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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 28, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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years. obviously some funny business going on down there. we will take a look at that i will be on "the five." we have wild card thursday today. that's always fun. thanks for joining us, everyone. i'm dana perino, up next here's shep. ♪ >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 on capitol hill where some republicans are demanding that the democrat adam schiff step down now. as chairman of the intelligence committee. adam schiff has his own thoughts on the matter. insanity in washington. we will hear from both sides ahead. plus, president trump says the feds will review the jussie smollett investigation. though the feds themselves haven't actually weighed in on this matter. we will talk to a reporter who says she found some key evidence in the case. and, new word of how cops plan to make jussie smollett pay by sending him a bill, the reporting begins now. >> shepard smith reporting
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live from the fox news deck. >> shepard: happy opening day in baseball. we will get to that president trump though first says the fbi and justice department are going to look into jussie smollett's case, comparing it to an embarrassment to our nation. this comes just days after prosecutors dropped all charges against the actor on the fox television series and singer. even though they said smollett was not innocent and they still believe he stabled a hate crime against himself. jussie smollett's attorney insists her client did not receive special treatment. >> we have nothing to be concerned about because there was nothing on our end to request this, to do anything improper. to my knowledge, nothing improper was done. >> to your knowledge, since february 20th, when jussie smollett was initially charged, did he, his family, friends, associates, did anyone reach out to anyone in the state's attorneys office on his behalf? >> i can't speak to what other people did. i certainly don't know what all of those individuals did, but not to my knowledge.
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>> shepard: well, that's because one of them actually did, according to the itched. leaked emails and text messages first published by "the chicago tribune" and since by others reveal that the top prosecutor kim fox was communicating with smollett's family and a former staff of michelle obama during the investigation. now, that top prosecutor foxx seen here recused herself from the case. but, she says her office treated smollett the same way it treats anybody with a clean record who is charged with the same level of felony. >> the dropping of the charges in no way exonerates mr. smollett. he was afforded an opportunity that we have under our alternative prosecutions unit that in exchange for the community service and his bond forfeiture, the case would be dropped. >> shepard: normally people like that have to confess and say they are sorry. a key piece of evidence that apparently helped crack the case was an empty hot sauce bottle, again, a hot sauce
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bottle that smelled to a reporter like bleach. not to police like bleach. they didn't find the bottle, a reporter later did. we'll talk to that reporter who found the bottle and alerted the police. she also came out with a story about how chicago police are going to bill smollett for the cost of the entire investigation. and $10,000 bail money will not cut it first to matt finn reporting. is he live in chicago. matt? >> shep, this afternoon somehow this saga is intensifying. no side is backing down. chicago's top cop insists this was a hoax. the mayor calls smollett a liar. here is chicago mayor rahm emanuel today saying justice has not been served. >> he is either a person that pulled a hoax around the hate crime for his racial background and sexual orientation. or he is totally a victim and innocent. but you both can't be right. and the city of chicago deserves an answer and they deserve an answer about accountability and
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responsibility in the system. >> jussie smollett's attorney immediately fired back at rahm emanuel just moments ago releasing this statement, quote: it is the mayor and the police chief who owes jussie, owes him an apology for dragging an innocent man's character through the mud. jussie has paid enough. also, this afternoon, kim foxx's spokesperson tells th"the chicago tribune" that kim falcon foxx northwesterly formerly recused herself from this investigation. she never had any actual conflict of interest. as a result she did not have to seek the appointment of a special prosecutor under state law. kim falcons says her office could have convicted smollett and it would have had the same result. smollett forfeiting his bond and community service. falcons therefore her office chose alternative prosecution and understands the police and public are upset. >> it is fair to say that the police department is not happy on every decision that we make. i think the notoriety around
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this case has somehow cast i think an unreasonable expectation that the police department and us will agree on every case. >> also, the national district attorney's association which says it represents 2700 prosecution offices around the country released a letter heavily criticizing kim falcons writing in part, quote: when a chief prosecutor recuses him or herself, the recusal must apply to the entire office. not just the elected or appointed prosecutor. also writing, quote, prosecutors should not take advice from politically connected. we just learned the police union plans to protest kim foxx. >> order of the court but that may change? >> yes, chicago police tell us this case has been sealed but now kim foxx is also saying it might have been accidentally sealed.
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and kim foxx believes it's in the process of being unsealed and jussie smollett's attorneys released a statement not long ago saying we support the court files being preserved. we have not and will not file a motion for any records in this case. shep? >> shepard: matt finn is live for us in chicago. so, remember the key pieces of all of this. there was the noose that was found around his neck, the rope that he kept around his neck for quite some time after the incident happened. there were a lot of other pieces to this. and there was also the accusation that he had been doused with bleach, remember? at first he said some sort of chemical and then later the police said it was some sort of bleach. was there some sort of holder of the bleach? with what did the perpetrators douse him? well, now to the journalists who found what appears to be a key evidence in the case when she spotted some trash that look at little weird. gabriel is a correspondent and investigative reporter for "the new york post."
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a reminder, the "new york post" parent company and fox news parent company share common ownership. you are chilling there and it wasn't like the day after the attack happened. >> no, this is like a full 8 days after the atackling gearing there out in the middle of the sidewalk. >> shepard: you are walking in the general area where they said this happen where the camera saw nothing and you see what and do what? >> yes, i was retracing his footsteps camera caught the attack i notice on the ground clean hot sauce bottle weird you would think it would have red flecks or green flecks or something. there is beer bottles arranged but hot sauce? so i pick it up, and i decide to smell it because it should have had bleach in it and it had an odor. smelled kind of like chlorine, kind of like bleach. i let it sit for a day it's so off that this could have possibly been something. and then the next day it was still there that's when i called the police and reported it. >>all of these investigators and all of this time, so, when you said it to the cops
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are they like oh, thanks for finding that? >> no, quite the opposite. >> shepard: what did they say? >> well, you know, they told me i was doing the right thing by reporting it but, of course, nobody likes to be told by a reporter hey, i think you missed something at the scene. >> shepard: i read the "new york post" every morning i know what it says. ggo ahead and tell our viewers what it said. >> one of them said are you trying to do our job for us. he was a little peeved. >> shepard: of course we found whatever was there, right? >> yeah. they said that they would canvas the area. i understood where they were coming from. they did have a team of detectives out there. that's what their job is to find everything out of there. but no one is perfect. everyone is human, they missed it. >> shepard: sure, this idea of whether this was staged or not is something that somebody else is going to have to decide. the chicago police say it was staged. the chicago mayor's office says it was staged. now the prosecutors say it was staged. so you had this idea that they would have bleach in a bottle kind of goes to the staging. >> yeah. i mean, it's a weird thing to. >> shepard: in a hot sauce
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bottle. >> who would have thought of that. >> shepard: easy dousing. >> can you hardly get hot sauce out of a bottle. this had a larger neck. this is what they used to pour the bleach on him. >> you wonder if they fingerprinted it. >> they fingerprinted me after i touched it. >> shepard: that would be to eliminate your prints? >> right. that's part of the problem here. this evidence lingered there for over a week. it had rained or snowed. any other prints before i had touched it were compromised. it also took six hours for the crime scene technicians to come up and during that time it rained again. if mr. smollett's fingerprints were on it or the brothers fingerprints were on it remains to be seen. >> shepard: the president today says well the fbi is going to look into this. that's not exactly how this works. there has to be an overriding concern, a concern to the general public some sort of criminal activity went investigative agency to suggest it. it doesn't happen automatically that way and
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the fbi hasn't commented on it? >> they haven't commented. they have been tight-lipped throughout this investigation. only a few law enforcement officials said this is happening aside from president trump's tweet this morning. you know, what would be investigated by the fbi is the letter that he purportedly received at the studios in chicago that many people are saying that he might have sent to himself. that is something that he could still be charged federally for. >> shepard: yeah. and the feds are still working on that as far as i know. gabriel fonrouge from. they used to say 25 cents now can you log on and all their great work is there. >> thank you so much. >> shepard: confrontation at the capital with the new fallout this says the mueller report. it's actually not from the mueller report. it's actually from the letter that we got instead of getting the mueller report. republicans are demanding the democratic congressman adam schiff resign as chairman of the intelligence committee. they called him out in front of his colleagues in a huge in your face way.
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and adam schiff had a response. so we'll have both for you as our reporting continues on this thursday afternoon. opening day major league baseball in case you are wondering. i believe the yanks are still up 1-0 over baltimore in the bronx -- 6 to 1 i meant. life's order is returning. >> it's a pleasure. >> my pleasure. ♪ turning 50 opens the door to a lot of new things... like now your doctor may be talking to you about screening for colon cancer. luckily there's me, cologuard. the noninvasive test you use at home. it all starts when your doctor orders me. then it's as easy as get, go, gone. you get me when i'm delivered... right to your front door and in the privacy of your own home. there's no prep or special diet needed. you just go to the bathroom, to collect your sample. after that, i'm gone, shipped to the lab for dna testing that finds colon cancer and precancer.
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but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. >> shepard: fight for control of the narrative in washington has reached a new level. members of the house intelligence committee are calling for the democratic chairman adam schiff to resign straight to his face. they claim they no longer have faith in congressman schiff to lead the committee after the bill barr letter following the special counsel bob mueller russia investigation. >> you have been at the center of a well orchestrated media campaign complaining among other things the trump campaign colluded with the russian government. indeed before the appointment of robert mueller special counsel you alleged in one of your frequent television interviews that there was quote more than circumstantial evidence, quote of collusion but that you could, quote, not go into particulars closed
12:16 pm
quote. your willingness to continue to promote a demonstrably false narrative is alarming. the findings of the special counsel refute your past and present assertions and have exposed you as having abused your position to knowingly promote false information. having damaged the integrity of this committee and undermined the faith of the united states government and its institutions your actions both past and present are income pattability with your duty as chairman of this committee which alone in the house of representatives has obligation and authority to provide effective oversight of the u.s. intelligence community. as such we have no faith in your ability to discharge your duties and commands consistent with your constitutional responsibility and urge your immediate resignation as chairman of the committee. this is signed by all nine members of the republican side. house of the committee u. >> shepard: and there was that here's how congressman schiff responded. >> my colleagues may think it's okay that the russians offered dirt on the democratic candidate for president as part of what
12:17 pm
was described as the the russian government to help the trump campaign. you might think that's okay. my colleagues might think it's okay that when that was offered to the son of the president who had a pivotal role in the campaign that the president's son did not call the fbi. he did not adamantly refuse that foreign help. no, instead, that son said that he would love the campaign chairman, someone with great experience in running campaigns also took that meeting. you might think it's okay that the president's son also toopresident's sontook tha. you might think it's okay they concealed it from the public. you might think it's okay that their only disappointment after that meeting was that the dirt they received on hillary clinton wasn't better. you might think that's okay. i think it's immoral. i think it's unethical. i think it's unpatriotic. and, yes, i think it's
12:18 pm
corrupt. and evidence of collusion. now i have always said that the question of whether this amounts to proof of conspiracy was another matter. whether the special counsel could prove beyond a reasonable doubt the proof of that crime would be up to the special counsel and i would accept his decision and i do. he is a good and honorable man and he is a good prosecutor. but i do not think that conduct, criminal or not, is okay. and the day we do think's okay e will look back and say that is the d its way. i don't think it's okay that his attorney lied to our committee. there is a different word for that than collusion. and it's called compromise. and that is the subject of our hearing today. >> gentlemen yield. >> i will not yield. mr. ambassador. >> gentlemen yield because
12:19 pm
you just made statements about all of us that i think we all should. >> i will not yield. >> we think you ought to allow us to speak of what we think. >> you can use your five minutes to speak. you attacked me in your opening statement. >> i have not had an opportunity to respond at all especially to your statements of what we think because no one over here thinks that no one over here. you cannot speak for us. >> they want us to think this is over. it is not. we still have not seen the mueller report. and if only a four-page summary from the attorney general william barr. the justice department officials tell fox news the report itself is, quote: comprehensive and in length hundreds of pages. catherine herridge reporting live from capitol hill. hi, catherine. >> shep, good afternoon. a senior justice department official tells fox news that the mueller report is more than 300 pages long going well beyond what the regulations require. the official confirm william barr told house judiciary committee chairman gerald nadler about the length of the report during a short phone call on wednesday.
12:20 pm
congressional democrats have blasted barr's four-page summary as insufficient, urging the report's full as well as underlying evidence by early next week. a separate contact tells fox news that the mueller report is jammed with grand jury materials that cannot be public as well as evidence derived from sensitive sources and methods and that may explain why the release is going to take weeks. we remain in a holding pattern for a firm timetable from the justice department. all of this unfolded as calls for schiff to resign came to a head this morning at the public hearing. a former cia officer turned republican congressman urged his colleagues to see the big picture. >> our election is going to go down in history as the russian intelligence greatest covert influence operation. why? because their goal is to erode trust in our democratic institution. >> the anger also spilled over to the leadership. >> it's now up to nancy pelosi to remove chairman
12:21 pm
schiff. we need to restore the trust in the intelligence committee. the work of the national security. >> they are just plain afraid. they are afraid of the truth. they are afraid of competence. they are afraid of a leader who is recognized in our country for being calm, professional, patriotic. i'm so proud of the work of chairman adam schiff. >> that's all i got for now, shep. we will bring you more if we get it. >> shepard: catherine herridge reporting live from washington. we are watching the gaza border this hour where israeli troops are lining up just days ahead of a planned, quote: massive palestinian protest. team fox coverage on the ground next. ♪ ♪ yeah, i thought doing some hibachi grilling would help take my mind off it all. maybe you could relieve some stress by calling geico
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>> shepard: the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is warning the military now be ready for an extensive campaign in gaza. negotiators from egypt are trying to help broker an official cease-fire after two days of rocket fire and airstrikes earlier this week. but the leader of hamas says that he will not agree to an immediate cease-fire until after this weekend, at least. palestinians say they are planning a rally and a massive one to mark one year of weekly protests at the gaza border. they say they are trying to end the egyptian-israeli blockade on gaza where about 2 million palestinians live, many in extreme poverty. the protests have turned violent. the israelis say palestinians have launched homemade explosives and israeli troops have retaliated with tear gas. so, both sides on high alert. team fox coverage this hour. jonathan hunt reporting he is live from the
12:27 pm
israeli-gaza border. but let's start with trey yingst. my goodness, it's hard to say, trey yingst reporting live inside gaza city. trey? >> shep, cease-fire talks do continue but so do some of the violence today. we saw a series of balloons with ieds attached to them actually sent into israel. the israeli military responded to one of those launching positions with a drone strike. this as egyptian negotiators are inside the gaza strip right now meeting with top officials here looking to hammer out some of the details of this cease-fire agreement i did receive a text message from a senior hamas official who said things are quiet in gaza. everyone is looking forward to see how things are going to develop throughout the weekend as we are talking now, shep, off in the distance i can hear some explosions that is coming from ieds and grenades that protesters and rioters across the border are throwing at snipers lined up to keep those communities
12:28 pm
along the border safe. >> shepard: what's happening along the border where you are in gaza city? >> on the ground you can see people preparing for the potential of major demonstrations but also major conflict should one erupt. can you see the scars of war already starting to redevelop here in gaza. we visited one of the sites struck by israeli airstrikes earlier this week. take a look, shep. twisted metal and debris what's left of a building. claimed hamas used for intelligence and security purposes. one of three structures targeted for israeli airstrikes on monday after a rocket was fired from gaza into central israel. >> shep, factions here are calling on the protesters to remain peaceful but as we have seen in the past with tens of thousands of people at the israel gaza border it's often difficult to ensure that everyone is not throwing grenades, ieds and participating in violent acts here in gaza or along the israel gaza border.
12:29 pm
>> shepard: trey yingst inside gaza city. our coverage citizen continues now. our chief correspondent jonathan hunt is along the israeli gaza border. hi, jonathan. >> shep, good evening to you from the israel-gaza border. for the third night running israeli armored personnel carriers and tanks stand at the ready as in the prime minister's words the security ring around gaza is tightened. we should point out that part of this deployment was already planned ahead of the weekend demonstrations you and trey were just talking about it. the tanks and troops have been added to since the rocket attacks were launched from gaza this week. prime minister netanyahu visited the troops here today. he told them that they should prepare for a, quote: broader operation. he also said that if that happens, israel will enter it, quote: strong and confident but crucially, shep, he also said they would only launch that
12:30 pm
broader operation after all other options have been exhausted. shep? >> shepard: tell us about the politics of all of this. >> well, the simple fact is, shep, that there is an election here on april 9th. it is a tough fight for prime minister netanyahu. so he wants to project strength. part of that was his visit to washington and his meeting with president trump earlier this week. but here in israel, he wants to project strength too. so he wants to increase the troop levels. what he does not really want though ahead of that election quite clearly is the need for a ground invasion and an all-out war with the inevitable casualties so close to voting taking place here. he has been urged by some of his opponents to, quote: open the gates of hell. for the moment, is he keeping those gates locked but he is has not thrown away the key, shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt live along the border. thank you.
12:31 pm
a court hearing in the college admissions scandal, a former women's soccer coach from yale is facing a judge. it's a case that could put some hollywood stars behind bars for years. we'll talk to a lawyer about operation varsity blues next. but, first, another democrat has announced a run for the white house. if you are having trouble keeping track, we put all of their photos in the ribbon that surrounds our news deck because we can. here's the latest. wayne, the mayor of miramar, florida, which is on the east coast north of miami. and he joins 14 other democrats so far competing to run against president trump next year. in a video announcing his candidacy mayor mess sam talks about high stakes cost of healthcare, and student debt. he talks with neil cavuto next hour on the fox news channel.
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>> shepard: an abortion rights group is suing to block a new law in mississippi that would ban abortions before most women even know they are pregnant. the state's republican governor phil bryant signed the bill last week. it is set to take effect in july. governor bryant campaigned on ending abortion and unless the court intervenes this would come pretty close. no abortions once a heart beat is detectable which is usually around six weeks or so. so women who have the means to travel to another state nearby could do that. others in america's poorest state could not. some breaking news in the college admission scandal. prosecutors accuse some hollywood stars and other wealthy parents of paying bribes to get their kids into top universities. you've heard about this. here's the new part. today two former coaches are appearing in court. one of them is an exwomen's soccer coach from yale and here he is.
12:37 pm
his name is rudy meredith and expected to plead guilty. investigators say he asked for almost $1 million in bribes to help get teams into the ivy league school. is he one of 50 people charged in what the feds are calling operation varsity blues. tv actresses felicity huffman and desperate housewives and lori loughlin from full house are two of the parents facing charges. molly lines reporting. she is live from boston. mollie? >> shep, another defendant pleading guilty just a little while ago here in federal court in boston. this time the former yale women's soccer coach who was the first person snagged. the original person snagged in this entire investigation got kicked off by a tip. prosecutors say rudolph rudy meredith took bribes and used his position as a coach working with the master mind of this entire scheme. he also chose to cooperate with the feds and today meredith pled guilty for his part in this scandal. that has led to multiple
12:38 pm
coaches being charged, dozens of parents as well. meredith pled guilty on conspiracy and wire fraud charges facing up to 20 years in prison on the counts. but a cooperation agreement reveals the feds have agreed to recommend an incarceration at the low end of the guidelines if meredith provides, quote: substantial assistance in the investigation, which is ongoing. the investigation got rolling when coach meredith was named by, according to the "wall street journal," morey to be bin, financial executive cooperating with the authorities investigating a separate case, a securities fraud case. tobin told investigators that meredith had requested a bribe to help get his daughter into school. tobin agreed to meet with meredith in a bugged boston hotel room capturing a conversation about a $450,000 payment that would ultimately result in the coach listing the girl as a team recruit. pretty interesting just a few moments ago in court, shep, the judge raised a legal question to meredith's legal team noting that meredith was lured here to boston as part of an undercover operation. the judge wondering allowed if there might be a question
12:39 pm
of entrapment here. also worth noting the former men's tennis coach at the university of texas austin michael centers is in court right now. he is alleged to have agreed to nearly $100,000 payment to recruit a student who did not even play tennis competitively. this is his initial appearance here in court. tomorrow, shep, a very busy day here in federal court. we are expecting a slew of parents that are charged in this case to appear. shep, back to you. >> shepard: mollie, thanks. thannuity carais here. this coach is cooperating. >> yes, he signed a plea agreement. what's really interesting in this case is that the judge who actually put out in a memo prior to the plea that he is a yale graduate and that he was -- expressed concern that he don't united states to yale, he said he can still be fair and impartial in this case. this took -- was involved in two things. one where he was paid about $460,000 to allow somebody
12:40 pm
to claim they were an athlete when they weren't. >> shepard: right. >> and then the second appears to have been an fbi sting, part of a sting and he took them in. now, you heard the reporter talk about this judge expressing concern. you also expressed additional concern about the statute. what this guy is pleading guilty to is services wire fraud. basically that he deprived yale of the use and right of his honor service was as an employee. an statute normally used for politicians. so multiple politicians have been involved involving bribery and kick backs. occasionally you get something like this in employment contract. the legal issue the judge is pushing him to kind of hey, maybe you should consider something else is what did yale lose here? i mean, they may have had an issue with him as an employee but did they -- did he really lose much more than that? so that's a very interesting legal question but he waived all of that today. >> shepard: the main guy in all of this is a guy rick
12:41 pm
singer. >> right. >> shepard: he is also cooperating but can't keep his mouth shut. >> on the day of his initial arrest, he talked about, you know, being happy and ecstatic to cooperate. this was the guy who set all this up. what's the big fish here? is it him or all the people? able the celebrities and cachet that goes with that. i do want to bring one thing out here is that the federal government in the indictment or the -- i'm sorry, the information against singer, basically mentioned georgetown, stanford, ucla, usc, ut austin and wake forest and yale as highly selective private universities. the university of san diego was only a selected private university insulting. >> shepard: last time university of texas was a private institution i think it's been a while since texas was a private institution. >> i'm sorry they said highly selective public universities.
12:42 pm
they did make that distinction. >> shepard: they do have all the money. >> highly selective whereas uc san diego is only selective. >> shepard: all right. vinoo good to see you. >> good to see you. >> shepard: this just in to fox news channel, the family of a man who died in that ethiopian airlines crash earlier this month is now suing boeing. you had to know this was coming. 157 people died on the crash earlier this month. that crash along with the earlier lion air crash led to the global grounding of the boeing 737 max. among the claims in this complaint that the accident and this says these are its words, not mine. the accident occurred because, among other things, boeing defectively designed a new flight control system for the boeing 737 max 8 that automatically and erroneously pushes the aircraft's nose down and because boeing failed to warn of the defect, unquote. once we get a response from boeing, we will bring that to you and we will watch their stock prices for the
12:43 pm
next 17 minutes of this trading day. the feds say facebook allowed advertisers to basically slam the door in people's faces based on their race, religion and more. coming up, the accusation of discrimination. plus, you buy a plane ticket and right before you fly, you find out the airline is no longer in business. poof, gone. that's it. that just hap people as an airline just went kaput. we will have that for you and their stories coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ carla is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole was significantly more effective at
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>> shepard: feds charging facebook with housing discrimination. the department of housing or urban department or hud is accusing the company of letting advertisers target people based on neighborhood, religion, race and more. facebook executives say they are surprised by this decision and they have been working with the department to stop discrimination in ads. fox news and facebook have a partnership to deliver news on facebook watch. fox news is solely responsible for its content and production. the fox business network hillary vaughn reporting live in our west coast news hupp. hillary? >> hey, shep. well, sources at hud me those changes that facebook made to their platform last week were not enough and did not address the full scope of the problem. so hud secretary ben carson
12:48 pm
telling fox business' maria bartiromo that facebook let advertisers blackout their housing ads from reaching entire groups of people. hud says facebook let advertisers exclude certain users by drawing a red line around neighborhoods, that they did not want to see their ads, even letting them discriminate based on gender or religion. facebook says they are surprised and disappointed by the charges because up to today, they had been negotiating with hud in good faith to settle the issue saying in a statement, quote: we have been working with them to address their concerns and have taken significant steps to prevent ad discrimination while we were eager to find a solution, hud insisted on access to sensitive information like user data without adequate safeguards. now, sources familiar with talks between facebook and hud tell me they think that the timing of all of this was politically motivated and that carson is using this as ammo to bring to congress when he talks to lawmakers next week. shep? >> shepard: hud looking at other platforms too, rig
12:49 pm
facebook was not the only platform in hot water and now "the washington post" is reporting that two tech giants are at the center of an additional hud probe, twitter and google. two people familiar with the facebook case say they are looking at these other tech companies because it's a new space for them to regulate housing discrimination, google responding to the hud probe giving mee the following statement saying, quote: we have had policies in place for many years that prohibit targeting ads on the basis of sensitive categories like race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, disability status, negative financial standing, et cetera. and add that they crack down on any discrimination that they see on their platform when they see it. also, they say that their targeting practices are nothing like facebook's targeting practices. shepard? >> shepard: hillary vaughn live in los angeles. thanks. a woman in washington state spent less than 24 hours in jail for pushing her friends off a 50-foot bridge. she is also facing 38 days in a county work crew. somebody recorded the whole
12:50 pm
thing a warning. you might find this a bit tough to watch. the 19-year-old, look at that. shoved a 16-year-old from a bridge at a swimming area in august. there she goes again. this time in slow-mo. the victim says she still is dealing with the pain. claudia cowan reporting with more on this. claudia? >> well, shepard, it was an emotional sentencing hearing yesterday that saw both of these young women former friends break down in tears. earlier this month 19-year-old taylor smith pleaded guilty to misdemeanor reckless endangerment and prosecutors recommended no jail time. but in a surprise move, the judge said some jail time was in order in light of the injuries she caused to 16-year-old jordan holgerson. holgerson fell the equivalent of three stories before belly flopping in the water. smith admitted she was thoughtless and showed her regret in the courtroom. >> i would like to sincerely apologize. i would like to sin searly
12:51 pm
apologize to jordan holgerson and her family and friends for the pain and humiliation that i caused by my mindless action that occurred last summer. >> holderson told the court she is dealing with anxiety and panic attacks. when she couldn't hold back tears a court advocate finished her statement for her. >> last summer my said to be good friend changed my life for the worst. [crying] i was falling through the air and i was really terrified. when i was being pulled from the water i thought i'm going to die. >> smith also cried as she was led away from the courtroom in handcuffs to serve a two-day sentence which there says she was released this morning after only serving about 17 hours. >> shepard: claudia cowan live in the bay area. ever get bumped off a flight or all flights? a lot of people now stranded after a budget airline
12:52 pm
called wow shut down the whole dang operation. no warning at all. just a message to try to book with other airlines. it had some pretty bad money problems this wow airline and couldn't keep things up and running. and passengers who were standing in terminals waiting for it to take off then learned they couldn't go were like wow. it wasn't funny to them though. trace gallagher with the rest of it hey, trace. >> yeah, and with good reason they were mad, shep. it appears wow was selling tickets right until the airline collapsed. even those passengers with travel insurance may not get refund half of travel policy don't cover those that go bankrupt. 11 in fleet. today 29 scheduled flights with 2700 passengers. those people, many of them americans, are now stranded in places like ice land and enter lineal. watch. >> i get a message saying flight cancelled. and i am trying to figure
12:53 pm
out what's going on and some lady at a desk tells me they just went bankrupt. > i canceled my doctor's appointment and people at work saying i won't be able to make it not only was the flight cancelled the airline was cancelled. >> so other airlines are now helping while passengers by offering stand by opportunities and some discount fares iceland air, norwegian, easy jet, iceland air. as for refunds it depends on who your credit card. >> shepard: i never heard of wizz air. explain how this happened? >> the chairman and founder of wow air scully had been working for months to save the airline that he funded back in 2011. as late as this week bond holders agreed to concert debt into equity and proposed 160-million-dollar turn around plan but then the companies that lease the airplanes they pulled the
12:54 pm
plug. because entering the high season they wanted their planes with more financially stable air carriers. in will a letter of wow said i will never be able to forgive myself for not taking action earlier. so, you have 2700 passengers that do not have flights. but now you have a thousand employees that do not have jobs. and we should mention, this is the eighth european airline to go bankrupt since last summer. mostly because of rising fuel prices and a continent wide fare war driving ticket prices way down. shep? >> shepard: wow, trace gallagher. thank you. at long last, baseball is back. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need.
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a cockroach can survive heresubmerged ttle guy. underwater for 30 minutes. wow. yeah. not getting in today. terminix. defenders of home. >> shepard: sweet 16 starts tonight i cannot wait. if you are like tens of millions of people that filled out brackets you probably got busted unless you are this guy. yes this guy is a neuropsychologist and his
12:59 pm
bracket is still perfect. so clearly really smart and really lucky. the chances of a perfect bracket would be 1 in 9.2 quinn tillian. all those zeros. a very, very big number and to that guy good for you. opening day around the bigs at long last all 30 teams in action today. according to the people in vegas. if you are not a yankees fan, forget about it. the bombers are favored to win it all. betters picking the yanks over the dodgers in the series. bombers are off to a great start. up 7-2 over the orioles at the big house in the bronx. so right now, if they win this game, they will be in soul possession of first place in the american league east with the red sox from boston still winless, order is returned. at least for a second. welcome back, baseball. here comes the boot.
1:00 pm
>> neil: you are looking live at the white house a key rally in michigan. all of this on the key finding of no collusion. not everyone is even buying that as the battle ensues. welcome, everybody, happy to have you. i'm neil cavuto. democrats are demanding that attorney general bill barr release the entire report from special counsel bob mueller. what we are learning is that it's a pretty big report. about 300 pages in all. maybe more. so, they argue that they won't accept anything short of the full report's release. what is republican senate judiciary chairman lindsey graham saying about all of that? he has been speaking with the attorney general and will soon be speaking with us. stick around.


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