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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 25, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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. . >> i love this country. i love this country as much as i can love anything, my family, my country, my god. but what they did and it was a false narrative. it was a terrible thing. we can never let this happen to another president again. >> president trump slamming what he calls the quote, false narrative that led to the mueller report and said it would not bother him if the report was released. this is "your world." democrats demand more investigations. well, we have fox team coverage with john roberts and we begin
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with john. >> charles, good afternoon to you. the president saying he believes robert mueller acted honorably in conducting the investigation as he did for nearly two years though at every turn the president derided it as a witch hunt and the whole thing was a hoaxed. asked in the oval office when he was in there with benjamin netanyahu if he still believed the mueller investigation was a witch hunt. here's what the president said. >> it lasted a wlorng -- long time. it's 100% the way it should have been. i wish it would have gone sooner, quicker. there's a lot people that have done some very evil things, bad things, i would say treason against the country. i say that strongly. few people could have handled it. we could never ever let this happen to another president
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again. >> reporter: he said that again this was a cloud hanging over the presidency and effecting everything he did particularly in his dealings with vladamir putin and the cloud of suspicion with collusion he found it difficult to do diplomatic business with russia. we'll see if that changes at all. in regard to the release of the mueller report the president as he was heading on the helicopter said let it all go out there and repeated it again today. >> it wouldn't bother me up. up to the attorney general. wouldn't bother me at all. >> reporter: wouldn't bother him at all if it were released and now william barn and deputy rod reese -- rosenstein will consult how much can be released and there's no question in the mueller report and if not in the
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report itself, at least in the investigative materials, there probably is a lot of documents that are subject to executive privilege and the white house wants to make sure it has a chance to know what may get out there before it decides to waive executive privilege. >> the one thing we want to be careful about and clear is we want to do the right thing not just for this president but all administrations and want to protect the office of the presidency. we have to look at things like executive privilege and look at protecting sources and methods for the intelligence community. >> reporter: it's not just this white house, but charles, any white house. if you had the treasure trove of documents subject to executive privilege robert mueller has because the goal at the white house was to be transparent with the special council's office because it's all within the administration. they gave mueller everything. and it doesn't matter whether it's the trump or obama white house, bush, clinton, reagan, no
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white house would want all that material out there. so it's going to be a lengthy process in determining what can and cannot be released. charles. >> now to capitol hill where democrats said they won't be satisfied until the entire report is out. peter doocy with more. >> reporter: charles, democrats on the hill said they essentially want to redo part of the mueller report since mueller didn't come to a conclusion about obstruct of justice. democrats wan access to all -- want access to all evidence to see if they agree. >> just because he claims it's schon -- exoneration it's all about him with the president. what's next is as these kinds of investigations must continue unfettered. it's still in the context of the disaster that is this presidency. >> reporter: the chairman president, lindsey graham, was told by bill barr it may be a
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while before congress sees the mueller report because they want it appropriately redact and then he is willing to brief lawmakers himself and graham is willing to wait since he's already brain storming for a congressional investigation of his own to see what inspired the investigation into the trump campaign. >> well, we'll be investigating everything around the campaign. i have no desire to drag hillary clinton back to the senate but i do want to find out why comey did something i've never known to happen before take over the investigation as the investigator becomes the attorney general. how could that happen? >> reporter: around that time, democrat adam schiff became one of the first lawmakers to publicly pursue allegations of trump campaign wrongdoing and today kevin mccarthy called on schiff to resign as chairman of the house intel committee. charles. >> peter, thank you very much.
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democrats showing no sign of letting up. so how should republicans respond? let's ask the chairman of the republican conference committee. senator, thank you for joining us. a lot of your colleagues across the aisle in the house and senate seem determined to continue this. i think the one thread they're holding on to was from the part where mueller didn't have an opinion on obstruction but attorney general barr said there was no collusion or obstruction. >> the headline clear, no collaboration, no collusion, no conspiracy. you know, i think this entire mueller report -- even when he was named, democrats said he's the right person, he's the best person for the job. he's done a very thorough job over the last two years. i want the full report released but the headlines are clear, no conspiracy. >> by the way, senator, i moved your state.
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from the great state of wyoming. thank you, okay. it's obvious the first 24 hours since the report has been out many in the read ya and many in washington, d.c. are not going to let it go. conversely are republicans going to do because president trump is okay with the report being released and the house voted 21 to 0 to be released. it's clear the whole report won't be released but where do your colleagues stand on this? >> it's time to release the report. public deserves accountability and the public spent $21 million on taxpayer money and waited two years for the report. i say make sure the public gets to see the report. they'll see what the results are of what was it, 500 search warrants, 2800 subpoenas, hundreds and hundreds of interviews. they've done all this work very thorough, very complete.
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no conspiracy, no collusion. >> neil: lindsey graham saying he wants to get to the bottom of it. is there an appetite for another investigation to go to the source of this and many are saying it's not just for president trump, but to protect all future presidents from something as preliminary -- something like this going down this path again? >> lindsey graham is a pit bull and will dig in and foo -- fight hard to see what generated all of this. my focus continues to be job, national economy, legislating. there's so much we need to do. we have a crisis at the border i'm focussed on as well. so there's the select committee on intelligence chairman burr is working on with lindsey graham and the judiciary committee. i think they'll get to the bottom of it as well.
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>> speaking of jobs. lots of controversy on the green new deal and folks said it's very 12 years left before the planet implodes are against any vote on this. would it be a political gimmick or the way to let americans know where people stand on this? >> it's important to let the public know where democrats and the president stand on this but it seems they want to duck it and dodge it and distance themselves from this so-called green new deal which, as you know, charles, is unworkable and unaffordable. $93 trillion of the cost would empty everyone's savings $65,000 is the cost to the average family in america. energy costs go up every year per family and won't accomplish mission of what they really say they want to do in terms of
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actually changing emissions. the united states emissions have been dropping over the last 13 years. and we're only 13% of the global emissions charles. china and india are 33% and their emissions continue to go up. >> yeah. remarkable they don't want to go ahead with this vote probably it will. senator barrasso from wyoming. >> thank you, charles. >> both sides digging in after the mueller report but what else do they want to find out?
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>> when it comes to the fisa campaign, it was swept under the rug and those days are over. hopefully in a bipartisan faction we'll begin to unpack the other side of the story. >> charles: that was senate
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judiciary committee lindsey graham getting to the bottom of how the russia investigation began and wants william barr to appear before the committee to discuss the mueller report. let's get reaction from a former prosecutor. john, people are saying we've gone through a mueller investigation and it was a painful allegation because president trump was condemned in the media and now let's go down why we were led this path in the first place. >> i woke up this morning thinking we'd have a little bit of bipartisan and that lasted 30 seconds until i turned on the television. yesterday was a great day for america. the charge of colluding with a foreign government was treason and there was no collusion by the president or anyone in his
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campaign and we should all be celebrating that. representative joe kennedy about three weeks ago, certainly no friend of the president said he hoped there would be a finding of no collusion. i thought we could all move on and so mueller comes out with this report and once again the people who held him up as a deity are questioning the validity and there's no collusion but know we turn to obstruction. i don't understand frankly, why mueller who made a conclusion as to collusion as to why he didn't make a judgment as to obstruction. that's his job. it's like a judge saying hey, this is too hard. this issue's too hard. i'm not going to decide. he didn't decide. so the attorney general together with rod rosenstein the man talking about putting a wire on the president, jointly decided there was no obstruction.
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it is exoneration for the president so i say let's move on to working on the president's agenda for the american people. but why have the republicans looked into the source and the democrats looking to the president and nothing gets done. that's not going happen. >> charles: it's not going to happen but in retrospect, are you satisfied that the fisa warrant and the issues may have gone on with the clinton campaign and the counterintelligence at the fbi and the higher ranking agent there and their obvious distain and animosity for president trump should be look at in a deeper fashion to get to the conclusion from the mueller report? >> it's being looked at, is my understanding, by the inspector general and if there's a basis for it those people should be
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held accountable. just like the president shouldn't have been prejudged neither should they. it's not the ordinary rank and file fbi agent. they're hard working public servants but not only should it be looked into but it is being looked in to. >> charles: where do you think we go from here? we get an appearance by the attorney general on capitol hill but it seems like despite what we're hearing and your disappointment maybe most people realize it's over and the mueller investigation with all the high hopes was essentially a dry well with respect to collusion with russia. >> it's not a dry well if the special counsel does a special investigation and clears the president. it's not a dry well. they have done their job effectively. everybody's using the word
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transparency. i'm curious. i'd love to know what's in the mueller report. i think we'll be disappointed and won't know. if you had time i could list quickly two or three reasons why we'll see very little of the mueller report and there's grand jury material which in watergate we got a court order to release that. as they that's not going happen. there's ongoing investigations. when all's said and done and congress has to unanimously ask for disclosure of the whole thing. >> charles: there's a lot that will be redacted. john, i always appreciate your level-headed analysis of these things. >> thank you, charles. >> charles: attorney michael avenatti arrested for trying to extort millions from a public
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it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. >> charles: one lawyer and two cities and a bunch of charges. michael avenatti could be facing a lot of trouble. laura ingle with the latest. >> reporter: michael avenatti in new york charged on the east and west coast on separate criminal charges which would bring him nearly 100 years in prison. charged in the east by the u.s. attorneys office with the southern district of new york with four counts involving extortion. investigators said avenatti met with lawyers with nike last week and threatened to release
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damaging information about the company that would drive down stock price and market value if it did not agree to give him more than $20 million. >> by engaging in the conduct alleged in the complaint avenatti was not acting as an attorney. a suit and tie does not mask at its core it was an old-fashioned shakedown. >> reporter: nike releasing a statement, in part, nike firmly believes in ethical and fair play in business and sports and will continue to assist prosecutors. in los angeles the u.s. attorney announced bank and wire fraud charges against avenatti for allegedly defraud bank. avenatti is best known as the lawyer who represented stormy daniels the porn star. when asked what he thought with
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the new charges the lawyer who represented president trump in the stormy daniels matter said today, quote, it's a great day for the american justice system. charles. >> charles: laura, thank you very much. now to wall street and investigators were all over the map dealing with the fallout from the mueller report and lingering fears over global economic slowdown. so what can we expect from the market going forward? let's ask a market watcher. adam, your thoughts? >> hi, charles. this was undeniably a good day for president trump and the fact the factor didn't care i think is sort of a harsh judgment on both the global economy and what president trump's impact are on the global economy going forward. the market is essentially saying, thanks for that tax cut way back when. what have you done for me
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lately? >> charles: the worse performing index is the dow and nasdaq is up 3%. it's been a remarkable year. >> if you go to the december low we're up. so clearly we've had a significant rebound and the market is concerned with getting things right and it feels like we're getting closer to getting china right which would be great for global growth. it would be an inflection point for chinese growth which will help european growth and help investigators in the marketplace. feels like we're on the right path with china and that's light at the end of the tunnel. >> charles: for the past year the two headlines were the federal reserve and china trade. the feds squaring on the side of investigators now. how important is it we get a china trade deal? >> well, i think it's important but i think the market already assumes we're going get a china
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trade deal and furthermore it's not going to be a particularly significant one. you know, the market wants certainty. the market now really doesn't care if it's a good significant substantial deal. i think the market expects it. so the fact that the market isn't doing much really speaks to the fact the market is more concerned about the global economy than a trade deal. >> charles: the numbers have gone well but compared to germany and china. china's tried to mark their economy. how does the global economy turn around? >> you hit it on the head. the chinese stimulus is starting to stabilize the chinese economy so the numbers have stabilized and it's gotten to the point where we think putting that behind them would help that stabilization. a better chinese economy will
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help europe and germany will need that. i clearly think this goes hand and glove. get trade tried and the inflection point right and not have the u.s. immediately pivot to tariffs on european autos. >> charles: very much appreciate it. and calls are mounting for the entire mueller report to be released and we are joined next on why the american public deserves to see it and see it fast.
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? >> charles: a win for elon musk after a statement about the model 3. back in 60 seconds.
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>> i've always been in favor of transparency. i've said for months this report should be released. get it all on the table and let the american people see it and draw their own conclusions. >> charles: republican congressman on why he believes the entire mueller report should be released to the public. my next guest agrees americans should be able to judge it for themselves. republican senator from louisiana john kennedy joins me now. thank you for joining us. >> you bet, charles. >> charles: the house voted
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420-0. president trump said it's up to attorney general barr. >> it will be released, charles, veerj either voluntarily or leaked. the question is whether it will be leaked in portions or total. once it will be released it will probably be an act of mellow drama. i read the attorney general report and mr. mueller after two years, 2800 subpoenas, mr. mueller and his team of 40 fbi agents and 19 employers said there was no conclusion in terms of obstruction of justice they said they couldn't draw any conclusions but recommending an indictment. this is over. the old willie nelson song says
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turn out the lights, the party's over. it's time to move on. i'm hoping our democratic friends will let us to do that. >> charles: to that point, robert mueller looked after eight of people and went down every rabbit hole possible and there's some concerns some folks' names that intersected with the report may be revealed and they could be targets of scrutiny for ridiculed by politicians or the media. how deeply should this be redacted because have you national security issues, you have executive privilege and folks innocent who's names may have popped up. >> i don't want to see anybody hurt. it's important this report be released to the american people.
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now, for two years we heard rumor and innuendo and in some cases outright allegations the president is a crook. the people around him are in bed with the russians. no mr. mueller has drawn his conclusions finding there's no evidence of conclusion and it's important the american people be able to see that. part of the problem in washington, d.c., there's too many permanent washington types up here that think they're smarter and more virtuous than the american people and ought to be able to make decisions for the american people. i trust the american people. let them see the report. they'll draw their own conclusions but i think the attorney general's already told us what's in it. >> charles: senator, are you concerned that some of the political opponents of the president may just use this
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whole period of whether it's a bar coming to capitol hill the release of the report to still narrate something is wrong after the last few years saying mueller's the man and will do a great job, do you think they'll work hard to look at the process? >> some of them will. i regret that. i hope i'm wrong, but some of them will. some democrats, i to think will be willing to move on. mr. mueller has spoken clearly. let me say it again, there's no collusion. there's no obstruction of justice. it's over. it's time to move on. if you care about the country and you want to resolve the real
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problems in this country like, for example, the cost of health insurance, it's time to move upon -- on. will the democrats do it? i hope they will. >> charles: sir, i always appreciate you being with us. thank you very much. >> thanks, charles. >> charles: the white house waiting for an apology from the democrats on the mueller report. don't hold your breath.
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>> he has no right if somebody has be has been peddling a lie unchallenged and in the under oath. somebody sudden have put him under oath and said you have evidence, where it it? >> you think they'd have the decency to say i was wrong. i made a mistake. >> charles: members of the president's inner circle calling for adam schiff to resign after the mueller report cleared him
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of collusion. how likely is that to happen? gop strategist joining us and a former white house president secretary ari fleischer. is there a chance somebody from the democratic side of the aisle will say maybe we pushed it too far? >> there's zero chance of that happening. per share >> charles: ari, to mitch mcconnell and we'll come back to you guys. >> it's good news that we can conclusively set aside the notion the president and his team had somehow participated in those attacks on our democracy. according to the attorney general, the special counsel's investigation did not find the trump campaign or anyone associated with it, conspired or coordinated with russia in its
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effort to influence the 2016 presidential election. that really says it all. further, attorney general barr and deputy attorney general rosenstein conclude the investigation, did not, did not establish the president engaged in obstruction of justice. so, two years, thousands of subpoenas, hundreds of search warrants and hundreds of witnesses, millions of taxpayer dollars and thighs -- these the findings, madame president, no collusion, no conspiracy, no obstruction. what the investigation did produce, it seems is a deep exemption of russia's efforts to interfere in the 2016 election. the attorney general reports russia carried out online
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disinformation campaign and computer hacking efforts designed to sew discord in our nation and interfere in american politics. it is deeply disturbing the obama administration was insufficiently prepared to encounter the threats. it was hardly a secret prior to november 2016, putin's russia was not and is not our friend. and yet for years, the previous administration ignored, excused and failed to malign their activities at home and abroad. i'm glad the special counsel's report will contribute new insight and understanding to our awareness of russian activity. i look for ward to the release of more information in the coming days as the attorney general said he plans to do in consultation with special counsel mueller and i look
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forward to the parallel work of our senate colleagues on the select committee on intelligence to study the threat foreign interference pose it our institutions. like i said, in any sane political moment, all of this would be very welcomed news to all americans in a normal time. but we know that amazingly, the reaction in some corners of the far left have seemed not to be celebration but rather disappointment. huge pone -- components and the media allies spent years spinning intricate thoughts on the president and selling people on the wild claims. as if many democratic colleagues are still unable to process the simple fact, yes, the american people elected this republican president over his democratic
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opponent. we're faced with new evidence every day that our republican policies are delivering exactly the change middle-class families voted for back in 2016. yet many still on the left remain convinced only conspiracy and corruption can possibly explain why they might actually lose an election. well, in the real world, the american people hired this president to clean up the mess of the proceeding eight years. that's exactly what we set about doing and the results are clear. the nation is clearly better off than it was two years ago. so i sincerely now at last our friends on the left will be able to put aside their fixation on permanently relitigating their loss in 2016 and actually join in the productive work the rest of us have been proudly engaged in for the past two years and
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counting. well, unfortunately, madame president, the events of the last few months have not indicated the productive, practical cooperation is what are democratic colleagues have in mind. to the contrary, the nation has watched the democratic party engage in a collective headlong sprint toward the left as far to the left as possible, as fast as possible. they pre opposed a massive rewriting of the rules of american politics. they proposed scrapping medicare, slapping its name on a brand-new one-sized fits all -- >> charles: the majority leader mitch mcconnell putting aside the notion that trump associates included with the russians on the election. i want to come back to our
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panel. ari, let me start with you. just heard the comments from senator mcconnel. do you think that maybe washington can put this behind them? >> oh, no, of course not. the anti-trump sentiment is so deep and central to everything the democrats are motivated by they cannot put this beyond them. they're already looking to the southern district of new york to take it to the next step and investigation. the problem they have is you can only cry wolf so much. and they cried it too much for two years. i think the public wants a pause. if there's any new findings and facts the public will pay attention but i think the public will blow past them. >> your thoughts? >> the president clearly not entitled to any apology. at the time the republican attorney general launched the investigation there was contact between senior trump officials
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an agents. it's indispute the russians sought to undermine the election. and the full mueller report should come out so the public can evaluate all the findings and if in fact what has been reported is true there could be arguments about moving forward but until that full report comes out, there's much information that remains to be seen. >> charles: kimberly, i don't think a lot of people would agree with shavar with how abundant the information was that called for the investigation. >> and i'd like to point out first of all the president does need an apology not just from the democrats but the media and all that ran with the story. it was clearly a hoax from the beginning. i want to point out we can
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recall when the president said he believed trump towers and his campaign believed he was being wiretapped and bug and he was correct and blamed the obama administration. i'd like for the full report to come out because i want to see all the facts also. i think we need to know if mueller knew these answers before midterms i'd lake know because i believe the democrats won the house because of the impending investigation. that is meddling with an election if you want my opinion on it. >> that's a great thought. mitch mcconnell saying we got a deep investigation on russian interference and it occurred under the president obama watch. >> he didn't deter vladamir putin as if if you mess with us you'll be sorry and i think he saw president obama as a
1:49 pm
swinging open door and came in. russia is a malignant actor around the world. an attack on one political party is an attack on all political parties and that's something i want to see in the mueller report. something we need to get to the bottom of is what did barack obama know and to spy on a political opponent's campaign is unprecedented to unleash the full powers of the fbi in a political campaign and the fbi and justice would not do it without authorization of the white house. i can assure you of that. >> charles: we have breaking news with senator mcconnel. we'll reconvene at another time. we appreciate your opinion. thank you very much. forget 2016, as the mueller report is already impacting 2020? some presidential hopefuls having a lot to say on the matter and we'll discuss it, next.
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>> we want nobody especially this president is above the law. >> the mueller report must be made public. all of it. >> our democracy was attacked. attacked by a foreign power and i think we have to see if it was also attacked from within from somebody who sought to assume power. >> charles: the 2020 presidential candidates having a lot to say over the weekend, now that the collusion is ruled out how will it affect the race? they want the entire report, mel is this a chance we'll see all of it. >> there are a number, i think in fact, all the declared 2020 presidential candidates running as democrats have said we want to see the full report.
1:52 pm
that really does ensure the debate surrounding the mueller probe as well as the findings of it which i think will agree bode well for the president, are kept in the national conversation particularly as election season ramps up. we head to the primaries and to the general election. >> we had two republican senators on this show today. their fine with it and want it released. 420-0 to release it. president trump saying he's fine with it being released. i don't see how there could be a conspiracy to hold it back from the american public. do you think at some point william barr will release as much as he can? >> he has said he wants to make as much the report public as he can do. have you the president of the united states who say central figure in the two-year long investigation saying he's fine with the report's full release. he said it doesn't bother him at all. certainly bolsters the argument
1:53 pm
for why as much as the report as possible should be made available to the american public. >> let me ask you, melissa, usa had a poll that 50% of the public felt it was a witch hunt. this is usa today. could the democrats be overplaying their hand now that the conclusion was made by mueller they said was the best man for the job and now it looks like sour grapes? >> the findings of the report no collusion between members of the trump campaign or any american and russia but these democratic candidates in a tricky position. on one hand you have the democratic base. the activists who want to see all the president's actions including those surrounding the 2016 presidential campaign investigated in earnest and want to see congress and the democratic-led house undertake those efforts. >> charles: if two years isn't earnest, i don't know what it.
1:54 pm
thank you, i appreciate it. the mueller report found no evidence of collusion. democrats aren't slowing down soon and we'll talk to one next.
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>> charles: since the mueller report found no evidence of collusion between russia and the trump campaign, switching focus from investigation to legislation? let's ask massachusetts democratic congressman stephen lynch. thanks for joining us. what will your focus be going forward? do you still want to dwell on what's going on with the mueller report or is it time to move forward with this country? >> i would like to read it if i could and then see some of the underlying evidence that was important to the decisions that were made. >> charles: it's going to be tough to relitigate it. it feels like maybe some of your colleagues are preparing to assault the credibility of the report or to try to open up
1:58 pm
different avenues of investigation. is that a sort of a waste of time after all these years and millions of dollars on the huge distraction this has been for the american public? >> ironically it was the president who was attacking the investigation from the outset. we still believe, we give great credibility to bob mueller's investigation. he spent almost two years on it. we would like the opportunity to read the entire report and then see the underlying evidence that he relied upon in making those decisions. >> charles: do you think perhaps someone for instance like representative nadler, who seems already, he's got a list of 81 folks. he's asked for information. some of those requests may become subpoenas at any moment. that he's already made up his mind that is going along traditional investigations no matter what we read in the mueller report. >> i'm not sure about judiciary. i know from our standpoint, i am the chair of the national
1:59 pm
security subcommittee on oversight. we have specific issues we want to look at, and we've been holding them in advance, waiting for special consular millers report to be concluded. >> charles: i want to ask you about the green new deal, cornerstone, central cornerstone of the republicans were running for president and yet a lot of democrats are pretty upset and frustrated that there's going to be a vote on this. i thought they would want to be on the record for supporting it. >> right now in the house it's a nonbinding resolution. so it's more aspirational than anything. it's not actually a bill that's going to do anything. it's sort of a sentence of congress type resolution. i do realize that may be some of the senate are not ready to embrace it, but i think to be honest with you, it's merely aspirational and set some goals out there rather than actually
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does anything. >> charles: sir, thank you very much. we appreciate your coming on and what you had to tell us today was really impressive. folks, i will be back on tomorrow in fox business at 2:00 p.m. catch "making money." the market has been in some turmoil. i'll try to turn it around. ♪ >> greg: high, hi, i'm greg gutfeld with jesse watters, juan williams, dana perino. "the five." someone is having a good week and it's only monday. >> there was no collusion with russia. there was no obstruction, none whatsoever. and it was a complete and total exoneration. this was an illegal takedown that failed. and hopefully somebody is going
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to be loo


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