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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  March 25, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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daniels did not prevail. michael avenatti arrested on charges of trying to extort nike of $20 million and accused of defrauding a bank or for his own use. a big day, legal and otherwise, keep watching fox. >> laura: the daily briefing starts now, three big stories michael avenatti arrested in new york city to appear in court, why, it has nothing to do with stormy daniels and special counsel russian reports to my house minority leader kevin mccarthy to react as democrats plus the next move. and, cohost on the five with the media's involvement and reaction, hello, everyone dana perino and this is the daily briefing. ♪ michael avenatti of the outspoken attorney who represented stormy daniels has been arrested on extortion
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charges, federal prosecutors in the southern district of new york say avenatti attempted to extort $20 million from nike and that is not all. laura ingle life in new york with a surprising story, laura. >> laura: high high cam imac on both coasts at this hour, arrested today here in new york and currently in custody, accused of trying to extort, as you mention from the company nike. federal investigators say avenatti met with the athletic company last week and threatened to hold a press conference and release damaging information about the company if it did not agree to give as much as $25 million. avenatti reportedly arrested about 16 minutes after he tweeted this. tomorrow 11:00 a.m. eastern we will be holding a press conference to disclose a major college basketball scandal perpetrated by nike that we have uncovered. this criminal conduct reaches the highest of nike and involves some of the biggest names in
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college basketball. in the meantime, in los angeles avenatti charged in a completely separate case and in that one, accused of wire and bank fraud and a complaint with the clients money in order to pay his own expenses in debt and using phony tax returns to get to millions of dollars in loans. avenatti, best known as the lower your who represented stormy daniels, the star who claimed she had an affair with president trump and michael cohen paying $130,000 to remain silent about it, avenatti expected to appear in federal court this afternoon around 3:00 p.m. but we should have more details from prosecutors before the fourth end of 2:00 p.m. eastern the southern district of new york anan end newsshortly thereafter. we have a lot coming. the speed to thank you. the white house claiming total vindication after the mueller report finds not enough evidence to build a case between the
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trump campaign and russian government, president trump telling reporters a short time ago robert mueller acted honorably. fox team coverage mike emanuel on capitol hill but first let's go to chief white house correspondent john roberts live on the north lawn. and probably a pretty different scene at the white house than the past couple of years, john. >> john: yeah, even though a cloudy day in washington the political storm clouds hanging over the white house for the last two years have finally lifted. finding no collusion between the trump campaign, the president and the 2016 election. good news for the country, good news for american politics. the president was asked about the mueller report when in the oval office with the prime minister benjamin netanyahu a short time ago. listen here. >> mr. president, did this turn out to be not a witch hunt after all? >> president trump: we are glad it is over and it is 100% the way it should have been. i wish we could have done a lot more quicker.
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there are a lot of people that have done some very, very evil things, some very bad things. things against the country. and i say it strongly, very few people i know could have handled it. we can never, ever let this happen to another president again. thank you all very much. >> john: the response from the president and the oval office today but in the meantime the top aides after a pound of flese critics today. listen to sarah sanders this morning. >> i think it is disgraceful we had $25 million in taxpayer money to chase a witch hunt that should have never taken place in the first place. i think the democrats and the liberal media should be absolutely embarrassed by their behavior over the last two years and they are reporting. it is not just a reported and spread malicious lie but hope for the takedown of the president of the united states. >> john: the next step in all of this, bill barr at the
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attorney general will determine how much of the report you can release. that will require consultation with robert mueller, the special counsel. it may also require special matters that may be covered by executive privilege. last week, the president said on the south lawn, let the report come out. he was asked again about today whether he thought the mueller report should be released. listen here. >> president trump: the attorney general, it would not bother me at all. it's up to the attorney general and it would not bother me at all. >> john: it would not bother the president of release but the democrats, however not satisfied with a bird zeroing, but he reads. this does not conclude the president committed a crime in relation to obstruction of justice. it also does not exonerate him. still though, dana the white house claiming the president has been vindicated by bill barr set up yesterday. >> dana: thank you.
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meanwhile attorney general william barr to testify before house appropriations subcommittee next month. and the senate, judiciary chairman lindsey graham say he may invite ag to a panel hearing. mike emanuel on capitol hill, and congress gets back to town, what do we know about the next steps from the judiciary chairman? >> michael: lindsey graham made it clear that questions for the key players for one, graham says he wants to invite former fbi director james call me back up to capitol hill. and graham told us he's inviting william barr as well to talk about the call that was made not tto go forward with obstruction charge. graham told reporters earlier, he believed in special counsel robert mueller well before he knew the outcome. >> at that time, there was a lot of chatter about the president and others about mueller being on a witch hunt and that chatter continued to. i just wanted the public to know that i believe that special counsel now in the future should
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be protected. >> michael: graham also suggested heat intends to look into possible abuses of foreign intelligence surveillance act or the start of the russian probe, dana. >> dana: what is the love -- next new move for democrats? >> michael: chuck schumer issued a statement, the attorney general's bar's letter raises questions and answers, the fact that special counsel mueller report does not exonerate the president has serious as obstruction of justice demonstrates how urgent it is the full report underlying documentation be made public without any further delay. in other democrats agree with him. >> i certainly hope over the next few days, the final determination will be made to release the report and the congress for the american people. if there will be classified sections because of grand jury testimony, that can always be provided in the classified annex. but that ought not to deter the
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meat of the report from being provided. >> michael: it feels like many of these democrats, it has really shifted to a nave phase in their fight, dana. >> dana: michael emanuel on the hill, thank you so much. the deputy independent counsel the whitewater investigation jim trusty a doj prosecutor, great to have you here. there is one part breaking news i wish i could have gotten into a little bit more and i would like you to talk about this. this is part of a letter from bill barr which he says the evidence is not established that the president was involved in an underlying crime related to russian election interference. and not determinative the absence bears upon the president intent with respect to obstruction. so let me start with you and get your take on that because the attorney general was asked by mueller and basically said, here is my information and you make the decision and what is this issue about underlying crime and no evidence to that?
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>> it is not necessary to have an underlying crime to commit obstruction of justice. we do have to have underlying proceedings usually or the contemplation of such proceedings. however, as a practical matter, particularly with the kinds of obstructive asked the president was accused of, the firing of comey, the conversation about flynn, the efforts to get jeff sessions to unrecuse himself, those kind of so-called obstruction efforts in the absence of an underlying crime even assuming such things were criminal would be extremely difficult to prove. >> dana: i see. i believe if mueller had found class class of obstruction acts were shredding of a document, telling a witness from a very different situation and a very different conclusion by mueller. clearly, you don't have that and that is why william barr who already said this does not constitute obstruction.
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>> dana: jam, how do you see it? >> jim: very similarly, public comments i hate this investigation may be i will pardon somebody, i mean, they could somehow constitute obstruction but the fact it's happening in public, the ability of a prosecutor to ever say they can prove this beyond a reasonable doubt, specifically prove the intent. i guess the analogy i would give him to along with what he just said, premeditation you don't have to prove motive as a matter of law but it sure as heck makes it easier to show it was premeditated. it is the same concept here and if you cannot show underlying crime and cannot show private obstructive conduct is seems unlikely that you will get over the burden of proof to get to the point of obstruction. >> dana: so this morning on "good morning america" at the former u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york, he was commenting about mueller basically punting on this point,
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listen to what he had to say. >> so my first reaction, it seems to a responsibility, a case to a special counsel for that person to make a prosecuted decision but you did not. and how high the stakes were and close the question on obstruction but that is best left for congress so he pumps to congress and bill barr runs on the field, takes the ball and runs in for a touchdown. >> dana: your thoughts on tha that. >> sol: first the regulations do not require him to make a judgment call on that. number one, number 2 since it is clear they only acts he found were the public acts we are talking about them attorney general bar in his lengthy memo several months ago has already given his position that those don't constitute obstruction as a matter of law. so i think mueller may have been doing what he said he was doing mueller may have one to go straight to congress, but i think it would have been
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responsibility by william barr. look, i'm the attorney general and i get to make this call. this is not obstruction. >> dana: and contention going forward, jim trustee we will talk to kevin mccarthy minority leader of the house republicans. your thoughts on this particular issue and the questioning william barr's integrity. >> jim: i think they've got it backwards. what is unusual about the summary of letter, not that they don't say and they don't take exoneration viewpoint of the obstruction, but that they did so for collusion. that is what is surprising. prosecutors are usually thumbs up or thumbs down do i have a case to prove beyond a reasonable doubt? and collusion in that same framework. instead, not only are we below reasonable doubt standards, but there is just no evidence of it. so what he is basically doing, that should be the standard prove yourself and exoneration. our country has a long issue of not viewing it that way thumbs
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up sufficient evidence or not. >> dana: sol wisenberg and james trustee, tune in tomorrow the u.s. southern district of new york, and we were just talking about will be here with more of the mueller news. so democrats vying for the 2020 nomination weighed in on the release of the key findings of the mueller report. plus the present sitting down with israel's prime minister as he makes historic diplomatic move, potential impacts of that controversial decision ahead. >> today demonstrates incredible possibilities strong, sovereign and independent nation shock their own destinies. so even when she outgrows her costume, we'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure together.
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speed to los angeles prosecutors detailing charges against michael avenatti. let's listen. >> the case is a result of two years of tax collections and investigative efforts by the irs. the federal criminal complaints mr. avenatti wire fraud and bank fraud contains a series of allegations of payments and oddly picture of lawless conduct and greed. and on his twitter account, mr. avenatti describes himself as "attorney, advocate, fighter for the good." but the allegations in this case describe something different. a corrupt lawyer who instead,
11:18 am
fights for his own selfish interests by misappropriating close to $1 million that rightfully belong to one of his clients. the complaint also alleges that mr. avenatti obtained bank loans worth of millions of dollars to fraud by submitting phony, personal income tax returns and other falsified information to the lending bank. according to the complaint, the tax returns were clearly false because mr. avenatti never filed federal income tax returns for the years in question. and never paid the federal income tax as reflected on those false returns. i'm going to give you an overview of what the two count criminal complaint filed in the district alleges. i do want to remind everyone that mr. avenatti is presumed innocent unless and until these allegations are prove beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of
11:19 am
law. in december 2017, mr. avenatti negotiated a settlement for a client that involved intellectual property dispute. under the settlement, $1.6 million due to be paid by january 10, 2018. and a meeting in his law office newport beach, mr. avenatti gave the client a bogus settlement agreement. that instead listed a later date, march 10, 2018, as the date by which the payment was due. the $1.6 million was wired on january 5th to an account controlled by mr. avenatti. mr. avenatti then used his clients money to pay expenses for his own coffee business, global barista llc, which did business as totally's coffee as well as to pay his own personal
11:20 am
expenses. and when that fake march 10 deadline came and went. >> dana: those are prosecutors in los angeles but i have a long list of things to talk, let's bring back jim trustee for just a few minutes, l.a. has this the same time so perhaps coordinated to do it on the same day as michael avenatti. >> jim: the doj typically has multiple prosecution so communications between the two offices. there is another interesting procedural complaint instead of indictment and in a lot of white colored cases you don't see until an indictment. the complaint suggest at least that these prosecutors may be seeking to keep them locked up pretrial which is again a little bit unusual and in white-collar cases. >> dana: why would they do that? is he a flight risk or something? >> jim: they may look at him and think he is an unstable character right now. i know that as a shock for those of you watching him on the news for a while. they may be thinking this is a
11:21 am
guy increasingly desperate, engaged in a lot of shenanigans when it comes to finances and he is a risk of flight. i don't think he is a danger to the community but risk of flight thing is in play with things like this that carry a big consequences. >> dana: only have one minute left. trying to extort -- extort nike, big mistake? >> jim: he's got a great defense committee he told me just do it. >> dana: very good, jim trustee. [laughter] >> jim: big mistake but it doesn't matter. >> dana: so mikey called the fbi and set this guy is trying to extort money from us? >> jim: i think they waited until the other shoe dropped with the announcement from avenatti today. that is enough of extortion to act on so pretty fast-moving coordinated with nike and again pretty devastating paper trail to try to undo. >> dana: i can't think of a shoe pun so i will let you have all of that, jim trustee, thanks for sticking around for that
11:22 am
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>> dana: president trump signed an executive order officially recognizing as part of the israeli territory. israel occupied the disputed territory on its border with syria since 1967. arab israeli war.
11:26 am
this coming after rocket fire from gaza struck a home near tel aviv entering seven people including two children. the editor and chief, the contributor to national review, a lot to talk about here. israel heading into an election. the prime minister in a fight for his political life here, comes to america and president trump a good friend of his. does this big news on a day there is an attack in israel. >> this event is interesting because it's clear president trump who has been cleared on charges of colluding with russia in an american election is now dabbling a little bit interfering in it israel's election by helping benjamin netanyahu. >> dana: it's not like fake news but like actual policy. listen to benjamin netanyahu earlier today. >> blessed to have many friends in the oval office, but israel has never had a better friend than you.
11:27 am
you showed us time and again i'm a you showed us when you withdrew from the disastrous deal with iran. >> dana: how important is this to go back to the campaign with israel? >> jonathan: you have to understand that virtually every one of presidents predecessors have strayed to interfere, bill clinton admitted he did everything to do the feet benjamin netanyahu, barack obama did everything he could to defeat benjamin netanyahu. >> dana: they had a terrible relationship. >> jonathan: they had a terrible relationship but obama was very unpopular. trump because his policies so closely aligned with israel in the eyes of israel doing the right thing. therefore, his embracing benjamin netanyahu has to help them. the fact that he's pretty much ignored mike pompeo who was in israel last week. ignored benjamin netanyahu's rifle, and running ahead and sof
11:28 am
the polls, in washington and getting no love from the administration. >> dana: and what about angola heights, how sub sequential is that? >> it is a boost and not even benjamin netanyahu's opponents, especially not after the syrian war turned it into that there is no possibility. >> dana: and syrian advocated its own responsibility. they are not a responsible player. >> jonathan: they are barely a sovereign country. and so, israel was not going to give it up, but recognizing israeli sovereignty they are, sent a message to iran, but also sends a message to israel voters that i'm a niche minute his side, give him a break. >> dana: jonathan tobin, check him out, the national review in "the new york post," thank you so much. >> jonathan: thank you. >> dana: the next steps for democrats mueller's finding no collusion between russia and the
11:29 am
president and the media covering the story not only now but before the investigation start started. greg gutfeld joins me next. >> i think showing media, the press, one of the great reporting jobs in the history of especially covering a presidency by the most news organizations. ♪ about 50% of people with evesevere asthma k? have too many cells called eosinophils in their lungs.
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and since they've been granted automatic authority by the va, newday can say yes when banks say no. so if you're a veteran homeowner who needs cash, now's the time to call newday usa. go to or call 1-833-844-6702 's bay to the media closely covering the mailer investigation since it began with some rushing to judgment. so now that it is over, listen to what they are saying. >> you will hear this from the right the next weeks to come. the president has made all this up to take down president trump. but the press is just following a trail that trump created. >> the idea of a foreign power, you know, potentially colluding with a presidential candidate, now turned out that was not the case. but that there were significant steps along the way. a major criminal investigation
11:34 am
here. how could reporters not cover that? >> they trashed him for two years. in the end, mueller just did an investigation that ultimately the president considers a total exoneration of him. does he owe robert mueller an apology? >> dana: joining me greg gutfeld and a host of >> the five: , michael avenatti one of greg's favorite people to talk about. >> greg: at least for president trump on monday. >> dana: it's not even 5:00 yet but we are waiting for the press conference in new york before the prosecutors get to that. we want to get greg gutfeld's take of the media coverage of all of this. >> greg: where to begin, people say you should not don't on these people, but the fact is if the shoe were on the other foot, they would be out of control and wrong, about what he's predicting to happen with the right. it wasn't the right the strongest critics of this. the two strongest critics of the collision narrative, they are hardly fox news contributor's. what you are seeing right now is
11:35 am
a meltdown. cnn especially because so much personal investment and financial investment in this conflict narrative to divide the country which is what they have become so good at that now, this whole narrative has collapsed. they don't know what to do. so a lot of pivoting. yesterday i was watching, oh, donald trump's personality again. in fact it was so sad to see the desperation, grasping for straws. >> dana: and mentioning brian felter who covers media for cnn tweeted this "there's been so much solid reporting about the tromp mystery but the echo system tends to award speculation over straight news." are there ways to change this, greg? hold that, greg let's go to avenatti's press conference. >> avenatti's conduct had nothing to do with advocacy or client or any kind of legitimate legal work, but instead,
11:36 am
avenatti used legal extortionist threat for the purpose of obtaining millions of dollars in payments for himself. avenatti repeatedly pressured the company to agree to pay and risk of having avenatti hold a press conference that would dramatically drive down the stock price of the company and its market value. as avenatti threatened in one recorded meeting, the company did not meet his demands, the company might die, but if not, it was "going to be inflicted with cut after cut after cut after cut." as alleged, the entire scheme played out in less than a week. avenatti first met with representatives of the company last tuesday, march 19 in manhattan. at that meeting, avenatti said he represented a client, coach, amateur of high school basketball team sponsored by the
11:37 am
company which is nike. the team had recently lost that contract, $72,000 a year, and avenatti claimed the coach had information about potential misconduct by employees at nike. the allegations of misconduct were similar and kind to those the core of a prior prosecution brought by the office that payments were made to families of high school basketball players. in that meeting and subsequent conversations that were recorded as part of the investigation, avenatti threatened to hold a press conference at which he would make these allegations public if the company did not agree to his financial demands. avenatti promised to forgo the press conference and allow the company to avoid financial harm if the company agreed to pay his client $1.5 million and for avenatti himself to retain
11:38 am
avenatti and another coconspirator, to conduct a multimillion dollar internal investigation and internal investigation that the company did not request. avenatti made clear that he was approaching the company at a time and tended to maximize the potential damage of such a press conference mainly on the eve of the annual ncaa tournament and the company's quarterly earnings call. as avenatti threatened on-call recorded during the investigation, if the company does not exceed to his financial demands, "i will go take $10 billion off your client's market cap." a recorded meeting for next of the day, avenatti expected to be paid up to $25 million with $12 million to be paid up front and earned when paid. and when asked by a lawyer by
11:39 am
the company would agree to such an arrangement, avenatti responded in substance that he had the company in a very vulnerable position where he could wipe out five to $6 billion of its market capit capital. when the company's lawyers resisted paying avenatti to conduct an internal investigation avenatti told the company it could skip paying internal investigation if, instead, simply paid him $22.5 million. then, avenatti said he would "ride off into the sunset." pressure in the sense of urgency used with delivering these threats, as you can see from the timeline, this all happened in a period of three days. on day one, march 19, a tuesday, this was the first meeting between avenatti, representatives of nike and the coconspirator.
11:40 am
and avenatti for the first time, extortionist, the man and threats. and demanded threats. representatives from nike called the prosecutor, and extortion with threats made by avenatti. going forward, all interactions between nike representatives and avenatti were recorded to oversee by the fbi. and on date 2, march 20th, it was a recorded phone call with avenatti, at the coconspirator and representatives from nike where avenatti then made his threats and demands. and on day three, there was a meeting come up recorded on thursday, march 21st, last thurn
11:41 am
which avenatti demanding and threats and as you can see, he dramatically describes his hold over the company. at the end of this meeting on thursday, they agreed there would be one final meeting on the following monday, which is today. at that meeting, nike could either exceed to his demands or suffer the consequences. after that meeting come about two hours after that meeting, avenatti decided to turn up the heat on nike. he issued a tweet and it said "something tells me that we have not reached the end of this scandal and by scandal he's talking about the college basketball corruption, the southern district of new york." the likely far, far broader than
11:42 am
imagined. so while this tweet went out to the public, it was intended and designed for audiences of one, which was michael avenatti's shot of nike. through the alleged course of conduct, avenatti used lee legal terms like claims and settlements and the retainers. but these were devices to provide cover for avenatti's massive payday for himself. by engaging in the conduct and alleged complaint, avenatti was not acting as an attorney. a suit and tie does not mask the fact at its core, this was an old-fashioned shakedown. the charges announced today reflect the hard work, not only of this office but law enforcement of the federal bureau investigation. to my left is my good friend, bill sweeney from assistant
11:43 am
director in charge of the fbi new york field office. i want to thank him and his team for professionalism to see this investigation through. i want to acknowledge and thank career prosecutors and agents in my office for their role in the investigation and prosecution of this case. to my right, matt, robert, rob and supervisor for corruption unit. and the talent and the professionalism of these dedicated public servants is really extraordinary. our legal system, system of justice requires and realize on attorneys, members of the bar, not simply follow the law but uphold the finest principles and ideals. when lawyers use all licenses as weapons, as a guise to extort payments for themselves, they are no longer acting as attorney. they are acting as criminal and
11:44 am
they will be held responsible for their conduct. i would now like to invite those to the podium. >> dana: you have been watching press conference southern district of new york as michael avenatti charged with extortion of nike. and he has for $20 million, greg gutfeld might want to get your take on this. he's quite a character avenatti. >> greg: this is exactly what i was here to talk about when i got here with the media. the only reason why we know who avenatti is, he was allowed to prosper at the foot of the media because he indulged their narrative about brett kavanaugh. he was a quack from the beginning, but they didn't care because handle to the media. so you are looking at a series of monumental mistakes in the last six or seven months. covington, gyp cap and no, this is a crisis moment and nobody trust them. they have lost all the confidence they have ever had and the fact that avenatti is
11:45 am
getting respite another feather in the cap for trump proving they were fake all along. >> dana: right and you mentioned, the "rolling stone" magazine that wrote this piece, journalism is lost. i will ask you a final question, can it be found again? >> greg: i think you have to actually admit when you make a mistake. i did that. i was completely wrong 2016 election and i wrote an entire chapter in my book about the series of errors i made, cognitive bias from emotional decisions that i had made that made me not see what was going on. i think that is what the media, the media needs reflection but it will never happen. because they are too insecure and too tied to the personal investment in the stories. so they will pivot to something else. >> dana: will you talk about this on the >> the five: ? >> greg: you can bet on it. >> dana: i will see you there, greg gutfeld. >> greg: bye-bye everybody. >> dana: a take on this press conference the southern district
11:46 am
of new york had pretty extraordinary they worked with nike to basically figure out a way to get michael avenatti to the point that he will go forward with this press conference and then they nailed him. be careful who you shakedown. obviously a quick pipeline and this is what's happening and everybody was pretty nimble. if you represent avenatti a scary concept i suppose, looking up this case to figure out how bad it is commit initial indications both cases are devastating. there is a solid come easy to understand paper trail that shows fraud and recordings and a paper trail with extortion. so he's got serious damage control to be thinking about. >> dana: i don't know if we have heard but you mentioned earlier in this hour they mighte goes to trial. what do you think might happen there? >> it is interesting the fact they are charging by criminal complaint part might be because it's so fast-moving they wanted
11:47 am
to move. but a lot of times in the white-collar investigation they take longer and end up with an indictment. this is a situation where they made a conscious decision to charge by complaint which could be to get as much detail out as possible. the press conference was detail for a press conference but they don't want to waste time. they want to say this is an unstable guy falling apart and that they need to keep him detained at least for a while. >> dana: stunning, jim trusty come i don't think there is any legal thing to break before 3:00 so thank you for being here with us today. all right, democratic chuck schumer in nancy pelosi demanding answers about possible obstruction of justice in the mueller report after attorney general william barr said doj officials found insufficient evidence to pursue obstruction related charges against president trump and left the decision to the attorney general. joining me house minority leader kevin mccarthy, as everybody gets back into town and you were all on recess last week but what is the mood they are for republicans? >> kevin: the mood is actually
11:48 am
a good day for not just republicans but for america. we can put this to rest in this case is over. for the good of this country we can move forward. we have lots of work to do. the usmca trade agreement, speaker pelosi should put that on the floor. we can actually move on from what has been the last 22 months this cloud over this country. and all proven wrong. >> dana: the speaker has tried to tap the brakes on pushing forward for impeachment. it has been difficult for her because of the democrats are pushing forward to. they want hearings, they want things like that. do you think she will be able to hold back impeachment proceedings, even though that pent-up demand, and if that does happen, is there any way that any thing bipartisan issues can get worked out like infrastructure bill or anything on trade, for example? >> kevin: i don't know if she can hold back impeachment because they wanted to impeach this president the day after he got elected. that is what nadler went after
11:49 am
and priced himself on a list bigger than that nra list. where does he do the town hall meetings? nadler and others, they want to try to impeach the president even though there is nothing to impeach him over. i believe that they will lose at the ballot box if they try to do that. the mueller report should put this all to rest. but what the democrats are doing, they are wasting the majority. the entire time they have been a majority, nothing but try to move towards an impeachment, tried to create something not true. then you have a chairman of the committee -- >> dana: can i stop you there because i want to play a sound bite kellyanne conway the president senior advisor. she was talking about house intelligence committee chairman. listen to this. >> then you have adam schiff talk about an oxymoron, this man has the intelligence committee in the house. he said "he believes that the scandal is of size and scope bigger than watergate and that
11:50 am
there is plenty of evidence of collusion." he ought to resign today. >> dana: obviously the white house obviously vindicated but really frustrated by the rhetoric that has been used while mueller was working on his report. now, we have the results. do you think adam schiff, the intelligence chairman will back off and anyway? >> kevin: i don't know. this is something he always wanted to do, but kelly anna conway is correct about this even before the mueller report m schiff said more than two years ago he had more than circumstantial evidence that the president had done something wr. he owes an apology to the american public. there is no place and adam schiff's world or in congress that he should be chair of the intel committee. adam schiff always holds other members to high standard of. remember adam schiff is the one who fought so that we could not know who paid for the dossier. why did he fight so hard that we would not know that the democrats paid for it?
11:51 am
also, individual who met with glenn simpson, remember? when they knew the intel committee was looking into glenn simpson based on his own testimony and he never brought forward that. there are so many questions about adam schiff. people have real doubt about him, but now there is no way that he could lead the intel committee. he should step back. >> dana: are you calling on him to resign from the committee? >> kevin: i'm calling for him to leave the committee as chairman. because adam schiff left for so many others, so many questions, one who paid for the dossier. we had to go to court and number two, glenn simpson, when the committee was looking at it and 33 -- two years ago he had more than circumstantial proof and evidence of a problem going for. and mueller report came through improved he lied. he should apologize to the american public and step back from being chair of the intel committee. >> dana: all right, thanks for coming on kevin mccarthy,
11:52 am
welcome back to washington. >> kevin: thank you. >> dana: final thoughts on today's events from the political panel oh! oh!
11:53 am
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>> dana: welcome back. the panel, the former communications director, the fox contributor, guy benson, i want to get your take on this. right before the commercial break, house minority leader, kevin said that adam schiff, the house intelligence committee should step down for misleading people or obstructing before hand and not being forthright in terms of the meanings like fusion gps and glenn simpson. your thoughts on the problems that may be adam ship house now. >> anyone that thought that the political discourse and dialogue was going to de-escalate after this report came out with sorely mistaken. look, i think we are at a point now, a lot of questions to be
11:57 am
answered, the obstruction case because of the fact special counsel mueller said this did not exonerate the president, nor was he able to pursue anything on it. so i think it is time for us and sitting here trying to have commentary about a report that really no one outside of the administration has seen. and so i think the report should be made public and then let's see where it goes from there. but until then, back and forth. >> dana: guys, let me ask you if there are more questions that need to be asked about how the whole thing got started in the first place. the obama administration knew about russian interference, but they did or did not do and how they got to this point. you know, all of those questions i think you're still out there. >> and the dossier come i think we should have transparency on all of that. i agree. look to most points there might be questions here and there and actually read the memo itself once it comes out. the report from robert mueller,
11:58 am
but what we know now for sure there was no collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. that has been the central question hanging over the presidency for two years and we have an answer a very good one from the president. and obstruction of justice bob mueller did not try to pursue charges on that and the attorney general will not either because there is no proof of criminal intent. there was no justice obstructed because the investigation played out. i mean come i feel like it's not exactly a mystery here what has happened. there may be some points on both sides of the obstruction? but ultimately the people in charge decided not to pursue charges and we have no collusion on the other end. it is hard to spin this any other way, a giant vindication of what president trump scheid -- shouting from the rooftops. >> dana: not everybody is feeling that way, and one of your democratic colleagues and others have said that bill barr as attorney general, when he got this report, apparently he knew
11:59 am
three weeks there would be no obstruction charge and that's what he has to decide. they call him judge and jury. they are not satisfied. do you think that bill barr, in some way, would be compromised from the democratic's point of view that he would be compromised and not an honest broker for the attorney general of the united states? >> mo: look, he even before he was picked by donald trump to be attorney general had publicly written he did not believe a president, any president could be guilty of obstruction charges. and so, the cake feels a little baked before this thing was even over. let's put it out there. congress, let's just get it out there and see what is and the report. congress has an oversight role. and trust as it has in past administration. and we go from there. >> dana: mo, they are bringing
12:00 pm
that cane because it's been such a busy day i don't have enough time. mo elleithee and guy benson thank you for being here today. i will see you, on mueller, but we have avenatti news. i am dana. >> if you are president trump, you are having a good day. and just cleared you have collusion. the israeli prime minister has just called you the best friend, israel ever had in one of your harshest critics just got arrested. a very good day, indeed, of course some of his rivals get their way, the good times will not last, the white house just called into an event supposed to be close to the press and the president will be speaking. we will see soon what the president has to say as our reporting begins >> our reporting


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