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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 3, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. dvr the program if you are able to figure that out and if you can, congratulations. good night from new york city tonight. we are here, sean hannity is right upstairs. i am one of the original people here. >> sean: i've been watching you many years. but is all it means. great show and good to see you. busy news and welcome to "hannity." we have full coverage. we are on the ground at the crisis of the southern border. lauren is standing by, custom border patrol agent will also join us from the rio grande valley. we began our ongoing watch on joe biden. not only having a bad week, but a bad day every day.
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wait to hear what we get to. it is so bad. anyways, we first reported last night that two more women are accusing the former vice president of inappropriate contact including one must hold survivor claims he awkwardly placed his hand on her thigh and of course his creepy conduct has been an open secret for years. dozens and dozens of pictures show very bizarre behavior and videos, cringe inducing moments and i'll creep become a crazy uncle joe is coming to terms that most people don't enjoy being touched, kissed, having their nose rubbed together, smelling their hair and stroked by a complete stranger. you will notice one thing that is missing and see if you can figure it out. speak of norms begin to change and attracting personal space he been reset. i get it. i get it.
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i hear what they are saying and i understand. i will be much more mindful. that is my responsibility. i'll be more mindful and spiteful a people's personal space and that is a good thing. >> sean: he will not smell anybody else's hair or grab them or kiss them, grope them. he forgot two magical words. i am sorry. we will get back to that. multiple woman accusing him of making them feel extremely uncomfortable, violated. here's the big question. where are the eye believers from the brett kavanaugh campaign? if it was a republican it would be outraged. apparently on the left it is only worthwhile to stand up for woman if it is used to bludgeon a political opponent. look at this third grade actress, we saw her at the hearings of brett kavanaugh. there she is. one of the leaders of the believe all woman charge against
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brett kavanaugh as insane as some of those charges became. surprise surprise, when it comes to joe biden she is striking a different tone tweeting "i believe his intent has never been to make anyone uncomfortable, kind, empathetic leadership is what our country needs." i wonder if crazy uncle joe ever used locker room talk? nancy pelosi is also making excuses and this is insane on her part. she did give him a piece of this advice. if you are into getting in people's roles, smelling, holding, fondling, touching, maybe take this advice. >> i am a member of the straight arm club. you have a cold and i have a cold. i think it is important for the
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vice president and others to understand, it isn't what you intended it's how it was received. >> sean: pretend to have a cold, jointly straight arm club. gelid everything will be fine except for one problem, someone at 1600 pennsylvania avenue will not let democrats sweep is behavior under the rug. take a look. >> are former vice president, i don't know them well. i would say welcome to the world june. are you having a good time? are you having a good time? people tell me in two years, what you think? i said give me a kiss general. i felt like joe biden. >> sean: that is funny. one more bad piece of advice, news, creepy uncle joe. the story is only going to get bigger and bigger.
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look at "the new york post" this morning, being weird and inappropriate is a pattern of behavior for the vice president. let's not forget, ten years he worked as "the washington post" journalist and he reported that joe biden not that long ago apparently love to swim naked, all the time. even in front of female secret service agents were really uncomfortable with that. no swimsuit, nothing. lap after lap. he called it offensive and abusive to his security detail that is not funny. his office had no comment when these claims were published in tonight while many democrats rushed to his defense, one person is noticeably not defending his former vp. his boss, this is storybook. he is african-american, he is clean, bright and articulate.
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his former boss, president obama and by the way his creepy behavior, joe biden is in the spotlight. other more serious scandals are brewing for him tonight. he has to run on his and obama's disastrous economy. the dumb iranian deal, his crazy comments and there are tons of them had positions on racial issues. spend a whole weekend on the apology tour on anita hill and immigration. he'll join us with a live report on joe biden's extremely sketchy international conflicts of interest, potentially resulting in millions and millions and millions of dollars going to close members of his family. he first turned to the crisis at the southern border. kristin nielsen is calling the rapidly deteriorating situation a category five hurricane disaster.
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border patrol agents and custom officials are overwhelmed again tonight with this influx of illegal immigration, currently there are 1 million illegal immigrants inside the united states with active final removal orders. some are violent criminals, some wreaking havoc, at a community near you. a convicted killer previously deported just arrested in long island, new york, after illegally reentering the country for second time. he was involved in a manslaughter case and convicted. in maryland, ms-13 gang members just pled guilty to killing a person with machetes. their immigration status is unknown, but they are primarily composed of people from el salvador for the migrate caravans are being formed. now president trump is threatening to close the southern border completely if mexico does not stop the massive new caravan that is headed our
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way. another one, a very serious situation. he left are not getting the memo. it doesn't matter how many homicides, assaults by illegal criminal aliens are impacting american families every day. "washington post," what are they worried about? how the crisis at the border will impact avocado toast. the congress from tweeting, this is a fake emergency. he is lying to build his monument to racism. come on this program we take our job seriously so instead of walls and borders are racist, we set our very own fox news contributor, reporter lawrence jones where he toured the border and spoke to agents on the ground. he will join us and a minute. why don't we may be listened to the people that are there that are doing the hard work and protecting the country.
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take a look. >> it is without a doubt a crisis. you can ask any expert who is dedicated their life to border security and the security of this country and they will tell you we are beyond crisis. our immigration system is near failure. >> sean: may be the congresswoman should do her job and take the time and go to the border, i've been there 12 or 13 times. maybe she should see with their own eyes what is going on. we do have tonight coming up a full report from two areas in texas. you will not see it anywhere else so stay tuned for that. we do turn out to our back story, creepy, crazy uncle joe. while it is grabbing most of the headlines, a possible international corruption scandal is brewing under the surface. when joe biden was serving as vice president his son hunter landed a lucrative job at a
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massive ukrainian energy company. remember hillary, when that company came under investigation over corruption claims in ukraine, he used his influence as vice president of the most powerful country on earth. he actually got the ukrainian prosecutor fired and he bragged about it. a little detail we will tell you on the other side. take a look at him bragging. >> we are not going to give you the billion dollars. they said you have no authority and you are not the president. i said call him. i said i'm telling you you are not getting billion dollars. you are not getting that i'll be leaving here in six hours and if the prosecutor is not fired then you are not getting the money. son of a [bleep] got fired. >> sean: you are not getting a billion dollars. now the story behind the story,
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full report. john solomon is with us. the prosecutor that he demanded get fired or he will not give them a billion dollars and they got six hours to make a decision and he is on tape as you just heard bragging. hold on i have to fix my tie. he has bragging how he got the guy fired, who is the prosecutor investigating in that moment? >> that very moment they told me they were preparing to request an interview with hunter biden to question him about more than $3 million of funds that were being taken out of ukraine when they vice president the vice president intervened in the prosecutor got fired and move the case out of the prosecutor's office to another agency and they shut it down. it was never to be investigated
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again. >> sean: 's son was being investigated, do we know how much money? i understand his son was on the air force two. >> that is a different trip, he did some great work. i think it was in 2014 where hunter biden went on the same trip with his dad and walked away with a big payday. there is a pattern here of hunter biden being in the country where the vice president as a foreign policy folio. >> sean: they are walking off with a nice payday and hunter biden is there in china on air force two and that one instance. in this particular case, the vice president of the united states tells them that you fire the prosecutor and we know beyond any doubt that that prosecutor that he has bragging about that he got fired -- he was going to use american taxpayer money as leverage, he
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did it to save his son from the prosecutor was investigating him? >> that is certainly what the ukrainian authorities believe. they are telling me that they been trying to get this information to the department for six months and have not got a receptive audience. they have a lot more evidence than what they told me in this column. i think they are very concerned that a sovereign nation interfered in a legitimate investigation and it isn't the first time they say. they said this was a regular practice to get involved and tell them who they could and couldn't prosecute. >> sean: do we know how much money we are talking about? >> we know for sure. the fbi introduced records in a trial last year in new york city that showed that hunter biden's company but at least $3 million, a little bit more. he got that from the natural gas company in ukraine between 2014 and 2015. the very same time that joe
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barton was in charge of all relations. remember, president obama gave him a special job and said you take care of this. joe biden is overseeing it and his son is walking in with cash. >> sean: i think we have a lot to investigate and i think crazy, creepy uncle joe has the bigger problems than grabbing and kissing anybody and rubbing noses. john solomon, thank you. joining us now more reaction, crazy uncle joe, fox news contributor sara carter, good to see you. i see you smiling. i don't know why, probably because of my humor. i'm guessing. more importantly, this is serious because if he used that position in two cases where his son is in one case flying with him on air force to making business deals while his father is there, it is beyond the appearance of impropriety. if he is using taxpayer money to
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get a prosecutor fired, investigating his own family. that would be problematic i assume. >> as i was listening i was thinking, could you imagine if this was reversed and this was donald trump and one of his children on air force one and walking away with a contract? the american press corps would be in an uproar. john solomon reported and people need to delve into this deeply and see more facts. it is serious. people need to figure out what these facts are. >> absolutely i think the doj obviously has a lot to do with us. they need to investigate this and it shows that there is this nepotistic behavior and he did a great job of explaining this. we can see how deep this goes, we saw the same problems at the state department. stories coming out of the associated press with hillary clinton and where their
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favors being granted for access? this is about access and money and foreign power and foreign money influencing members of our own government and having those connections with those children. are there children making money off of their parents power plays here in washington? that is something that is very important and it does need to be investigated and it makes me wonder, did they foul for an agent registration act? >> sean: good question. did they pay the taxes? the uranium deal which to this day i don't understand. we had a spy within vladimir putin's network. the spy that was reporting bribery, extortion, money laundering, kickbacks. then hillary along with others approved his network in america getting 20% of our uranium, the foundational material for nuclear weapons which by the way we don't have enough of.
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the money gets -- 145 million back to the clinton foundation. we had a spy with russians and america trying to get our uranium and they got it. clinton got all that money to the foundation. can you explain that? >> we certainly know that bill clinton would pay half a million dollars for one speech from renaissance capital. we know this and we know that william campbell -- >> sean: he did more of that. he met with vladimir putin. >> he absolutely dead. renaissance capital and let's make this clear, directly directed to the fsc to russia. that is like russia's k bg, what it was changed to. he is directly connected to russian spies and they pay him half a million dollars and all the sudden the steel happens the same year in 2010 in the uranium one deal gets approved and we have william campbell who has been enter go to the fbi during
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this time because he is reporting detailed notes of meetings with russians where they are talking about influencing people in the united states, moving money and trying to gain control of the energy market and the united states is one of those areas that they want to gain control. yet nobody does anything, like everybody sits back and let that happen. >> sean: you said something important and you talked if this was donald trump's kids they would be screaming but he murder on all these issues. like i said, i talk about creepy and crazy uncle joe, he really is creepy. swimming naked in front of your secret service agents on a regular basis, apparently that made them rightly so feel uncomfortable and all the other issues. where are the i believe people on the people who are so upset about russia and paul manafort? >> great points.
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i am making the case, one of the problems the press corps has not only that they are ridiculously incorrect in their assertions against president trump, but for eight years they were too easy on barack obama and joe biden as well. they would excuse joe biden's behavior. that wouldn't scrutinize it or look deeper into it end. now it is interesting to see that if the press corps is going to give joe biden and the other democrats were running a tough time the way they for republicans. frankly i welcome say in this press turn because it is the way they need to act and need to be fair and fair to both sides. >> sean: you want even -- if joe biden is the candidate they will not point out 13 million americans on food stamps with his idiotic uranian deal. they would never touch that. >> that is all true on policy but the fact of the matter is that the press has given this coverage because it is an
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oddball story, weird behavior. what joe biden did was inappropriate and certainly a pattern of weirdness that he has been through. i also think his explanation was genuine and real. he is a touchy-feely guy and i don't think he crossed the line. >> sean: wears the i am sorry? >> i'm not a big person on the politics of i'm sorry. once you do that you get tumbled. i think his explanation was illegitimate, good explanation. it was heartfelt and genuine. >> sean: very well written by his p.r. person. >> kids talk differently today. a different joe biden. i accept what he said as a legitimate explanation for his previously weird behavior. >> sean: good to see you both. a lot more when we come back. the crisis on our southern border intensifying. we have two reports from the
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border tonight. a briefing from the border patrol members today and what they say should shock america and your conscience. later devin nunes and jim jordan are here and you won't believe what democrats are trying to do. we have an alec baldwin update. you don't want to miss this. this is a doozy, straight ahead. ♪ introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger, it's the right gear. with a terrain management system for... this. a bash plate for... that. an electronic locking rear differential for... yeah... this. heading to the supermarket? get any truck. heading out here? get the ford ranger. the only adventure gear built ford tough.
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♪ >> sean: of the crisis on our southern border continues. lawrence jones went to the border in laredo, texas, where he got a briefing from border patrol officials. real people put their lives on the line for us on the ground every day. you want to listen to them or these people in congress that have never been there. take a look. >> there has been a lot of
6:26 pm
reports about the crisis. is it really a crisis? >> there is absolutely a crisis. there is a national security crisis and a humanitarian crisis in a policy crisis. humanitarian crisis you see every day and is all over the news, clem demott family units and children. the reason why they do that is because they know the laws we have today will allow them to stay in the united states. the asylum law, the law for the trafficking of victims and protection rights act. those laws have lost their integrity. what they do is they bring the family units and to the contrary we can only hold them for them for 72 hours and after that we have to turn them over to another agency, usually i.c.e for health and human services and because of those laws can only hold them for 20 days. >> you said they know this?
6:27 pm
>> when i say they, the immigrants trying to come to the border. they know that. they hear it from the organizations and they are very organized and smart. they always know what law enforcement is going to stop their activity so they know tha. out of approximately hundred and 70 miles of border we have 30% of that that actually has a road that we can drive on. that is not won a solid road, 5 miles here and then a 10-mile break. it is very difficult to know who is coming across if we can't drive. the situational awareness as far as technology, our camera's cover 30% of our areas. we have a situation where 70% of those miles and we are not sure what is coming in and coming across. >> the river is right there. that is mexico on the far south side we are standing on the road
6:28 pm
on the united states. it will take you five seconds to do wit the 30-yard --. you couldn't go right to these houses that are right up here and that leads to the stash houses which are deplorable conditions that they are stuffed into without food food or water for days. this is where the kidnapping happens and this is where being held for ransom happens. they are put in his deplorable conditions but as you can see, 40-yard stretch and there is nothing to slow them down in any way. there is hesitation everywhere so we don't have situational awareness. the response and resolved, we have about ten seconds of it and we need more. >> this is why you say we need all parts of the system for this to actually work. we were talking about this
6:29 pm
earlier when we were in the room parent tom mack. you have the camera there, how long does it take you to get here? >> if we don't have enough personnel working this area and there's one guy that is assigned to a 2-mile radius and if we are on the other side of that area that could take us 5 minutes. i guarantee you that they will be in a house or vehicle on their way someone, somewhere in the united states. >> sean: joining us now is lauren jones, also with us from mission texas, the custom and border protection acting chief agent. i have the honor of meeting when i was down at that sector with president trump, good to see you. lawrence, i will go to you. is there any one of border patrol agent -- the guys on the ground that believe this is a manufactured crisis or are they are saying
6:30 pm
pretty much what you just reported? >> they didn't tell me that it was a crisis, they showed me the crisis. i'm standing on the border by the rio grande. they showed me over 200 arrests yesterday at right here. the big thing is the tragedy. responsible for covering 100% of the sector, but they can only confidently patrol 30% of that sector and that means 70% is open for criminals. i was back in their room with a monitor the border to see what is happening and we saw numerous illegal activity but they just couldn't get there because they don't have the resources. >> sean: if i can, good to see you again. it was an honor to meet you. when that sector, only 5 miles of border walls and then they
6:31 pm
moved it to 70 miles, a 99% success rate. they stopped illegal immigrati immigration. when i was down there with you, what is it? the one minute walk across shallow water to get from mexico to the u.s.? >> if that. a quick jaunt across the river here in mission texas. >> sean: what are you seeing every day? we are hearing from all these media people and i bent down to the border at least 14 times. helicopter, vehicles, horseback. i have watched arrests and then to drug warehouse is that i've seen it all. is this a manufactured crisis or as the media and the party lying to the american people? are they misinforming? i don't want to put you in the position that i have to do, the broad truth.
6:32 pm
>> certainly a crisis right now. so far this lecter has already seen 141,000 apprehension's this fiscal year. the last 48 hours we have made over 1200 arrests. we have seen a 30 pounds of cocaine, 40 pounds of marijuana. as i was preparing for this conversation i had a chance working different groups and we apprehended a group of a hundred south abbas within the last 30 minutes. >> sean: is it fair to say your agents are overwhelmed? what they are doing, that is a lot of money and drugs. and he percent of hair when cross is that border. those cartels are known to be extremely violent. do they risk their lives and are they overwhelmed? speak up most definitely. on any given day we may have 1,000 agents patrolling in a 24-hour period, 400 agents to
6:33 pm
perform vestment of military mission that we are responsible for. definitely our resources are stretched and we have some significant help from our partners as well as the coast guard, fema, the field operations and operations and or officers. all of us are stretched awfully thin right now. we need to make some changes to the loopholes out there. >> sean: if you can't make it across that river and 45 secon seconds, it is net. thank you. please tell your man thank you for all they do for us. what is going on? >> while we are doing this right now we just got word with the agents that are with us that there is an attempt to cross the border right now. i'm actually going out for a ride along because as you know a lot of these criminals come out at night to make these crossings. right in the middle of this
6:34 pm
exclusively on "hannity." an attempt to cross the border. >> sean: hopefully there will be video tomorrow night. thank you both. we have a lot more news tonight, and update on the college admission scandal. they were in court today, trace gallagher with a full report. the democrats pushing for the release of the mueller report. responses and an update on alec baldwin. straight ahead. ♪ biopharmaceutical researchers. driven each day to pursue life-changing cures... in a country built on fostering innovation.
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>> sean: of the college admission scandal is back in the news this week with the accused appearing in federal court for their first hearings.
6:39 pm
joining us now, life from our west coast newsroom, trace gallagher. may be taking a picture of your kid and putting it on an athlete's body is not a good idea. whatever else they did. >> it is turning out to be a very bad idea. ten parents accused of cheating and they have waived their right to a pretrial hearing and two other parents were arraigned and pled not guilty and give a new court dates. all the parents are negotiating plea deals but i have to tell you, it will not be easy because prosecutors want to present time. actresses felicity huffman and lori loughlin could serve between six and 20 months. felicity huffman is accused of paying $15,000 to have her daughter's s.a.t. score rigged and lori loughlin enter husband or accused of paying $500,000 to have their daughters admitted to the university of southern california for sport they never played. the allegations have costed lori
6:40 pm
loughlin for television shows and endorsements. the damage to felicity huffman remains unclear, but many of the not sort they miss parents have lost their jobs, businesses and their licenses and don't forget, for students themselves have had their letters rescinded and expelled and could have their degrees revoked. >> sean: trace gallagher. the house judiciary committee voted to subpoena the full mueller report along with the evidence. despite its full release being against doj rules that were approved by the democrats because they didn't want the old law and place. the investigative council, remember? joining us now, devin nunes the form of chair and the opposition minority leader on the house until committee. jim jordan, the independent
6:41 pm
counsel role, let's see. jerry nadler was against the report if i remember correctly. i'm trying to remember here. he went after your partner to your partner devin nunes pretty hard because he went to the white house. now i see that cowardly ship, four hours of air time will come on i want to know if they ever wanted to change the rules and the attorney general doesn't have to release anything, does he? >> no he doesn't but understand the situation we are in the intelligence committee chair adam schiff wants the attorney general to release classified information and the judiciary chair jerry nadler wants them to release grand jury material on that is where we are rats because they are so focused on getting the president. forget about the law that they helped change the rule of law and how things are supposed to happen. they are all about getting the president and that is a sad state of affairs.
6:42 pm
>> sean: you have been saying that you have criminal referrals coming this week or next week. i think if we ever want to prevent this from happening again to any other president, the only way to make that happen is one way. fold those people accountable. how many people? how soon? how serious? >> you are exactly right. the american people need to have confidence in the fbi and the department of justice. we are working on the referrals and they are going to be many of them. he will probably at least be a dozen if not two dozen individuals and as we continue to get more information and build these, we want to make sure that everything is finished before we turn them in. i will tell you that you are exactly right. there are people who definitely lied and misled congress. if they don't go to prison then we will have a two-tier justice
6:43 pm
department in this country and it is not going to be good. >> sean: i don't think a lot of this has been good for the american people. democrats perfuming at you for jeopardizing sources and you know what? the attorney general said he will not reveal sources of methods. wow. adam schiff adam nowhere, he sai really have collusion this time. >> don't forget that when we wanted to make sure that we got fusion gps bank records, the clinton campaign that ran and got dirt from russians. the democrats said you can't do this. when we wanted to go out and say we think there are to mike is faisal abuse. the american people need to know what happened here, they oppose that. the hypocrisy here knows no bounds but with all that said people should be very weary of
6:44 pm
only receiving what i call the mueller dossier. partisans wrote this document. i want all the information that fed into this because i am sure like and everything else that we have dealt with in the last two years there will probably be a lot of fake innuendo in the dossier. >> sean: i am looking for one sentence. very quickly without considering whether you can and died a sitting they said, no. you have to have intent. it has to be a crime. it doesn't matter. donald trump said this is a witch hunt or fired james comey. doug collins your colleague, the freedom caucus, he has been very helpful in releasing these closed-door testimonies. we are expecting a cascade of new information that we have all talked about. three oh two's, the
6:45 pm
applications, what else do we want and what will we get? >> michael horowitz and his report should be cut and that should come in the next few months. to your point and if we want the truth and jerry nadler wants the truth and lots release the application. if jerry nadler wants the truth then: glenda simpson put him under oath and see if he takes the fifth like he did in front committee. if they want the truth, bring in john hubert and see what he has been up to for ten months. frankly if they really want the truth and they don't want to jeopardize the material, bring in bob mueller. we can ask him all the questions. >> sean: the grand tour information is a legal! >> that is exactly right. i think we should just bring in bob mueller and we can ask all the questions we not and not jeopardize that. anything they want to ask the guy who they said would find
6:46 pm
collusion and he didn't, it was not there even though there was multiple opportunities, before it was dangled and they didn't take it. bring him in. >> sean: your community said the same thing. now the molar report, whoever believes in at this point is a tinfoil hat psycho conspiracy theorist. this is insane. thank you both. when we combat, liberal media freak out. 2020 democrats moving further to the left and we will explain why they are so worried. kind of an update on that alec baldwin thing. later, alexandria ocasio-cortez. accused of another violation. so sorry to hear that. so sad. ♪ the right pair of glasses can make you look amazing, too.
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♪ >> sean: the extreme radical 2020 socialist democrats are getting too radical for their partners, their best friends and they hate trump media mob. chris matthews, sound the alarm. may be sure and tell people how you really feel, hide it like you used to do. take a look. >> what do you mean? >> i don't see how he wins again with the numbers he has. >> have you seen with the democrats are doing? >> you can't beat somebody with nobody. >> they are resisting. going to the democratic primaries is not the same as going to the country. >> sean: the media reporter with the hill and w of 0, the host the world winning
6:52 pm
journalist laura logan. we have lived through this before. barack obama mania. the only difference is that they are pushing harder to the left. i don't think you can stop that, do you? >> i'm not a politician and not a political reporter. i don't know whether you can stop it or not. my concern as a journalist is trying to figure out what the facts are. try to figure out what people are actually representing and what they're trying to do in the election. as journalists it seems to me, our job is to do that. that is our duty. i really want to know, are the opinion house? are these opinion shows for news programs? that is a important distinction. what people tell me in american people, that is what they want to know. when they turn on the news they want the facts. when they turn on an opinion
6:53 pm
show like years they want your opinion. where do these people stand? >> sean: i am a radio and tv talk show host. i have hundreds of hours i can produce substrate reporting. a shooting war, national to mike disaster. history preforming. we do investigative work, they are too lazy and partisan to do and we do opinion and sometimes ports. sometimes cultural issues, we are like a hole's paper. that is my role. is that fair? >> i think people are merely to an end for your opinions, but you cover lots of stuff. >> sean: i could produce hundreds of hours. >> that is fine. most of the time people want to know your perspective on a certain news. >> sean: do you want my opinion or something that is was breaking like rockets and isra israel?
6:54 pm
>> i can ask your question. on the cnn website, they are listed as anchors and clearly they are giving opinions and you just showed one. as far as they left talking about his worry that the party is going to far left, politico had a good story last month that talked about -- this wasn't someone's opinion. economic models with strong track records and picking winners and losers. they said the rising economy, low gas prices, an advantage held by an incumbent. they say if you look at all those factors, president trump will win in a landslide. i don't think we are in a landslide culture anymore, but based on that alone and the thought that democrats are going with medicare for all, eliminating the electoral college. more regulations, all those things and expanding the supreme court. all of those ideas will be rejected by the one part of the
6:55 pm
debate that matters most. >> sean: you are on "60 minutes," this -- i don't see that anymore. i don't see 60 minutes because they take you for ten hours and chop it down to 15 minutes. that is called editing fake news. >> that happens and i have to say joe, that anchor doesn't answer my question. as an organization, where does cnn stand? have you taken a political position or have you not? the problem with what has been happening in the media as far as i'm concerned is that we claim the middle ground.el we claim to be objective and we are not. that is dishonest. pressure. claritin-d relieves more. omar, check this out.
6:56 pm
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7:00 pm
month. then campaign manager created a shadowy web belong them to raise more money than they would have mustered. she said those allegations are bogus. we will have the alec baldwin update. i don't manage this shows time well. here is laura. are you in new york? >> laura: you are picking on aoc again and i just -- >> sean: she is so insensitive. if you mention her name she is tweeting like crazy. >> laura: she can't handle it but that is okay. she is young and they learn. kids these days. great show tonight. >> sean: college kids, bring impacts, companion animals to calm them and may be hot cocoa. things like that. >> laura: tucker sent cnn doughnuts. >> sean: humpty dumpty, i heard about that.