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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 5, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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way to organize jewelry. >> acrylic drawers, container store. it will look beautiful. >> bye. >> bill: good morning, there has been a cruel twist in a case where dna testing proves a man who claimed to be a boy missing for eight years is not him but rather a convicted felon just out of jail. good morning, everybody on friday. good to have you with us today i'm bill hemmer live in new york. good morning. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. investigators say the man who identified himself as 14-year-old timmothy pitzen is really a 23-year-old ex-con, dashing hope for pitzen's family since they've been looking for him since age 6. >> this is devastating. it is like reliving that day all over again.
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and timmothy's father is -- better say that once again. >> it has been awful. we've been hopeful and frightened. >> we'll never stop looking for you, praying for you, and loving you. we hope that everyone will join us in praying for the young man who claims to be timmothy pitzen. >> bill: matt finn picks it up live from chicago today. good morning. >> a rollercoaster ride of a story and gut punch for this pitzen family. a family member of the man who claimed to be the missing teen said he might have severe mental health issues. it began on wednesday when neighbors in newport, kentucky called 911 for a suspicious teen in their neighborhood. then shock as that teen told them he was timmothy pitzen who went missing when he was 6-year-old in 2011. there is a boy claiming to be
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timmothy. the family waits 36 hours for the results of a dna test and late thursday the f.b.i. drops the shocking news that the dna test confirms the person claiming to be 14-year-old timothy is actually 23-year-old brian reiny from northern ohio. to be clear, law enforcement has not and will not forget timmothy and hope to one day reunite him with his family. unfortunately that day won't be today. the brother of brian, the man who claimed to be the missing teen. >> he was in juvy a lot when we were kids and started going to actual jail and then he recently just got out of prison. he hope he gets out. i also hope he gets to prison for this but -- at least an institution. i have no idea. >> brian does have a criminal background. this morning he is being held on an f.b.i. detainer. >> bill: matt, do we know where
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the realtime thee pitzen is? how did he go missing so many years ago? >> this morning we don't know where the timmothy is. in 2011 his mother checked him out of a kindergarten in illinois and spent a few days with him and took him to a zoo and waterpark and then she killed herself in a rockford motel leaving behind a note saying her son would be okay but never seen again. police say they pursued this week's lead and it was another dead end for investigators and the family. >> this is another time where they've had their hopes raised potentially. i feel bad for them. i hope someday we're able to find young timmothy. >> it is not clear if this man will be criminally charged. >> bill: cruel story. matt finn from chicago today, thanks, matt. >> president trump: we're going to give them a one-year warning
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and if the drugs don't stop or largely stop, we're going to put tariffs on mexico and products. in particular cars. if that doesn't stop the drugs, we close the border. >> sandra: president trump putting mexico on notice while backing off the threat to shut down our southern border for now. this as we await the president's departure. it could be happening any moment now from the white house for southern california to tour a section of the border wall. gillian turner is live on the north lawn ahead of that. good morning. >> good morning. the president is moving full speed ahead with his border crusade. today he is at the white house but in a few moments will head west. he is pivoting away from his threat to completely shut down the border after receiving instant and pretty widespread bipartisan pushback. instead he is laser focused on mexican auto tariffs. >> president trump: i don't think we'll have to close the
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border. the penalty of tariffs on cars coming into the united states from mexico at 25% will be massive. >> he is also giving mexico kudos for what he says is huge progress this week. he says they've done a great job of preventing would be illegals from guatemala, el salvador and honduras from crossing into the united states. on fox business network the secretary of state weighed and said not so fast. >> we're trying to create the conditions at the border that will keep americans safe, that will reassert american sovereignty along our southern border. the president is using every tool in his kit. >> as usual, the president's foreign policy team wants to keep all their options on the table now, sandra. >> sandra: what's the latest on the president's unfolding feud with the former vice president,
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potential presidential candidate joe biden? >> the former vice president is not laying low. he punched back against the president with a cynical tweet of his own late last night writing, i see that you are on the job and presidential as always. this in response to president trump's own twitter jab yesterday afternoon. he posted the video mocking biden for the claims of inappropriate touching he has faced from different women in recent days. senate democrats, though, have been rallying around their former colleague and say the president's doctored video tweet says more about him than biden. >> when americans hear from joe biden is heart and integrity and seriousness, concern about our country and concern about our future. >> it's another reason we all should recognize that he is not qualified to be in this office. i think he will discover that in the 2020 election.
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>> the president will head to the border shortly. later this hour he will stop first in california where he will meet with border patrol agents and tour brand-new sections of the border wall. then later today he will head to los angeles. he has a private gop fundraiser this evening. >> sandra: we await his departure. >> bill: want to bring in marc thiessen, fox news contributor, grand rapids, michigan today. good morning to you. gave a one-year warning. is that a back down or sign of frustration? >> i think it's a backdown, a pivot, let's put it that way. he realized that shutting down the border is not the solution to this problem. the problem -- it wouldn't stop any illegal immigrants from coming into the country. they aren't coming through the ports of entry which is what we control and shut down. we need a wall to shut down the places they're coming through. it would have been devastating for the american economy. we just added 196,000 jobs last night.
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do we want to stop that boom from going? no. just to give an example of the damage it would do, last year they shut down the border at one place for five hours. that cost american businesses $1 million an hour. imagine if you closed all the ports of entry indefinitely. he is right to back off from this. >> bill: let me take you to the white house late yesterday and here is the president on the court system here. >> president trump: we have a stupid system of courts, the craziest thing in the world. we could be the only country that has it. you put a foot on the property, you put a foot into the united states, congratulations, go get perry mason to represent you. you end up with a court case. >> bill: how do you gauge the politics on this? which way is the wind blowing on that now, marc? >> he is very right to be frustrated with mexico and the countries of central america that aren't doing enough to stop these migrants from coming across the border and right to
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be frustrated with democrats who are denying there is a crisis at the border. there is a crisis. they had 100,000 apprehensions at the border in march. you have democrats like castro running around proposing to decriminalize illegal crossings into the country. the democratic party is moving in the direction of open borders and socialism. open borders and socialism is a national suicide. anybody can come into the country and get free stuff. that's where the democratic party is heading. we all used to agree once that we needed to stop illegal immigration and now the democratic party is increasingly in the side of open borders and letting anybody in. >> bill: sounds like a campaign issue in the 2020. how do you think this trolling is going back and forth that started officially i think one could argue yesterday between the president and joe biden? how is that going? >> first of all the video he tweeted is really funny. undeniably. what did joe biden expect.
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that president trump wouldn't get in on this? joe biden's problem isn't with donald trump but with the #metoo movement and the fact is and this whole massage gate that is about to implode his presidential campaign before it starts. he said i realize times have changed. i get it. no, you don't get it. i don't think there was ever a time when it was okay to go up to a perfect stranger and massage their shoulders or give them an eskimo kiss. women now aren't afraid to speak up and say it's creepy. joe biden is behind the times. i think this will kill his presidential campaign. >> i see you are on the job and presidential as always was the retort. marc thiessen there. thank you very much. by the way, great color today. >> sandra: that's working. >> bill: is it lavender?
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>> it's purple friday forever. >> sandra: on to the fox news alert. a spokesperson with the senate homeland security committee confirming to fox news they have received paperwork from the white house withdrawing the nomination of ron vitiello as director of ice. so far the white house isn't commenting on this matter. it is unclear why this is happening and why the nomination was pulled. one homeland security official insists it was nothing but a paperwork error that was corrected. >> bill: breaking news on this. former vice president mentioned this. joe biden making his first public appearance this morning since the allegations of misconduct. another woman coming forward in the last day. >> sandra: we look forward to talking to lara trump. jussie smollett facing the threat of a civil lawsuit as
6:12 am
the city of chicago's police demand the city's top prosecutor step down. we'll have the latest on this case. >> bill: waiting for the president to leave the white house and maybe more commentary on the mueller report and the information that's been out there or not. a potential showdown looming between lawmakers and the department of justice. reaction from andy mccarthy live next. >> dedicated his whole life, why would he give a summary that doesn't accurately reflect the conclusions? and i don't know who these anonymous people are. come forward. if you've got a concern, say so. there was a moment, my son i believe was about four, where he actually asked me "mommy what's wrong with your teeth?" if i would've known that i was gonna be 50 times happier... i would've gone into aspen dental much sooner. it was a very life changing experience... and it felt like i was me again. that's when i realized i hadn't been for three years.
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see it. >> bill barr is a straight shooter. even if you don't agree with that assessments he is not a moron. he will release as much of the report as he possibly can. >> bill: classic line every time. senator kennedy there, nadler before that. the justice department -- given to him by the special counsel bob mull he were. house democrats want to see the full unredacted report. former assistant u.s. attorney andy mccarthy has a lot to say on this and how are you? i'm great. late morning yesterday the d.o.j. put out a statement which is rare. here is what they say. every page of the confidential report provided to the attorney general barr was marked may contain material protected under federal law that protects confidential grand jury information and therefore cannot be publicly released. every page of that report. so that's close to 400.
6:17 am
what does that mean, andy? >> it means they're responsibly going about their work and trying to scrub the stuff that it would be against the law to put out. but i think more to the point, bill, it's a reaction to this carping that is done in the "new york times" under the cowardice of anonymity. nobody is claiming that barr has not faithfully given you or given all of us what mueller's bottom line conclusions were. their complaint is that they spun it a certain way in the way that they articulated the report and i must say this is something i've complained about from the beginning of mueller's investigation. what you had in case after case was 15, 20 pages that go on and on with a lot of heavy breathing about it's almost collusion. it feels like collusion. it is just about collusion. and then you flip to the last
6:18 am
page and you have a handful of process crimes and nothing in the way of a conspiracy between the trump people and the russia people. what they tried to do from the beginning, which is not what prosecutors are supposed to be about. they're supposed to be about telling you there is enough evidence to charge or there is not. they from the very beginning were just as concerned with how they spun their bottom line as what the bottom line actually was. >> bill: you are saying that without seeing the mueller report. i want to preface it. >> i read his indictments for a year and a half. why would anyone think the mueller report will be different in style. >> only because you would argue page 41 says so and so and someone else argues page 82 has a redaction and we need to know where that is. i think that's the next phase of this debate. i want to quote your headline in national review magazine. you say the folly of the mueller investigation, a stereo
6:19 am
without a cause, a report without a point. so go ahead and make the point you were about to go there with that, andy. >> i think the bottom line is that for over a year they knew that there was no collusion case and yet they continued the investigation when they could have issued an interim report and said look, we're still looking at what russia did to the election and still investigating obstruction but we don't have any reason to believe that president trump was in some kind of a criminal conspiracy with russia. instead they allowed the president to try to govern for over a year under the cloud of suspicion, which i think is completely inappropriate given what the relative concerns for the country are. between the prosecutors' ability to investigate and the president's ability to govern the country. and then at the end the only thing that we really needed him for even arguably was to make a decision about obstruction. and he ended up not doing it.
6:20 am
so he not only ended up not doing it, he punted the decision to the justice department. he is not supposed to be in the case because the justice department is supposedly conflicted. yet he recruited a staff from the justice department, he spun the cases that he brought out to the justice department, and in the end he said make a decision, not my job, i'll give it to the justice department. what did we need him for? >> bill: and you conclude saying the only question for a prosecutor is whether there is enough evidence to charge or not. andy mccarthy, thank you for your time. we'll talk real soon again. good to have you on. >> sandra: the march jobs report just out showing 196,000 jobs were added last month. a big rebound from february. maria bartiromo will be here to tell us what is behind the good news. plus a family who lost their daughter in the crash of that ethiopian airlines jet making a new push for accountability from boeing.
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a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. >> bill: the city of chicago saying it could sue jussie smollett after he refuses to pay the $130,000 and the police union -- >> we're grateful for the top police officials who are here with one united voice to demand the resignation of cook county state's attorney kimberly foxx. this is not just about the jussie smollett case, which undermined the public confidence in law enforcement's
6:25 am
face in cook county criminal justice system. >> bill: where does the case go next? that man will be our guest, kevin graham coming up here on "america's newsroom." >> sandra: all right. well, hiring is on the rise as we learn the u.s. economy did add 196,000 new jobs in the month of march. here to talk about all of it maria bartiromo from the fox business network, host of sunday morning futures on the fox news channel. appreciate you running over here after your show. after all good report on the economy? >> for sure. a strong report. it shows that hiring did resume after a little brief down trend in the month of february. actually wasn't really a down trend. only 20,000 in february but now you have 19,000 in the month of march. january showed a gain. the bottom line is this. employers are still hiring in a robust way. what i like about this report is you have growth in jobs and
6:26 am
the economy but you don't have inflation. so wages were up, month over month they were up 1/10% below expectation. the expectation was up 4/10th percent. you talk about wages up on average over the year about 3%. the first raise americans have gotten in a long time. >> sandra: the unemployment rate did hold steady that headline rate we look for 3.8%, still historically low. the lowest level in almost 50 years. average hourly pay, to your point, maria, rose 3.2% from a year ago. that is what a lot of economists were looking for because that number was not budging for a long time. >> it wasn't. it hasn't run away. the federal reserve zeros in on inflation. we aren't seeing inflation in terms of wages. we're seeing a nice, healthy raise for the american worker out there year-over-year. we haven't seen that before the
6:27 am
last year or so or couple of years. you have an economy not too hot or cold. the federal reserve looks and says we aren't doing anything for the year. now the expectation is things were slowing down so much they would have to cut rates. that isn't happening. it is not slowing down that much. how everybody talking hair on fire about a recession, i don't see it from these numbers. >> sandra: businesses are putting out signs they're willing to hire even in an environment where like february i guess you could call it a blip. even when there are signs of concerns businesses are wanting to hire in this environment. many perceive it as a very business-friendly environment. what are the implications for the markets? >> they like this. when the number came out you saw markets improve. you're seeing a rally underway right now with the markets basically saying this number tells me the economy is growing and the federal reserve is on the sidelines for a while. we're on the doorstep of first
6:28 am
quarter earnings coming out. that begins on the 12th with the banks. people are expecting a weak first quarter for earnings so it is probably priced into the market. you will see some negative news in the next couple of weeks. the key here will be what do companies say about 2019? you'll see growth in 2019 overall. earnings will pick up by the end of the year. we have a little rocky couple quarters for earnings because you don't have that stimulus of the tax cut plan this year that you had last year. >> sandra: markets open a couple minutes from now. >> up 100 points out of the gate. i am sticking my neck out on that one. >> bill: thank you, ladies, almost 9:30. any moment the president leaving the white house for a visit with the border with mexico. he will be in california later. he may talk to reporters on a rainy day in washington so if that happens we'll have it for you coming up in a moment. >> sandra: we'll watch for that. potential 2020 candidate howard schultz out with a warning for democrats. what he said at last night's
6:29 am
town hall about the potential nominee. >> bill: joe biden and the allegations against him. how could it shape the race? senior trump campaign advisors lara trump is our guest live next. >> president trump: our former vice president, i was going to call him. i don't know him well. i was going to say welcome to the world, joe, are you having a good time, joe? or.. badda book. badda boom. book now at
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>> sandra: all right. two minutes into trading on wall street on the final trading day of the week. there you have it maria bartiromo. >> bill: look at that. >> sandra: she just said markets would jump 100 points out of the gate. the dow up 100 points. the jobs report this morning, the march jobs report. it was better than expected. markets reacting to that. the unemployment rate held steady at 3.8%, the lowest
6:33 am
level in nearly 50 years. and wages were up 3.2% year-over-year. overall as you heard maria say this, a solid report and the economy continues to thrive. >> bill: three for three on that. you and i look like two cherry blossoms sitting here. >> sandra: you are really into this. you wear navy blue every day of the week. purple on fridays. >> bill: it's great on the color pallet. 33 minutes past the hour. this from last night. look at that. >> if a democrat runs who resembles bernie sanders who says he is a democratic socialist, donald trump is going to get reelected. on the character issue alone, life long republicans will not vote for bernie sanders. but they might vote for somebody who is independent, a centrist and wants to restore a faith and confidence in the promise of the country. >> bill: that was in our program last night. howard schultz, kansas city
6:34 am
town hall with bret and martha redrikting victory for president trump if the democrats nominate a socialist to run against him. peter doocy was live to hear that comment. was there a policy proposal the crowd seemed to like last night, peter? >> bill, the crowd of republicans and democrats seemed very attentive to his answer about abortion, where schultz explains he is pro-choice but with limits. >> and in my view there should be no abortion that is in the last trimester. president clinton said something a long time ago -- [applause] president clinton said something a long time ago that i think does apply. he said abortion should be safe, legal, and rare. and that's where i am.
6:35 am
>> schultz was asked last night if he would commit to putting a woman on the ticket at his running mate if he decides to run for president and he wouldn't do it even though that's what some presidential hopefuls. instead he would pick a running mate that compliments his skills and he hopes that person is a woman. >> peter doocy in kansas city. another town hall coming up. bernie sanders will join bret and martha coming up in april. >> sandra: former vice president joe biden set to make his first public appearance later this morning after several women accused him of inappropriate behavior. biden not apologizing as he considers a 2020 white house bid. lara trump is the 2020 senior campaign advisor and she joins us now. happy friday to you. so many questions. first, the lilac. >> you look amazing.
6:36 am
do this every day. >> color coordination is important. moving to joe biden he put out this video. one thing everybody picked up on he didn't formally apologize for these actions. what is the trump campaign take on what is happening here with these accusations? >> my take is probably different than a lot of people's. i know what it feels like to have things written about you, said about you that are not true. there is very little accountability these days with social media on a lot of networks and a lot of news outlets. i don't know joe biden personally, i have never met him. i don't know his character. but he has been in the public eye for so long. that for all of a sudden the timing of this just seems very convenient. if i were already in the race for the 2020 democrat nomination, i probably would not like to run against joe biden. who knows why this came up now? it certainly has made a lot of
6:37 am
people uncomfortable. he has addressed it. he probably does owe more explanation but i will tell you i take everything with a grain of salt these days because i know what it is like and our family knows what it is like better than anyone to have things said about you and being accused of things and maybe it's not the full truth. >> sandra: what do you think of the president's edited tweet of that video. >> we can always count on the president for a little comic relief and a little humor. i think he is having fun with it. >> sandra: a little more of that video joe biden put out. >> social norms have begun to change, they have shifted. the boundaries of protecting personal space have been reset and i get it. but i always believing governing, life for that matter, is about connecting. about connecting with people. that won't change but i will be more mindful and respectful of people's personal space. >> sandra: should he apologize? >> well, maybe specifically to some of these women say that he
6:38 am
made them very uncomfortable but again, i kind of stay away from things like this because again things can get really out of hand and misconstrued and blown out of proportion once the media gets ahold of things. a lot of times people want to be the first instead of be right about a news story. i don't know, maybe he can directly speak to some of these women and apologize to them and --. >> sandra: should it disqualify him from running? >> the democratic voters can decide on that. >> sandra: the democratic field continues to grow. how is the trump campaign feeling about this growing list of democratic candidates? >> i continue to find it so interesting. when you have a president who is as successful as our president is, who i think is going to very easily win reelection. i think he will win by more in 2020 than 2016. if they want to continue to come out and everybody get in it would make it more
6:39 am
entertaining for all the primary debates on the democrat side. but it really hasn't made us nervous or given us pause at all. >> sandra: you heard that from howard schultz last night in the town hall. he was making the point if democrats continue to embrace some of these ideas like socialism, they are going to hand the presidency to donald trump. >> they are all trying to out bernie one another it would seem. trying to get so far left and very extreme. i don't disagree with that. regardless of who it is, we feel comfortable. but certainly if you have people that are running on a socialist platform and the implications that would have for this country. people now with venezuela being brought to the forefront and people really understanding what socialism means, i think it is very scary to people. if you have a very far left candidate certainly we feel very comfortable about the reelection. >> sandra: does president trump have a problem with winning back the women vote for 2020? >> this is a question i get all
6:40 am
the time. i think the answer is no. actually in the mid-terms we saw that he did much better with women -- the republicans did much better with women than anticipated. and when it comes to a personal decision where you are by yourself in a voting booth, i just always think people think about the money in their pockets, the safety of this country, the future outlook they have for their children and their successes and i think they'll vote for donald trump. >> sandra: let me throw this up on the screen. the "washington post" on the 2020 trump campaign. some advisors -- referencing the trump campaign, are particularly concerned about the president's persistent unpopularity among female and suburban voters. is that the case? >> first of all, it's the "washington post". so some advisors aren't naming anyone. as far as i know and with everyone that i deal with on a daily basis at our campaign we feel very comfortable.
6:41 am
>> sandra: the president is expected on the border and leaving the white house. expectations today? >> i think it is important he is going down there. we have to showcase what we're doing on the southern border. it is integral to the safety of this country, to the future of this country in so many ways. this president has been so strong on immigration and fixing our broken immigration system. i think it is huge he is going down there and i think it will be incredibly successful. >> sandra: primary challenger for the president? republican challenger? >> what a dumb thing to do. but this is going to be the candidate for the republican party, donald trump. >> sandra: always great of you hear, lara trump. thank you. >> bill: nice to see you. cleveland indians nearly throwing their first combined no-hitter in team history. trevor bauer did most of the work. kept the blue jays off the bags for seven innings. they pulled bauer off the mound at 117 pitches at the end of
6:42 am
the 7. the bullpen kept it going. in the ninth there it is. there was a single. cleveland gets the win 4-1. a time you would have thought that would have been a good team. how are your cubs doing? have you checked in? >> sandra: we suffered a loss. >> bill: okay. our reds haven't gotten off to a good start. 1-4. >> sandra: better luck there. >> bill: they play 162 times. there is time. >> sandra: it's friday. there is that, too. moving on to this. the trump administration sounding the alarm on the southern border. >> as the president has made very clear, we have seen the situation rapidly move from a crisis to an emergency, to a near system-wide meltdown. >> sandra: as president trump takes off for california, congressman sean duffy is here to react to the crisis at the border. >> bill: a fan on life support after a fight outside a major league baseball stadium.
6:43 am
the latest on this investigation this morning. >> need to know what happened. in any dispute there is always two sides to a story. and right now we have partially one side of the story. that's an account from a witness that was there that saw part of it. -i call it my comfortable future plan. -it's our confident forever plan. -welcome to our complete freedom plan. -it's all possible with a cfp professional. ♪ -find your certified financial planner™ professional at -find your certified financial planner™ professional ever since daryl's family started using gain flings, their laundry smells more amazing than ever. [sfx] sniffffff uhhh, honey? isn't that the dog's towel?
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6:47 am
four, six months. you don't want to be in campaign season next year and threat en to shut down the border. you have jay johnson, the former lead of homeland security under barack obama, the former border patrol lead and mark morgan have come out and said it's a crisis at the southern border. we have democrats who aren't engaging in trying to fix the problem. chris cuomo from cnn, a denier of a crisis at the border once he was down there and said we have a crisis. so i look at what the president is doing. it has to be a full frontal attack. democrats need to get engaged. the president has to push them. he has to push mexico to do their part to secure their southern border and now what he has done for the central american countries is pulling their aid. he is doing everything he can to protect the american people. >> bill: on that point i thought this was interesting. it slipped by a lot of commentary. he talked about mexico having the strongest immigration laws as strong as anywhere in the world. they can do what they want to do. then he suggested they've done
6:48 am
a great job with honduras, guatemala and el salvador is shoring up their own southern border. do you know if that's the reality there? >> i don't. sometimes president trump will give people in his language a carrot and swat them with a stick. we have a ton of people coming to our border and they come through mexico's southern border. of course it is not secure down there. and i think the new policy in mexico with their new president given asylum and status to central americans who come through mexico, that's an incentive to leave central america and come to mexico and others are coming to our southern border. it's the policy in both countries that are incentivizing folks to leave the difficult of guatemala, honduras and el salvador and come north for opportunities. >> bill: so much is an economic detail. would you support tariffs? >> i would. what we are tow doing, bill, is
6:49 am
talking about tariff on mexico. this is an american issue. democrats have to get involved. they've had control of the house for four months now. have you seen a border security bill come up? if they don't like president trump and the wall, or barriers, what is their plan? beto o'rourke wants to tear down all the walls. this has become an open border party. you know the way washington works. you need compromise from both sides. if democrats say no we can't get anything done. again i think the president has to continue to bludgeon democrats and drive the issue it is a crisis at the border to get them on board. they have no plan to secure the border. they've controlled the house for four months. >> bill: thank you so much for your time. back home in wisconsin. thank you. >> sandra: a family filing the first lawsuit stemming from the ethiopian airlines crash as finding shed new light on the
6:50 am
chaotic final moments in the cockpit. frustration among officers as chicago police demand that the prosecutor in the jussie smollett case step down. police union president kevin graham says it's the last straw in a long list of grievances. he will be here to explain why next. >> we have taken a vote both in the police chiefs associations and with the fop, a vote of no confidence in kimberly foxx. this is not just about the jussie smollett case. ♪ limu emu and doug.
6:51 am
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>> sandra: the family of 24-year-old stumo accusing boeing of putting profits over safety as they file the first lawsuit on behalf of the american victim of the
6:54 am
ethiopian victims plane crash. she was the great niece of ralph nader who is now calling for a boycott of the company's max 8 planes. we are live in seattle with what we're learning. >> strong words from ralph nader as he called on the federal government to recall the 737 max airplanes and permanently ground the fleet. his niece was on a business trip in ethiopia and on the plane that crashed march 10th. one of eight americans killed in the air disaster and yesterday as you said her parents filed the first lawsuit in the u.s. against boeing, the manufacturer of the sensors linked to the plane's stall system and the faa that certified the plane. >> they delegated that responsibility to the manufacturer boeing, who had another motive of getting this aircraft out for sale. >> we're learning more about the faithful six minutes of
6:55 am
that ethiopian airlines flight. the crash report shows a sensor failed and triggered the m-cast system that pushed the nose down. they cut power, they tried to manually adjust the trim to raise the plane back up. because they were going so fast it wasn't working. in a desperate attempt to quickly raise the trim they turned the m-cast system back on and it further pushed the plane into a dive. there are real questions raised about are their flaws in the design of the system and the pilot instruction how to regain full control of the plane in the event of a malfunction. yesterday the ceo of boeing apologized on behalf of the entire company and acknowledged they have a lot of work to do. >> as pilots have told us erroneous activation of the m cast function can add to a high work loden vier onment. it is our responsibility to eliminate this risk. we own it and know how to do it.
6:56 am
>> boeing says the software fix for the m cast system will be ready for certification in the coming weeks. >> bill: at the moment president trump is taking questions from reporters before he gets set for his trip to california in a visit with the mexican border. we'll play his comments as we receive them in "america's newsroom." meanwhile the white house pushing back against claims the a.g. bill barr misled the public on the mueller matter. new reaction on all of this at the top of the hour. come on back. >> they lost on the collusion battle. now they're looking for anything and everything they can to continue to attack the president because they have no message. they're our parents...
6:57 am
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their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> sandra: fox news alert. president trump is wrapping up -- speaking with reporters outside of the white house as he gets ready to head down to the southern border in california after backing off his threat to shut it down. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom" friday morning. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. the comments from the president will be on tape and we'll have them for you as soon as they're ready. meanwhile the president will put mexico back in the cross hairs today flying down to the border saying it has one year to take action or get slapped with tariffs on automobiles. kirstjen nielsen backing that up. >> we're in disaster response. it is an emergency. you've seen the people at the border. so what i've done basically instituted an emergency response posture. i'm pulling on all of the
7:01 am
departments in the federal government asking them to fill the resource needs that we have because we have declared the emergency. so we are doing that now. we continue to work with the military. >> bill: kristen fisher is live on the u.s./mexico border already. kristen, good morning. >> president trump is coming here to see what the administration is calling the first finished section of his border wall. there has been some version of a wall here for quite some time and planning for this replacement wall began during the obama administration. it was not funded until president trump took office which is why there is now a plaque with president trump's name on it actually on the wall behind me. border patrol agents here in this sector say the wall is necessary for two big reasons. first, to keep their agents safe from rocks and blocks of concrete being thrown at them over the shorter older section of the border wall. the latest incident this happened two days ago. second, they say it is needed
7:02 am
to try to stem this surge of migrants from 2017 to 2018 this sector has seen a 97% increase in the apprehensions of family units. there has been a great deal of concern in this border town that president trump would make good on his threat to shut down the border. yesterday the president backed down from that threat for now. i'll let him explain why. >> president trump: mexico has been doing a very good job the last three or four days since we talked about closing the border. which is very real. but what is more real initially is tariffs on the cars coming in. a 25% tariffs on the cars being made in mexico coming in. >> president trump will be arriving here in about five hours from now and meeting with border patrol and immigration officials. of course, bill, he is also going to be touring a section of this new wall. >> bill: thanks, kristen fisher leading the hour there from the
7:03 am
border. >> sandra: the justice department defending attorney general barr as democrats ramp up pressure for him to hand over the full mueller report. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington good morning. >> good morning. on the mueller report delivered to congress there is significant time pressure this morning because at the end of next week both the house and senate go on recess. sources tell fox news justice department officials hope to complete their review in coming days, the attorney general's goal of mid april. last night a senior senate democrat said the justice department is not moving fast enough. >> every day that goes by without the american people getting the actual report, the details that you talked about, is indicative of a cover-up. the fact of the matter is all people have gotten out of the 400 pages is something less than 100 words. that's not acceptable. >> justice department has
7:04 am
issued this rare public statement taking issue with media accounts that the mueller report contains summaries that were immediately releasable, quote, every page of the confidential report provided to attorney general barr on march 22, 2019, was marked may contain material protected under a law that protects confidential grand jury information and therefore could not be publicly released. house republicans say if democrats like judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler want transparency the fisa warrant for a trump aide should be released. that relied on opposition research from glenn simpson's fusion gps and former british spy christopher steele. >> then let's release the fisa application. if jerry nadler wants the truth, call in glenn simpson. put him under oath. see if he takes the fifth like he did in front of our committee in a closed door
7:05 am
deposition. >> with a month to go, former trump fixer michael cohen is asking democrats to help keep him out of jail because he has discovered other things that he has got available now. >> sandra: catherine herridge. thank you. >> bill: president trump meanwhile taking a jab at joe biden posting a parity video online and in turn the former vice president fired back. want to bring in america's a-team. juan williams fox news political analyst, one in a million. ed henry, chief national correspondent working on a name for ed. we think it's easy ed and emily compagno. >> i changed my tie for you. >> bill: we have tape play-out.
7:06 am
in addition, we'll hear for the president in seven minutes from a moment. i want to set this thing up with the joe biden thing. watch what went out on social media. >> i shake hands, i hug people. i grab men and say you can do this. whether it's women, men, it's a way i've always been and the way i've tried to show i care about them. >> bill: joe biden responded. i see that you're on the job and presidential as always. >> i'm disappointed in the president actually. i've seen better memes than that. some of them we can't repeat. in all seriousness, i think look, joe biden, it was teed up for joe biden and he said i see you're being presidential. short, sweet to the point. if biden gets in. i still think -- he will run as
7:07 am
i'll restore the office. that may or may not work. donald trump got elected because he is in your face and tells it like it is. >> what surprised me this week is how republicans have been defending joe biden. i think that you see in that video, too, that some people will think you know what, mr. president maybe going too far. the whole idea that people who might want to push joe biden down a little bit and some of those are on the democratic side who don't want to preempt his run, are for the moment saying maybe this ##metoo thing is a little much if it's about a politician who is a glad hander. >> it reduces biden's experience to he is an ancient relic and who he is won't fly today. in totality he will have to defend a lot of things. it's a layer. >> sandra: the president speaking to reporters outside the white house. he departed a few moments ago on his way down to the southern
7:08 am
border. here is the president a few moments ago. >> president trump: the economic numbers just came out. they're very, very good. our country is doing unbelievably well economically. most of you don't report that because it doesn't sound good from your perspective. the country is doing really, really well. we have a lot of very exciting things going on. a lot of companies will be announcing shortly they're moving back into the united states. they are all coming back. they want to be where the action is. i'm heading to the border. we're building a lot of wall and we'll show you a section. and a lot of things are happening. a lot of positive things are happening. >> what should the fed do with interest rates? >> president trump: i personally think the fed should drop rates. i think they really slowed us down. there is no inflation. i would say in terms of quantitative tightening it
7:09 am
should now be quantitate easing. i think they should drop rates and get rid of quantitative tightening. despite that, we're doing very well. you would see a rocket ship. going in a different direction. ron is a good man. we want to go in a tougher direction. >> what exactly is offensive about joe biden's behavior and are you the right messenger for that? >> i'm a good messenger. people got a kick out of it. he is going through a situation. people got a kick out of it. we have to smile a little bit, right? >> do you see joe biden as a threat? >> president trump: i don't see joe biden as a threat. i don't see him as a threat. he is only a threat to himself. i just don't see him as a threat. he has been there a long time.
7:10 am
his record is not good. he would have to run on a obama failed record. you look at what happened with so many different things, north korea, the middle east, the economy, never got going. no, i don't think joe is a threat. i would love him to be -- i would be happy with any of them to be honest. i never changed my mind at all. i may shut it down at some point but i would rather do tariffs. mexico, i have to say, has been very, very good, you know that, over the last four days since i talked about shutting down the border. if they continue that, everything will be fine. if they don't, we're going to tariff their cars at 25% coming into the united states. so every time they make a car, it is a 25% tariff. that means we make money as opposed to lose money. we probably bring those car companies back into the united states. but if on the other hand it
7:11 am
doesn't work, which it will 100%, the tariffs will work. just like they've worked with steel. our steel industry is so hot right now because of what i did with tariffs. same thing with aluminum. they work. if it didn't work i will close the border and i am also looking at an economic penalty for all the drugs that are coming in through the southern border and killing our people. [inaudible question] >> president trump: the china meeting was a big success. i think we'll have -- look, we have a very good relationship. we'll see. i don't want to predict a deal or not a deal. we're very well along. we really have negotiated probably the two hardest points very successfully for our country. and china understands. china has taken advantage of our country for 30 years. and we can't do that anymore. not with me.
7:12 am
[inaudible question] >> president trump: because mexico has been absolutely terrific for the last four days. they are apprehending everybody. yesterday they apprehended 1400 people. the day before it was 1,000. if they apprehend people at their southern border where they don't have to walk through, that's a big home run. we can handle it from there. it is really good. now, congress has to act. they have to get rid of catch and release, chain migration, visa lottery. they have to get rid of the whole asylum system. it doesn't work. and frankly, we should get rid of judges. you can't have a court case every time somebody steps their foot on our ground. so very important that congress acts. but mexico for the last four days -- it never happened like that in 35 years.
7:13 am
[inaudible question] >> president trump: this will supersede usmca. that is a great deal and it is very good for mexico. but this will supersede usmca. [inaudible question] >> president trump: i'll hold a rally. yeah, because the dinner is so boring and so negative that we're going to hold a very positive rally instead. we haven't determined. we have about three sites. everybody wants it. it will be a big one. but the correspondents' dinner is too negative. i like positive things. no, they've already got it. it's old news. he lied numerous times during his last testimony. they've had that for many months. [inaudible question] >> president trump: i don't
7:14 am
know. that's up to whoever handles it. i don't know. i'm under audit. that's up to whoever it is. from what i understand, the law is 100% in my favor. [inaudible question] venezuela is a mess. this is what socialism brings. you elect a socialist here you will have the same exact country as you have in venezuela. thank you. >> bill: a president heads off to the border. joe biden, don't see him as a threat. that was a conversation. with regard to mexico, doesn't want to do it in closing it down. mexico has been very good as of late with their southern border stopping some of that. i'm under audit with regard to the taxes, similar line from yesterday. with regard to the white house correspondents dinner he will not be attending. he will stick to his tradition and do a rally. >> sandra: they hadn't ruled
7:15 am
out that he would be going. so that was some clarity there. talked about the economy and interest rates. suggested the fed should lower interest rates. going back to the environment where a president is weighing in on the actions of the federal reserve. if they would do that we would see a rocket ship. we got a good job reports and there is the president arriving at joint base andrew. he is heading down to the southern border in a few hours. a lot of positive things happening down there he said. >> bill: back with emily, ed and juan. what does he get from the border? >> mostly public relations. the point that he has justifications that the democrats have blocked everything he has tried to bring up on this. i wonder when it will be you ag johnson or not? he is a democrat who served under barack obama who says the border to the south is at a crisis point right now.
7:16 am
that's contrary to nancy pelosi and everyone else saying it's a manufactured crisis. the former homeland security secretary under barack obama says it is a crisis. so if you don't like the wall, what are you going to do? come up with something. so far congress has done virtually nothing. >> sandra: juan? >> i think that's not right. i think with the democrats are saying it is a humanitarian crisis, not an invasion. and not a military crisis. the president himself is very interesting this week changed direction. initially said he would shut down the border. then he said i'm not. first he said this is about the crisis without saying it's a humanitarian crisis. he says it is really about drugs coming across and if mexico does a better job at intervening drug transports this then we can do something. i'm confused. i think he is confused on this issue. >> here is what i love about him. broadening the conversation to
7:17 am
include now mexico and their role and their contribution to this. the notion that the crisis begins or ends at our southern border simply is false. since 2006 mexico has been fighting with a king pi strategy the incredibly violent drug wars in their borders. four of the five most violent cities in the world are in mexico and the northern border states. now the president has said i'll take a pacifist approach. he has deployed his national guard to fight this. the notion that there is not a crisis in mexico right now, that these people are fleeing from and that newly-created cartels and groups are benefiting from in regards with human smuggling and drug trafficking we see the negative aspects of. the notion that it's a humanitarian issue on our part or we need to provide asylum. that's false and overly simplistic. we need to have this conversation to include mexico.
7:18 am
>> bill: see that he is giving mexico a lot of options. i want to get to the town hall from last night. this is really picking up steam. howard schultz last night in kansas city on fox. watch. >> if a democrat runs who resembles bernie sanders, who says he is a democratic socialist, donald trump is going to get reelected. on the character issue alone, life long republicans will not vote for bernie sanders but they might vote for somebody who is independent, a centrist and wants to restore a faith and confidence in the promise of the country. >> bill: there were a couple intriguing headlines from last night. that was one. >> i agree with him. biden, beto, a lot of confusion who will rise. do not sleep on bernie sanders. he was socialist before it was cool. he still has big crowds. he has a lot of money. and if he is the nominee it is donald trump's dream. it will be socialism versus
7:19 am
capitalism. >> he has a ton of money. it is surprised how well he has come back. as if there is a new level of energy. others have a certain kind of new energy shiny object for the media. bernie doesn't but he continues to make inroads with voters in terms of the rally and with donors. small donors. >> bill: he will get a lot of votes in the primary season. >> i think you're correct. it won't translate to votes later on. to rally the entire spectrum of the democratic party and purple states you won't do so. they won't do so bay left leaning candidate and it will not be bernie. if he gets this nomination in the primaries it will be donald trump's win. >> sandra: she said purple. >> we're coming together right in the middle. >> bill: april 15th howard schultz will be followed by bernie sanders in a town hall here on fox. >> fantastic.
7:20 am
that was the first time juan agreed with me. thank you. >> i said purple. >> sandra: those job numbers out for march showing a big rebound from february. so what does all this mean for the economy? we'll break it down with the money man charles payne. >> bill: the fight over the jussie smollett case is far from over. the police union calling for the top prosecutor to step down and the police union president will make his case live next. >> this is unheard of in 38 years. there is something that needs to be changed. of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds?
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mno kidding.rd. but moving your internet and tv? that's easy. easy?! easy? easy. because now xfinity lets you transfer your service online in just about a minute with a few simple steps.
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really? really. that was easy. yup. plus, with two-hour appointment windows, it's all on your schedule. awesome. now all you have to do is move...that thing. [ sigh ] introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. >> sandra: chicago police demanding that the city's top prosecutor resign after the fallout from the jussie smollett case. the city is vowing to file a civil lawsuit against smollett himself because the actor is refusing to reimburse the city for the massive cost of that investigation. let's bring in the chicago police union president kevin graham. good morning to you. you are here to state your case to us. what is the city doing? >> well, to begin with yesterday we had a press conference where we had the police chiefs from all over cook county.
7:25 am
the three associations, the north, west and south police chiefs contacted us asking us for some assistance. they are fed up with the prosecutor. the smollett case is at the tip of the iceberg. we have had problems with getting felony charges approved for batteries to police officers. i have had officers in my office where kneecaps were broken, fingers almost bit off and we can't get felony charges on this? and that's where this is really started. when we got to the smollett case and saw that charges were simply dropped after an exhaustive investigation in which the city now appears to have spent over $130,000 to investigate in overtime, we are saying this is enough. and so we asked for her to step down. the f.o.p. in chicago took a vote of no confidence and so did the police chiefs around cook county. most of them were represented there yesterday. >> bill: we know you aren't
7:26 am
happy with her and i understand the case you filed. but what is the chance of success on this? >> you know, if she steps down she would have to do it on her own. she still has quite a bit of time left on her term. >> bill: this is more about the expression of the relationship that has transpired then, sir. >> you know, certainly we would like her to step down and have somebody in there who is going to actually prosecute cases. keeping the victims and the people who are part of the city -- the cases that have been brought in front of her, she has to keep those in mind. if she is not going to do that, the very least that we are looking for is to start having her office prosecute these cases. we want her to do her job. and she has said everything she can that this is not true, that it is political, it is for other thing. no, it is because she needs to
7:27 am
prosecute cases. >> sandra: jussie smollett is refusing to reimburse the city of chicago for the costs related to this investigation. what were the costs, kevin? >> as far as i know those were -- that $130,000 was mostly overtime cost. and so -- the city had calculated out how much all the costs of that was. they've sent him a bill. i've said before parking tickets in chicago double in 10 days. it would be my advice that mr. smollett should probably pay that money and move on. i think he already got a huge break and certainly there is going to be an in-- we believe there is going to be a federal investigation. we certainly called for one. and he may have to be viewing some additional charges from that department. >> bill: one attorney responded. mr. smollett will not be intimidated to pay the sum.
7:28 am
you are claiming he filed a false police report. just give you the last word on that, sir. >> you know what? we're going by what the grand jury had indicted him by and felt there was a case going forward. we certainly believe that the facts and circumstances have questions. he should go to trial and then plead his innocence and we should have had a full trial. he chose not to do that. >> sandra: thoughts on this. how is the city recovering from this incident? it gained nationwide attention and with the focus for quite some time there. >> you know, the people of chicago are very tolerant on different lifestyles and on different cultures here. and we were offended when we found out that somebody had said that they were attacked because of the color of their skin and sexual orientation. that was offensive. now that we have not gotten
7:29 am
answers out of the prosecutor's office but have certainly had an exhaustive investigation and we believe this case should have gone forward i think most people in chicago feel that we don't need people making false police reports. we have enough crime to investigate. and i think that's where it sits. >> bill: thank you for your time today. kevin graham, come on back, from chicago. in a moment here, tensions escalating in the middle east. hamas threatening to ramp up protests at the israeli-gaza border. >> sandra: president trump on his way to the border with mexico. will the threat of new tariffs on cars and closing the border finally solve this crisis? former florida attorney general pam bondi will join us live next. >> president trump: frankly better but less drastic that closing the borders will be putting tariffs on the cars
7:30 am
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7:34 am
>> president trump: i never changed my mind at all. i may shut it down at some point. i would rather do tariffs. mexico, i have to say, has been very, very good, you know that, over the last four days since i talked about shutting down the border. if they continue that, everything will be fine. if they don't, we're going to tariff their cars at 25%. >> bill: president trump on his way to the border with mexico. off the california. that from a moment ago at the white house. this coming now after the president eased up on his threat to shut down the border earlier in the week. the tariff threat is still out there and give them a year to figure it out. pam bondi, former florida attorney general and now with ballard partners out of tampa. where are we now as he makes his way to california? >> i think we are over in a great spot, bill. i think we're in a great spot. president trump is a master negotiator. we all know that.
7:35 am
that's why he was such a successful businessman and why he is a great president. the mexicans are going to listen to him because he means business. when he says he will shut down the border, he will shut down the border. but if he can negotiate, which he is doing. if he can put 25% tariffs on them if they don't cooperate it will destroy mexico. mexicans don't want that to happen. as a prosecutor i've seen it first-hand the drugs that flow into this country, the human trafficking that comes into this country. i've been to mexico as you both know and seen it firsthand. as attorney general. and the guns that are coming into our country. we as law-abiding citizens want guns to protect ourselves. the liberals don't want us to have them. yet they aren't concerned about the guns coming into the country going straight into the hands of ms-13 and other gang members? it's absurd. >> sandra: talking about working with mexico.
7:36 am
secretary of state mike pompeo was talking about just that on fox. >> they are saying they'll do it. so we need to see action. then we need to make sure they have the capacity. we worked with them to help them for years. we've provided lots of resources not only to mexico but to guatemala, honduras, el salvador. they have to do it. if not the president will insure we protect our nation. >> sandra: what progress do you think we can make there, pam? >> well, i think as i said we have a master negotiator and that's what president trump has been doing. that's what he is so great at as president. i think we'll make tremendous progress. i think the mexicans know that we have a president now in office who means business. under president obama, his dhs secretary, he was saying we had a crisis. but now under president trump they are taking us seriously. secretary nielsen has been doing a great job. >> you are two years in and replacing existing fencing and
7:37 am
not building new border wall yet. can you consider that an accomplishment at this point? >> well, i think we all know the president is going to get what he promised the american people. secure borders from mexico. and a wall will be built whether you call it a beautiful fence or a huge wall. it will be built. it is going to protect our country. the president is committed to that. that's what is going to happen. he is going to fight for that as he has. >> bill: here is what he said earlier. if for any reason mexico stops apprehending illegals the u.s. will force to tariff all cars shipped to the u.s. if that doesn't work i will close the border. pam. >> that's right. that's exactly right. what he is saying is i will close the border. i'm not scared to close the border. everyone knows he will close the border. he is trying to negotiate and have them do the right thing before he shuts down the border completely. do we have to have a wall, gate?
7:38 am
yes, we do to keep, as i said, all the drug dealers, human traffickers, illegal guns coming into our country, out of our country. this is a true crisis that we're living and we all know this. in my state alone, you know, when we have 17 to 20 people dying a day, 130 in our country, more than car accidents, that's a crisis. >> sandra: got it. pam bondi, thank you for joining us on "america's newsroom." good to see you. >> thank you. you, too. >> sandra: new tensions meanwhile at the israel/gaza border. palestinians expected to gather for protests there today continuing to demonstrate like they have over the past year. jonathan hunt is there live now. >> sandra, what started out here as day and everything is relative on this particular strip of land, but it has just in the last few minutes burst into a very violent clash between palestinian protestors on the gaza side of the fence and the
7:39 am
israeli defense forces on this side as we zoom in now and bear with us given the limits of the technology here with the picture. but we zoom into that dark smoke. here is what happens. the glaoups of palestinian protestors, at least several hundred of them on the far side of the fence today, they approach. they set tires on fire. that gives off a thick black smoke. that gives them then some sort of cover to try to rush the fence. that is what we are told from our producer inside gaza is exactly what happened. a group of palestinian protestors breaching the fence. at that point the israeli defense forces, as they are allowed to do under their rules of engagement, opened fire with live ammunition. we understand from our producer on the gaza side of the fence that several people have been injured. we do not know at this point how badly. this started out with much less violence than we have seen in previous weeks of what have
7:40 am
been weekly protests over the past year. as i say, it shows just how tense the situation is, that it has just burst into this kind of violence. all of this happening, of course, sandra, as egyptian mediators continue to work on a longer-term deal between the israeli government and the hamas leadership in gaza. trying to get all of this tamped down. from the size of the protest hamas is doing something to keep the thousands away in previous weeks. israel is making some concessions, opening a couple border crossings from gaza, a fishing zone for the palestinians. but when you see this kind of violence that we have just seen burst out behind us you see just how great the tensions remain. we'll try to get a lot closer and playing a game of cat and mouse with the israeli army. we'll bring you more as we get it. >> sandra: thanks for your
7:41 am
reporting. >> bill: 20 minutes before the hour. what do you do with $36 billion? the economy steams full speed ahead and the divorce is in. new jobs number out for the month. what's behind the good news? >> sandra: president trump meanwhile looking to shake up the federal reserve announcing he will nominate herman cain to the board of governors. charles payne is on deck with all of this next. cal: we saved our money and now, we get to spend it - our way.
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cal: ...and it's all possible with a cfp® professional. find your certified financial planner™ professional at >> sandra: this just in. 20 states filing a motion to block the president from diverting money to the border wall. this just coming into us a few moments ago. the attorney general -- funds and resources to the construction of the border wall. more on that as we get it. 20 states involved in filing that motion. >> bill: see where it goes. strong jobs report this morning.
7:46 am
companies adding 196,000 jobs in march. charles payne breaks down the numbers now. how are you? >> good. it was a good report but it wasn't a great report. i'll tell you why. overall number is really good. 196,000 at this stage of the game where we're near full employment. and wages, i'm big on wages. now blue collar workers have gotten over 3% wage growth for eight months in a row. you have to go back well over a decade. that's phenomenal. that is shared prosperity. everyone is getting a bite of the apple except one group. it is tough. 224,000 people dropped out of the labor force last month. and it's a segment of our society. a segment of the population that is still not able to participate. you don't have 7.6 million job openings and a quarter million people leave the labor force. that still has to be addressed. >> sandra: very interesting. meanwhile the president bringing up the fed a few
7:47 am
moments ago when he was departing the white house suggesting the federal reserve should lower interest rates, a hume boom for the economy. the news before that was herman cain going to the federal reserve? >> he was on the kansas city fed board. he is a very successful businessman. i love the idea. he is qualified in any way possible but also just you have to have some folks in the federal reserve who have written paychecks. who have hired people. who understand when someone is laid off, you know, that there are consequences. that me met the family of people they have had to lay off. i will give jay powell credit he said there is a difference between wage inflation and price inflation. he said i won't stop this economy simply because people are getting raises. past federal reserve chairmen have done that. he did hike too many times last
7:48 am
year. a legitimate gripe by president trump. herman cain is well qualified. i hope he makes it. >> bill: the most expensive diverse ever. >> and the best ex-wife ever. mckenzie bezos took significantly less than she had to take. she gave jeff bezos all the voting rights and blue origin and the "washington post". all for the sake of the children. i remember a couple of years ago when paltrow was -- the mystic thing. this is someone -- the family that did it. we said we had a great time together. we have wonderful children together. we built some beautiful things together and we'll leave it in the way so jeff can still operate this business. and so jeff is in a position to operate this business or keep control of it so that it is his business. >> bill: she gets $36 billion.
7:49 am
>> sandra: unbelievable. >> she could have had seats on the boards and part of his other businesses. she didn't fight for any of that. we've seen ugly divorces destroy companies. a recent example is winn. this was great. i'm very happy for their family. not happy they're divorced but if you have to do it they showed us how you do it. >> bill: wife of the year. >> ex-wife of the century. >> sandra: okay, charles. happy friday. thank you. if you have an amazon echo at home, you already know alexa is always listening. but would you trust her with your medical information? bret larson will join us next on what you need to know. i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans,
7:50 am
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>> sandra: so to continue the conversation, commercial break, how much do you trust amazon's alexa? how about trusting her with your medical records. bret larson, fox news headlines
7:54 am
channel 115 on sirius xm. >> this is an interesting one. we talk a lot about privacy when we talk about facebook and gaog also amazon and now they want to get into the healthcare space. what's interesting about that is we have hipaa, actual legislation designed to protect your medical information. there are rules in place, there are things you have to do that may be a little antiquated because the legislation was done in 1996 but they are pretty strict. and more so than you can go on facebook and type whatever you want. it's interesting that amazon is working to become hipaa compliant so they can offer these alexa skills for medical issues. >> bill: say alexa. >> find me a doctor. one healthcare systems is saying you can find a clinic? >> down how many alexa as across the country just heard that? >> you can find a minute clinic
7:55 am
and book an appointment. check on the availability. it's a great step forward for the virtual assistant technology because of the privacy protections that come with hipaa. it will get people more comfortable with using these devices. >> sandra: give another example so people understand. you can also ask alexa, if you don't use it it's amazon's assistant. you speak into these devices. the customer then could ask alexa pull up my blood glucose readings for example. >> that would require another piece of technology. they have the blood glucose monitors that are blue tooth enabled. we have legislation in place for privacy but how will amazon handle that? is there a data breach. my medical information was just hacked out of the amazon cloud. i'm not saying it will happen.
7:56 am
i'm saying it will be interesting how they deal with keeping your private healthcare data private. >> sandra: fascinating. >> bill: what do doctors think about this? >> i'm sure they -- it -- is alexa going to start advertising to you for prescription medication and things like that? >> bill: president trump now en route to the southern border putting mexico on notice amid a surging number of migrants coming into the u.s. senator ron johnson will be our next guest live. over to you, logo. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
7:57 am
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>> sandra: we're awaiting joe biden's first public appearance since several women came forward accusing him of inappropriate conduct. he is expected to speak at the washington hilton. no word yet on whether he will directly address those allegations against him but we'll be monitoring that and bring it to you when that begins. and we're awaiting a news conference from prosecutors and the f.b.i. in cincinnati on the man who came forward to identify himself as timmothy pitzen. a boy who disappeared when he was 6-year-old. his claim is not true. >> bill: heartbreaking news for the family. vanished at the age of six. authorities identify the man
8:01 am
who came forward as 23-year-old who was released from prison a month ago after serving time for burglary and vandalism. timmothy's family expressing disappointment and sympathy. >> i feel so sorry for the young man who had a horrible time and felt the need to say he was someone else. and hope that they can find his family. >> sandra: matt finn is following the story from chicago for us this morning. >> so many shocking twists and turns in this story. what ended up being a very cruel case for the pitzen family. a family member of the man claiming to be the missing teen saying this person might have severe mental health issues. this man, 23-year-old brian lied about being this boy, timmothy pitzen who went missing back in 2011 at 6 years old. it began on wednesday when neighbors called 911 about a
8:02 am
suspicious person that looked like he might have been breaking into a car. then shock as the story flipped and brian told neighbors he was the missing boy, timothy pitzen. a jolt of hope for the pitzen family. the family waited nearly 36 hours for the results of a dna test only to find out it was a lie. the f.b.i. tweeting, quote, a local investigation continues into this person's true identity. law enforcement has not and will not forget timmothy and we hope to one day reunite him with his his family. unfortunately that family is not today. now brian's brother says he has mental health issues and should be locked up. >> i tell the family i'm sorry for what he has done. for him i wouldn't speak to him. i hope he gets help. i also hope he goes to prison for this. or at least an institution. but i have no idea. >> this morning brian is being
8:03 am
held on an f.b.i. detainer and not clear if he will be criminally charged. >> sandra: as we await the news conference this morning we do not know where the realtime timmothy pitzen is. how did he go missing? what was the story? >> well, next month actually marks eight years that he has been missing. back in 2011 at 6 years old his mother checked him out of his kindergarten calls in illinois. she spent a few days with him. took him to a zoo and waterpark and then she killed herself in a rockford motel leaving behind a chilling note saying her son would be okay but never seen again. illinois police say they pursued the lead and unfortunately it was another dead end for this family. >> feel terrible for the grandmother, aunt and father. as a parent myself, i feel for them that this is yet another time where they've had their hopes raised potentially. i really feel bad for them.
8:04 am
i hope that someday we're able to find young timmothy. >> the u.s. attorney's office is holding a press conference at 10:30 a.m. local and we expect to get more details about this puzzling case. >> bill: president trump meanwhile we saw him last hour heading to california's southern border after giving mexico a year's warning to stop the flow of drugs and migrants coming into the u.s. here is what he told reporters last hour at the white house. >> president trump: mexico has been absolutely terrific for the last four days. they are apprehending everybody. yesterday they apprehended 1400 people. the day before it was 1,000. if they apprehend people at their southern border where they don't have to walk through, that's a big home run. >> bill: casey stiegel is live at the border in el paso, texas for us today. >> before leaving washington
8:05 am
president trump did brief reporters about a variety of topics before heading to the southern border in california. immigration, of course, was right up there and you heard him. he was talking and phrasing mexico quite a bit saying the country's government seems to have stepped up and really helped over the last couple of days and appear willing to partner with the u.s. to help stop the flow of illegal migration and drug smuggling activity. president trump warns if mexico does not uphold its end of the bargain he will slap tariffs on automobiles. in a series of tweets this morning president trump had this warning for mexico and i'm quoting here, however, if for any reason mexico stops apprehending and bringing the illegals back to where they came from, the u.s. will be forced to tariff at 25% all cars made in mexico and shipped over the border to us. if that doesn't work, which it
8:06 am
will, i will close the border. president trump adding in that meeting yesterday that he doesn't play games and that he will close the border. he is not afraid to do it and everyone knows it. so, bill, an ever-evolving situation as we wait and see what he has to say on the ground out in california today at the southern border there. >> bill: thank you, casey stiegel, el paso, texas. >> sandra: for more on the border battle let's bring in wisconsin senator ron johnson chairman of the homeland security committee. great of you to start off our 11:00 hour as we await the president's arrival on the southern border. your thoughts as we have seen him back off those threats to completely shut down the border. he was talking outside the white house a few moments ago about the progress that mexico is making on stemming the flow of migrants. >> good morning, sandra. it is important that mexico as well as the central american nations cooperate with us to try and stop the flow. but we have to change our laws.
8:07 am
the statistics are pretty alarming here. remember in 2014 where we had the surge of unaccompanied children from central america, 120,000 unaccompanied children and family units. 2014 president obama correctly called it a humanitarian crisis. in less than the first six months of this year the numbers are already 240,000. we got the last weekly number. 240,000 versus 120. it's a growing problem but it is growing because we have laws on our books that if you are an unaccompanied child or you come as a family unit. once you come into our country and have a credible fear of persecution you're home for good and long-term residency. cbp through no fault of their own have been reduced to a mere speed bump to long-term residency. we have to change the laws. >> sandra: as you know, senator, this debate is alive in this country. you hear both sides claiming
8:08 am
crisis, not crisis, manufactured crisis. what do you want people to hear ahead of the president's visit there about what you know is happening at the border, what needs to be done? >> it's a totally different problem than it was back in the early 2000s. back then it was mexican economic migrants. we could return them immediately and the numbers were distorted. it is apples and oranges. now it's unaccompanied children and people coming in as family units and now they're staying. we apprehend and process them and disburse them all over the country. it overwhelming the system. former secretary jay johnson said when he would come in during the obama administrations and apprehensions were less than 1,000 a day. that would be okay. over a thousand he would have a bad day. the last week we've had 4,000 a day. every day.
8:09 am
it's completely overwhelming cbc's capability to handle these people in as humane a fashion as they can. >> sandra: i also want to ask you about what we're learning about the gop senators moving to the mueller report. gop senators alerting william barr to some of these allegations that the mueller team was misrepresenting emails involved in the russia probe. they talk about what they describe as selective use of emails in the mueller court filings. chuck grassley, lindsey graham among those senators that apparently issued this warning to william barr. what more can you tell us about this? >> i really don't have any further information on that. i do want to see as much information as possible from the mueller report. but i also am very sensitive to the fact you don't release grand jury testimony. there is a reason the department of justice when investigating something and does not indict keeps it confidential. you don't want to taint people.
8:10 am
i want to work closely with both those senators to find out what was happening in the intelligence community, f.b.i. and department of justice during the campaign, during the transition and the early months of the trump administration. the american people have a right to know. >> sandra: the story per our own reporting, that the investigators involved had cherry picked details from emails to include in court documents in this investigation and they were urging him to review those materials. the last on our reporting is that it's unclear if barr ever reviewed the senators' letter. that's the news there. we hear you and thank you for coming on the program this morning. >> have a great day. >> sandra: you, too. >> bill: 10 minutes past. the coe of boeing acknowledging the role an automated flight system played in two deadly crashes of the 737 max 8 jets. >> sandra: we're sorry for the lives lost in the recent accident. these tragedies continue to
8:11 am
weigh heavily on our hearts and minds. >> bill: one of the victims' families launches a new push for accountability. >> sandra: we await a news conference on this man, the f.b.i. says falsely claimed to be timmothy pitzen, a little boy who went missing in 2011 at the age of six. the apparent hoax has left the family devastated. >> it's been awful. we've been on tinder hooks. we've been hopeful, and frightened and it's just been exhausting. i would like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans,
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
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8:15 am
or call 1-833-844-6703 >> bill: boeing ceo admitting the automated flight control system played a role in two fatal crashes. the pilots in the ethiopian airlines crash followed safety protocols but still could not regain control of the 737. 157 people were killed including 24-year-old stamia stumo. her mother accusing boeing of putting profits over safety. >> our daughter and her fellow passengers shouldn't have died. those in charge of creating and selling this plane did not treat our daughter as they would their own daughters. we have as passengers need to demand that planes be safe so
8:16 am
that no one else dies. >> bill: the max 8 has been grounded worldwide pending a software fix that still needs approval. >> this is devastating. it is like reliving that day all over again. and timmothy's father is devastated once again. >> sandra: we're awaiting a news conference from u.s. attorneys in cincinnati on what appears to be a heartbreaking hoax. the man on the right side of your screen there accused of falsely identifying himself as timmothy pitzen, a little boy who disappeared at the age of six in 2011. mercedes colwin is a fox news analyst and charles is from tmz. mercedes, first to you on the charges this man now faces. >> they're pretty significant. the f.b.i. is involved. any false statements that he has made to the federal authorities is a federal crime.
8:17 am
so that's one. two obstruction of justice that he could be charged with. and third, depending on what he has filed it could be a false police report. there are multiple layers of charges that could be made against him. the most serious one are any false statements he made to federal authorities. >> sandra: tmz has been all over this since this man first emerged claiming to be a teenage boy that was a little boy that went missing in 2011. the twists and turns have been heartbreaking especially for the family. what are we learning today? >> it is really a bizarre story, guys. and what we've learned about this guy i will say it if what the police are saying is true this jerk would would put the pitzen family through this. brian rinni has a lengthy rap sheet and a month ago got out of jail after serving 18 months
8:18 am
for vandalism and berg laari. he and some friends went into a model home and destroyed the place. and he also busted in the past for unauthorized use of a vehicle. so he has had a lot of problems in that neck of the woods there in ohio. so it's unclear, he got out of jail and why he would decide that he -- 23-year-old man will pose as a 14-year-old. by the way, his mug shots makes this case more bizarre. he has a 5:00 shadow and yet decides he is going to walk around and pretend he is a kid that would now be 14. >> sandra: the image up on the screen right now is the computer-generated image as to what he may look like at this point. >> what timmothy would look like. >> sandra: and to find out this is a 23-year-old man with facial hair and all the above.
8:19 am
they had to take this seriously from the moment he said he was timmothy pitzen. to your point, charles, is his brother, the one who claimed to be timmothy but all the troubles he has had. >> he was receiving treatment but then he stopped and started getting in more trouble. >> sandra: i know you were trying to say something out of that. go ahead. >> i just think thank god the f.b.i. responded as quickly as they did and performed the dna test to expose this guy as an imposter. the worst kind of imposter. he is preying upon the feelings and emotions of a family still reeling from the loss of a child. >> sandra: mercedes, i think hearing from the grandmother and the sister of the mother of timmothy pitzen was heartbreaking. we heard from the police in illinois. they have gotten thousands of tips over the years. they had to take this one
8:20 am
seriously but it led to this. >> it is terrible. there are so many children missing and exploited and they hope this child would be found and they had a double tragedy. his mother was found dead in a hotel room with the creepy letter where she says that timmothy is safe. you will never see him again. they've had all this mystery, all this tragedy. coming forward and suddenly they have hope that maybe timmothy is found at long last and this happens, it is terrible and probably why he will be made an example of when charges do arrive. >> sandra: we await the news conference in ohio. we'll learn more from that. mercedes and charles, thank you. >> i don't know joe biden personally. i've never met him. i don't know his character. but he has been in the public eye for so long that for all of a sudden the timing of this just seems very convenient.
8:21 am
>> bill: that's lara trump. joe biden is making his first public women since several women accused him of inappropriate behavior. how does it affect 2020? we'll check that out in moments. billions of mouths. billions of problems. morning breath? garlic breath? stinky breath? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath fresh breath oral rinse instantly fights all types of bad breath and works for 24 hours. so you can... breathe easy. there's therabreath at walmart. this is the family who booked the flight, ♪ who saved by adding a hotel, which led to new adventures, ♪ that captured their imaginations ♪
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8:25 am
i was an olympic caliber athlete living my dreams. my life was glitter and rhinestones and i was the united states national champion for pairs in roller skating and that led me into a professional career where i was in tv and commercials and music videos and i was deeply in love with raphael and we went on this romantic vacation to egypt. it was a tour that was organized by his mother and it was my first time meeting her and he told me that he had a surprise for me at the end of the trip. but we never got to that point. so we were in cairo for a few days and we were changing from one hotel to the next hotel in
8:26 am
the oasis and we had stopped along the way to have some lunch and that's when i was having a great time. i was doing cartwheels in the sand and my boyfriend was taking pictures of me and we were listening to music and we were laughing and having a great time and then we were -- there was an explosion and i was thrown to the ground and when i got up i couldn't walk. and i saw the rest of the tour group and it was just a bloody mess. we tried to protect each other but we were just out in the open and there was nothing to protect us. we huddled together and put our arms around each other. they kept coming back and shooting. i tried to move away from the tour vehicles because the
8:27 am
gasoline and it just -- everything was taken out and >> bill: everything was a nightmare. why did this happen? what's the reason for that? >> i don't know. we were tourists. it was clear to me we had been through a couple checkpoints and we had police with us. so you know, this was just unfathomable. it could have happened to anyone. >> bill: april, it is 2019. what can make this right for you now? >> well, i would hope that president trump would bring this up with the egyptians when they are in town and -- ask them to postpone the sale of
8:28 am
these boeing apache helicopters that egypt is expecting us to supply to them with american taxpayer dollars. it is like i funded this and i really hope that president trump would bring my case up to the egyptian prison so it doesn't happen to anyone else. >> bill: thank you for your time and what a story you have. thank you for sharing it with us today. april corley there in washington my best to you. good luck. >> thank you. >> sandra: more from the case of jussie smollett. he could face a civil lawsuit. what the actor is refusing to do. we'll be live in chicago. >> bill: also president trump on his way to california. firsthand look at the southern border. you'll see that shortly here on fox. his warning for mexico after backing off a threat to close down the border coming up. >> president trump: i will do
8:29 am
it just like -- you know i will do it. i don't play games. i'll do it. so we're doing it to stop people. we'll give them a one-year warning. if that doesn't stop the drugs, we close the border. rip. (woman) yes. (woman) off-road trip. (couple) [laughter] (couple vo) whoa! (man) how hot is the diablo chili? (waitress) well. you've got to sign a waiver. [laughter] (ranger) you folks need bear repellent? (woman) ah, we're good. (man) yes. (vo) it's a big world. our new forester just made it even bigger. (woman) so what should we do second? (vo) the 2019 subaru forester. the most adventurous forester ever. we really pride ourselves >> ton making it easyautoglass, to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there.
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>> sandra: the city of chicago will now sue to recoup the cost of investigating the jussie smollett case. the actor refusing to reimburse the city to the tune of $130,000. kevin graham, president of the police union, had this to say last hour. >> when we got to the smollett case and we saw that charges were simply dropped after an exhaustive investigation in which the city now appears to have spent over $130,000 to investigate in overtime. we are saying this is enough. >> sandra: mike tobin is live in chicago. mike, good morning. >> good morning, sandra. the jussie smollett legal team says if the city continues with its effort to file this suit
8:33 am
and reclaim the overtime pay that police spent, they will haul mayor rahm he manual and the police superintendent up for deposition. that was in a letter, and the law department announcing attorneys are drafting a civil complaint because the actor missed his deadline to pay. the letter says -- it's unconstitutional. legal team says the actor is trying to move on from this case but the fallout continues. police chiefs and president of chicago's fraternal order of police gathered to demand kimberly foxx resign. overseeing the office who made the decision to drop charges against smollett. kevin graham says it's more than the smollett case but foxx refusing to prosecute cases police bring her particularly when cops have been injured. he says this is a remarkable dynamic when police and state's
8:34 am
attorney are on opposing teams. >> the problem is she is not listening to the law enforcement officials. she is unilaterally making decisions about policies and public policy without consulting the law enforcement . >> and if police chiefs aren't successful with the demand foxx steps down he hopes it will be successful in terms of public pressure forcing foxx to more aggressively prosecute cases. >> sandra: thanks, mike. >> president trump: congress has to act. they have to get rid of catch and release, chain migration, visa lottery. they have to get rid of the whole asylum system because it doesn't work. and frankly, we should get rid of judges. you can't have a court case every time somebody sets their foot on our ground. >> bill: the president calling on congress to act before taking off for california.
8:35 am
former new mexico governor susana martinez is back with us. you know this issue as well as everybody. how would you explain it to americans why we can't manage to manage this, governor? >> you know, two deny there is a crisis is number one problem in trying to solve this problem. we have to accept that there is a problem on the border itself. the previous homeland security secretary under obama said there is a crisis on the border. we have to admit that first. and stop playing politics. americans are done with the rhetoric. they want to be safe in their homes and they want to assure that they have jobs and a good economy. accepting we have a problem. we have to tackle it with various different angles. first we have to change the laws of catch and release. second, we have to make sure we have enough border patrol agents, men and women on the border. we have to make sure that the laws are changed so that we
8:36 am
aren't treating children differently that are coming here unaccompanied. so we return them back to their countries not just to mexico, the law says just mexico. not a country that doesn't share our borders but return them safely if that's appropriate. but we cannot do it without the help of mexico, either. i think the president is doing a great job bringing it to the attention of mexican leadership and saying we need your help to curtail this problem. >> bill: he gave mexico props yesterday. you heard that comment. do you believe the leaders of mexico are changing truly? >> you know, i had -- as governor i had a great working relationship with the governors of mexico. we had a lot of trade and people who come back and forth across that border. so to close the border has to be a last resort. so he got the attention of the leadership of mexico and they want to help. i think they do want to work together. it is -- i'm very optimistic that the united states and mexico can work together to curtail this problem.
8:37 am
>> bill: what about the call for closing the border? this came and went this past week and now we're on the issue of tariffs possibly within a year's time. what do you make of that strategy, governor? >> you know, certainly the president had to get -- it's his responsibility to get the attention of the leadership of mexico because we need to make sure that we work together to curtail this problem. at the southern border of mexico, they have a responsibility to do that as well. congress needs to understand that working together we can curtail this problem. to deny it is -- all they're doing is playing politics. the american people are really tired of the political games that are being played. they want to solve this problem. and there isn't a single solution. a barrier is not the single be all, end all. with technology, more border patrol agents, more judges. we have cases that have true asylum claims that cannot be
8:38 am
handled because the courts are overwhelmed. i had a situation where we actually had children -- unaccompanied children that came with their mothers. with their mothers and children in the facility being held but they couldn't get to their cases fast enough. that is not fair when they had gut wrenching stories and some real cases of where asylum would apply. but they couldn't get to their cases because they were becoming overwhelmed with the system of so many people crossing illegally. and the coyotes are taking advantage of those people. >> sandra: more scrutiny for former vice president joe biden as another woman accuses him of inappropriate conduct. so will biden run for the white house? >> there is no reason for anyone to believe that these women are not telling the truth. but it is really up to the
8:39 am
voters whether or not vice president biden is qualified to run. >> sandra: joe biden speaking publicly for the first time since the accusations. let's listen. >> and i just want you to know i had permission to hug lonnie. [laughter] [cheering and applause] i don't know, man. anyway -- [laughter] look, it's great to be with you for real. lonnie, international president has done an incredible job along with the secretary general and mike, director of
8:40 am
construction and maintenance. but before i begin, i want to say something to you all. congratulations. what do i mean by that? congratulations, because you guys are leading the union level back. 2017 baltimore gas and electric, 1418 new brothers and sisters, biggest in 125 years. [applause] 2018 atlanta gas and light 700 new brothers and sisters. and it keeps going on. we're coming back. you are coming back. we need you back. when i look out at this crowd let me tell you what i see, i see my old neighborhood in scranton. i see the backbone. i see the backbone of the nation. i see people not only are smart but people with physical courage to do the things your members have to do. i see people who risk their lives going up with those
8:41 am
buckets and trucks after raging storms and sometimes during them working around the clock to power communities. people take you for granted. climbing up that [bleep] pole you risk your life. we used to understand that. iron workers back in delaware. i mean this sincerely. i would go into the hall and i would say i can't get over you guys. i admire your courage. 17 stories up. walking a beam. shooting a rivet. >> sandra: that's the former vice president joe biden delivering a speech in washington his remarks to the international brotherhood of electrical workers construction and maintenance. conference happening in washington we'll continue to monitor his remarks to you. this is the first public
8:42 am
speaking that he has done since the accusations that have been leveled against him. he did tweet out that video responding but he was then criticized for not formally apologizing. so we'll continue to monitor his remarks. katie pavlich will be here on the other side of the break to respond to all of this. pay for what i need.surancy oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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8:48 am
>> i just want you to know i had permission to hug lonnie. [laughter] [cheering and applause]
8:49 am
i don't know, man. >> sandra: that was a few moments ago. joe biden's first public remarks since several women have come forward with allegations of inappropriate conduct. katie pavlich is here. were you surprised to hear how he came out of the gate there on the stage? he recognized lonnie stevenson, which is the president of the international brotherhood of electrical workers, and said, quote, i just want you to know i had permission to hug lonnie. we're still monitoring his words there but he hasn't directly addressed the accusations against him yet, katie. >> well, first of all lonnie is a man so i'm not sure how the women who brought forth very serious statements about how joe biden made them feel when he inappropriately touched them will feel about him joking during his first public appearance on this especially after he refused to issue an
8:50 am
apology. but joe biden immediately after he made that joke launched into what this presidential will be about. democrats say they want to beat donald trump. joe biden immediately talked about small towns, hard blue collar work. he immediately talked about scranton, pennsylvania, and he actually talked about how in general people have become elitist and forgotten about those people working hard in the small towns and have those jobs have left. he is talking to a union audience. one that has been supportive in some ways around the country of president trump and the battle for joe biden, if he can get through the a primary is taking back votes democrats in terms of registration who voted for president trump in places like ohio, wisconsin and michigan. >> sandra: the latest accuser to come forward on joe biden published an op-ed in the "washington post". in that his accuser said a photo of me and joe biden went viral. i want him to take ownership
8:51 am
for his actions. it is not just the accusers and within his own party some. elizabeth warren saying that he owes answers to all these accusations. she said that saturday prior to him putting out that video tweet, katie. the video tweet came out. he addressed the accusations but didn't directly apologize. would that change things? >> i'm not sure that it would. there is not a lot of forgiveness when it comes to making these apologies as we've seen politically. al franken resigned over allegations he inappropriately touched women during campaign stops or photo shoots -- but taking photos in a photo line with people who would come to see him. it seems like he has had some regret over that and democrats running for president have struggled about whether he should have resigned. democrats are struggling with the issue of how much inappropriate behavior will be allowed in the #metoo movement. is an apology and an
8:52 am
explanation of what happened enough? are people like donna brazile coming out saying i know joe biden. he has never been inappropriate with me. with that vouching for character be enough? this will be an issue of the economy, of policies and there is a long record that joe biden has that has been somewhat forgotten about as a senator that will come back up for scrutiny. but this woman who wrote this op-ed i found it very interesting. she said look, because joe biden has done so much work on the issue of violence against women and sexual assault he should know better than to behave in the way he did. that's used as a defense for him saying he worked on the violence against women act. worked to champion women. she is saying yeah, that's exactly the point because he has done all of that he has no excuse. >> sandra: here is what she said. he has done important work to address sexual violence over the year.
8:53 am
i didn't want to discredit it then or now. because he has been active on this for so long he should have realized he could be making women uncomfortable and because of his powerful position women could be holding back from expressing those feelings. >> she is saying he should know better with the women he has met and he continued the behavior until now when he is allegedly about to run for president. and he said in this video earlier this week, sure, i'm happy to give people their personal space but then he goes into this public event today and makes a joke about it when there are very serious allegations from women who have survived sexual assaults when it comes to how they feel about what joe biden did to them. democratic voters as many democratic candidates have said will be the ones who are going to decide that. when it comes to a general election, joe biden and donald trump i think will be talking about other issues besides inappropriate behavior like
8:54 am
this. >> sandra: we asked lara trump to address it earlier on the program and she had this to say, katie. >> if i were already in the race for the 2020 democrat nomination, i probably would not like to run against joe biden. so who knows why this came up now? >> sandra: she was questioning the timing of it all. and here is continued live pictures of joe biden on the stage there. we're monitoring it. he hasn't directly addressed it yet. >> i don't think he will. i don't think he will bring this up. he is in front of an audience he feels has a message he wants to resonate when it comes to campaigning. if that's something he decides to do and this is an issue that he certainly doesn't want to continue to push into the public sphere. on the issue of this coming out now and being new, this type of behavior from joe biden has been known for years. we've been looking at the video and seeing it for years. some people in the media have pointed it out. many have no. it is not
8:55 am
necessarily a new allegation. it is just being pushed by somebody who is trying to beat joe biden back into the public sphere in a crowded democratic field where people are having trouble defining themselves as they get started for the debate happening in june. >> sandra: all right. these live pictures will continue and we'll continue to monitor that for everybody. but katie, thank you. appreciate having you on. >> happy friday. >> bill: in a moment president trump giving mexico a year's warning threatening to impose new tariffs as he goes to california to visit the southern border today. that's straight ahead next.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
>> bill: fbi investigating in cincinnati, ohio, this relates to the false identity that was claimed about a boy missing three years from the state of illinois. confusing story, but i we are getting an update. watch. >> the obvious trauma that one would expect if, in fact, one
8:59 am
was a child who had been missing and abducted for many years. the individual was taken to cincinnati children's hospital. meanwhile, the fbi and local law enforcement in multiple states immediately initiated a missing children's investigation and an interstate sex trafficking investigation based on what this individual had told law enforcement. when he was at cincinnati children's hospital, however, the person who identified themselves as timmothy pitzen declined to provide fingerprints on request. he did, however, provide a swab from which dna could be tested. >> bill: so, a 23-year-old has been charged. that's the gist of this press conference now. >> sandra: a heartbreaking story for that family to get word of this person emerging on the street claim to be their
9:00 am
loved one and it was not the case. that's for sure. that will continue, we will bring you the news from that as it comes in. thank you for joining us, a great week here on "america's newsroom." >> bill: have a great weekend. >> sandra: have a great weekend, bill. "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, former vice president joe biden given his first speech since being accused of inappropriate behavior by seven women now. referencing the controversy with a joke. this is "outnumbered," i'm melissa francis. here today, fox business network anchor, dagen mcdowell. fox news contributor and host of several shows on fox nation including "no interruption postcode and the author of the upcoming book, "never play dead: how the truth makes you unstoppable," which you can preorder right now on amazon, tomi lahren. fox news contributor, jessica tarlov. during us on the couch, chairman of the american conservative union and a former


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