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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 13, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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very easy, you will have a blast. america now and forever. up next, shannon bream, take it all from here. shannon: this is a fox news alert, breaking tonight, brand-new ruling out of the ninth circuit on a key portion of the immigration policy. the president says he's considering transporting illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities and states. we have analysis from a us attorney who works along the border in texas and the power panel. william barr and his team works together congress until next week, democrats a lost all credibility, just doing the president's bidding. will they say the same when they see the report he delivers? the taliban announces a new spring announcement in
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afghanistan. jones served on the frontlines and joins us live. we have team coverage on the immigration front. we start with jeff paul in california where sanctuary policies are in place in the president says he may send an overflow of illegal immigrants. >> reporter: officials within the trump administration initially shrugged off the idea of releasing migrants into sanctuary cities saying it was just an idea. that changed when the president was asked about it and took aim at california. >> california says we want more people and they want more people in their sanctuary cities, we can give them a lot, and unlimited supply. let's see if they are so happy. they say they have open arms. let's see if they have open arms. >> that sparked fierce
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opposition from many prominent democrats. nancy pelosi who represents san francisco says the president is targeting would ask about the idea. >> it suggests another notion that is unworthy of the presidency of the united states and disrespect for the challenges we face as a country as a people who to address who we are as a nation of immigrants. >> reporter: oakland's mayor responded saying the president is using rhetoric to put forth a racist agenda calling it an outrageous abuse of power and public resources. she says she's proud of the mayor of a sanctuary city and feels because of a city is safer. >> the idea that the administration sought in any way that it would be acceptable to use families and children, human beings as political retribution
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against their enemies should infuriate every american regardless of political affiliation. >> reporter: new york mayor bill diblasio responded saying he uses people like bonds. new york city will always be the ultimate city of immigrants, the empty threats won't change that. mayor eric garcia tweeted we need real solutions that hold our values, not disgraceful policies that demonize immigrants and will never become reality. the white house asked dhs and ice if this idea was possible. ice responded it would not be appropriate or legal. shannon: thank you very much. fox news alert, the ninth circuit taking action tonight temporarily allowing the trump administration to return asylum-seekers to wait in mexico. >> reporter: the administration
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doesn't normally get new news from the ninth circuit, today they did, the famed ninth circuit, the venue of choice for the resistance trying to stop the president temporarily freezing an injunction issued on monday keeping dhs from sending asylum-seekers back to mexico. in short a rare legal victory for the president in typical hostile territory. all this as a new caravan kids north with hundreds if not thousands of asylum-seekers, the ninth circuit says of those who make it to america can be sent to mexico to wait for a decision on their case. the injunction heads to the court next week so this is far from over. important to point out this is part of the long legal battle by those opposed to donald trump's immigration policies. and to the washington post, so
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blatant he can change the law by negative fiat. the trump administration argues asylum-seekers from the northern triangle, guatemala, honduras and el salvador, rarely win their cases and skip out on court dates. this ruling claims the same day the department of homeland security shot down multiple reports donald trump offered 2 pardons are now acting secretary of homeland security over a similar issue. at no time has the president indicated, asked, directed or pressured the acting secretary to do anything illegal, nor with the acting secretary take actions not in accordance with our responsibilities to enforce the law. a strongly worded statement because of explosive claims by the new york times that donald trump talk to kevin last week at the border. and and the new york times noted
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during their recording, and those opposed to the president, those were the appeals next week. and it is great to have you with us. >> janet napolitano said this week about the detention of people over the border and what happened next. >> we need to get away from this concept that everybody has to be detained. we can release people into the country, they can be required to wear an ankle bracelet, they can be required to report back periodically until they get a return court date.
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they are so backlogged, they may not get a hearing on asylum. what is wrong with releasing that in the meantime. >> 800,000 case back log. it is not about legitimate, people with legitimate asylum claims. only some 13% actually get that claim granted and if you show up at the border, you are likely to get into the country to live and work here for years. and you mentioned at the top of the broadcast what that policy
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does, and, they have to wait for the certainty of having asylum claim while 800,000 people, they get their hearing first. doesn't work well for legitimate filing claims. >> what the administration tried to do on the issue of immigration, caught up in the courts and the fact a single federal judge can issue nationwide injunction shutting down an entire policy while the actual mayor to the case proceeding. a lot of folks raising concern and former gop congressman bob barr rights fueled not only by the judiciary's long-standing lust for power but now the left at hatred for donald trump
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judicial public policy activism threatens to engulf the legislative and executive branches of the government. for any president republican or democrat, how concerned are you about them effectuating policies a federal judge, to stop years at a time. >> this is the growing problem over the years, i was a constitutional lawyer before i took my post. i argued supreme court cases, the way injunctions are supposed to work, and not supposed to grant relief any number thousands of people who are not in front of you. he or she essentially deciding a bunch of cases presented -- that really hampers -- and percolated in the lower courts.
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and and numerous courts before the case gets up to them, and a lot of judges noted recently. >> a lot of power in some areas like this. us attorney for the weston district of texas, thanks for joining us tonight. we are standing by for the mueller report. it could come at any time. next analysis. lite autoglass, we really pride ourselves on making it easy to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ ♪ ♪
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the biggest week in television is back!
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xfinity watchathon week. now through april 14, enjoy free access to the best shows and movies from hbo, showtime, epix and more. what! so, you can get more into what you're into. whether it's more laughs, oops. epic escapes, or high-flying thrills, get more into what you're into. just say "watchathon" into your x1 voice remote, or download the xfinity stream app. xfinity watchathon week, free. now through april 14. >> shannon: we are awaiting a redacted versi heather: we await a rejected version of robert mueller's russia investigation is democrats lash out over the attorney general's comments the government spied on the trump campaign.
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ari fleischer saying william barr, that she was on the other foot and obama it may be under scrutiny, the democrats want bar to be fired. some people fear what he may find. and former deputy assistant attorney general john you. as we stand by, a lot of questions we may get a report last week. you think democrats will be happy at all, if you gave the whole 400 pages and the reductions they would be happy, they said that is what they would take. >> these calls for bill barr to be fired or resign make democrats look partisan. let's see what barr does with the report. releasing 95% of the report and bob mueller says the report will contain everything the american people need to know should barr be fired then? i don't think so. he only had a report a few weeks. what is the big rush? let him finish the job.
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i can't believe people would think let me also say he doesn't need protection. he can take care of himself. he seems to be the only adult in the room and knows what he is doing. heather: you have speculation about trouble he may be in under the headline does mueller report anticipate campaign finance related to trump's russia contact, you write trump and his campaign are not out of the woods for prosecution of campaign-finance violations about contact with russia. what might you learn in the mueller report? >> and william barr's summary he talks about obstruction and says mueller didn't come to a conclusion on obstruction and talks about conspiracy or collusion and he found no crime. bar did not discuss anything about campaign-finance violations including campaign-finance violations related to the russia contact by the trump campaign. that is significant.
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the potential campaign-finance violations in the mueller report, that's one of the things we need to see in the version of the mueller report we are going to get. i agree with john there is no basis to say attorney general bar should be fired or impeached at this point. attorney general bar's duty to the american people and the constitution at the highest legal officer of the land. can't be seen to be protecting the president. a question will be does he give enough of a report to understand what mueller concluded. >> senator shaheen asked him are you going to withhold any disparaging information? that's not how this works. there is also a policy out there in federal law enforcement you don't lay out a case like jim comey did against hillary clinton and then don't give that person a chance to answer the court of law because you don't actually charge them. what does that mean about what we will won't get in regards to
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the mueller report? >> william barr summarized, found no evidence, insufficient evidence to charge for collusion with russia or conspiracy to violate federal law. he found no evidence at all. spreading disparaging information on donald trump, david is right. the area we will be most curious is what the mueller reports is about obstruction but it sounds like mueller if you look at the bar letter, plays out evidence on both sides. it will not be a case of one side saying this is all the things we have against trump and lays out the facts clear to trump on the other side and bar already thought it wasn't criminal and the american people and congress said make their own judgment. >> something from senator john kennedy about what happens next. >> when william barr issued a
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summary, you would have thought according to my democratic friends it was the second coming of the apocalypse. he issued a summary. what would have happened if he hadn't issued a summary. now they are saying he is in bad faith, taking a look at how these investigations started. shannon: should you look at the origins or not? >> senator kennedy is out of line. the problem with william barr's summary is it is just four pages. he could have given more information. mueller had lots of conclusions in his report that didn't have grand jury information, had nothing that was secretive. shannon: every page was marked, containing classified information and cannot be released. he has to wade through that. that is the summary. >> mueller's team put a top line conclusion for every section and bar could have given those and
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he didn't. there is a question why he did that and i don't understand that. it is permissible to look at how this investigation started but we already know the facts of how it started. one of trump's campaign advisers, papadopoulos, talked to an ambassador of australia in the uk and told him he knew about the russians having dirt on hillary before anyone else knew. that was a basis for the fbi to be concerned and then found other evidence that was similarly concerning. that's how the investigation began. and the republican, senator rubio said he understands how this started and was appropriate for the fbi to look into this. shannon: a number of lawmakers so they have different explanations from various agencies so there are still questions and the american people deserve to see all of it so hopefully we will get that sooner rather than later. thank you both. brand-new, the taliban back on the warpath despite ongoing peace talks.
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>> shannon: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez heather: alexandria ocasio cortez descending congresswoman omar after she used these words to describe the 9/11 terror attacks, some people did something. ocasio cortez was pointing out a poem called first they came, she says congresswoman omar's life is in danger and other members of congress are silent and therefore complicit. at least one person has been arrested at the university of missouri kansas city, protest erupted because michael knowles wanted to argue men and women are different. multiple people can be seen marching around yelling at him, interrupting and holding signs that read trans rights are human rights and trends men are men.
12:26 am
someone launched an unidentified substance, police arrested the student, turns out the substance was lavender oil and other non-toxic items but the individual needs a stun gun because they didn't know whether the substance was dangerous or not. the district was charged with assault and other violations. the taliban's so-called fighting season begins as peace talks looked like they were gaining momentum. richardson with the latest. >> the taliban says it is beginning of spring offensive as it prepares for more peace negotiations for the trump administration. violences escalated this week in afghanistan. earlier three american soldiers were killed near bargain airbase north of kabul. you a special representative leaves discussions for the united states. he says the taliban spring offensive announcement is reckless. the taliban refused to meet with the afghan government, the us
12:27 am
pushing taliban officials to do so. regional reports say the united nations lifted a travel ban against several taliban officials so they can participate in peace negotiations. also today the international criminal court rejecting request to investigate possible war crimes in afghanistan potentially exposing american forces to prosecution. the itc says an investigation would not have served the interests of justice, donald trump called it a victory for the will of law. mike pompeo says the us will only protect american allied forces for what he says is fear of unjust prosecution. >> a big political effort to take on people acting on behalf of the united states in a way that was completely consistent with our laws and hold them accountable. heather: >> reporter: mike pompeo said the administration would deny visas for icc staff involved in
12:28 am
investigating americans, the us believe the icc into scrapping the investigation. donald trump points out the united states refuses to join the international criminal court for what he calls broad and accountable prosecutorial powers. shannon: let's get insight into the taliban and afghanistan. donnie jones, former expert on multiple combat tours, great to have you with us tonight. the decision not to pursue these cases of what they say are war crimes, the president saying we walk with the decision and reiterate our position the united states holds american citizens to the highest legal and ethical standards, any attempt to target american, israeli personnel will be met with a swift and vigorous response. of the human rights groups say this is a travesty. what is your take? >> i think the president is right. we are the only country in the
12:29 am
world that goes to war and provides much humanitarian aid is anything else as we kill enemies or anything else. i can tell you from the boots on the ground we see great accountability for things to happen overseas and when things do happen or do go awry or things that are immoral happen for the us military we come home and put those people on trial and when found guilty we put them in jail. right now we have a navy seal and army ranger and green beret on trial and they -- their guilt isn't decided but even with storage in order to reduce their on file because of suspicion. the idea we need someone else to hold are men and women accountable doesn't sit well with us and we are the ones out trying to enforce some sort of justice in the world for things that happened. heather: there have been ongoing peace talks off and on for a long time trying to find resolution. a lot of blood and lives. the taliban announcing a spring
12:30 am
offensive heating backup. human suspends sanctions against the taliban and. and return the taliban announces a ban on the world health organization and red cross and controlled areas of afghanistan, the taliban announcing spring offenses. does it mean the peace talks are going nowhere? is this par for the course? is there any progress happening? >> it is par for the course for the delavan. the annual season is what they do but if you think of it. if you've got the most powerful military in the world to the negotiating table by doing this there's not a lot of incentive to stop and change, the delavan is seeing this as an opportunity to say if you don't negotiate with us, people think we moved
12:31 am
away from the wall because we brought that most of our troops home but the truth is the afghan civil war has been well going, we lost three heroes this week so there's a lot going on in afghanistan and there's no decided victors so we are at the negotiating table and tell a man is doing what an evil enemy would do. still attacking. >> are you getting a sense from folks on the ground about long-term prospects of what is happening in afghanistan? >> we are seeing and saying the same thing. we have 14,000 troops there. we have 40,000 with objectives, should we have 4000 leading to the afghan army. we had mixed signals from donald trump and general mattis as far as what to do in that country and still asking for the same thing which is what is our clear objective? we never looked germany or japan. of the president would look at
12:32 am
the garrison strategy, we have to let the afghan government to live or die on its own and controls the country, strategically of advantage and that is why we stayed so long. we need to look forward 10, 20, 50 years not just from one president campaign to the other. the idea that our presents are proclaiming victory too early, to get a political win, doesn't honor the men and women who paid the price for a muddy at best objective. shannon: thank you for your service. what does rush limbaugh have to say about proposals about illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities. >> they have destroyed those towns anyway as far as i'm concerned. what is a little more destruction? she can stay with you to finish her senior year. things will be tight but, we can make this work. ♪
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tonight another fake story on nbc news that i offered pardon settlement 30 personnel in case they broke the law regarding illegal immigration to sanctuary cities, this is not true. mainstream media is corrupt and getting worse if that is possible every day. here is rush limbaugh. >> he was going to give them more of what they want. somehow it has turned into dirty tricks, targeting trump's political foes. i hope they haven't given up on this idea. i hope at some point they revive it and do it under the premise that the sanctuary city people call this gift of love and shelter them already and advocate for more of them so why not? is in this a great way, they have already destroyed those towns every way as far as i'm concerned, what is little more
12:38 am
destruction? >> rush limbaugh praising what he calls a perfectly trumpian idea, the plan to transport illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities, donald trump says he is strongly considering it. time for the power panel. leslie marshall and from the republican national lawyers association army dylan. great to have you with us tonight. a couple of you probably know david, sanctuary city mayors, we want our cities to behave for the i documented even if you have criminal records, trump, we are sending captured migrants to sanctuary cities, mayors, no way, this is outrageous and racist, we won't take them. >> that is not what they said. some said we welcome them with open arms. first of all this is as rush said very trumpian because it is not presidential and it may not even be legal, not just using people as political ponds for the president of the united
12:39 am
states regardless of personal feelings toward another politician like nancy pelosi in the bay area or anyone when they claim and talent verbally and tweeting every day practically that these people are dangerous and to actually say we are going to put dangerous individuals into neighborhoods throughout the united states in a state that has the majority in this country of undocumented workers as it is, that is not only irresponsible, that is not presidential and this is beyond the authority of the president in my opinion and i don't think it is legal. ice doesn't have the funding, we don't have the people, we don't have the money, this is fundamentally not possible and not what the president of the united states should do if he truly feels these people are dangerous. he is supposed to look out for the safety of all americans including those in sanctuary cities. heather: can you argue both sides?
12:40 am
people are welcome in our societies, we feel good about them and are worried about them but they are dangerous, the president representing the some fraction of them are? >> i'm totally confused. i just heard leslie say these people are super dangerous and we shouldn't within our cities but on other nights she tells viewers they are great and we need more of them. a little secret for you, liberals can be hypocrites and that is what is happening here today. i don't understand why they are speaking out. i live in san francisco. it is amazing to become a lovely city and i stated despite the drama, it is still beautiful. illegal aliens love the city. we have a lot of living in this right now and nancy pelosi and her colleagues of having them here. things like a win/when all around. the drama is nancy pelosi realizes if we had them here in her backyard, in a multimillion
12:41 am
dollar mansion and suddenly thronged with illegal aliens neighborhood democratic voters might not like this policy so much after all but other districts around the country have to deal with this every day, at the border, in california. why shouldn't if we love them so much every county in california be filled with illegal aliens. >> i will give you a chance to respond to another tweet from the president. if the radical left democrats all of a sudden don't want the illegal migrants in the sanctuary cities why should others be expected take them into their communities? go home and come into our country legally through a system of merit. >> been have come to this country legally. we don't have any visas extended for workers that come here for 3 months and to be extended. many arrive legally and once they are here the visas run out,
12:42 am
we have 11 million undocumented people who want to be legal and cannot. these people are paying taxes every single day everywhere they go. shannon: what about record numbers of people we have right now? the highest in 10 years, taking 100,000 people illegally at the border each month and that is not with visas and that -- >> the peak was 2007. it is lower than it has been in years so we are not having any kind of national emergency. no need for this kind of segregation. >> we had higher numbers but now what we are finding out is the types of people showing up which are family units or unaccompanied minors are staying in the us in greater numbers because they are much tougher to support, once they get here they have to be detained and handled separately and there are time limits on that. a lot of people end up released
12:43 am
into the us because our facilities are not designed to handle them. >> there is a 20 day limit to how long you can keep families in custody and how long. a price segment on your show united states attorney in texas told us only 13% of asylum applicants end of getting asylum granted. i am an immigrant and also helped people get asylum in this country so i know what the law is and this is a complete joke and a travesty. nancy pelosi, chuck schumer put your money where your mouth is. if you want more of this have them in your districts and let's see what the fallout is if any and go from there. heather: are you worried people who genuinely need to seek asylum will get lost in the shuffle because there are those who come here and abuse the system. >> absolutely and that has been a problem not just during this administration and we've seen record numbers dropping, it is correct that there are more
12:44 am
people coming to the border, 36,000, over a third of the people at the border our family units to your point. i want to clear up i was not being hypocritical. i was stating what the president said. that is not what i said. i did not say they were dangerous. the president says that each and every day. i want to be clear and factual on that is getting to the crisis is about it is about legislation i believe democrats and republicans can come together and agree on, democrats and republicans can certainly agree that our asylum laws need to change, need to be rewritten, it is not working. you talked before rightly so about the backlog in the court, takes years to get through the court system and one of the things we have to do is put more money and have legislation with bipartisan support, just a piece of the conference of immigration problem. >> we will see if it is there across both sides of the aisle to get it done. thank you for coming to discuss.
12:45 am
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12:49 am
tonight at the yankee game. someone rolled out a sign that says declare climate emergency is a number of yankees fans booed and some cheered and people were told to take it down. the boston globe facing backlash after publishing a column in which the writer suggested waiters should tamper with trump administration officials food at restaurants. david fund has more on the idea of tolerance. >> get out in the crowd and push back on them and tell them they are not welcome. >> strong words from maxine waters last summer encouraging people to confront members of the trump administration and public. her words happened around the same time white house press secretary sarah sanders was
12:50 am
asked to leave this virginia restaurants. speaking of restaurants, just this week the boston globe published an op-ed where a regular contributor encouraged waiters to temper with the food of former homeland security secretary kirstjen. the op-ed read, quote, as for the waiters out there i am not saying you should table with anyone's food as that could get you into trouble, you might lose your serving job, but you would be serving america and you won't have any regrets years later. the article was updated taking out the tempering bit but now it is gone altogether on the paper's website. this incident is not isolated. restore public trust released an open letter to american ceos last weekend encouraging them not to hire former trump administration officials. the letter includes a long list of administration alums and part of it read, quote, regardless of when they leave they should not be allowed to seek refuge in their boardrooms or corner offices.
12:51 am
the theme crosses into academia. on wednesday former minnesota republican congressman mark kennedy got news he was the only candidate to become the next president of the university of colorado. now several student groups on campus are raising red flags about kennedy pointing to his career in congress where he stood against same-sex marriage but this afternoon kennedy released a letter on the university of colorado webpage to address the controversy. he wrote, quote, like many friends and colleagues on both sides of the aisle in congress my position on marriage -- what i vote the same way today? know. my record in supporting the lgbt community reflects a deep respect for the dignity of each individual. the regions in colorado is concerned about kennedy's past position and said there's a 14 day vetting period before he officially becomes president. todd: we will keep an eye. facing off with the biggest
12:52 am
anti-donald trump members of congress and new progressive darling. chad program with the fireworks. >> democratic wave was on full display in the house financial services committee. that is where maxine waters brought in the nation's most powerful men starting off by grilling steve mnuchin over the president's taxes. >> this is a new way, a new day, a new chair and i have a gavel at this point. if you wish to leave you may. >> then came the big bank ceos from bank of america, jpmorgan chase and goldman sachs but here's what happens when waters asked about the staggering $1.5 trillion, that americans owe on college loans. >> what are you doing to help us with student loan debt? who would like to answer first? miss monahan? >> we stopped making loans in 2007. >> you don't do it anymore.
12:53 am
mister corbin? >> we ended student lending in 2009. >> mister diamond? >> the government took over student lending in 2010 so we stopped doing student lending. >> reporter: congressional democrats federalize student loan policy in the law that created obamacare. chairwoman waters added the most famous freshman to her committee, katie porter, democrat from california. for the quiz jpmorgan chase ceo jamie dimon how a woman she called tricia from her district in california could make ends meet living in a 1-room apartment eating ramen noodles and working as a bank teller. >> would you recommend she overdraft at your bank and be charged an overdraft fee? >> i have to think about it. >> i would love to call up and have a conversation about her financial affairs and be helpful. >> display dominance willingness to talk with her he can't. the reason is in real. she made up patricia as a
12:54 am
composite of several constituents who called her office. heather: thank you. our midnight hero gives a helping hand plus check this out. and many cooper tumbling across the highway, stick around to find out what happened next. >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we really pride ourselves on making it easy to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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>> shannon: joe by len showing regret for something he wrote years ago. >> the countdown to 2020, the former vice president think this about his role in 1994 violent crime control and law enforcement act. >> i was chairman of the judiciary committee, writing the drug legislation in the period. shannon: the political tide turned with black lives matter and bernie sanders facing questions about the crime bill they backed decades ago. sanders facing backlash from far left on my new site fake
12:59 am
progress for being a millionaire. sanders running one of his favorite phrases millionaires and billionaires to just billionaires after his book became a bestseller. 2020 candidate kamala harris identifying herself as one of tens of millions who owns a firearm. critics find it ironic as she advocates areas gun-control measures, she counters that does not mean she is against the second amendment. a group of teens from caldwell, idaho on their way to play basketball when they noticed an elderly man had fallen down when struggling with his walker. they came to his aid, took into his home gently and bandaged his wounds. their good deeds, because what they have a friend for life and they go back to check on him. victor, devon, isaac, diego, and josh, you are our midnight heroes. dashcam video in wales, two cars side-by-side at 110 miles an
1:00 am
hour collide, the mini cooper hit the guardrail, roles numerous times and comes to a stop. it is a miracle neither driver was seriously hurt but they have been convicted for dangerous driving. most-watched, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night washington, have a great weekend, i am shannon bream.


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