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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  March 19, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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trafficking. also, human trafficking -- which has really become something that has come to the forefront of crime. horrible, horrible situation. we look forward to an even deeper partnership and working together. in our meetings we also discussed the strong economic ties between our nations, grounded in the principles of fairness and reciprocity. my favorite word, "reciprocity." president bolsonaro and i are both committed to reducing trade barriers, facilitating investment, and supporting vision for freeing private sector and opening the economy is the right way for brazil to achieve strong economic growth in our great companies are ready to go when that table is flat and free. to improve our business relationships, we have revived the u.s.-brazil c.e.o. forum and
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started a new u.s. brazil energy forum. we welcome brazil aspirations to join organization for economic cooperation development. laudable goal and one that will make brazil status as developing and developed country. after 20 years of talks we are finalizing technology safeguard agreement to allow u.s. companies to conduct space launches from brazil. actually an incredible location when you study it and when you see it. we won't go into it now, but because of the location, tremendous amounts of money would be saved.
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committed to reviving proud legacy in space. we are looking strongly, as you know and working together with everybody on space force and we are grateful for brazil's partnership. mr. president, thank you again for the honor of your visit today, a strong and thriving friendship between the united states and brazil is essential to a future of security and prosperity for all of our citizens. it has been a wonderful time getting to know you. you are doing a fantastic job, you brought the country together and i look forward to working with you in a very close relationship for many years to come. thank you. thank you very much. mr. president, thank you very much.
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[president bolsonaro speaking] >> pres. bolsonaro: thank you, president trump for your warm hospitality. it is an honor for us to be in washington as part of my first bilateral trip ever since i was elected president of brazil. i would like to use the opportunity, by the way, to invite you to reciprocate this visit, you will be welcomed by the brazilian people. we share a great deal in common. i have always admired the united states of america. and this sense of admiration has just increased after you took office and presidency. this meeting of ours today restores an old traditional partnership and the same time starts a new chapter of
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cooperation between brazil and the united states. in as much today, we have revisited and have again decided to promote matters that were on our order of business for decades. it is time to overcome old resistance and explore the very best potential between brazil and the united states. after all, it is fair to say that today brazil does have a president who is not anti-american, which is really unprecedented in the past few decades. reforms we are undertaking have changed brazil into an even more attractive country. we are strongly committed to striking a government account and also of course totally changing the business environment. u.s. support to brazil accession to the oecd will be clearly construed as a gesture of mutual understanding, which will be very emblem attic as part of the
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close ties we aspire to. the private sector of both country shoulds remain high-profile player and we have decided to restore the c.e.o. forum between brazil and the u.s. we also intend to attach priority to relaunching an energy forum with emphasis on oil, gas and other sources of energy. the brazilian government sign of goodwill granted full exemption to further encouraging tourism and business travels. on the defense work front, we have signed a technology safeguard agreement, which will in turn enable the contra launch center. military cooperation has expands as we seek partnerships in the development of the systems. technology and innovation activity can certainly be expected to take on increasing role as part of our bilot ral
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agenda. launch innovation forum between brazil and the u.s. efforts to tackle terrorism and organized crime is a matter of utmost urgency for our two peoples. we have decided to strengthen our forum and do more against money laundering and drug trafficking. reestablishing democracy in venezuela is a shared interest between our two administrations. the regime in venezuela today sparked broader international coalition known as the sark -- sao paulo forum. however, by democratic means we were able to rid ourselves from that project in brazil n. conclusion, may i say brazil and the united states stand side by side in their efforts to ensure liberties in respect to traditional family lifestyle, respect to god, our creator against ideology or politically
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correct attitude and against fake news. drawing inspiration from ronald reagan, i wish to bring to brazil his administration style as summarized in the following citation. people should say what the government can do and not the other way around. the united states changed in 2017, and brazil has just started to change now in 2017. we stand together side by side to ultimate benefit of our two nations. we want a great america, yes, and we want to have a great brazil. once again, may i voice my admiration and recognition to president donald trump on this beautiful day where we seal a promising alliance between the two most promising and largest democracy in the western hemisphere. thank you very much, mr. president. [applause] >> pres. trump: we'll take a couple of questions.
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roberta rampton, please. roberta, reuters. thank you. >> thank you, mr. president. on venezuela, you did the tough sanctions and you sent the aid, but it seems like maduro is no closer to leaving and i'm wondering if you are getting worried about losing momentum and how long are you being told this is going to take? >> pres. trump: i'm not being told any specific time. they have been there a long time, between him and his predecessor. some point, i would imagine things will change. we really haven't done the tough sanctions yes. we can do the tough sanctions and all options are open. we haven't done the toughest sanctions. we've done, i would say, right down the middle, but we can go a lot tougher if we need to do that. it is a very sad thing. we're not looking for anything other than taking care of a lot of people starving and dying in the streets. what is happening there is a
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disgrace. this was one of the wealthiest countries in the world and all of a sudden, it is grief stricken, poverty stricken, no food, no water, no air conditioning, no anything, no power for a long time last week, now power. that is going to break down again because it is being held together by threads. it is very sad, roberta, very sad to see. >> may i ask president bolsonaro. president bolsonaro, are you open to the idea allowing u.s. military personnel in brazil to provide support on the border with venezuela and is that something you talked about with president trump today? >> pres. bolsonaro: yeah, we have discussed the possibility of brazil becoming a great allied extra nato.
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recently we requested that food was sent through the capital of the state through our friends from america so humanitarian aid was provided to venezuela. at this point in time, this is where we stand. for as much as possible to do together to sort out the issue of the venezuelan dictatorship, brazil will be more than willing and ready to fulfill this mission and take freedom and democracy to that country, which up until recently was one of the wealthiest countries in south america. nowadays people are starving to death, suffering violence, lack of medication, they are -- something terrible going on in there and we need to put an end to this issue, which is pervasive for the whole wide world. >> mr. president, please.
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>> hello, from bloomberg. i would like to know if the u.s. actually have a military intervention in venezuela, what is the position of brazil? >> well, there are a few issues that if you speak, they are no longer strategic. therefore, the reserved issues, which may be discussed if they have not yet, will not become public evidently. i remember on a debate here in the united states when a candidate asked another candidate what he would do to fight the islamic state. he said, if i say, i will no longer be able to beat it, it is a matter of strategy for everything we discussed here will be honored. unfortunately, certain pieces of information, if are to come to the table, may not be debated publicly. >> president trump, regarding the military intervention, do you think about this possibility
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of fighting venezuela to remove maduro from power? >> pres. trump: as i said, all options are open. i think of all possibilities. all options are open. we'll see what happens. by the way, i see in the audience, the son of the president, who has been fantastic. would you please stand up? the job you have done during a tough period of time is fantastic and i know your father appreciates it, that i can tell you. fantastic job. the sager anjedi. >> thank you. thank you, mr. president. two questions, if i may. on the 2020 election, growing number of candidates add seats to the supreme court, is that an idea you would entertain in the remainder of your term or next term or not something you agree with? >> pres. trump: i wouldn't entertain that. the only reason they are doing that, they want to catch up, so if they can't catch up through the ballot box winning an
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election, they want to try a different way. no interest in it whatsoever. it won't happen, i guarantee you, for six years. >> another question on social media. you tweeted in support of congressman devin nunes suit against twitter. josh holley has been leading making social media companies liable for the content that is on their platform, which they are not currently s. that an idea or change in law that you would support? >> pres. trump: we have to do something. i tell you, i have many, many millions of followers on twitter and it is different than it used to be. things are happening. names are taken off. people aren't getting through. you have heard the complaints. it seems to be if they are conseverative, if they are republicans, in a certain group, there is discrimination, i see it on twitter and facebook, which i have also, and others i see. i focus more on the one platform
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and have many different platforms, i guess 60 million on twitter and if you add them all up, way over 100 million people and i get to see firsthand whatta is going on and it is not good. we use the word collusion loosely all the time and i will tell you there is collusion with respect to that because something has to be going on. when you get the back scene, back office statements made by executives of various companies and see the level of in many cases hatred they have for certain group of people that happen to be in power, happen to have won the election, you say that is really unfair. so something is happening with those groups of folks that are running facebook and google and twitter and i do think we have to get to the bottom of it. it is very fair, colosive and very, very fair to say that we have to do something about it. if we don't, you know, the incredible thing, we can win an
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election and we have such a stacked deck. that includes networks, frankly. look at the networks, the news, the newscasts. i call it fake news. i'm very proud to hear the president use the term fake news. look at what is happening with the networks, what is happening with different shows and it's hard to believe we win. but i tell you what it really shows, the people are smart. the people get it. they will go through all of that whatever it is they are fed, and in the end, they pull the right lever. it is a very, very dangerous situation, so i think i agree, i think something has to be looked at closely. >> thank you, sir. president bolsonaro, another question on the 2020 election. number of democrats running to replace the president have embraced or considered socialist ideas. you have spoken critically of that in the past. if a socialist were to replace the president, how would it
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affect relations with the united states? >> pres. bolsonaro: well, that is an internal affair. we will respect whatever the ballots tell us on 2020. but i do believe donald trump will be re-elected fully. >> pres. trump: thank you. i agree. >> yeah, this was the same what happened to me, i think everyone will repeat their vote here in america. so everyday more and more people that are prone to socialism and communism slowly are going to be opening their minds to the reality and you can see the border with venezuelan was recentlily closed, not for brazilians to go to venezuela, but the other way around, venezuelans wouldn't go into brazil. this feeling most certainly is going to be very much seen when
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2020 comes. >> mr. president, thank you very much. go ahead, you want to go? you look like a nice person, go ahead. this will be the killer of all time, watch. >> thank you, mr. president. the u.s. is not supporting the entry of the oecd, is the u.s. government going to formally support brazil entry on oecd and what have you asked for trade off? >> pres. trump: we will be supporting. we will have a great relationship in so many different ways, that is just something that we're going to be doing in honor of the president and honor of brazil. we will be asking for things, but not necessarily having to do with that. we'll have a very fair relationship. okay. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> does the united states expect the influence of china into brazil?
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yesterday it was mentioned they were going to incentivize relation with china. how does the u.s. see that and what you said about about president trump and chinese and brazil? >> like i said, brazil will keep making as much business with as many countries as possible. no longer business will be found into the ideology that it used to be. we are also following this objective for the good of our peoples. >> pres. trump: thank you, mr. president, i appreciate it. thank you, everybody. thank you very much. [applause] >> pres. trump: china is going very well, talks with china going very well. thank you, everybody. thank you. >> president trump and president bolsonaro of brazil wrapping up a press conference held together after a very friendly seemingly by lateral meeting there in the oval office. joining for traditional scene out in the rose garden and beautiful scene, looks like
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spring has sprung with cherry blossoms ready to come and talking about obligation on trade to each other, talking about possibly brazil joining nato and more on that. the united states announcing it will support brazil in ascension to the oecd, important for the economy in brazil as it emerges from recession and also the possibility of finalizing an agreement between the united states and brazil on space launches, which follows argentina and china forming a partnership just not too long ago. the president and the president of brazil moving forward on that, a lot more to come on that. please stay tuned to the fox news channel for that and your local station for continuing kfrnl of is this story. i'm dana perino in new york. is . i'm dana perino in new york. of . i'm dana perino in new york. cov. i'm dana perino in new york. age. i'm dana perino in new york. let's bring in bret baier.
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i kept saying, interesting, interesting. i think let me start with you on obviously the two have a great relationship. they are very friendly and look, it is good, i'm all for america having more and better friendships in the world. question about this idea of elevating brazil into either non-nato ally or non-member ally or full-status as president trump just floated. your thoughts on that? bret: that's a big deal. the president has expressed frustration with nato countries in the past not living up to expectations. he's moved the ball for them to pay more into the defense side of nato. but to add another nato member, he said, i'll have to talk to a lot of people, i'd like to do that for brazil. you mentioned oecd, the organization for economic cooperation and development, that is what brazil wanted coming into this meeting, but
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they thought it was a longshot, that the u.s. would give it to them and the president signing off, saying, you're in. we'll push for it. >> dana: absolutely. that was a big deal. the spacing was interesting. as the president was giving his initial remarks, he talked at length about space and the ability to have a partnership in brazil, where we could do space launches. he said it would be less expensive, etcetera, i did a quick search and was reminded that china and argentina have just formed a relationship like that, as well. you could see where again, china comes up in the context of our relationship. i know you have bolsonaro and his delegation leaving from the west wing there as president trump says goodbye to all of them. brett: yeah, it is a big deal. part of the outreach to the countries as the president says goodbye to the brazilian delegation is for the countering
11:22 am
of china influence in the places and this economic development that is spurring on between the two leaders, they clearly have a good friendship. you heard in bolsonaro's comments, very much praising president trump saying the country changed in 2017. he was not too complimentary of the previous administration in his comments. and he also said he agrees there is fake news, which was interesting to hear a brazilian president say from the podium. >> dana: the other big news is venezuela, of course. one question from the reporters to the president, president trump, are you worried about losing momentum here? the president said there was no time table, there was another piece, the question to bolsonaro, would you be willing to have a military presence of the united states in brazil if there was military intervention from the united states into venezuela and he declined to
11:23 am
discuss specifics. i wonder your thoughts on that. >> but did not rule it out. >> dana: right. >> you are seeing that from different leaders. colombia president recently visiting the white house, brazil, you're going to see potentially some movement there. i think there were many people inside the administration who believe that because of the sanctions already in place, that maduro would be kind of shrinking from power and there would be an uprising. this has taken a long time and there is a lot of suffering inside venezuela. the question is, what is the next shoe to drop. some other countries increase pressure from the region. >> dana: domestic question, if i could get your thoughts on this. the daily caller, asking about social media companies and idea of making social media companies liable for the content on their platforms and this of course coming as congressman devin nunes files $250 million lawsuit against twitter and there are
11:24 am
other calls and frustrations with social media. your thoughts on this as silicon valley looks on, going what is going to happen in d.c.? >> yeah, and it is not even just the white house, obviously tis congress, as well. the big social media companies are now the black hats that they are facing a lot of scrutiny and i bet there will be an effort to pass legislation that has some regulation and some way, shape or form, of these big social media giants. >> dana: all right, bret baier, pleasure to have you today, thanks for watching the press conference with us and your analysis. we will see you tonight at 6:00 p.m. thanks, bret. the president just making news on the future of the supreme court. what he said about democratic calls to pack the courts. facebook feeling the heat for how it responded to attempts to upload video of the new zealand terror attack. >> no amount of people we can
11:25 am
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now... grandpa, what about your dream car? this is my dream now. principal we can help you plan for that . >> dana: facebook and other social media facing criticism after the man who -- live feed was viewed during the attack and no single user reported it while the attack was ongoing. the original post was removed 12 minutes after the live stream ended. other users uploaded the video one and a half million times. facebook says 80% was caught before it was published. users attempted to post 800 edits of the post.
11:30 am
author of "accidental president," is here. i want you to talk about the online proliferation of radicali radicalization. you see it happen with the pittsburgh shooter, now in new zealand and i'm curious what your research shows about radicalization when it comes to ideology, is there a difference or all spreading the same way online? >> thank you for having me. we are always looking for single narrative about why somebody joins an extremist group. it depends, it is case by case. the challenge we have, how do you solve a problem that has so many different causes? we talk about the role technology plays from the shooting in new zealand to isis to al qaeda. the fundamental question, how do we use technology to address the challenges related to an aspiring extremist before they get to this point. >> dana: take a look at what mark zuckerberg had to say to
11:31 am
congress a little bit ago. >> one of the areas i mentioned earlier was terrorist content, for example. we now have ai systems that can identify and take down 99% of the al qaeda and isis related content in the system before a human even flags it to us. we need to do more of that. >> dana: that was a year ago, he was talking about that. should these companies be held liable for having this content or them or so diffuse impossible to get a handle on? >> it is a huge challenge. anyone who thinks the companies aren't taking this seriously should observe the fact we're all on the same team here. nobody wants to see terrorism flourish online there is a lot we can do to respond when things happen, a lot can be done reactively. the most important thing for us to do is understand how it germinates in the first place. at jigsaw, we send employees to iraq to interview isis
11:32 am
defectors, understand the role technology did or did not play. engage them to understand the moments of intervention that might have made the difference. >> dana: do we have information, is there way to intervene to stop it? >> i think in the era of social media, young person who is trying to figure out who is radicalized and trying to figure out how to take the violent next step is in search of answers. at jigsaw, we tried to work with counter extremism organization to tee up advertisements against questions that redirect them to counter narrative, answer the question in way that sends them down. >> dana: isn't that a problem, you see content and you are curious and conat the present time that is liked by other people might see your same point of view? >> key distinction between counter narrative and isis era is teenageaers in the era of social media, don't click on things that don't look like
11:33 am
answers. >> dana: what about right-wing extremist, he wasn't a teenager, the shooter in new zealand. >> few things from what we've seen with isis and al qaeda. the first is it is more decentralized movement. the second, a lot of engage cemetery happening in the alt tech ecosystem, platform they are creating for themselves, less known to the public. >> dana: okay, the big tech companies can't stop those things. >> we should never be complacent. an era of high social media saturation, this is happening everywhere. but i think that if the answer is can the companies do more, of course, we understand that. >> dana: can technology do more? >> of course. >> mark zuckerberg says you can't hire enough people to get on top of getting rid of videos when they pop up. >> i think technology can do more reactively and can do more proactively. get to the heart of it. figure out how to do counter
11:34 am
narrative to stop it before it happens. >> dana: jared cohen. thank you for being here. the michael cohen case. we are getting a better timeline into robert mueller's investigation. chief intelligence correspondent has been combing through the documents. you are the best at that, what did you find? >> that is a compliment. the court records show special counsel robert mueller and his team obtained search warrant for michael cohen e-mail accounts earlier than previously reported with first warrant in july of 2017. over the next four months, special counsel sought more warrants covered cohen's e-mail correspondence during the presidential campaign. this timeframe matters, cohen was negotiating and paid two women to remain silent after alleged affairs with then candidate donald trump. the president denied the affairs. federal and state investigators, whether the cohen payments are campaign finance violations. it is worth noting records
11:35 am
released earlier today, anything relating to campaign finances, you see he, is heavily redacted or blacked out. cohen testified recently about payments and told lawmakers he was directed by the u.s. attorney for southern district of new york not to discuss his conversations with president trump or others that took place after the f.b.i. raid. >> unfortunately, this topic is actually something that is being investigated right now by the southern district of new york and i've been asked by them not to discuss and not to talk about the issues. >> one of the underreported elements in the record show f.b.i. wanted cohen historical location data to show where he was when he sent and received the e-mails "on or about april 7, 2018, the u.s. attorney's office, and f.b.i. sought and obtained warrant for perspective cell phone location information
11:36 am
for subject device one and subject device two on or about april 8, 2018. the u.s. attorney and f.b.i. sought and obtained authority to implore technique known as trigger fish to determine the location of these various devices. trigger fish is commonly described as technology that marries up data to help locate when you make these transmissions with the e-mail. more importantly, it can allow the user to eavesdrop on conversations, that is not apparent in the warrant. bottom line, it is very aggressive position or posture the f.b.i. took with cohen. >> dana: thank you for that. let's bring in jim tru ss, former d.o.j. prosecutor. there he is. we have him, as well. based on the reporting so far, does it look like the search warrant was on the up and up? everything followed according to procedure? >> well, these are lengthy search warrants, several wrapped
11:37 am
into the disclosure today, like 265 pages. when i used to super vise prosecutors, i thought if it was too long a case warrant, their case stankthere is a lot of stock language and for whatever reason southern district of new york mustn't like trees, they like long documents. most of what you see is standard form in terms of looking at cohen's financial misdeed, taxi medallions, mortgage application fraud, loan fraud. the part of interest is obviously the campaign finance violations, which is redacted. that says fdny has active case they are looking at. >> dana: was it a surprise to learn this case opened up earlier than reported back in july of 2017? >> not really. i mean, i don't want to pat myself on the back on that, either. i would say, look, most cases don't go overt until they are pretty far down stream. it is not a shock.
11:38 am
there are interesting questions about the handoff between special counsel and fdny, and where the lines were drawn. we don't know that yet. the timing is not a big surprise. federal investigations take a while before they surface. >> dana: trigger fish, this technique and use, is that maybe it is more common than people think? >> i wouldn't say it is all that common. i mean, it is technique that has been around for a while. i don't think this is something they were using to intercept content in real time. >> dana: you don't? >> i wouldn't equate to wire tap, it is probably geo location and knowing where the guy is, which could mean they are trying to corroborate him or find out if he's lying about an important point. >> dana: rosenstein deputy attorney general and barr, asked dag, to stay on longer. he was meant to leave in mid-march, why do you think that is? >> yeah, i'm not privy to the
11:39 am
conversation, so i guess i don't know for sure. i think it makes sense to have rod around to have the institutional knowledge of the mueller probe still available to all, when the probe breaks, when the report goes public. i suspect barr being pragmatic teaching up the next dag to replace rod and answer questions is a pretty tall task and i think he probably likes the idea of having institutional carryover until that is done. >> dana: anything else we should look in the last seconds when it comes to the cohen documents? >> i no, it is unusual to have search warrants that go public, that is the press insist og it. it tells me cohen's case in most respects seems to be long gone. i don't buy it when he says he is essentially an active cooperator with fdny. >> all right. jim trush ss, appreciate your
11:40 am
expertise. thank you. >> something is happening with those groups of folks that are runging facebook and google and twitter and i do think we have to get to the bottom of it. it is very fair, it is colosive and it is very fair to say we have to do something about it. >> dana: president trump asked about california congressman devin nunes $250 million defamation lawsuit against twitter alleging it allowed "fake tokt slander him in attempt to undermine his 2018 re-election campaign," the republican lawmaker, as well. jona than hunt is on that story. what led to this particular lawsuit? >> congressman devin nunes is upset parity twitter account devin nunes mom and devin nunes cow have been critical of him in tweets, many of which are too crude to quote here. some suggested in very graphic images exactly how close cohen
11:41 am
might be to president trump in unflattering terms, including this pun-filled one from devin cow account. "devin's boots are full of manure, he's utterly worthless and pasture time to move him to prison and one said "if you believe in obstruction of justice and perjury, vote for devin nunes," but if congress devin nunes meant this to be a warning shot to anyone criticizing him, it backfired with comments proliferrating today, criticizing him as thin skinned and his lawsuit as frivolous. now some have stuck up for the congressman. one twitter using warning devin cow that dark days are coming to which the twitter cow replied, "dude, you're threatening a cow." nunes said twitter did nothing
11:42 am
to stop assault because of agenda to allow conservatives to be insulted and silenced. >> i guarantee you, if i put something out that was sexually explicit or ark tack someone personally, they would stop it. they would say this is a sensitive tweet. they never did that to any of the people that were coming after me or other conservatives. so this is more about, more than just conservatives. every american should care about this if they care about the first amendment because the press is definitely changed. >> and nunes warns this is "the first of many lawsuits targeting social media," certain twitter uses might welcome that. at devin cow had 1200 followers prior to the lawsuit being announced, as of now, the cow has 115,000 followers. dana. >> dana: the cow gaining some weight there. thank you so much. elizabeth warren adding new
11:43 am
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with in-home quote. or visit for more info. would you mind passing my book there? once again, that's... and financing is available for qualified purchasers. >> dana: new developments in the robert kraft case. prosecutors in florida offering to trop charges against kraft and several other men charged at a massage parlor in palm beach there is a caveat, for the charges to be dismissed, the men have to admit they would have been proven guilty at trial. no word on whether kraft and other defendants will accept those terms. >> presidential candidates don't come to places, like mississippi. yeah. they also don't come to california and massachusetts. right? because we're not the
11:48 am
battleground states. well, my view is that every vote matters. we should have national voting and that means get rid of the electoral college. >> dana: elizabeth warren floating plan to scrap the electoral college as part of her 2020 agenda. the massachusetts democrat wants to make sure every vote will count in a general election. former national republican general motors and chris hahn, aide to schumer. chris, to you first, i have to say that coming from -- i'm from a small state. if it goes to a national popular vote only, ones i think unconstitutional, that could go to the court and be decided. who would go campaign in mississippi if the goal is to hit as many of the high population centers as possible? >> well, you're right, it would need constitutional sxhaement --
11:49 am
amendment and maybe it is time. founders were afraid of democracy and the peep and he will tried to take the ultimate decision away from the people and have a check on the people through electoral college. we found a couple elections in the last 20 years that have ended where the majority of the vote didn't win the election, i don't know how much longer that can happen to consider ourselves a democratic republic. campaigns would be different and maybe majority would not have been what it was in the elections had people campaigned nationally, i think it is time to reconsider the electoral college, reconsider the united states senate, where i used to work. >> dana: you want to get rid of the united states senate? >> i think that california and idaho, having same representatives -- representation is undemocratic. >> dana: that was the whole point. let me get alex in here, the point of the constitution.
11:50 am
alex, i'll let you talk. >> it was the whole point. i should say, these arguments around electoral college, it is donate the player, hate the game. they are going on with elizabeth warren, colorado became the most recent state to propose one of these, where -- >> dana: they passed it. >> electoral votes will be based nationally. if you truly believe every vote should count, the rhetoric behind this, this can't be your position. under that scenario, colorado vote wouldn't matter anybody. >> dana: colorado might as well as that point be california. we don't need borders. >> that is right. the truth is, the founders knew what they were doing, this is not a glitch, not an accident. they knew what they were doing and trying to protect smaller states and voter rights to participate in the process. it is bad idea and will not happen and for the record, we should keep the senate. >> dana: yeah, okay. at this point, we'll keep the senate. i want to take you to the press conference earlier in this hour.
11:51 am
president trump talked about another thing that has come up in the democratic primary about the supreme court. watch this. >> pres. trump: no, i wouldn't entertain that, the only reason they want to catch up so if they can't catch up through the ballot box by winning an election, they want to try in a different way. we would have no interest in that whatsoever. it will not happen. it won't happen for six years. >> dana: that is the idea about expanding court packing. chris, what do you think of that? i guess you want to get rid of the supreme court, too? >> no. i'm not for core packing. the merrick garland not being voted on up or down was a trafest and he should be addressed through congress. but i think that look, i'm not for packing or changing the foundation of the court. we have to work to make sure the court is politicized and that the confirmation hearings are about the credentials and less about the personality. it is not an election for
11:52 am
supreme court, picking people to serve for a lifetime and above politics. >> dana: give alex a quick last word. go ahead. >> we looked at this issue when fdr was president, considered one of the only stains on his presidency. it was a bad idea then. it is a bad idea now. congress has authority to do so, you don't need to amend the constitution. it doesn't say how big the supreme court has to be, it is a horrible idea for folks to propose altering democratic institution because of current political dynamic. >> dana: you guys, chris, you got my heart rate up. thank you. >> my job. >> thank you. >> dana: fox on the front line is here, benjamin hall come necessary contact with isis fighters and he will join us next.
11:53 am
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11:57 am
benjamin hall live with more. benjamin? >> hi, dana. after 4 1/2 years of this brutal terror group, it seems the end is almost near. we've been right on the front lines. we pulled back to bring you this report. we've been very, very close. we have seen first hand all the remains of the terror group is this small tent city. it's the tunnels underneath. some say they have supply lines back and forth allowing them to continue. six weeks ago they said 1,500 people remained. now it seems the end is over. we saw it up close. >> isis has been laying down bullets and mortars for some hours now. they're going to keep going.
11:58 am
>> this entire area has been devastated. it's not what is happening here in the conflict that matters. people are talking about what happens ahead. this is an area that is totally devastated. moving around inside the city, you can see how this has happened, what will happen next. take a look. >> dana: benjamin hall live with that report. incredibly brave to be out there. i was watching that. unbelievable. we lost his mic there in the end. fast-rising waters devastating portions of the midwest. mike tobin has more. you're live in the middle of it, mike. >> dana, behind me is the rock river, which is about 150 yards over its banks.
11:59 am
if you look behind me, you can see the brown house. that brown house is close to where the edge of the river is supposed to be. beyond that, on the other side of the rock river is a little neighborhood called edgemere terrace. the entire town is surrounded by flood water. so how are the kids getting back and forth to school? this is the mode of transportation. they're kayaking to the other side of the river and this is where they catch the school bus. 40 miles away is freeport, illinois. about 170 people have been evacuated from that particular town. so many water in the center of the country. 14 states, nine million people are impacted and at risk right now. in nebraska, fresh video of the sterling morton beltway which connects nebraska and iowa. that bridge is closed with water on top of it. agriculture in nebraska is taking a big hit due to this flooding, this is the time of
12:00 pm
year when the calves are born. they're very young and vulnerable. we have reports of the calves being swept away in the icy waters and separated from their mothers. >> dana: thanks, mike. we have to run. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: can a court order a man to become a father and maybe even pay child support for a baby he says he does not want? that just happened and it's part of a legal battle over frozen embryos. one that led to a new state law. but this may not be the end of the fight. reporting begins now. the special counsel robert mueller was able to dig through years of michael cohen's e-mails going all the way back to before the 2016 election. that's according to newly-released search warrants and other documents. they show mueller started investigating the president's former fixer and personal lawyer two months after


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