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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  March 26, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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the idea that he would change things to help working americans. he is doing that. the results are there. but think about the impact of the green new deal. how that destroys the lives of exactly those people. >> melissa: write, build and make things and grow things with his country. very interesting. we are back at noon tomorrow. here's harris. when we come in now with breaking news, a stunning reversal in the case of jussie smollett. just one month ago, the empire actor faced 16 counts related to making a false police report and faking hate crime. now prosecutors have dropped their entire case against him. "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. we are awaiting reaction from chicago officials now, including mayor rahm emanuel, after this decision. smollett's attorneys are declaring his record wiped clean. here is smollett, just a short time ago, making his first statement to reporters outside the courtroom. >> i have been truthful and consistent on every single level since day one. i would not be my mother's son
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if i was capable of one drop of what i have been accused of. this has been an incredibly difficult time. honestly, one of the worst of my entire life. but i'm a man of faith, and i am a man that has knowledge of my history. i would not bring my family from our lives, or the movement through a fire like this. i just wouldn't. >> harris: matt finn on the story on learning as it has been breaking in chicago. the courthouse, with the latest. matt? >> harris, jussie smollett was indicted on 16 felony counts of disorderly conduct for filing a false police report. he was scheduled to be back in here in court in april. suddenly this morning with very little notice there was an emergency hearing in which the prosecutors filed a motion which basically means we are no longer wishing to prosecute and the judge granted it. the case dropped again jussie smollett and his record will be expunged. shortly after that hearing, which only lasted a couple minutes, they stood and front of a camera and microphones and say
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there is no deal here. there is no deferred prosecution. they have agreed to forfeit the bond. smollett's attorney also said they have nothing to say to chicago police. i also asked his attorney about chicago police superintendent eddie johnson think twice on camera that the osundairo -- that jussie smollett paid the osundairo brothers to carry out this hoax. here is what the attorney said in response. >> the osundairo brothers said more than that once of the $3500 check they received was for exactly what jussie said. for nutrition and training. they were his trainers. that statement was not true. i don't know where the superintendent got that information. i was not privy to it. i haven't seen that footage so i've no idea where that came from. which is why should allow investigation allow the state to investigate a charge before you go to the press.
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>> the brothers are the ones who smollett said carried out the attack. the attorney told fox news that the $3500 check was for training and for a fitness program, but it also came with the understanding of a favor for just a small it. chicago police allege that figure was for the osundairo brothers to pretend to beat jesse's mullet. he said that "not for a moment was this in vain. it was the most difficult and worst time in my life." and he thinks the state of illinois. harris? >> harris: matt finn, thank you very much. i now want to bring in doug for burns, former federal prosecutor. you are often along with me for this type of breaking news events. i want to talk about what would have been the case that you would see all charges dropped. >> very unusual, first of all. it's funny because the average person, always ask the key question. why is is being drafted doesn't mean he's innocent or is it for some of the recent?
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a very good common sense question. when they take a crack at answering it. normally have what is called the deferred prosecution. you heard that, it's more consistent with, "look, we're not going forward, will drop it after a period of the person believing themselves. it doesn't imply they didn't do it." the lawyer specifically said this was not a deferred prosecution agreement. rather, they would just drop it out right they laid out beautifully. judge napolitano, andrew mccarthy. the point is, we are not sure. there may have been a problem with the witnesses. they may have felt that the police superintendent came out way too strong. at the time, when i watched that, i was thinking to myself, "well not come i've been in this field for decades and he's really condemning the sky," which is not something that is normally done. so it's hard to say why they are dropping it. >> harris: let me stop and with what jussie smollett's attorney, who just on the video -- because that ran a short time ago, it was life -- she said, "no deal, state
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dismissed the charges. nothing to say to police except to investigate charges. don't try cases in the press." >> that's everything. it's ironic in light of everything else going on the media, which i want specifically referenced, but the point is it's a message to everybody. let's not talk about criminal cases incessantly on the long and the media. i'm not faulting the media, but the superintendent who got we out in front of it. the police say. everybody else. we try cases in court. we would know if he's innocent or whether he did something wrong if we tried in court. the point is, i think that they felt maybe the process was a little unfair to him. having said that, we are going to learn. whether it's a day, two days, or week. we will learn whether the case is dropped." >> harris: are the federal charges regarding the death letter that he sent -- >> i heard your discussion with ted williams and i want to make a point. when they had a hung jury, they
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celebrated and i said it was a mistake. lawyers should never do that. now they turn around and retry him and he gets convicted and goes to prison. same thing here. you notice they didn't really celebrate. the lawyer, i'm surprised she even came out. when you get a nolle pros, a dismissal of a case -- >> harris: he's a public person. people will see him walking on the streets of chicago, so i understand. >> i thought the announcement was fascinating. it still ostensibly in play, milling a false letter to yourself. it'll be interesting to see what happens. >> harris: and to say it was a hate crime. but i want to get you an idea that i came up with, and maybe my sometimes lawyer mind isn't right about this. but you forfeit your bond, sometimes because of double jeopardy. because it may look like he already paid for -- or that the penance for his crime or whatever. we don't know that. could be near the reason why you just give up ten grand? >> it might be applied to the cost of the investigation.
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>> harris: we knew the president was going to l-uppercase-letter today to have lunch with senators. let's watch us together. >> president trump: no collusion, no obstruction, no nothing. we are doing so well. we probably have never had a time with prosperity like this. it's great. >> reporter: do you think the people who watch the investigation into your campaign -- how high up do you think it went? >> president trump: i think it went very high up. i think what happened is a disgrace. i don't believe they will allow this to happen again. we cannot let it never happen again. it went very high up, and it started fairly low. with instructions from the high up. this should never happen to a president again. we can't allow it to take place. i don't want to say that, but i think you know the answer.
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[reporters shouting questions] who said what? >> reporter: the mueller report said -- >> president trump: the mueller report was great. it could not have been better. it said, "no obstruction, no collusion." it could not have been better. >> reporter: you've made it very clear you think the reporter don't make a formal care act is invalid. what is the message -- >> president trump: let me tell you exactly what the messages. the republican party will soon be known as the party of health care. you watch. >> harris: all right, the president of the united states is going to have his senate republican policy lunch. we know about that. sometimes he will stop in front of the cameras, and he did. he was talking no collusion. what happened to him in terms of a wide-ranging investigation, "disgrace, never let it happen again. it went very high up in terms of who would have orchestrated that were directed at." that, from the president of the
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united states. he goes into that center public and policy lunch. on the flip side, should that remain closed-door, we been told it will. he will come out and potentially toxic and was again. we will cover it all for you on capitol hill. in the meanwhile, former federal prosecutor i just happen to have on set! speak i think he. >> harris: the words of president spoke there about the mueller report -- not something any of us has seen. we've seen the barr's summary letter on that. what do you make of what we've seen? >> of the first part is the complete and total exoneration on collusion. that's a big story. >> harris: and you are clear on that. >> is unequivocal. >> harris: so when you hear other pundits and prognosticators say on that point -- and that has been the point -- >> many prognosticators who were very anti-trump were forced to concede that it's pretty crystal-clear that he's exonerated. >> harris: i need to watch more of that because i'm not seeing as much of that. i'm not seeing as much of that as you are.
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>> on obstruction, just to be fair -- and you've heard everybody say this ad nauseam, but a little repeat of it -- it says in there that there is evidence in both directions, competent questions of law and fact. for summer surprising reason they said they are not going to engage in the normal doj analysis. they were going to throw it back to the attorney general. everybody started going crazy. "that's ridiculous, he is an independent counsel." wrong. special counsel is different than independent and they work with the doj. so bill barr made the decision that he didn't rise to the level of obstruction. the other point is key, it sounds like a political talking point. trust me, it's not. it makes it harder to make out an obstruction case. >> harris: the president also -- and this is not legal, it is political. but having talked with ken starr recently, who wrote the 11 possible grounds for impeachmen impeachment, and some of them were law-breaking offenses in the clinton case.
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the president -- >> i don't think they will. tuesday morning, yada yada. the point is even pelosi, other democratic leaders come are saying it's not a viable course go down. >> harris: based on this -- what we know? >> even prior to this. good point, it was prior to the report coming up. now it cements it more. in my opinion, with the caveat that it's outside my legal expertise, but politically speaking i think for sure they will not go down that road. >> harris: all right. doug burns, a two-fer today. great to have you here. i'm going to talk with a third ranking democrat in the house majority, majority whip james clyburn, about all of this. including freshman democrat proceeded to leave's refusal to let go of her efforts to impeach president trump despite the fine were just talking about.
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and now to another big legal story making headlines. michael avenatti's defending himself after being charged with trying to extort millions of dollars from nike. this was breaking 24 hours ago, right at this point at 1:00 p.m. eastern. the attorney best known for representing adult film star stormy daniels is now saying the public will learn the truth about nike's "crime and cover it." he tweeted this earlier. "contrary to nike's claims yesterday, they have not been cooperating with investigators for over a year. unless you count lying in response to subpoenas and withholding documents as cooperating, they are trying to divert attention from their own crimes." laura ingle is on in the newsroom. laura? >> hi, harris. when michael avenatti was released on $300,000 bond yesterday he was ordered not to contact one of his alleged coconspirators in the new art case who is a wall street journalist being named as mark gehrig's. however, he was not instructed
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to say way from 20. he has been doubling down on his feet, naming names was the very thing he had threatened to go public with. accusing the nike corporation of making payments to high school and college athletes. then considering those payments. prosecutors allege in these documents that of a 90 went to nike last week and threatened to review violations involving an amateur youth team sponsored by the company unless nike paid him over $20 million to keep quiet. in a statement to fox, nike says they have been cooperating with federal investigation into ncaa basketball for over a year. all the naughty treated bunch today. he is one of them. "if nike was cooperating for the government over a year related to the scandal -- they were in, is why -- where were the disclosures in the fec filings customer there are none. wait until they begin their investigation and starts asking why they had this from investors." as he mentioned, he appeared in
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federal court regarding sourcing yesterday after his arrest. then, in los angeles, at the same time, the u.s. attorney also announced bank and wire fraud charges against avenatti for allegedly defrauding a bank through fake tax returns and embezzling money from a client. avenatti will now prepare for two court appearances. he got one on april 1st and the california case, and april 25th in new york. harris? >> harris: laura ingle, thank you very much. new details now on the rising cost from devastating flooding in the midwest. how it may affect consumers across america. a live report ahead. president trump's team vowing to press on the border wall construction, as the house today attempts to override the president's veto of a bill blocking his emergency declaration. what can we expect from today's vote? can democrats actually block them? a top house lawmaker will join me to weigh in. ♪ the nerves in your colon. miralax works with the water in your
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and it's simple, easy, awesome. >> harris: the u.s. missile defense agency says that has successfully shut down a ballistic missile in a test of its ground to base interceptors. complex simulation comes as u.s. lawmakers continue to raise concerns that north korea may not give up its nuclear arsenal. one air force official called it "a critical milestone in our country's missile defense capabilities." this is happening -- we are now awaiting a house vote to override president trump's first-ever veto of a bill blocking his border emergency. it is expected to fail, but this comes as the pentagon notified congress that it is shifting up to $1 billion for the border wall. this is acting defense secretary patrick shanahan who was questioned about the budget
10:20 am
during testimony before the democrat led house armed services committee today. peter doocy watching it all on capitol hill. peter? >> harris, it's president trump's first trip to capitol hill since lawmakers here -- democrats and some republicans -- voted to try and override his national emergency for the border kit security situation. the president is having lunch -- of course, the president then had to veto that average. he is having lunch right now it's in republicans. nancy pelosi is leading an effort to try and override the override. >> this is not a dictatorship, it's a democracy. congress is a separate and coequal branch of government. pursuant to article one of the constitution, we have the power of the purse. that prerogative has been invaded by donald trump. and that's why we are hopeful that we can override this veto
10:21 am
in a bipartisan fashion. >> house democrats are expected to fail in their veto override, which needs two-thirds of the house to pass. so the white house started off today taunting their effort. >> the democrats will vote, as you know, that there's not enough votes to override the veto ultimately a mouse and set senate. the president will continue with his national emergency declaration. there's no question -- resolve the statistics even this week, last week. we have a crisis at the border, francesca. i don't know why people keep denying it. >> congress has only overridden 111 presidential vetoes in the history of the u.s. congress, and it doesn't look like this policy-led effort today is going to be number 112. but we'll see. harris? >> harris: peter doocy, thank you very much but i want to bring in republican congressman kevin brady, a ranking member of the house ways and means committee. good to see you today, congressman. democrats cannot actually
10:22 am
override the president's veto, while this vote? >> institute it's a show vote. present triple win this, and i stand with them. i come from texas. i keep asking how long the nation will turn a blind eye to the tens of thousands of children caught up in slave and sex trafficking. the thousands of lives lost unfortunately to drugs coming across the border, the violence. unfortunately criminal elements taking advantage of america's compression of the border. so there is certainly a crisis, and it's time to get serious. the president is. >> harris: i want to be able to cover a lot of topics here but i want to pause for this one, the situation reportedly has gotten more complicated recently as people have had to be freed. our detention centers are filled and there are a whole lot of complications not the border. >> yeah, and harris, thank you for raising that. you only need to go to laredo, where each day churches, the
10:23 am
community, get a treat that say hundreds more are coming out. pouring out of the detention centers. there was no place to store them. young children, families, others. these are the dollars the president asked for from congress to address this humanitarian crisis, along with the security one. it is unconscionable and immoral that congress hasn't done more. so i think the president is exactly right and i welcome the news by the acting secretary of defense today that they're going to begin deploying those dollars to secure, smart solutions. >> harris: there has been criticism. this $1 billion for 60 miles of fence line and other projects of the border. would you say to critics who say no, don't take that away from military projects at this point? there is an estimate of more 100 of them that would give up -- or you see the shifting of money. ways and means, you know all about movement of cash and all of that. from your expertise, what you
10:24 am
say to the critics? >> these are both two very high priorities that deal with our security. we, as you know, voted last year for the biggest rebuilding of america's military in 15 years. so those resources matter. part of defense, frankly, is to be able to secure that border. certainly to deal with the impact of stopping those drugs and other criminal elements. those are the dollars the president's is using, along with other funding from the government that is much less clarity than that. i hope the president -- and my sense, he's being very discerning about the use of defense dollars. that's the right approach. >> harris: ranking member brady, are we at the point now with this discussion about the border were he may be able to talk about other broader immigration issues? more reform? >> i certainly hope so. i think there are two big issues here. one, because of the new tax code, the economy is dramatically stronger and
10:25 am
better. that means we need more workers. we also need more customers. that is trade. we could talk about the u.s., mexico, canada agreement as well. we need to find common ground rather than in the house, we have seen this continued rush to impeachment and investigation. i will tell you, harris, it is still going full bore. instead of spending time trying to find the right immigration solution and the right workforce solution. >> harris: before illegal, i like to ask you about things that are in progress. i know that representatives crenshaw and mick sally have put together propose legislation to try and speed up the hiring of the border patrol. you and i have talked about one of the issues, that retention problem pay the hiring deficit at the border patrol level, some 2,000 job openings. >> it is crucially pass the legislation. that is going to help them obviously, give us the resources and a smart solution. we also need to pass this new u.s.-mexico canada agreement,
10:26 am
it's crucial to john's. it's crucial to a stronger economies here, the u.s., mexico, and canada. that's part of the solution, as well. >> harris: ranking member kevin brady from great state of texas, thank you. >> thanks, harris. >> harris: nasa altering plans for its first all-female spacewalk. due to a shortage of space suits, astronauts and mclean and christina company, as you see there, were set to operate the spacewalk outside the international space station but both women needed a side medium suit and there is only one at the iss. they will now partner for the spacewalk with a male astronaut. democrats set a deadline for the release of the full mueller report, as some on the left ramp up impeachment talks. reaction from the number three democrat in the house, the majority whip james clyburn joins me next. ♪
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>> harris: there is more movement of the breaking news story about jussie smollett and the charges. all charges dropped against him by chicago prosecutors. we are awaiting now chicago officials and the mayor, rahm emanuel, to hold a news conference shortly that we are told. this just income a statement from 20th century fox television and fox entertainment. "jussie smollett has always maintained his innocence and we are gratified that all charges against him have been dismissed." so, as we wait that news conference, we will bring it to live as it happens. for now, that is the very latest. jussie smollett. fox news alert, house democrats demanding the justice department turned over entire mueller report, one week from today. they are arguing the four page summary clearing the trump campaign of conspiring or collusion, as some call it, with moscow is not enough. but the top republican on the house as it is time for democrats to turn the page.
10:32 am
>> sunday was a very good day for america. regardless of where you stand politically, it's a moment in time that we've got the answer to the question. it was a very clear answer. no collusion. for those who misled the american public, for those who said for more than two years that there is circumstantial evidence of collusion, you owe america an apology. now there's a moment of time for the democrats to turn a page. >> harris: meanwhile, freshman democrat rashida tlaib's report of the pushing had with her efforts to impeach the presiden president. seeking cosponsors on a resolution to determine if he has committed impeachable offenses. joining me for the first time on "outnumbered overtime," house majority whip james clyburn, democrat of south carolina. good to see you today, thank you for joining me. i want to start off with what's happening inside the house. the speaker has made it very clear, no impeachment. representative hakeem jeffries today saying no impeachment,
10:33 am
that's not our focus. what do you say about some members in your party with this resolution making their own course? >> first welcome harris, thank you so much for having me. the members of our caucus reflect their congressional districts. each member comes with a mandate from his or her congressional district. they do what they think they have to do. no one can stop me from instituting whatever resolution i want. i don't have to get a vote on it, i don't have to get support for it. but you are free to do it. but the caucus itself, i think hakeem jeffries speaks for the caucus. he is our chair and what he says is what i think we are going to pursue in this matter. >> harris: interesting. here is the house speaker nancy pelosi on it, exactly. let's watch. >> impeachment is not on the table until it's on the table. so it's not a question of that.
10:34 am
this is not about that, this is about us doing our work. today we are introducing our health care bill tomorrow we will be doing comments about building infrastructure the greenway. it's about government. we are on our agenda. we have been doing what we said we were going to be doing in the campaign. >> harris: so she's making it quite clear about the table. steny hoyer moments ago as well, the congressman said, "we are the table, and it's not on the table for now." even the president said a short while ago as he was entering the senate republican policy lunch a few minutes ago, we showed it live, the president says he doesn't think democrats will push ahead with this. let's push eyed with one of the things that nancy pelosi was talking about, though, and that is health care. the justice department just said, upheld, a ruling that their affordable care act is unconstitutional. nancy pelosi and others getting ready to drop that legislation for health care to protect the aca without the medicare for all
10:35 am
mandate. your thoughts on where this is going? >> well, i think the justice department just filed a lawsuit, asking the court to declare the affordable care act as being unconstitutional. that runs up with the president said time and time again. he told us, he will protect people with pre-existing conditions. now he is saying the one law that protects people with pre-existing conditions, his justice department are now asking the supreme court to get rid of it. so it seems to me that the president is not being consistent here. we, and our caucus, are very consistent. we believe that people with pre-existing conditions ought to be protected. i believe very strongly that little children born with diabetes ought to be able to come on their family's insurance policies if they are sick. i believe very strongly that a
10:36 am
woman with breast cancer or a man with prostate cancer should not be allowed to kick off their insurance policies once they get sick. we are going to fight for that, we will be putting a bill and having a press conference at 2:30 today to talk more about that. >> harris: we will be watching for the news to be made. i want to get to this very quickly, what is the significance of april 2nd customer week from today, in terms of trying to get the full mueller report? why do you have any concern that william barr's interpretation or summary thereof, no collusion, is not enough? because simply because i think people are saying that this full-page summary was forecast by mr. barr, during his
10:37 am
hearings. we would like to do -- >> harris: wait, i have to stop you there. are you saying that the ag barr is not telling the truth when he says that he received a report on friday for mueller customer he looked at it, it's his job as special counsel in this instance. to take a look at that and then give us a summary. are you saying that's not how it happened? >> no, i'm saying he's doing exactly what he said he would do. and that is he would release as much of it as he possibly could. so maybe this is all that he possibly can. >> harris: is that enough? >> not for us. we want to see the full report. give us the full report, let us make up our own minds, we do have brains on our side of the house. >> harris: of course. real quickly, could you understand that if it doesn't come, according to polling, it looks like it's time for some americans, they say, to move on from this. even democrats have said, "when you get the mueller findings," which you have gotten through that report from the ag, that you would move on. i don't understand what you're
10:38 am
still pressing forward. >> we are moving on. that's why we have the press conference at 2:30 to talk about the affordable care act. i had a meeting just an hour ago with people talking about broadband deployment, trying to put in a new infrastructure deal that we hope we can get cooperation from the other side. we want to see roads and bridge bridges. we also want to see water and sewage, broadband deployment, school construction. that's where we are going. we've gone on from that. >> harris: but there are six democratic committee heads, house democratic committee heads, calling for a full look at the mueller report on april 2nd. it isn't me, sir. i'm not making it up. i want to have you back, we've got some breaking news. majority whip james clyburn on the program today. thank you. mayor rahm emanuel, alongside the police superintendent in chicago on the jussie smollett case.
10:39 am
let's watch. >> you all know where i stand on this. do i think justice was served? no. do i think justice is? i think this city is still owed an apology. let me digress for a moment -- when i came on this job -- i've been a cop now for about 31 years -- when i came on this job i came on with my honor, my integrity, and my reputation. if someone accused me of doing anything that would circumvent that, i would want my day in court. period. to clear my name. i have heard that they wanted their day in court with tv cameras, so america could know the truth. they chose to hide behind secrecy and broker a deal to circumvent the judicial system. my job as a police officer is to investigate an incident, gather evidence, gather the facts, and present them to the state attorney. that's what we did, and i stand
10:40 am
behind this investigation. i would let mary manual speak. >> i support the hard work of our police officers, but i would like to remind everybody a grand jury indicted this individual based on only a piece of the evidence that the police collected. the grand jury brought the cartridges. i think there are two things i would like to say. one, the financial cost of $10,000 doesn't even come close to what the city spent in resources to look over the cameras, gather all the data, gather all the information, that actually brought things out and buy the grand jury. many, many multiple different charges. second is what i would call the ethical cost. the ethical cost is, as a person who was in the house of
10:41 am
representatives when we tried to pass the sheppard legislation that dealt with hate crimes putting them on the books, that president obama then signed into law, to then use those very laws and the principles and values behind the matthew shepard hate crimes legislation, to self-promote your career, it is a cost that comes to all the individuals, gay men and women, who will come forward and one day say they were a victim of a crime, they will now be doubted. people of faith, muslim or any other religious faith, will be victims of hate crimes. people that are of all walks of life and background, race, of ethnicity, orientation, this casts a shadow of whether they are telling the truth. he did this all in the name of self-promotion. and the use the laws of hate crime legislation that all of us, collectively over years have put on the books, to stand up
10:42 am
and be the values that we believe in. this is a whitewash of justice. a grand jury could not have been clearer. to then say not only is the cost $10,000, but then all the repercussions of this decision. where is the accountability in the system? you cannot have, because of a person's position, one set of rules apply to them and another set of rules apply to everybody else. in another way, you are seeing this play out in the universities, where people pay extra to get their kids a special position in universities. now you have a person, because of their position and background, getting treated in a way that nobody else -- sorry about that -- don't get in there, i'm doing my sermon, here. that would ever get close to this type of treatment. our officers did hard work, day
10:43 am
in and day out. countless hours, working to unwind what happened that night. to see a reputation dragged through the mud. it was not only the officers' work. a piece of that work was shown to a grand jury, and they made a decision based on only a sliver of the evidence. if i remember correctly, somebody wanted to have that evidence -- as the superintendent said, their day in court. so all the evidence could be made public. because of the judge's decision, none of that evidence will ever be made public. none of it. this is, without a doubt, a whitewash of justice and sends a clear message that if you are in a position of influence and power you will get treated one way come of the people will be treated out of the way.
10:44 am
there is no accountability than in the system. it is wrong, full stop. [indistinct question] the way i look at it as i commend the officers in the grand jury for their positions. >> reporter: kevin corke? >> at the end of the day, like i said, our job as police officers is to present them with the evidence. the apology comes from the person that did. if you want to say you are innocent of the situation, you take your day in court. i would never -- if somebody falsely accused me, i would never hide behind a brokered deal and secrecy. period. >> reporter: you find out about this today while you were here customer is unusual for the state attorney to drop a case like this without giving you guys some sort of had some? >> i don't know what's unusual for the state attorney, but we found out when you all did.
10:45 am
>> i will say one thing. from top to bottom, this is not on the level. i understand that peace, but i do want to -- it's not on the level but i also want to say and i want to emphasize with the superintendent just said. at the end of the day, it's mr. smollett that committed this false claim upon two individuals. who have also testified. but also, on the city. when action, the state attorney, it is not on the level from beginning to end and there needs to be a level of accountability for all system. this sends an unambiguous message that there is no accountability. and that is wrong. >> reporter: don't you think this incredibly disrespectful? you work hand-in-hand with the state attorney office every day. to then don't like think the man hours they spent on this, to not get at least a phone call. this is what's happening today. personally, how did you feel about that?
10:46 am
>> prosecutors have their discretion, of course. we still have to work with the state attorney office. i'm sure we will have some conversations after this. again, at the end of the day, it's mr. smollett who committed this hoax. period. if he wanted to clear his name, the way to do that is in the court of law so that everyone could see the evidence. you all know what it says. i stand by the fact that we produce -- if they want to dispute those facts, the place to do that is in court. >> i want to say one other thin thing. mr. smollett the still saying he is innocent. still running down the chicago police department. how dare him? how dare him? after everybody saw -- and i want to remind you, this is not the superintendent's word against his.
10:47 am
the grand jury, a sliver of the evidence, and they came to a conclusion. as did state attorney's office. this is not the superintendent and the detective department's word against his. even after this whitewash, there is still no sense of ownership of what he's done. he says that, in fact, he is wronged in this case. this is an unbelievable not just whitewash of justice, but a person who has not been let off scot-free with no sense of accountability. moral, ethical wrongs of his actions. from top to bottom, not only this merges the name of the city -- i cannot stress that enough time when you have people bringing a moral equivalency in virginia between bigots and those fighting bigotry, you have a person using hate crime laws that are on the books to protect people who are minorities from
10:48 am
violence, to then turn around and use those laws to advance your career and your financial reward, is there no decency in this man? reporter mike mr. mayor, do you think the state attorney was politically motivated? >> reporter: mr. mayor -- >> was the decision politically motivated? >> two things. one, to the attorney, the question about whether it was politically motivated or not -- that's something you have to has been paid only they can answer their motivation. i do know what the grand jury says. a key point you backed with the grand jury did when they saw just a piece of the data. i think there is not a person appear who would love to have all the information made publico individuals who also talked. >> do you think it was politically motivated? >> is not whether i do. only she can answer that. to your question, if you don't mind repeating it. >> reporter: his attorneys say he has been vilified, that this
10:49 am
case against him -- that he was being judged. >> he is the person that brought this forward. i remind you all, it goes back to also a letter. he brought this case forward. he said he was the victim of a hate crime. for his orientation and for being black. the evidence came forward, it grand jury saw the evidence, realized this was a hoax, a host tell my folks on the city , on hate crime, on people of good values. who use that empathy for only one reason. listen -- i'm going to close on this. we just had one of the largest ceremonies for the police department in the history of the city. 297 men and women. the most diverse class representing all parts of this city. people from all walks of life
10:50 am
and backgrounds and faith who the said they want to serve the city and the values of the city and help serve others and time of need. they are here to pull the lawn they have the best training to do that. i draw that contrast, people of all walks of life, as i said. graduates of our public schools. kids who grew up, parents who were police officers. veterans of the armed forces who have a life of service. they were there to not only uphold the law but the values that imbue and inform those laws. and now you have an individual who took those laws, turned them inside out, upside down, for only one thing -- himself. and that, in my view, is an insult and an offense to every one of us who collectively uphold those laws because they reflect who we are as a city, and because of the hate crime legislation that is federal, who we are as a country. thank you.
10:51 am
[reporters asking questions] >> reporter: superintendent, can you tell us of the case is closed or not? >> harris: be given opportunity for that she had a question nobody turned around w. wow. you can feel it, it was vehement and a visceral response they are from the mayor of chicago, rahm emanuel, and the police superintendent eddie johnson. saying that they had no idea that the charges being dropped against actor jesse small that was coming. fill up all the way now, former assistant district attorney and legal advisor to the georgia sheriff's department. it's always great to have them program. you've got a very angry group of people there, and you've got a man who had all charges dropped today. your reaction? >> sure, harris. they're angry and they have of your right to be angry. let's not forget, they are the real victims in this case, along with every other crime victim who had police resources
10:52 am
diverted from the attention on their case. with the police are the ones who went out and investigated this. they spent times away from their homes and families. they spent thousands of man-hours and thousands and thousands of dollars. >> harris: more than that, according to the mayor asked mike he said the money was big, the resources were big. that they spent on this. because absolutely, it was big. $10,000 and a bond forfeiture barely scratches the surface, harris. i've got no problem in general with a diversionary or some type of an alternative disposition of a nonviolent case for somebody who doesn't have much of a criminal record. but let's not mince words. he got his way out of these felony charges. at minimum, he should have had to pay every single dime and restitution. >> harris: with what the mayor said, the superintendent moments ago, the mayor said, "actual and ethical costs from all this. from top to bottom, this is not on the level." the superintendent -- "they chose to hide by the truth and broker a deal."
10:53 am
30 seconds to you. >> it was a deal. his lawyers came out and said there wasn't a deal, but when you forfeit a bond and chain dome exchange for dismissal of charges, that is in the nature of a plea deal. it's in the nature of a sweetheart plea deal, and there can be no question that he used his position and bought his way out of these charges. it's a disgrace, and the taxpayers should be ashamed. >> harris: philip holloway, thank you. breaking news. the house is voting right now to try and override president trump's veto of a measure to terminate his national emergency declaration at the southern border. the power panel now, dan henninger, deputy editor of "the wall street journal" editorial page. judy miller, pulitzer prize-winning journalist and author. good to see you both. first of all, we had on the ranking member of the house ways and means, kevin brady come earlier. he said, yeah, this is just for show. what does this get democrats, to put this book ford customer given that they know they can't flip the veto by the president?
10:54 am
>> well, they might reverse history and have this be the 112th time but the house has actually overridden -- >> harris: does anybody really think that? >> i don't think so, but you never know. on the other hand, i think they want to show they are making the good college try. but this is an important issue. they want to get republicans to have to support the president on what will be, for some of them from a difficult measure. if donald trump wins this one it will be the trifecta. what a week it will have been! the mueller commission report, the charges against avenatti, and now a failure by -- >> harris: i would add that the justice department is looking at suing. i brought that up with representative clyburn over the affordable care act to the list, as well. the president says he has some ideas to replace that. dan, you are in the democrat party and you have two things happening today. you have a talk against all odds, if you will come of impeachment. i say odds for democrats because their house speaker,
10:55 am
steny hoyer, james clyburn, all the top leaders to sing the focus is not on impeachment. and then you have this try to flip the president's veto on the border wall. >> over in the senate we will have a vote on the new green deal, though democrats are refusing to participate. the bottom line, harris, we are in a post-mueller world. that is essentially behind us. both parties in the white house have to pick the political issues they want to elevate now, both for their own reasons and for their campaigns to come. you have the wall. the president is about to win, having his over >> harris: think if you both. slid in for some breaking news. i will be right back. 300 miles an hour, that's where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. learn more at retire your risk dot org.
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>> harris: thank you for watching this full hour of breaking news including words from the president on capitol hill. he's in that republican policy meeting. we'll cover it from fox when he comes out. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: president trump is on capitol hill with senate republicans at their policy lunch. we're waiting for that to end to see if he makes any other remarks. shocking developments in the case against jussie smollett. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." smollett appeared for an emergency hearing during which prosecutors dismissed charges he faced an anti-black, anti-gay attack in january. rahm emanuel and the chicago superintendent visibly angry, calling out prosecutors and smollett. this is a


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