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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 8, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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like that, that i worked with for 17 years. >> martha: thank you very much. good to see you. that's the "story" on this monday april 8th. the story goes on tomorrow night. see is you here. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen submitted her resignation over the weekend. she seemed like a nice person. she was on this show last week but it's possible she was never a good fit for the job she had. deportations were lower than under barack obama. the border went from troubled to out of control. there are more than 100,000 illegals showing up from mexico every months.
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kirstjen nielsen did not cause these problems. she doesn't believe in open borders. she believed in the law. but that was too much for the left. she was chased out of restaurants. today as she left the white house the morons on tv made her young like dr. mentionala. >> that's the woman -- who put children in cages and broke up families across the border. you know what? they will be right. >> she sold her soul. she became the face of separating babies from her parents. >> nielsen will be known for implementing a cruel policy. >> tucker: for the year and a half she ran the homeland security department, kirstjen nielsen should never sleep soundly again. hours after her resignation, a bloomberg reporter tweeted this. nielsen's next stop will be carefully watched. expect to see major out cry from
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immigration and civil rights groups and beyond." so kirstjen nielsen should not be allowed to have a job. she must be carefully watched. anyone who disagrees should not be allowed to work or post on social media or sell books on amazon or use banks. that's their position. it's the definition of extremism. anyone who disagrees with me must be hurt. this is not sustainable. deep down everybody knows that. we can't keep living like this with a small group of unhappy angry people in power terrifying the rest of us. it's too stupid and cruel and dishonest. countries have borders. that's why they are countries. saying that is not hate speech. it's true. barack obama must not be on twitter. whatever his many faults, listen to what obama said during his speech in berlin.
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>> i worry sometimes when, as we think about how to deal with the immigration issue, we think that any moves to assimilation of the newnewcomers to the exist culture is a betrayal. should we encourage them to learn the language of the country they are moving too? of course. does that mean they can never use their own language? of course it doesn't mean that. it's not racist to say if you are going to be here, you should learn the language of the country you just arrived at. >> tucker: assimilation is essential to cohesion. immigrants should learn the language. nobody doubted that least of all the millions of immigrants who
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arrived here and learned to sing the national anthem in english. only under the rein of the modern left is it forbidden to say what is true about immigration. the truth hasn't changed. hysteria doesn't make facts disappear. immigration can be a great thing for a country, but it must be carefully managed. you can't change the population of a country in 50 years and assume things will get better. even bernie sanders understands it. bernie sanders is an old-fashioned leftist and wants more welfare benefits. that won't work with open borders. it's impossible with open borders. sanders acknowledged that the other day. >> if you open the borders, there is a lot of poverty in this world. you will have people from all over the world.
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i don't think that's something we can do. we can't do it. >> tucker: there is a lot of poverty in this world bernie sanders acknowledges. the poor will move here and we will have to pay for it. sanders must be racist to say something like that. maybe he just cares about what happens to america. all of our leaders should care what happens to america. we don't elect them to improve mexico, china or europe. we put them in office to look out for this country and us. how would you feel about your parents if they treated you like kamala harris wants to treat the united states? keep the doors unlocked. sleep in your bed and eat your breakfast. nobody keeping track of who they are. your parents are over at the neighbor's house bragging about what good beam they are. that's what neglect looks like. -- people. that's what is happening. people know it. look at the polls. americans would like to see less
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immigration. not because they are bad people. they want the immigrants we take to be skilled enough to support themselves and contribute to american right away and not three generations from now. americans want secure borders. they are not getting any of that. resentment is building. what can be done to fix it? chris a former secretary of state for the state of kansas. thanks for joining us. why is it so hard for the administration to enact the policies the president ran on? >> well, i think the biggest impediment has been the department of homeland security. leadership for the past 2 years has been unwilling to execute many of the president's plans. from direct personal experience, i have been in the room when the president has given express orders to leadership at dhs and been assured those orders will be carried out. then a year later nothing has
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happened. there has been deliberate foot dragging. that's why you see the white house take the necessary steps to clean house at dhs and put people in, hopefully who will execute what the president orders. it was the president who was elected and not the ages. -- agency. the agency needs to move quickly to execute the president's policies. that's not happening. it's remarkable how badly the agency has been doing in execute what the president has asked. >> tucker: that's a constitutional requirement. so if you are running dhs tomorrow, what would you do first? >> first 3 things i would do to address this current problem on the border is number 1, we would publish the final version of the regulation in the flores
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settlement. it is how the united states can detain a family unit together so you don't have separation of families and detain them as long as necessary. that could be done tomorrow. secondly, i would deploy the thousands of fema trailers to border cities or military bases in texas and arizona and set up processing centers. instead of turning lose these bogus asylum appli kansas city. applicants and ship the judges there. then fly them back home. word will get out it doesn't work. you won't be released into the united states. the third thing i would do is publish a regulation that tells mexico, no, your illegal aliens in the u.s. can't send remittances home anymore through
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western union. that will become final unless you sign a safe 3rd country agreement like we have with canada. so any asylum appliant, when they step food in mexico they have to apply there for asylum. they can't walk through mexico. keep building the wall and 50 other executive actions. >> tucker: that would take care of a huge percentage of the problem we are seeing on television. -- i hope they do that tomorrow. barack obama's remarks from berlin. he said it's not racist to ask people to learn the language of the country they are moving to if you want to hang together as a country, you have to do that. i wonder how have things changed so much with that obvious statement become hate speech?
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>> political correctness has gone so far over the edge. now to even say anything to suggest to people who came to america, adopt the language and appreciate the united states constitution, there is an idea, suggests that is to be racist or intolerant. that's not true at all. it's simply to say we want to be a country where we agree with each other in principles and a shared language and shared values. there is nothing wrong with that. every great nation has done that. >> tucker: of course. people are afraid of being criticized by cnn they won't. it's great to see. felicity huffman just pled guilty in the college bribery scandal. will she be headed to jail?
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and cory booker is pushing a bill. what is in that bill? details after the break. the biggest week in television is back!
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with the s.a.t. prosecutors want jail time. felicity huffman could get 5 years behind bars. robby, thanks for coming on. 5 years behind bars, likely punishment? >> no, they will get a lot less. probably only a few months. some of them flipped on other people or they know how aspects of this were done. these work in ways that don't make sense to us. this person gets lucky and this doesn't. that's par for the course. >> tucker: the more transparency we bring to that, the better the country is. i am not defending the parents.
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these are all parents and the colleges which benefitted don't seem to be getting punished. why? >> right and these remember employees. it was coaches and people caught up in this immense sports bureaucracy that is funded and pushed by the federal government. these people, they were just bribed left and right. no one caught on for forever. they got away with it. it scares me how much power they had over the admissions problem. no one double checking who they are saying on the rowing team and the kid never rowed in their life. they got to decide who came to the really elite schools. that's horrendous to me. >> tucker: it's hard to believe these scams could be going on and no one in the administration's offense were aware of it. i don't share the politics of
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felicity huffman but it makes me suspicious that the attention is on the parents and none of the people who benefitted from the scams. >> yes. the people in the schools were heathrow so oblivious and bad at their jobs they had no idea what was going or they turned a blind eye. >> tucker: if a teller at wells fargo defrauds customers, the ceo testifies before congress, how could you let this happen. i have 100,000 employos and i didn't know. the head of usc hasn't gotten any scrutiny? >> right, they just quietly fired the person. they don't want the bad publicity. they act like they are moral arbiters for our society. i think what this scandal showed, this system was really rigged and unfair.
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it's not producing a society based on merit. it's a playground for the rich. >> tucker: and not producing impressive people. if you want to know what america's elite colleges produce, go on twitter and you won't be impressed? >> i am not impressed by twitter. >> tucker: democrats become the party of blood guilt. cory booker said they are just pandering. he is not kidding. watch. >> are you in fair of direct monetary payments to black americans who are descendants of lives? >> i am frustrated because this is just a box to check on a
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preside presidential list. this is a serious conversation. >> [applauding]. >> do i support legislation that is race conscious about balance on the economic scales? not only do i support it, but i have legislation that does it. i have the only legislation in the entire congress that would eliminate the racial wealth gasps in our country. >> tucker: booker's bill would not make reparations. it would create a commission to make recommendations. why the long wait? what reparations are needed to make america whole? who pays for them. thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> tucker: cory booker is sponsoring this and grew up in a town less than 1% back. both of his parents of ibm executives and then went to yale
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school and now a u.s. senator. how big would his reparation check be? >> its commission will study whether there is even a check. it would come from individual taxpayers? we don't know. perhaps it could come from the corporations that benefitted from slave labor like jp-morgan and aetna. >> tucker: how big someone who is obviously at the pennacle of privilege in our society like cory? >> you have heard his story about his father having to buy a home and had to have a white man pretend. >> tucker: there is no doubt in my mind that cory booker's family faced racism. >> he is not privileged. >> tucker: unlike me, he went to stanford. then he was a road scholar at
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oxford and then yale. there are people who lack any privilege. he is not one of them. >> does anybody earn that? who is to say he doesn't earn the road scholarship and the entrance into stanford? >> tucker: i am not saying he didn't. in 2019, he is one of the most powerful people in the country. would people like that be eligible for payment? >> we are studying how this works. >> tucker: let's add our voices to the conversation. i think it's clear that sins that took place in america's pass reverberate through the centuries. >> absolutely. >> tucker: do we make it worse? my concern is: if we are giving people money who don't need it and cory booker and barack obama would be at the top? >> i would say barack obama is not eligible. >> tucker: because he doesn't have a parent who lived in the
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united states? >> right. he is not a descendent of slave people in the united states of america. i don't know about booker's genealogy. >> tucker: would you feel uncomfortable if booker or pick an affluent african-american, would you feel uncomfortable if they got checks? >> i am not sure this goes down to checks. who gets it are things we need to side and figure out it's if even feasible. >> tucker: there were over 300,000 americans killed on the union side. their descendants must be saying we lost a family member or people who just showed up from another country. how about latin-american immigrants. >> tucker, you are looking at
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this from a moral standpoint. but some has to be looked as an economic issue. we are looking at it from the standpoint there were people whose labor was extracted and made people extremely and the country extremely wealthy. and other people didn't get a chance to build that tradition. >> tucker: i don't think anybody doubts that, actually. what booker is talking about is what do we do now? what you would wind up with is a country that says to poor people from guatemala, some percentage of what you make will go to make this thing better. >> this is what we have to study. it could come from corporations. >> tucker: but the shares of those corporations are owned by first generation immigrants. what do you say to them? >> this corporation that you invested in owes a debt because
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can became wealth from free labor and discriminated against people. >> tucker: no doubt. but it's something they own. most of them have no even genealogy link to slavery. a lot were on the other side. a lot of black owners of that stock. you pump into reality pretty fast and it becomes grotesque? >> this is something a commission has to study to look at: what is a fairway to dispense reparations? how can we equalize or get rid of this wealth gap? it would take 228 years to have african-americans be at the same level as white house. that is if we made everything equal today. it would take 28 years to
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eliminate the racial impact. >> tucker: one of many statistics produced that has no reference point in reality. that's unknowable. i would love to get into this academ i think thing. >> i would love to have you. >> tucker: democrats want people voting from prison. think about what that means for a minute. we will discuss it with mark stein after the break. when did you see the sign?
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yeah, and now business is rolling in. get started at >> tucker: democrats are finding it harder and harder to win the votes of ordinary american citizens. they have a new strategy. create a new border pool. let 16 years old vote and give the vote to violent criminals behind bars. bernie sanders argued those who break the laws should still be able to vote to make them. >> you think incarcerated people should vote? would you commit to that? >> that's the direction we should go. >> tucker: let incarcerated people vote. prisons are voted in rural areas.
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inmates could run the town that holds them because they would be the biggest voting block. mark stein joins us. the inmates not just running the asylum but the town? >> yes, the thing to remember about bernie sanders, he is actually the frontrunner. to continue with your asylum analogy, in the land of the entirely deranged, the fitfully sane man is king. bernie sanders, just 10 minutes ago you mentioned a burst of sanity on immigration. he said we can't have open borders because all of the world's poors will want to come here. he sounded as crazy as you. bernie sanders or tucker
5:31 pm
carlson? then he bows to the base of the party. he is shrewder than kamala harris and cory booker and the rest of them. if he doesn't blow it like he did last time, he will boe the sane guy. >> tucker: why couldn't you have a candidate who was populace on economics but more conservative on the social issues? focussed on the country rather than the rest of the world and pro-family. those are not incompatible positions are? >> that's where the sweet spot in politics it. 10 years ago we had whitman and pataki he was fistically conservative and socially
5:32 pm
liberal. the sweet spot is the opposite. that's where old school socialists like bernie sanders would have been quite comfortable being. bernie sanders's brother is like an old-school british labor party salt. -- socialist. he is all about the village workers. not the 6.5 billion other workers that want to move here once you open the borders. that's the sweet spot. >> tucker: i don't think they are smart enough to do that. alexandria ocasio-cortez start sporting a new accent while speaking at sharpton's conference. >> this is what organizing looks like. this is what building power looks like. i am proud to be a bartender. ain't nothing wrong with that. >> tucker: alexandria ocasio-cortez said she is from the bronx and always spoken that
5:33 pm
way. she said that her normal voice is the fake one. not the first democrat to do this. >> i don't feel no ways tired. i come too far from where i started from. nobody told me that the road would be easy. >> tucker: mark, if you patronnize an audience that much, would you feel shame? >> well, in fairness, i would say alexandria ocasio-cortez -- hillary clinton is terrible at it. absolutely terrible. i speak as a foreigner. i can't tell the difference between alexandria ocasio-cortez and william f.buckley junior. all of you americans sound the same to me. hillary clinton can't do it. alexandria ocasio-cortez to get away with it in a way that hillary clinton can't. i think for hillary clinton and
5:34 pm
joe biden, they have to put y'all back in. those people are saying i want to be something other than white. take my whiteness away from me. i am indian like elizabeth warren. i am hispanic like beto o'rourke or just whoever i am standing in front of like hillary. alexandria ocasio-cortez whatever you say about her is doing it with a much lighter touch. >> tucker: that's a fair point. we are roughly the same age. didn't you grow up in a world where people were encouraged to be who you are naturally are. could you live in a country where people are ashamed of what they are? that's the opposite what have we want. >> i lived through a whole generation of stupid songs about being authentic. learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all. i gotta be me. all of a sudden we have
5:35 pm
politicians who are trying to pretend -- elizabeth warren is harvard's law school first woman of color and nobody laughs. that's the first insanity. we laugh at it. but everyone who matters in america takes that nonsense seriously. >> tucker: is it sustainable to tell people they should be ashamed of how they were born? >> no, i think it's unhealthy. that's what is interesting. for alexandria ocasio-cortez, she is a young woman and like she is goofing around with that crowd. for hillary, it says something appalling about our political class. they can be front of us for 4 decades and not know who they are. >> tucker: i agree. it's really unhealthy. mark stein, thanks for that.
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>> ♪ >> tucker: last month state legislature in georgia passed the heart beat bill. it's straightforward with the exceptions for rape, intest -- intest and the life of the mother. famous people in los angeles promised to boycott georgia if
5:40 pm
this becomes law. what is interesting is what the abortion lobby won't save lives. the argument against it. listen as the former georgia legislature explains on msnbc. >> we have to be a state that is friendly to not only businesses but the women who work in the businesses. the governor is pushing this evil bill. it's bad for business. >> tucker: bad for business. according to stacy abrams protecting the life of a child whose heart is beating is evil because it's bad for business. business needs workers who give everything to the company. workers who are not distracted
5:41 pm
by their own children. little worker bees who would rather have an abortion than disappoint shareholders. this is the face of corporate liberalism. in the 1990s politicians admitted marijuana use. now on both sides they brag about drug use and call for marijuana to be legalalized nationwide. >> i am all for legalized marijuana. >> i call for the end of the prohibition on marijuana. >> should marijuana be legal? >> yes. >> tucker: that would be great for some bes. it's still a drug. -- businesses. it's been linked to schizophrenia. a former "new york times" reporter took grief for writing
5:42 pm
about a book about marijuana and mental illness. your wife is a physician and told you that marijuana is more damageing to people than you thought. proved her right. -- what do you make of watching politicians call for legalizing? >> i think it's very interesting. in the democratic party this is clearly an issue that politicians running for president don't feel they have a lot of room on. in blue states like new jersey and new york, state legislators who are confronted with the realistic possibility of legalizing this drug are shying away from it. in new jersey there was going to be a vote on march 25th. it doesn't happen because the lobby didn't have the votes. in new york, governor cuomo said it would be part of the budget
5:43 pm
but it was not in there. i think legislators who have to deal with this as opposed to politicians at the national level who want to be seen as progressive and want young democrats to support them, local politicians see the real problems. >> tucker: we have case studies. colorado the most long-standing. what have we learned? >> in states that legalized it violent crime as gone up. we can't directly connect that but the promise that it would reduce violent crime doesn't seem to have be the case. the states can let anybody who wants to grow and sell. that's what oregon has done. prices plummet and you have a cheap recreational drug. or you can do what california
5:44 pm
did and say we have high taxes. in that case the black market is vigorous. in california there are people calling for enforcement against the black market. i thought legalization was supposed to end enforcement. >> tucker: that points up the motive. tax revenues. >> absolutely. but taxes in california are short of projections. and i think governor cuomo might be concerned in new york, we won't generate the revenue we think it would so i will let it wither on the wine and not get it passed. i can't prove that. but it's odd there has been so little movement. since the book came out, there have been more studies that cannibis is cause depression.
5:45 pm
and used by women is linked to more symptoms of psychosis in their kids. the reason the left is pushing this so hard, they are aware the data is coming out fast to show the real problems here. >> tucker: the reception you got. i don't know what your politics are employee -- i would be shocked if you were a conservative. you have received hostility? >> yes, tremendous hostility. both from users. it's not death threats on twitter but death wishes. but also from the drug policy community. i am shocked they won't engage with the science in a serious way. i love you and love being on fox. but i should be on msnbc and cnn. these people don't want to engage with the reality of what this drug is. they want to pretend it doesn't have problem.
5:46 pm
that's a dangerous position to take. if bad things start to happen, they will be on dangerous ground. if they said this is a recreational drug with risks, but we think people should be allowed to use it, they would be in a safer place. they want to pretend it's medicine. >> tucker: you took an unpopular stand and i respect that. >> i believe in the truth of the science. >> tucker: i do too. thank you very much. i appreciate it. well, chicago prosecutor kim fox who appears to be corrupt is calling her critics racist. more ahead. the press is committed to open borders they are willing to defend ms-13. more on that after the break. ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> tucker: congressman swallow of california is a frequent guest on the show. one of the original believers in the russian conspiracy. never found the proof. but he stopped looking for russian spies for a few moments. now he has a new passion, becoming the president. >> i have already done a lot. i can do more. i have been in congress 6 years
5:51 pm
and defended our country. i want to stand up for the next generation of america. i see a country in quicksand. unable to solve problems and threats from abroad. >> tucker: a nice guy. if he gets elected, it will be tough. he called for confiscating the firearms of law-abiding americans and said federal agents will take their guns. chicago prosecutor kim fox was denounced by the chicago police union and could face a federal investigation into what she did. everybody sees her as corrupt and unethical. how is kim fox hanging on to her career?
5:52 pm
well, she has one weapon left to use calling her critics racist. even the black ones. trace gallagher has more. >> despite legal experts saying it's unusual dropping the charges against jussie smollett. kim fox declined to discuss the case. now fox wondered if the criticism she faces might have something to do with race. watch. >> i have been asking myself for the last 2 weeks, what is this really about? as someone who came up from the projects in this city to serve as the first african-american woman in this role, it's disheartening to me. when we get in these positions, the goal posts change.
5:53 pm
e >> tucker: she accused the police union of flat-out racism. >> it's a sworn enemy of black people. >> we have all white men looking like the ku klux klan to us all in uniform. >> tucker: when those comments were made fox news correspondent said kim fox did not object. he asked her about that and she ignored them. >> no further questions. >> mrs. fox, are all members racist? do you stand by that gentlemen? >> tucker: she believes white
5:54 pm
nationalists participating in the police union demonstration. they called the comments malicious and false. a former state's attorney filed a petition to find out in smollett should be recharged with staging a hate crime. >> tucker: thank you very much. ms-13 is america's most dangerous criminal gang. drug smuggling and murders across the country. the president didn't like ms-13 and he called them what they deserve to be called. animals. >> [inaudible]. >> we have people coming into the country and trying to come in, we are stopping a lot of them. we are taking people out of the country. you would not believe how bad
5:55 pm
these people are. they are not people. they are animals. we are taking them out of the country at a rate that never happened before. >> tucker: ms-13 preys on other immigrants. you think trump's comments might be greeted with applause. but no. condemning ms-13 would mean questioning open borders so the press lied and accused trump of attacking all immigrants. joy reid tweeted this: this is frightening language coming out of a person vested with the power of the presidential office. if you are getting deju-vu, don't worry. this played out over a year ago over the same quote. a republican joins us in the new york state senate. you have ms-13 cells off over new york state. what is your response to what
5:56 pm
you just saw? >> well, churchil said a lie gets halfway around the world before the troops get their boots on. now with twitter that's true. who re-tweeted this comment saying trump called people illegally crossing the borders animals and doesn't distinguish them and ms-13. it's a who's who of hollywood. >> tucker: one of the most amazing shows we ever did with a democrat last year who defended ms-13 and said it was immoral to attack them because they were from el salvador. how do we get to a place where people defend ms-13? >> they have to obscure the real
5:57 pm
conversation going on with the fresno sheriff and the president of the united states. she said because of california's sanctuary city policies are there ms-13 members she can't get off her streets and bring to justice. the way to obscure that scary reality is play the race card and accuse the president of saying something so horrible. they lost the russian collusion mayor 95. -- narrative. they attack the president as being racist. they are hurting his reputation and millions support the president. they are trying to drive those americans who support the president away from him for the election next year. nobody wants to support a racist because you are a racist. >> tucker: if you are willing to defend ms-13 and pretent that a
5:58 pm
political figure you don't like refers to all immigrants as animals, what it will be like a year from now getting close to the election? how unhinged are democratic candidates going to be? >> i don't think we have seen anything yet. as amazing as that is to ponder. president trump snuck up on them in 2016. now they know it's coming. the stakes are high for them. i think trump derangement syndrome will be taken to a new level next fall. >> tucker: if we racialize everything and people can't agree that a violent gang of illegal aliens is bad, what does that do to the country? can you have any conversation about policy that doesn't break down along racial lines? >> that's what this is about. if democrats can't win voters with their policies on the border.
5:59 pm
if you push them to an answer is they are for open borders. no i.c.e. and chain migration. they need to pivot as the prosecutor in chicago did. pivot to the race card to win votes and be viable in the election. it's ripping the country apart. >> tucker: why not just explain yourself? if you are for open borders, just make your case for it. >> they know that won't get them continued majorities in the house of representatives and not in the senate and won't get them the white house. they have unpopular policies. they wrap it in a race card to win elections. it's despicable. >> tucker: yes, thank you very much. we are out of time. could go on forever. limited by law to one hour. come back tomorrow at 8 p.m. the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness
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and group think. all of which are everywhere right now. if you don't catch it live, dvr it. now joining us live from new york city, the great sean hannity. are you? welcome to "hannity." multiple fronts, working up to the less i can hear. in moments we will cover the crisis on the southern border. it is now completely and fully overwhelmingly commit any capacity that those brave men and women that guard reporters have to deal with this. also we will focus on its way out of control. radical socialist 2020 democrats, new levels of an enemy worse than ever as they become more unhinged with each passing day and of course, literally becoming, you know, the socialist that we thought


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