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tv   Watters World  FOX News  March 30, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> you would have a hundred people in jail right now. >> as twin 20 race heats up how will president use this to his advantage. >> we turn to manage of trump 2020 campaign, brad. how big a part of campaign. >> i think that the president is right for two years they have been attacking him, now president deserved that. i hope they do everything to prevent this. there is family across america that condition sit down with people any more, do things because of how much partisan and how much dividing this is. >> are you referring to my family. >> right. jesse: my mom is a little upset with mueller report. >> they sold this narrative so much and people have done so
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lemuch to shell it like it was fact, it was zero fact of collusion. >> how will he exploit this in the campaign? when a democrat says something he will say you were wrong about that? >> i don't think if there is a tactic that directed to you lied about this or that. it shows what the democrats are capable of, i can say they are willing to lie 100%, because they can't fight this president on policy. jesse: you can say, if you are president, they are not telling you truth about border like they did not tell you the truth about russia collusion. >> and healthcare also, if you see bored either week it has been horrible. >> record amounts of people. >> yes. jesse: media also took it in between the eyes, fake news has
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been vindicated. he has been criticized for saying fake news, he was right, iake news drove this russia collusion story. now it is over, what does media do next. >> i have worked for this man for years, he tends to be right over and over, even where i say, what? he is right.ti he has a unbelievable intrue iln to what is happening. i just can't believe what media did, myself, it was you know, what are we doing? what is the staff doing, they were all fake. jesse: whole thing. now they had a hume gaping hole in their programming. i don't knowow what they will do now. so, big rally in michigan. thursday night, you are going to try tot hit those same rust bet
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states i imagine, michigan, wisconsin, ohio, pennsylvania. >> i think from this michigan rally, in data you can see with el paso rally new people coming democrats 30, 50%, blue collar democrats a african-americans, latinos. i think that minnesota is in play, and new hampshire and new mexico>> and nevada. jesse: what gives you a sense that those states like min mip or neminnesotaand new mexico. >> polling data. democrat party lying on those, people, i think that president is in a very good position 2020 to open the map, they play with data a lot, like in 2016, when i was one of few people that saw the right data, we're not going
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to listen to their fake narrative data. jesse: you say, if you have a rally in michigan, you can see how many democrats are there you believe 30 possibly democrat represented in a rally leak that. >> they came to the rally in misch america like el paso -- michigan like in el paso, we know how they voted in the past, what they do. and we had tens of thousands of registeregregistrants were demo. >> are still harvesting new voters first time voters, independent and democrats? >> i am harvesting nearly a million voter data information in key swing states every month. we're 4 times ahead of where we were in 2016.
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>> now, what is data telling you about socialism? the green new deal, ar people responding to that, is it a killer at ballot box. >> which a great issue for the president, as he has said it is incredible how much they want a 100 trillion to destroy the economy. jesse:on he wants to run against the green new deal. >> yeah, it is like a juicy steak. get rid of cows and airplanes and no more hawaiian senators. jesse: the big mac president running against the vegans. >> and bureaucratic run socialize medicine is not key. i believe that moms tos across america want to keep their
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private health care. jesse: don't mess with moms. >> that is what the democrats are doing. i think that the president understands that private health care is the best choice for everyone and their children. and it sounds great when you 19 years old, but what you have real health care choices, you want private health care and people on other side of the table to benefit from your. jesse: how is the president's >> very easy to work with this week.wa jesse: i can see why. >> very smiley. jesse: and disciplined. >> he serve mor -- appetizers ie white house this week. diet coke he was happy. it was my first in 9 years of serves from the president. jesse: serving up a lot of thin
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for american people like jobs andof strength. >> you know, intellectual property issues in china, all these thing he is dealing work during this entire attack he still solve more issues than any president had american history, all the while deck being attacked with most defeat full and destructionive lies any president had to deal with. jesse: thank you, brad. >> thank you. jesse: here is what president trump said his michigan rally about the mueller probe. >> the russia hoax proves more than ever that we need to finish what wea came here to do. drain the swamp. the democrats have to now decide whether they will continue defrauding the public with ridiculous bull [bleep]
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>> partisan investigations, they will apoll jiedz to th arkansaso american people. jesse: join me now monica crowley, ed henry. we know how public feels about this monica, we have's pole from rasmussen i want to put up, 61% of americans' the democrats to move on. but some people in party, the dead enders they will fight this out no matter how bad it makes them look. >> well, they are so deeply invested in the big lie, the big trump, russia collusion lie, they won't give it up. it is embarrassing for them at-this-point. they have put so much of their political capital on the line thinks that mueller would
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produce one result, and he produced another exonerating the president, they feel their base is going to want this, they will continue even though we have fuller report released. and once we begin another investigation, which i think will happen to look at origins and execution of the big lie. jesse: it will boomerang on them and they know that i think that new -- conspiracy is william barr is hiding the mueller report. >> he is covering it. jesse:in yes. >> mueller's team put out that statement on a friday night, saying that is wrong, we want to correct if i bet bob mueller would be screaming from the rooftops if bill barr was pick
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characterizing things. he is not a trumper here, has his own representation. jesse: and rod rosenstein is also en vofted. >> whinvolved. >> not necessary lee a fan of the president, all of a sudden he will let donald trump off the hook. here is the bottom line people are h collusion truthers. i looked this up, there after world war ii there were japanese soldiers who would not fighting last one to 1974, decades later. jesse: i think we found one, let's hear the president talk about adam schiff on the intel committee some many, many people were badly hurt by this scam. but more importantly our country was hurt. our country was hurt. and there -- they or artificials
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repiesreperrespirators right nog mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, little pencil neck, adam schiff. jesse: so, pencil neck one of the japanese deadenedders still on the island afraid to come out he thinks that the war is still going on. >> easy to chuckle at president's funny lean about pencil check. but chairmanship of house intelligence commit is perhaps most sensitive position in u.s. congress, i think ought to help now it review of security clearance it known that. chairman ship went public to american and claimed he saw classifieclassify information td
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collusion, we know it is not true, i think there should be a temporary suspension of his clearance. while his potential abuses of power have been investigated. he is clear he with resume his position, if not he should have his security clearance revoked. and one more thing, while this go odo not think that the executive branch should share top-secret classified information with this committee until the chairmanship's position and stat sus status is. >> pull a brennan. i want to get back to the deny ars, they think this is one big cover-up. >> so much more evidence there was a clinton cover-up, when you think about smashing black berries, or. acid washing the e-mails, even in benghazi that's forced them to sign, in dna's and irs
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scandal they lost thousands and housthousands of e-mail. >> barack own b obama said thers never a smidgen. they should get as much of the mueller report as they can, but president, public and everyone el should make sure we get as much about job brennan and james clapper and fisa warrant. you talk about the truthers, i can see them in front of trump tower in 2050, say we have evidence. if there was evidence with collusion, you will tell me with all these fbi agents and subpoenas and witnesses.
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and bob mueller did not find it come on. jesse: thank you. cnn hardest hit, we'll show you how ridiculous it is getting there >> later. two former trump officials fighting back after being spied on by barack obama. - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged with who we are as people and making everybody feel welcome. ordering custom ink t-shirts has been a really smart decision for our business. - [narrator] custom ink has hundreds of products and free shipping. upload your logo or start your design today at
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>> what we're seeing is worse than watergate. >> bombshell report from buzzfeed news if true about this is evidence of willingness to commit collusion. >> u.s. president possibly working for the russians. >> is president trump personal attorney, rudy guliani demanding accountability from cnn, after two years of peddling conspiracy theories and fake news about the commander in chief. >> you guys in this network have tortured this man for two years hith collusion, no one is apologizing, apologize to over -- >> not a chance. >> of course you are not. >> i tell you why. jesse: they are not only ones, mainstream mead cr media been ar president trump since get go,
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joining me now. jeffrey lord. and journalist and former 60 minutes correspondent lara logan. lara, my conten contention, then fed their audience a lies and fake news. and conspiracies for two years that is what audience wanted. the hate trump audience they wanted it they loved it, now mule are said no -- mueller said no collusion there is a huge gaining programming -- gaping programming hole now what are they going to feed their audience now. >> i have to tell you, i'm a journalist, i am grounded in the journalist. everywhere ith go, people in ths country, whetherou democrats or republicans, they want to have a conversation about what is happening in the media. and it is yes, particularly bad
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at cnn, but all across mainstream media. and people want to know the truth. i don't know this idea, i was always told when i went to iraq and afghanistan people were tired of hearing about the wars. 60 minutes never lost any ratings60 when one of my story from battle fee field was on television, if you do your job, properly, people will pay attention. what i see here is more concerns about cnn than their ratings, i care about defending first amendment and standing up for one of oldest most important profegprofession in democracy, y have what they have trampled on they are political activists and pushing their propaganda, there is a machine behind that. and whose feeding that misin, they know that the journalists
8:22 pm
are not going to do their job they want it to be tru. true in it jim: it all sports with kossier. that was -- >> it all starts with the dossier that was cooked up by hillary, they washed it. they cycled it over and over again. then you know journalists are supposed to not listen to what the cia or fbi or sources tell them, they are supposed to fast check it, but it turned out to be all wrong. >> that is right. what i find most interesting about this, i should tell you, this. i have a r book, i interview thn private citizen donald trump in 20114 on this subject of the press. i would like to read public has to know about the dishonesty of the press, they are really bad
8:23 pm
people, they don't tell the truth they have no intention of telling the truth, i know who they are, if -- and -- if he ran, i would expose home 100%. -- expose them 100%, that is what we've seen, that is why at cnn and elsewhere they can't stand him it i is avis -- viscel problem. jesse: they exposed themselves. they have on take some responsibility for what happened. >> i agree with that. not just about this president. either it is about something bigger than this president, about the american people. this election was not about donald trump. this election was about what the american people chose in their democracy. that is aa fact. and so any time that you make this just about whether you are defending or not defending or don't like donald trump you separate us from the principle that really matters here, high b
8:24 pm
as a journalist, i look at principle, andin facts and you look at that dossier that is very significant. the moment that news broke, i as a journalist turned that document to figure out what to we have. what is true what is not true, what are my responsibilities as a journalist, i could not believe what i was reading, you see these are not first hand sources, then these people sat down with fsb agents who work for computer in, then think about -- putin, we know about it now it was fund by clinton campaign, and source one and source three are not two different people they are one person that what we call a discredited dossier. >> and fed ever everywhere. jesse: then leaked it was then linked to president, the media ended up doing what russians
8:25 pm
wanted, they want us us to fight with each other, and media by accusing donald trump of being lap dogth of russia, ended up doing russia's bidding themselves. >> and still doing it. jesse: i know, i wish i had more time. >> you know, they have to be aggressivelyo. investigated, and we have to full transparency. >> and accountability that is what the first amendment is about. jesse: i agree. accountability in media and federal government. >> obama lied. and spied. how team i trump is fighting bak next. do your asthma symptoms ever hold you back? about 50% of people with severe asthma have too many cells called eosinophils in their lungs.
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>> news headquarters. president trump is cutting aid to el salvador, guatemal and man durinhonduring aushonduras. month bob menendez cause called if a reckless and president is threatening to close mexico border next week.
8:30 pm
that could impact billions of trade dollars. >> autopsy report shows how a 7-year-old guatemal guatemalan d while in u.s. custody at border, she died from a bacterial infection that spread to her flood stream causing multiple organ failure. back to water's world. >> russia witch-hunt was a plan by those who lost the election. to try and illegally regain power by framing innocent americans many of them, they suffered with a hoax, that group of major losers did not just ruthlessly attack me, my family, and everyone who questioned
8:31 pm
their lies, they tried to divide our country to poison the national debate, and to tear up the fabric of our great democracy, greatest anywhere in the world. jesse: assault by obama administration and mainstream media against trump's ally has been potentially criminal, trump associates have received death threats lost fortunes from legal fees and their representation dragged through the mud because of russia collusion hoax that was start by hillary clinton, joining me now, george papadopoulos. he is author of new book deep state targets. and former trump campaign adviser michael caputo, michael, you were unmasked, you believe you were tro electronically surveilled and human spies thrown at you now you had to
8:32 pm
liquidate tens of thousand for legal fees, how do you feel after all this. >> i want to did go to disney world. it feel like vincasion, like the super bowl isu over and we're e champs be we all went through a lot, not just me, my family and children,ly my wife got a piecef a sniper rifle in the mail, it has been a dark two year period, a dozens of us have gone through this a lot hiding out in jungle did not want to talk to anyone, they are now comes out like japanese soldiers after world wd war ii, i think a lot will come to light in wees ahead. jesse: you feel vindicated. -- absolutely. jesse: you must feel a little taken advantage of, your own government, constitutional
8:33 pm
republic, to be protections, for privacy, there. you had a administration wiretap you. send spies to you. unmask you. total violated your constitutional right. just because you were in another party. this goes beyond dirty tricks, this is criminal at the highest level. >> i believe so too, i believe a lot of crimes remember committed, i was a marginal aircraft icharacter in this. it was not until some of the news came out on people like carter page and george papadopoulos who was thrown at them, i feel that my country failed me. but my country really failed liked of george papadopoulos and carter page. george's book reads like apa novel, it a page turner but it
8:34 pm
really happened it never should have. jesse: this was a spy novel. and -- yeah. jesse: mai mainstream media haso interest in it. george,n you also had contact with spies, multiple spies when you were abroad, you were surveilled, and w set up you believe to participate in this thing which launched the investigation across fire hurricane. do youun t believe at all that u even talked to anyone that was a russian asset or was it all western? >> that a great question. i thank you for having me oyou will probably see in my book, i name 5 assets and spies hope to be my way from 3 different countries tour differen -- 4 dit cities, my case of a fabrication to make it cia, obama department
8:35 pm
of justic and corrupt fbi officials and even foreign countries, who are in on this to make it look like i and others were involved in i consparce'ses with russian but i never met a russian in my life. >> this information campaign that was pop gated on american people for last two years, is what happened, what happened, i think this was preplanned, i know that nunes has stated there ans an active investigation to trump campaign by late 2015 this july 31, date in my opinion is a coveral, that is story. jesse: i believe you are right about, that this article that
8:36 pm
broke this whole counter intelligence operation in new york times, that was right before the ig report came out, that was -- they were running interference for fbi and cia, they were leaks to justify the campaign, i believe i agree with you, it happened way earlier, saw they in the -- you say in book mueller got you to plead to a perjury charge because he threatened you of a higher charge was not registering as a foreign agent. >> what mueller and fbi and the intelligence organizations were after me for, were my ties to israel, i don't understand how someone like me who never met a russia got caught up a russia conspiracy, by the time fbi came to my house in january 2017, they were threatening me about my ties with israel and later on
8:37 pm
mueller said we'll charge you with violations if you don't plead guilty. jesse: that strong arming, i want to know that george papadopoulos who cnn said started this whole thing never has seen a russian ever. >> thank you, glad you can come out and talk. >> thank you, appreciate it. jesse: still ahead, diamond and accident on michael avenatti. but first our next guest said that jussie smollett is innocent. we'll debate that after the break. -here comes the rain.
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8:42 pm
decision by cook county state attorney office to drop off 16 chargesl against jussie smolle. >> he said he was attacked by maga country. >> maybe only time i agreed with the mayor of chicago. that is a terrible situation, an embarrassment not only to chicago but to our country. >> jussie smollett faced up to 3 years in prison for filing a false police report, but walks away after serving. >> he may be in "watters' world" they investigate the case, here react liberal. wendy. you know this guy is guilty. >> whether he dwly or not, he has paid his dues, whether that ises 10,000 bond or 16 hours of community service.
8:43 pm
jesse: how did he pay his dues. >> he has done his time. >> what time was that. community service. jesse: he hung out with reverend jesse jackson that time. >> he went to push rainbow coalition, he did 16 hours of community service. >> you realize because you are smart he did this hoaxing you know he had the hig niej nigerim up. >> i say, as a my jee a nigeriae they are from does not make a -- >> i am describes them because i don't know their last name. >> let's make that point. jesse: what are their names. >> the osi ebrothers, and whether he is guilty, he has not
8:44 pm
been found guilty in a court of law. that is the beauty of our judicial system. >> it oj, innocent or guilty. >> o.j. simpson is innocent. jesse: he did not kill nicole brown symptom and ron golden. >> according to our judicial system. jesse: okay. >> hashe been been collusion. jesse: no. >> okay, no collusion, oj is innocent. jesse: but there is no evidence of collusion. >> there is no evidence. jesse: there blood all over the place, and two dead bodies. >> people have been indicted. jesse: you are -- in th not for collusion. would you admitte admit it was t process. >> no but i say, whether it was corrupt on the side of jussie
8:45 pm
and his timor on side of chicago police, there was corruption there because we know that something some sort of happened and o chicago police in 2018 pad out 45 million dollar for misconduct? >> wait, you say there was police misconduct in jussie smollett case. >> there was still unanswered questioned. >> w what? the misconduct on the prosecutor side. >> police deputy paid for hotel brothers who were involved, there a lot of raised eyebrows that chicago people want to know what shaping. if you live in chicago. you know that what happened when the chicago police this not first time. jesse: wendy, not about the police, about it about jussie smollett. and even illinois prosecutor bar association said this prosecution was uni unethical ty
8:46 pm
don't condone it, you and i know he got home cooking. >> i believe in our judicial system. jesse: i do too but we can is a he got's sweetheart deal. > okay. jesse: thank you. up next diamond and silk react to jussie smollett, michael avenatti and robert mueller. ♪ oh oh oh oh oh ♪ it's taking over ♪ there's no escape ♪ you better get moving ♪ ready or not ♪ it's about to go down here it comes now ♪ ♪ get ready ♪ oh oh oh oh ♪ oh oh oh oh ♪ get ready
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with love, california. >> michael avenatti, a.k.a.
8:50 pm
jesse: michael avenatti has i ia new nic nickname, accused of trg to extort up to 25 million from nike, and failing to pay millions in taxes, michael avenatti was arrested monday in new york and faces 100 years in prison. yet he claims he is innocent. >> i am highly confident that when all of the evidence is --
8:51 pm
laid bear in connection with these cases, i will be fully exonerated and justice will be done. >> okay. and in case you forget. i said about avenatti in november. >> the whole game he was trying to arrange, it is done. i think he will probably declare bankruptcy or he may spend time in prison. >> training, diamond and silk. i love patting myself in the back ladies, i was right. he declared bankruptcy twice and now he is facing 100 years in prison. are you guys looking forward to seeing him in pinstripes possibly? >> well, what he has to do jesse, you may not pay what you owe but you will reap what you sow. and it looks like he is doing a lot of reaping what he sows. the same people he went after four doing bank fraud and all this other kind of foolishness, he was doing it, defrauding his
8:52 pm
clients, trying to extort nike and then he was going to take in the influence in the media to try to destroy a corporation. he don't need to pasco. he don't need to collect $200. we need to go to jail if he is found guilty. >> clink clink. [laughter] >> clink clink. lock him up the phrases. he is a total shakedown artist. he finally met his match with nike. it is too bad this is gone so long because what was it two years or year and 1/2, the media hitched their wagons to the stope because he was drawing blood from the president. and it turns out, he was the one that was the cook. and the corrupt guy that he was accusing president trump of being. speaking of corrupt, chicago i guess, sweetheart deal to jussie smollett. i should say, jussie smollett.
8:53 pm
i hate when i do that! what is going on chicago? it is more crooked than hillary at this point. >> well, it looks that way! it looks like it was a deal and the records were sealed. that's what it look like! but you know what? this is what we call green privilege. if you have enough green money you can buy yourself out of a crime.>> that's right! >> jussie smollett may feel he is vindicated in his head but based upon public opinion he is guilty as hell! the real victim he was trump supporters because he tied trump supporters to his shenanigans. >> that's right! >> and he do need to be prosecuted. i'm so glad the fbi investigation is being opened and i hope is prosecuted to the full extent of the law and whatever the law will allow. >> was really funny jesse, it took them two months to say that no crime was committed against jussie smollett. but it took two years for robert mueller to come back and said there was no rush and collusion. >> and you know, trump supporters getting framed and the obama is always somewhere
8:54 pm
in the background. >> oh yes! >> real quick, robert mueller, no collusion, no obstruction. you have been all right all alone. would you like to pat yourselves on the back? >> yes! >> yes, yes, yes! >> it took an experienced prosecutor, two years to come back with no rush or collusion. but you know what? i want to see the movers, the shakers and the players. everyone that orchestrated and participated in this witchhunt needs to be brought to the table. they need to be prosecuted again to the full extent of the law. do not let any table be unturned. nobody get away with anybody. i will tell you, the obama and his administration also need to be held accountable. let's not forget -- >> may be brennan and avenatti will share a jail cell.
8:55 pm
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. >> it is time for last call a major milestone reached this week by the us missile defense agency as they successfully tested the missile-defense system against ans incoming icbm the target was launched from the marshall islands 4000 miles with the us mainland a fewew minutes later after they gathered until two interceptors were launched from the air force base in southern california flying thousands of miles over the pacific to connect with the target and this is what it looks like when the army command destroyed the reentry vehicle for go pretty amazing from us military prickle that's all for tonight follow
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me on facebook and instagram and twitter. i am watters and this is my world. world. >> breaking tonight the fallout continues from the probe and the trump's lawyer is rudy giuliani will respond live in just a few minutes. welcome to justice. i am judge janine thank you for being with us tonight we have a big show on deck with rudy giuliani and former new york city police commissioner just to name just a few we will be breaking down the report and the outrage and


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