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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 31, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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openturning 50 opens theuard. door to a lot of new things... like now your doctor may be talking to you about screening for colon cancer. luckily there's me, cologuard. the noninvasive test you use at home. it all starts when your doctor orders me. president trump threatening to then it's as easy as get, go, gone. take drastic action over illegal immigration. you get me when i'm delivered... he warned he will shut down right to your front door and in the privacy of your own home. the border with mexico as there's no prep or special diet needed. early as this week if the country fails to stop the you just go to the bathroom, to collect your sample. slowing trend growing number of central american migrants seeking asylum at the border. after that, i'm gone, hello everyone and welcome to america's news headquarters. shipped to the lab for dna testing that finds colon cancer and precancer. cologuard is not right for everyone. >> this all comes as the it is not for high risk individuals, director for customs and border protection said u.s. including those with a history of colon cancer or precancer. immigration system is now at a breaking point. ibd, certain hereditary cancer syndromes, here is counselor to the or a family history of colon cancer. president kellyanne conway reacting to the surge of maybe i'll be at your door soon! migrants earlier today on fox news sunday. >> you can take the president ask your doctor if cologuard is right for you. seriously and here is why. covered by medicare and most major insurers.
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what he's looking at is that 4000 migrants apprehended in one day recently were on track this month for close to 100,000. we have never seen a surge like this. >> we have live team coverage in a moment. we will get to claudia who is on the border in el paso texas. first let's go to allison barber in florida. >> hello. the biggest week in television is almost here. xfinity watchathon week. his rally in michigan on thursday. president trump talked about starting april 8th, enjoy free access caravans of migrants coming to the u.s. he said of mexico failed to to the best shows and movies stop the caravan he would shut from hbo, showtime, epix and more. down the southern border. he added a timetable to that saying it could start as early what! whether it's more jaw droppers, as next week. standing o's upon standing o's or tv's biggest show stoppers. on saturday he doubled it down get more into what you're into. once again in a series of get ready to watch with xfinity x1 or the xfinity stream app. tweets saying he would shut xfinity watchathon week. free starting april 8th. down the southern border. the president has threatened this in the past but never boop! followed through. this time he as well as it ministration officials say this is not an empty threat.
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they say mexico needs to do more as well as countries in central america. >> the democrats will not give us additional money to do this. they will not give us additional people and importantly, they will not change the law that is acting as this giant magnet for people from south and central america to come into this country. faced with those limitations, the president will do everything he can and if closing the port is what that means, that's exactly what he it has been two years, will do. these countries could be doing $25 million, i want to protect grand jury testimony and more. we do give them hundreds of information but i want the millions of dollars in aid. public to see the underlying we need them to do more. document. this has been a cloud over president trump for two years. that cloud has been removed >> during a visit to lake and i want people to see why barr concluded what he did and why mueller concluded what he did. >> chairman senator lindsey graham speaking exclusively to maria on sunday morning on why okeechobee, he said he had ended payments, $500 million worth to el salvador and honduras. lawmakers are so easy to get [inaudible] their hands on the full mueller report. democrats standing by their tuesday deadline thing it could take until mid april to they are carrying out the make the appropriate
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reductions. presidents direction that ending fiscal year 2017 and fiscal year 2018, for a cystic >> reactions may be necessary because of ongoing investigations. the attorney general said or because the intelligence program for the northern triangle. community said it will convert he said all of it is wrong and instead of focused on building my methods. they need to see the full of physical border at the border they say he needs to report to get all the details focus on the broader of the investigation. humanitarian issues at play. >> we know about meeting and >> when the president said he's going to close the border, that is a totally trump tower, we know about many people going to jail for unrealistic boast on his lying about russia. part. but we need to do is focus on my guess is when you see the what's happening in central whole report, you will see america where three countries are dissembling before our eyes and people are good reasons, why a number of people, a lot of people were concerned by a possibility desperately coming to the united states. the president is cutting off aid to these countries will since disapproved that the not solve that problem. trump campaign was colluding >> lawmakers on the left and with the russians. some on the right are warning that shutting down the us-mexico border would be an economic disaster. >> ellison barber, many >> attorney general bar said thanks. he will get the redacted a report out by mid april, if not sooner. there are no plans to show the report to the president and his team in advance about release. president trump has said the
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collusion delusion is over. he and other applicants have >> meanwhile the situation is becoming unmanageable according to the chief. as officials there are reporting a record number of apprehensions. live from el paso with more. been critical of california congressman adam schiff. the democratic chairman of the house intelligence committee and a frequent critic of the president over the past two years over the collusion allegation. schiff has said the attorney >> good morning. general put out a bias summary this is one of six bridges that connect el paso to mexico. so far it's been relatively of the mueller report and that quiet sunday morning. the head of border patrol says 40% of his officers are now so reductions are unacceptable. busy taking care of families, republicans say he should resign. >> he spent more time backing seeking asylum in the u.s. that they can no longer perform their border security duties. up that committee over the in addition to that, another past how many years and all 750 workers have been diverted from their job at ports and nine members asked for his resignation. he cannot be fair. other inferior checkpoints. that is one of the most important positions in the united states house of parceparts of texas and the rio grande are seeing representatives. incredible increases in the number of migrant families he ought to step down. crossing the border. here in el paso it's an estimated 500 families every >> he is completely day. compromised in leaving the house intelligence committee on how to handle the mueller border patrol says that now report. has no choice but to release the congressman said he never some migrants directly into the community. said the president is guilty. cbp says five facilities are at more than one 100%
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capacity. the top to come of the rio grande is at 174% with more >> meanwhile, a new poll being than 5000 people in custody. conducted after the mueller investigation shows 47% of el paso is at 283% capacity voters do not think congress should hold impeachment hearings. with more than 3000 in custody. the mayor of el paso says 33% say continue something has got to give. investigating. 16% say start hearings now. let's bring in robert, the >> it's ramped up because i think they're doing some tremendous marketing down there and the coyotes and whatever are putting together former d.o.j. official who served as deputy assistant attorney general. thanks for being here. bus fare, bus trips and >> considering how the mueller everything else. until congress acts on report has been politicized, immigration reform, the root causes in washington, the can you assure the american public that when attorney general bar releases a more byproducts of that are here on complete version that there the border. won't be a political bend to >> asylum seekers that the editing. backward from the white house that the renewed effort to >> i have confidence that he step back this asylum seekers will play it straight. each day. the program started january 29 he has amazing representative. and has been slow to get going. about 60 a day. reputation. he's not doing this to varnish the reputation. everyone thought very highly of him all along and i think
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the fact that people are critical of him now just shows [inaudible] they are supposed to come back to the u.s. for court date how political it's gotten. later but due to a growing he's up there with the people backlog, that can take years. an administration as official said the goal is to have as many as 300 people return each day by the end of next week. you have the most faith into follow on. that's what he's doing. in the meantime there is word he's protecting grand jury information and other things another caravan of illegal that are legal principles, not immigrants has left el salvador headed for the u.s., just him deciding what's going to get out and not get out, but even without any caravans, it's him applying statutory and legal standards. the huge influx of families arriving in big groups at the that same wall street journal u.s. border appear to have hit poll finds that the level of some sort of tipping point. doubt in mr. trump's presidency as a result of the >> thank you. investigation has dissipated. i want to take a look at more >> for more on this let's from that pole thing that many bring in teresa brown. she is the bipartisan director of immigration and cross-border policy. great to have you. said regarding his letter to congress last week does not completely vindicate the president despite the >> today the acting white house chief of staff said it would take something dramatic assertions for total for president trump not to shut down the us-mexico border. exonerations. take a listen and i'll ask you 40% of americans said it did not clear mr. trump while 29% say it did. to respond. >> the democrats will not give us any additional money to do 31% say they were unsure. this. importantly, they will not change the law that is acting bob, what level of redaction
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will relieve skepticism and as this giant magnet for what level of redaction will people from south and central fuel the flames of doubt and america to come into this country. distrust. faced with those limitations, the president will do everything he can if closing the ports of entry mean that, that's exactly what he intends to do. >> you thought. >> we certainly are at a >> there will be complaints if two words are redacted. people will argue that the tipping point. keys to the kingdom have somehow been withheld. i think the reality is that was more important than the redaction are mueller's all of the ports are being conclusions that whatever criticisms people may have had overwhelmed and it's not just of mueller at some point and the caravan. he may have been held up as a god by some democrats, the they're encountering a caravan reality is he's the closest a week without an actual thing we have to impartial caravan arriving. person. once he has concluded that there was no collusion, i just they are at a tipping point. honestly we need to tone down the rhetoric on both sides and figure out what the solutions don't see any chance for any kind of partisan investigation are. they need some resources. they are pulling the resources is going to sway public opinion. clearly the presidents enemies from that port of entry. will remain, but for the that will have an economic people in the middle, i think impact. besides that, they need places to put people. that conclusion is what really is going to matter. the stations and facilities i think it will only be so that we have along the border were never meant to design or much noise to the public as to whether or not material is
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design have this many people, and certainly not the house somehow redacted so long as families and small children. they were vot built to house the basic conclusions are there, i think most people will take that at face value and move on. adult males for less than 24 >> should we hear public hours. that is simply not possible. the current situation is not testimony, an explanation from sustainable. >> is it unreasonable for any american president and his team to expect the mexican counsel mueller. government to do more to help >> it wouldn't bother me any, i think there is some with this problem? >> certainly we should be precedent for that happening. working with the governments. i think we need to articulate exactly what it is we want them to do because the mexican living bar has offered himself to testify at some point, the testimony is never the government, one of the issues problem. we have is how capable is the the problem is discovering the mexican government of manage testimony because the problems are still there and certain managing this while on their information needs to be end. we have stories of corruption protected for various legal of mexican officials who may reasons. i don't think anyone would be exploiting or working with have an objection to special the coyotes. that's not helpful or sustainable. we need to talk to them explicitly about what we need. counsel mueller or attorney general testifying. as far as the central american countries, we have to be aware that cutting operate, i agree, is not necessarily going to help with the root cause. the question will be what was the scope of the testimony and the majority of aid we give to of people inquire into secret the countries doesn't go to grand jury information or otherwise classified sources the government. it goes to nonprofits and for intelligence, then i think other organizations working at that will create a fight.
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the local level to try to make life sustainable for those certainly, transparency as a migrant communities. what is it that we want them general rule is the right to do. thing to do and i think if you look at the numbers, el everyone is trying to achieve salvador has declined from a couple years ago. that. there's a lot of preemptive outrage when no one is seeing what are they doing right? what's happened, and i presume let's talk about that. that in good faith it will this is a regional crisis. it needs a regional solution. we absolutely have to treat it work through things and get a report out in two weeks which as what's going on at the is not an unreasonable amount border as serious and everyone of time to go through needs to figure out the redaction's on a report of that size and then everyone can have a fight if they feel solution he meant my like they need to. a lot of this is premature with people jumping the gun understanding is you were in assuming he will do something texas speaking with customs and border protection. nefarious with it. what did you see down there and what the folks on the frontline of this border crisis tell you. >> is there a systemic problem >> what i saw was frankly an unsustainable volume of people. of corruption in the department of justice and the they are doing their best, fbi. they are trying to be as >> i think it's hard to judge, humane as possible and provide meals and care and healthcare, but it's taking a toll. they don't have enough certainly some pretty unsavory people. facts came out during the a lot of their officers are course of all this in terms of now being diverted to dealing with this population. the conduct of people immediately before and after the election. they're just not being there certainly appears, to
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protected the way we wanted to the public, or to a large portion of the public that things were politicized. be and we need to figure out everyone credited mueller with how we deal both with the keeping his weeks to a minimum. humanitarian issues and the i suggest that the inspector general and john uber overseeing the investigation other issues that this humanitarian flow is causing at the border. >> previous american also haven't leaked anything. presidents have closed the border before. we have a graphic to illustrate. i think that's being leaked presidents nixon closed the into at certain levels and at some point we will get a better answer on it. border to keep drugs from coming in, president reagan clearly this whole fiasco has closed at one border patrol been a bit of a reputational officer went missing and president george w. bush hit and i think it's not closed it after the september 11 attacks. why not now? does that help get attention? unfair. >> no i think these kind of things, people still forget >> closing the border would do nothing to stop this flow of that text and e-mails live migrants right now. forever and some of the things it would definitely hurt the were said were pretty unforgivable. local communities that rely on those ports of entry for the it doesn't matter if they were local, economic well-being and would hurt the u.s. the longer joking or whatever, when you it went on. have complete partisan statements and talking points, is it meant to get the attention of the government of that shakes people mexico? may be, but it's a double-edged sword. confidence. >> i was asking you because whatever help we might need you work there. from mexico we won't hurt i just wanted to know if you ourselves in the meantime.
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felt, if you wanted to let the it's a big threat to throughout their. >> does this force congress to public know and say there may have been some bad actors, but overall. >> what were talking about is action? [inaudible] a very thin layer of top leadership people who were involved in these things. most cases our political and agent do a fabulous job. the highly educated, [inaudible] nonpartisan professionals, they want nothing more than the foot bad guys in jail. the vast majority are top-notch professionals who are doing engaging public service. i think the real question is addressing at thin layer at the top with what clearly [inaudible] appeared to be some part of the problem in hoping that they can take care of for palestinians were killed themselves. this weekend, jonathan hut is live with the latest. >> have a final question about russia. do you fear russia will interfere in our 2020 presidential race?
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>> just about two hours ago, warning sirens sounded once if so, in what way might they again in israeli communities near gaza, signaling a be assessable. potential incoming rocket. >> it's hard to say, looking at the report it's hard to say as it turns out, that rocket failed to launch properly, wasn't there for a threat for there was an interference in certain aspects of the those communities and investigation. therefore, not a threat to the ongoing incremental progress certain things were being managed by russia. toward the cease-fire agreement between the hamas leadership in gaza and hopefully dhs and other agencies are taking the steps to protect things. israel. that progresses i think the fear i have is that generals are always fighting in the last war and a despite the deaths of four people are looking at russia they should not leave out palestinians yesterday as a result of israeli sniper fire. other countries as well. funerals were held in gaza for the four young palestinian they learn from the last men. election and think they cannot their death coming as israeli influence as well. forces have lined up along the border fence to counter a huge demonstration by palestinians all election integrity issues need to be taken seriously. i think the report should be a marking the one-year anniversary of weekly protest against the israeli blockade good basis for law enforcement of gaza. to do that. >> thank you very much for an estimated 40000 turned out joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> joe biden responding to but by the standards of these protests, the crowds were far allegations that he acted less violent than in some
9:13 am
previous weeks and by those same standards, those inappropriately with the woman at the 2014 campaign event. we tell you what both he and his accuser are saying today. considered by hamas and israel plus president tom said he to be a low and acceptable wants republican to become the party of healthcare. number. with both sides stepping back from the brink of a wider did he just hand democrats a gift ahead of the 2020 conflict, egyptian mediators are continuing their work to election? find a longer-term agreement >> we are doing something that is going to be much less although israeli prime minister benjamin yet yahoo expensive than obamacare. we will have pre-existing welcoming brazil's president conditions and we will have a acknowledge the ongoing much lower deductible. tension. i've been saying this, the republicans are going to end up being the party of >> i ordered israeli forces to stay in full deployment around the gaza strip. this includes tanks, healthcaree artillery's, ground troops and air forces. very day. we are ready for any scenario and, if needed, even for my credit card only earns double miles broader operation. on airline purchases! well, you earn double miles on this and on everything >> but, in a tangible sign of progress, as you mentioned, with the venture card. thanks! hey, by the way, israel reopening those two gaza border crossings today. how'd you get in here? same way you did. cross-checking. nice. it might seemed like a small gesture relatively speaking, what's in your wallet...
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but it is at least a step oh, c'mon! forward. >> jonathan hunt, thank you. >> attorney general bar vowing to release the report by mid april if not earlier. now some republicans want their own investigation demanding more from a look into why the russia probe began in the first place. >> i want prosecutor to look at those, not a politician. with a barbershop quartet? [quartet singing] bum bum bum bum... pass the ball... pass the rock.. ♪ ...we're open just pass the ball! smooth moderate to severe lines around the nose and mouth with juvéderm® xc. tell your doctor if you have a history of scarring no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars or are taking medicines that decrease the body's immune response on my car insurance with geico. or that can prolong bleeding. yea. common side effects include injection-site redness, [quartet singing] shoot the j! shoot, shoot, shoot the jaaaaaay... swelling, pain, tenderness, firmness, lumps, bumps, bruising, discoloration or itching. believe it! geico could save you fifteen percent as with all fillers, there is a rare risk or more on car insurance. of unintentional injection into a blood vessel, which can cause vision abnormalities, believe it! geico could save yocome hok., babe.t blindness, stroke, temporary scabs or scarring.
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but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. my idea is to take the money in washington, send it back to south carolina, covers six people but let my state come up with plan and get out from this obamacare umbrella in washington that's crushing
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us. i heard senator graham, i truly want to know, is that going to supply question market needs to be looked at more. the devil is in the details. how is the healthcare going to be in new jersey and every state. >> lindsey graham and jeff andrew on the healthcare debate earlier today on futures with maria. after president trump last week declared the gop would be the party of healthcare as he works to eliminate obamacare and push for a new healthcare law. let's bring in democrat from utah on the house financial services community and a member of the blue dog coalition. great see you. the map white house senior advisor eliane conway said your party doesn't like obamacare either. take a listen and i'll ask you to react. >> if the democrats actually liked obamacare they'd be running on that instead they're running on medicare for all and it got exactly zero votes in the senate. people made choice on the
9:19 am
campaign trail and when you had to vote on nonsense like medicare for all, they vote present. >> conversely, where are you right now on healthcare going forward. >> i think we have a healthcare system that works by and large but there are a lot of people who are left out. we have to come together and find ways to move forward in a bipartisan fortun fashion. as long as either side define success as the other side losing, we are never going to find solution on healthcare. it's gotta be bipartisan. we've got to talk. there are good ideas coming out of both the democratic and republican parties, those bad ideas as well, but let's have that dialogue and stop casting it as success is the other side losing. if the other side has to be wrong in order for me to it be right that's not going to find solutions in washington. >> did resident trump give a gift to democrats by pivoting to healthcare right away. >> i think the american people
9:20 am
see the flaws in our healthcare system. they see their premiums going up in the price of prescription drugs rising, they are concerned about pre-existing conditions and whether they might be denied because of pre-existing conditions. i think that's an opportunity for democrats to work on the issue that's important to the american people. well, we are never can have success unless the president will work with the democrats in congress and the republicans in congress and vice versa. democrats have to work with the president. i'd like to move forward solution for healthcare and try to fix the system would got. it's got to be done away that the success isn't defined as the other side losing. we have to work together and i have to be bipartisan important to do anything. >> there has been a lot of buzz on the left about medicare for all. is it realistic and are your constituents interested. >> i don't think it's an approach to healthcare reform that works for my constituents, it's not what i support, but we have the medicare system that works for our seniors.
9:21 am
i don't think it works for everybody. we have medicaid that works for some of the lower income populations and that covers some of the people who may not fit into traditional healthcare system. then you have the traditional healthcare system has its merits and also has some problems with it. the prices are rising too quickly. let's come together and work within the framework of the system we got today. pick some of the problems we've got today, expand coverage, work to reduce the cost of prescription drug, reduce the cost of healthcare premium and we can do that. it is going to take republicans working or the democrats working with congress, i stand ready to do that. >> there striking a bipartisan tone. there's a whole lot crisscrossing the country trying to run for president even though it's march 31 of 2019. is it realistic to think that both parties are going to get serious about cutting a deal on healthcare at this time.
9:22 am
>> i don't think either party speaks with one voice. that's what were seeing today with the presidential race and the president himself and his party. there are a lot of ideas across the ideological spectrum in both parties. i can't speak for my parties presidential candidates, but i can speak for myself. i stand ready to work with the president, to bring forward solutions to the healthcare system we have today, to say that it's going to be the republican plan for the democratic plan, i think it's already drawing lines in the sand that would be divisive and get in the way of moving forward of solution. i stand ready to work on a solution that's good for the american people. the solution to the healthcare challenge we face today. that's going to need republican and democratic votes if were going to be successful. but, i think it's going to require ideas and philosophies from both parties and that's really what has made america strong. we are a country where diversity of ideas come together and we find common ground and we move forward with those ideals. i care about providing health care for the people in my district, to help them, those who don't have healthcare to gain coverage and those who can't afford the healthcare
9:23 am
that they have to have a healthcare system that's affordable and quality. i think we can do that, but i guess that it will require support from republicans and democrats, people willing to work for the greater good, not just the good of either political party. >> another hot topic is the green new deal. 43 senate democrats voted present in the measure failed in the senate. is it realistic to eliminate the use of all fossil fuels in ten years? >> i don't think that's realistic. climate change is real. the impact on our environment are real. we've seen that right here in utah as we are seeing the impact to our air quality and other issues. i think we are seeing impacts to climate change, impacts from climate change around the country. we have to come together and find a solution that will help fix the impact that we are seeing in the climate. i don't have confidence in any massive government program to do that. in my experience i think there is a role for government but government is slow and cumbersome and not always on
9:24 am
the cutting edge of ideas. i'd like to seen approach for government helping bring forward solutions but we also work with the private sector that is cutting-edge and innovative and mobilize the scale that we need to mobilize in order to address climate change. >> does speaker pelosi have a problem on her hands with vocal freshman? are they going around leadership in taking their ideas directly to the american people via social media? we met we elected the most diverse congress in american history. with diversity comes a lot of different ideas and people who are passionate about those ideas. i think part of what we need to see is to allow people from the far right and the far left and in the center to express their ideas and fight for their district and the ideas their dus district wants to fight for. as someone who occupies the center, i'm going to fight for my ideas. i believe there's a role for government but the role should be as small as possible to accomplish our means.
9:25 am
i don't think it's a problem that we have people from across the spectrum taking their ideas to the american public. i would oppose a monolith where we all have to speak with one voice because i know my voice doesn't fit entirely in line with the democratic party and i'm in the speak out where i see a disagreement between myself and the party and people on the left or the right, if they want to do the same, encourage them to do that. >> ben mcadams from the beautiful state of utah. we will see you back on the hill. >> as they prepare. 2020 run, joe biden is responding to an accusation of inappropriate behavior. lucy florez, a nevada lawmaker was introducing biden during a speech in 2014 when she says he touched her inappropriately. she spoke about the incident this morning with jake. >> i feel joe biden put his hand on my shoulders, i get up very close to me from behind,
9:26 am
lean in, smell my hair and then plant a slow kiss on the top of my head. it was just shocking because you don't expect that kind of intimate behavior. you don't expect that kind of intimacy from someone so powerful. >> garrett has more on the story. >> the former vice president acknowledges he has had countless interactions giving handshakes, hugs and affectionate but not one does he ever believe he acted inappropriately. she claimed he came up behind her in the rally as she was preparing to take the stage. you heard her say she said he placed his hands on her shoulders, leaned in, smelled her hair and gave her a kiss.
9:27 am
he does not deny that bed he says i may not recall these moments the same way and i may be surprised at what i hear but we have arrived at an important time when women feel they can and should relay their experiences and men should pay attention, and i will. in the me to it eric, this allegation against him has come into whether or not he should enter the race. this analyst says he doesn't think it's a dealbreaker. >> and think everyone should take it seriously and with respect, i took his statement to say just that exactly. yes, i think he's ready if that's his decision to move forward in this presidential campaign. certainly one allegation is not disqualifying but it should be taken seriously. >> on fac fox news sunday, kellyanne conway said this is just one of many that he will have to deal with if he runs. >> if anyone types and creepy uncle joe videos you come up with a treasure trove. there's far more evidence and information and videos then we
9:28 am
saw when brett kavanaugh's nomination was trying to be derailed. i think joe biden has a big problem here because he calls it affection and handshakes, his party called it completely inappropriate. >> lucy even said today that while her interaction with joe biden doesn't rise to the level of sexual assault, it was completely inappropriate and for her, she said it disqualifies him as a presidential candidate. >> with pedestrian fatalities at a 30 year hi, we will look at how new york city is making streets paper. stay with us. car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. over to you, logo. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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it's tru. keytruda, from merck. with more fda-approved uses for advanced lung cancer than any other immunotherapy. an alarming new report revealing a dramatic rise in pedestrian deaths, mostly in big cities, at a rate not seen in 30 years. this comes as officials in densely populated new york city are pointing to the success of a local program
9:33 am
that has significantly reduce traffic for tallies. jackie is live on the streets of new york with more. >> a nonprofit. out this report in hopes of changing behavior. they said 94% of the crashes were caused by human error which means there is room for improvement but the numbers are startling. in just the last ten years, there was a 35% increase in pedestrian deaths. the total number reaching the highest it's been in three decades. more than a third have been in local streets rather than highways. infrastructure is built with cars, not pedestrians in mind. there report revealed startling distractions. these 4000% more cell phone data than they did in 2008 meeting people just aren't paying attention. >> is not just one factor that's because the surgeon pedestrian death over the last decade, it's a whole host of factors and unfortunately it's a deadly combination. >> the fear is unless we make
9:34 am
big changes we will continue to see more and more pedestrians die every year. this seems to be a national priority. >> another factor is the number of heavy, more deadly vehicles on the road. since 2013 consumers have been buying trucks more than cars. pedestrians are less likely to survive being struck. in new york city they pointed to the success of the vision zero program. they've given special attention to analyzing areas where senior citizens get struck. >> while they compl comprise only 13% of the population, people 60 and over comprise 60% of the fatalities. that is the group we continue to work at. >> some states like florida are considering a new law that would allow police to ticket distracted drivers, meaning petting your dog or yelling at your kid. five states in new england already have the law in place and they've cited a near 40% reduction in pedestrian fatalities since that went into play. >> thank you very much.
9:35 am
>> temperatures are about to drop her folks in the midwest and the south after more rain slams areas recovering from record flooding. where the system is headed next in our life forecast, coming up. live from the starlite lounge. ♪ one plus one equals too little too late ♪ ♪ a sock-a-bam-boom ♪ who's in the room? ♪ love is dangerous ♪ but driving safe means you pay less ♪ ♪ switch and save ♪ yes, ma'am excuse me, miss.
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some parts are getting a break from rain but colder air is moving in. adam is live from the fox extreme weather center with the forecast. >> the big rain, not today but finally getting a little bit of a break. it moved across the midwest and the south today. we are still dealing with flooding across all of these regions. all places we are looking at these green highlighted areas, still flooding is a concern. eventually that will run all the way down the mississippi. there is still snow melting across the upper plane, this will be something or dealing with for a while. the good news is there beginning to get a break. that big system now beginning to run along the east coast and some rain all the way down along the scope of the gulf of mexico stretching back through portions of texas. this will be a spot where we see heavy rain and running up to new england where there have been heavy showers across philadelphia, new york and even some snow with these upper elevations. you're getting upstate into new england, likely in some cases no continuing to fall.
9:40 am
especially off the great lakes, anywhere from two or 3 inches of snow. we get to the point where we feel like most of that is behind us. still a little bit of snow behind us. behind the system you can see it's a lot colder. 60 degrees in new york. chicago, 32 degrees. this is a big cold front. as mechanistic around for a long time. we get into monday and tuesday , warmer air beginning to come back into the middle of the country. at that time a year where we get a bit of a roller coaster ride. >> that does it for us. we are back again at 4:00 p.m. eastern. right now, stick around for leland and christian. they are in d.c. thanks for joining us. goodbye.
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>> former vice president joe biden with another denial of having a #metoo movement. what does this mean for his possible presidential run? >> overwhelmed at the border. president trump threatens to close down the southern border still stands. will respond and - - immigrants trying to reach the united states.and we'll talk to congressman on both sides of the aisle whether congress will act to help with the upsurge. >>
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