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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 10, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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what might be the first attempt to catch a fly ball in baseball history. >> flyball deep left, back scales be wall and it drops. >> reporter: marcel face planting after overestimating the flyball. he was able to laugh it off so that wraps up "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now. rob: a major announcement from bill barr about the now closed collusion investigation. jillian: major steps the doj is making to find out what went on behind-the-scenes with russia probe. >> much media attention focused on caravans from central america. rgb is receiving caravan equivalent numbers of migrants every 7 days. rob: staggering statistics which
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may prove asylum laws in this country are being exploited by thousands of people every month. jillian: what the border chief said about illegals at the border and where they are coming from. rob: a state taking legal action to make sure the school day starts with the pledge of allegiance. jillian: "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ jillian: todd pyro, i wish we could follow him around. rob: nobody needs to see that. jillian: you are watching "fox
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and friends first" on wednesday. rob: i thought it was thursday. thanks for getting up with us. new immigration numbers painting a more chaotic picture at the southern border. jillian: agents raising alarm bells the crisis is worsening and more widespread than we might think. griff jenkins in washington is the president thousand apply the pressure. >> reporter: the president continues, a fourth major departure from dhs, at the deputy claire grady, the president says it is not a purge as democrats have alleged. >> i never said i'm cleaning house. i don't know who came up with that expression. kevin is going to do a fantastic job. homeland security, that is what we want. >> reporter: the president made clear his tougher approach would not include bringing back the family separation policy though he noted it was effective as acting secretary of defense
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patrick shanahan is sounding the alarm. >> the situation is deteriorating. we are feeling pressure to solve the situation on the border. it is an emergency. >> reporter: numbers are surging, 92,000 migrants apprehended in march up from 66,000 in february, 103,000 when you add the inadmissible 67% of these were unaccompanied children, border patrol chief who we visited last week in the rio grande valley sector came to capitol hill yesterday imploring congress to act. >> mental mistake but the word is getting out. if you bring a child you will be released. our agents apprehended and a honduran male, with one-year-old child, the man admitted the child was not his. i'm for congress to consider legislative action that restores integrity to the immigration system. >> he said they are catching
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people from 50 countries including china, bangladesh, turkey, egypt and romania. this is going to be a tough challenge for whoever takes over permanently at dhs. it is kirstjen and's last day on the job. jillian: the number of migrants seeking asylum over the immigration facilities. rob: chris kobach says we must come up with new ways to confront the crisis. >> because of detention space, we maxed out on the detention space, we have to think creatively. at other facilities where we bring in thousands upon thousands of trailer homes fema has, let's use them to solve this crisis so we can keep people in comfortable conditions but instead of turning them loose never be seen again that
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process there asylum claim quickly. get it done and if they fail in their attempt to gain asylum, immediately fly from home and we will get back in the home country and it is not so easy to disappear into america by making a bogus claim of asylum. 90% of them are not actually. jillian: the former kansas attorney general in the river to be running to replace kirsten nielsen as dhs secretary. rob: bill barr, what sparked the russia probe? jillian: it took hours after the democrats toward the ag over his handling of the mueller report. >> reporter: you were talking about cameras on me as a joke. this was no joke. lawmakers using what is typically a meeting centered on the justice department's budget, a pretty boring meeting, to hammer the attorney general about the mueller pro-blooge
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william barr sounding off about a team that was assembled to investigate the origins of the fbi counterintelligence investigation into the trump campaign. >> the office of the inspector general has a pending investigation of the fisa process in the russia investigation and i expect that will be complete probably in may or june, i am told. >> reporter: bar into the timeline when the rejected version of mueller's report is expected to be released. >> right now the special counsel is working with us. the process is going along very well. my original timetable of being able to release this by mid april stands. >> reporter:'s testimony marking the first appearance since revealing the findings of the russia investigation. last month house appropriations
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committee chairwoman firing back saying bar's findings released in a 4-page report came too quickly. >> could you explain for us? it is very puzzling to me that the 400 pages could have been reviewed, the president states this report is a complete and total exoneration. who is factually accurate? >> hard to have that discussion without the contents of the report. that is why i am suggesting we wait until the report is out. >> reporter: bar expected to testify this morning, see if more fireworks. jillian: we know the names of the marines killed in the bombing, staff sergeant christopher selectman, chris times, patrick you have an offering condolences while saying peace talks will continue.
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>> the ultimate sacrifice for which we can never repay. what you see are the casualties of war. there is a piece negotiation process, probably the best possibility for peace in 40 years is at hand. jillian: twee 7 troops killed in combat this year. we know sergeant slotman was due to come home and three weeks. rob: the bodies of two americans who vanished on vacation are believed to have been found. officials in the dominican republic working to identify a body they think is orlando more found in the ocean. a woman who died after being found unconscious on the side of the road is thought to be his girlfriend. authorities believe their car plunged into the ocean on the way to the airport two weeks ago. the university of south carolina will give a degree to a student
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murdered after mistaking her suspected killer's car for her uber. the school will honor samantha josephson at commencement in may. her death sparking reform in a state south carolina house passing a bill requiring rideshare vehicles display illuminated signs. that moves on to the senate. the suspected killer, daniel rowlands, is charged with murder and kidnapping. jillian: the man charged with pretending to be a missing boy will stay in jail. brian renee will be locked up until the case is over. he told federal agency was timothy pitzen and had been held captive. pitzen went missing when he was 6 years old in 2011. dna proves he was lying. rob: lori laughlin and her husband could face 40 years in prison in the college admissions scandal. the couple indicted on fraud and money laundering charges accused
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of paying half $1 million in bribes together daughters into usc. felicity huffman admits to paying $15,000 to boost her daughter's sat score. she agreed to plead guilty. jillian: a kansas city chiefs fan shown a laser into the eyes of quarterback tom brady. it happened during the afc championship game. you see the green glow on his face, the 64-year-old man faces a year in prison and a fine of $100,000. brady said he didn't know what happened. rob: a celebration decades in the making, university of virginia welcoming the basketball team after their first national championship. >> i don't think hollywood could have done a better job. jillian: the cavaliers beating texas tech in overtime in the title game. just last year they became the
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first ever number one seed to lose to a 16 seed in the ncaa tournament. a parade will be held saturday. it is 10 minutes after the hour. after democrats grill him on the mueller pro-william barr drops a bombshell launching his own investigation into fisa abuse. where do we go from here? a next guest, an attorney, outlines his next move. rob: did alexandria ocasio cortez solve the immigration crisis? she is trying to tie it to climate change. we will explain this coming up. ♪ into action... the bookers. the doers. the 'hit that confirmation button and let's go!'- ers! because bookers know that the perfect place to stay... is right there for the booking. be a booker at
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jillian: william barr says the doj is investigating the investigators behind the russia probe is democrats tear into his handling of robert mueller's final report. rob: the president and republican lawmakers get answers to the questions they had been asking since the election. former prosecutor, thank you for coming on this morning. phase 2 of the russia probe. this one the president will like a lot more. >> william barr demonstrated he is a pro, he faced these attacks not based in evidence but mischaracterized the mueller report, nothing to back that up. why would he misrepresent it? he knows the report will be made largely public. he said in his testimony he gave mueller the opportunity to review this letter before it was released. why would he allow mueller to review the letter of he misrepresented the content of
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the mueller report? shannon: from what we heard, he said i don't need to see this putting his trust in him. >> mueller has shown faith and william barr said i know robert mueller, i have faith in him, i'm not going to interfere in his report and not rush to finish the report. biology lt honor those commitments. rob: you look at this, they are trying to push this idea that bob mueller is bound and gagged in a basement unable to defend himself and william barr is lying about the investigation it seems you can feel it in this hearing. they need something negative. they tied everything to this investigation and it fell flat. >> they said the letter was too short because it was four pages was whether the letter was four pages, 40 pages, 400 pages so long as it didn't point the finger at the president jerry nadler was not going to be happy but let's flip it around.
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the president is a crook or thief, do you think jerry nadler, was so upset? he would have been thrilled. jillian: it pounded every single day that he only took two days to summarize 400 pages. >> another specious charge. mueller and bar sworn in on february 14, 6 weeks before the report came out. as soon as he was sworn and he became mueller's boss, the reason to think he wasn't immediately fully aware throughout the 6 weeks what the findings were and the underlying evidence was in relation to the report. he gets the report, a new revelation and knows what is coming up. rob: they are disappointed this didn't last longer to get a sense 2019-2020, a little deeper into it to affect the election. now you have horowitz investigating fisa abuse in may or june and william barr will look at that himself.
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that could be the investigation. >> let the prosecutors do their job, not the politicians, devon nunez wants to make a. i have faith in bar because of his distinguished career of public service but more faith than i had yesterday. jillian: thank you for your time. rob: down to the wire, close election for benjamin netanyahu with a razor thin lead seeking a record fifth term. jillian: live in jerusalem with election results and what it means for the united states, stay right there. ♪ -we bought a house in a neighborhood with a lot of other young couples. then we noticed something...strange.
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the president's strongest overseas ally appears to be headed toward reelection in israel. benjamin netanyahu and his challenger are both claiming victory. it is a razor thin margin. jillian: here is the very latest. >> reporter: the race appeared to be much closer than it actually turned out to be according to the official election results this morning from is really prime minister benjamin netanyahu will likely serve his fifth term in this position. once the votes are counted netanyahu's party became the largest beating the blue and white party by 10,000 votes. this morning gives netanyahu a large advantage in forming a coalition government in the next month and a half, the primacy will have 42 days to join other small parties to reach a 61 seat majority, last night during his victory speech in tel aviv he confirmed he began making calls to garner support from other
2:23 am
parties. a tough opponent of the blue and white party declared victory after seeing a lead in exit poll numbers, called for a unity government and did not rule out working with netanyahu's party when the official outcome was announced. strong relationships with countries like russia and the united states paired with a growing economy gave netanyahu a large base of support, the election was seen as a referendum on the prime minister and results are likely to increase his ability to govern. that said the prime minister is facing charges of bribery and corruption that could make his efforts to lead in israel more difficult in coming years but make no mistake, last night was a major victory for benjamin netanyahu. rob: really close election. jillian: teresa may meeting with european leaders to request yet another brexit delay. the uk prime minister is
2:24 am
expected to ask for a june 30th extension. the original plan to leave the eu was delayed once after the bridge parliament rejected may's deal three times. of another extension isn't given britain faces an abrupt departure friday. rob: alexandria ocasio cortez has another one for us, this time blaming the immigration crisis on climate change tweeting the far right loves to drum up fear and resistance to immigrants but have you ever noticed they never talk about what is causing people to flee their homes in the first place? perhaps that is because they would be forced to confront one major factor fueling global migration, climate change. aoc says the us would have blood on attentive climate change legislation like the green new deal is not past. >> violence in central america, climate change, the real reasons.
2:25 am
victor davis hanson, senior fellow at the tube or institutions is the new crop of democrats stand outs are pushing identity politics to the next level. jillian: they come out swinging on ill-informed issues to appease their base of social media followers. >> creatures of social media and identity politics. i don't want to disparage them but they have no achievement, no knowledge they draw on so each night they tweet something more ignorant than the last, anti-semitic, bigotry, showing ignorant of the middle east, of history and economics and the question is why do they have such residence? why do the candidates, why are they falling all over themselves to apologize for their privilege or history of white toxic masculinity? the answer is these three representatives terrify the democratic party because they
2:26 am
suggested a constituency without which the democrats can't win. jillian: if you are trying to appease people in social media they are still voters, still listening to you. 25 after the hour two colleges in one state just got a quarter million dollars so their students can do legal work for illegal immigrants. rob: what kind of lesson is this teaching college kids. next guest his opinions on that, stay tuned for that. on like this: (sneezes) earn one free night when you stay just twice this spring. allergies. or.. badda book. badda boom. book now at got it.r pickup order? ran out of ink and i have a big meeting today. and 2 boxes of twizzlers... yeah, uh... for the team... the team? gooo team....
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jillian: welcome back. attorney general william barr putting together a team to discuss what sparked the russia probe.
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the investigation could be completed as early as next month. rob: no border patrol numbers show major surgery illegal immigrants sneaking into the us at of the rio grande valley, they arrested illegal immigrants from 50 different countries. this marked the last day on the job for homeland security secretary kirstjen in. >> donald trump of 5 to texas to announce two executive orders, he will visit a training center for union members and deliver remarks about pipeline projects and expanding american oil and natural gas production. rob: the limo operator charged in a horrific crash that killed 20 people set to appear in court, 20 counts of manslaughter in 20 counts of negligent homicide after one of his limo drivers ignore to stop sign and crashed into a parked car last year. he hired an unqualified driver
2:31 am
in the vehicle failed safety inspections. he is expected to plead not guilty. and illegal immigrant accused of killing 5 people found that. the mexican national and himself, the previously deported immigrant was arrested on 5 murder charges after killing four in kansas and another in missouri. prosecutors were seeking the death penalty. jillian: the pentagon grants $1 million to build the border wall. two companies get the money diver did from the defense budget used to build 60 miles of wall in new mexico and arizona and should be completed by next fall. donald trump toward the construction project at the border last week. today bernie sanders will have a new version of the medicare bill. and coverage to nursing homes and at home care doing away from health insurance, is rivals are sponsoring the proposal, the
2:32 am
fairmont millionaire set to release 10 years of tax returns monday. the same day he will join fox news for a townhall. rob: for many of us spring has sprung but for some winter has sprung yet again. we are getting our first glimpse at a snowstorm. jillian: more on a bomb cycling was 2 feet of snow. we heard this term a lot lately. >> and intensifying low out of the rockies, 24 mbar in 24 hours or less. that is the definition of a bomb cyclone and that is what we could deal with over the next 24 to 48 hours. blizzard conditions and warnings for million stretching from colorado to wisconsin including the denver area where we will see wind in excess of 35 mph for several hours and feet of snow in some areas where we not only
2:33 am
see potential for snow but very strong winds for the duration of several hours as the storm gets wrapped up and intensified over the next 12 to 24 hours. there is your forecast precipitation. not only upwards of two feet of snow in some areas but ice as well. the potential for an ice storm, ice on the roads and power lines leading to potential of power lines going out in some of these areas and flash flooding as well. that will be the big concern and you see the difference in temperatures, 81 in kansas city, 40 in chicago, 40 in minneapolis. we get snow sometimes in april. this one could be historic in terms of how much wind we are going to get. rob: beautiful weather for the rest. rob: my friend is therefore a practice run.
2:34 am
jillian: 250,000 taxpayer dollars is how much new jersey is giving to law students who represent illegal immigrants facing deportation. rob: our next guest is a rutgers university student, receiving funding under the grant. campus reform correspondent joins us live, thanks for coming on this morning. giving all this money away what is your initial reaction to the program and a plan like this? >> campus reform reported they were one of the first reported it. a lot of students will be participating in this program, receiving credit in exchange for their services of defending and providing free legal advice to illegal immigrants facing deportation which for many people including myself i believe that is a misuse of taxpayer-funded money.
2:35 am
jillian: a quarter million dollars. >> part of a $2.1 million effort statewide, just in this alone. jillian: the younger generation shapes the future so what lessons does this teach kids who are going to go forward after college and take this in their life with them? >> you talked about the laurie laughlin situation, it teaches you some people get ahead without being quite fair and that is one of the things that really bothers so many conservatives like myself, the people skipping lines and people who came here legally like for example my grandfather who came here in the 60s with nothing, worked his butt off for 40 years as a printer and i am proud of
2:36 am
him and everyone like him who did it the right way. rob: look at the long line of people without a border they can walk across that are waiting years and years to get into the country, being cut in line. democrats would argue if you are a poor helpless criminal and you get arrested you get an attorney but immigration court, and illegal immigrant does not and they say that is why something like this is a good idea. is that a fair argument? >> it is a fair argument. in preparing both sides of the argument i don't see how noncitizens are entitled to taxpayer-fundeds like this and i don't see legal precedent for it, the moral precedent as well. jillian: we have a statement to fox news saying the pilot
2:37 am
program, this pilot program ensures new jersey residents many of whom have valid claims for relief are not needlessly separated from their families without their day in court. we are proud of our part in this pilot program. one final word in a couple seconds before we go. >> my messages even though this may be pretty controversial i am proud of rutgers university law school, conservatives like myself, we may not agree with elizabeth warren but she's an alumni of rutgers law school and i'm proud of that. jillian: appreciate you joining us. rob: we reached out for a statement and have not heard back, thank you so much. 37 after the hour. parents new york city could be fined $1000, live with desperate measures being taken to fighting measles outbreak. >> here to see beto, i said yes i am so thank you for being here.
2:38 am
jillian: what happens when a student goes to a beto o'rourke rally but doesn't know who he is. carly shimkus with reaction on social media. you don't want to miss this. ♪
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>> we cannot allow this disease to make a comeback in new york city. we have to stop it now. rob: a public emergency is the measles outbreak continues to grow. people in new york city being warned to get vaccinated or face fines. jillian: looking at the order. >> we are in the epicenter of where the measles outbreak continues to grow and grow, in the center of williamsburg, the public health emergency within four zip codes out here. and essentially saying on
2:42 am
vaccinated people who don't get the measles shot have to face fines of $1000. the outbreak started in the fall and since october there have been 285 confirmed cases of measles, 246 of which are children. this is a predominantly orthodox community. there is a massive debate in the community whether parents should vaccinate their kids. health officials are warning parents to stop having measles parties where parents are getting their kids sick on purpose in order to immunize them naturally. health officials asking parents to get the mmr vaccine instead of doing this measles parties. a similar situation roughly 40 miles away, the county executive is trying to ban all unvaccinated kids from public places. they halted that decision in the little of the legal battle.
2:43 am
bill diblasio is confident he is within his legal rights. back to you. rob: worked so hard to get rid of these diseases and they come back. jillian: antiabortion movie will take center stage on capitol hill, the film's writer and director will testify over conservative bias on social media. rob: teresa carrasco joins us with today's hearing. >> reporter: the senate judiciary committee on the constitution shared by senator ted cruz will hear testimony to determine if social media companies are blocking conservative speech. the hearing will include testimony from the writer and director of the movie unplanned which takes a serious stance against abortion. twitter had reportedly taken down the twitter page. there was a lot of outcry against that saying it block the twitter page because of the message behind the movie. we will hear testimony from
2:44 am
facebook and twitter officials. at&t in hot water, people questioning what they are saying. >> at&t announced six and more cities have been added to their 5g network, bringing the total up to 19. the issue is there are no devices capable of this 5g technology just yet. there is only one mobile hotspot at&t has but you can't buy that in stores. they are supposed to be coming out with devices capable of handling it later this year so we have to wait for those but they have these ready for the 5g. jillian: it is good to be ready. rob: we have a list. >> the competition between all
2:45 am
the wireless carriers to get the 5g available to customers is what they are pushing, forget the devices. rob: anything i click on i want now or i will throw the phone across the room. thank you so much. fireworks on the hill when hearing about hate speech explodes into anger. >> the witness may not refer to a member of the committee is stupid. >> i didn't refer to him as stupid, that's not what i said at all. you didn't listen to what i said. >> candace owens wasn't on their. >> let's check with brian kilmeade for what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> we have a huge show like no other. william barr goes to capitol hill, got some blowback and gave us a lot of information. we will talk about how this investigation got started and what we will see in the mueller
2:46 am
report and senator josh holly on capitol hill and what is going on with homeland security and kellyanne conway will reflect on that in san antonio to find out what is going on towards the border and devon nunez will be here, bringing in a major lawsuit. and a small office, i have a problem throwing things out. this is spring cleaning week. the last 14 hours they have been cleaning my office. you will see the transformation. is it possible to get rid of that clutter? i was getting text messages at 9:00 that they were still working on this. i've not seen it yet but i have seen the office. the way you can clean your house, the way you can clean your office, we will give you some clues and try to organize my life. it is impossible to organize my life.
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jillian: another person's office be worse than mine? rob: how high maintenance are you if you can't clean your own office? another diva news anchor. rob: can't answer the criticism. e that complain about dry mouth. they feel that they have to drink a lot of water. medications seem to be the number one cause for dry mouth. i like to recommend biotene. it replenishes the moisture in your mouth. biotene definitely works. [heartbeat]
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jillian: fireworks between candace owens and his blue in a hearing on online hate speech. >> i will let her own words do the talking. >> of their wanted to make germany great and have things run well. fine. >> he is assuming black people will not hear the 2-hour clip. that was unbelievably dishonest and did not allow me to respond to it.
2:51 am
rob: she handled it pretty well. carly shimkus here with more on a heated exchange. >> reporter: it started when ted loop pulled out a cell phone and played a small portion of a controversial comment owens made about hitler and nationalism, and accused congressman lou of taking her comment out of context, this heated debate transitioning over to social media. owens's employer defended her on twitter saying ted and every media outlet should be ashamed of themselves or mischaracterizing, candace owens legitimizes adolf hitler, candace legitimizing nationalism, not the atrocities inside and outside germany. blue responses of sweet saying candace owens clearly stated the following, quote, if it were just wanted to make germany great and have things run well, okay, fine. the problem is he wanted, he had
2:52 am
dreams outside of germany. those are her own words. these, the top trending topics on twitter nationwide last night. when twitter user saying your composure, eloquence in your response was absolutely spot on but taylor saying bringing the receipt which is a hip way of saying he brought proof to support his point. rob: it was worth watching. hillary clinton says m aga is white nationalist slogan. >> hillary clinton link the make america great again slogan to racism tweeting this, the white nationalist certainly think am aga is a white nationalist slogan, she posted that alongside a huffington post article that discusses how far right extremist groups have adopted the m aga slogan as their rallying cry but some of
2:53 am
donald trump's supporters are defending themselves. when twitter user saying they are slogans for americans of all colors, races and ethnic backgrounds and ages, for patriotic and love this country and another twitter user chiming in saying no slogan can decide who adopts it. this is a week attempt to undermine movement by creating a negative association between m a ga hat wearers and extremists. jillian: you don't always expect to see someone famous in a public restroom. >> he may be famous enough to go by his first name nato but it looks like some people are still having trouble associating the face with the name. watch this. >> the my friend matt who i met in the men's room as we were washing hands and he said are you here to see beto? i said yes, i am. so thank you for being here. i was wearing the hat, you couldn't tell.
2:54 am
>> one persons is perfectly understandable as he was not standing on the bathroom counter at the time. the university of iowa student telling a local news outlet beto o'rourke was really polite and happy to meet him. rob: 53 after the hour, taking a stand for the flag, a statement resorting to legal action to make sure each school day starts with the pledge. jillian: that's not how you bury the hatchet, one woman's brush with serious injuries going viral. ♪ t of mastery. lease the 2019 es 350 for $389 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. . .
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♪ rob: welcome back. an alabama republican is fighting to keep the pledge of allegiance in schools. require state schools to start the day with the pledge. wouldn't require students to have to cite it. shifts the to the school board to state law. after they found out school board was not making it mandatory. jillian: comments are pouring in. it should be required for the schools to do it. optional for the kids to participate. only opt out with parent authorization. rob: voluntary i'm more patriotic when i have freedom and choice this is america. jillian: finally, sad this has to be a bill much less a discussion. rob: time for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. we start with the good. jeopardy contestant smashing the record for single day
2:59 am
earnings. james pullshower professional gambler from las vegas won $110,000. previous record was 77,000. man, he must be good. jillian: yeah. next the bad. watch as a woman almost gets axed. [screams] jillian: she is lucky, throw the ax the indoor entertainment complex in denver and ducks right before it hits her in the head. the complex calls this a 1 and 15 million and calls her to come back with a champ i don't know. rob: what might be the worst attempt to catch a fly ball in professional baseball history. >> fly ball. deep left, back, scales the wall. and it drops. rob: ground rule double.
3:00 am
st. louis cardinals outfielder marcel face planting after he overshot the fly ball. he wanted to have that moment when you are up on the wall catching it. jillian: that looked like it hurt though. have a good day. ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: live from new york city. we have a nice day here in this big apple. portions of the wind up with some snow day in the central plains. ainsley: two days ago really warm, in the high 70's. and now it's going to be really cold today. brian: i took the sleeves off all my outfits. ainsley: snow thesew them back , brian. brian: i have to snap them back on. a lot happened overnight especially if you are in israel.


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