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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 26, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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this and laughed it off. i don't know. hopefully gets checked out. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues right now. have a great day. it is tuesday, march 26th and this is a fox news alert. rockets tearing through the night skies tensions on the gaza strip mount to dangerous levels. >> the white house keeps a close eye on an escalating situation. democrats demanding more answers from bill barr as the mueller report consumes washington. >> someone else is breaking her silence, hillary clinton's response may not be what you are hoping for. the video that will have you on the edge of your seat. >> a second rescue from a fast acting hero. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪
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♪ rob: it is tuesday. i don't know what to say. it is tuesday, so much going on right now it is crazy. tuesday morning. >> it is tuesday in case you are wondering, thanks for starting the day with us and fresh followed from the mueller report, william barr testifying before congress has democrats demand more information. >> garrett tenney with a fight that appears to be far from over. >> one democrats is this was the beginning, not the end of the look at the president's campaign and possible collusion with russia, this after the mueller report said there is no evidence he had any contact with anyone in his campaign worked with the russians.
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the attorney general, spotlight is on him. everyone on capitol hill wants to hear from him. democrats yesterday, heads of several committees sent them a letter calling into question his credibility and impartiality, deciding exactly how much to be released to the public, they demand he release the full report a week from today and also calling on him to testify on capitol hill. is already scheduled to appear two weeks from today for the house appropriations committee to talk about the budget for next year but despite the mueller report's findings several top democrats continue to say they are not convinced the president did not collude with russia. >> i stand by what i said about seeing evidence of collusion. i promise i would go to court. >> the president and his allies
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are calling for investigation into how the russia investigation began in the first place and senator lindsey graham said he is now planning to launch his own investigation as well. >> i'm going to use every tool available to me, without compromising sources and methods to make sure the public understand how their president to be accused of working with a foreign government when there's no basis in fact. >> there two internal probes looking into this, republicans expressed a lot of frustration that one of them is looking at surveillance abuses by the us attorney for utah, that is made very little progress. the other is being conducted by the justice department inspector general, that started a year ago and fox news is told it is nearing completion. >> thank you. >> top democrats are vowing to widen the scope of their investigation into the president. >> we have questions whether he
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looked at the financial introduce and even if they didn't rise to the issue of a crime it could pose a compromise to national security. >> intelligence chairman adam schiff dismissed calls by the white house and republicans to step down. he claimed several times there was evidence of collusion which was not found by the special counsel. nearly two years, $25 million and thousands of subpoenas, democrats won't except there was no collusion. >> tucker carlson said the reason should alarm all-americans. >> whatever you think of donald trump it is now a factually established that he did not collude with vladimir putin to steal the presidential election. period. that case is now closed. this is the point in the story
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where applause breaks out. not just years from trump and gratitude from the country itself from all americans of all political parties. we have been told that our government was being controlled by a foreign power. there were spies in our midst now we know that none of that is true. you would think the relief at learning this would be overpowering like finding out a terminal illness was just a cold but that is not how most on the left responding. they are not celebrating for their country. they are not grateful. they are angrier than ever. the mueller investigation has proved nothing and exonerated no one. russian collusion is as real to them as it was the day hillary clinton first alleged it. shannon: if the mueller report is made public it is unclear how long it could take. >> look at this serious situation, fox news alert, tension along the gaza strip. israel and hamas trading rocket strikes overnight. >> benjamin netanyahu is heading
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back home after cutting his trip to washington short. live in london, more on the escalating violence. >> reporter: the folks in israel and the gaza strip are assessing the damage after a real night of war in the region, dozens of strikes, rockets from hamas from gaza into israel countered by air bombardments, fighter planes of the is really defense force fighting a range of targets in gaza. most of the rockets fired into israel fell on open land or were stopped by the iron dome defense system. one got through earlier in the day hitting a farm well north of tel aviv wounding twee 7. here is how israel described targeting, this prominent hamas building was targeted alongside strikes conducted throughout the
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gaza strip, all events happening in the gaza strip and emanating from it and the rest of the border overnight, ground troops and tanks, that is really forces. a cease-fire has been broken overnight, it was broken, they are trying again. this came as benjamin and yahoo had been meeting on monday with donald trump. he was there in washington for a range of meetings but they got canceled, he's heading back because of this disturbance but did have time to praise the united states. take a listen. >> when we exercise our self defense you have always been there including today and i thank you. >> reporter: politics never too far away from all of this. and two weeks benjamin and yahoo
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faces reelection in israel and the hamas organization has a set of domestic problems. never a straightforward reading of all of this. shannon: the us backed forces want an international court to prosecute isis terrorists. syrian democratic forces looking to bring more than 1000 captured fighters to justice following the terror group's defeat. the kurdish led alliance cannot take on this burden alone since many of the fighters refused to take them back. donald trump could get a major win in the fight for the border wall. the house is not expected to override the president's first ever visa which will allow the emergency declaration stand. it will allow the president to shift $3.6 billion from military construction projects to pay for the wall. patrick shanahan just approved $1 billion in military funding
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for the wall. he will testify today before the house armed services committee. rob: ethiopian officials say up 11 a report on the doomed ethiopian airlines crash is likely to come this week. american authorities are reviewing the way regulators greenlight new aircraft in the us. the transportation department forming expert committee to examine faa safety approval procedures, the latest side of increased scrutiny on the faa after boeing at 737 max 8 jets were grounded around the world following those two deadly crashes. airline passengers shocked when they land in the wrong country. a british airways flight headed to germany mistakenly touches down 1000 miles away in scotland. the plane landed in düsseldorf nearly two hours later, the airline says a german company that charted the plane submitted the wrong route to air traffic control.
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what a surprise. >> what would have been a historic moment for nasa will have to wait. the space agency canceled his first all-female spacewalk because they didn't have enough spacesuits that fit. and mclean and christina coke need medium-sized suits with there's only one on the international space station. coke will go with a male colleague friday. rob: the hero of the left, michael avenatti appears to be in serious legal trouble. could he be headed to prison for even decades? our next guest who worked in the manhattan da's offices there is no way he avoids the slammer. >> that hit. shannon: a major-league pitcher keeping his life in the game but not in a good way. the scary moment he somehow did that.
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>> a big piece of this report does not exonerate the president, sitting president on an extremely serious charge of obstruction of justice. we need to see the full report to really understand the evidence that was collected, where we stand with the obstruction charge. jillian: donald trump's critics clinging to certain charges. rob: is a possible for donald trump to obstruct justice on a crime that it appears he did not commit? here to discuss that is elliott seelig. if you didn't do something how do you instruct the investigation into it? >> theoretically it is possible to be found guilty of obstruction even if there is no underlying crime. if there's an investigation you're afraid there might be
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extreme embarrassment and ask witnesses to lie, fabricate evidence, hide evidence, theoretically it is possible. it has happened. that being said it is difficult for a jury or a prosecutor to infer corrupt intent when there is an something you're trying to hide or obstruct and the president will have that, there was no collusion so i have nothing to hide so that would make it challenging to find obstruction. jillian: a lot of democrats hanging on to the does not exonerate him when talking about obstruction. what does that say to you? >> if the best you can muster is the report didn't exonerate you. that's not exonerating you. got to come up with more than that to point a finger. to make a pace for impeachment. jillian: is it fair a lot of people want to see the full report? >> people have a right to see the full report. he expressed a willingness to
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have the report in the open. rob: it is 22 months they have investigated this thing, they find no collusion, they say they can -- my question is if you didn't obstruct, if you didn't collude i can't understand how you could come to any other, you know what i mean? jillian: can you read his mind? rob: i am totally lost. >> the president said at the outset i didn't collude and know what i'm aware of colluded, there was no conspiracy and 22 months, 500 witnesses, 2800 subpoenas. rob: i found my question. if they had obstruction if that said he colluded? >> it is a separate question. they would have a stronger case of an incentive to obstruct if
2:17 am
there were underlying -- rob: if mueller found collusion would he have said i got obstruction? >> he would have had a basis to say this potential defendant had motivation to obstruct if there were underlying conclusion. rob: another topic, as we talked about michael avenatti and hot water, arrested and charged with wire and bank fraud trying to extort nike for $25 million. what are we looking at? >> michael avenatti has serious problems other than the obvious problems. two separate jurisdictions, the southern district of new york, regarded as the most respected prosecutors office in the federal system, separate charges in california amount of evidence
2:18 am
in each case, contemporaneous tweets. i don't know how you can contest the underlying fact that he has a separate charge california-based on a mountain of financial records. looking at two separate charges, to be the fed twice i don't see how he beats it, a plea offer when facing so many charges carrying significant jail time. if you wants to avoid jail time the only way to do it is to fight and win in both jurisdictions. that is a tall order. rob: when you read the full story it seems it is open and shut. he put out a tweet, thanks for your kind words and support, it means a lot today. i ask is for people to see what really happened. we never attempted to extort nike. we will talk about nike as crime and cover it. i wasn't trying to shake them down. >> normal litigation -- there is a line between legitimate demand and extortion.
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rob: it is concerning. jillian: appreciate it. 18 after the hour. maxine waters saying no to the highroad after the no collusion mueller report. >> this president has a way of indoctrinating people. we cannot allow them to get away with it. jillian: she's not the only one. rob: hillary clinton breaking silence but she might have missed the mark talking about something else, social media reaction to both those stories coming up. ♪ [music playing] (vo) this is jerry.
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heads and indoctrinate them. he has been saying no collusion no collusion no collusion. we cannot allow them to get away with this. this is not the end of anything. rob: that is quite a statement from maxine waters. congresswoman waters accusing donald trump of indoctrinating the american people because the president would not confess to a crime that bob mueller after 20 months said he did not commit. jillian: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with reaction from both sides of the aisle. >> a flood of responses to the mueller report still pouring in. california congresswoman maxine waters causing a bunch of buzz on social media but overall people on twitter laser focused on all things related to the mueller report. angie on twitter responding to maxine waters people are talking about no collusion because literally there was no collusion. she's upset because everyone is repeating the truth. lisa on twitter says good or bad we deserve to know all the details.
2:24 am
both sides deserve to know. another twitter user posting a gift from the movie frozen telling democrats to let it go. something tells me that is not going to happen. a lot of people focusing on hillary clinton's twitter account wondering if she's going to release the statement on the mueller report, she did tweet something yesterday that had to do with climate change, two realities must confront, climate change won't just effect the coast, climate change is a national security issue but after two years of russia collusion talk the responses to that tweet have been brutal, when twitter user summing it up saying after what happened the last 48 hours and you speak of the climate, could this be an indication of why you lost? responses to that, still waiting to see if hillary clinton will
2:25 am
release a statement on this front. she has to. at some point. >> making the speeches it will come up at some point. rob: connor mcgregor, this is a big one. >> reporter: connor mcgregor announced on twitter he's going to retire, he said quick announcement, i decided to retire from martial arts. i wish all my old colleagues well going forward in competition. i'm a join my partners on this venture in retirement. he also announced his retirement on twitter in 2016 so there is some speculation this might be a negotiation. another person saying this is the most casual retirement announcement of all time, please -- some people want him to stick around, he's been in the news a lot, got arrested for smashing a
2:26 am
fan's phone in miami. rob: 25 after the hour, with the mueller report out-of-the-way can congress pass meaningful legislation? mark mullen says only if democrats focus on the issues americans care about. he is a republican, joins us live next. jillian: up in smoke, the marijuana law got shutdown in a deep blue states. we will tell you about it when we return.
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who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. nobody glows. he gets it. always the lowest price, guaranteed. book now at jillian: a look at top headline starting with fox news alert tensions flare in the gaza strip and israel and hamas launch rocket strikes overnight. is real attacking the office for the head of hamas in retaliation for a rocket hitting an israeli home. mister netanyahu was in
2:30 am
washington at the time. william barr will testify before lawmakers as democrats demand the full release of the mueller report by april 2nd. the white house and republicans celebrated a total exoneration of donald trump. democrats claim there is not enough information. donald trump could get a major win in the fight for his border wall. the house is not expected to override the first ever veto which will let the emergency declaration stand. patrick shanahan just approved $1 billion in military funding for the wall, testifying before the house armed services committee. rob: a man accused of shooting a sheriff deputy 14 times facing capital murder charges. peter marrero died after being shot at a traffic stop at the mexican border. the el paso county sheriff says prosecutors seek the death penalty on the killer.
2:31 am
he is the 13th officer to be shot and killed in the line of duty in the us. a filipino woman who helped hide ed snowden is living in canada. the country just granted vanessa and her daughter refugee status. she was in hong kong, seeking asylum herself. snowden (in 2017. she was denied asylum in hong kong. classified documents on us surveillance programs in 2013. jillian: more rain headed to the midwest on the heels of historic flooding, extreme weather causing $3 billion in damage so far. the governor of nebraska calling this the most widespread whether natural disaster in state history. rob: minnesota baseball diamond totally washed out and farmers concerned about how this will affect the spring planting season and all the food we believe this year which could be higher prices nationwide.
2:32 am
janice steen tracking the system. >> reporter: we watch the midwest and don't think it will affect us in the east, it will affect much of the country especially when it comes to that. this is a disaster across the midwest. we are dealing with potential for snow melt over the next couple days it is our situation in the midwest with the mississippi river valley. there is your radar. we have some light rain moving through parts of the midwest, nebraska, iowa, wisconsin. not a big deal but we are seeing storm systems moving in to the west coast that eventually are going to move cross country and bring potential for more flooding. here's the next couple days. it doesn't look like much but a drop of rain in this area, heavily saturated by weeks of rainfall and potential for more rain in the forecast.
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flood warnings will remain for weeks if not months because of the potential for not only more rain in the forecast but snowmelt. this is from noah, our spring flood risk. you can see we've got major flooding on the missouri and mississippi river valley and the midwest. this is a dire situation, catastrophic in these areas. it needs more attention. need to be talking about it more. jillian: donald trump taking victory laps after he was cleared of collusion by robert mueller. >> after a long time we are glad it is over. it is a 100% the way it should have been. we can never ever let this happen to another president again. rob: with russia collusion in the rearview, republicans refocus their efforts to get something done in congress. jillian: here to weigh in his oklahoma congressman mark wayne, thank you for your time,
2:34 am
appreciate it. do you think democrats can move on enough to put their focus elsewhere and get things accomplished? >> i hope so. we've been talking about infrastructure, the issue democrats have is infrastructure which is important to the us economy. they want to pay through tax cuts we have out there which is a nonstarter. all we've seen from democrats is more of the same. they are trying to go after the president. now the collusion parties down, maybe we can move forward. rob: a lot of the resistance on the capital, was it tied to the fact the president was under this investigation? it felt like that was the big reason they wanted to resist everything. >> at first it was but the longer the investigation went on keep in mind they knew more than likely it wasn't going to come out with anything.
2:35 am
if they had they would have found it early on. it was a way to keep political points. their hatred for the president's office chart and they are willing to do what they can to bring down the president and they are not going to give him a win in any shape at all especially now that we are a few months from the first residential debate which comes up in june. they are not looking to give any wins. it's not about the american people but their hatred towards the president, the infrastructure package, that is why the proposal is to take away the american tax cuts the president and the republican party put in place. shannon: do you think the fight they are now beginning to look for what is in this report as far as instruction goes, do you think them continuing to fight that will hurt them in the long run? >> investigators we put in place that had 500 subpoenas issued,
2:36 am
500 search warrants, 500 people couldn't find anything i really don't think a partisan group of people from congress will find it either. it is absurd but they are not going to let it die. they will continue to go after the president and continue to go after him until they exhaust all other ends. they will pay a political price at the end of the day. shannon: a house and senate investigation into this, bob mueller is what we were waiting for. we have more house investigations. >> they will brush it off and say we don't believe in the report and we will move forward, you will hear congressman nadler continue to go after the president. it is shameful and ridiculous. what the president said by we need to make sure this never happens to another president is
2:37 am
exactly right. at the end of the day he is commander-in-chief and president of the united states, we should respect that office, you can disagree politically but we shouldn't try to make political games by tearing down that office. rob: the green new deal everybody is talking about, the vote coming up. what do you see this as? >> it is designed to put a lot of democrats on record if they are going to support this political socialist platform. the green deal is not about climate change. it has nothing to do with eliminating fossil fuels. it has to do with controlling our lives, getting into our homes, controlling our buildings, controlling our high schools and university, controlling our travel, controlling our food supply by controlling the farms and what we are trying to do is say are you for a socialist platform? are you for this political green new deal or are you for the american people and this is what it is about, putting them on
2:38 am
record. >> a summary of president obama, to the house democrats, it reads, quote, we as democrats shouldn't be afraid of big bold ideas but need to think in the nitty-gritty about how those ideas will work and how you pay for them. how do you pay for them? >> it's not about paying for it. it will be expensive. medicaid for all will cost $32 trillion in the first year. this has to do as i said before with socialism. cortez is an unapologetic socialist. her proposal is about moving the country toward socialism. when you talk about the green new deal and break it down, take climate change and say climate change is the number one issue facing this country and make it a national emergency they are
2:39 am
able to take universities, farms through eminent domain and she knows that and so do those individuals supporting it so it has nothing to do with costs. it has to deal with moving our political structure that we have towards a socialist platform and it should still scare the american people but they wrapped it up in a pretty little package that has to do with green new deal and people think it has to do with energy savings and it has nothing to do with that. rob: nancy pelosi steering the class of democrats, sounds like barack obama is as well. we appreciate it. 39 after the hour. mike pence sending a message to democratic hopefuls for skipping the aipac conference. >> anyone who aspires to the highest office in the land should not be afraid to stand with the strongest supporters of israel in america. rob: the two candidates he has
2:40 am
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unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only when you book with expedia. rob: 20 reported migrants packed into a pickup truck take off running when police pulled them over, unbelievable moment caught on camera. they discover the truck was stolen. unclear if any of the 20 were captured. jillian: skipping the pro israel aipac conference. >> anyone who aspires to the highest in the land, with the strongest supporters of israel and america. it is wrong to boycott israel and it is wrong to boycott aipac.
2:44 am
jillian: beta o'rourke and kamala harris gifted. anti-semitism will not be tolerated. >> every decent human being has the responsibility to fight religious liberty. rob: this is in the wake of congresswoman omar's anti-semitic remarks. governor phil murphy delaying a marijuana legalization vote due to support. the democrats as he will push the measure which would have allowed anyone 21 and over to carry an ounce of the drug and would expunge many cannabis related convictions. recreational part is legal and ten states and washington dc. rob: a massive glacier in greenland that was freaking
2:45 am
rapidly appears to be growing again. scientists say it is the result of cool ocean waters slowing the melt and adding back to it. the giant ice had been thinning out for years, producing the most ice of any glacier in the northern hemisphere. jillian: superman in the snow going viral. watch as the man jumps into action to save two children in the path of a speeding sweater. rob: he picked up a child in each hand, jumps over the oncoming sled. everybody appears to be okay. and incredible video, retweeted 170 now. grab the fumble into the end zone. the media going pedal to the metal on russian collusion for two years. >> russian collusion coming into focus. >> the proof we need of a
2:46 am
scandal worse than watergate. rob: much of the media has been proven wrong. can they recover. that and much more coming up in a few minutes. ok i'll admit. i didn't keep my place as clean as i would like 'cuz i'm way too busy. who's got the time to chase around down dirt, dust and hair? so now, i use heavy duty swiffer sweeper and dusters.
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>> as you plan your morning if you need something to do in 11 minutes join us for "fox and friends". a 3-hour telecast and fantastic guests. we have with us george papadopoulos. deep state target, how i got caught in the crosshairs of the plot to bring down donald trump. one of the guys who got caught
2:50 am
and wound up, and how they perpetuated what she regards is a hoax about the president. donna brazil will join us with advice in the 2020 contenders and elizabeth hassell back, a new book comes out today cut point of view. and 9 minutes from now. the channel everyone trust for their morning news. >> the mainstream media appeared to go all in on russia since the investigation was announced two years ago. >> the picture of russia
2:51 am
collusion is coming into focus. >> significant evidence of collusion. >> they are eager to collude with russia. we have the privilege scandal but works with watergate. >> we are working at the possibility the president of the united states colluded with a hostile foreign power to undermine the basis of our democracy. rob: before the release of bob mueller's report 44% of americans believe the president did collude with russia. now that we know the truth on this or what bob mueller found to be the truth the media accept accountability for misleading the public for a long time. angela dorn and gop strategist gus court tell my. let's bring up information since the president began his term nearly 1/5 of his evening news coverage has been about the russia probe, 1/5, and 92% has
2:52 am
been negative coverage. that is a terrible number. how can the media defend its position in the face of what bob mueller found. >> the media will defend its position by saying we are not sure yet about our position or collusion or obstruction, won't be sure until we see the mueller report. rob: you are not sure you are wrong and you are saying bill bar's summation of this could be inaccurate. the special counsel, you don't think they would have said something if bill bar was wrong in what he came up with in that for page report? >> that is exactly the point. the attorney general's report, the basis for mueller's decision. people have a lot of faith in mueller and want to understand what he was thinking.
2:53 am
people to concede what was wrong on some point if they can see the full report. rob: remember when buzz feed came out with a story that was inaccurate and a special counsel jumped out and said that is not true? democrats a we need to see this full report because they don't trust bill bar. not much of an argument. >> definitely can't. the media's reputation has been beyond -- you have seen them for two years of trump presidency, three years where they've gone after the president and on many occasions, buzz feed for instance, by bob mueller. at the end of the data special counsel concluded there is not going to be more indictments. and the summary that was
2:54 am
released showed there was no collusion. in my opinion democrats should take the loss and this is what they ran on last cycle and it will be tough to run on something to maintain the majority in the house this cycle. >> when you look at the cable news product, i work for it and it is a great thing but one of the problems is there is so much time for speculation on things nobody knows and that is what we saw with this story with russian collusion and you see numbers like 90% negative coverage for the president, that is a very damning thing. >> 100%. and that is the problem. all the problems on national tv. the real responsibility, people
2:55 am
are looking to cable television for their news sources and a lot of things that should be opinion were past the facts by cnn and msnbc and their responsibility to clean this up. rob: last word on this? >> it is not about -- what was shown, it wasn't showing everything. show the people, show the people what mueller had to say and maybe folks will back down. rob: the president, appreciate your time. . .
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jillian: time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first up the good actors wayndivap the rock johnson gives a pep talk to a baseball team stuck in traffic. >> you going to [bleep] [cheers] >> team on that bus going on to win a game 23-1 after the inspirational chat in atlanta. >> next the bad. the social security administration paid out nearly $42 million to hundreds of dead people. the office of the inspector general releasing audits showing countless improper payments made between the 1970s. one person has pleaded guilty to theft in relation to that fraud. jillian: the ugly. boston red sox pitcher rick poor tell low take as drive
3:00 am
off the head. he stayed in the game and was able to laugh it off. but that certainly does not look not fun. rob: one inch south of there he might be in the hospital. jillian: have a good day. >> it's 100 percent the way it should have been. interest are a lothere are a lot of people out there who have deny some very evil things and those people will certainly be looked at. >> this is the absolute most severe political scandal in the nation's history. >> michael avenatti facing nearly 100 years in jail. >> the charges are based on avenatti's extortionist threats. >> by one count he was on cnn and msnbc 108 times and the result was what you see another embarrassment for the media. >president trump could get a major win today acting defense secretary patrick shanahan just approved $1 billion of military funding for the wall.


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