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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  March 19, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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maiden voyage on the couch. i hope you had as much fun as we did. 1 out of 10, what would us? >> jessica: a 13! >> kennedy: jessica tarlov is so graceless! back on the couch at noon eastern tomorrow. here's harris. >> harris: a fox news alert, president trump will say to questions later and at a news conference in the rose garden where he will be asked but several topic stories including the release of his former attorney, michael cohen, search warrant materials. the meal report and accusation of bias against twitter, facebook, and google. brazil's new president, known as the "trump of the tropics," will join the president of the white house. people say that politically they are aligned. we will take you there when it begins. and this is happening, ideas once out of the mainstream are being embraced by democrats running for president. "outnumbered overtime" now, i'm harris faulkner. a growing number of 2020 hopefuls open to the idea of eliminating the electoral
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college and expanding the supreme court from its current justice number. all the way perhaps up to 15. ideas once considered too radical and taboo. while he has yet not jumped on the court-packing bandwagon, white house hopeful cory booker says term limits are also in order for the high court. >> i think we need to fix the supreme court. i think they stole a seat. >> should we keep it at nine? >> i would like to start exploring a lot of options and we should have a national conversation. term limits might be one thing, it gives the free president the ability to choose three. people holding onto those seats in ways that i don't think is necessarily healthy. >> harris: haven't heard anybody say constitutional amendment yet. maybe they will get to that later. we have complete fox team coverage. garrett tenney has more democrats gunning for the electoral college, post reaction from "the wall street journal"'s bill mcgurn and pulitzer prize-winning journalist judy miller. first, mike emanuel on the potential makeover of the high
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court. should democrats win back the house. the white house. mike? >> good afternoon, many democratic clearly frustrated being out of the white house on not able to influence the balance of the high court. some presidential candidates have called for adding justices from nine to perhaps 15 on the high court. others have talked about the need for supreme court reform, and trying to depoliticize it. here is some of the pitch for what some suggest is supreme court packing. >> if there were five justices selected by democrats, five justices selected by republicans, and those ten pick five more justices independent of those who chose the first ten -- i think that's an idea that we should exploit. >> one idea i think is interesting is you have 15 members but only ten of them are appointed in the political fashion. five of them can only be seated by a unanimous agreement of the other ten. the bottom line is we've got to make some kind of structural form to depoliticize the supreme court. >> candidates clearly think this connects with the democratic
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base. here's one reason -- judge merrick garland was nominated by president obama in 2016 but never received a hearing or a vote in the united states senate. then one president trump won the election, neil gorsuch was nominated, confirmed, and sits on the supreme court. so there is some clear frustration. but an expert warns that adjusting the high court would be controversial. >> where does it end customer gift, say, president kamala harris adds two justices, the next republican president for eight years after that adds two more paid than you've a constant cycle until we end up with 135 people on the supreme court. >> the term limits idea may be connecting with democrats frustrated that president trump's supreme court justices are likely to be on the high court for decades. harris? >> harris: mike emanuel, thank you very much for setting us up. some of of this 2020 democratic candidates also say they are open to abolishing the electoral college. especially after hillary clinton lost the 2016 election despite winning the popular vote.
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efforts are already underway in several democratic states to bypass the electoral college. here is 20 democratic and and r , the senator was of it was with warren >> my idea is that every vote matters. the way we can make that happen -- [applause] -- is that we can have national voting. and that means get rid of the electoral college. [cheers and applause] >> harris: garrett tenney is like for us in washington. garrett? >> harris, the 2020 election is reigniting a debate over how the president is elected. last night at the town hall in jackson, mississippi, senator warren argued that eliminating the electoral college in favor of a national popular vote would ensure that every vote counts. and it would force candidates to campaign in states they really visit during the general election >> come a general election,
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presidential candidates don't come to places like mississippi. yeah. they also don't come to places like california and massachusetts. right? because we are not the "battleground states." >> critics of that idea argue that without the electoral college, our national politics would cater to voters in big cities on the east and west coast. while alienating smaller voters were voters in more rural states. a growing number of democrats are pushing for a popular vote, particularly since democratic candidate has won the popular vote but then lost the presidency in two of the past five general elections including 2016 whenever clinton had nearly 3 million more votes than donald trump. despite that, just about a year ago, president trump said that he is all in favor of switching to a popular vote to decide the presidency. he said on "fox & friends" at the election is based on the electoral college -- i would have a popular election.
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it's as though you're running a runner and you're practicing for a -- instead of the mile." the electoral college, he says, "i would rather have the popular vote because to me it's much easier." well, last week, colorado became the 11th state to place its electoral votes to the candidate who wins the national popular vote. however, that change would only be able to take effect if enough states to reach 270 electoral votes sign on right now. the standard about 181. >> harris: that's really interesting. garrett tenney, thank you. i will take that into the conversation now. meanwhile -- and i will add this, too -- speaker nancy pelosi and other democrats in her caucus have advocated for lowering the voting age to 16. the top democrat in the house explains why. >> i, myself, have always been for lowering the voting age to 16. epic is a board to catch kids when they are in high school, when they are interested and all of this. when they are learning about government. to be able to vote. >> harris: the power panel
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now. bill mcgurn is a columnist and editorial board member for "the wall street journal" and has served as the chief speechwriter for president george w. bush. judy miller is a pulitzer prize-winning journalist. both are fox news contributor's. think of her joining me. i will start with you. let's go to colorado being the 11th state to pledge its electoral votes, if it looks like whomever is winning all of the popular. how would that change things? >> well, look, let's start with the fact that it's not going to change. it either takes constitutional amendment or enough states to do this. so far i believe it's only been blue states that will do this. so this is largely -- this is largely a fiction. it's a game where the end is not going to happen. they think they have a problem with 216. that's what is behind every one of these proposals. they won't change anything the thought affected the 2016 election. the real problem is we see the constitution. the electoral college works the
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way it's supposed to work. it is supposed to make sure that the entire country is represented, not just a few states. >> harris: was not entirely the problem of 2016, judy? i know that hillary clinton has written the book, "what happened?" and maybe some in her corner are trying to figure it out. >> it's true. i think we were seeing, harris, is the beginning of what is going to be a knockdown, drag out fight for the democratic party nomination. and that is why you have people throwing out a lot of ideas and trying to woo voters. for example, the idea that we should be only 16 to vote is clearly toward younger voters who tend to be democratic and activists. of course there will be a suggestion like that. the electoral college, the same. bill told you why it probably won't happen, because you do need a constitutional amendment. >> harris: i asked that question earlier. i'm not hearing these candidates
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necessarily saying a constitutional amendment. maybe they haven't got that far because of the reason you gave. this is just fantasy yet. it's fiction. how politically risky is it to attach yourself as a candidate to things that you know won't have that kind of outcome? not just the electoral college. it's the voting age, all of these other things. you are promising voters something, that would be a most impossible for them to do on their own. >> a lot of the stuff is ridiculous. it's not related to issues. it's interesting to me that nancy pelosi wants the voting age reduced. so she clearly thinks -- i am the father of a 16-year-old girl. she clearly thinks that this is a community that would be democrats. the least informed segment of our society. it's just crazy. it's not going to happen. i'm amazed they haven't focused more on donald trump's policies. they have to, to a degree, with the supreme court. but again, their answer is to
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change the rules and everything. they changed the rules under harry reid for nominations, and they live to rue the day. speed when you are bringing up something else, too. i want to pop up this picture, if we can. these are the 2020 democrats open to eliminating the electoral college. and reforming the supreme court. so far, three democratic contenders say they are open to eliminating the electoral college. that will be the first that we look at. we see them there, sanders, warren, and pete buttigieg. some of them say they want changes to the supreme court. i guess my first question would have to be, if they are going to talk about expansion, that's one thing -- but cory booker, senator booker, is talking about term limits. we could apply that to a whole host of things. >> not only is he talking about term limits, the way that they appoint them -- look, the constitution tells us how many justices there have to be but it's pretty clear they are appointed by the president. this is a radical proposal and it's not going to go anywhere. >> but it's going to spark
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debate. i think that's of these democrats are trying to do. they're trying to build the base, expand the base. i don't think the fact that you have a lot of candidates in the republican primary in which donald trump -- i don't think that whoever wins the democratic party nomination is going to be hurt by throwing out a lot of ideas for public debate. i don't agree should be making fun of it. i think that you are right, they probably won't go anywhere. the people said that about a lot of other ideas that have gotten traction and have become law. >> harris: that's true. >> a lot of other ideas, i would point out, weren't violating the constitution. i think this is just a waste of time. the five of the democrats, i would come together on ideas that challenge president trump. not challenge the constitution and the rules that we use to elect our president. especially when it's not going to go anyway. to me, that is just a waste of energy. there are a lot of things -- look, if you are a democrat, you could disagree with donald trump
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and go full blast. these are distractions. >> harris: democrats they don't ask anyone back in the midterms because of health care. there are plenty of other ways, but it allows them to avoid this question. who among them could take on donald trump? good to see you both. thank you for your speaking with me. democrats in the house judiciary committee say they have received tens of thousands of documents as they are kicking off their broad investigations in the president trump. this after they sent out a list of 81 81 people and entities associated with the president. jerry nadler says he is encouraged by the response. that some people have not complied. and signal that they are willing to fight the request. the redacted version of michael cohen's search warrant documents, now public. heavily redacted, though. one major development. the federal investigation into cohen started in july of 2017. that is much earlier than i had been previously known. laura ingle is in our
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new york city newsroom with more on this. >> hi, harris. indeed, we have this new timeline we are looking at. it brings a greater level of understanding of how and when federal investigators started looking at michael cohen, specifically the types of communications that he had. this is long before colin's home office and hotel room safety deposit box research in a predone raid in 2018. more than 4 million electronic and paper files, more than a dozen mobile devices, were also seized along with ipads, 20 external hard drives, flash drives, and laptops. investigators laid out the request to seize materials through 897 pages of documents in addition to his email addresses and phone numbers. 19 pages were also redacted. you can see the images of those now, or they are blacked out. but with the fbi says is that anything related to campaign finance violations under the title, "the illegal
10:14 am
campaign contribution scheme." these search warrants show the inquiry into michael cohen's checking account for a business he named "essential consultants llc," which opened with first republic on october 26, 2016. that's just days before the election. he told the bank he was opening this account to handle real estate consulting fees which investigators say did not appear to receive money in connection with real estate consulting work. instead, he received hundreds of thousand dollars from foreign sources. this is also the account cohen used to pay adult film actress stormy daniels and a former "playboy" model in 2016 who has claimed to have affairs with the president, which mr. trump has denied. some other details the warrant describes is the use of triggerfish sulfone surveillance prayed the feds used it on cohen so they could pinpoint his location. they also got what is known as a trap and trace warrant. that is where it will allow them to record the types of calls that he had. apparently they couldn't listen in.
10:15 am
we are still working on information on that. more details released today. >> harris: laura ingle, thank you very much. obviously as lord just showed us, that's pretty heavy reduction process by sharpie. a complete blackout on some pages. thank you, laura. to maybe get some perspective on this -- because we may not be able to tell what's underneath that marketing -- we will bring in republican congressman jim jordan. the ranking member of the house oversight committee. we will ask him all about it. plus, top republican congressman devin nunes is filing a lawsuit against twitter accusing the site of shadow-banning conservatives who influence the midterm election. this, as social media giants are facing growing scrutiny over alleged bias on the content being allowed on their platform. a live report with analysis from joe. stay close. >> this is the first of many lawsuits that are coming, but there were several fake news accounts with regard to the
10:16 am
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10:21 am
accusing it of shadow-banning conservatives to influence the midterm. this, as president trump is also accusing the social media giant of political bias. chief correspondent jonathan hunt is live in our los angeles newsroom with more on this. jonathan? >> harris, congressman nunez feels he is being defamed and smeared on twitter and says twitter allowed that to happen because the company has a political agenda. the congressman's target and the lawsuit includes two. the accounts, "devin nunes' mom," which suspended last year, and "devin nunes' cow," which is still active. it says that it insults him, and they do nothing to stop him despite it causing him extreme pain and suffering. he claims that agenda is brought bradley conservative >> what's happening is that twitter becomes the gas lighting for all of the news.
10:22 am
when they are regulating us, they are regulating what they can see in my treats. which they have done. and they are proliferating out things they agree with with algorithms they develop. >> there is increasing pressure on social media regarding content and creators. president trump's social media chief, dan scavino, just this week accused we spoke of "silencing" him by stopping and replying to comments on his own facebook page. facebook told us today that was an "unintended consequence" of an algorithm to stop automated bots. they say it's being fixed and they have apologized to dan scavino for the inconvenience. facebook also at the center of video you are seeing right here. ongoing questions about how quickly or slowly, depending on your point of view, it takes down a shocking live streamed video of the massacre of muslims
10:23 am
by a self-proclaimed white nationalist in new zealand on friday. so there are big questions here, harris, beyond devin nunes simply being offended by things such as twitter accounts saying his boots are full of manure. in situations like the new zealand video, for instance, to the social media giants have real control over their creations? in the case of politically charged material, do they have too much control and use it selectively for political purposes? >> harris: by the way, it was 17 minutes before new zealand police had to tell facebook to take that down. jonathan, thank you very much. the devin nunes lawsuit comes after of the concern examples that jonathan was just talking about. the negative impact of social media, including a few questionable posts. of the viral firestorm over covington catholic high school students interaction with the native american activist this year. remember, there were so many versions of that you had to drill down and watch the whole thing to get to the truth, which
10:24 am
was not i would have been portrayed previously in the media. in some media. it's not just republicans raising concerns. 2020 hopeful elizabeth warren is accusing facebook of taking down her ads, calling for breaking up big tech. i want to bring in joe concha, media reporter for "the hill" and out of radio talk show host. great to see you. let's start with, if we can, this whole idea of representative noon as challenging now a lawsuit. >> i think you saw what happened with covington, they just brought it. covington catholic. they sued for $250 million. that's what... mike jeff bezos paid for it. they sued cnn for more. hbo come as well. perhaps in bc. so maybe he saw that and said, "you know what customer social media is just as powerful these days as a "washington post" come as a cnn, or as any broadcast network. think about it, facebook has
10:25 am
2.232 billion monthly active users. on twitter there are 500 million tweets that go up on that platform per day. the president uses that, obviously, a lot. some say with that would help them win the election with all three media got out of it. he has more than 59 million users. in devin nunes' case, he is saying that a lot of people are seeing these tweets derogatory towards him, particularly from fake accounts, harris. twitter has terms of service, they said this. "twitter accounts it poses another person, brand, organization and the confusing or deceptive manner maybe permanently banned under the policy." some were saying that it was his mother. he complained, saying, "that's not my mom, and these are not or tweets." even though it's being retreated. until she got involved in said it wasn't her. is there a bias customer could seems that way. >> harris: you are jonathan's report about facebook having an algorithm to stop bots. the question is, do they have an algorithm to try and find
10:26 am
killers? it isn't just a take down, it's the actual finding. how hard i've been looking? >> i think it's overwhelming them. i don't think they have the staff to check every video that goes up there. millions of videos are posted on facebook every day. how many police to have the check the sort of stuff? >> harris: but how many of them are live in that moment? i think that's a question to start to talk to the company that is such a giant around the world, facebook. can you at least get it down to the live streams that you could be watching? understand videos of him most. by the way, they had to go back, the authorities come and take new zealand footage of killing all those people. 1.5 million posts. they do go back onto the internet and take him down. i'm just giving that as an example. we were talking about, though, has to -- and here's the. you are jonathan touch on it. if you are the creator, argues and controls your creation? is that it is you have to be looking at?
10:27 am
>> in other words, let's say i'm a guy filling my kids, which i do, and i want to put up on facebook. here's my son at bat. >> harris: ndebele people run away with >> to remind? i think that's -- you are bright, very good point. videos that are posted, that's one thing. i don't know how many live streams there are. 17 minutes is far too long. >> harris: is with the president treated just this morning. facebook and twitter, not to mention the corrupt media are so on the side of the reticle of democrats. we will win anyway, just like we did before!" >> doesn't think him he did when. >> harris: but he's got his own huge platform. >> he sees that as a way to bypass the media and go directly to the people. will they win? i'm curious if you will now ask the doj to look into this
10:28 am
further. >> harris: do you think that should be a case customer we are looking at devin nunes now. you think that government and particularly the judicial side of things ought to be more involved in social media now? how do we get a hold of this? >> i think social media has become so powerful now, even more than traditional broadcast networks with them like with very little filters and policing that it would be fair to at least look into this and learn how to -- not to control the speech but control the parameters around the speech that isn't real or fake or impersonated. >> harris: or disseminate life, perhaps. joe concha, congratulations. i will be listening on the radio. thank you very much. >> join us sometime, i could grill you. >> harris: i'm there! we await remarks now for president trump. he is set to hold a joint press conference with brazil's new president. remember, they say they are politically aligned and they are friends. we will bring that to you as soon as it begins. and we will have new reaction to the release of michael collins are torrent documents.
10:29 am
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>> harris: vice president mike pence is set to travel to nebraska today to get a firsthand look at the devastation, the flooding there, in the midwest. at least four people have died. hundreds of millions of dollars in damages being reported. flood watches and warnings remain in effect for more than a dozen states, as the range is set to continue today. let's go back to those rejected michael cohen's are torrent documents now, which we are told to show the federal inquiry into president trump's former personal attorney began in july of 2017. that is much earlier than had been previously reported, and it comes amid new signs that the mueller investigation may be coming to an end. the last prosecutor to have worked on the michael flynn case reportedly is now leaving the special counsel's office.
10:34 am
joining me now, ohio congressman jim jordan, ranking member of the house oversight committee. great to see you today. so, give me the signs that you think things are wrapping up. >> the reason this person might have left is the fact that the report is coming soon. we all kind of suspect that it is. it also might be a letter that mr. meadows and i sent to attorney general barr on march 1st. we sent a letter pointing up at andrew weissmann, who is also leaving the special counsel, they both wit myth bruce ohr prior to the 2016 election. and he can fade down mike tomei conveyed to them that christopher steele, the author of the dossier, talk to him and he conveyed the information to both of the individuals who went on bob mueller's team. that mr. steele was desperate to stop trent. we pointed it out. may that had to do with them leaving him as well. we'll have to wait and see. >> harris: my team has acquired a copy of that letter.
10:35 am
what specifically do think the american people need to know right now about this investigation? >> remember, we told mr. barr, these two people on the team knew that christopher steele had a bias against the president. desperate to stop trump or the terms that mr. bruce ohr told us in the deposition. he conveyed that to the people of the justice department before the election and also before they went to the fisa court the first time to get the warrant to go spy on the trump campaign. back in october of 2016, they knew that information and they didn't give that information to the court when they went to get the warrant. that is problematic. we think that is a potential conflict. maybe that has something to do with both individuals leaving the mueller team. a bee they are looking for another job, i don't know. understand that mr. wiseman is leaving the justice department altogether. that was announced last week. maybe that has something to do with the fact of a new this critical information i didn't convey it to the fisa court. clear back before the 2016
10:36 am
election. >> harris: wonder i wonder how much the american people are sensitive to the terms "fisa co" it comes down to whether one side, politically, is able to game the situation with that secretive court. and how much we could ever look at that situation or the evidence there that the court has seen. that's important, whether you are a democrat or a republican. >> it sure is. i tell you what most americans are sensitive to, the double standard. we talk about michael cohen -- look, we learn from this, michael cohen lied to banks, to the irs. they were surveilling him in getting information much uglier than we thought. >> harris: he is a criminal lawyer. >> right, we know that he lied to congress and get in front of congress in lodz again. what underscores to me is the difference between how he was treated and how michael flynn was treated and roger stone was treated compared to secretary clinton. she had 60 something thousand documents on her personal server, but she and her lawyers,
10:37 am
they got to decide on the front and which ones we on the benghazi committee and the government got to see and which ones are personal in nature. completely different standards come a completely different treatment. as i talk to constituents, particularly in the fourth district of ohio, they are troubled by this double standard that exists. certainly i think it's obvious in how these individuals were handled. >> harris: again, it's a topic for both sides of the political aisle. because it really has to do with what the public cannot see and what is fair. representative jim jordan, ranking member, thank you very much for being on the program. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: fox news alert now, a defense official telling fox news that u.s.-backed forces have captured several islamic state fighters linked to the killings of four americans in syria in january. now we are getting a rare up-close look at the fight against that terror group in the war-torn country. benjamin hall's live in syria. there is little bit of a delay, but bring us the story and i
10:38 am
will have a question when you are done. >> paris, we have been here for the last couple of days. i could tell you that the fighting has been ferocious. this is the very end, the very last remnants of the caliphate. just about mile from us now. we pulled back to give you this before it. but the fighting has been heavy recently. we are getting reports that some of them may have surrendered, but the u.s.-backed forces have been hitting them hard. all that has been left of them is this filthy tent city, pushed right back against the euphrates river. however, they believe that there are tunnels underneath that area that they are able to hide amongst them. still, no idea just exactly how many are in there. they are hitting them hard right now.
10:39 am
they don't give ice is even a minute to return fire. they have been laying down bullets and mortars for some hours now. they are going to keep going. the buildings here are all devastated. it's a true testament to the firepower of the u.s. everybody here admits that without u.s. support this could not have been possible. president trump told them to take the gloves off against isis when he came to power, and we have seen that here. these are the very final days of isis and of the caliphate. we were there, face-to-face. 50 meters away from the last remnants of isis. we can see them, moving around. women fighters holding guns. the truth is, these forces have no idea how many are in there. but they seem incredibly relaxed right now. we have to stay low because there are explosives out there. but that is it. the end of the caliphate.
10:40 am
the fact is that now they consider most of the women in their fighters. but they are still children in their innocent , there are tens of thousands of these fighters being held in camps. there are reports that fighters are being told to surrender so they can live to fight another day. while the battle here in syria -- very nearby -- may soon be over, there are many problems ahead. >> harris: i see your eyes get wide. put your helmet back on. thank you, you answered your question about the children of the families benjamin hall, stae safe. reporting from syria. president trump is due at the rose garden news conference any minute now. he is likely to take questions on the release of michael cohen's heavily redacted search warrant materials and other developing stories. martha maccallum of "the story" joins me next you see cle.
10:41 am
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>> harris: fox news alert, we are moments away from the president of the united states taking questions at a joint news conference at the white house. reporters are likely to ask him about several developing stories including the release of his former personal attorney, michael cohen's, search documents. the mueller report, and much more. brazil's president, known as -- a nickname here -- "the term of the tropics," which when the president. martha maccallum's anchor of "the story" here on fox news. it's so interesting -- this is the first bilateral that both scenario, the president of brazil, has decided to do as new president. he believes there is kind of a kinship and a french of the present trend. >> absolutely come he is the term of the tropics, as you decide. he's a former military captain, is very conservative ideas about which happened in brazil, and is also a big twitter user. he's very outspoken, he also have things that he was accused of in his past. [laughs] so they've had a lot of things that are sort of common ground.
10:46 am
the president called bolsanora when he won his election back in january to congratulate him. today's the first time that they are actually meeting one-on-one and spending time together. it'll be interesting to see with the dynamic is here. result is a country that has had extraordinary inflation rates. they have had a mess of a government. it's a very resourceful country i could do very well in the world, and the question is whether or not bolsonaro will pull them out. he will talk venezuela come as well. >> harris: bolsonaro, who apparently is accompanied by his son on this trip -- a lawmaker, eduardo bolsonaro went to the cia headquarters and address the u.s. chamber of commerce. he mentioned his twitter. for the first time and to welcome a pro-america brazilian president arrives in d.c. that is bolsonaro tweeting on his arrival to washington. >> the past two presidents in brazil have been very socialist in their orientation. economically it has not been for good for the country.
10:47 am
when you look at the contrast between maduro in venezuela and the ravaging that is happening in that country under his leadership, and what's going on with bolsonaro -- it's early, as i said, he was just elected in january. this the first meeting with a u.s. president. we will see if he has potential. we'll talk about it potential military alliance that would allow them to purchase u.s. defense. that is one of the big topics here. >> harris: you say -- this is the first bilateral trip of his presidency and he chose to do that in washington. >> this is probably the safest place for him. he's been compared to trump in many places and i think they wanted to be eyeball to eyeball as they want to do when they establish a new relationship. i think it's going to be interesting to watch them answer questions together. the idea is that they see eye to eye on a lot, and we will get a sense of how well things are going between the two of them. president trump puts a lot of stock in these personal relationships. >> harris: so come in the rose garden -- if you and i are there -- what is your first question?
10:48 am
>> i would want to know about venezuela. obviously we saw that the understood president of venezuela, juan guaido, goes and speaks to him. maduro is still around and he's not showing signs of going and he repeats me when he blocked the aide, so we know he is still there. >> and the government still has a relationship with the military and venezuela. so he has some strings to pull to help out. i would go directly to venezuela. >> harris: how come kate is it for our president at at this p? we just pulled out all of our u.s. diplomats and anybody in concert and supporting roles in that country, venezuela. how difficult is it for this president to get involved in that situation? or does it make it easier? what would that look like, do you think? >> i think it's a gruesomely difficult. maduro is clinging to power. he does have a constituency there. not really among the people who have seen the economy just destroyed and venezuela.
10:49 am
they are the fourth largest producer of oil in the world. they should have a thriving economy. juan guaido wants to bring venezuela back to the strength that it once had. but maduro -- we have seen this and other places. you see it with a side. it feels like the leader is about to teeter and fall. they are pretty good hanging on. >> harris: iran and russia. >> absolutely. there's the same kind of ties and venezuela to maduro, as well. china, iran, russia. they would all love to cozy up to maduro and make sure that he stays in power. there's a lot at stake here. >> harris: on "outnumbered" last hour as we took some comments with the president of brazil at our president inside the oval office, sometimes i can just be a photo op. but the president was taking some questions. some of them were shouted. it's interesting, not everybody is comfortable in that setting. but someone who might have had some of the kinds of political
10:50 am
criticism that bolsonaro has had sat patiently. on the president was pressed in health care and he talked about the late senator john mccain. these were some difficult conversations. but the president also talked about trying to get brazil or at least supporting the idea of getting them into nato. >> that would be a nonnato nato member. the actual status of how that would work is a little bit still to be worked out. but i think it's a sign that they want to have some sort of economic military transaction, as i've said, and buying potential u.s. weapons for brazil. that's going to be something of the president would love to walk out of this meeting with, with sort of a contract deal for american defense going to brazil. i think it shows that they want to have a strong military alliance as well as a strong economic alliance. >> harris: and it would be a juxtaposition to some of the things we have seen the president working on recently, the north korean summit with kim jong un.
10:51 am
as well, to some degree, the china trade talks. although that is said to be going really well. we don't know yet until a deal is made. >> exactly. that is a big factor here. when you look at places like south america and africa, china and russia have really maneuvered themselves to try and play big roles and some of these countries. this is a symbol that the president of the united states, when you got the situation in venezuela, new leadership that is weaning much more socialist in mexico, this would be a good steak in the ground, relationship, to have in south america with the countries -- i think it's the largest economy in south america. so that would be very important. once they get in there at the same thing will happen that happen in the oval office. the questions will come out about mueller, about a lot of different topics. and that is the way we see these things go. >> harris: yeah, you know, as you bring that up i'm looking at the date of the president is having with the media here in the united states. i want to remind everybody we are watching the rose garden right now waiting for president trump to come out with
10:52 am
brazil's president, bolsonaro. they had an earlier talk and photo op that went to full-blown questions answered by this president. i want to bring in chief white house correspondent john roberts who is live from the rose garden where the president is set to speak at any moment. martha maccallum was gracious enough to stay here with me. >> harris, good afternoon too. typically with these joint appearances with foreign leaders it is two questions her side. i don't know how deep in the weeds who will be able to get in terms of the questions. as martha pointed out, venezuela is a point of commonality between the two leaders. brazil shares a border with venezuela. clearly it has an interest in seeing democracy restored there. maduro continues to hang onto him as he pointed out. now the challenge seems to be to convince juan guaido and other members of the national assembly -- really make a decision to grant leaders of the maduro regime amnesty? allow them to hang on to their wealth so they can either depart the country or work together
10:53 am
with juan guaido and members of the national assembly on a regime change there? or will the members of the national assembly and juan guaido insist on bringing prosecutions against these leaders? that may perpetuate maduro hanging on to power there whether or not there might be some sort of military action, be it american, be it brazilian, colombian. if maduro refuses to relinquish power. president trump brought up john mccain today in the oval office when he was asked about the series of tweets that went on between he and meghan mccain, john mccain's daughter. president trump cited mccain's vote about obamacare which a change of the last moment. he said he was going to vote to repeal and replace it but if the last moment he didn't. he said, "i have never been a fan of john mccain and i never will be." so that's another issue out there. he also mentioned michael cohen. there was the tweet that the president put out this morning in response to his social media director, dance could you know,
10:54 am
grade momentarily, at least, and facebook. he says he wants to look into that. could president trump possibly support federal regulations of big social media platforms? there's even a democrat from rhode island who wants to bring in antitrust investigation against facebook. there's only two questions aside, harris. we don't know how deep in the weeds we will be able to get but it will be interesting. one president trump is up on the dais, along with bolsonaro, he will be looking in the mirror in terms of politics. as you point out so many times, he has been called, bolsonaro, the "donald trump of brazil." have you both come. >> harris: the president of the united states and president bolsonaro of brazil, both walking up. you will see them come down the stairs here. this is such a traditional site that we see with bilateral-type joint news conferences. they will begin to take the count down my questions. john roberts giving us the playbook there. two a piece. let's watch together.
10:55 am
>> president trump: today i'm very thrilled to welcome president bolsonaro of brazil for his first visit to the white house. president bolsonaro, i want to congratulate you again on your tremendous election victory last october. it was an incredible feat, and really a truly incredible challenge. the end result wasn't something the whole world was talking about you also know that we are going to have a fantastic working relationship. we have many views that are similar and we certainly feel very, very true to each other on trade. i think brazil's relationship with the united states, because of our friendship, is probably better than it has ever been, by
10:56 am
far. i also want to congratulate you on your recovery from a truly horrible ordeal. it was an incredible recovery. the people of your country know it. great bravery you have shown, tremendous bravery. for two centuries, the president and the brazilian people have been united by shared values including an enduring love of faith and family and country. the united states was the first nation to recognize brazil's independence in 1822, and in the second world war brazil was the only south american country to contribute troops to the allied war effort. today the united states and brazil are the two largest democracies and economies in the western hemisphere. we are in close agreement on the incredible opportunities and continuing challenges facing our region, and we have a truly
10:57 am
historic chance to forge even stronger ties between our two great nations. this afternoon the president and i discussed many of our mutual priorities, including venezuela. brazil has been an extraordinary leader in supporting the venezuelan people's efforts to reclaim their liberty and their democracy. brazil has helped so much. along with the united states, brazil is one of the first nations to recognize venezuela's legitimate and-term president, juan guaido. i also want to express profound gratitude to president's bolsonaro and all the brazilian people for their efforts to provide a mentoring aide. i also want to thank you for allowing the united states to resisting with massive aid on the brazilian border. the brazilian people have been incredible. together we could and have been
10:58 am
really very happy to feed thousands and thousands of starving venezuelan. the people have appreciated it, and if the maduro forces would step aside it could be a truly great and successful humanitarian project. we call on members of the venezuelan military to end their support for maduro, who is really nothing more than a human puppet. and finally set their people free. the united states and brazil are also united in support of the long-suffering people of cuba and nicaragua. the twilight hour of socialism has arrived in our hemisphere, and hopefully, by the way, is also arrived -- that twilight hour -- in our great country.
10:59 am
which is doing better than it has ever done, economically. the last thing we want in the united states is socialism. so, president bolsonaro, i will tell you that we will be consulting and talking a lot. we will be working on all of our problems and assets, and we are making tremendous strides. we had a great meeting today. as i told president bolsonaro, i also intend to designate brazil as a major nonnato ally. or even possibly, if you start thinking about it, maybe a nato ally. i have to talk to a lot of people but may be a nato ally. that will greatly advance security and cooperation between our countries. our nations are already working together to protect our people from terrorism, trans-national crime, and drugs and weapon
11:00 am
trafficking. also, human trafficking -- which has really become something that has come to the forefront of crime. horrible, horrible situation. we look forward to an even deeper partnership and working together. in our meetings we also discussed the strong economic ties between our nations, grounded in the principles of fairness and reciprocity. my favorite word, "reciprocity." president bolsonaro and i are both committed to reducing trade barriers, facilitating investment, and supporting vision for freeing private sector and opening the economy is the right way for brazil to achieve strong economic growth in our great companies are ready to go when that table is flat and free. to improve our business relationships, we have revived the


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