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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 20, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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he was arrested for reckless driving. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". thank you for joining us on the first day of spring. dairy queen. "fox and friends first" continues right now. rob: a deputy shot and killed in the line of duty. jillian: the traffic stop ended -- >> the supreme court's is not a chance the house gop plans to stop it. jillian: alexandria ocasio cortez out of the far left political group. rob: "fox and friends first" continues right now. jillian: good morning.
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rob: thanks for waking up with us today. straight to a fox news alert. a police officer fighting for their life after a traffic stop into the shootout. jillian: in central washington state, the suspect refused to stop leading them on a high-speed chase and opened fire on the officers, killing one. rob: none of the victims have been identified. a familiar story, 24 officers have died in the line of duty this year. jillian: secretary pompeo in the middle east overnight. pompeo is in kuwait where he signed new defense and trade agreement. the first stop on a 3 country tour of the region. rob: he heads to jerusalem next where he will meet with benjamin netanyahu later this morning. jillian: the first funeral for new zealand massacre victims
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getting underway overnight. hundreds of people gathering to mourn a father and his teenage son. the two fled the syrian civil war for what they thought was the safest country in the world. islamic tradition calls for the dead to be buried as soon as possible. funerals are delayed as investigators identify the 50 victims killed in mosque shooting attacks. rob: back here at home border patrol making a massive bust apprehending 400 illegal immigrants in five minutes. agents in el paso snagging 194 illegal immigrants by a border wall near a high school and 245 more were taken into custody a couple minutes later near downtown. most of them are families and unaccompanied minors from central america. they sees 570 apprehensions every single day. jillian: top republican taking action to keep nine justices on the supreme court.
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the proposed amendment coming as democratic democrats hinted expanding the bench. >> reporter: it is the latest push from the left, frustrated with the current conservative majority on the supreme court and what it means for their platform the next few decades. two democrats in a 2020 field who want to change the high court. >> what if there were 5 justices selected by democrats and republicans and 5 more justices independent of those who chose the first 10? >> i would like to explore a lot of options. we should have a national conversation, term limits for supreme court justices might be one thing, give every president the ability to choose three and hold onto those seats in ways that is not very healthy. rob: donald trump says none of these proposals will happen on his watch. >> i wouldn't entertain that. the only reason they are doing that is to try to catch up.
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they want to do it in a different way. we would have no interest whatsoever. it will never happen. it won't happen i guarantee you for six years. >> reporter: the constitution does not establish a set number of justices. that is up to congress. democrats are emboldened since winning the house. not surprisingly congressional republicans attacked the idea with mark green saying he intends to file a constitutional amendment tomorrow to limit the number of justices to nine. marco rubio said he plans to introduce a similar measure in the senate adding we must, quote, prevent further destabilization of essential institutions. >> a prominent democrat to be invited in the russia investigation. the doj considering criminal charges against former obama white house counsel gregory craig who is accused of failing to register as a foreign agent while lobbying on behalf of the
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ukrainian government. robert mueller referred the charges during the investigation into paul manafort. federal prosecutors will decide whether or not to charge him in coming weeks. with the russia probe approaching two years the investigation could be far from over. harvey dylan of the republican national lawmakers association says former obama administration officials should be concerned about what else might surface. >> the former white house counsel appears to have lied to his partners, former law firm and reaching a deal with the doj and conceal the fact he was attempting to manipulate american public perception of very shady bad people abroad in the ukraine. the same story is showing a
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couple other democrats may be under investigation for the same violations. heather: only people connected to the president have been indicted or sent him as a result of the mueller investigation. rob: a top aide for democratic hopeful kirsten gillibrand is leaving over questions about how she handled claims. gillibrand's longtime deputy chief of staff and bradley came under fire after a female staffer's claim against a malay did not result in termination. the male aide was later fired after more allegations came to light. donald trump vowing to investigate twitter and facebook for alleged conservative bias. >> if they are conservative, if they are republicans, if they are in a certain group, there is discrimination, big discrimination. i see it absolutely on twitter and facebook and i do think we have to get to the bottom of it. rob: this after the facebook blocked his social media
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directorate house republican devon nunez sued for shadow banning, the president lashing on twitter saying, quote, facebook, google and twitter not to mention the corrupt media and so many on the side of the radical left democrats but fear not we will win anyway just like we did before. jillian: the powerball jackpot claims to $550 million ahead of tonight's drawing. no one hit the lucky numbers over the weekend. the cash value is $335 million. the odds of winning tonight, one in 293 million. rob: two teams making history on the first day of march madness, fairly dickinson scores his first ncaa tournaments when ever -- they will face number one seed cons are the tomorrow and belmont picks up the first ever victory of the big game winning 81-70 taking on the maryland
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turfs, the second play end games today. north carolina faces st. john's to square off against arizona state. villanova. jillian: just checking, eight minutes after the hour. isis on the brink of defeat with thousands of fighters surrendering in the next guest says this is what winning the war on terror look like. is a former member of the counterterrorism unit, eric cohan is giving credit where credit is due. >> beto might be progressive and needs to be shattered right here right now. >> beto o'rourke's former staffer says beto is not who he seems to be. ♪
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heather: only two months after the tragic death of americans to a suicide bomber in syria alleged terrorists who may be linked to the attack of been captured. rob: this after the surrender 3000 isis fighters in syria. are these signs that the war on terror has been working. here to weigh in is aaron cohen of special operations counter terrorists. this is a huge development. they have written these guys into a small sliver of land in the euphrates river and seems like it is about to end here. don't you think? >> i do. what we are seeing is the systematic shutdown of isis.
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this administration with the policies crafted for counterterror operations are working. we are seeing less territory held by isis, they are down to a tiny little slice of land, who knows how long they will have it before they are eradicated out of that space and disappear back into the crowd which is what terrorists do and we have to keep squeezing the last pieces of the bumble. it is a significant to almost 0 reduction of isis which is a extremely positive step operation. heather: down to a little slice of land and these maps show that. you can see this is syrian territory under isis a couple days ago and under isis today, there you have it. i'm curious what you think.
2:14 am
when donald trump announced this, isis was defeated, a lot of people did not agree with that decision. he came back and said we are going to leave a small group. do you think that was the right move? >> the reason why is donald trump pulling out of troops out of syria didn't mean he was going to completely pool out of syria. the small number of troops he is leaving was a special operations contingent of advisors and mentors building up the military defense forces that were working against isis. those highly trained pockets of green berets and navy seals and delta force operators know how to operate and get much more done, and promise unconventional warfare and those unconventional warfare operations bolster the forces on the ground being led
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by syrians with us quietly keeping an eye on them with little to no fighting but making sure the tools and training to do what we are not seeing on those maps which is the slice of isis, good on donald trump and special operations communities to get a handle and this is the way you fight unconventional warfare. rob: four americans killed in a bomb blast in syria if we could pull up the video. it will remind people what happened, this is surveillance video, watch the left side of the screen and you will see this blast in a restaurant, four americans, killed a number of people and here it comes. it was chilling to see. the bbc said they made 15 to 20,000 people like this willing to blow themselves up for isis that remain in syria. they will not have an army but they will have all these devoted believers. how do you end that part of
2:16 am
isis? >> that is the million-dollar question. when you take out the armed wing of the terror organization they go into the clouds and what we are seeing, green beret and intelligence assets, these are military personnel, this is a military terror attack against us -- with regards to militants who start disappearing and these numbers, 20,000 which is pretty accurate, special forces command oh, providing real-time information and then really well-trained american mentors on
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the ground with the syrian defense forces. to create so much fear in those neighborhoods similar to israel and certain parts of the west bank and gaza. it becomes a game of fear and our job is to put so much fear in those crowds, they better be careful. heather: we want your opinion. iran is calling the sanctions a crime against humanity, building two new nuke sites, what do you think of that? >> only the iranian's comfort into sewers and expect to go anywhere. for some reason, i give him credit but the president of iran thinks they can push this into international courts. and controlled by those in iran,
2:18 am
the islamic controlled state. it is laughable and the reason why, trying to develop two nuclear sites. crimes against humanity focus from the international courts that iran and multiple countries, 160 counties including the un and nato, never going to happen. and taking tools away. and nuclear facilities, used against -- >> proving the administration right in the decision to remove the iranian -- 18 minutes after the hour. after 17 years behind bars former american taliban fighter john walker supports extremists so why is he about to be set free? the dangerous precedent this could set. jillian: alexandria ocasio cortez in a bit of hot water, the quiet move that could mean
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internet that puts you in charge. that protects what's important. it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. rob: donald from junior calling out big tech companies over their alleged anti-conservative bias and censorship. jillian: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with that. >> donald trump junior accusing social media company that censoring conservatives for some time now. now he has written an opinion
2:23 am
piece that appears on and it says this. from shadow bands on facebook and twitter to the monetization of youtube videos and the critical juncture of election campaigns, the list of violations against the online practices and speech of conservatives his loss. this heading home with him because instagram recently apologized for pooling one of his recent posts about the jussie smollett controversy. one twitter user says i am not conservative but i fully agree that what they are doing is censoring the public square of free thought and debate. another twitter user, ryan, says replace them, the biggest hoax in each of us is they are irreplaceable and that is not true. then lastly, maybe congress should do something, just a thought. one way to hurt social media companies is not using them anymore and clearly from this reaction people are still tweeting, still posting on facebook even when they are
2:24 am
complaining. rob: when i came in this morning we have a band giving headlines, aoc, not a okay. whoever does the banner. >> this may be what the person is talking about. the political action committee justice democrats recently cut ties with alexandria ocasio cortez. she along with her chief of staff to control the group in 2017 but there are reports that she never told the fec that she was in charge of the political action committee that was also helping her campaign. sammy on twitter says too late, the damage has already been done. wayne says aoc turns out no different than any other politician. lastly pam says looks like her top does not equal her walk. this could be a campaign-finance
2:25 am
violation but her camps as she did not do anything wrong. jillian: why can't people be normal on airplanes? >> if you see somebody hanging their wet clothes on the back of people's feet to drive them. that is what just happened under recent flight and somebody captured the moment, posted on social media, these are with bathing suits you are looking at and the person posted on instagram with the caption pro travel tip. how gross is that and how rude is that? jillian: who will get on the plane next? >> a head rest. rob: from the pools of the airport. every last drop of that. >> this person will get kicked off a plane. rob: i get sand on the and wiping it off.
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thanks so much. jillian: 25 after the hour. is beto o'rourke bad for the democrat party? >> any last glimmer beto might be a progressive needs to be shattered right here right now. rob: meet the former staffer who is sounding the alarm, joining us live next. ♪
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rob: starting with a fox news alert, an officer in critical condition after a shoot out in washington state.
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suspicious driver refusing to pull over leading law enforcement on a high >>, the driver got out of the car and opened fire killing the deputy. the suspect was shot dead, none of the victims identified. jillian: isis is clinging onto a few hundred square yards of a bombed out scrapyard in syria. after capturing a key terrorist camp. they were using their own children as human shields. rob: donald from will get a firsthand look at military might during the lima army tank plant in ohio, the place nearly shutdown under obama era military cuts and thriving under the trump administration. the president quick to deck out the plaintiff success and call out general motors for closing the lordstown facility. american taliban fighter john walker lynn captured months after 9/11 is set to be released in may after 17 years in prison. jillian: he reportedly still supports extremism which begs the question will his release
2:31 am
set a dangerous precedent. >> reporter: good morning. he hasn't become a changed man in prison renounced terrorism. less than two months after 9/11 with a group of taliban fighters, killed 500 including the cia operations officer. he was convicted for supporting the taliban but not for treason. not only is his he advocated for global jihad the authorities say he made comments and write and translate violent extremist texts. the counterterrorism center says lind remains as radicalized as he was in 2001. pete hegseth who served in the army and guantánamo bay had this to say. >> they captured him and put him in prison and he still holds allegiance to al qaeda, we are as foolish as we were on
2:32 am
september 10, 2001. if we can't put this guy way for life, trying for treason or execute him eventually, we are welcoming even more in the future from him because he will go back to our enemies. >> reporter: what does he do when he gets out in may? he has applied for irish citizenship and plans to travel there once he is free. more to come on that story. rob: middle-class joe biden with big bucks. according to the wall street journal the former vice president told his wealthy backers he is running in 2020 and needs help lining up more donors as soon as he makes an official statement. he won't be able to match the 24-hour fundraising efforts, both around 6 million. biden has not publicly announced he is going to run. jillian: a big boost for kamala harris. the 2020 democratic candidate
2:33 am
for president jumping eight points in a new poll, now third among democratic presidential hopefuls at 12%, 24% in december, joe biden leaves the packet 28, 20%, respectively. let's talk beto o'rourke. the race is running on far left progressive platform but one of his former staffers says he is not as liberal as he claims. rob: here to explain his senate campaign staffer brian young. you are saying beto will say anything to get elected but doesn't buy into his own brand. >> exactly right. i believe that about beto. he presented himself as a progressive but if you pay attention to his lunch there's a lot of platitudes and fluffy language but not necessarily a lot of substance and not what progressives want to see. jillian: who is he? you have met him and worked for him. who is he?
2:34 am
>> beto is more of a moderate centrist democrat. policy wise, beto o'rourke has voted for the disastrous trade agreement like tpp which was horrible for american workers as we know, he voted. -- deregulate wall street a couple times. he doesn't support medicare for all despite its popularity among even more moderate democrats and that is a huge turnoff for progressives. rob: from what i understand you are more for bernie guy and you think beto is trying to hitch his ideals to bernie's and play off of that energy from the far left. is that what you are saying? >> that is part of it and i think the important thing is we are fighting to harness that energy. he is a charismatic and inspiring guy and a lot of use energy surrounding beto but it is important we harness that energy and redirect it toward a more progressive candidate.
2:35 am
jillian: some people may be watching and think do you have an ask to grind with beto? why are you speaking out now? why do you want your opinion heard? >> like i said, it is important to harness this energy. i started this platform following the campaign and i knew i was going to make beto a focal point because of all the energy i saw on the ground with beto. it was incredible all the young people fired up to work with beto. the energy is there and i want to create a platform to empower these young people to act, to act in a way that is productive toward progressive change. rob: what is interesting is you might be turning people more on to beto. in a general election more of a moderate liberal candidate has a
2:36 am
better chance beating the president then a far left candidate like bernie sanders especially if the economy is strong in 2019-2020. >> i have to disagree with that. if you look at polling the majority of americans support bernie sanders's platform, 70% of americans support medicare for all, 80% supported green new deal, 55% support raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. bernie's platform is closer -- rob: people support a lot of these plans until they see the cost. the idea of everybody having medicare and green new deal, the same thing. jillian: look at venezuela, what happened there. people like the ideas and then they see the reality, not so much. >> it is also important to deck out bernie sanders has never advocated the venezuelan system. he advocates more of a social democratic system similar to the scandinavian model in denmark and sweden. rob: i would say at a time that
2:37 am
debts are very high and we are spending ourselves into oblivion a lot of these ideals sounds great especially to the younger generation but more pragmatic voter out there, will it scare, $100 trillion? >> if we want to talk about deficit spending we should also to be fair bring up the $6 trillion spent overseas in the middle east in offense of wars since 9/11. we can talk about these other things as well. the conversation shouldn't just be deficit when we are talking about programs to help people. rob: thank you for the story and your opinions on beto, appreciate your time. >> thanks for having me. spf 25, it's so lightweight. i love it.
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rob: the black box of the doomed
2:41 am
lion air jet that crashed in indonesia made for a frantic seen in the cockpit. according to reuters pilots tried disparately to fix that problem by flipping through the pages of a handbook. a faulty sensor, the angle of attack sensor has been blamed for the crash. the boeing 737 max limited into the water killing all 180 people on board. this public transportation launched an investigation into how the faa certified that model jet, the same model was involved in this month after the crash in ethiopia. with the faa in the spotlight donald trump planes to nominate a former delta airline executive as its new leader. steve dixon retired in october after serving vp of flight operations, former u.s. air force officer and f-15 fighter pilot, replacing the acting chief. >> women are setting up on historic mission, nasa
2:42 am
announcing the first ever all-female spacewalk. kristin fisher has more on the historical moment in the making. >> reporter: 240 miles above earth, half a dozen people working on board the international space station. two are about to make history. nasa announced the first all-female spacewalk a national women's they. one of the astronauts is an mclean who is halfway through her 6-month mission. the 39-year-old is a west point graduate and lieutenant colonel in the army. a wharf it with a bronze star, a rookie in space. >> we are leading the table. there is no excuses. you can accomplish whatever you want to. you have to get out there and do it. >> reporter: her spacewalk partner is christina coates, she really arrived with fellow american and cosmonaut who had a brush with death when there lunch failed to minutes after takeoff. she is a 40y physicist and
2:43 am
electrical engineer who spent three years working in the coldest climates known to exist. while zip around her that 17,000 mph their progress is managed on the ground admission control where women at the helm. >> they are certainly worthy of that and proud to be part of it. >> reporter: there spacewalk is scheduled for march 29th, expected to take 7 hours. they replace batteries on the station, solar arrays. kristin fisher, fox news. rob: beautiful, wasn't it? jillian: it is spring, almost. >> spring -- spring, guys, today, the first day of spring.
2:44 am
with that we see warmer temperatures over the next couple days. there has been flooding in the middle of the country, the only problem as we see these numbers pick up over the rest of the week, across the upper midwest. these are the temperatures we are getting into. you see warm air piling up, 57 in kansas before the week is over, 36 °, two feet of snow on the ground, those numbers will climb in the week ahead and with that two feet of snow will start to melt, already seeing flooding. that is something we are concerned about over the next two days. spring is just around the corner, that means some snacks over there. >> time to wake up the day. check out the first day of spring with italian ice as they do every year.
2:45 am
rob: in honor of spring spirit, some water ice for us to try on. we have a bunch of flavor, mango, cherry, lemon. jillian: a new cream ice flavor. that is what you have. you have the ice cream earlier. >> i can confirm that. >> i call it water. >> i call it italian ice too. >> north carolina italian ice. >> i like the lemon. the lemon is peppered. >> how is the turkey dough? >> it is mango. >> get your free water. >> 45 minutes after the hour. nancy pelosi losing her grip on the democratic heart. >> in your opinion who would you
2:46 am
view as the face of the party? >> cortez. >> aoc, alexandria ocasio cortez is the face of the democratic party. rob: our next guest says conditions are perfect for a socialist takeover on the left. jillian: let's see what is coming up on "fox and friends". do you call it waterice or italian ice? >> italian ice. i'm just saying. did anybody taste the swedish fish? >> it is pretty good. tastes like bread. >> coming up on "fox and friends". in 14 minutes. eric trump and tommy laren. plus we are breaking down the electoral college, the final days of march madness 2020 edition. we have the brackets and find out who the final two and it is
2:47 am
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jillian: welcome back. is nancy pelosi losing her grip on the democrat party? students at georgetown university think so. >> in your opinion who would you view as the face of the party? >> cortez. >> aoc.
2:51 am
>> alexandria ocasio cortez is the face of the democratic party. rob: what does it mean is 2020 approaches? thank you for coming on. you hear a lot of aoc. is she the resulting vote? >> definitely. if you spend time on college campuses as it is not a huge surprise the young people favor socialism more than power players like nancy pelosi. especially since 2016 a lot of young professor voters feel disenfranchised by how the dnc treated bernie sanders and that divide has grown more stark since 2016 which makes conditions perfect for the socialist takeover of the democratic party. jillian: is it because of the policies? do you think young people like socialism or do you think they just find a young person in aoc that they feel they can listen to versus nancy pelosi who has been around the block for a while? >> it is a little bit of both. aoc has the power to generate
2:52 am
buzz among young people and drive our conversation about national policy. we are still talking about the green new deal even though she first proposed it months ago. students are being pushed socialism by their teachers and educators and a humanitarian kind idea to solve everyone's problems and since they are not getting a well-rounded education and a historical view of socialism and the downfalls of it they are not understanding what these movements can lead to and it makes them more prone to want to follow someone like aoc whose driving them. >> let's follow kids on why they like alexandria ocasio cortez. >> she is 29 and kind of branded herself as a socialist. >> he represents a new progressive thing that is prevalent on college campuses. >> a lot more people that steer in that direction. >> he is pulling far to the left and people like it.
2:53 am
rob: donald trump was an answer to people's frustrations with politics in general and congress can't get anything done and i think there is a popularity people like aoc, the same thing, watch the standard issue politicians not get a lot done for the last 25 or 30 years. >> exactly. young people are dissatisfied with the status quo in the democratic party just like people were dissatisfied with the status quo of republicans and that is how we got trump. a recent poll said 49% of young people would prefer to live in a socialist country and it seems a lot of democrats especially moving into 2020 are racing to the left to see who can be more left, more democratic socialist than the other but what is going to be the challenge is once they get that democratic nomination for president they are going to have to sway moderate voters to their own side and away from trump and that will be a real challenge after moving so far to the left in these primaries.
2:54 am
rob: 53 minutes after the hour. trying to silence conservatives. a lot of people think so. that is what devon nunez wants to know. his $250 million lawsuit. jillian: we asked your thoughts, is twitter fair when it comes to first amendment rights? your comments are pouring in. ♪ no cover up spray here... it's the irresistibly fresh scent of febreze air effects. cheaper aerosols can cover up odors, burying the smell in a flowery fog. switch to febreze air effects! febreze eliminates even the toughest odors from the air. and it uses an all-natural propellant to leave behind a pleasant scent you'll love. use anywhere odors can spread. freshen up, don't cover up. febreze air effects.
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it not only saves about 80% in carbon emissions... it helps reduce landfill waste. that's why bp is partnering with a california company: fulcrum bioenergy. to turn garbage into jet fuel. because we can't let any good ideas go to waste. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. to help the world keep advancing.
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jillian: congressman devin nunes defending 250-million-dollar lawsuit against twitter over anti-conservative bias. the congressman now explaining why he is taking action. >> either they are going to admit that they're content develop ires or stop being content developers and just be an actual public square so can i exercise my first amendment right. we want to find out exactly who these people are who are defamed and slandered me. rob: nunes claims allow you had defamatory don't and tried defaming his political work: most of you do not. everything you say ofnedz somebody or so they say. jillian: june saying for facebook not for conservative use, no. rob: good for devin, i have had the same type of problems. jillian: time for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. first up the good, a
2:59 am
heart-warming moment on the hardwood. [cheers] that's kentucky high schooler who has the disability drain ago half court shot. you can tell the entire gym went wild. >> heck of a shot. next the bad a new report claims pot heads are up to five times more likely to develop a psychotic disorder than people who have never used the drug. people who smoke marijuana every day higher risk of dealing with mental health problems like delusions. recreational pot is now legal in 10 states and washington, d.c. because the government can make money off of it so now it's okay. jillian: finally the ugly, it will cost you a pretty penny to look this dirty. gucci selling sneakers meant to look worn out for $875. vintage inspired kicks are made for both men and women. something you will probably
3:00 am
not be seeing on any of us. rob: these high end brands have lost it. they are so disconnected. who wears this crap. jillian: is it made to make a statement? we are talking about it. rob: a terrible statement. see you later. jillian: have a good day. >> if you can't beat president trump, change the rules. democrats are banding behind some changes in hopes of improving their chances in 2020. >> why can't they simply win? these democrats are running on ideology. >> joe biden told rich backers is running and needs more help lining up donors. he is worried he is not going to match the fundraisers of beto o'rourke. >> beto o'rourke long on buzz but short or specifics whrvettle we are going to actually get policy instead of just platitudes and nice stories? >> now exploring a political vendetta. >> so


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