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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 4, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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window as flames and black smoke filled the car in argentina. no word what sparked that fire and finally the ugly. why did the pig cross the road? to get bread rolls apparently. police in massachusetts using sandwich rolls to lure the massive hog off the street after he broke out of its pen and will only go home if offered to treat. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us. "fox and friends first" continues right now. goodbye. rob: this is the fox news alert and a firsthand look at the situation at the border like we've never seen before. jillian: griff jenkins was on the ground with agents working around the clock and through the night to secure entry points. is live from the epicenter of the national emergency. >> social morets of begin to change and protecting personal space has been reset and i get it. i get it. >> the former vp joe biden
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breaking his silence just before 3 more accusers surfaced overnight. >> what does this mean for 2020? a laughing lori left when stops to sign our graphs before court. >> some don't think her felony charges are as funny as she does. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ well well well you ♪ oh yes ♪ my dreams come true ♪ >> i would like to meet one person, don't think it exists. >> you want to meet daryl hall? daryl hall. jillian: yes.
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rob: that is a no-brainer. you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. rob: thanks for getting up early with us and we start with a fox news alert, and exclusive look at the crisis at the border in the rio grande valley. >> the trump administration battles illegal immigration and congressional pushback. griff jenkins is live seeing how difficult the job has become for border agents. >> there is a perception that all of those in this surge of central america migrant families are surrendering peacefully and many are but sometimes there are those who want to evade being captured and we end with agents stretched so thin last night to see how tough that job is. watch. >> unbelievably difficult terrain. my gloves are torn. men rushing through here. we found a group, the first one
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we found, just nothing, forms, bushes, bugs, snakes, spiders. you can see their they are. they have two more. >> this one was hiding to my left and to my right, just got up from the brush and get him before he got away. here i am, the last illegal crosser was laid down and herman had to crawl in like this through bushes and forms. it is just treacherous. >> they believe there were 11 migrants, they got eight of them and expect another large number. we had over 180 migrants total surrendering or being apprehended by them but 12 straight days, 1000 plus apprehensions. we will find out how the to how many they got. the process continues to be overwhelmed.
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we visited and off camera briefing, 3300, they had 6000 now, trying to the out where to put them. they are releasing them to the public, this as fears over the border in texas will be closed continues to grow and produce folks, auto industry folks. ted cruz, republican coming to their defense issuing the statement saying the answer is not to punish those who are legally crossing the border, the answer is not to punish texas farmers and ranchers and manufactures in small business, closing legal points venture would harm the transit between mexico and the united states. mexico is the largest trading partner to texas to the tune of $187 billion. last writing on this as dhs secretary kirsten nielsen visits yuma, arizona to meet with border officials. >> great job giving us a look you won't get in many other places. stay safe.
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>> this is interesting. san diego county in california is suing the trump administration over the costs of asylum-seekers. officials claim an unlawful change in policy allowing the release of asylum-seekers when denying assistance is harming the county. it is gimmick expensive even in california. the heads of homeland security, ice and border patrol i named in this lawsuit. >> four adult living in a filthy compound where did tyler was found will not face the death penalty, two men and two women charged with kidnapping the boy in georgia and bringing him to new mexico where they refused to treat his seizures. the boy's father and four other suspects are facing terrorism charges. they are accused of plotting attacks on police officers and government workers. they want trials next year. >> the shooter in the christchurch new zealand terror attack will be charged with 50 counts of murder accused of
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gunning down people at two mosques in new zealand, the worst mass shooting in that country's history. the white supremacist will faced 39 counts of attempted murder when he appears in court tomorrow, the judge refusing to allow video or pictures to be taken of the hearings so as not to sway jurors opinions before the trial begins. >> the state department confirms a new york woman being held hostage in uganda. kidnappers are demanding half $1 million after ambushing a safari man and taking kimberly sue and her guide at gunpoint. they are working to find them. the state department released a travel morning urging americans to use extreme caution. >> three women accused joe biden of some kind of inappropriate behavior just hours after the former vice president released a
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video confronting the allegations. shannon: the latest as democrats remain divided on this. >> reporter: we are at we 7 women and for some they are painting a cringe worthy picture of the former vice president who is expected to make a 2020 run for the white house. the latest women are veiled owner, alley call, they told the washington post about their uncomfortable runnings with the former vp. she said biden pressed his for head against her is making her feel very uncomfortable. co-owner said he did the same to her and called her a pretty girl. cole said he squeezed her shoulder, complemented her smile and held her a little too long, this comes as the vice president just released a video in which he doesn't apologize but without to be more mindful. some of these women say this is not enough. see for yourself.
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>> it is about connecting with people. i will be more mindful and respectful of people's personal space. >> i would like to think that perhaps this is a time of realization and self-awareness for joe biden. time will tell. i think that no one should define another person's boundaries period. >> democrats are divided over biden's actions. kamala harris says she believes the victims and comments them for coming forward but tom perez says the former vp needs to understand his warmth may be misinterpreted by some people. >> tim ryan running for
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president, sources tell fox news the ohio democrat will reveal his plans on the view before an official launch this weekend, he is seen as a political moderate, appealing to blue-collar voters. he challenged nancy pelosi for house minority leader. he will join more than a dozen other democratic contenders later in the show. >> he has made a decision on 2020 yet but he will be featured on an exclusive fox news townhall. the starbucks ceo will share his vision of america. you can watch the event at 6:30 eastern time. the 2020 hopeful bernie sanders will speak on april 15th in pennsylvania. bret baer and martha maccallum will moderate. jeopardy reportedly looking for a new host as alex to back fight a serious bout with cancer. >> the host of jeopardy, alex to
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back. >> ambition was to come to jeopardy. rob: how do you replace this man? he is battling stage iv pancreatic cancer. the show is talking about a replacement before that as he is 78 years old. he has hosted jeopardy for 35 years. jillian: i can't imagine it without him. rob: he is jeopardy. 10 minutes after the hour. the president's rallying cry from the beginning. >> we are building a wall on the southern border which is absolutely necessary. we will build the wall, that i can tell you. >> sticking to his guns was what will it take to get this built? our next guest could fulfill the president's promise that explains why after the break. >> why britney spears just checked into a mental health facility. we are coming right back. stay right there. ♪
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oops, gotta go. hey, wait. come back. >> we are building a wall on the southern border which is absolutely necessary. we will build the wall. that i can tell you. we would build a great wall along the southern border. build that wall. build that wall. build that wall. >> one of his biggest campaign promises and two years later it is still one of the biggest fights of the trump presidency. rob: the debate over whether a wall is the way to address the surge of migrants, border agents say they are completely overwhelmed. tommy fisher is president and ceo of the fisher sand and gravel company who submitted a proposal to build a portion of the wall and joins us to explain.
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thank you for your time this one. one can assume if you want to get involved, you back the president and what he is trying to do. is that the case and why? >> that is. anyone who has been to the border knows there's a crisis on both sides and we possess the technology to get this done. when homeland security requested from the dod another 218 miles of strategically placed fence, we wanted to rise to the occasion so we put a price to not only build a fence but the technology to get it done so they know what it will cost and how long it will take and we can do that in under a year. >> the number you put up i'm assuming is a 30 foot steel flat what they are looking for and is going to the ground and how do you do a mile a day? how do you get that done? seems like a tremendously fast pace.
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>> the system is so revolutionary, like comparing the iphone to a pay phone and that is what we do. we have always set records with we build bridges, highways, anything we have done, the infrastructure we do, these agents need it. we've demonstrated that to dhs and prove we can do it in 35 mile an hour winds, i will meet with them today and i want to give them as an expert the exact cost that it would cost to build these and the time it would take, these agents needed and needed now. >> i have never built a wall on the southern border. however, when you talk about construction projects everyone can relate to something like that it always seems like things take a little longer than they are supposed to. how did you come up with this timeline and what is the reaction from officials you met with? >> a lot of them are stunned because they've only seen past experience, they struggled in what they built but without technology when dhs was out a few weeks ago they sought and we proved it, now it is just the point when they come through the
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bureaucracy, we gave a price for the public to match and see and if they step up and beat us, protect the border from americans and were they to do that, we are behind what we say. rob: there's a lot of arguments, people say the wall won't work and a lot of those reasons don't make sense but one thing that does is a lot of the wall would have to be built in places where it would be interior of the united states border which means the migrants would be on us soil before they got to the wall and could claim asylum. are you worried that whatever they build on the southern border if you get the contract won't be effective unless they change the asylum laws? >> laws are for congress but as a builder we can do both. and state of arizona, california, new mexico, we can build on the border and we have the technology and patents to build flood retaining walls on the river as well.
2:18 am
that eliminates both of those questions, there is border security on the border. rob: you can build on the river. is that what you are saying? >> we can build levees and flood retaining walls in certain areas and get elevated views so it is done all the time, any place, up and down coasts, in the flood areas. >> you had mentioned you met with some officials and you are having further meetings with dhs today. where do you anticipate coming from this today? >> i hope they can see that because they requested 218 miles and we've given that timeframe, completely backed by a warranty and the other big thing is we have technology that can sense tunnels, facial recognition, giving agents a fighting chance
2:19 am
and hopefully when they see that, we are under the budget of what they anticipated and hopefully the president will see this as well. he can cut through bureaucracy and this is an emergency and that needs to be done. there's a lot of congress men and senators that will be there, another demonstration on april 1, '62 show that we mean business, the technology, i really think if you possess the technology we do, as an american i want to do what we can do to protect every american on both sides. jillian: will you come back again? >> we would love to. rob: tommy fisher, thanks so much. 19 minutes after the hour. a long list of charges but not enough to stop lori laughlin's seems like such a friendly lady from basking in the limelight.
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reaction. there is a ton. >> a strange story here. she's putting on a happy face and did that ahead of her court appearance. she signed autographs at the airport, smiled at fans on her way to the courthouse but is her behavior appropriate? reaction is mixed. one twitter user saying self-awareness much? i used to be such a fan. seeing her smile without a care in the world makes me sick. another twitter user posting this judge judy meme. other people feeling more sympathetic on social media. her initial court appearance only lasted five minutes. she did not enter a plea. jillian: sometimes you put on a smile. >> trying to show confidence. it is affecting her life in a major way. >> he seems like such a friendly lady outside this conference. let's talk about the clintons and ben stiller getting political.
2:25 am
>> bill and hillary clinton on tour but in listings and star power, celebrities will be joining them in certain cities on their tour route including ben stiller who said i'm planning to do a deep dive on economic policy, healthcare, please study up. is a list of other summaries that will be joining them on tour. social media reaction to this, let's get to some tweets. they will be critical of hillary and bill clinton. one twitter user says still under the illusion hollywood swings votes and one more here, teresa says only way dems draw a crowd is to have celebrities, twitter users did not vote for hillary clinton in the 2016 election. jillian: he was an nfl player for the eagles, joining them for the tour in philly. >> many people were like her? let's talk about instagram and prince harry and megan markel.
2:26 am
>> they have their joint instagram account and it has broken a world record, took the shortest amount of time to reach 1 million followers, guinness world records posted a message saying congratulations to the duke and duchess of sussex, prince harry and megan markel whose new instagram account reached 1 million followers in 6 hours. a couple social media posts, does that mean i have to get instagram account? yes if you want to follow them you do. here is a meme of prince harry dropping the mic. there you go, up to 3.3 million. as of now. >> you are going to get the queen account. >> washington, the hollywood connection. >> okay, breaking it all down. appreciate it.
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♪ at adp we're designing a better way to work, so you can achieve what you're working for. ♪ jillian: a look at top headlines starting with a fox news alert, fox news getting an exclusive up close look as border patrol catches illegal immigrants, 200 people rounded up in a matter of hours. kirsten neilsen is touring the southern border today. rob: three women accusing joe biden of inappropriate behavior 6 hours after the former vice president released a video vowing to be more mindful of people's personal space. jillian: sources tell fox news tim ryan will announce he is running for president. the ohio democrat seen as a political moderate appealing to blue-collar voters challenging
2:31 am
nancy pelosi for house minority leader in 2016. rob: donald trump's personal attorney slamming the justice system after the house issues a subpoena for the pool mueller report. jillian: rudy giuliani firing back at unethical leakers. more on the brewing fight on capitol hill. >> reporter: the rhetoric keeps increasing. the attorney general's letter cleared the president on the issue of collusion but made clear the mueller report does not make a determination when it came to the issue of obstruction of justice. the new york times reports people close to the mueller investigation might have looked at things differently. here is the new york times quote. the official and others declined to flesh out why some special investigators viewed their findings more damaging for the
2:32 am
president than mister barr explained although the report is believed to examined mister trump's efforts to thwart the investigation. the president's lawyer denies all of it. >> let me give you one overview of obstruction. how can there be obstruction when mueller completed his investigation and nobody obstructed it? did somebody think about obstruction? that's not a crime. >> reporter: as we continue to hear since the mueller report was given to bar, democrats on capitol hill want the entire report released unredacted. >> we need these materials to fulfill our constitutional obligations. chief constitutional obligation is all the president accountable especially in an instance where the department of justice says it cannot hold the president accountable. those judgments must be made by congress, not by a political appointee, the attorney general. >> jerry nadler wants the
2:33 am
attorney general of the united states to release grand jury material. they are so focused on that, forget the law they helped change, the rule of law and how things are supposed to happen. they are about getting the president. >> could be a couple weeks before we see anything from the attorney general. that is when a rejected version of the report will become public. get ready for the fight to begin over what was not made public. rob: the mueller report still on every channel. moments ago officials releasing the first report on the doomed ethiopian airlines flight. cockpit reporters say the crew performed all emergency procedures but could not stop the jet from crashing killing all 157 people on board. investigators don't know what is to blame, the boeing controlled system or the pilots. ralph nader's niece died in that crash.
2:34 am
the family is expected to sue boeing today. this was the second deadly accident involving a 737 max jet. they have been grounded for the most part around the world. a teenager told police he is a kidnapped boy missing for twee 7 years. officials are reportedly waiting on dna tests to determine if this child is 14-year-old timothy pittson. he claims he escaped kidnappers at a cincinnati hotel, then ran across the riverton kentucky for help. the family is optimistic. >> cautiously hopeful, cautiously hopeful and if it turns out -- >> one of the wildest things. timothy was seen at a waterpark with his mom in 2011. she later killed herself leaving behind a note that her son was with people who would care for
2:35 am
him but he would never be found. police looking for two men in a ford is uv with wisconsin plates. jillian: we will keep you updated on that wild story. mugshots are banned in new york, state police. releasing the photos after making arrests. they will only be released if police are searching for suspects that have a past mug shot. the change comes as part of andrew cuomo's proposed budget for law enforcement agencies who believe they can and will still release them legally. police dogs will no longer sniff out marijuana in new jersey. offices will stop training the canines as a state considers a proposal to legalize recreational marijuana. officials say it's impossible to untrained the dog so they might sniff out part where marijuana is banned. rob: janice is here, nice spring weather.
2:36 am
it is this light jacket weather. >> once it is really hot we will all be complaining, what happened to spring? that is okay. i'm here -- i have a bulletproof vest. 46 in chicago, 48 in new york, mostly sunny skies across the east coast. here is radar. over the mississippi river valley come into texas and oklahoma, mainly hail come mainly damaging winds, today we could see some tornado reports, watches and warnings in these areas shaded in yellow and green, potentially large hail, damaging wind and tornado threat gets enhanced later this afternoon with daytime heating. here's your precipitation over the next several days or the next week or so, concentration
2:37 am
for heavy rain over the mississippi river valley, looking at springtime snow over the rockies and heavy rainfall in california and the northwest. there is your forecast today. not bad. mostly sunny over the east coast, 58 in new york, 70s with the 70s. very springy. jillian: it is not nighttime, but i bring the spring wardrobe out. 37 minutes after the hour. she got into a killer's car instead of an uber, the murder of samantha josephson is fronting major safety concerns about rideshare companies. a new bill could change the face of companies like uber and lift. rob: britney spears checked into a mental hospital. ♪
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>> reporter: education and laws need to be put into place to protect people in the rideshare industry. jillian: the family of samantha josephson pushing for accountability after she was murdered getting into what she thought was her uber ride. her home state of south carolina is looking to pass a bill to reduce risks for riders. estate representative joins us now, thank you for your time this morning, we appreciate it. this is a matter that is important to every single person in this country. tell us what is in this bill and why you wanted to do it. >> reporter: i represent the entertainment district she was lured into the car and i live a fourth of a mile from the curb
2:42 am
where this started. as a state lawmaker i represent the campus of the university of south carolina. i felt it was incumbent on me to look at state law that governs the ridesharing industry and i was surprised to find illuminated signs is optional. as i looked further into this i saw illuminated signs in larger markets being required to put into place by ridesharing companies and a beacon that has the technology that it will give you a call or on your phone at which point you see the vehicle and the sign will turn yellow if your phone is yellow and that is my uber. as i started looking into it, the technology already exists, i said this is something we need to do and i researched it.
2:43 am
it is a bipartisan bill. mike mccaskey, republican representative who cosponsored it with me, we think it is a no-brainer common sense thing to put forward and it is a discussion. >> this is home for you. the ridesharing safety, on the dashboard, the sign needs to be visible 50 feet away. let's return that to the country. i want to look at a couple numbers which intrigued me. how many more people use these ride sharing services, 15% use them. 36% in 2018. that is at 3 person. a lot of them nowadays, younger kids, high school or less. parent to have their kids trying to be smart.
2:44 am
>> the reason this is gone national is this is not a columbia, south carolina issuer university of south carolina issue. this could happen at any university around the country, this is a relatively new industry. with this tragedy i don't want to her to have lost her life in vain. it is incumbent on us as policymakers to look at the law governing these ride shares and see what to do with low hanging fruit to make it safer. this could have been my daughter or anyone out there's family member or friend. and bring awareness to this issue. the bill having illuminated signage is not and of itself the be all end all. there are other safety measures that need to take place, people
2:45 am
who need to be on the air when verifying the license plate. and license plate signage on the front of these ride shares. it is a start. on the house floor. i thank my colleagues for helping push this forward. jillian: it is an important thing we need to talk about. thank you for your time. rob: time for jussie smollett to pay back chicago. mayor ron emanuel bilby -- the cost of the police investigation. the mayor and police say he staged the hate crime and police resources. the demand was sent after prosecutors dropped all criminal charges against him and still under investigation. if he doesn't pay the city could sue him. britney spears says she's taking time for herself. she checked into a mental health facility as she copes with her
2:46 am
father's declining health. in 2007 spears was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after the public meltdown when she shaved her head. jillian: is 2020 candidates which left a restaurant democrat looking to bring things back to the middle. what effect will ohio congressman tim ryan have at the field? or political penalty beta next. rob: let's talk to todd pyro, hot toddy pyro in kansas city. what is coming up? >> reporter: it is legally required, in my contract. everyone is required to call me hot toddy. it is great to be back with you. i will be back on monday. we are back at corner café, the previous diner, we ran together. in riverside, missouri, howard shultz, coming up later on this
2:47 am
evening. the issues voters want to talk about, we are going to get a head start on issues voters want to talk about. we will ask people about the democratic investigation of the president. we thought they were over. are they? who knows? there is always food. we are going to be eating food no matter what happens with the answers. i am eating a cinnamon roll. we will toss it back to the commercial. more "fox and friends first". j. allergies. or.. badda book. badda boom. book now at
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is an amazing reminder of how far we've come as a business. - [narrator] custom ink has hundreds of products to help you look and feel like a team. upload your logo or start your design today at rob: a 2020 shakeup, tim ryan expected to announce his presidential run this week.
2:51 am
ryan's pretty moderate views are a stark contrast to most of the 2020 field that are getting attention pushing socialist platforms. republican strategist and political analyst kelly hyman. we are going to start with you. does this get any attention? >> perhaps. tim ryan should feel at home with the democratic primary race "happening now" because he's known for two things which is a loser, they love losers, beto o'rourke, lost miserably to nancy pelosi for the speaker of the house position, that doubled his vote. he is a liar. he plays himself as a moderate democrat but inside the progressive for the green new deal, for medicare for all and basically lied to the american people and things we are stupid.
2:52 am
democrat officials always think this. i'm different and don't have the rhetoric but care about the working class, care about the economy, care about white america but democrats subscribe to that, they are all about minorities. and hollywood elite. rob: is he for the green new deal? >> essential human right is healthcare and as a white guy, in the age of very important identity politics for the democratic party. >> he is a moderate. we take that into consideration. rob: is he for the green new deal or not? >> i don't know the answer to that question whether he is or not for the green deal but i can say the important issue is we
2:53 am
need a presidential candidate not going to deny the country, to unite the country and we need to think about that and do that. he is not a loser. he is someone with strong moderate views. rob: a fox news poll talked about this. in the democratic primary it is more important to choose one of these, a candidate who can be donald trump or candidate you can like the most. you see where the motivation is with this next election and it is obvious, hatred for most democrats of donald trump is pretty clear. could this candidate, ryan, be a threat to trump's dominance in the all-important rust belt states? he took a lot of blue states back, he's from eastern ohio, a rust belt guy? >> he is for the green new deal. he has admitted that. he fit the script and pretend the green new deal is really a
2:54 am
job creator and that is what i meant by saying american voters are stupid. can he be donald trump in 2020? that is absolutely true and he can't go against donald trump in 2020, trump passes bills and they are running on anti-trump. i am suspicious of anyone that announces their presidential bid on the view if that is where he is going today. why not go to a news source? rob: i want to ask in the field, does he have a shot? >> absolutely he has a shot. we need someone that will unite the country, not divide our country and bring both party lines together. rob: his position on the green new deal with determine if he is a moderate at all. we will be right back.
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♪ rob: elderly man bull idea for wearing a maga hat inside a starbucks. this woman came over and started screaming not only at me and she turned to the starbucks audience hey, everybody, come here. this guy is a racist. rob: 74-year-old man says the worker called him a gnats nazi. he also says she shamed him about the support of the president and posted online. because of that the worker was fired at other by other
2:59 am
job at a music star. jillian: claims campus is not the place for free speech but is the place for constructive speech. david harris argues students do not grow when people yell their o. opposing would you vie. respond to each other respectfully. in respond to president trump's free speech executive order. rob: starting with the good. a 6-year-old boy cured of cancer welcomed home with a big parade. firefighters, family and friends surprising brayden as he arrived home to alabama from last treatment in tennessee. diagnosed with a brain tumor last year. doctors say he is officially cancer-free. jillian: this crook might not be the sharpest tool in the shed. here is he shoving a chainsaw down his pants. can't make it up. the guy left in a pickup and still on the run. rob: finally the ugly, watch
3:00 am
as a giant display. the man trying to rip a fool attached to a security device and it all comes tumbling down on him. police are looking for him. >> jillian: also not the sharpest tool in the shed. rob: two examples of these dull tools. jillian: have a good day. ♪ steve: 6:00 in new york city we start this hour of "fox & friends" with a fox news alert. and an exclusive an up close look at the crisis at our southern border in the rio grand valley. brian: you have border agents fighting through rough terrain and a surge of 200 illegal immigrants appear prehengedded in just hours in front of our cameras. ainsley: griff jenkins watched it all unfold and he joins us now in mcallen, texas. griff? >> good morning, brian, ainsley and steve. i'm just feet from the border here in mcallen. the border patrol is stretched thin. they are overwhelmed. they are tired and they have had a surge of migrants that is unb


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