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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  April 20, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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blueprintdoesn't care about okay. party affiliations, colors, gender lady justice cares about follow me on facebook and instagram and twitter. i have waters and this is my corruption. world. law and order. jeanine: hello welcome to our forefathers did too that's why our constitution must be "justice with judge jeanine" respected. thank you for being with us tonight. and these people work to prevent donald trump from gaining the presidency and and thank you for making last week's justice number one in viewers all day all night saturday and sunday. then try to make sure he was impeached. we cannot afford to let them walk away unscathed. we have a special show on tap tonight in the wake of the mueller report and with the trump derangement syndrome. you can be an opposing party here to talk about it is but you cannot do that to lady trump's attorney rudy giuliani justice. attorney general bar is a and kelly and conway what a show but first my open. no-nonsense straight shooter who doesn't care what you say or think about him. are you fed up yet more than a true warrior i do believe he
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two years on stopped will follow through as his mission is attorney general at finally at long last spring justice to the people who precedented maligning by the media by the high-level obama administration officials and disgruntled and arrange democrats over a really deserve it. that is my open. commander-in-chief as an agent let me think on - - let me know what you think. and hear what the reaction of a foreign government. with the release of the mueller report rudy giuliani a treasonous dictator. all because they'd despise the outsider president we put in the office. enough. the system worked in the process is over. occlusion. note - - no collusion. who joins me now and is no doubt exhausted. good evening mister mayor. [laughter] >> how are you? good to see you. jeanine: we are both lawyers. in your lifetime have you ever heard a prosecutor say we will enough families destroyed. they took down people having nothing to do with russia and not indict but i cannot exonerate. have you heard that? be mac i was sitting away locked away in the justice department last tuesday is on they never prosecuted anyone on the campaign or even an american for collusion. the second page of volume too that's where i started. all the while remaining focused determined to execute the mission to which he was i can't repeat what i said.
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elected. made me cocounsel was with me you ever seen a man faced the onslaught of incoming every day as the haters attempt to take down his family saying they would be indicted any and we all said this will be an illegitimate document a minute and still forge ahead week ridiculous burden of on american's behalf? proof you have to prove your innocence? i thought we were in america. i'm glad they did that because it makes our economy stronger and the country safer. they proved that he was have you ever seen a man willing to poke the eye of the tiger not claiming executive privilege? surrounded by wimps like former jeff sessions who hid under his desk while attorney right. >> what has anybody ever been required? general holder under obama was how do you prove a negative? held in contempt of congress if you read the report that's but brock loved his wing man. why a one-sided view they cannot prove half of it. i will not dwell that collusion with russia was bonnie and clyde of politics everything in that :-colon section you could burn it. bill and hillary selling our uranium to russia pocketing jeanine: interesting.
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$145 million through their >> does anybody believe michael cohen would he pass charity. ten minutes of or obama to say there's no way cross-examination? russia could hack into the 2016 election. jeanine: if you have a brett i guess he was wrong. kavanaugh he is presumed guilty that presumption of innocence does not apply in and obama stood by to watch russia invade ukraine or crimea. joe biden insisted the that it is a sad commentary ukrainian prosecutor be fired and americans are looking at because he was investigated joe son doing business in the that. jerry nadler we both know is a ukraine. long time hater of the president from new york days but the left complains. they don't like that redaction's which are required by the department of justice. now he wants the unredacted copy. [laughter] what makes him think he is entitled? and what would he do with it? they hate attorney general bar they will read every word to bring down that 18 lawyers >> first of all as far as i am thousands of lawyers and $35 million and search concerned he can have it but i'm not the attorney general. warrants could not. this is the same who fought like a maniac because unfair
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>> if this were you or me or anybody except the president we would have been indicted. mueller makes that pretty clear. very clear. to president trump does not matter. if you look at the two volumes the redaction take place under so as of this moment donald collusion because it involved national security and trump walks. >> it is important to note the basically in the obstruction facts that are now established by this report are damning whether they could or should of 200 pages no more than two have resulted in the indictment of the president pages redacted and they are footnotes i that he doesn't read the footnotes. they are damning. >> i think they could make some sophisticated judgments jeanine: the categories are clear it is grand jury about their president it is a piece of business. >> not only a sweeping indictment of obstruction but material. we are not making it up so i don't know the problem on that also a portrait of deeply one. but what do you think he will do with this? unethical conduct. >> the one thing that is clear
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they did not find enough evidence to justify the >> he is not fit to be president of the united states. anybody who suggest otherwise charge. has not read the report. jeanine: i have read the they say we cannot conclude report and you are wrong. you cannot impeach a sitting - - a sitting president if that there is not enough mueller says you cannot exonerate the president of evidence to show that he obstruction. committed a crime so that is the end of it. if there is not sufficient the rules of ethics say you evidence of a charge than that should have been the end of it. keep quiet for a good reason. that in the show of political horrormanship you couldn't i could point to all sorts of give the democrats something to work with. things about michael cohen that he lies about some of that they know and they are now 18 more months of this. withholding. having done that but i said to >> i will fight every day until he is impeached. me cocounsel there is nothing new here we are fine.
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impeach 45. [applause] jeanine: prosecutors don't say the only thing that makes it a they can exonerate. little deceptive they put all take it from me. the garbage in one place. mueller slamming the guy on his way out was meant to jeanine: they did and categorized it for us but no surprise they hate anybody who satisfy his unsatisfied clients, the democrats. is in favor of those rules. by the way i have been paneled and presented to many grand juries you don't say i did not but attorney general bar is indict him but i couldn't exonerate i have never seen not even required to release that nor has anyone i've ever the report it is written to be given to the attorney general. worked with. if you don't then you keep your mouth shut but apparently everybody criticizes him he did everything he could to do mueller likes the chaos and the required reductions in the seeing the country in summary and they are still turmoil. so now people say it's over the liars and the leakers in the liberals will not stop gunning for him. >> i cannot understand it nobody believes that. just look at the law and listen to them and his background, it is completely they prefer to take down the institution of the presidency to destroy him at every turn phony garbage. nadler or somebody else called despite the economy and american is a giant on the him a political hack. world stage again. that is ridiculous. he has been a distinguished
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lawyer, former attorney genera general, confirmed should we just move on? no. we cannot. there are people at the highest level of our government possibly as high as unanimously when bush nominated him, should have that now. the white house who chose to jeanine: like 93 / seven. change the rules and violate the law, leak information, search warrants >> pretty close to unanimous. unverified position papers we know him. a very distinguished member of america cannot afford to turn the bar. he will not put his reputation in jeopardy. away from the crimes that was committed to frame the presiden president. the president trump in the media people who hate him the lies and dishonesty, perjury, invasio getting praised for a sense of law and justice and sanity to become a media circus. dishonesty, perjury, invasion, s used by individuals who hated the outsider. jim comey, andrew mccabe, loretta lynch, they jeanine: rudy giuliani thank you for being with us tonight. >> you are always the best. >> joining me with more is kellyanne conway good evening. >> good evening. jeanine: we were talking about the standards are changing
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depending on who was on the other end of the investigation. it seems like guilt and innocence are the words of the past. is there not a nuance? >> you are absolutely correct why that those words of everyday lexicon like collusion were introduced so people think that is a serious presidential crime. first of all the investigation by mister mueller has nothing to do with guilt or innocence is not a criminal prosecution but investigation. failed to conclude the president has committed a crime or senior advisers. as a campaign manager at the end part of the campaign, it is a relief and a terrible disappointment and a tomb is
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character of justice for people to pretend any of us would have willingly conspired with a foreign agent to publish damaging information try to cut corners to a democratically elected president they tried to have an asterisk next to his election and campaign also people are attacking attorney general bar viciously for another reason and with the deputy attorney general and the office of legal counsel who all said they could not conclude the president had in fact done anything to obstruct justice. that is key. if you don't like the message you attack the messenger so the interesting thing is that
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there is no underlying crime because they don't have that intent. it is so amazing with hillary clinton and saying she didn't have that intent everything is backwards one of the things that the president said that i found so important is no other president should ever have to go through this again. because no other man could have gone through that and face like he did every day and then deliver for us and watch the people around him collapse in terms of their ability to respond how do we stop that? >> it's true. the real rebuttal for donald trump is the reelection the
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media has wasted so much time looking for a way to get him out of office and it has had the opposite effect the media's numbers are way down nancy pelosi steny hoyer and the presidential field saying we are not talking about impeachment right now. they know there is not a part of black appetite to know how this all started in the first place so to investigate the investigators. if you are interested in knowing why people were trying to undo the election results beginning the day he was elected and the obama administration ignored the threats they received about russian interference. they thought she would win so nobody bothered. they did not take it seriously. but we are.
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also i see comments in the mueller report as i was reading it i have never heard him one time say this is the end of my candidacy this is the end of my presidency even with some tough situations together that is not the way he speaks. he has weathered situations that may have broken another man or woman. but all the while giving us the best economy we have ever seen. he has done all of that under this so imagine what he can do now when it is over. jeanine: thank you for being with us kellyanne conway. >> thank you. jeanine: judicial watch has gone through the mueller report. more next and the man who help john to get to the white house corey lewandowski and the corey lewandowski and the president's response in a
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jeanine . >> attorney general did a great disservice to the country to misrepresent significant parts of the mueller report. attempting to put a positive spin toward the president on the special counsel's findings. with the attorney general gives the perception they fully cooperated when he didn't provided all the information and materials when they didn't and the president deprived the special counsel of his own verbal testimony that misleads the american people. jeanine: that is adam schiff
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attacking attorney general bar's character. now we go to the campaign manager corey lewandowski. hears what bothers me. the attorney general has a disservice to misrepresent significant parts of the mueller report. first, it is for the attorney general he did not even have to release it. number two the attorney general makes the decision ultimately asked to obstruction because mueller could not do that himself so it is amazing he has been jumping the campus saying there is evidence and now may be changing his tune. >> this guy has lied to the
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american people over two and half years to say he has found and seen overwhelming evidence this president colluded with russia with egg on his face now he's trying to walk it back in point the blame as somebody else specifically a man whose reputation should be intact turning over the report in a timely manner to show there was no collusion or coordination between the trump campaign at any given time but adam schiff does not want to hear that. jeanine: now steny hoyer says we don't want impeachment which i think is a smart move because the american people are fed up to here with it. and then there are those like
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jerry nadler who look at every word and what it means to change the presumption of innocence with the laws of the justice department. >> judge, they are actually disappointed the president is not a criminal they hate this president more than they love their country they want to investigate somebody they will never give him a break. i was there from the very beginning i still have the privilege to spend time with the president on a regular basis but i told him there was no collusion from day number $125,000,000.40 fbi agents they came to the same conclusion i would is there he won fair and square they don't
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want to give him the respect and dignity he deserves for beating hillary. jeanine: kellyanne conway said she never heard the president talk like it's the end of my presidency. now i have known a man for almost three decades and that is not how this man response to anything. it's over. the walls are closing in. that is not donald trump. he pokes the eye of the tiger by walking into the cage so these things that people say i just don't believe because i know the president but let's talk about the fact with this situation the 2020 candidate is on the left most of them hate donald trump went out the possibility of joe biden i don't think that will change
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things because he seems to be pulling rather well. >> just to go back to the earlier point hundreds of thousands of times i've talked to donald trump i've never heard him be debbie downer. he is a winner with television, books, politics, rel estate that anybody says he is debbie downer all of a sudden is a liar. jeanine: i agree. coming to uncle joe crazy hair sniffing uncle joe his friends are destroying him already his friends in washington are putting out the opposition research it is in the trump campaign reminding the failures as a us senator or eight years as a democratic vice president. his friends remind everybody you haven't done enough for minorities or women an old
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white guy who was a lot of explaining to do. his friends will come after him before donald trump gets a hold of him. jeanine: thank you for being with us tonight corey lewandowski. radio show host from judicial watch standing by next. one report and two very different takes. and then our political panel ready to debate the mueller report and what happens next on capitol h when you rent from national...
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policies now a steeds move to make it legal it is not enough when it is time to legalize at the federal level. >> planning to shake up the board of directors cutting the board from 11 members down to seven it is also considering reducing director terms by three years at two and with a super majority voting requirement this is a big part of an effort to give the board more independence and distance from the ceo who has been a frequent target of the sec. now back to justice. . >> with considerable evidence of obstruction of justice is what mueller is saying laying that out to congress to pursue that. but attorney general bar took it upon himself to clear the president. it is not up to him we need the whole report including the
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underlying documents unredacted. jeanine: no collusion or obstruction but the mueller report thinks that congress wants to pick up obstruction of justice on its own democrats are laser focus to find wrongdoing by the president but should congress allow endless investigations? former aide to chuck schumer. this is interesting to listen to jerry nadler say there is considerable evidence but if there was considerable evidence why don't you tell me why robert mueller indicts the president for obstruction of justice he would have but the president could not be exonerated and there were
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multiple examples of the staff telling the president to fire mueller including your last test that right there is obstruction. i ask this to every conservative if this was obama what would you say? lindsey graham indicted and prosecuted bill clinton for obstruction of justice on less evidence. i do not think there will be an impeachment it will be determined in the election as it should be but the american people should know the full extent under oath. jeanine: but you know chris that mueller works for bar he has the umbrella and the power and give that to attorney general bar he has the authority to make the decision and mueller prince it. so now what is the response to that must be exhausted today
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with all the goalpost shifting it is amazing this whole conversation is about obstruction democrats and the media are totally forgetting about the whole reason of the investigation was collusion. we were promised there would be evidence the campaign colluded with the russians. that did not happen. they lied to us. high-profile democrats saying they promised they saw evidence and that is a lie. it is astounding where they are today with the mueller report. he did not exonerate him because that was not his job to do that and president trump is presumed innocent he doesn't have to prove his innocence in this cas case. jeanine: how do you prove a negative? but in the end did it take two years to figure this out? i read the report.
9:30 pm
michael cohen was a real treat. congress calls them back and then they say he would be good for obstruction? it is stunning that people are even interested in what that guy has to say . >> when it comes to the issue of collusion there were attempts it just never happened but no ability to do it. they were on the same path trying to accomplish the same goal and the trump campaign team did not rise to that level although he was happy about if you read the report i do agree with the report i will not push it but it is not in the best interest of the american people. jeanine: donald trump is a man who doesn't need to go through someone to get something done. if he wanted sessions fired he would have fired him or
9:31 pm
recused him or what was the other one? donald trump has conversations. >> but in that case it is he said versus he says we don't even know what happened in that conversation. but now democrats are jumping around trying to hang on every single word that was said there should be no obstruction because there was no collusion there was no valid reason to investigate trump in this case. and he said very clearly today this was put together by 18 angry democrats so no
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indictments were recommended. so the president is exonerated in this case. >> you and i were both attorneys your honor. where the underlying crime cannot be proven. jeanine: but let's be fair i was a prosecutor. making a decision whether or not to go forward but these people are not progressive they are hired by donald trump to work for donald trump he orders him on a saturday night to fire the special counsel is something that should happen if it had everybody would be screaming right now so there's
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not a lot to hold them back. jeanine: they complain the president stated on 30 occasions he said he did not recall do you remember jim comey saying he could not recall 245 times and they want to trash the president? >> i do remember. now we are playing by different rules the democrats talk about looking into trump's taxes, subpoena over xyz. they move the goalpost playing by different rules. nadler once the unredacted report but was singing a different tune during the clinton investigation. >> and how many times did hillary clinton say she did not know?
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jeanine: thank you. one of the elite leading conservative voices in america gives us his opinion joining us in just a moment you don't want to miss thi
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jeanine: the collusion delusion with the mainstream media wants to talk about the last two years i have a feeling it will only continue with the 2020 democratic candidates trying to run against president trumper, let's ask my next guest dennis prager good to have you with us tonight.
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>> it is great to be with you that the subject is infuriating. look at the headline of the new york times i could spend an hour on this. jeanine: weight. can you see it? yes. it is amazing raising one --dash with the context that is the banner headline what about a more honest headline? the united states of america has been fooled for two years by our paper and all the other major media and the democratic party and hollywood over something that never happened. isn't that a much more accurate headline? jeanine: the joke is on you. that would be a better headline but in truth with all due respect to them it will
9:39 pm
keep going for the next 18 months adam schiff will not give this up but if you look at this philosophical way at 30000 feet how do you look at this how do they look at what happened during the first two years of this man's presidency? >> there was a concerted effort of the two major parties of all major news and entertainment media of the united states to perpetrate the idea that something happened that nothing happened that never happened while the president said constantly it was a witch hunt. 100 percent accurate to say that and they persisted in doing that because truth became less important than
9:40 pm
undoing the election of the year 2016 that is the way it will be looked at in the future. >> and the basic fundamentals of our constitution upended because he is the president when there is a republic - - republican who lose their protection and constitutional right it is frightening to me from someone who believes in law and order. >> most americans don't know this but ruth bader ginsburg we have a recording actually, she did not hide it she was in cairo talking about egypt adopting a new constitution or other third world countries and said if i were to recommend a constitution i would not recommend any country adopt the united states constitution
9:41 pm
south africa was a much better example. she was honest enough to say she has taken a vow to protect the document is morally and legally inferior to almost any other. that is the way the left regards the constitution as essentially worthless. so there is a crisis but i go back to the truth that they lied for two years talking about philosophy. if you believe your lie are you lying? not to be cute it is a moral problem i think they start at a given point to believe what they make up to be true to say they are lying is true but i am not sure that they know that perhaps that is even more
9:42 pm
scary. jeanine: that is worse. thank you for being with us tonight and to be on top of the plot to take down president trump from the beginning and tonight is here to give us his take on the who's idea was this?
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- there but what are wes to get our messactually saying?ys. any message is a story. and all stories tell the tale of the times we live in right now. how do you want to be remembered? how do you want your story to play out? our own experiences make the best stories, and your words carry a lot of weight. think about what you want to say before you say it. or send it. jeanine: no collusion but like i said tonight, we cannot just move on those that orchestrated the hoax need to be brought to justice. tom, one of the things that concerns me as i look back and
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it will take a while to get to the point where it is a given with no collusion that you had people, the head of the fbi the deputy director and peter strock and loretta lynch. and then clapper and brennan. i have a bone to pick with both of them. first of all clapper basically said what happened if there wasn't actual collusion proven it was passive collusion what is he talking about? >> they are trying desperately to hold on and keep propped up the hoax and a knowing lie. they knew there was no collusion. trying to bring in the pretextual intelligence
9:47 pm
reports working with the clinton campaign as part of that to go after president trump with the unprecedented spying campaign. not just the doj or fbi the nsa, office director of national intelligence they were all part of this all hands on deck going after kennedy trump and then it morphed into the mueller investigation. so there never should have been a report for qwest far as i am concerned this is another abuse of power by the special counsel operation designed to hamper the president as to oppose to shed light on anything substantial.
9:48 pm
jeanine: and because we are short of time i only have one more question but when people like brennan say those actions are treasonous but then they continue to do this, there has to be an investigation? do you agree we have to put an end to this as people lie to congress that there has to be criminal accountability? >> i would walk over to the washington field office and lodge a criminal complaint. he is a crime victim people who abuse their office for political purposes they victimized him and many others visionworks can do more than just make you see great. the right pair of glasses can make you look amazing, too. get two complete pairs
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first look at my next brand-new book, radicals, resistance in revenge. the left plot to remake america. i can't wait for all of you read it would wish those of you celebrating tomorrow a very happy easter. i'm jeanine. advocating for truth, justice an a a a a a a a a american way. by my book on amazon. greg gutfeld is next to back the portion about subjecting who we charged criminally in this country and making this by popular demand doesn't work that way. >> hold on. >> abbey what was that? [laughter] greg: that is where doctor went. [applause] i am worried. all this good news has someone checked in on the press?
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>> my god, it was like he had failed and alzheimer's
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