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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 4, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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pomposity, smugness, and group think. we will be back. good night from washington. but if night is not over. stay right where we are. in eight seconds, from new york city, sean hannity is right here. >> i stick up for you. >> obama should leap in for his old friend, i think. >> sean: i have no problem standing up for you, your opinions, are free speech, the fox news channel, and i do it all the time. >> and i'm grateful for that, sean. thank you. >> america needs just one channel that has a somewhat different point of view on occasion. >> we can do that here. yes, i agree. >> sean: tucker, have a great night. welcome to "hannity." buckle up. the hate trump media mob has been up to it all week. when will they learn?
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about the contents of the mueller report. we're going to address the hysteria in just a moment. but first, we have actual news to report. the crisis at our southern border is now spiraling out of control. wait until you see the video we have for you tonight. and president trump put mexico on notice. take a look. >> we're going to give them a one-year warning, and if the drugs don't stop or largely stop, we're going to put tariffs on mexico and products, in particular, cars. the whole ballgame is cars. it's the big ballgame. with many countries, it's cars. and if that doesn't stop the drugs, we close the border. >> mexico must be held accountable. interestingly, they have some of the toughest laws against immigration of any country. the answer of securing our
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southern border can no longer wait. they arrested 280 illegal immigrants working in only one company in texas, the largest work site operation in more than a decade. in louisiana, a previously deported illegal immigrant was arrested, get this, on more than a hundred child sex crime charges, including sexual battery of a child under the age of 13. illegal immigration is seeing a massive spike. ports of entries are overwhelmed with traffic. they believe trump is doing this because they see it. and our catch and release program sadly has expanded. that means thousands of illegal immigrants are simply just let free in the united states pending a court date they'll never show up at. and they fail to show up to court 95% of the time. and as we speak, people all over
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the world are literally walking into the united states because we have unprotected areas of our border. last night during a ride along with border patrol officers, our very own lawrence jones witnessed two men from china walking across the shallow roio grande before being apprehended. first we turn to our hannity watch. three more women have now accused biden of making them feel uncomfortable. this is now a grand total of seven. and president trump is openly mocking creepy uncle joe on twitter. earlier today the president showed this video of getting the biden treatment. biden responded, quote, i see that you are on the job and presidential as always. okay, joe, you're going to have
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a tough time against this president, trust me, if that's your answer. but the point is, creepy, crazy uncle joe is really going to show donald trump how to be president. is that how? nothing says presidential like invading somebody's space, smelling their hair, rubbing noses, locking lips, and unsolicited back rubs. where is obama? he hasn't said a word yet. now, if biden does want to officially throw his hat into the ring, he's going to need to rub shoulders with reverend al sharpton. the al sharpton primary. this week, 12 democratic candidates are speaking at sharpton's network convention. but the ring kissing doesn't stop there. he said sean hannity's been there.
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yeah, i went there to debate him and confront him with his own words. there were literally hundreds of thousands people outside knocking on the door, "let us in." the room was packed. and o'rourke promising to pursue reparations as president. you may remember senator kamala harris dining with him just before she kicked off her campaign. and according to the los angeles times -- remember, we're talking about the reverend al sharpton. got to start promoting really controversial things. also accusedd of -- if the jews want to get it on,
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tell them to pin -- this is not the language, frankly, nothing for reverend sharpton, the person whose ring they're kissing. take a look. >> you ain't nothing! you're a punk! now come on and do something. [inaudible] you want to be the only [bleep] on television, the only [bleep] in the newspaper. >> that would be the 2020 king maker of the democratic party. that is the man that virtually every single candidate is now bou bowing down to.
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this is really a radical extreme democratic socialist party. their fearless leader, ocasio-cortez once again predicting the end of days. this time she did it while treating her fans to a lengthy instagram wine session where she gulped down wine and was assembling furniture from i guess ikea in d.c. this goes off the rails. take a look. >> how many years until the world ends again? we have 12 years left to cut emissions by at least 50%, if not more. for anybody that wants to make a joke about that, you may not but your grandkids will not. >> the apocalypse is imminent. the world ends in 12 years. don't worry, america, you are in great hands.
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no oil, no gas, no combustion engine, no planes, no cows. we'll show you all of the worst moments from that ranting mini monologue of the congresswoman. pelosis is scared to death, as i've been saying, of ocasio-cortez. yes, the mainstream media mob, they are up to their same old shameful behavior. after spending over two years reporting nothing but baseless rumors, conspiracies, anonymous sources, wild speculation, trump russia collusion, yes, the media mob looked stupid and partisan, as it turns out there was no collusion or obstruction. it was all a giant hoax. but that's not stopping these
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same outlets from doing the exact same thing and starting all over again. we had an fbi investigation, two congressional investigations, and the mueller report. washington post, new york times both reporting that some on mueller's team are claiming the special counsel's findings are actually more damning than what the attorney general barr revealed in his summary and that the report will show that trump maybe he did commit obstruction in some ways. once again, reports are based on hearsay from anonymous sources, or maybe it was clinton's old attorney or weissman waiting. the reports must be presumed true. really? until proven false. from the same new york times that got everything wrong up until this point. now, until you realize that mueller did not charge the
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president with anything, nothing, in the investigation after barr and rod rosenstein waited on obstruction pretty much within seconds, it's over. whether they like it or not. let's just buy in to their fantasy though for a second. let's say their stories are true. let's say they got a leak from someone on the democratic mueller team. they wanted to get this information out. an fbi investigation must be launched immediately because that is a serious illegal link in and of itself. of course, the attorney general, barr, has promised to release the full mueller report in a few weeks, after redacting, as recommended, oh, by even the cowardly schiff himself and democrats so anger they thought that sources and methods were revealed by republicans, but they don't care about this in this case. well, they didn't want the starr report out either. about 17 current democrats.
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we'll soon know what's in that report. but it doesn't matter. there's no indictment. they just wait and analyze mueller's findings. we'll see what the documents say. but, no, sore losers on the left are trying to keep hope alive and speculation, with rumors, hearsay, anonymous sources, just like they've been doing for two-plus years. dozen stories and dozen stories about russia trump collusion, don jr. i knew michael cohen was in los angeles at the time. to make reports about anthony scaramucci, the president myself. fake news after fake news. journalism in america is dead and buried. for two years on this program, we have built a real investigative reporting team. we have been proven right. there's not a single news room in america that has been more
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right than the team we have assembled right here on this show. and i am really proud of that fact. and here's more news. we will be proven even more right in the days, weeks, months ahead, as we now see the fisa warrants, the gang of eight material, as we again to dig deep into the 302's. in other words, the information that has been sitting there, that will be coming out. for example, fisa abuse, committing fraud on a fisa court, rigging an investigation into a preferred presidential candidate. if all these people, if they really care about obstruction, really, they really think that that is an important issue, how come none of them has ever talked about the fact that james comey's lead counsel, the head counsel of the fbi, james baker, wanted to indict hillary and
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also hillary and her team deleted 30,000 emails, acid washed her hard drive. that's the biggest slam dunk obstruction case i've ever heard of. does the media that is back to their tinfoil hat conspiracies, do they ever report this? do they really care about obstruction or is it sort of like they only care about beating up trump? like, for example, they want to beat up justice kavanaugh and any accusation against any republican. why is the "i believe" people so quiet as it relates to the lieutenant governor of the commonwealth of virginia. oh, they only care if it's a republican that's involved. i got it. if they cared about dreamers, daca, and the second term of barack obama, they actually cared about building a wall and
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willing to fund it, they don't really care about it because donald trump supports it. their rage for trump goes that deep. that's how hypocritical they are. joining us now, dan bongino and geraldo rivera. this double standard i'm describing here is so flagrant. it's never been this bad. i admit i'm a talk show host. we do reporting, opinion, news, sports culture. we're like the whole newspaper. they say they're only one part of the newspaper. we're honest who you are. >> sean, you should take a victory lap in terms of the investigation your team has done. we're tangential members of that team. >> you're both big players. >> to watch john and sarah and you really go at it has been
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very impressive. i just want to urge one thing. we know how this story ends, because it's attorney general of the united states has told us how this story ends. this story ends with no finding of collusion. the central theme of the attack on the president, the 45th president of the united states, has been that he conspired with the russians to fix the 2016 election. there is no collusion. the dossier has fallen apart. it has been exposed in many ways as a witch-hunt, as the president has casework -- characterized it. they invested so much in the thesis that the president was a spy, a russian asset, manchurian candidate. barr spun it too favorably to
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the president. maybe we shouldn't have let the conclusion that nothing happened, that the president did not commit collusion with the russians. as long as we stay on that message, there is no collusion and the rest is hot air, then we'll watch this collision because the attorney general and the democrats running these investigatory committees on the other. the attorney general will protect the grand jury, the classified information, the sensitive witnesses. i think he will. yes, he will. >> laura: i hope a 33-year veteran, a guy that was in combat defending his country doesn't get in trouble. he didn't say, "stop it." he said, "i hope this guy's not in trouble." or he fires jim comey, who he
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says could be fired for any reason or no reason. oh, is that obstruction? a guy that said it's a witch-hunt. okay, but he didn't stop the mueller investigation, dan. so i'm imagining they don't like what trump said publicly. but to prove obstruction, you need intent. you also need an underlying crime. and the president stood firm. "i did not collude." seems to me -- >> sean, let me point out a couple of key things about this phantom. obstruction -- they have a weak case of obstruction than they did for collusion. and that was a myth. number one, remember this, sean, in jim comey's own memos, he documents donald trump, asking them to investigate any, quote, satellite figures of his who may have been involved in trouble. let me ask the liberals watching your show a common-sense question. what kind of a person
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obstructing an investigation asks an fbi director he doesn't even like to go and investigate people in said investigation? does that make any sense? this obstruction case is a total losers. it is for idiots. mccabe already testified with his right hand up under oath to rubio when asked a direct question. has there been any effort to obstruct your investigation? quote, there has been no effort. the men and women of the fbi will do their job. he punts it to barr for one reason. because he knew the democrats would make a political case out of it because barr's a trump appointee. >> if i deleted subpoenaed emails, beat up my devices with hammers, removed sim cards, i don't think you could get me out of jail. i think i would go to jail. now, we know that you need
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intent in that particular case. i think hillary's intent was clear. clean it up, all of it, get rid of it all. and secondly, you need an underlying crime. okay, obstruction of what? a russian conspiracy that you are not exonerated of four times? >> let me talk first as a novice politician, sean, rather than a lawyer, although my legal training will inform what i'm about to say. i think it is very important for the republicans who control the senate committees to keep the pressure on the hillary clinton whatever she did with -- or did not do with her various hardware or software. they've got to keep probing, find out who in the department
6:20 pm
of justice where there is -- i think that politically the republicans with the leverage of the senate must continue, as you must continue. you are really leading the effort. you've got to keep the pressure on that side of it so as they overreach with barr and the department of justice to try and get more and more of the redacted material, you can say, "look what you've done." >> sean: dan, last words. >> sean, i think with them really hiding hillary clinton, obviously there's evidence of her guilt, but they're hiding the fact that she emailed barack obama from her personal account that had to be white listed into her phone. and barack obama said he only found out about her private email through media reports. those two stories can't possibly be true. >> sean: good to see you both. and you both have been a big part of our team.
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thank you. all right. when we come back, exclusive footage you won't see anywhere else. our own lawrence jones with border patrol. last night witnessed multiple nighttime arrests. we've got all that video, along with so much more. a lot of news we'll hit tonight on "hannity." na sing. -jamie, this is your house? -i know, it's not much, but it's home. right, kids? -kids? -papa, papa! -[ laughs ] -you didn't tell me your friends were coming. -oh, yeah. -this one is tiny like a child. -yeah, she is. oh, but seriously, it's good to be surrounded by what matters most -- a home and auto bundle from progressive. -oh, sweetie, please, play for us. -oh, no, i couldn't. -please. -okay. [ singing in spanish ] you won't find relief here. congestion and pressure? go to the pharmacy counter for powerful claritin-d. while the leading allergy spray only relieves 6 symptoms, claritin-d relieves 8, including sinus congestion and pressure.
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>> sean: the immigration crisis on our southern border continues. last night lawrence jones did a ride along with border patrol agents in laredo, texas, where our cameras caught alleged illegals trying to sneak into the country, video you will only see light here on "hannity."
6:26 pm
[speaking foreign language] >> sean: joining us now, investigative reporter and fox news contributor lawrence joe is with us an dan crenshaw. lawrence, first of all, i know these really dumb people that are in our industry have a lot to say about what you're wearing now. but what they don't know is --
6:27 pm
or care to ask you before they write about it is? >> the border patrol agents standing here to keep us safe told me to put it on to keep us safe here. just two months ago, there was a shooting. the cartel controls the other side of the border. there's been gun fights. i'm going in danger with these border patrol agents to report on this story. the public doesn't know that over the last two and a half years, there has been an uptick, over 200% of violence against these raths. >> by the way, the border patrol could toss you your microphone right now and they could catch it, they're that close you, correct? >> that's exactly right. if i do something crazy, they're going to take me out there.
6:28 pm
they're doing an excellent -- >> sean: and they're wearing the same equipment themselves, aren't they? >> actually, the one that i had on yesterday was safer than their equipment. >> sean: they care more about you. >> the equipment they have on currently -- that's exactly right. no, sean, you see some of the video. last night, as we're going into the thick of it, we caught two chinese nationals. how in the world did they get to mexico to get into this country? the cartel. they're paying $15,000 to $20,000 to make that trip. the entire time we've been here on the border, the agents have been giving me tips. fishermen that are really in with the cartel, different times. we shift to another area, the illegals will force their way to the other area. last night we had breaking news during the middle of the show because those two illegals were trying to come across in the middle of the show. as soon as we got off air, the
6:29 pm
border patrol agent you see behind me rushed out and i got in another car. we rushed out there to push them back to the border. we didn't catch them but we did make them return back to mexico. that's the type of work these border patrol agents are doing. and real quickly, most of the time these agents are by themselves. that means if they get into a gun fight or anything, they're by themselves. they could lose their life as a result of that. this is why we need the border wall system. not only the wall, but the funding for the technology as well as more boots on the ground to help these guys. >> sean: dan, i've been to the border so many times, helicopter, horseback, boats, all-terrain vehicles. so many of your colleagues in congress have not been there. the area we're talking about, the rio grande, literally it takes you 30 seconds to walk across shallow water. you leave mexico, you're in the
6:30 pm
u.s. in 30 seconds and nothing stops you. then once you get here, then you claim asylum. then you're in the court system. then that's overwhelmed now because everybody knows these walls are going up. this president is serious. with -- we see walls going up. i'm not sure how many people have to die by drugs or violence by illegal criminal aliens, homicides, sexual assaults, violent assaults. it's only 2% but 2% killing innocent people and hurting innocent americans. >> yeah, that's absolutely right. just last month, we're almost at 100,000 apprehensions. it's completely unsustainable for our system. we can't absorb that amount of people in our culture. we're in a free fall. what are the solutions? walls have been mentioned. physical barriers have been
6:31 pm
mentioned, technology has been mentioned. we need a media interinvention. we need an asylum process immediately. we should not be accepting asylum in between ports of entry. it's being taken advantage of. it was mention earlier that the drug cartels have complete operational control of the mexican side of the southern border. they're making a killing off of this. those people should not have to pay them money. i am willing to the emergency funding go so we can actually adjudicate those cases immediately and if they're found not to be valid asylum case, they would be sent back immediately. we need to do this immediately. >> sean: i'm looking at the video of lawrence and thinking, man, i hope he has off the bug spray. there's a lot of bugs flying
6:32 pm
around you. here the border patrol makes you wear this thing. here's what the big part is. they can attack you, but why don't they give you a phone call and say, "oh yeah, they made me put this on. oh, there's gunfire in the background." >>just called the men and women. that's exactly right. >> sean: and you've heard gunfire since you've been there. >> careful, lawrence, that's how you lose an eye. >> that's why i have it on there. >> sean: all right, thank you. lawrence, this is so and so from fake news. can you confirm why you're wearing -- they don't have the d decency to do that. also, chicago police demanding the city's top prosecutor be fired over the smollett case. trace gallagher has the report. we'll explain. got a lot to get to.
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>> sean: all right. the smollett hate crime pot thickens. the state's attorney kim fox is taking a lot of heat. they are very angry today. and trace joins us with the very latest. >> talk about mounting pressure. the associations for every police chief in every chicago suburb have given kim fox no confidence and demanded her resignation. police are also irate of her refusing to prosecute low-level felonies like burglary and
6:38 pm
shoplifting under $1,000. police say theft is now permissible in chicago. she said, i was elected by the people of cook county to pursue community safety, and uphold the values of equal justice. i plan to do so through the end of my term, and if the people so will it, into the future. and chicago's newly elected mayor says she owes the public an explanation because the evidence against him was compelling. that's a bold statement because lightfoot was herself a former federal prosecutor. they gave smollett until today to pay the fine. there has been no payment. the city is now planning to sue smollett. >> sean: thank you. well, also growing calls by
6:39 pm
democrats for the doj to undermine the law, release classified information in the mueller report, that would even mean sources and methods and innocent people whose names should be redacted. the doj is defending its decision to so far just release the conclusions of the report. interesting, 17 of the current democrats in the house didn't want the starr report or the independent counsel error law, which they changed. they didn't what released. pam bondi and alan dershowitz is with us. professor, i begin with you. the attorney general doesn't have to release anything. actually, the democrats wanted that law changed back at the time after the independent counsel statute and the clintons ken starr report. but explain to people that this
6:40 pm
is fully at the discretion of the attorney general. explain that the attorney general quoted mueller on collusion, no underlying crime. he also -- to reach the standard of obstruction, how we would need intent and you would need an underlying crime. and it was also revealed that not only rod rosenstein and the attorney general quickly determined no obstruction, but it was ongoing as the entire mueller investigation was underway. >> well, of course, the attorney general did exactly the right thing. and if this had been a democrat who were under investigation, the democrats would say he did the right thing. he announced the conclusion so that the american public is aware that there was no collusion and it was a conflict over obstruction, which he resolved against charging. and then he said, "i have to look at this report and i have to decide how to eliminate classified material, grand jury material, and most important, criticism unfounded attacks on
6:41 pm
innocent people, much like the way comey attacked hillary clinton when he said she was extremely careless. and every democrat went crazy when he said that. saying, no, no, no, you limit yourself to whether you're going to indict somebody or not. you don't go beyond that. now the same democrats are saying, you have to go way beyond it. you've got to tell us everything negative and critical about anybody who was investigated, even though they were not indicted. it's hypocrisy and it's worse. >> sean: i go back. and pam bondi, if you don't indict, you can't incite. now, maybe a fun play on words, but the reality is if you making the decision not to indict, you don't -- well, first of all, releasing grand jury materials is illegal. number two -- >> yes, right. >> sean: there is no fundamental
6:42 pm
kind to be obstructing. number three, there has to be intent shown as part of the law. is that true? >> absolutely. even in a state case, there are certain things that must be redacted. law enforcement officers' information. here it's heightened because there's level of national security that could be jeopardized. we know we have a lot of potential corrupt people who have given statements in this case. and just to release crazy thing they could have said, not only is it unfair, it's unethical. and attorney general barr did the exact right thing, as professor has said. this is the exact right thing to do legally all the way around. >> compare what the attorney generals here with what the state attorney did in chicago.
6:43 pm
exactly the wrong thing. she sent a message that it's okay to falsely cu accuse peopl. that is the most undermining part of the justice system, when people know they can get away with falsely accusing people, particularly in a rational context. >> sean: he didn't say stop the investigation. matter of fact, we know he said to nobody, firing comey, even comey acknowledged he could be fired for any reason or no reason, or if the president says this was a witch-hunt. >> it's true. >> sean: it's true. is there any issues there for both of you? >> no, not at all. >> even if it's false, it's not an obstruction. the president is entitled to express his opinion publicly. and if you're the president, you can fire and you can't be charged if you engage in your constitutionally protected acts.
6:44 pm
>> and he needed to fight back and defend himself. >> sean: nobody was fired. he let mueller do his job. that was the fourth time that we've had a conclusion, no collusion. thank you both. very informative. when we come back, wow, off the rails, congresswoman ocasio-cortez broadcasting live on instagram last night. we've got it all. you won't believe these bizarre comments. we continue a busy breaking news night. welcome to fowler, indiana. one of the windiest places in america. and home to three bp wind farms. in the off-chance the wind ever stops blowing here... the lights can keep on shining. thanks to our natural gas. a smart partner to renewable energy. it's always ready when needed. or... not. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. to help the world keep advancing.
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>> sean: all right, congresswoman ocasio-cortez is hitting really new levels of strange, bizarre because she's not only doubling down on her claim the world is going to end in 12 years, but she's actually comparing anyone who disagrees
6:49 pm
with her to people who oppose the civil rights movement and the civil rights act. maybe you check the history books. if i remember, lyndon johnson needed republicans to pass civil rights act in '64, the voting rights act in '65, because hillary's mentor robert the former clansman bird, was filibustering. a little history. take a look. >> how many years until the world ends again? we have 12 years left to cut emissions by at least 50%. you may laugh, but your grandkids will not. in the 1950's, 1960's, so just know that in the present day, there are a lot of people who hide the fact that their families and that their grandparents fought against principles of equal rights in
6:50 pm
the united states. while a lot of people can hide that their grandparents did that in the civil rights movement, you should also know that the internet documents everything. and your grandchildren will not be able to hide the fact that you fought against acknowledging and taking bold actions on climate change. >> you previously told us we may have to stop having kids altogether, but now we have to be worried about our grandkids. i'm a little confused. it appears that just like the unbuilt furniture in her apartment, the congresswoman's ideas are far from being put together. what i want to be totally clear about is a real person, real influence. nancy pelosi's scared to death of her. maybe some of you want to dismiss all of the alarmism and no oil, gas, combustion engine, planes, cows, and everything's
6:51 pm
free. you need to take it seriously as we expose this for what it is. and the world, as far as i know, although at what hour and time only god knows, the world is not ending. remember the authors of the ipcc report actually came out and said the 12 years line was being misused in "potentially dangerous ways." and it's not just on the climate. she's spreading misinformation on pretty much everything. let's give a 90% corporate tax rate, a marginal rate of 70%. that's really going to help the economy. every business is going to leave and with it every job. history is clear. when you cut taxes the economy improves, quality of live increases. we now have nearly 6 million jobs created. obama left us 13 million more on food stamps, 8 million more in poverty. good to see you, welcome.
6:52 pm
you help me out with that. she's the leader. they're afraid of her. >> you can fight climate change with suntan lotion. it's not that big of a deal. >> sean: you are so dead for that comment. he doesn't take it seriously. >> it's like you said, it was the democrats that were opposing civil rights. she is putting ikea furniture in her apartment and just dropping bombs on people when it's her open borders policies that's causing the crisis. i think she's god's gift to the democratic party. >> sean: don't give it away. we want this to continue. >> that's what i'm saying. they're running against the green new deal. the jokes write themselves. >> sean: stop. >> i'm too honest for sean's show. i'll just watch. >> sean: because they're watching and they're learning.
6:53 pm
all right. so in the '70s that the new ice age is coming. then it was the world's going to burn up. now it's just hot, cold, rain, no rain, snow, no snow. it's all under the banner of global warming. it's based on the idea that man is pillaging the planet for profit. >> ocasio-cortez is pushing that very narrative. and she's going to be on the ballot in 2020. to your point, she is going to be the face of the democratic party. breaking news there. but she's a classic case of the more she speaks, the less popular she gets. a poll last week showed her at 23% favorability. she's on 60 minutes five minutes after she's sworn in and she gets a town hall on msnbc.
6:54 pm
the more she speaks, the worse it is for nancy pelosi and the rest of the party. >> sean: pelosi is afraid because if she decides we don't want nancy, she's got a coalition. they're going to probably defeat her. >> she'll cause a civil war in the democratic party. they love her, hate her, or are scared of her. to the global warming point, sean, if someone came up to you on the street and said, you're going to die in 12 years unless you give me all of your money, and they weren't a doctor or a scientist, you would call them a scam artist. that's what it is. give me all your money or you'll die. >> it's like a trivia question almost. the new green deal would cost every household in this country $300,000 to $400,000, every single one. forget about the fact that it can't physically be done, some
6:55 pm
of those things. >> sean: how will we get to europe? little sailboats to europe now? i'll see you in a few weeks? >> i go to washington a lot. if you take the train, it is infinitely faster than flying. that would be the environmentally safe thing to do. >> we're going up against basketball, so i had to bring in the heavy hitters. we loaded it up. >> sean: oh my gosh, all right. good to see you both. when we come back, you're not going to believe what he's saying now. a hint, it involves your money, all of it. straight ahead. just one free hearing test at
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7:00 pm
can't afford to take care of working families. it's not for lack of money. there's plenty of money in this world. it's just in the wrong hands. >> sean: we'll never be the rage trump media. >> don't they want to charge $40 to drive into manhattan? i mean, yeah, you never run out of other people's money. it's nuts. >> sean: it was funny because andrew cuomo the governor said tax the rich. we tax the rich and the rich leave. they're leaving in droves because you're chasing them away. >> laura: yeah, there's only so many chinese and russians that will come and buy those big penthouses. >> sean: have a great show. >> laura: all right. i'm laura ingraham. this is the "the ingraham angle". there's a mystery though in this