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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  April 3, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> harris: thanks for watching outnumbered overtime today. i'm harris faulkner. the daily briefing starts now. >> dana: three big stories we're following. stars lori laughlin and felicity huffman have their day in court over the college admission scandal. president trump mocking joe biden, as we are hearing ab even more allegations of inappropriate touching. plus, how democrats and the doj are on a collision course to a big fight over the full mueller report. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." lori laughlin arriving in court, a throng of media surrounding her. felicity huffman is already inside. they are more than a dozen defendants that will appear in front of a judge this hour. molly line is outside the
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courthouse. >> reporter: just a few moments ago this wide swath of cameras here awaiting the arrival of lori laughlin and her husband finally got what they were waiting for. difficult to get in the front doors here. no special treatment for any of the defendants arriving today in court. they all go in or aut one of the two entrances. felicity huffman arriving without her husband this morning. the actor william macy. prosecutors allege she and her husband made a $15,000 to singer's foundation on behalf of their oldest daughter. huffman later making arraignments to do the scheme a second time but did not decide to do so.
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all of the parents in court for conspiracy to commit fail fraud. laughlin stand accused to paying $500,000 to have their daughter recruited to the crew team at the university of southern california. even submitting a picture of one of the daughters on an indoor rowing machine. they detailed singer's conversation revealing their plan to disguise bribe money as a charitable donation to get the couple's into the university. that first hearing slated for 2:30. another hearing, very important hearing at 3:45, parents who have been indicted by a grand jury in this case. two will appear in court this afternoon. amy and gregory culver. gregory a doctor. in addition to the mail fraud charges that all of these parents are facing, they face an additional charge of money laundering conspiracy. prosecutors allege this couple took a scam cheating route as
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well paying singer in the form of stocks, stock valued at over $24,000. while we haven't heard much from the majority of the defendants in the case that have remained largely mum, the culvers have released a statement saying they have done nothing wrong and are shocked by the indictment out of boston where they have no tie. they will seek a speedy trial to clear their name. >> dana: all right, molly line, thank you. let's bring in a criminal defense attorney and prosecutor. the possible outcomes today are that they'll testify, maybe say nothing. you anticipate they will plead not guilty? >> absolutely. i think we're a little too early in this game to have a plea bargain already in place. once you do have a plea bargain, these two defendants, along with any of the other 48, could plead guilty. we're not there yet. this is really an opportunity for them to have a preliminary hearing if they want one.
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they could wave it. they could testify at that hearing. or they could do absolutely nothing. what the court will do is give us a future date for them to come back. >> dana: maybe this will be a stupid question, but why do they have to go to boston to do this? >> because it's a federal case, feds get to pick their venue, even though part of the crimes happened in california and other states. they've chosen this as the venue. these two defendants, many of the defendants will go there to face the music. >> dana: what the possible outcomes? how serious could it get? jail time? >> my personal and professional opinion is, out of all of these defendants, several of them will find themselves behind bars. here's why. these are crimes based on -- these are financial crimes. even though we call them fraud. they're financial climb crime. people paid money.
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you cannot punish a financially based crime by a fine. they bought their way into this. martha stewart spent nine months in the big house. i don't think that -- felicity huffman might escape it. lori laughlin, i don't think so. >> dana: what's the difference between those two women's cases? >> that's another great question. when i look at the preliminary facts, felicity huffman wasn't as entrafrpblged. she could have an entrapment defense. if she thought she were paying money so her child could do better on an exam. lori laughlin got them in on a crew scholarship, knowing her daughters never touched an oar and paid a whole lot more money. she's in deeper, criminally speaking. >> dana: do you think the feds feel like they have to send a message and the only way to do that is to suggest jail time. >> you can't send a message when it comes to financial crimes
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simply by charging somebody money. that doesn't hurt. you have to take away their liberty. some people will see the inside of a jail cell. >> dana: would it be smart for them to try to plead early so that they could lessen the possible jail sentence? >> it depends. if they are convinced. when i say they. if their attorneys are convinced after they receive discovery that a conviction is likely that you bet some sort of plea bargain where they could minimize the amount of custody that they do would be in their best interest. speculating, say there is an entrapment defense for some of these people. then in that case, you wouldn't want a plea bargain. you might get your case dismissed. >> dana: do you think there are other people that might have been involved in these kinds of bri bribery scandal things? do you think the feds are done naming defendants?
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>> i think in this particular case they might be. some people may not have been smart enough to get on the phone and give the conversation that the feds got to sweep as wide as they did. they are going to stay quiet. they'll be thanking their lucky stars. >> dana: always good to have you, to help us understand things and for taking my questions even if they're stupid. >> never stupid. >> dana: later in the hour, we speak to a federal prison consultant who was advising some of the suspects charged in theed a migs scandal. you're not gonna want to miss that. it's fascinating. we also have a fox news alert from the hill. the house judiciary committee is voting to approve subpoenas to get the unredacted law report from attorney general william barr. the vote coming in along party lines, as you mite expect 24-17 and setting up a new showdown with the trump justice department. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live on
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capitol hill. is this your typical executive branch turf war? >> reporter: there is nothing typical about the situation that unfolded. the democratic chairman of the committee said the issues go beyond grand jury material and underlying evidence because the mueller report, he said, did not reach a conclusion about whether the president obstructed justice. chairman nadler said that decision is for elected officials, not the attorney general, who is a political appointee. >> those judgments must be made by congress, not by a political appointee, the attorney general. we need this information to make those judgments. the interest can be protected by this congress deciding which of that information can be leased publicly. congress is entitled to all of it. >> reporter: the debate this morning focused on these rules of criminal procedure that say grand jury information can only
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be released under limited circumstances with a court order. that is something democrats don't have at this point. >> asking the attorney general to break regulation, to break the law. the attorney general's entire tkphaeupbt is to enforce the law and he is expressly forbidden from providing grand jury outside the department. congress is not one of the exceptions and the chairman knows it. >> reporter: the democrats are on a very short timeline. they've got a hard stop next wednesday because they have a previously scheduled party retreat. the attorney general has promised the report before mid april or sooner. so all the stars may align really in the coming days, dana. >> dana: if this wasn't enough, there's a senior democrat that wants even more? >> reporter: welsh that's right. republicans accuse democrats of overreach and say that if they are serious, they ought to subpoena -- use their subpoena power to bring in robert mueller for the request of the release
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of grand jury information and sensitive intelligence that could expose sources and methods. all of that went down after the chairman of the committee said he wants more investigation from the counter intelligence investigation which was opened in july of 2016 and set the foundation for the special counsel. >> we're gonna fight to make sure that happens. i think the justice department would be wise not to resist transparency. the american people want this overwhelmingly. >> if we're going to issue subpoenas today, let's not issue a subpoena for the mueller report. issue one for bob mueller. >> reporter: even more subpoenas for five former trump campaign and administration aides including the former general counsel, steve bannon and hope hicks. >> dana: it's not ending as many would like. >> reporter: no. >> dana: thanks for staying on top of it for us. >> reporter: you bet. >> dana: joe biden under more scrutiny as two more women accuse him of inappropriate
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so i feel lighter. try metamucil, and begin to feel what lighter feels like. when cravings hit, hit back. choose glucerna, with slow release carbs to help manage blood sugar, and start making everyday progress. glucerna. >> dana: two more women coming forward to accuse joe biden of immature touching. now president trump cracking a joke as biden molds a run for the white house. >> it look likes the only nonsort of heavy socialist, he's being taken care of by the socialists. they got to him.
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our former vice president. i was gonna call him. i don't know him well. i was gonna say welcome to the world, joe. you having a good time, joe? [ laughter ] >> dana: great to have you both here. colin, you wrote a piece today for fox which everybody can read, but about joe biden. where do you think he sits right now? >> he's probably glad he's not gonna get judged for his financial health. at the same time, because he doesn't have a campaign, he's got no one to defend him and deal with some of these rapid response crises as they arrive. how he handled it is very slow, very old, very 2005. there's been no one out there defending him. i think the world is waiting to hear from joe biden himself. >> dana: his polling has been
11:17 am
consistently good despite all of this. but in this past week, do you think he could take a hit? >> i think it's probably a pause in time. once he gets in, once he starts to define a campaign, he's going to have to come out and address it. but i don't think this is something that will define sort of the next year of campaigning, should he decide to get in. >> dana: one of his possible opponents in the democratic primary, beto o'rourke, had a chance to talk about this last night. watch this. >> i think we need to listen to those who are raising their stories, who have the courage to come forward, to share their experience. i think ultimately that's going to be a decision for him to make. i'm glad people are willing to and have the courage to step up. they must be heard and listened to. >> dana: ty, listen to this. new york post op ed saying going into 2020, gropey uncle joe will always be a problem for biden.
11:18 am
we are no longer willing to define or dummy down the record number of congress in 2020 was a counter to this dismissive argument. i'm wondering if you think this is kind of -- there was a report that biden's team thinks the bernie sanders team put this hit out on them. bernie's team saying this is not true. does look like somebody did it. >> when you're arguing with the process, how it began, i think what you saw from beto o'rourke and most of the other 2020 field is no white lines. they are very happy to watch the vp drown out. >> dana: elizabeth warren. >> why not. if your biggest potential challenger is on the rope, why help him out? the people that have defended him have been diane feinstein, nancy pelosi. that might be biden's crew. >> dana: voice of the present is donald trump. last night he was also talking
11:19 am
about the green new deal. his thoughts on running against it. watch this. >> it's the craziest thing. they believe it. and we will have to do something. but don't do it too early, please. don't kill it. because we want to be able to run against it. if they beat me with the green new deal, i deserve to lose. >> dana: good line. ty, i wonder if you think the republican, are we missing anything on this green new deal? >> what they're missing is climate change is real. the republican party, even going back to mitt romney in 2012, has sort of dismissed climate range. not realizing for younger voters, what an important issue it is. i think that what a lot of republicans, it's easy to demonize it. but what they don't realize is when the midwest is flooding,
11:20 am
when california is burning, people realize climate change is real. you say it's not and you're burying your head in the sand, i think that is worse than any solution they might try to demonize the democrats for putting forward. >> dana: do you think they're talking about the green deal, when they first put it out there, it was about all sorts of things including job guarantees. >> the green new deal was a god send for the republican party. the republicans need to sharpen their message on climate change because this green new deal is occupying and dominating everything. >> dana: but he doesn't want to snuff it out. he wants them to keep talking about the green new deal. >> dana: colin reed, ty master, great to have you in studio today. major insurer is slashing prices of a life saving drug. the fda is moving closer to regulating an extract from marijuana. could cbd start popping up in your food and drinks?
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11:25 am
>> reporter: yeah, it could indeed. members of congress have been hearing so much from their constituents, especially from families of die bet eubgs. both insurers and drug manufacturers are under pressure from congress to do something about the increasing cost of insulin. cigna and its pharmacy benefit manager launched a new program to reduce cost for eligible customers. patients will be able to buy a month worth of insulin for no more than $25 out of pocket cost. for people with diabetes, insulin can be as essential as air. we need to secure these people are able to fill every fill so they don't miss one dose. patient advocates say rison insulin cost have led to many insulin patients to miss or limit doses. manufacturers don't disclose information on rebates and coupons.
11:26 am
consumer advocates are calling on regulators to end the rebate system saying it would make prices transparent. >> dana: that's good news for some people. on another issue, i was wondering what you heard about regulator saying about food and drink products about marijuana extract. it seems all the rage. >> reporter: yeah. seems like we're going to see some fda regulation of this. the agency has scheduled a hearing for may 31st to look in particular at compound called cbd. the extract derived from the cannabis plant does not contain the mind altering chemicals you find in marijuana. but proponents say it relaxes you, reduces pain. it has prompted major retailers to announce they will sell topical products containing cbd at some of their stores. but what about the science? >> the difficult thing about cbd
11:27 am
products is because they aren't regulated, quality control can be a challenge. we need research. we need good data to tell people how to use it safely and what the most effective. >> reporter: fda commissioner issued a statement saying it's critical that we address the unanswered questions about cannabis and cannabis derived products. especially as the agency considers whether it could be appropriate to exercise its authority to allow the use of cbd in dietary supplements and other foods. at the same time, the agency is cracking down on what the commissioner described as egregious claims. the fda issued warning letters to three companies that were claiming their cbd products could either cure or alleviate the symptoms of cancer and other serious diseases, dana. >> dana: jonathan serry in atlanta, thank you. the house is wrapping up a vote on legislation about
11:28 am
healthcare. why republicans are calling it a political stunt. plus the texas senate declaring an emergency at the southern border. we'll talk to a texas congressman about the growing crisis. biopharmaceutical researchers.
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>> dana: homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen >> sandra: raoeufrbed in texas today as the white house steps up efforts to contain the growing crisis there. some business owners are saying the mere threat of shutting the border down is already having a negative impact. casey stegal is live in el paso, texas, for us. casey, what's the secretary's goal there this time? >> reporter: welsh dana, she is meeting with leaders and also boots on the ground, agents, essentially. what's so different about this particular visit compared to some of the others is that they're all closed to the press. it was a lot of work just trying to get information on the visit itself, but we can tell you according to hs officials, she is in el paso today. she is visiting a port of entry,
11:33 am
one of a few that they've got. she is going over to a meeting at the el paso border patrol sector office and then go to one of these satellite housing facilities. because in this particular sector alone, they have been inundated with large groups of migrants showing up. according to cvp numbers they are 280% over capacity. bed space was so scarce last week, remember this? they had to temporarily house migrants under a bridge. that is no longer the case. but the feds say this shows how big a crisis we're talking about here. mean time, economically, folks on the ground here say they're already experiencing fallout just over talk of the border possibly being sealed. merchants on the u.s. side relying heavily on shoppers coming over from mexico legally, say that sales are down, wait times for people and goods to cross the border are getting longer and longer. big picture, leaders warn of a
11:34 am
serious domino effect nationally if this continues. listen. >> it is not a border issue. it is a national issue. because the border here is where goods go that are used in production plants all over the country. you have automobile plants that will be laying off people because they've run out of steering wheels or coils. >> reporter: after leave el paso, secretary kirstjen nielsen will make a stop tomorrow in yuma, arizona and have a similar meeting and day and then will join president trump in california at the border for the friday event there. >> dana: all right. thank you, casey. for more on this, texas congressman colin allred a member of the foreign fairs committee. good to have you here. you are from texas. what is your level of concern about what's happening at the border? >> thank you, dana. good to be back with you. since i was last with you, we
11:35 am
had a baby. >> dana: congratulations on the baby as well. >> thank you. listen, i recognize that we have a practice going on and i think we need to talk about what real border security means. i don't think that means shutting down the border. your former boss, president bush, would say it would be an economic disaster for us in texas. we have an enormous amount of trade in mexico. we need to be looking at this source of the problem in the northern triangle countries. >> dana: do you agree with president trump to cut off aid to those countries if he says they weren't doing what they need to do to stop these migrant flows? >> that's the exact wrong thing to do. what we need to be doing is finding the most effective ways to make people feel like their only option is to take this harrowing journey to the united states. if we cut off aid, it's not going to stop the flow of people coming here. it will just exacerbate the problem. >> dana: i'm curious about the deal on the border closure.
11:36 am
have you heard or are concerned about the fact that people here that the border could be closing by president trump, that they'll send more migrants to try and get here before that happens? >> i haven't heard that. what we've seen is some of the things we think would send messages to folks in the northern triangle countries have not had that effect. whether it's the idea of family separation or any of the policies that they've set. what we've seen, that hasn't happened. they're still coming. >> dana: do you see any possible way to get some congressional action possibly on the asylum laws or something that would actually give some relief to the dhs and to the border patrol employees who are completely swamped by all these people who are trying to get in here? >> in our last budget, we did provide additional funding to the agencies that are dealing with this, trying to make sure that they have more resources. we probably need to revisit that and see if there are other creative ways to make sure they
11:37 am
have the support they need. we want to make sure whatever we do is consistent with our values. >> dana: i know you introduced a resolution. listen to president trump who last night talked about health care at the nrcc event. >> we're gonna come up with a health care plan. we're not gonna vote on it until after the election. we'll all promise it will be our first vote. we blew it the last time. man. i was fed a bill of goods. some of you i'm still a little angry, but not all. it wasn't even your fault. >> dana: so tell me about your thoughts about healthcare, what the president said recently and what you tried to do on capitol hill. >> my resolution today was just passed bipartisan support. it's to condemn what the administration is doing in terms of trying to totally invalidate the affordable care act to people with preexisting conditions. what i think we need to do is
11:38 am
work together to try and fix the problems with the law, lower cost and expand coverage. if president trump has a plan that will help us do that, i think it's incumbent upon him to bring it forward. i think it's cynical to say we're gonna wait until after an election to put forth an idea. >> dana: there were eight republicans that voted with you. that does qualify as bipartisan in a way. because there's divided government right now, aside from a resolution condemning comments, is there anything that can be done to try to lower costs and alleviate people's anxiety about healthcare? >> there is. there really is. we have bipartisan agreement on lowering the cost of prescription drugs. if you seen what senator gra grassley has been saying on the senate side, we will be taking action to lower the cost of prescription drugs. i think that will pass and the president has said he'll sign
11:39 am
it. >> dana: we'll keep an eye on that. congratulations on being a new dad. we appreciate you coming on. congressman colin allred of texas, thank you. >> thanks, dana. >> dana: in the campaign trail mix now, beto o'rourke revealing what he will do on day 1 if elected. saying he'll sign an executive order mandating all members of his cabinet hold town hall meetings on a monthly basis. i'm not sure if that would include the director of the cia, but we'll see what happens. bernie sanders launching a megavolunteer program which numbered more than 1 million. he's asking them to host house parties across the country attend of the month. and mayor pete buttegieg helped a couple who wanted to get married hours before their baby was born. he performed the ceremony in his office, leaving people asking, is there nothing he can't do? more than a dozen defendants including lori laughlin and
11:40 am
felicity huffman are in court as part of the massive college admissions scandal. we'll hear from a prison consultant as they worry about jail time. plus, as fans mourn the loss of rapper nipsey hussle, major developments in the investigation of his murder. >> heft loved all over l.a. it is messed up what happened to him. >> i actually cried. we have to do better. we have to protect ourselves. we need protection. ♪ limu emu & doug mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit >> dana: reuters reporting ethiopian authorities will deliver their first report on last month's deadly plane crash tomorrow. pilots initially followed emergency procedures. wall street journal reporting they turned off a system that
11:45 am
was pushing the nose down, but still failed to regain control. this stkafrpb was the second crash of a max 8 in five months and has prompted the world wide grounding of boeing's best selling plane. fox news alert. lori laughlin and felicity huffman among one of dozens of defendants making their case in court today. let's bring in co-founder of white collar advice. he is a federal prison consultant and advising some of the parents in this case. i was reading a little bit of your background. you are providing your advice about how to prepare yourself for what could be coming. what do you think is on the minds of these parents today as they're in court? >> well, they're worried, certainly, about their future and struggling to deal with the reality that their lives have changed and dealing with indictment and looming incarceration. the initial questions have to do
11:46 am
with incarceration. what would life be like in prison? i try to help them focus on things they can do to ensure they get the shortest sentence and best environment, preferable their home. >> dana: how do you recommend they do that? jonah earlier said she expects they will plead not guilty. what is your advice in terms of accepting some responsibility in this? >> when they call me, they ask me questions. i say, let me ask you a question. first question is, what is success for you? success for them is avoiding imprisonment. so to do that i tell them, if you've done it, accept responsibility. begin to convey to the government why you are worthy of mercy. we have to understand the cynicism that exists in this system. you have prosecutors and a judge looking to judge them for the worst mistake they have ever made in their lives. to the ebb tent they can begin to change the narrative, not just through their lawyer. there are great lawyers who are paid a lot money to argue why they're worthy of leniency.
11:47 am
our experience, the defendant has to demonstrate through their own efforts why they have earned leniency. frankly, that includes not just accepting responsibility. there are victims here. they've got to begin identifying with those victims if their goal is to get the shortest possible prison term. >> dana: look they're famous people. felicity huffman signing autographs yesterday as they prepared for this court date. you say your goal is to not make matters worse. what would make matters worse? >> well, you look at roger stone, who posted something on instagram and was reprimanded by the judge. look at martin screlly talking about taking a lock of hillary clinton's hair, paul manafort. big brother is watching. decisions they make now between indictment and sentencing will be important. others will say it was a snitch or rat that got me here.
11:48 am
lot of that rhetoric that's so unpopular. others will say, i want to accept responsibility. i suggest those who own it, take responsibility and not delay, will be able to get on with their life. they're already in prison, they're just not getting credit for time served. >> dana: you went to usc, so you're a trojan alum. of course, that was a school that had a lot of attention on it. final word on that point. >> well, i was also a baseball player at usc. i know how hard i studied to get into usc. some of the parents, look, they had great intentions. there is no doubt about that. in retrospect if they can begin to identify that there are students working to get into usc who did not have their means and apologize to them, it will reflect better on them. they can identify with the victim and some of the schools embroiled in this can come out better. i empathize with them and count on them to succeed if they
11:49 am
implement the right plan. >> dana: sounds like good advice. justin paperny, thank you very much. the suspect in the murder of rapper nipsey hussle being held on $7 million bail. sheriffs arresting eric holder, accusing him of shooting hussle outside the musician's clothing store in los angeles sunday. two other people were injured in the gun fire as well. oklahoma city thunder star russell westbrook dedicated his record setting game last night to hussle. a very special day for a beloved elementary school janitor, and why wasn't former first lady barbara bush seen in many of her husband's campaign ads? i'll ask the author of her new autobiography. she'll join me after the break. , i've been looking all over for our big idaho potato truck. it's out there somewhere reminding folks about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making contributions to local charities.
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11:54 am
the d.a. dropped charges on bikers. next a pennsylvania judge handed down the first sentencing in the hazing death of timothy piazza. two of the fraternity brothers getting six months in jail and one getting 9 months behind bars. >> i'm looking to the future and working hard in the coming weeks. we want to bring the change that chicagoans voted for and we need. >> that's chicago's mayor elect standing alongside the woman she defeated. she's the open gay person to lead the nation's third largest city. a touching and surprising biography of barbara bush. she revealed her battle with depression, her relationship with nancy reagan and her
11:55 am
thoughts of president trump. here with me now, author "barbara bush, the matriarch." she said she wrote to melania trump. she said the world thought i was writing this note to bill clinton. she said i want to welcome you to a exclusive club. my children are older. whatever you do is your business and yours alone. she encouraged them to allow barons friends to visit the white house. she didn't want to write that letter to bill clinton. i thought that was interesting. >> she had it ready to go to bill clinton. she assumed that hillary clinton would win. it was a funny letter that said we look forward to inaugurating you. but while she was opposed to president trump, she was not in favor of hillary clinton being
11:56 am
elected. on that election day, she wrote in jeb bush's name on the ballot. >> she also talks about how during the campaign for -- when her husband ran, she was not included in the ad. you said the bush campaign did little to spotlight here. a contrast to the way bob dole's campaign featured elizabeth dole. two of seven ads showed barbara. in neither ad was she identified as his wife. did that hurt her feelings? >> her feelings were hurt when she wasn't thought of of an asset. many people thought that was president bush's mother. she looked older than she was. that wounded her. her sister-in-law said they told her they had a dinner, a conversation with relatives about what to do about bar. we don't know that from her
11:57 am
public comments. but in her diaries, it was clear. >> dana: i'm glad you brought up the diaries. she said don't ask if you could see the diaries. she said she changed her mind. how did that feel? >> i was stunned. i had the worse journalist reaction ever. she said -- the last time i saw her, she said okay, i've decide you can see my diaries. i said are you sure? you don't want to give someone a second chance to reconsider a gift like that. but she did let me see them. what a window into a woman whose life span was a remarkable period of american history and her thoughts, observations contemporaneously. >> dana: was there a lot you had to leave out? >> oh, yeah. or because it didn't relate. >> some of the headlines and the coverage of the book would lead some people to think that he was -- was sad at the end.
11:58 am
that's not my experience with her. >> not sad. she was full of joy. she had sadness in her life. people didn't recognize that she had a bout with depression or how much she suffered with the death of her daughter. she was actually full of joy. she loved her life. she had zero regrets. >> dana: and she loved being a grandmother. there's a passage about her and nancy reagan and the grandchildren. >> yeah, i think she found nancy reagan mystifying because nancy reagan had not a close relationship with her children or their children. to barbara bush, that was unthinkable. barbara bush adored her husband, children and grandchildren. if you ask her her legacy, she's said that. >> dana: i know a young mother that read this book in preparation nor the interview. she said it was quite moving for her. there's advice in her for how to manage a family and working and
11:59 am
being in the spotlight, all of that. >> yeah, she was tough. they called her the enforcer. jeb bush called her the traffic cop. she was the one in charge. she set high standards and expected people to reach them. sometimes in ways that they felt critical and to recover from. you can tell from the quality of her children and grandchildren that she leaves a tradition of public service to others. >> dana: i saw one last night, little barbara bush. thank you, susan. >> thank you. >> dana: a long-time elementary school janitor in georgia showing up to work on his 80th birthday. instead of finding trash cans to empty, he found nearly 800 students singing him happy birthday. the students also gave him hand-made cards. so many in fact that they filled several buckets. no doubt that he was glad to see
12:00 pm
them and the kids bring smiles if your face. thanks for joining us. i'll see you at 5:00 with "the five." i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast. noon on the west coast. get this, some workers could soon be able to bring their babies to work. supporters say it will save parents lots of money and they won't miss their kids big moment. but critics ask, you're going to have your baby at work? how will you get anything done? and if a man can go topless, why not a woman? that's the question from a teacher who says her boss fired her over a selfie. >> what is wrong with my image? it's my breasts, my chest, my body. it's something that should be celebrated. >> shepard: how didn't a student end up with the photo? reporting begins now.


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