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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 5, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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reportedly gets rid of split ends. the concept i'm not understanding. rob: you got gets to sit down on that chair and light it on fire like that. jillian: have a good weekend, everyone. bye. ♪ right now ♪ come on ♪ right now ♪ right now ♪ steve: come on, right now. ainsley: that's a great song to start off our friday. has been friday to you. no more alarm clock. steve: it's here. brian: why samm hagar and not david lee roth he doesn't wear tight pants. steve: good to know. brian: watch the music video. steve: we are starting our friday telecast with a fox news alert.
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today president trump is going to get he a first hand look at the crisis on our southern border in california. ainsley: griff jenkins spoke with the border chief in our country's most overwhelmed sector. brian: have you exclusive interview that you will not see anywhere else. hey,. griff: griff hey, good morning, brian, ainsley and steve, i traveled 1500 miles here to the san heed degree point of entry. before we left the rio grande day valley we spoke to the chief and he is taking a message to the senate this coming tuesday that is very alarming. here's a little bit of what he had to say. >> we had ms-13 member part of a fake family unit. that individual was arrested by us is actually being detained. but what was interesting is we intercepted communication that he was sending back to central america basically telling them that right now if you use a child, that's going to be the easiest way for you to get into the
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united states because they recognize that there are gaps in our policies. griff: that is a significant development there, guys. the first publicly known incident of a child being used by an ms-13 gang member or anyone for that matter. those messages ride you should see the amount of hondurans traveling with a child. that's out easiest way now secretary nielsen was in huma arizona yesterday talking about the country being in emergency response mode. she will travel to calexico where she will join up with president trump later today about two hours east of us. the president putting mexico on notice yesterday. listen to this. we will give them a one-year warning if the drugs don't stop or largely stop, we are going to put tariffs on on mexico on products. tickly cars. if that doesn't stop the
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drugs, we close the border. >> and we can add to it that a.j. and i will travel as well to calexico here a little later this morning and try and get an interview with president trump to talk about this issue, which is undeniably whether you are talking about a wall or whether you are talking about changing laws in washington, adding manpower or even more technology, it is something that has to be talked about and we hope to speak with the president later today. brian: griff, the president is going to have a plaque, it's going to be a wall. this will be the beginning of his barrier that he has built under his first term. griff: well, it's interesting, you know, because it seems in the language we are hearing from the president and in the sound bites about mexico and trying to get them to change their law us. the president also has tweeted several times in the last few days about changing things in congress. the chief told me yesterday that really changing these loopholes is so important whether it be a, you know, chain migrants thing or
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whether it be, you know, what we are seeing now with these loopholes being exposed in catch and release. he told me, listen, if i build a wall along the rio grand river, right? and there is land between the wall and the river, and those migrants come across and stand on that land, that land is the u.s., right? so it's really the feet drier feet wet sort of things we have had for years. that has to be looked at. there is a whole lot of laws and whole lot of loopholes. not just one and i want to talk to the president about that. brian: 13 miles about to be built in the rio grand area. that starts as early as today and the president doing it in san diego. griff, you are going to talk to the president later, right? >> that's what we hope. steve: all right. good enough. early bird catches the interview with the president. griff is up early out in california where it is 3:04 a.m. ainsley: three hours behind us. the president is going to touch down 2:40 in california. going to have a round table with the border patrol agents in calexico and going
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to take a tour of that section of the wall that you were talking about, brian. steve: he will. as griff touched on the president made it very clear. he has been talking for the last week or so about closing the border. he will closet border unless mexico stops the flow of drugs and migrants into this nation. in a year. and if they don't, then is he going to start slapping tariffs on cars. ainsley: 25%. steve: whatever it's going to be, it's too much for the mexicans it has their attention. the president yesterday actually praised mexico for doing a very good job, he said, in the last three or four days since we last talked about closing the border. so, if it was a negotiation, it sounds like he certainly got mexico's attention. brian: all right, the other thing important to bring out is that there is really very little politics. this is raw data now with the 100,000 number about to be announced that came through in march. 76,000 that came through illegally that we know of in february. they say one out of every five we flat out miss. tom bevan from real clear
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politics say it's time for people to act on both sides this is an issue that's going to continue through through 2020. trump administration and even obama administration officials saying this is a crisis. the system is sompt of melting down. there is nothing going on in congress on immigration. democrats running for president in 2020 are talking about just the opposite. have you got beto talking about tearg down walls and julian castro talking about decriminalizing crossing the border. this this is an issue trump wants to solve and important issue for his base. is he going to keep it front and center though as he heads into 2020. steve: as you look at some of the numbers, we have heard there can be 100,000 crossing in march. we haven't heard the final number yet. could be even more. in our packet this morning, i saw some research from a couple of guys at princeton that suggest you had those numbers could actually double in the next three months it could be closer to half a million migrants. ainsley: democrats continue to say it's not a crisis.
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look at the numbers, 100,000 i was looking online perspective wise what stadium would seat 5,000 daytona 500. a lot of people in one month if democrats continue into 2020 and democrats say it's not a crisis i think it's going to hurt them. steve: the president is right about border security. that's what howard schultz said last night at our first town hall of 20206789 he said the democrats are wrong about ice. if you missed it, it was great. and here is a montage of what he had to say. >> the democrats are not correct. we should be funding ice and giving them all the tools and resources they need to secure the borders and arrest the bad people. >> would you shoat for joe biden? >> well, i'm going to vote for myself. [applause] >> i'm a centrist. i have been a lifelong democrat but the democratic party left me. i didn't leave them. i think there is no question that given the work i have done and my team has done
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over the last 18 months that there is a pathway to 270. in my view there should be no abortion that is in the last trimester. i would be a strong proponent of universal catastrophic coverage. >> martha: is your running mate a republican or democrat? >> i didn't expect that question. [laughter] >> i think that person has to be flement tri t complementay skill base and experience. i don't know. >> some of the things he was saying didn't line up. he want to jack up the money on the rich but yet he understands that capitalists and people investing in society. steve: people are getting less. brian: other thing that's important is as a pinner he knew what it was like to have no money. then he hires people on minimum wage. he knows what it's like to try to get a profit at starbucks for thatlights know what is it is like to not have health insurance
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because his dad never had it growing up. he gave all his people health insurance and he knows that battle. ainsley: he took responsibility for the ownership of the supersonics the pro-basketball team he was an owner in. syria and pulling out of the iran nuclear deal. to tax the rich more and keep giving money to the central american countries. brian: now let's talk about the mueller report. the wowrl has a story today the department of justice pushing back nun named investigators involved in the 22 month mueller probe who said, essentially that attorney general barr should have used their summaries, not made his summary of their summaries. what they are what the doj pushed back we can't use your summaries, there was top secret and grand jury testimony in that what i do in those four or five pages is accurate and you will see that when the whole thing comes out in a few weeks.
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steve: all goes back to the "new york times" story that says some of the members of the mueller team anonymously spoke to the newspapers and said what's barr talking about is much more damaging than what he said. anyway, yesterday, terry, the doj spokesperson spoke out. ainsley: she released a statement that says the attorney general decided to release the report bottom line findings, conclusions without attempting to summarize the report with understanding that the report itself would be released after the redaction process. the department continues to work with the special counsel on appropriate redactions to the report so that it can be released to congress and the public. brian: seems like the democratic investigators are starting to speak out. soon they will be front and center. alan dershowitz weight in. he knows both sides of this issue. >> the attorney general did the right thing. he announced the conclusion so the american public is aware there is no collusion. he said i have to look at this report and decide how
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to eliminate grand jury material, classified material and most important criticism unfounded attacks on innocent people much like the way comey attacked hillary clinton when he said she was extremely careless. and every democrat went crazy when he said that. saying no, no, no. you limit yourself to whether you are going to indict somebody or not. steve: some members of the mueller team may be upset with what mr. barr said some members of congress reaching out to newspapers saying we are upset that mr. mueller didn't find anything regarding -- he did not make a finding regarding obstruction of justice. they should have said he either did or he didn't. ainsley: let's hand it o'er. steve: frustration on friday. ainsley: frustrating friday. jillian: get you caught up on fox news alert. 17 hour hostage standoff in georgia coming to tragic end overnight.
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killing 16-year-old boy and a woman who was 8 months pregnant at home near atlanta. the incident reportedly dan when the suspect's girlfriend tried to kick him out. two suspects were shot trying to internet home. one hit in the torso saved by bullet proof vest. they are both expected to be okay. a plane makes emergency landing when cockpit screens suddenly go black. the pilot safe live touching down in dallas updating passengers on the terrifying situation. >> lost two of our screens. now, we kept flying we would lose them all, eventually because there is not enough cooling and there is tremendous heat behind those screens. we have to continue flying blind. jillian: passengers booked on new flights to houston. unclear what caused that problem. chicago is vowing to sue jussie smollett for refusing to pay for the investigation into his alleged hate crime hoax. the city is requesting $130,000 from the empire actor and if he doesn't pay
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by today, he could be on the hook for three times that amount. last month colleague's top prosecutor kim foxx dropped all charges against smollett. now the chicago police union is demanding she accept down. amazon ceo jiff bezos will have the most expensive divorce settlement in history. his ex-wife mackenzie will become the fourth richest woman in the world when she gets $35 billion in the split. jeff bezos will remain the richest person with a net worth of $110 billion. he will keep 75% of the couple's stock in the company. a lot of money right there. steve: all the votes in amazon. ainsley: both of them walking away with more than anyone else will see in their lif lifetime. steve: hard to spend that amount. brian: healthcare will bring down costs that's just not the case.
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said their premiums were actually worse. only 14 percent said they were better. similar was true for co-pays and covered services. so what needs to be done to make the system work for everybody which is what we all want ultimately. here to wrap up our week okay series is former senior official at the department of health and human services lonnie chen. >> good to be with you. will ugly it costs too much because consumers don't have enough information about their healthcare. we don't know how much things cost. we'll don't know the quality of our healthcare and unable to make good decisions. >> what do you mean people don't know how much things costs. >> let's say you go and need to get a physician service done. you might pay co-pay and little co-insurance. you don't have a sense for the true cost of that healthcare. you don't know, for example, what does that mri actually cost the system? what does it cost me. that lack of transparency is very problematic. steve: what are you suggesting post it online to people can go shop around.
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>> sure. more information online available. got to be able to figure out comparison and price shop. think about any other thing that you buy in this economy, you know how much it costs, you know the quality of it we don't know that with healthcare. steve: here's a big problem. hospitals cost too much. and where i grew up, interest is only one hospital in the town. so what are you supposed to do? it's not like competition i'm going to go over to another hospital. i can't. >> right. so we have had a lot of consolidation of hospitals in this country and that's made things more expensive. we also have many situations as you say where there is not competition in providers. some services we don't need to be showing up at the er to handle, right? if you have got a cold or you have got a mild. steve: minute clinic. >> sure that will help reduce costs for you. steve: that's still expensive it? >> is for some bigger procedures. if you have cancer and need a transplant you have got to go to a hospital. figure out a way to get hospitals because they can't compete with one another to compete. steve: lonnie, it's a little complicated what you are talking about.
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meanwhile on the political left they're saying elect me. medicare for all which sounds great it's like i get healthcare. everybody gets it. that's all they say. we don't know the details but it sounds better than your message. >> few things people ought to realize. if we go to medicare for all say goodbye to the plan you have. say goodbye to the doctor and hospitals you like to go to. very easy to say if the government takes over, less cost, more coverage, that's simply thought true. steve: so the problem with the one size fits all is you suggest giving more authority to the states? >> yeah. you know, the thing about healthcare. we want it to be closer to the people. and states are closer to the people to be able to regulate things in a much more efficient way to direct help to people who really need it instead of saying let's raise cost for everybody as obamacare did to help a few. steve: lonnie chen thank you so much. >> great to be with you. steve: stuff costs too much. let's hope they can get a handle on that. a heart breaking twist for a devastated family a young
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♪ brian: quick headlines, hope you are dressed. julian assange could be kicked out of the embassy in london. they say within hours. that according to wikileaks. ecuador has an agreement to the u.k. to arrest him. the ecuadorian embassy denies that report. assange was granted asylum there in 2012 to avoid sex assault charges in sweden. convicted leaker chelsea manning has been moved to the general population at a virginia jail. her rep says she was being held in solitary confinement
3:25 am
but it doesn't even exist there the former army intelligence analyst behind bars for refusing to testify before a grand jury. ainsley? ainsley: family of illinois boy missing since 2011 left devastated that a person claiming to be timmothy pitzen apparently carried out a hoax. >> unfortunately this child is not our beloved timothy. we know that you are out there somewhere, tim, we will never stop looking for you, praying for you, and loving you. ainsley: so what happens now with this investigation? here to weigh in is former federal prosecutor nancy hakes and coordinator for child exploitation prevention and interdiction at the doj. thank you for, with us. >> thanks, ainsley for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. i think when we all heard this story we were hoping that would be the child so the family would have closure and have him back home again.
3:26 am
then we find out the guy making this claims is in his 20's there was a d.n.a. test. the little boy if he is still alive would be 14 or 15 years old. it's clearly not him. what happens to the family now? what happens next? >> ainsley this is such a shocking and tragic case. it's terrible that the family's hopes were raised by this fraud, by the hoax that was perpetrated by this convicted criminal one of things to me is the worse in addition to the family's upset. police and forensic resources that went into trying to determine whether this was timmothy pitzen. do you know how many untested d.n.a. samples or rape kits there are in this country? hundreds of thousands because of the backlog. police resources were rightly used to see if this was timmothy pitzen. this person should be ashamed and is probably going to be prosecuted. ainsley: i watched an interview with his brother. his brother says he has a history of this. it hasn't been this serious.
3:27 am
his brother says he was using his name for traffic violations and then get letters in the mail saying that he wasn't showing up for court. i heard another person say that he was -- he went to prison because he convinced a realtor that he was going to be able to buy a house for $400,000. went in the house later threw a big party and trashed the house. he just got out of prison in march. the brother hasn't talked to him for four years. he has had mental and criminal issues since he was a boy. he is lying to authorities. what happens to this guy now? >> hopefully ainsley is he prosecuted. as we all know from lots of national cases lately lying to authorities and fbi and committing obstruction of justice is a crime. there may be other state and local crimes that he has committed using police resources under false pretenses. i hope they prosecute him because he is nothing short of a con man and i feel terrible for what he put this family through. ainsley: it's so bizarre the mother took her own life and left a note saying that her son was going to be safe with people who love him and
3:28 am
will care for him. in your experience, do you think this child is out there somewhere? >> >> ainsley, i hate to say it i think the statis particulars are not good on this especially given the mother's suicide. i very much fear for timothy. i certainly hope that he is alive and out there and being well taken care of by some miracle but i very much fear for him. ainsley: if there is a silver lining maybe is he hearing these stories and hoping to come out. i hope is he still alive. thanks, fran is i. >> thanks, ainsley. ainsley: alexandria ocasio-cortez comparing critics of the green new deal against those in the civil rights movement. >> they would hold up things about what about right rights and all of this stuff? in the 1950s, 1960's. ainsley: diamond and silk are fired up about that. they are going to join us next.
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♪ they would hold up these bigoted signs and they would hold up signs that said things like what about white rights and all of this stuff. in 19 -- in the 1950s, 1960's, so just know that in the present day, there are a lot of people who hide the fact that their families and that their grandparents fought against -- against principles of equal rights in the united states not 100 years ago, not 80 years ago. but in this generation's lifetime. steve: that is alexandria ocasio-cortez wednesday night live in her apartment in washington, d.c. putting together furniture where essentially she compares opposition to civil rights back in the day to people who mock her signature green
3:33 am
new deal. the gnd. ainsley: let's bring in diamond and silk social media stars and fox supporters. good morning, ladies. >> hey. ainsley: what did you think about the statement. >> you have to realize that alexandria ocasio-cortez is reckless. she is clueless and has a vacuous mindset. >> right. >> first of all civil rights have nothing to do with climate change. second of all her green new deal is a green new scam that we must stay away from. now, i know that she is worried about climate change but she needed to talk to mother nature. >> that's right. >> with the earth rotating at 1,000 miles per hour, okay, 365 days of the year, we subject to feel climate changing a little bit. but thought to the tune where we have to dismantle everything and start the earth back over again. it's an an absolutely no for us. ainsley: what do you think about she was talking about
3:34 am
how our grandkids are going to look back if we don't take this seriously, if resist taking action on climate change. our grand children are going to look at us the way we might look at grand grandparents that might have protested civil rights changes? >> well, first of all, when we talk about civil rights, talk about the democratic party. >> that's right. >> that did not want black people to have civil rights. >> that's right. >> some of the things she is conjuring about and talking about she represents the party that bestowed these took place of fool lerry and ignorance on black people. she needs to look at other own party if she wants to bring up civil rights. don't look at the climate look at her own democrat party. >> that's right. brian: other guy running and getting a lot of attention roll up his sleeves and stand on a table is beto o'rourke. he went all out at donald trump which is not unusual. the extent did catch many by surprise. watch. >> when the president of the united states is called mexican immigrants racist and criminals, he then went on to call asylum seekers
3:35 am
animals and infetion station. we would not be surprised in the third right other human beings were described as infestation or cockroach or pest you would want to kill. brian: that was ms-13 he was referring to and they're animals. what's your response to beto o'rourke? >> well, when i listen to beto o'rourke, his rhetoric, it reminds me of a slave owner. any time you want to tear down existing walls and allow poor people to flow into our country and then work -- have them living in the sha shadows they are working for slave wages. that makes you a slave owner. he needs to look at himself. >> and his own rhetoric. >> right. is what he needs to do. steve: ladies, before you go, i want to ask you about our lead story today that is on immigration. the president is going to go out to calexico, california to take a look at two miles of border wall that is newly installed in the last year. and he said yesterday that he is going to close the border unless mexico stops the flow of migrants and drugs and if they don't,
3:36 am
although he says they have been cooperating over the last couple of days, he is going to start slapping tariffs on cars coming into the country and maybe close the border. what do you think of that? >> i think that's a great idea. >> that's right. >> he can shut down immigration all together. when we have a democrat congress that won't give our border patrol agents the resource they need to process these people. >> that's right. >> i mean, they are creating the crisis. there is a crisis at the border. >> yes, there is. >> if the president shut it down it wouldn't bother me. i keep hearing those say we are going to lose money daily a billion dollars. look how much money we are spending already on sanctuary cities, on housing illegal aliens. >> that's right. >> we are losing billions a day as it is now? >> that's right. >> so shut it down. >> shut it down. brian: putting thousands on greyhound buses and letting them go into the middle of the cities. >> right. brian: diamond and silk thank you so much. going to click on fox nation on that app. and see what you have to say everything. >> thank you.
3:37 am
thanks for having us. steve: fox nation exclusively get their unique machine opinions any time, any day as long as you have a smart device like a phone or something like that with the app. on it. brian: i had a shoot in philadelphia where jillian used to call home and some say she still does call it home. jillian: i do call it home. brian: good to see you, jillian. jillian: did you enjoy my city? brian: i enjoyed your city in and out, historic. jillian: i can't wait to catch that story on fox nation. brian: i will give you exclusive. jillian: talk about manhunt of a man accused of shooting a girl. a man in this white truck followed a family home and opened fire when they pulled into their driveway in phoenix. >> i'm heart broken that, you know, this little girl, you know, is a victim of this horrible act of violence. >> i felt that pain. i have my own daughter. it's just heart-breaking. jillian: police releasing this sketch of the suspect. unclear what sparked the
3:38 am
shooting. the girl's father was also shot but is expected to be okay. tragic story. in a horrific coalition between a jeep and scooter caught on camera. a warning this may be hard to watch as you see it right there. see the rider fly through the air and land on his face. this happening at intersection in austin, texas, the man is hospitalized with life threatening injuries. austin does not require scooter riders to wear helmets. prince harry wants to pull the plug on a popular online video game. the prince reportedly telling parents in london that for the night was created to addict children to screens and that it should be banned. the company behind the game has not responded. prince harry calling social media more addictive than drugs. a woman don't united states her car to a veteran who is working two jobs to try to make ends meet. >> feels good for me but feels good for everybody who comes together and puts things together. it's a good feeling seeing everybody is excited about happy. very happy. jillian: arizona woman late
3:39 am
husband is a veteran. she wanted to give his car to a person who also served our country. that's so sweet. steve: i love that they put the big bow on the top. jillian: special bond. steve: no kidding. that's great. finally some good news. brian: janice dean always has good news especially when she is outside in good weather. janice: not a bad weather. i have the beyonce hair happening today. hi, how is it going? what's your name? >> wendy. >> where are you from? >> north carolina. >> look at that book you have. did you just pick that up. >> did i just for this. janice: i will be signing that book for sure. >> what's your name. >> ainsley and joe. >> ainsley? sounds like. >> mine is ai and hers is ey. >> do you want to say hi to somebody real quick. >> we want to say hi to jimbo. janice: this forecast is dedicated to you. look at the maps. it's around 44 -- what does that say? 40 degrees in new york city.
3:40 am
56 in raleigh. and then we have temperatures in the 40's in chicago as well. that is where we are seeing the potential for a little bit of snow my friends across the great lakes and all of this is going to work its way up towards the northeast over the next couple of hours. a little bit of snow across northern new england. it will be out of here by tomorrow and then we will deal with the next storm system across the plain states that could bring the potential for severe weather today. 82 in houston. i would love that right now. 55 in portland. another storm moves into the west coast. you guys are traveling, right? >> we are headed to the airport right now. we wanted to come and see if we could catch janice. janice: they actually brought their luggage. ainsley: no way. janice: thank you so much for coming. ainsley: how did she get the name is it a family name. >> my mom saw it in a magazine. janice: she loved it? >> it's actually a type of china in england so it was advertisement. janice: all ainsleys are nice that i have met.
3:41 am
ainsley: from one ainsley to another tell her hello and have a safe flight, beyonce. steve: i had no idea it was a kind of china. who knew? brian: china is always in the news. called one of the biggest military gambles ever. 16 years ago our military invaded baghdad with less than 1,000 troops. it's called now a thunder run. a fallen hero from that battle will be honored. a general who led that charge when he was a colonel will be joining us live next. when i book at i get to select my room from the floor plan... free wi-fi... ...and the price match guarantee. so with hilton there is no catch. yeah the only catch is i'm never leaving. no i'm serious, i live here now. book at
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3:45 am
the collapse of saddam hussein's government quicker than anyone thought. the mission would not have succeeded without the bravery of staff sergeant steven booker who sacrificed his life for our country. today his family will be presented with the distinguished service cross. joining us right now one of the many people who lobbied four staff sergeant booker to receive this award upgraded from the silver star brigade commanders who led the thunder run retired u.s. army four star general david perkins who was a colonel then. general, tell me about steven booker and tell me why it means so much for you to upgrade his medal. >> well, brian, this is great day for his memory, his family and all the army and nation as a whole. we had a small reception last night for his family and his chain of commands and other buddies were there. and the first word they would always say is he was larger than life begin with. he was a great trainer. he would hold soldiers to high standards but at the same time make sure they
3:46 am
were well taken care of. he really was the first person that gave his life in the thunder run and a lot of the success of that mission can be contributed to him and the impact of his heroic actions. brian: they call it thunder run because he went much further than anyone thought. what made you think the third infantry should go to baghdad right away? >> well, you know, we saw what saddam and his propaganda machine was doing. we saw how his soldiers were emboldened by thinking they were going to be able to stop the americans. we think if did armored penetration straight in the heart of baghdad and brought down the regime. it would immediately deflate any enthusiasm about fighting us and in fact that is what happened. brian: yeah. actually looking at video from the thunder run. i don't know if you can see that general perkins. you talk about booker in particular, you sat there one day and said, listen, get ready for another mission? we are going to go to baghdad. it shocked many back in
3:47 am
battle for the first time since the persian gulf war. about star sergeant steven booker they write. this leading out of tank commands hatch firing combine because the 50 caliber machine gun had jammed. enemy fire was so intense that booker had loaded his loader private joe gill yum to get in the hatch. as booker leaned down he told guilliams i don't want to die in this country. he said i'm a bad blank. he would ultimately get shot and lose his life. talk about the bravery that he showed and the caring that he had for those who fought alongside him. >> well, brian, your description there just brings forth so many of his great heroic action and really speaks to his character. he is in a tank. he comes out of the tank and gets out of armored enclosure. leaning out over the edge with the rifle and engaging the enemy enclosed in around him. he makes sure his soldiers get down in the tank where
3:48 am
they are safe. he is out there protecting his tank as well as the others around it. he is morttlely wounded. it really had but the fact that his crew so loved him and respected him they knew they would want -- he would want them to continue on so they applied first aid to him. his gunner who is lower ranking noncommissioned officer took over the tank kept going. and so it really had too big effects. one is it galvanized the fighting spirit of the americans there and said, look, no matter what happens, we can keep going and later on we captured some iraqis and spoke with them and they said what they saw after the tank was hit and the soldier was hit, all of a sudden the dust cleared and it kept coming at them. they said it really deflated their morale because they said nothing is going to stop these americans. brian: nothing did. 975 guys. you guys killed over 1,000 and took that capital and that was the fourth biggest army in the world. general perkins, thanks for
3:49 am
your service. thanks for bringing out the story of steven booker and thank youfully, hope pray family understands what a special person is he and i'm sure they do. general, thanks so much. >> thanks, brian, and thanks for letting us have some time to really honor his memory of a true hero out there. brian: absolutely. please give our best to everyone in pittsburgh and washington and around the country and everyone who took part in the thunder run. you made history. thanks, general. >> thanks, brian. brian: coming up straight ahead rock legend mic jag gear recovering after having heart surgery that happened overnight. the doctors calling the procedure that he had a miracle. find out why next. ♪ ♪
3:50 am
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3:53 am
ainsley: mick jagger recovering after successfully undergoing heart surgery. the rolling stones front man will be out of the hospital in a few days after a heart valve replacement. steve: doctors calling it a miracle procedure. here to tell us why is board certified general surgeon dr. david capri. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: sounds like there was something the matter with his aortic valve. you need that explain the procedure in the green room you just told me it is amazing. >> it is amazing. what we know is that he had a noninvasive heart valve surgery. steve: okay. >> that tells us a lot of information. it's called a transcatheter aortic valve replacement. what that tells us also it's really only indicated for one of the four heart valve the aortic valve and indicated for one condition of that aortic valve cause aortic stenosis or narrowing of the heart of valve.
3:54 am
steve: how did they do it. >> there is a lot of pre-op. stuff they do and have to do a cat scan to make sure that the groin artery is big enough to deliver this delivering mechanism that goes up through the heart. brian: it's a real issue because is he 75. >> absolutely. he is 75. this guy is a beast to bergmann. jogs 8 miles a day. works out six days a week. if this guy is unhealthy. none of us. brian: he eats clean. >> he eats clean. tough understand this guys arteries are probably totally fine. is he a perfect candidate. he has a 28-inch waist. ainsley: how did he find out that he needed the surgery? >> he probably have the classic symptoms aortic stenosis heart failure, chest pain and passing out. finger over thes who. thes who increases pressure across that. your financinger is like the calcium on that aortic valve. it backs up pressure in the hose or the heart causing heart failure, chest pain. also not delivering as much waters to the flowers, right? so what's happening you are
3:55 am
passing out and shortness of breath. brian: you identify you had the fact that you can go through the groin he did and then what happens? >> so then what they do is put a pacing wire in to temporarily pace the heart. they want to pace the heart. they have echo cardio gram through the heart so everyone is looking to make sure that they get that balloon exactly where they need to be. think about it like this. the casing of a door. you are in between two rooms. the wood casing of the door is like the calcium. the calcium that hurt him is now going to hurt him because you need that calcium for the spikes of the valve to stick to. what they do is they literally get it exactly in the door frame, right? so then they pace the heart to 300 beats a minute. then they stop the pacer. so it takes the heart about 3 seconds to reset. when that heart is paused they blow up the balloon which drives the spikes into that wood frame and now you have a new valve. steve: unbelievable. they say it was successful. it is an amazing surgery. as he wakes up this morning here in new york. how does he feel. >> mick jagger felt better
3:56 am
in the recovery room yesterday. the patients generally feel better immediately. they will often go home the same day. is he mick jagger. he may stay a couple days. some centers send patients home the same day. ainsley: how intimidating would it be for a doctor know you have to save the life of mick jagger. >> i think these guys do it all the time. do thousands of operations you are operating on family and friends. i would love to operate on mick jagger. brian: you know what? it means tickets. >> that's right. front row. brian: big mystery is keith richards is final. how do you explain that? the guy smokes through every concert. how do you explain that? you have no medical explanation, do you. >> i'm not allowed to you say. all i can say is mick jagger's was not from poor health choices. that's all i can say. ainsley: dr. capri, thank you so much. brian: the surge of illegal immigrants becoming a true crisis at theward. at the border. now we are learning about another crisis the lack of border agents willing to do
3:57 am
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4:01 am
ainsley: griff jenkins is live at the border. what else the latest? >> well, you know, the latest is everyone at the port of entry at the san ysidro port behind my shoulder very aware president is pressuring mexico to stop the surge of central american migrants. you will remember at the end of last year this port was closed for five hours and costs over $1 million per hour. the president continues while he hasn't said for sure he will close that border keeping that option open saying he is sending this warning to mexico. >> we are going to give them a one-year warning and if the drugs don't stop, or largely stop, we're going to put tariffs on mexico and products in particular cars if that doesn't stop the drugs, we close the border. >> now, calexico is about two hours east of where i am a very important port of entry across from the mexican town of mexicali.
4:02 am
the president will have that round table discussion as you mentioned, ainsley and he will tour the wall, brian. well i suppose we will see that plaque. before we came out here in the rio grande valley sector we spoke to the chief there rudy who is going to be speaking to congress next tuesday and he has a very serious message for them. here's a little bit of what he had to say. >> right now we need help. they are making a mockery of u.s. immigration laws by simply knowing is that we are giving them a notice to appear and expecting them to show up to a hearing at a later date. what does that tell the millions of people that are trying to do this properly? >> a program note, we will be traveling to calexico as well where i will be speaking with the president one-on-one about exactly how he plans to not only build that wall but to get the folks in washington to change their ways and get something done on these loopholes and these laws
4:03 am
very much outdated when you talk to the border patrol officials. they want both democrats and republicans to roll their sleeves up and get work done. steve: yeah. it's pretty simple, griff, we have to change the laws to address these issues. griff, you have been talking a lot of border patrol agents over the last 18 hours. yesterday, the president made it very clear he will close the border in one year if mexico doesn't stop the flow of migrants and drugs. which is problematic because, you know, when you look at it, you close the border, that's not really helpful, 90% of the migrants come n the areas between the border. of the men and women you have spoken, to did they think the idea of closing the border would be effective? >> well, you know, they are not really engaging fully, steve, they say what they have got right now is a shortage of manpower on that border. so, to consider closing it fully means you need more people down there on the watch. meanwhile, they are dealing
4:04 am
with the flow of these families that have to be cared for and be processed and that's why they say most of the border patrol chiefs and officials i talk to say we can't even talk about closing the border when they don't talk about changing the laws first and foremost. a very important difference. ainsley: all right, griff. thank you so much. i'm glad you brought up the manpower issue. because we have heard that from so many border patrol agents. we had that panel of women. they said they need more folks down there. they are having to take people from the ports of entry and putting them down in the dessert because they don't have enough people down there working. brian: the president said i'm going to put money. in give you 5,000 more border patrol agents. great. the problem is they have only hired about 118. evidently we had a force of 21,144 at high in 2011. since then it's been whittled down. it's a tough job to retain people. steve: axios has an item this morning. they say we are on track to end the year with fewer border patrol agents than at
4:05 am
the start of the year. and they say political and economic environment makes it very difficult to compete for people we need to do their jobs. they had hired the firm of a ofa acensure paid them $2.6 million. steve: only hired two people last year. they decided that's a lot of money. we only got two people. we're going to do it in-house. ainsley: they cancelled that recruitment contract with acensure. steve: yesterday. ainsley: they aren't filling the positions they are blaming it on the political environment. people don't want to work the jobs. brian: you can see the frustration when he joins us on this show and other shows. he sees the fact this is a nonpartisan but true crisis that no one seems to be acknowledging on the left. listen. >> this is what i have been saying and this is a question that really people need to pay attention. to say i'm saying based on 30 years of public service that the crisis we face right now along the southwest border is actually
4:06 am
the worst we have ever experienced in our history. the worst. steve: that says something. imagine the president is going to be talking about that later today you will see it live. and tomorrow morning you will see the exclusive interview or we think it could be exclusive with griff and the president at calexico in california. brian: i would just like to add this. when you see the a.p. and axios and other publications that usually aren't saying the president is 100 percent correct every day to be a little generous, they are noticing that this is a crisis like we have never seen before. they are writing these stories. what will it take for democrats to actually get in a room and write something up to amend the flores amendment and do some things? i promise you, it won't give the president a win. it will give the country a win. steve: you know what? howard schultz addressed that last night on town hall on fox. he made it clear the president is right about security. democrats are wrong about ice. and he said nancy pelosi and the opposition party will not allow a win for the
4:07 am
president regarding immigration. he was emphatic about it i think he is exactly right. ainsley: let us know what you think. do you think it will hurt the democrats if they continue to say this is a manufactured crisis? when you see 100,000 people, immigrants coming into our country just last month alone what do you think? steve: it's a lot. >> meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about this. you know that the attorney general of the united states, bill barr came out with a four page um summary of what is in the mueller report. the democrats don't trust that now, 48 hours ago. somebody spoke to the "new york times" and said essentially that some members of the mueller team were frustrated in the attorney general version of what's going on. they would like to have seen the summaries that they included; however, it was revealed yesterday by the department of justice, on these summaries, every page of the mueller report was marked with a notation that it may contain confidential grand jury material adding that it could not be publicly released. and so that is one of the reasons, according to the
4:08 am
doj, they didn't use the summaries which now some people are saying in the paper, anonymously, they should have. ainsley: spokesperson for the doj is defending bill barr. her name is kerry could you kere attorney general died stood to release the bottom line findings and his conclusions without without attempting to summarize the report without understanding the report would be released after the redaction process. the department continues to work with the special counsel on appropriate redactions to report -- to the report so that it can be released to congress and to the public. brian: so this is the deal. we're used to democrats and republicans and the president arguing with others about the mueller report. i'm not used to the special -- the investigators of the mueller report arguing that the department of justice that's where we are at. they are saying that the summaries were not ready for prime time and had it be summarized by the department of justice which was signed off by rod rosenstein. we are all going to get a
4:09 am
chance to look at the 300 pages but, sadly. redacted. some excluded, perhaps, some of the grand jury testimony. but, those who thought that the mueller probe might bring an end and some finality to it like the star report did, i guess that ship has sailed. because, sadly, it looks as though the investigators, democratic proclivities that had many republicans worried seems to be showing some politics in the interim period. steve: well, if those "new york times" stories and "the washington post" stories are true, where members of the mueller team are frustrated, do you know who we would have heard of by now heard from? we would have heard from robert mueller. remember, it was a couple months ago where buzzfeed put out that story about how michael cohen was told by the president to go and lie. and robert mueller came out and said no. that's really not right. if these stories were that accurate, you would think that you know, why haven't we heard from him?
4:10 am
ainsley: anonymous sources. saying that bill barr's summary was not correct. 10 more days your taxes are due and in 10 more days about that time we will see the full report. brian: ntsb and "the washington post" says they have own sources and moves that story forward pushes their narrative and of course bad things in the report that the president doesn't want out and the president went out and back and forth yesterday on twitter on that. steve: we will know soon enough. meantime 7:10 in new york city. jillian joins us with a fox news alert. jillian: that's right. good morning. let's begin with this fox news alert right now. a government compounds is under attack by taliban fighters in afghanistan. terrorists killing at least 12 afghan troops and people inside the compound are running out of ammunition, water, and food. this is the second deadly day of fighting there. at least 20 afghan troops and police officers were killed on thursday. a third tourist dies at the grand canyon in just three weeks. a man falling 400 feet to his death. park rangers are still investigating exactly what
4:11 am
happened. two people died at the grand canyon last month in two separate incidents. one of them stumbled over the edge trying to take a picture. the other was found dead. they were not killed by a fall. remember the former naacp leader who pretended to be black? >> are you african-american? >> i don't understand the question. ainsley: rachel now known ampeche will pay welfare. she falsified her income and stole thousands in food and child care benefits from washington state. you've heard this famous movie line time and time again. >> i'll be back. >> i'll be back. >> i'm back. jillian: well, he has kept his promise. arnold schwarzenegger is coming back to the big screen. the actor tweeting this
4:12 am
photo for the upcoming movie terminator dark fate writing, quote: i'm back november 1st. the film will be released 35 years after the original. i will leave the i'm back voice to him. no one can do it better. steve: thank you very much, jillian. meanwhile, the field of democrats running for president in 2020 growing yet again. two new faces set to enter the race. where do they stand on the issues that mean the most for you and what would happen if they became president? we're going to break it down, coming up. ♪ non-drowsy claritin. and relief from symptoms caused by over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens. like those from buddy. [ dog whimpering ]
4:13 am
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4:16 am
>> i can go back just a few weeks where my daughter called me crying from school because her friend was crying to her her dad just got transferred at the local general motors plant. the kids had to move. >> yeah. >> my daughter called me and she said you got to do something. and i said i'm going to do something. and i'm going to run for president of the united states. brian: there you go. ohio congressman tim ryan who indicated he might run
4:17 am
when he was on our show announcing his official bid to run for president. he did that yesterday on "the view." he is not the only one jumping into the crowded democratic show from a long shot. from the house congressman eric swalwell could announce his run as soon as next week. good news for us because both of them come on. we appreciate it where do these new hopefuls stand on key issues and do they legitimately have a shot? here to break it down is senior correspondent for "the washington examiner" david drucker. let's talk about tim ryan because is he officially in. what does he show you and what do you know about him to make one think that he might have a platform? >> look, tim ryan is an interesting figure because he has tried bridge the divide between democratic party growing increasingly liberal and having its own populist moment similar to what republicans experienced in 2016 and trying to find a way to appeal to voters in the heart land, many of whom find president trump
4:18 am
appealing found president trump appealing. a lot of people that used to vote for democrats practically for their entire lives and have started voting republican over the last 10 to 15 years. the question is not so much whether or not he can accomplish that because stylistically he may be able to accomplish that and as a matter of substance, i think a lot of republican voters that find trump very appealing would find a liberal economic message appealing. the question is whether he is liberal enough and can carve out enough of a platform for himself in a democratic primary with so many popular choices in that party. brian: here is what he said he will do. he wants to close the economic gap. wants to take care of dreamers right away. more renewable energy sources. he knows he has to deal with congress is he in it presumably. a lot of what he has done president trump has done already bringing manufacturing back and chrysler opening up plants. toyota opening up plants and g.m. being berated by the presidents for closing that plant down. now, for eric swalwell he
4:19 am
brings a different skill set, not in congress for too long. eric swalwell when he makes it official i believe on colbert next week he will talk about gun safety and taking on the nra. medicare for all and universal health guarantee. medicare for all doesn't even have the support of nancy pelosi. >> right. i think it depends on how these issues are framed, right? i think a lot of americans think that healthcare needs more reform. they think a lot of costs are too high. they think deductibles are too high. if you frame medicare for all as an optional buy-in but you are not going to junk the private insurance system and going to improve it, i think that's something a lot of americans would like. if you are going to run on replacing the private insurance system, putting everything under government control, i think then you are going to run into a problem. i think nancy pelosi understands that and that's why she is trying to push her party away from something like that. swalwell is running at least we think, to make an issue out of gun control, gun rights, whatever term you want to use. and that could have some appeal in the suburbs. republicans have been losing
4:20 am
ground after a generation of being pretty strong. it could have -- it could be a problem in other key electoral battle grounds that both sides need to win if they want to win the white house. brian: real quick, have you almost 20 candidates when it's all said and done when biden gets. >> in right. brian: do they think getting the nomination gets them the presidency. >> that's what they think. they look at trump's numbers and vulnerability there. number two if president trump could win in 2016 then anybody could win in 2020. that's why you are seeing so much enthusiasm. brian: david drucker, thanks. always great. >> thank you. brian: dozens of celebrities protesting georgia's new heart beat abortion law. many of them don't even live in the state. dean cain is here. he has hollywood friends. he lives in los angeles. he is forgetting one important thing they say. he joins us now. ♪
4:21 am
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or tv's biggest show stoppers. get more into what you're into. get ready to watch with xfinity x1 or the xfinity stream app. xfinity watchathon week. free starting april 8th. boop! ♪ ainsley: time now for news by the numbers. first, 11 hours 25 minutes. that's the longest nonstop flight in the u.s. the brand new hawaiian airlines route from boston to honolulu covers more than 5,000 miles. next, $50. that's all it takes for one barber to literally set someone's hair on fire in india. look at that jihadi joe. uses the gel to fuel the flames and combs the hair while burning. apparently gets rid of split ends. i didn't know guys had split ends their hair is short. steve: that guy doesn't anymore. ainsley: 10 million bucks a
4:25 am
mechanic's lottery prize. he scratched it off and retired on the spot. the man will donate $100,000 to charity. steve: that's. so news. meanwhile celebrities led by actress alyssa milano continue threats to boycott state of georgia if heart beat bill which bans abortion after a heart beat is detected usually around six weeks is signed into law. >> we reject this attempt to criminalize women for making the decisions that work best for them and their lives. we would like to remind you that government is never bigger than when it's inside a woman's body or in her doctor's office. ainsley: but milano and many of the other celebrities protesting don't live or even vote in the state of georgia. did hollywood forget about the state's rights? brian: joining us now to react is actor dean cain? what do you think about this groundswell we are not doing
4:26 am
countries just in california anymore we are doing it all over the country and in and out of the country. is she making an impact? is it rippling through hollywood. >> no. the uberous of one to say to a sovereign state like georgia you have to follow our beliefs on abortion or whatever it happens to be is ridiculous. there is a reason the 10th amendment exists. there is a reason that those powers are not enumerated in the constitution, specifically for the federal government. they are given to the state's rights. and hollywood, they have up in uberous to say no. you should believe our belief. brian: 100 signed. >> 100 signed but there are hundreds of thousands of actors. plenty of actors ready to take their place and producers and so on. for hollywood to tell georgian voters what their values should be on abortion is a huge mistake and giant overstep but, you know, it's holiday and holidahollywood ands done that before. steve: we had one of the lawmakers who authored it on a couple days ago. it establishes personhood.
4:27 am
personhood starts at 6 weeks which is unique. and you -- this is very personal to you because you were in the kermit gosnell movie about all those abortions did he in the philly area. >> he would induce live abortions and snip the spinal cord of the fetuses. steve: of a viable baby. >> a viable alive child. is he in jail for life. the way abortion is going lately, i think he believes he is going to get out because even though what he did was so far and above and beyond. steve: you referred to it as mass murder. >> he maybe is the largest greatest serial killer of all time. ainsley: so hard to hear that story. >> it's a terrible story. and people tried to block that film from getting out like they are doing with the film unplanned now. ainsley: number 4 at the box office last weekend. >> people vote -- they vote with their pocketbook. that's another thing that's really bothering me about holidahollywood is trying to do
4:28 am
here. bully with the pocketbook. dirt little secret i will get a lot of flack for this. tax incentives that bring in studios and things like that. honest to goodness they don't make a huge fiscal impact on the state. if people don't show up to georgia to go to work it's not going to hurt georgians very much at all in the pocketbook. ainsley: they don't want hollywood coming there telling them how to run their states. >> and they shouldn't that's what states rights is all about. brian: stacey abe branels about.brian. >> how many times are they going to threaten to leave the united states if donald trump. if donald trump gets elected president i'm out of here. move to canada. no you didn't. i can't think of -- you name one who did? i can tell you 15 who said they were going to leave. that sort of stuff it's that bravado that's just not true and trying to force other people -- it's even the boycotts about oh tucker carlson said this so let's go after his advertisers. it's a lot of bullying.
4:29 am
brian: does this hurt alyssa milano or help her? >> i don't think it matters one way or the other toker had. i don't think alyssa milano is doing this out of her own volition she has a group behind her. for her to quote certain things or creating these protests and so on and so forth i don't think she is doing it by herself. steve: dean cain, thank you very much. >> appreciate it. steve: behind you over your shoulder i see secretary of state mike pompeo, is he live in the studio and, ladies and gentlemen, he is coming up next on "fox & friends" ♪ all night long ♪ if you're going my way ♪ i want to drive it all night long ♪ ♪ great news, liberty mutual customizes... uh uh, i deliver the news around here. sources say liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. over to you, logo. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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4:33 am
put tariffs on mexico and products in particular cars. the whole ballgame is cars. it's the big ballgame. if that doesn't stop the drugs, we close the border. steve: okay. there's the president yesterday being very clear we are going to close the border in a year. secretary of state mike pompeo is here. he said unless they stop the flow of drugs and migrants. in a year, we're going to close the border maybe. but we will start slapping tariffs. so it sounds like the president is giving them a little breathing room rather than closing it tomorrow. >> yeah. i think that's right. but make no mistake. congress shouldn't have breathing room. this is a real crisis at the border. not only the people the tragic stories you hear about folks coming across. the risk to security it presents. i think about this as the secretary of state every day. the drugs that are coming across the border, fentanyl, opioids, other substances moving is a serious issue. president trump is using every tool in this tool kit to try to stop this. ainsley: i'm sure you are in communication with the administration down in
4:34 am
mexico. what are they saying? are they saying they are going to work with the president and stop these migrants from crossing our border? >> they are. ainsley: what are they going to do? >> we need to see action. it's one thing to talk about, one thing to say it what we need to do is see not only that they have the will. which they have communicated they do. now we need to make sure they have the capacity. we work with them to help them for years and years. provided lots of resources not only to mexico guatemala, honduras, el salvador as well. they need to get a handle on the situation in their countries. we are happy to help them if they need technical assistance to do it. it has to be their decision. if they do not, the president will make sure he protects our nation. brian: venezuela the standing government under maduro should not stand and have you guaido who says i'll take over and you look at him as the rightful leader of that country. as it is about to fall, in come the russians again. like they did in syria. and they are propping up maduro. reports are that they are bringing even more troops into that country.
4:35 am
with the russians there, maduro stays. how do you stop this game? we saw the script already, and it worked in syria. how do you stop it from working in venezuela? >> this is our neighborhood. this is going to be fundamentally different. president trump has made very clear that we have an important national interest in ensuring that the venezuelan people get the democracy that they deserve. this is, brian, you know, a once rich nation. we are going to return them to that. i don't want about the options that we are working our way through, burr the president was clear. the russians must leave and the president has also been clear maduro must go. we are working to deliver on each of those. brian: have you spoke to lavrov and is there a shot across the bough to him, your counterpart in russia? it's really these two guys making all theist decisions. >> yeah. brian: can you let me know how did that conversation go? how would you describe it. >> direct. [laughter] brian: do they show any sign of budging because if their troops don't move, then maduro stays and we end up in a standoff and people suffer. >> i haven't seen any evidence that they have started to move out and
4:36 am
indeed there is risk that it will get worse before it gets better. but we have made very clear that the costs will be high. we have done the same thing with the cubans who are also there. helping maduro stay in power and we are working with the chinese who also have interest there. we have built out a coalition of now 50 plus countries that are working to make sure that venezuelan people have the chance that they deserve. steve: down in central america, the triangle countries you mentioned them a moment ago, el salvador, honduras and guatemala. the president cut off aid to those countries officially. have you heard from them. >> yeah. steve: and? i would imagine they -- >> they have made commitments to state department and dhs. we have seen them to become to marshall resources to try to take down a big piece of this the caravans moving across. we have seen them take real actions. steve: like what. >> how they begin to put police on the streets. run checkpoints. put some security. they have limited capacity travel. controlling one's border is hard we know that first is you have a recognition that
4:37 am
you have a problem and american support is contingent upon changes. steve: they are doing more now than they did six months ago. >> six months or eaches two or three weeks ago. they are doing more. steve, there is still more they can do. they have responsibility to ensure their folks do not flea across thei across the bor. >> you got this awards for freeing hostages and then they decided to revoke the award is that bullying? how ca did you feel about that. >> first i want to say president trump has made enormous priority bringing hostages back. it was a blessing. i got to bring back three folks from north korea. we brought back pastor brunson danny birch from the middle east. the list is long. the accomplishments we have had there is enormous. we have been recognized by that organization for that good work. i was going to receive the award on behalf of the administration and the state department. steve: what happened? >> they announced it and then all of the sudden i wasn't invited anymore.
4:38 am
and it's sad. i regret it because of the work we have done. steve: why did you get uninvited? >> the return of hostages isn't partisan. it's not political. it's this is an american activity. we worked with democrat members of congress on this. this is not partisan. sounds like some in the media underwriting this event. sponsors for the event said if pompeo is there, we won't be. and i think that's why the organization -- steve: took it away from you because they wanted to sell more tables? >> you know, you will have to talk to them about it. we don't know. i was invited for the great work we had done. we continue to do great work. i had all of the hostage families out of state department on tuesday of this week. it was emotional. it was special. i wanted to know what was on president trump's heart about getting these people back. and then we had this happen. it's really unfortunate. brian: they do not think you have been strong enough against saudi arabia about the murder of khashoggi and the fact the house and senate voted to stop supporting in any way we do the saudis who were in
4:39 am
yemen. when do you that that might be fine, but you are giving yemen to iran. people know -- you might not like saudi arabia, but do you want to give yemen to iran? that's what happens. >> this has been the administration's point all along. the truth right there in the region is the islamic republic of iran we don't want to do things that benefit them. i regret, i don't know, maybe it was because of -- they don't think we have done enough with respect to mr. khashoggi. i actually think we have done a great deal. and are prepared to do more. but, make no mistake about it, regardless, this organization, this is great organization. her son was beheaded. we love her dearly. regardless of the fact we were disinvited we are going to keep bringing americans home. brian: 70 years since nato. it's time to celebrate that anniversary. and we know that they were here addressing joint session of congress. and the president said how much more money he has brought into the organization. but there are signs of fraying in the middle when
4:40 am
italy goes and ignores us and goes and does a deal with china. when a lot of these eastern european nations go to authoritarian rule, that doesn't look good. and when you have turkey decide i want the russian system instead of f-35s from america, that's not good. are you worried about the foundation of the world's longest alliance? >> i'm not worried about it at its core. but i am worried about this: its collective defense. that means each of those countries have to tribute in a substantial way to the collective defense. that's what we talked about when they were all in washington this week. because 70 amazing years of work. they need-out european countries need to do more. when we see countries like turkey make a decision to buy an important, significant, not just ak 47s, but a significant complex russian system that doesn't work. and we're doing everything we can to convince them that they ought not complete that transaction. brian: you think you are making progress with italy getting them not to do this china deal and making progress with turkey not to do this russian deal? >> i think we are making
4:41 am
progress in each place. at the end of the day, the countries will have to make their decisions and united states will make ours. ainsley: all right. mr. secretary, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. thank you, all. ainsley: the man who claimed to be a missing boy turns out to be a felon. so where does this case go now? we are live with an update coming up next. did you ever notice that the very first bite of every great meal is always the potato? that's why it should always be an idaho potato. only genuine idaho potatoes have the perfect taste and texture to get your meal started right. cancer, epilepsy, mental health, hiv. patients with serious diseases are being targeted
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♪ jillian: good morning to you, back with headlines now. the florida sheriff suspended after the parkland shooting gets his lawsuit tossed out. a judge siding with governor scott desantis who took israel off the job. the governor citing neglect of duty and incompetence in broward county. looking to formally remove israel from his post. the suspended sheriff plans to appeal that ruling. hundreds of patients may have been exposed to the measles at a california hospital. doctors say a person came to the uc davis medical center with the infectious disease
4:45 am
last month. 200 people received a warning letter from the hospital about the possible exposure. one of them is a mother of a 7-year-old boy who is terminally ill. a look at your headlines. send it to you, ainsley. ainsley: all right. thank you, jillian. a person claiming to be a missing boy turns out to be a full grown plan. brian: d.n.a. results revealing 14-year-old timmothy pitzen is so still nowhere to be found. steve: joining us with more on this story matt finn joins us from chicago with more on the felon trying to perpetrate this hoax. matt? >> this one one shocking twist after the next and a gut punch for this pitsen family. it all began on wednesday when neighbors in newport, kentucky called 911 for a suspicious teen in their neighborhood. then the story gets flipped as that teen tells them that he was a 6-year-old boy who went missing 8 years ago. the pitsen family learns of this news, they say they would be thrilled if this teen turns out to be their timmothy. then by the end of the day
4:46 am
yesterday the fbi says d.n.a. tests confirm the teen claiming to be missing timmothy pitsen was actually 23-year-old bria rini from ohio. a local investigation continues into this person's true identity. to be clear law enforcement has not and will not forget timmothy and we hope to one day reunite him with his family. unfortunately that family will not be today. >> we know that you are out there somewhere, tim, and we will never stop looking for you. >> it's devastating. it's like reliving that day all over again. >> in 2011, 6-year-old timmothy pitzen's mother checked him out of his class in aurora, illinois. she spent a few days with him at a zoo and water park and then apparently killed herself in a hotel and leaving behind a note saying her son is okay but would never be seen again. not clear why this man would attempt what police call is a hoax. this morning he is in
4:47 am
custody on an fbi detainer. if there is any silver lining in this story it's that the case of this missing boy is back in the headlines and perhaps it will help police find the true timmothy pitzen. steve: everyone is wondering if he is alive. brian: what a sicko. steve: it's something. mr. coffee, of the guy who started starbucks, howard schultz discussed a lot of issues during our fox town hall last night in kansas city. it turns out he agrees with pete hegseth on one of the things. what is it? find out from pete live coming up next. brian: you found your candidate? ♪ ♪ ♪ feel the clarity...
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>> the v.a. under a $200 billion budget and good people who are there. is probably a good example of a government organization that is quite bureaucratic and not meeting the needs of post 9/11 veterans. i will fix the v.a. >> well, that was howard schultz last night at the fox town hall in kansas city, missouri. ainsley: meanwhile most of the democratic candidates are running on socialist ideas like medicare for all. brian: would that system really work in the united states. american veterans know the earn "fox & friends" co-host army veteran pete hegseth. you are all over this. this is one of your passions. you were heartened to hear that. pete: it was a good problem identification, right? if you say we are going to fix it, the devil is in the details. this president has gotten it right from day one. he has said give veterans choice. hold people accountable. make the system transparent.
4:52 am
but, the reality is this is still -- there was a "wall street journal" op-ed this week that started a lot of this discussion. you like socialism? ask a veteran. the v.a. is government run socialized medicine. we pumped millions into this system and it hasn't made it better. steve: let's take a look by the numbers how big the v.a. is right now. over close to 400,000 full time employees, over 1200 healthcare facilities. 9.8 million vets using it in 2017. it is the second largest department in federal government. and, pete, when you look at 1200 healthcare facilities, you know, one of the things that you have talked about and the president has talked about is you would like to be able so that somebody who is disabled or needs care doesn't have to go to a facility. they just go to their local guy. pete: that's exactly right. get the best care anywhere. is the idea. it doesn't have to be a v.a. facility. the number of v.a. employees has gone up by 100,000 in the last, you have entire hospital network. only 7 million of 21 million
4:53 am
veterans in america actually use v.a. and even with all that manpower increase and all that money increase. you are still wai longer and longer at the hospital to actually be seen. brian: wait times have not improved? pete: wait times have not improved. this is what you get from government. more spending, top down perspective. here is the hospital you use within this radius and you get this doctor as empowering individual say i have a knee injury dr. jones can help me down the street with it and get the dollars. ainsley: see their doctors? >> if you compare after world war ii, 1.5 million veterans, 2017, 4.5 million veterans. pete: this is really complicated discussion. this is about disability ratings, which isn't always necessarily tied to healthcare but the idea that this -- the healthcare you get is about service connected disabilities. if you go to war, and you get injured, we will take care of you. so when you come home, they try to rate how disabled you are and that's how much care
4:54 am
you get. well, i could be rated for 50% right now if i wanted to be. just to have a totally vets know this out there, i could do ear and ankle and knee and back. steve: proportional? >> proportional for different injuries that you have. groups out there, vet groups mostly encourage vets to apply for every government benefit they can ever get after they leave the service. steve: why not? >> why not in the government is giving it out. to me the ethos of service is i served my country because i love my country and i will come home and start the next chapter of my life. if i have a chronic condition, mental, physical, otherwise, the government better be there for me. otherwise i don't want to be dependent. steve: got to have personal integrity. a lot of groups are convincing vets to get more from the system just as opposed to what you gave for the service you gave. brian: budget over $72 billion. over 9 million veterans using the v.a. and now in 2017, $176.9 billion with just -- just under 10 million.
4:55 am
so just about a million more using the system. how does that happen? pete: we did a big study on this when i was concerned vets for america. budget quadrupled at the v.a. since 9/11. if you project the veterans population is going to drop unless god forbid there is another big war. you will be spending even more the veterans' population is going to go down. because the system, bureaucracy feed themselves. they justify themselves and that's what -- what trump is doing is absolutely right. you have to give -- you have to create competition so that outside private providers are competing for these vets and they are not stuck in a system. ainsley: are the vets getting what they need? when you see the budget, tax dollars wonderful giving more money to our veterans. >> that's what washington always does. they will spend more. the answer to your question are the veterans getting what they need? ask a vet. ask a vet near any hospital or clinic. are you getting what you need? most are saying no. the suicide prevention programs aren't what they could be and they don't have a choice to see who they want to see and when they want to see and it wait
4:56 am
times still long. all about choice. brian: they do have choice. >> they will. they are going to have more choice. rules being written in june. be done in june. bureaucracy take as while. then vets are going to have more choice. the president hats delivered on this totally. takes time for it to get into the system. ainsley: with my mom with diabetes and having a stroke try care has been there in a mighty way. my mom doesn't pay for insulin. pete: tricare is the model they should go to: single pair, tricare is the opportunity to choose inside a network. that's what the v.a. should look like even more. steve: pete, thank you very much. see you this weekend. pete: you got it. ainsley: big final hour straight ahead. we have ed henry, john rich, stuart varney and tomi lahren. they are all here live ♪ ♪ sugar and spice ♪ ♪ - [woman] with my shark, i deep clean messes like this.
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♪ steve: it is kind of loud in new york city where folks are gathered to watch janice do the news in a little bit. third hour of "fox & friends" on friday. >> that song from big and rich, john rich is in the green room. we'll be talking to him. brian: sirius channel 61. that was ironic. steve: that is why we played it. brian: i appreciate it. thanks to every that made that possible. especially john rich that wrote it. fox news alert. president trump today will get a
5:01 am
first-hand look at the border crisis. steve: the president heads to the border less than two hours. ainsley: griff jenkins live at the border. reporter: aj and i got out here before the president to the san ysidro port of entry in san diego. at end of last year president closed that border down five hours, costing nearly million dollars an hour. we don't know whether the president will close the border. not at least for a year but the president is sending a very strong message to mexico. he is frustrated with their enforcement of their own laws. listen. >> they have the strongest immigration laws. stronger than anywhere in the world. they never really wanted to do it for, many years. we told them if you don't do that we'll close the border. before we close the border we'll put tariffs on the cars. reporter: the president's visit to calexico which is two hours
5:02 am
east from where i'm standing here. that is another trip to the border. he will talk about things like infrastructure and a wall. also the loopholes in these walls. before we left the rio grande valley sector we spoke to the chief there that will testify next tuesday to the senate homeland security committee. he has something that has not been talked about at all, that ms-13 gang members exposing the loophole laws. listen to this. >> we had an ms-13 member part of a fake family unit. that individual who was arrested by us is actually being detained but what was interesting, we intercepted a communication he was sending back to central america, basically telling them that right now if you use a chide, that is going to be the easiest way to get into the united states because they recognize there are gaps in our policies. reporter: some of the texts of those messages you should see the amount of hondurans
5:03 am
traveling with a child. that is the easiest way. think about this, connect these dots. we had unprecedented surge in central american family unit migration. now an ms-13 gang member writing back to his own country, grab a kid that will get you in to expose our laws on our border. program note we'll be traveling to calexico in a few hours. where i get opportunity to talk to the president talk about everything from loopholes to walls and mexico's cooperation or lack thereof, guys. brian: very few people in the country know more about what is happening at the border than you. it will be a interesting give-and-take, griff. reporter: we have a lot of questions. there may be a surprise in there as well. a lot of news in the headlines, besides the border, guys. steve: sure. griff jenkins will talk to the president later today in
5:04 am
calexico, california, thank you very much. the president announced yesterday i am going to close the border in a year if they don't crack down on migrants and drugs coming into the country. he praised mexico said they're doing a good job last three or four days closing the border. mike pompeo with us half an hour ago, regarding cutting off of aid to triangle country, guatemala, honduras, el salvador, they have really taken notice. we'll do a lot more. they're putting more police officers. they're putting more checkpoints. they're not stopping everybody from leaving their countries but at the same time they are doing more than they did. ainsley: even said he is talking with the administration down in mexico to make sure they help our country. we're willing to help them but they need to do something as well. president said i will not close the border. give them a year. if mexico doesn't comply we'll slap a tariff on cars, 25%. mike pompeo, this is what he
5:05 am
said about the crisis on the border. >> this is a real crisis at the border. not only people, tragic stories you hear about folks coming across. i think about this as secretary of state every day. the drugs coming across the border, opioids, fentanyl moving that is serious issue. president trump is using every tool in the tool kit to try to stop this. we need to see action. president will insure we protect our nation. brian: also today, the president will be excited to a degree because when he goes down there to check out the wall, there is 30-foot high wall with spaces in between that goes 2.2 miles. there will be a plaque citing the first section of trump's border wall. so the border patrol will talk about the improvement the wall made in san diego. they will continue to go. there was approved during the obama years. they weren't able to get it done. they're getting it done now. in the rio grande valley they spend 147 million to start the
5:06 am
wall levy system. this time it will allow a road to let the border patrol go up and down. steve: they finished this section in october and put a plaque up. talk a little bit about domestic politics. joe biden, 11:15, i'm sure you see it on the fox news channel. he will give a speech to international brotherhood of electrical workers, representing 775,000 union members. these are blue-collar workers that helped propel donald trump to a win. it will be a very friendly audience to mr. biden, who has not made comments publicly before a crowd since these allegations popped up. ainsley: he did have the video, he didn't apologize, didn't say the words i'm sorry, he will be more mindful how he interacts with women. peggy noonan, she wrote an op-ed for "the wall street journal," if biden runs they will tear him up. she says don't do it, joe, don't
5:07 am
run for president. you won't get the nomination. your loss will cause pain not only for but your defeat will be worst than sudden, it will be poignant. brian: case in point is bill clinton. before his wife decided to run his case was done, he saved barack obama, got him a second term, would argue with the great speech at the convention, riding high, 70% approval rating from most of the american people. best friend with bush 43. talked about his economy. his wife runs. background examines. i think he can't even sell out a small arena with his wife. they have to bring in comedians in order to sell out one of his speeches. that is one of the risks. the other risk his family. hunter biden, according to investigators has a lot to answer from investments in the ukraine and investments in china, what he did or didn't do on air force two to make that happen or threaten a prosecutor. does he want to expose his whole family this scrutiny. eric is saying in retrospect,
5:08 am
eric trump, wonder if it is all worth it. he has to explain busing. he has to explain anita hill. he has to explain votes in the iraq war. you might love what he did but the democratic party doesn't love what he did. he will either apologize or he is going to lose. ainsley: how quickly things change in politics. in 2016 many people wanted him to get in the race. he just lost his son. he wasn't interested. now here we are, many people wondered if he would get in. our polls show he was the one that democrats if the vote were today he was number one on the list. look at bernie sanders. a few years ago he was running on socialist policy everyone saying what? that's crazy. now the democrats love it. steve: i think joe biden worked out answers to all those points. he will have something to say about all those things. he will roll it out. he will run for president. he hired staff. he is in it. ainsley: you think after these
5:09 am
allegations he will? steve: yeah, i think so. you see all the things being put out. to your point earlier who are the top two people leading right now on democratic side? you have a couple dozen names, bernie sanders and joe biden at the top. what do they have in common? they're both in their 70s. that was addressed last night on trevor noah's show. here is bernie sanders talking about his candidacy. >> what's happened is four years ago, the ideas that we talked about, the idea that health care is a human right, not a privilege. [cheering] four years ago, that was perceived as a radical idea. not anymore. the idea that if you work 40 hours a week in this country, you should make at least 15 bucks an hour and not live in poverty. not a radical idea anymore. brian: that is interesting too but i'm not sure "medicare for all" is maybe where the rubber hits the road with the party. you have got to make a choice, obamacare or "medicare for all."
5:10 am
free preschool and tax the rich. that is what he is running on. we'll see where that goes. i'm excited he will do a town hall on our channel in couple weeks. steve: less than 10 days. it will be the 15th. bernie sanders will be live at a location to be announced shortly. bret an mrta -- ainsley: when they did a town hall with to you hard schultz he was talking about biden, back to that point. was very concerning what he was allegedly doing to these women, their concerns. that was concerning. even also concerning was the fact that these women are coming out now, just before joe biden announces. brian: obamas are supportive of joe biden. they haven't said anything publicly. ainsley: people are surprised about that. wondering why. jillian has headlines. good morning. jillian: fox news alert. a 17 hour standoff in georgia comes to tragic end. the suspect killing himself
5:11 am
after gunning down a 16-year-old boy and a woman who was 8 months pregnant. her family said she was supposed to have a baby shower. two officers were shot about a call about a domestic dispute. one of them was hit in the torso but he had a bulletproof vest. he is taken into custody at a montana gun range preparing for target practice. the albanian man allegedly told an fbi inform man he wanted to avenge the christchurch mosque shootings. he had pro-isis on facebook and wanting to attack jewish temples. president's former attorney michael cohen says he found a hard drive with 14 million files on it including emails, recordings and other documents. he will give it to democrats in exchange for help delaying his sentence. cohen pleaded guilty to lying to congress and campaign finance
5:12 am
violations. his three-year prison term begins next month. a thunder run hero will be honored for sacrificing his life 16 years ago. stephen booker's family will accept the distinguished service cross. four-star general david perkins joined us earlier to reflect on his life. >> he was a great trainer. would hold the soldiers to high standards. he was the first person to give his life in the thunder run. lot of that success for the mission can be attributed to him. jillian: the fight ultimately led to the collapse of sadd san diego's -- saddam hussein government. back to you. steve: look who is hanging out in the green room. we have ed henry, john rich here. brian: one guy makes it. one guy drinks it.
5:13 am
♪ the in-laws have moved in with us. and our adult children are here. so we save by using tide. which means we use less. three generations of clothes cleaned in one wash. anybody seen my pants? #1 stain and odor fighter, #1 trusted. it's got to be tide. it can cause damage to the enamel.. with the new pronamel repair toothpaste we can help actively repair enamel in its weakened state. it's innovative. with pronamel repair, more minerals are able to enter deep into the enamel surface. the fact that you have an opportunity to repair what's already been damaged, it's amazing. i think my go-to toothpaste is
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going to be pronamel repair.
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5:16 am
♪ steve: the department of justice in the last 24 hours starting to defend attorney general william barr's handling ever the mueller report and his four-page summary. ainsley: the doj releasing a
5:17 am
statement in part that says quote, the attorney general decided to release the report and bottom line findings immediately without attempting to summarize the report with the understanding that the report itself would be released after the redaction process. brian: here to discuss it, it is complicated, ed henry. passions are high. >> william barr came out there put his credibility as an attorneys as an american, attorney general twice now in both the bush 41 and trump administrations says there is no collusion or conspiracy with the russians. there was not enough evidence to charge the president or people around him with obstruction of justice. now he has pledged by the middle of this month he will put out a fuller version of the report with some redactions. if he is lying about that, he would obviously pay a heavy price. so is the president, number one. that seems unlikely. and number two, all these anonymous reports on "new york times" and others have not challenged the basic on the record findings from barr there was no collusion or conspiracy.
5:18 am
steve: they're just frustrated they didn't use their summaries. on page of every summary there are secret stuff, grand jury -- >> by law you can't release. more importantly the justice department, saying william barr, the attorney general, working with robert mueller, special counsel and folks on these redactions. if robert mueller doesn't like it, remember what happened in january? you mentioned this before. buzzfeed put out a fake story that the president directed michael cohen to lie to congress and then others ran with it and said, if this is true he will be impeached all the other things. who came out said it was wrong? bob mueller. if william barr is lying to the country and the world i would hope robert mueller would speak up. ainsley: fox news earlier today, a promotion for your "fox nation." >> it is big enough. front row seat, play on politics but also sports. that is my passion. will say "fox nation" is netflix for conservatives. that's awesome.
5:19 am
all of us are involved in this. brian, give as chance to go for the passion. you dive into history. steve has stuff on cooking. that is really fun. ainsley: they came to do my bible study, will be on their soon. >> that is cool. "fox nation" is about you being amazing. you're all overdoing that. i do sports figures. he interview tony la russa. sent me to beverly hills. went to talk to boston sell tick as greats. john havlicek, havlicek stole the ball. he told me the story. great stuff. while he was in florida, i got behind the gates there at trump international. i interviewed his pro there. he tells great ones. he is 14 years old, caddying for businessman named donald trump. bottom line at the first green john sees businessman donald trump, 38 years ago, reach down and try to tie one his golf shoes. he says he ties them really tight. and he snapped the shoelace.
5:20 am
this 14-year-old kid says, what the heck will i do? businessman donald trump, kid, i will teach you a lesson. he unzips the golf bag had extra pair of shoelaces in the bag. kid, you need to be ready for anything in life. ainsley: what? >> we have such great stories that is just one of them. "he had henry's front row seat." >> you have john calipari. >> i'm disappointed. he got to the elite 8. he talks about his mistakes. he opened up with stories i never heard before. calipari. we have all kinds of people coming. you will love it. steve: more information. thanks, ed. brian: remember john rich called into your show last week? this morning we decided to bring him in. he joins us right now. ♪
5:21 am
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♪ ♪ save a horse, ride a cowboy steve: we were last week surprised by the phone call. john rich called n he joins us on the curvy couch. you were a good sport last week. >> yeah. steve: heard us talking about it, interrupted routine of getting kids ready for school, called in. >> nice alarm clock.
5:25 am
"fox & friends" wok me up. ainsley: we asked you to call in at 6:00 a.m. were you watching 5:00 a.m.? >> no it was 5:00 a.m. i missed you about 40 minutes. they were talking about you. you have to call in. i texted. you guys hit me back. it's a blast. you have a great show. always let me on. it is pretty cool. brian: i don't know when you sleep. you are so multifaceted. one. things you do. you have this redneck riviera rolling on broadway and nashville. you're also got a new line of liquor. >> i do. so probably see bottles there. redneck riviera, american blended whiskey came out this month. it is in 45 states. granny rich, my granny, my biological granny, she is something else. she turned 87 this year. i developed a reserve version of redneck riviera. she son the back of the bottle. she is the essence of work hard,
5:26 am
play hard. she runs her own business 87 years old, alteration shop, 40 hours a week. steve: when you started it she was 86 years old. here is a little video of granny rich working for a buck. >> when it come to you taking care of yourself that's what you did. no matter if you earn a dollar, you would go out figure out how to earn a dollar you know. you didn't sit around wait for somebody to hand you something. steve: what, john rich, did you learn from granny rich? >> she honestly to me is the great example in my life of what it means to really be an american. just heard her say you need a dollar, go earn a dollar. you don't need people to i haveit to you. there is pride and integrity in hard work. that is why she works still at 87 years old. not because she needs to work or has to work. that is in her shop in ashton
5:27 am
city, tennessee. there is integrity in hard work. i work because i can. that is it what you are supposed to do when you live in this country. when she see people want something for nothing it really goes against her grain. ainsley: does she drink whiskey? >> she does. every stay getting home from work, sip a little whiskey. sit around, and chill out, go to bed. go back to work. this whiskey granny reserve. more aged a little stronger, little older like granny. brian: what happens to folds of honor when you buy this? >> 10% of every bottle, goes to the folds of honor. last year 2018 redneck riviera paid for 43 college scholarships. easy to find it. we're in 45 states. put in the store locator. ainsley: how did you get into the whiskey business? >> we write country music.
5:28 am
i wanted to make something 100% american and smooth and affordable. under 25 bucks. my glass is made in america. my corks are made in america. my juice is made in america. we support folds of honor. brian: talk about the other business, music. it changed a lot. there is new country everywhere. a little different from yours. are you okay with that? >> absolutely. music is supposed to be ever-changing organism. for big and rich, we laid down some music that really stands the test of time. brian: no question. >> we'll do about 70 concerts. it is called the peace, love, happy hour tour sponsored by redneck riviera whiskey. how great is that? brian: how do we find out about that? >> big and all the dates are listed. ainsley: if you're in nashville go to his restaurant. >> it is the best honky-tonk in town. steve: heading home shortly. i believe fox news channel will catch up with you in
5:29 am
nashville -- >> i'm co-hosting "the five." brian: who are you replacing? >> i'm coming after greg big time. i love sparring with greg, man. he is a blast. steve: april 16th, live from nashville. >> yes, sir. brian: bring your "a" game. >> bring the "a" game. we'll have plenty of redneck riviera. ainsley: nashville is so fun. i went to a bar there one time. i walked in. there was -- steve: came out three days later. so much to do. ainsley: live music on the main floor. live music on the middle floor and live music on the main floor. >> 10 in the morning to four in the morning. music city, no doubt. steve: john rich. check out granny rich reserve a benefit for folds of honor. brian: three-man crew, three bottles of whiskey. joel, good job. >> 5:00 somewhere. steve: meanwhile the march jobs report is about to come out in about a minute. we'll bring you the numbers on the other side of the timeout.
5:30 am
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5:33 am
ainsley: back with a fox news alert. the march jobs report just released. brian: here's the number. 196,000 added. that's more than economists predicted. steve: that's right. the unemployment rate is at 3.8%. that is the same from february. let's bring stuart varney. stuart, they had been expecting 175,000 jobs. we're 21,000 better than that. >> it's a strong report. the labor market is very strong. would i say the jobs market is actually on fire. it is strongest i've seen in a
5:34 am
generation. i go back several generations this is a very strong jobs market. ainsley: usually get better and better you bet closer to the summer, you think about lifeguards being hired? >> there seasonal changes. they adjust that. we're on a trend of 200,000 jobs per month. on a regular basis. there are other reasons for saying saying this is a extremely strong jobs market. you have the firing rate, layoff rate that sounds strange but there is a statistic on that. it is 49-year low. technically called initial jobless claims. forget that it is firing rate. a 49-year low. that means people, employers hold on to the workforce. they don't want to let them go because there is shortage of qualified workers. that is item number one. number two, look at target. target just raised the minimum wage it will pay all of its workers to $13 an hour. it is the their increase at target in the last two years.
5:35 am
brian: mark competent is doing that, not government. >> precisely. this is not legislated wage increase. this is the companies which want to hang on to workers, so they raise wages to keep them. we're up 3.2% in wages over the past year. past 12 months, up 3.2%. that is very much above trend. here is another one for you. brian: why do you raise wages? you have to hold on to your people. >> you have to hold on to your people. small businesses just surveyed, 60% of small businesses are trying to hire. they want to hire. one quarter of small businesses that want to hire simply can't find workers to fill the jobs that they have got available. this is on fire. this is a very strong jobs market. steve: the good news is, for the most part, if you want to find a job, there is a job waiting for you. you might not like the job it is out there because they can't find the people. >> there is a statistic on that. 7.6 at latest count, 7.6 million jobs available. there are not 7.6 million qualified people to take them. so employers hang on to the
5:36 am
people that they have got by raising wages and improving benefits. steve: essentially you're talking about full employment for the united states of america. >> 3.8%, you're very, very close. that is not quite the lowest in history but you're very close to an historic low. you know, two years ago before the trump administration came in, we were bumbling along with a slow rate of growth, job creation, really wasn't that great. but trump comes in, cuts taxes, cuts regulation. allows, this engine of growth, american capitalism, to really surge forward. look what you've got. brian: doing your show during the radio show. the market was going up. maybe a lot has to do how the president is talking optimistically in the back stretch with a ma'am poll deal for china. what does this mean? what has to be in there for our economy to really believe this is a big deal? >> the most important thing is probably a rebalancing of trade. at that, by that i mean, major
5:37 am
purchases, by china, of american products. we're told it could be a trillion, maybe 1 1/2 trillion dollars worth of goods purchased by them from us. brian: short term. we need something long term though, right? >> it would begin very, very quickly. brian: farmers. >> it would begin very, very quickly. if this deal goes through, what every deal it is you will have a blip in the market and you will have a blip for the economy, upwards that is. good stuff. ainsley: we'll catch you the at fox business network. >> it is fun covering money these days. brian: nine to noon we're watching you. >> that's okay with me. steve: stuart, thank you very much. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. jillian joins us with the stories. jill nan. jillian: good morning to you, and you as well. a nine-year-old girl is speaking out after being hit by a car playing in her yard. look at surveillance video. makes it hard to believe she survives. she is pointing to a higher
5:38 am
power. >> god a lot for that happened. my goal is to get better with the help from everybody in the world. jillian: how incredible is she. she says she can't wait to get back and cheerleading. the man who hit her is under arrest. he claims he was fighting off a carjacker. cob screens go suddenly black. the united pilot safely touching down in dallas. updating passengers on the terrifying situation. >> we lost two of our screens. we keep flying we lose them all eventually because there is not enough cooling. there is tremendous heat behind those screens. we eventually have to fly blind. jillian: that is scary. passengers were booked on new flights to houston. unclear what caused the problem. firefighters rescue a woman dangling from a parking garage.
5:39 am
the driver stuck inside her car for two hours after barreling through a second story guardrail in miami. >> whether the car would come forward. please, please help us. jillian: it is unclear exactly what happened. the woman is okay. mick jagger recovering after successful heart surgery. ♪ ♪ i can't get no satisfaction jillian: according to billboard, jagger had a damaged valve replaced in new york city. the rolling stones post.ed his tour because of health. ozzy osbourne is postponing tour dates to recover from pneumonia. back you to you guys. steve: thanks for the update from the world of rock. jillian: you're welcome. brian: we hope mick jagger heart is good. we know janice dean's heart is big. janice: thank you, brian
5:40 am
kilmeade. look ated crowd we have today. it goes around and and and around. we have dogs who love "fox & friends." anybody with a birthday today, put your hands up. number one, number 50 over here. i will have what she is having. >> i'm carol. jillian: who would you like to come out and give you a kiss. >> mr. k. janice: mr. kilmeade. we'll ask him in a second. >> please. janice: he has time to think about it. thank you guys for coming. it is a little bit chilly here in new york city, but we have lots of warmth from all the great people. across upper midwest we could see a little springtime snow. we'll get rain in the forecast across the northeast later on today, watching the system move in. if you're traveling just be aware. we could see potential for stronger storms across the southern plains and mississippi river valley, could see potential for large hail, damaging winds, isolated
5:41 am
tornadoes. there is the forecast. wave you beautiful people! oh, my goodness! [cheering] brian kilmeade we're expecting an entrance on the plaza. brian: i was going to make out with somebody today, might as well be her. janice: he is coming out. ainsley: 19 minutes before the top of the hour. you've seen tomi lahren speak her mind. now she is helping americans find their voices and we have her brand new book. ♪ i'm 53. but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex.
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♪ it is such a good time to dance ♪ ♪ it is such a good time to [ laughing ] ♪ scoobidoo doobidoo ♪ scoobidoo doobidoo [ goose honking ] ♪ [ laughing ] a bad day on the road still beats a good one off it. ♪ progressive helps keep you out there. ♪ jillian: good friday morning. some quick headlines right now. wikileaks founder julian assange
5:45 am
could be kicked out ecuadorian embassy in loaned done within days. the ecuadorian embassy denies the report. assange was granted asylum there in 2012 as he faces assault charges in sweden. ukraine's presidential candidates are being put to a different kind of test. both men, sitting for drug and alcohol screenings this morning because voters should know exactly who they're casting ballots for this month. incumbent petro poroshenko by a comedian who place him on tv. ainsley: tomi lahren is encouraging all americans, especially women to find their voices. brian: the book is called, "never play dead." we're showing it for the first
5:46 am
time. >> steve: tomi lahren is with us this morning. what does that mean, never play dead. >> you guys know me, my whole motto in life stand up for yourself, go for it, despite the backlash, noise, whatever comes your way. those familiar with me know a couple years ago i went through a huge lawsuit i thought i would never have to go through, here i am at fox news. because i didn't play dead. i stood up for myself. i want people to find the voice. doesn't matter what the politics are, we should stand up for what we believe in. brian: you tell the story in that book? >> yes. no one really heard my side of the story. this is my opportunity for me to tell it but a way of reflecting how i got here and able to sit with you guys every day. i never two years ago i would be sitting here with you guys doing what i love to do on the network i love the most t worked out for me because i stood up for myself. ainsley: a lot of people are scared to talk about politics because they are afraid of offending someone. don't foreabout offending
5:47 am
someone because you are probably inspiring others. >> i learned about that in california. they say why do you live in california, because there is some liberals and they probably hate you? they're encouraged from myself to speak up for themselves. they see that for inspiration. i might offend some people, some people might not like my opinions but a lot more are inspired by both sides of the political aisle. i get that a lot too. we should speak our minds, not worry about being bullied for it. steve: at end the day you're on "fox nation." at beginning of the day your segment is called, no interruption. if you have not seen her on "fox nation," here is tomi. >> i was told to shut up because i voted right. i don't know who had to turn a blind eye, who had to think of their career over a man's life but it happened. >> it's a mad dash to a road or car, once they load up they can mix in quickly with the san diego population. >> a safe space for some people but not everybody else.
5:48 am
steve: no interruption on "fox nation." no commercials, just you. >> just me and great americans in this country i think need more of a voice. i had the opportunity to sit down with a lot of them. that is what "no interruption" is about. brian: i saw border patrol guys on the train, they say you went to the border, sleeping in a tent, you roughed it with the guys on the border. >> very different from being in los angeles. i had a great time. no group of human beings in the planet i love more than law enforcement and first-responders. that includes border patrol agents. they don't get the credit they deserve. their job is difficult. i love spending time with them. steve: you won't spend time with the president. you're on the east coast. >> i know. i leave you go to san diego. i get back. we to fix the border guys, i live it every day. we need to fix it. brian: when they put up the wall there it got better in san diego. >> absolutely. when i talk to the agents, they
5:49 am
have double fencing in most areas. their apprehensions are waytake. this is problem. ainsley: when does your book go on sale? the favorite book retailers, out july 2nd. ainsley: "never play dead." >> thank you, tomi. we have tips from your closet to your pantry to spring cleaning like a pro. she gives us tips. ainsley: check with our friend bill hemmer what is coming up on at the top of the hour. >> when you don't wear it it is done, right, guys? hello, hello? i guess it is. brian: we were talking. we just, you just couldn't hear us. >> i'm throwing a line out there. brian: sorry. we're not ignoring you. ainsley: that is the rule. >> have awesome weekend. good news on economy. we'll break it down with maria b on that. back to the border president waiting to.
5:50 am
the trolling has become between joe biden and donald trump. a long missing boy story has come to a twisted end. ten minutes away. nine to noon. one ptwo parts incredible.ibs. steak & ribs starting at $14.99, with your choice of sauce or dry rub. and back again is our 3-point rib bloom, topped with cheese fries and barbecue ribs. and try our everyday lunch combos, starting at $7.99. let's see, aleve is than tylenol extra strength.
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♪ ainsley: it is day five of our spring cleaning series and today we are going to learn how to organize your home like a pro. steve: joining us right now professional organizer and owner of imagine it done, lisa jacobs joins us live. let's start with the closet. when you walk in the house, it tell as lot about your organization. >> first thing you see is the coat closet. >> exactly of the last thing you go into when you leave your home, exactly. steve: all right. >> this is the entryway closet. the entryway closet has a lot of
5:54 am
different things going on. we have hangers made exclusively for garments in the springtime. heavier hangers in the wintertime. these shelf divide remembers amazing. steve: never seen those before. >> if you you don't have space for inside drawers, put the shelf dividers, whatever you want to put in garments, stacked up, piled high. nicely arranged. this is container store. this is amazing valet. if you don't have enough space, put the things in entryway on the handsome valet. these bins, are label, label. steve: she labels everything. let's go to the pantry. i love the fact you have all the spices. you actually put your own labels on them. >> yes. these are labels that actually come with the jars. we take the things, all of the
5:55 am
condiments and all the spices out of their original packaging. we label them. the labels come inside packaging. this is great because it maximizes space vertically. ainsley: where do you get that? >> also the container store or amazon. the carousel, if you wasn't different design, this is wood. if you don't know what you have you will never use it. steve: very true. >> for the candy and the rice. everything goes in the pantry in open containers so you know what you have. you actually don't waste time and overbuy. steve: my wife does the same thing. when you look in, you can see everything. >> things are stacked nicely. ainsley: potato chip bags instead of falling out this is a good idea. >> instead of using plastic bags, keep it like this with a clip. steve: just like this. >> all the inventory goes on cabinets above. steve: lightning round.
5:56 am
real fast. go into the regular closet. >> master bedroom is this is morning so many things go into the mastered about room closet. master bedroom has clothing which is featured at end on acrylic hangers. that creates a openness to your closet. uniform hangers. very important. label, label. fabulous labels custom. steve: what i'm noticing, you can look in and see everything. when you stack stuff you don't know what is at the bottom of the pile. >> we roll things. these are fabulous draw dividers. they separate the categories. ainsley: thank you so much. i bet your house is beautiful, completely organized. >> thank you. steve: thank you, lisa. >> thank you, everyone. steve: we'll step a way. ainsley: more "fox & friends". i!
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>> lisa is our organizer. you wanted to mention a great
6:00 am
way to organize jewelry. >> acrylic drawers, container store. it will look beautiful. >> bye. >> bill: good morning, there has been a cruel twist in a case where dna testing proves a man who claimed to be a boy missing for eight years is not him but rather a convicted felon just out of jail. good morning, everybody on friday. good to have you with us today i'm bill hemmer live in new york. good morning. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. investigators say the man who identified himself as 14-year-old timmothy pitzen is really a 23-year-old ex-con, dashing hope for pitzen's family since they've been looking for him since age 6. >> this is devastating. it is like reliving that day


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