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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 20, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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these family sacrifices are. thank you for your service, you and all the folks on the front lines and military families, you are our midnight here is was most-watched, most trusted, good night from washington. >> it is wednesday, march 20th, at 4:00 am, the war on cops waging in washington state. when the beauty shot dead and an officer clinging to life. how a traffic stop ended in a deadly shootout. if you can't beat donald trump, change the rules? how democrats are bending behind changes at the supreme court in hopes of improving their chances in 2020. plus, they may look pretty ugly but you will be paying a pretty penny to support these gucci sneakers.
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"fox and friends first" starts right now. heather: you are watching "fox and friends first" wednesday morning. thank you for starting the day with us. we go to that fox news alert, a deputy is dead and the police officer fighting for their life after a traffic stop turns into a shootout. officers responding to a complaint about a driver in central washington state when a suspect refused to stop, leading them on a high-speed chase. they got out of the car and opened fire on the officers killing one of those officers. the suspect was shot dead as well. none of the victims has so far been identified. the secretary of state, mike
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pompeo, kicking off another middle east trip overnight. pompeo is in kuwait where he is expected to sign defense and trade agreements, the first stop on a 3 county tour in the region. mike pompeo heads to jerusalem, meeting with benjamin netanyahu and that will happen later this morning. here is the follow-up. the black box of the doomed jet that crashed last year in indonesia paints a frantic seen, and flipping the pages of a handbook where a faulty sensor was blame for the crash. it plummeted into the water killing all 180 people on board. the department of confrontation launched an investigation how the faa certified that model airplane, the same model was involved in the deadly crash in ethiopia. with the faa in the spotlight
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donald trump lance to nominate a former delta airlines executive as its new leader. steve dixon retired from the airline in october after serving as vice president of flight operations, and f-15 fighter pilot. a prominent democrat could be indicted in the russia investigation. the doj is currently considering criminal charges against former obama white house counsel gregory craig who is accused of failing as a foreign agent while he was lobbying on behalf of of the ukrainian government. and the investigation into paul manafort. federal prosecutors reportedly decide whether to charge him incoming weeks.
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a top republican taking action to keep nine justices on the supreme court. the proposed amendment coming as democratic candidate hint at expanding the bench. todd pyro joins us with the president's reaction. >> the latest push from the left, frustrated with the current conservative majority on the supreme court and what it means for their platform for the next few decades. you are two democrats in the 2020 field who wants to change the high court. >> what if there were 5 justices selected by democrats? 5 justices elected by republicans and independents of those who chose the first? >> i would like to sort a lot of options. we should have a national conversation, term limits for supreme court justices might be one thing to give every president the ability to choose, hold onto those seats in ways that are healthy. >> reporter: donald trump says none of these democratic
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proposals will happen on his watch. >> i wouldn't entertain that was the only real needs and they are doing that is to catch up so if they can't catch up through the ballot box by winning an election they want to do it in a different way. it will never happen. won't happen for six years. >> reporter: the constitution does not establish a set number of justices. that is up to congress. democrats are bold and since winning the house, not surprisingly congressional republicans attacked the it with mark green saying he will file a constitutional amendment tomorrow to limit the number of justices to nine. marco rubio plans introduce a similar measure in the senate adding, quote, we must prevent further destabilization of essential institutions. shannon: first it was the electoral college, then raising
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the voting age and now democrats as todd was telling us one changes at the supreme court. matt schlapp of the american conservative union said these candidates are trying to move the goalposts to get themselves a chance at beating donald trump. >> why can't they simply win? if trump is so bad and so cancerous and caustic, just beat him. they have plenty of money and all these candidates running, the cream of the crop, just beat him but what they want to do is change the rules. we get two real constitutionalists to the supreme court after getting nearly 50% of our pics knocked back over the decades. out of nowhere now we have to go back to the 1940s idea of packing the court to give the next democrat 5, 6, 7 slots, this is insane. when you have a cnn poll saying 70% of respondents said they feel good about the economy, it is the number one reason people vote to reelect a president.
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if they feel they have greater economic opportunity. green new deal, being against cops, being against gasoline, that just doesn't measure. shannon: if you can't beat donald trump change the rules. should that be the democrats rallying cry heading into 2020? send us your comments on this one and we will share the later in the show. i have a feeling you have a lot to say. the first funeral for new zealand massacre victims getting underway overnight. hundreds of people gathering to mourn a father and his teenage son. the two fled the civil war in syria, what they thought was the safest country in the world. islamic tradition call for the dead to be buried as soon as possible but investigators try to identify the 50 victims killed in the mosque shooting attacks. police revealing the massacre could have been were saying the suspect was likely on his way to carry out a third attack. border patrol a massive bust snagging 400 illegal immigrants in five minutes.
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this all happening in the early morning hours tuesday. agents in el paso snagging 194 illegal immigrants by a border wall near a high school, 245 more were arrested near downtown. most of them are families and unaccompanied minors from central america. the el paso sector ports of entry, 570 apprehensions a day. schools are closed as the chemical plant fire rages. thick black smoke stoking health concerns. firefighters making progress knocking down flames in four of eight tanks that are on fire in houston, texas. black smoke and be seen for miles and it could be days before the fire is out. environmental officials closely monitoring air-quality but they say it is safe. the neighbors are complaining about irritated eyes and breathing problems.
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mike pence touring flood ravaged areas of the midwest promising help is on the way. >> i never fail to be inspired in moments like this where communities come together and people volunteer, put themselves in harm's way, shows character and compassion of our communities. shannon: pence sank the trump administration on disaster declarations in nebraska and iowa, three people killed while hundreds of others have fled from their homes, all that you are looking at, missouri, new video showing how quickly the situation escalated in some areas as floodwaters rush over a highway. two teams, let's talk about basketball, two things making history on the first day of march madness, fairly dickinson scores his first ncaa tournament
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against prairie 18-76. the number one seed tomorrow, and in belmont picking up its first-ever victory in the big dance winning 81-70 over temple, taking on the maryland turks. taking on some big teams. the second play, just about today, north carolina central facing north dakota state in st. john's square and off. love march madness. the time is 10 minutes after the top of the are. ice is collapsing in syria with thousands of fighters surrendering but is this what winning the war on terror really looks like? ryan more calls it a remarkable achievement but can we count isis out? he is here live. >> when will we get an actual policy from you instead of
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platitudes and my stories? heather: beto thought this would be a good crop at the college student through him a hardball? his answer coming up. you will see that. ..
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heather: two month after four americans were killed in syria, five isis fighters who could be linked to the attack are captured. this comes just one week after 3000 isis fighters surrendered in syria. is this what winning the war on terror looks like? here is national security analyst brian morrow. we have these three thousand isis fighters surrendering, that is the good news. >> what is amazing to me is these are individuals who joined
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the attack with the intent to die. getting their butt kicked made them rethink their ideology to some degree because what they have been thinking about 24/7 was die in jihadist your ticket to paradise and at the last moment, i have second thoughts. shannon: in january these isis fighters killed 19 individuals including four americans, perhaps not as senior involved as originally thought but still isis fighters. >> there are different levels involved but the bottom line is these are operatives involved in the deadlier attacks. that is a big mystery but overall for me the ideological victory here is as important as the battlefield victory of taking territory away from them. the question is after leaving isis and surrendering will they join al qaeda?
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how far has their ideology shifted? they might have given up on isis and are looking to someone else. shannon: changing allegiances historically in the middle east has occurred. you mentioned the territory. this is remarkable. this is the syrian territory under isis control as of three days ago and now we have territory under isis control today. that is remarkable. >> a lot of it is thanks to our kurdish allies, who were treated better than we have been treating them for a long time. there is an alliance of kurds, christians actually and sunni arabs that came together as allies with the united states to fight isis and that is the result. heather: originally there was discussion of pulling our troops out but we will leave them behind to assist kurdish fighters. >> hopefully is enough. the problem is you have al qaeda type jihadist groups building an
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army in syria. a lot of terrorist groups including those linked to turkey that want to fill the gap and are prepared for that day and we are mostly focused on ice. when we are hyper focused on one group, the group of the day and there's another group already preparing for the day the we defeat the first one and i worry that cycle will continue. heather: leaving a vacuum an area allowing the other group to take control which we saw happened under the obama administration. let's talk about this. elizabeth warren has thrown her hat in the ring to run for 2020. she said white supremacy is as big a threat as terrorist groups. listen. >> white supremacists pose a threat to the united states like any other terrorist group, like isis, al qaeda, leadership starts at the top and that means you have got to call it out. shannon: i recall republicans saying over and over again you've got to call it out, so
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now she's trying to take that and spin it. in reference to white to premises you agree with her? >> i would say white to premises a terrorist went and i have seen the war of the extremes rise. one extreme rise and left-wing and right ring rise with radical islam, they are fuel each other. i don't know if she was necessarily saying they are of people strength but the bottom line is way to premises become more connected, more of a network and that is something we have to look to dismantling take seriously. heather: she said they pose a threat to the united states like any other terrorist group. she's not saying they are more important than any other but you need to pay attention. >> the hypocrisy is amazing, so many of us saying you got to call it radical islam, you have an ideologically specific strategy and all of a sudden you have to have a strategy calling out white supremacist him. heather: it is politics and
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election season coming up. the time is 18 minutes after the top of the are. lloyd locklin lawyers up, the big-name she has hired and they are no stranger to scandal. alexandria ocasio cortez is in hot water. carly shimkus with the quiet move she just made that could lead to trouble. ♪ this isn't just any moving day.
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this is moving day with the best in-home wifi experience and millions of wifi hotspots to help you stay connected. and this is moving day with reliable service appointments in a two hour window so you're up and running in no time. show me decorating shows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving simple. easy. awesome. stay connected with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. >> 42 minutes after the top of the our. a middle-class joe biden has his hand out for big bucks. according to the wall street journal the former vice president told rich backers he
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is running in 2020, lining up more donors as soon as he makes it official. the 76-year-old is worried about the massive 24-hour briefing efforts of beto o'rourke and bernie sanders. biden has not publicly announced a run just yet. student calls out presidential hopeful beto o'rourke for not having a solid platform. listen to this. >> when we look on your website we don't see anything in terms of a solid platform for policies, just platitudes. when are we going to get an actual policy from you instead of platitudes and my stories? >> in every single policy area i am trying to describe not just the goal and aspirations but the path we will take to get there. i understand if we disagree. heather: the student challenging that democrat at an event at penn state university.
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speaking of democrats, alexandria ocasio cortez is in hot water again. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 is here to explain. what did she do? >> she was just released were stripped-down or no longer affiliated with this board called justice democrats. the pack that she -- that monster into fame and helped her defeat joe crowley in the primaries. according to the daily caller she, along with her chief of staff, took control of justice democrats in 2017 and they had something to do with it until last week. she never disclosed to the federal election commission that they controlled the path that was simultaneously support her primary campaign. this is a violation of campaign finance law. blake says this makes the whole thing look shady.
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another twitter user says how was she on the board of a pack she supported, that supported her as a candidate. another twitter user says and so it begins, people are seeing her for what she is. heather: the argument is she wasn't aware, she's new to politics, that doesn't hold water because she was with her boyfriends, somebody -- >> campaign donations and she said previously she didn't do anything wrong, she denied wrongdoing. we have to wait and see. heather: speaking of controversy politics is everywhere these days. saturday night live is no different, has been for a while. >> we need more, okay? you can all see why i have to fake this national emergency. because i want to.
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heather: the hollywood reporter asked people if they thought saturday night live was too political, 3% of people said yes, 36% said no, 30% said they don't care. 50% of people said they thought late night talk shows i too political. so boring, put comedy back on the show. another twitter user says that is why i stopped watching three years ago but mark says they've been making fun of politicians since the beginning. haven't they? like everything else in the world pretty much split down the middle. >> it has been more mean-spirited, that is my issue with it, less funny, more mean and definitely personal. personally i would not purchase these. who needs to dirty up your own sneakers when you could have somebody do it for you?
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gucci is selling them for $807. another color combination the cost of thousand dollars. the funny thing is gucci has specific direction how to clean them in place they get actual dirt on them. they come in the mail looking like that. on twitter, some folks have more money than sense. i wouldn't buy these for the same reason i don't buy ripped jeans. i want my clothing looking new, not worn out. if i'm spending $800 on a pair of shoes -- >> directions on how to clean them. how would you know they are dirty? >> they look old and smelly. >> no thank you. i think that is a joke. who designed does it to see the level of stupidity. heather: it is almost half past the top of the our. is twitter trying to silence conservatives? that is what congressman devon nunez wants to know. >> this is the first of many. we started with twitter.
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because it's really easy to use. they have customer service that you can reach anytime. t-shirts help us immediately get a sense of who we are as a group. from the moment clients walk in, they're able to feel like part of the family. - [spokesman] custom ink has hundreds of products for your business and free shipping. upload your logo or start your design today at heather: looking out top headline starting with fox news alert, a deputies as an officer is in critical condition after a shoot out in washington state. a driver refusing to pull over leading law enforcement on a high-speed chase, got out of the car and opened fire killing the deputy. the suspect was shot dead. isis is barely clinging onto just a few hundred square yards
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of a bombed out scrapyard in syria. u.s. air force is celebrating after capturing a key terror -- using their own children as human shields. donald trump will get a firsthand look at military might. and nearly shutdown on obama military cuts but driving under the trump administration. the president points to the plant's success to call out general motors for opposing their lordstown facility in ohio. there is absolutely no way robert kraft will take a deal in his florida prostitution case according to the new york post after prosecutors offered to drop charges against him and a slew of others. the billionaire businessman could avoid up to a year in jail if he admits guilt, to do
1:33 am
community service and take a class on the dangers of prostitution in addition to paying fines. crafty nice any illegal activity. donald trump vowing to investigate twitter and facebook for alleged conservative bias. >> if they are conservative or republicans, big discrimination. i see it absolutely on twitter and facebook and we have to get to the bottom of it. heather: is coming after facebook blocked dan scott vino. the house republican, and devon nunez, sued twitter, conservative shadow banning, the president lashing on twitter saying facebook, google and twitter, not to mention the corrupt media are so on the side of the radical left, democrats, fear not, we will win anyway just like we did before. the quote from congressman nunez
1:34 am
has twitter on the hook, for $250 million. that is just the beginning. >> this is only the first of many. we started with twitter because they are a perpetrator of this, of the fake news but we are going after numerous other media organizations in coming weeks. we 20 does he have a case and could this spark a new precedent for social media accountability? here with expert insight constitutional law attorney jenna ellis. >> a pleasure to join you. heather: does he have a case? >> absolutely, no doubt there has been bias by social media platforms and jack dorsey's testimony. you wants to say twitter is like a public square but also wants the liability shield and ability for twitter to selectively censor their content. what icy representative nunez doing is being savvy, making
1:35 am
sure the legal consequences are forcing the issue. to have a court of law determine whether twitter qualifies as a public sphere. and in terms, with user terms and agreements, what he is asking them to say is you are subjectively determining hate speech and also subjectively determining which content you will censor. that is unfair to the users and conservatives. he is forcing the issue in this will create a legal precedent. heather: let everybody say anything they want because you have to deal with the right to free speech. >> absolutely. whether this is a first amendment question depends whether the court, whether it is a public square and is more utility. for example, my wireless carrier is not responsible for the text
1:36 am
messages i might send because they are providing the channel but when jack dorsey and others on social media said this is a private publishing platform that would mean they are subject to liability like any publisher through editorial review content. if they want to stay private they are going to face liability. heather: what about taking it from owners of twitter to the individuals who used the platform as well. >> absolutely. nunez seated a couple individual twitter account he claimed in his complaint were perpetuated by twitter, selectively censoring him but not those users. and created this lawsuit to say twitter as a platform is responsible but these user accounts are responsible for what they are publishing, fakeness into the defamation they are promoting also. this is going to create legal precedent to show how courts
1:37 am
deal with social media. we don't have a legal structure yet for these questions. heather: they need to get it under control because being responsible for what you put on facebook criticized several social media sources for handling the new zealand mosque attack footage. it went out so easy. listen to what zuckerberg had to say regarding what they put on facebook. >> terrorist context where we have a i systems that can identify and take 99% of the al qaeda and such content before someone does that. we need to do more. >> that did not work in this incident. >> the facebook algorithms have come out in recent months, this
1:38 am
heavily dependent, and implicit liberal bias and for any publishing platform that goes through editorial review, they publish, they are subject to publishing laws, and graphic content. for facebook to disclaim liability is highly suspect and they will answer legally for that. it is right the american public in the context of our laws we have to look and say how we are going to treat this. in germany and other places they look at saying we are imposing fines? america needs to answer those questions. we 20 there needs to be personal responsibility on instagram which facebook owns and twitter. thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it. huge topic. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. after 17 years behind bars former american taliban fighter
1:39 am
john walker still supports extremists is why is he about to be set free? a dangerous precedent this sets. cutting the rug before being captured, the police chase that ended with this guy. oh, sugar. ♪
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heather: former american taliban and fighter john walker lind will be released in may after 17 years in prison. he reportedly says he still supports islamic extremism. pete hegseth who served as a guard at guantánamo bay, what do you think? >> we captured him and put him in prison and he is still holding allegiance to al qaeda and is this. we are as foolish as we were
1:43 am
september 10, 2001. if we can't put this guy away from it, try him for treason or executing the we are welcoming even more in the future from him because he will go back to the enemy. heather: a former islamist fighter was captured months after 9/11. he was convicted of supporting terrorism and plans to live in ireland. actress lori locklin hires an attorney known for prosecuting enron ceos as she fights college bribery. he is known for leaving the justice department task force. convicted enron executives in 2006. he said the ceos could not buy their way out of this. $500,000 to get $5000 and to the usc, didn't a lot of her own
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application. they are not allowed to register for classes there. it is the first day of spring. finally. adam plots is live in studio joining us, special black, great to have you with us. >> warmer temperatures in the next couple days but also spring showers for folks throughout the country in spots we don't want more rain. there's a ton of flooding in the middle of the country. one storm system moving across the mississippi river will add to areas that have seen flooding a lot the last 5 or 6 days. along the missouri river, along the mississippi river another issue as we warm-up the next couple days. a lot of snow, as much as two feet and that will turn into eventually water. temperatures getting warmer on
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wednesday. on thursday springlike weather is just around the corner. heather: we love spring type weather and you need to run over here because dairy queen is celebrating spring with three cohen day. customers can pick up a small vanilla salt served free of charge at locations nationwide. >> do you ever feel some days we are just -- heather: we had a lot of food. >> chocolate for free too? >> you can do it for free. >> no promises. >> we got a note from matt. >> he is paying for the chocolate. >> free throughout the nation.
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it will warm up. >> somebody else speak. >> i with snow? can you guarantee we are done with snow? we are eating ice cream in the spring. >> we've got to wrap it up. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour, stacking up the political arena march madness underway, so jim maclachlan is back with round 2 of democratic candidates. we will tell you up next. ♪ the latest innovation from xfinity
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heather: 2020 march madness eating up with round 2 of the democratic matchup in the race for the white house. jim maclachlan here to break down the bracket. march madness underway and this is the semifinal round. let's begin with kirsten gillibrand and joe biden. >> joe biden along with bernie sanders one of the early polling leads, depending which state, which national poll, getting a quarter of the vote. that is good. we 20 without officially announcing. >> his best day may be the day before he announced the first is kirsten gillibrand from new york. he has a big advantage. he is going to have money and organization. heather: he made calls last night. he is going to run. >> i heard from people he is
1:51 am
getting in. heather: what about beto and elizabeth. >> a lot of people want elizabeth warren to run and in some ways she might have missed the mark and she's had trouble with the native american to advance herself. i think beto o'rourke is in an upset and even though he lost his race for senate he is the closest thing to barack obama as the democrats have in the primary. shannon: the cinderella team. >> that is the one. heather: you mentioned bernie sanders and jay inslee. >> this will not be much of a matchup because bernie sanders is extreme and as socialist as he is he has a real following. every time he shows up in any event, he gets not donald trump crowds but that socialist following left of center are
1:52 am
looking to appeal to the aoc wing. heather: what will make it this time around? >> the way to do it with so many candidates is he can win with plurality which is a problem for the democrats. he doesn't have to get 50% but if he's getting 25% -- heather: cory booker and kamala. >> in some ways he is running for vice president to be honest and sometimes you have to do well when running for president, to be the vice president. kamala harris is cinderella in this race. california liberal, she has a constituency. former prosecutor. heather: this will be a close matchup like unc and duke. >> i don't think so. and she got a bump after the announcement.
1:53 am
heather: it is all about the money. she takes this one and coming up tomorrow we have the finals. thank you so much, appreciate it. the time is 10 minutes until the top of the hour. if you can't beat donald trump, change the rules? democrats want to stack the supreme court with 15 judges. will this strategy give them a leg up in 2020? sharing your comments on this. grandpa tissues. the best story of the day, a soldier dad surprising his son. ♪
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>> live look at washington dc. constitutional amendment, the amount of justice on the supreme court to nine is democratic candidates expanding the bench
1:58 am
to 15 justices, donald trump setting the idea down. >> i wouldn't entertain that. the only reason they're doing it is to try to catch up so if they can't catch up through the ballot box by winning an election they will do it in a different way. we would have no interest in that whatsoever. it won't happen for six years. >> the proposed amendment is expected to be introduced tomorrow. most of you seem to agree democrats trying to change the rules as their new strategy is a bad idea. on facebook, they can try, but i doubt they would survive the party. if you are instagram said if they want to guarantee losing then sure, never a problem until they lost to trump. marty says are you kidding? democrats of always broken rules, change the rules or started wars as a strategy to win an election. comments coming in. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first the good. this blindfolded karate kid
1:59 am
thought he was fighting an instructor but was really training with someone very special, watch. >> daddy? [laughter and applause] heather: rob certain surprised is jillian: senate karate practice after a year-long deployment overseas. he's not letting go. too little sleep could be making you fat. scientist at michigan state university say not getting enough shot i can activate the part of your brain that is prone to craving sweet treats. the ugly, call it the bad guy will be. from los angeles, in the highway patrol, spins the driver out but must have left him also cut because he started dancing.
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he was arrested for reckless driving. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". thank you for joining us on the first day of spring. dairy queen. "fox and friends first" continues right now. rob: a deputy shot and killed in the line of duty. jillian: the traffic stop ended -- >> the supreme court's is not a chance the house gop plans to stop it. jillian: alexandria ocasio cortez out of the far left political group. rob: "fox and friends first" continues right now. jillian: good morning.


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