy: cothran, thank you so much. wonderful report. and so intriguing, katie.
9:23 am
where did that leave us? with the fbi investigator michael cohen for some of his curious omissions from the irs? $4 million, he reportedly did not report. or was all about bringing down the president? >> katie: i think it could be a combination of both. clearly, this goes back to us not knowing exactly what's going on with the special counsel investigation. what kind of search warrants they have. there's a lot of details that we will continue to find out that we weren't aware of at the time. it feels a lot of speculation about the motive behind why they were going into michael cohen's office. there were lots of concern, even the president talked about attorney-client privilege being violated. going forward, i think it'll be interesting to reconcile michael cohen's congressional testimony multiple times with with these documents actually say. and if there are any discrepancies. >> kennedy: who would care the most about the discrepancies? >> ian: michael cohen, probably. [laughter] >> kennedy: he will have plenty of time to ponder it in the whose
9:24 am
gal ! >> ian: of ray talks about how he committed to campaign finance violation. the president did come as well. he pled guilty to the violation pray this is not something that has been tested in court. this particular fact pattern. i don't think this particular situation necessarily guarantees a guilty conviction, if it was actually testified before a jury. the idea that something was done that benefits the campaign but also may benefit some these business, then at them personally. is that a violation? if you get a free teeth cleaning from his dentist during the campaign, is that a campaign violation? it helps them personally and also help somebody's giving that speech that night. >> kennedy: or if you paid somebody to not talk about may be a cosmetic procedure. is that a campaign finance violation? it would be equally embarrassin embarrassing. >> jessica: no, it's more embarrassing to be sleeping with a star and cheating on your wife and lying about it. and trying to make sure that information does come out because it will influence an
9:25 am
election that is impending while jim comey is standing up there saying that heather clinton's emails are still -- >> kennedy: otherwise the president has led a blameless life. >> jessica: a champion of morality. i think there are two different things out of michael cohen findings. first of all, there are 19 pages of reductions that relate the campaign finance violation. we need to find out more about that. it also reveals that fdny and the mueller people knew that he was lying to congress when he lied. so they've had that information for a long time. i always find the most insightful commentary about this -- there is so much that we don't know. and bob mueller is really the only one who knows. i preach it when analysts say that bob really knows everythint taking clues as they drop coming here. but he has a game plan and the report will come out to. and i'm sure a lot of us will be surprised by some of it, i have to wrap. >> kennedy: the game goes on. harris will have much more after this. >> harris: i'm working on! >> kennedy: she's working on it right now, real hard, just for you.
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a new fight over health care with the central issue and they are beginning the house. but now they are bowing to lower up against the far left push for medicare for all, which is very expensive. can they find a unified message? plus, 2020 hopeful beto o'rourke raising a ton of cash. also running into a buzz saw with the left identity politics. finding himself apologizing for his white male privilege. we will be back in moments. stay here. >> as a white man who has had privileges that others could not depend on or take for granted, i clearly had advantages over the course of my life. ♪ to look at me now, you don't see psoriasis. you see clear skin. you see me. but if you saw me before cosentyx... ♪ i was covered. it was awful. but i didn't give up. i kept fighting. i got clear skin with cosentyx.
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9:31 am
playing football and his talented football. >> reporter: brazil is -- >> president trump: we are looking at it very strongly. we are very inclined to do that. the relationship that we have right now with brazil has never been better. i think there was a lot of hostility with other presidents. there is zero hostility with me. and we are going to look at that very strongly in terms of whether it is neato or something having to do with alliance. but we have a great alliance with brazil, better than we've had before. >> reporter: [speaking for language]
9:32 am
>> translator: mr. president, brazil is offering access to a rocket launch site in brazil. americans will be able to go to brazil. what would you like president bolsonaro to get, to take to brazil, as a result? >> president trump: we're working on different military sites and military options. we are working on visas and going in a much easier fashion. all of that is good. we have many things that brazil would like. i think we are working on those things. one of the big elements of the relationship is trade. brazil makes great products and we make great products. our trade has been never as good as it should be in the past. in some cases it should be far more. i think our trade with brazil will go substantially up in both directions and we look forward to that. that's one of the things that brazil would like to see. [reporters asking questions]
9:33 am
>> [speaking portuguese] >> president trump: steve? >> reporter: what you want to see happen in venezuela? >> president trump: i don't want to see exactly. i know exactly what i want to happen in venezuela, but we will be talking about different things. all options are on the table. it's a shame what is happening in venezuela. the death and the destruction and the hunger, it's hard to believe -- one of the wealthiest countries in one of the poorest
9:34 am
and most impoverished countries. so we will be talking about that at great length. >> translator: [begin portuguese] [speaking portuguese] >> reporter: being involved in the military action, are you supporting brazil to join? >> president trump: i'm supporting their efforts to join, and we are just going -- i think i can speak for both countries. all options are on the table. every option is on the table with respect to venezuela. >> reporter: you'd like to see them involved in any military option? >> president trump: we haven't even discussed it.
9:35 am
we will discuss it today. >> translator: [speaking portuguese] >> reporter: mr. president, what are you -- >> president trump: i'm very unhappy that he didn't repeal and replace obamacare, as you know. he campaigned on repealing and replacing obamacare for years and then they got to a vote and he said thumbs down. our country would have saved a trillion dollars, and we would have had great health care. he campaigned, he told us hours before that he was going to repeal and replace. then, for some reason -- i think i understand the reason -- he ended up going thumbs up. frankly, i have even known that, i think we could have gotten somebody else.
9:36 am
so i think -- i was never a fan of john mccain and i never will be. thank you very much come every thank you very much come everybody. thank you. >> reporter: thank you very much. [reporters shouting questions] >> harris: we were waiting to see if any of those shouted questions we get answers. as we said right before that, i had to make it quick to get in there. we didn't want to miss it. president trump and whom they called, as a nickname, "the trump of the tropics." brazilian president bolsonaro. they were in the white house come as you see, as if it news conference. it's a traditional occasion set to happen in the next hour. we will have coverage on that on "outnumbered overtime." in the meanwhile, this is a 3-2 visit for both scenario. secretary sarah sanders had said previously that the trade policies, combating
9:37 am
transnational crime, and restoring democracy in dennis miller. those on the list to talk about. the president just being asked about the late senator john mccain. wyatt attacked him after his death? the president said come as you hurt them, and this is making news as you might imagine. very happy with his vote against repeal and replace of obamacare. he told us hours before that he would be supportive. it's disgraceful, there are other things he wants to talk about as well. just kind of wrapping that up from the oval office that of what is happening in the next hour with the bilateral. i wonder if those questions will come back up. one last thing, the president said they are looking at supporting an effort to get brazil into nato. a lot of news from just 5 minutes or so. we move on. this saturday marks nine years since president obama signed the highly controversial or affordable care act. what he was just talking about. now democrats are facing a new fight over whether to take it
9:38 am
one step further and push medicare for all. this is the battle over the house budget as looming. we will debate the latest joe dunford argus in the center come in prior, was nodding over all of this. we'll be right back. ♪ family, call newday usa. a newday va home loan lets you refinance your home and take out 54,000 dollars or more to pay credit card debt, or just put money in the bank. it even lowers your payments by over 600 dollars a month. as a veteran, you've earned the powerful va home loan benefit that lets you refinance up to 100 percent of your home's value. and with home values rising, that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. and because newday usa has been granted automatic authority by the va, they can say yes when banks say no. and they'll do all the va paperwork for you. we all know some of life's most important financial decisions are made right here at the kitchen table. so, if you're a veteran and need cash, calling newday usa could be one of
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♪ >> jessica: nearly nine years after president obama signed the affordable correct upending the political battle, democrats are now facing a new fight over health care. the progressive post for medicare for all is proving to be divisive in the party. some 2020 candidates like senator elizabeth warren have been pushing for an overhaul of the health care system. watch. >> when we talk about medicare for all, there are a lot of different pathways. what we are all looking for is the lowest cost way to make sure everybody gets covered. we figure out how to do medicare for all in a way that makes sure we are going to get 100%
9:43 am
coverage in this country at the lowest possible cost. >> jessica: some moderate democrats have been cautioning that government-run programs can backfire with many voters the dependent health care from there. now even some house numbers seen as more moderate, like debbie dingell, are embracing medicare for all. >> medicare for all is not a new concept. it was actually introduced in the early '40s after social security passed. i know what the health care costs are doing in this country and we gotta find a way to reduce them. but i also knew that every american has got a right to affordable quality health care. >> jessica: all right. a split issue here, definitely. private insurance, we are not talking about that as much anymore. >> harris: [sneeze] >> jessica: bless you, harris. >> kennedy: she's allergic to status end. >> harris: thanks guys, i need it. >> jessica: what he think it goes, and do you think it actually matters where the candidate is on this? because everybody runs back to
9:44 am
the middle come general election time. >> kennedy: yes, i think people will run back to the metal. it's easy to be for medicare for on that because it's untenable and it's ever going to pass. certainly in the political climate as it's configured right now. for people like debbie dingell, you could say whatever you want. you could say you are for ubi were all these things. they are not going to pass. when you're talking about health insurance, if you want to lower the costs -- and i know it's a filthy concept -- give people more choices. that also mean some people will only choose catastrophic coverage. that is what insurance was intended for. the idea of negotiating with a doctor or a hospital is completely foreign to most people who interface with the health care system. and it shouldn't be. you should be able to go in and see a list of services like you would at a spa and say, "well, this person is charging this much for this procedure. over here i only have to pay $700." we should have choices like
9:45 am
that. we have a free market, health care accounts, cross-state insurance policies, and we really don't have that by and large. >> jessica: i'm curious to get your perspective on this -- everyone would agree the democrats have won back certainly the midterm elections on the health care issue. what do republicans do now? i know what we are fighting about. how do republicans get people to turn out for them on the issue of health care? >> ian: i think this is a perfect example. if medicare for all works its way into democratic budget -- >> jessica: what is your policy, though? what is the g.o.p. policy on health care? i know what democrats are putting forward, so what can republicans say? >> ian: i think they are similar to what they been for years. across state lines come off her insurance. i think employer insurance is key. tax breaks. they've been talking about it for years and they have it happen. that's at the sinagua and happened with the democratic house if we get medicare for all in the democrat budget, it'll be problematic for all of the democrats at just won and
9:46 am
competitive seats. if they vote for they will hurt themselves and swing voters in 2020. if they don't, they will hurt themselves with their base in 2020. one of the most dangerous things that nancy pelosi could do was put medicare for all in the mainstream democratic budget. >> jessica: that's interesting -- if it comes to vote on the floor of the senate, people will just vote present. obviously the numbers -- they can kind of get away with it. hopefully it doesn't get kicked off in the house. i'm curious if your view here, katie. repeal and replace, which is what the campaign on, hasn't panned out. to see a bill coming down the pike on the republican side? >> katie: look look at, republs don't need to be focused on government solutions. eisai repeal and replace in every think there has to be this government replacement of a government program that completely failed and is now leading us down to a socialist medical system. when people like elizabeth warren say we need coverage for all people, it's actually a very dishonest way to have this debate because coverage is not medical care.
9:47 am
as we have seen with obamacare, there are longer wait times, you can't use your insurance because you can't afford to use your insurance, so it's basically worthless. and a whole host of other problems when it comes to actually receiving real medical care and tests. the solution is to take the government out of it. to allow for more transparency, to hold health care institutions accountable for being open and honest about what the pricing i is. and allow competition so the pricing can go down. allow people to pay for things out of pocket rather than through insurance. >> jessica: great transition paid harris? >> harris: real quickly, i was watching kirsten gillibrand another work done like network as you're watching the war in town hall. this seems to be a litmus test for democrats. the big question is, will you completely get rid of private customer you heard elizabeth warren talking about ramping down -- she used bernie sanders as an interesting example, i thought. but that you can't just get rid of everything. so what is it going to look like? if you don't have the choice that kennedy and ian were talking about, where are you? if it's not real coverage --
9:48 am
because it doesn't get you any closer to seeing the doctor quickly -- how valuable is that? it's not even worth a dollar. you've got to get into see the doctor. i don't see anybody with those answers right now. >> jessica: i think we will be lowering the medicare age, as my guest. a former "saturday night live" cast member since the president is not wrong when he goes after the show but he's got some advice when it comes to the president's twitter fingers. >> the president does not wrong when he says the late-night shows are skewed. comedy is comedy, man. you don't cut funding. "saturday night live" is funny whether you like it or not. ♪ than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills. so why am i still thinking about this? i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain.
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so call today and start with a free health assessment to understand your best plan of action. so why didn't we do this earlier? life line screening. the power of prevention. call now to learn more. ♪ >> kennedy: welcome back, new reaction to president trump's latest shots at "saturday night live"'s portrayal of him. former "snl" cast member joe piscopo, who voted for trump, tells neil cavuto that the president is not wrong but he needs to lighten up a bit. >> the president is not wrong when he says the late-night shows are skewed. i would like to see, on "snl," for them to do aoc. alexandria ocasio-cortez. they should do more of it and they should have fun with it. like the way she says "like" every 2 minutes. "like it, like a come i want to green new deal." we always make fun of presidents
9:53 am
on "saturday night live." we talk about how i did ronald reagan. he shouldn't worry about it, you should left about a preshouldn't get upset about it. comedy is comedy, man. you don't cut funding. >> kennedy: i think that joe piscopo make some great points there. i would love to see some of the late-night shows, including "snl," take shots at both sides. it would be fun for everyone. >> ian: and 100% agree with that. i used to watch "saturday night live" backstage. sandler, farley. ever since bush i think they really started to go after republicans. when they go after democrats it's like, "obama smokes cigarettes, he's going to get in trouble." they are going after trump viciously and they are not doing it on the other side. it would be fun to see -- there are a lot of characters on the democratic side as well. when will you start putting your effort into that? >> kennedy: so many, but especially with the cycle coming up. but kate mckinnon was greatest of your. >> jessica: and larry david as bernie sanders prayed when they
9:54 am
came up together. >> ian: that was hilarious. >> kennedy: you know they like the people there. being and have fun taking shots at them. both alec baldwin you can tell he hates the president. >> jessica: these two parody richard nixon and henry kissinger. >> kennedy: gerald ford. >> jessica: it's been a liberal show since its inception, lorne michaels -- it's not a surprise. joe piscopo is right that he needs to chill out. first of all, it was a rerun this we can. he spent his entire weekend defending judge schapiro and tucker carlson and tweeting out fox news clips. it's like, do your job. call the new zealand prime minister again. it upsets me. >> kennedy: i think you can call jacinda. katie? >> katie: i think you should laugh a bit but it's not like they are making fun of him and covering him. they are lecturing the rest of the country about what they should or should not do and what their morals should be. and if they are not for these leftist proposals like medicare for all and whatever that they are bad people. i think that's where they have gone really wrong.
9:55 am
they should cover it a little more evenly because it's funny, and because they only cover one side more heavily. it's predictable and lazy to just continue doing that. instead of being creative. >> kennedy: but that's the thing, you can't come up with jokes that everyone will anticipate. with the presidential cycle now in full swing, they've got to take some shots at democrats. >> harris: not for nothing, sometimes -- just for the rest of the pacs since there are so many of them, and republican saw this when they were running, too -- sometimes it raises your recognizability if you are parodied. in a fair and funny mattered. but the bottom line, it's funny prekennedy, you know funny. >> kennedy: that was richard pryor's golden rules comedy. more "outnumbered" and just a moment
9:56 am
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♪ when cravings hit, hit back. choose glucerna, with slow release carbs to help manage blood sugar, and start making everyday progress. glucerna. >> kennedy: think so much to our one lucky guy in the middle, ian prior. to that change your life? >> ian: it did. >> katie: there's only one right answer to that question. [laughter] >> kennedy: well done on your
10:00 am
maiden voyage on the couch. i hope you had as much fun as we did. 1 out of 10, what would us? >> jessica: a 13! >> kennedy: jessica tarlov is so graceless! back on the couch at noon eastern tomorrow. here's harris. >> harris: a fox news alert, president trump will say to questions later and at a news conference in the rose garden where he will be asked but several topic stories including the release of his former attorney, michael cohen, search warrant materials. the meal report and accusation of bias against twitter, facebook, and google. brazil's new president, known as the "trump of the tropics," will join the president of the white house. people say that politically they are aligned. we will take you there when it begins. and this is happening, ideas once out of the mainstream are being embraced by democrats running for president. "outnumbered overtime" now, i'm harris faulkner. a growing number of 2020 hopefuls open to the idea of eliminating the


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