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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 23, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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barn sale on the run for 24 hours by the way. and finally the ugly, from bad to bad. a scottish farmer is spray painting her sheep plan and telling american tourists to verify the process, drinking the populace, soft drink and turning their world into the famous packer. would you fall for that? i don't know. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now. goodbye. >> april 23rd, this is a fox news alert. our first look at the face of an accused mass murderer, chilling new details about the mastermind in the sri lanka bombings. jillian: surveillance video showing one of the terrorists involved in blood easter attacks. >> congress should take steps toward impeachment. >> within the relevant future offenses.
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>> moving forward with impeachment. >> are you worried about impeachment? >> democrats have come to an impasse on impeachment. shannon: there may be a pause on the plan to out this president. >> eating their hearts out with a supervised response to chick-fil-a. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. thank you for starting your day with us. straight to a fox news alert. the man behind the easter sunday attacks on christians revealed to be an isis -- >> sri lanka in a state of emergency with 300 people confirmed dead. most of the bombings happened in colombo.
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>> reporter: sri lanka is in mourning. the first mass funeral has been conducted and the death toll has written to 310, the attacks by suicide bombers on churches and luxury hotels. the new information emerging all the time, no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks but the government has named a little-known jihadist group. information coming through on the leader of that group is understood to be an isis fanatic and surveillance footage has emerged. we don't know exactly -- according to local reports, we don't know how accurate this is in terms of what he was saying about it but it is described as footage of one of the suicide bombers and during one of the churches that was struck in
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these attacks. so this information is emerging as we speak. streets, very tight security and also the police and military have been given powers to detain and interrogate people. that hasn't been seen in sri lanka since the civil war ended in 2009. a lot of questions still being asked about whether these attacks could have been prevented, the us and india both gave information and warnings, the possibility of attacks and questions about a political division in the country may have played a role in security lapses because of risks between the president and prime minister in the country that perhaps could
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prevent information from being shared effectively and allowing security forces to act on intelligence that was actually there. >> thank you very much. we do have more information to pass along. the sri lankan state minister says this was retaliation for the mosque attacks that happened last month in march. >> meantime, former president obama and hillary clinton -- kitchen criticism for using the frame phrase easter worshipers rather than christians following the horrific attack. >> micromoles calling them out for mincing words. >> the only way we are going to solve this problem of christian persecution is to call it out directly and the christians were not murdered by generic random violence. they were murdered by an islamic terrorist group. we can either acknowledge that, acknowledge churches have become
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the number one site for attacks, three churches per day are attacked, we can admit that and try to fix the problem or bury our heads in the sand and use ridiculous euphemisms such as barack obama and hillary clinton continue and persist in doing. >> last year the national christian evangelical alliance of sri lanka reported 86 incidents of discrimination, threats and violence against christians. >> a big talk today. a murder could be hiding in plain sight in a small indiana community two years after abigail williams and liberty german were founded on a hiking trail. investigators releasing a new sketch of their, police releasing a new video of the suspect by one of the girls before they were killed and a longer audio clip of the killer's voice. they were here that in a live report a few minutes from now. convicted of killing a new york city jogger, lewis is facing life in prison for the brutal
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murder of katrina but toronto. 's attorneys argued it was coerced. the judge denied a request to throw out the conviction. shannon: kim fox is receiving racially charged death threats. the cook county state attorney's office says they have been coming in one all charges were dropped against jussie smollett. he is accused of staging hate crime against himself in chicago. he maintains his innocence. this is suing him for the cost of the investigation. >> remember this ticket democrats are divided over call to impeach the president now focusing on congressional investigations after subpoenaing a white house testimony. >> the president's response. >> good morning. it is becoming a buzzword on the campaign trail as another democratic tweet, california senator kamala harris calls for
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impeachment. >> we have very good reason to believe that there is an investigation that has been conducted which is produced evidence that tells us that this president and his administration engaged in obstruction of justice. i believe, should take steps toward impeachment. >> harris joins illness before and and a handful of progressives. congressional leaders are not there yet. nancy pelosi held a 90 minute conference calling 170 democratic lawmakers where she acknowledged the divide over the issue but reiterated there are no plans to move forward with impeachment, writing the letter to her caucus where she says we should proceed down the path of finding the truth. it is important to know that the facts regarding the president, holding the president accountable can be gained outside impeachment hearings, to that end house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler
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who subpoenaed the doj to turn over the formal imported another subpoena yesterday to white house counsel don mcgann. how worried is the president? here is what he had to say at the easter egg. >> are you worried about impeachment, mister president? >> not even a little bit. >> reporter: congresses and back until next week. we will see if this comes out or 4 calls for impeachment come from the campaign trail. >> thank you. despite democrat leadership backing off impeachment calls the senate judiciary chairman lindsey graham says the party will feel the heat in 2020. >> he says they need to get over there obstruction and onto issues voters care about. >> they would get punished in 2020 and donald from will get reelected. in 98 when american people understood what they got with bill clinton they understand donald trump warts and all and mueller was a guy i was going to let look at, make sure he looked at the idea of trump working with the russians. the verdict is in.
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there was no collusion, there is no obstruction of a crime that never occurred. the obstruction thing - they are going to be stampeded to impeach trump because they hate him so much. i hated for the country, i hated for the president but it will result in him getting reelected. the media is not covering the trump presidency. they are trying to destroy. the democratic party doesn't accept the fact that donald trump won. at the end of the day we have to deal with this in 2020 at the ballot box. >> donald trump slamming democrat latest move as presidential harassment. >> donald trump is cracking down on visa overstays, the president signing a memorandum ordering secretary of state and homeland security to find ways to lower the amount of foreign tourists saying cast their a lot of time. they have 120 days to come up with a plan. the consequences could include
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forcing travelers to pay admission bonds or suspending visitors from countries with high overstay rates. >> the supreme court takes on a new case they could determine federal job protection based on sexual orientation and gender identity. the case met 3 state challenges, claiming they were fired for being gay or transgender. the high court will take up this issue in the fall. >> is joe biden in or out? the former vice president may be delaying his 2020 announcement. the atlantic reports he was supposed to declare his white house run tomorrow with a video but it has been pushed back. he is still accepting donations. >> there won't be anybody in the race. the time is 10 minutes after the hour. a new crackdown on migrants in mexico. our next guest is the country is feeling the heat from donald trump. >> once a needle disposal box with that latte. could be coming to a starbucks near you soon. we will explain.
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heather: mexico appears to be hitting a breaking point making hundreds of migrant arrests and more cities demand a response the growing caravan crisis. >> is mexico stepping up to do its part or are they feeling the heat? >> george rodriguez is former assistant immigration efficient are joining the reagan administration, he joins us now with a spirited shirt which we love, thank you for being here. a lot of people make the argument that it appears mexico has been an enabler of this problem the entire time and now they are not sure about the repercussions. >> exactly right.
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they created this monster. mexico has historically not been very accommodating to the united states on their policy of illegal immigration. mexico has profited from illegal immigration because it gets rid of their social problems. now they have this headache of illegals of their own on their southern border and they are worried obviously about preoccupied as to what they are going to do. the central americans are causing all sorts of problems to communities along the border and the mexicans i have spoken to on the other side of the border have told me how resentful they are that agencies came in to take care of them and ignored the mexicans themselves so mexico has created this monster and they are not sure what to do other than deporting illegal aliens themselves.
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>> comparing fiscal year 2018, the first few months of 2019. 164,000 rio grande valley apprehensions so far this year. we have only been here four months. 162,000 in fiscal year 2018. my question for you is does this change? does this increase become the new normal or is what mexico is doing right now going to stem the tide? >> we can hope what mexico is doing right now continues. if they do that it will stem the tide. mexico realizes they have become the welcome mat for illegal immigration into the united states, for the whole world, not just central america. there are others that have been apprehended at the border. recognizing being a welcome mat for illegal immigration doesn't
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serve them politically or economically or socially. >> let's move on to another topic and talk about latino voters and where donald trump stands with them and talk about the numbers here and get your reaction to that. the 2016 exit polling, hillary clinton had 66% of latinos support while donald trump had 28% and a poll from this year from january, npr poll shows the question is do you approve or disapprove of the job donald trump is doing, 50% approved. what do you make of that number as we get closer to 2020? >> we have got to remember what happened when donald trump went to laredo texas and made his pronouncements about illegal immigration and border security. we who are americans of mexican descent living in south texas have forever known of the problem of illegal immigration,
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job competition and his message is drinking strongly among americans and mexicans, we know this situation we have got has got to be addressed and we have got to quit rewarding and excusing illegal immigration -- illegal immigration is illegal. what other word can we use for that? we are pro-illegal immigration but illegal immigration has got to stop. >> interesting to see if candidates who espouse identity politics look at those numbers and change their ideas as those numbers are telling. time, 18 after the hour. he has been talking on the campaign trail about it. bernie sanders wants criminals to vote. does that mean terrorists as well? >> does this mean you would support in franchising people like the boston marathon bomber? heather: you want to stick around for this, we are coming right back.
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>> i will give the united states congress 100 days to get their act together and have the courage to pass gun safety laws and if they fail to do it then i will take executive action. rob: kamala harris putting gun control at the top of her priorities. >> we need reasonable gun safety laws starting with universal background checks and renewal of the assault weapons ban. >> california democrat presidential candidate blames, quote, supposedly does in washington for failing to make progress on gun-control.
2:23 am
>> bernie sanders wanting to get prisoners to vote to the next level on his campaign trail. >> you believe people with felony records should be allowed to vote while in prison? does this mean you would support in franchising people like the boston marathon bomber? >> i think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy. yes, even for terrible people. because once you start chipping away you go down a slippery slope. i believe even if they are in jail they are paying their price to society but that should not take away their american right to participate in our democracy. rob: applause. jillian: the marathon bomber and his brother killed 3 people and injured 280 others in the 2013 bombing. he is on death row. rob: you don't need to choose
2:24 am
male or female on drivers licenses in nevada, they selected agenda x option after a neutral birth certificate. the move is meant to be more inclusive to people who don't identify with a specific gender, 9 other states and dc offer gender-neutral options. jillian: an update on a story from yesterday, you will not hear the philadelphia flyers game sing god bless america, it will be blaring on a new jersey boardwalk this summer. that according to the mayor of wildwood, new jersey. the flyers took down a statue of kate smith and about to stop playing the lead singer's recordings over allegations of racism. rob: making history but not in a good way. >> the outfielder becoming the first philadelphia phillies players to be ejected from the game after arguing balls and strikes.
2:25 am
rob: his favorite line of script, harper's hair thrown in anger. he screams at the home plate umpire. jillian: this coming moments after a new york mets fan's epic can't while harper was at the game. that is a giants shirt. rob: a lot going on. jillian: it is 25 after the are, two young girls murdered two years ago, this morning chilling new details and video. did the girls record their killer and has he been hiding in plain sight all along? we are live in indiana. rob: one state kicking chick-fil-a out. ♪ ♪ of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven
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at top headlines this morning and we start with a fox news alert, sri lanka's minister says the massacre of christians on easter sunday was retaliation from last month's attack at a new zealand mosque as in a systematic is identified as the alleged mastermind, the founder of an islamic militant group which officials say carried out sunday's attack, 310 people now confirmed did. surveillance video shows one of the suicide bombers walking into a church on sunday. >> investigators releasing this new sketch of the man who murdered abigail williams and liberty german while on a hike in indiana two years ago, police releasing new video of the suspect taken by one of the girls before they were killed. they are urging anyone with information to come forward. >> joe biden may be delaying his
2:30 am
2020 announcement, declaring with a video but that has been pushed back despite the shuffle. the former vp >> a fallen marine firefighters on a crossfire departments lining up for a procession to pay respects to staff sergeant christopher's letman. is remains transported from dover air force base to new york city where firefighters saluted his task it. >> this is a guy you could count on, you never thought twice about it and here's a guy you wanted behind you. shannon: he was killed in a roadside bomb two weeks ago. he leaves behind a wife and three daughters. >> a mother of 7 living in the heart of america in the midst of supporting isis. and israeli native living in wisconsin used social media to provide bomb making instructions and to recruit potential terrorists.
2:31 am
he tried convincing someone about a government water supply. a wisconsin man pleaded guilty to a separate charge of supporting isis. jillian: chelsea manny denied bail and will stay behind bars. the former army intelligence analyst has been in jail since march 8th after refusing to testify before a grand jury about wikileaks. her lawyers argue her testimony is unnecessary now the julian assange has been charged. manning served 7 years in prison for leaking military documents. president obama commuted her 35 year sentence. >> this record will hear arguments about a sense of citizenship question. justice department attorney explained why it is crucial in 2020. >> obviously we need that kind
2:32 am
of data for everything from redistricting to distribution of federal funds and a lot of big programs. people challenging this are fearful of frankly getting accurate data on the number of noncitizens in the country. >> donald trump has been trying to bring back the citizenship question, the white house is the dag needs information to support the voting rights act. >> let's talk about a foxbusiness alert. montana attorney general calling on chick-fil-a to open more franchises in the state. >> tracy carrasco has more on the invitation. >> republican montana attorney general is inviting chick-fil-a to bring more of the franchises to his state and is criticizing people who are saying chick-fil-a is bad for business and they are causing division and outrage so he wrote a letter expressing his desire and this is what he said in that letter. a barrage of unnecessary criticism from san antonio, texas and buffalo, new york i
2:33 am
want you to know montanans don't discriminate against others based on religious affiliation and that is why i extension collate invitation to extend operations after issues with those two airports who didn't like chick-fil-a's stance on certain things, didn't necessarily agree with the traditional values of the restaurant. >> jd knows what i am talking about. >> let's talk about the younger generation feeling the financial pinch. >> millennials, according to a new survey, those between 23 and 38 were 68% feel they have tougher financial woes than past generations, we are talking worse often than those in the great depression, 48% feel they faced a worse overall economic environment which millennial's to suffer through the great recession.
2:34 am
47% have $0 saved to retirement. that may be why one or 4 are living with their family and friends. millennials not doing so well when it comes to finances and the mindset of the economy and how they are faring, they don't fall into one category. i am a millennial and i don't agree. >> the numbers in that story show millennial's in that story are completely wrong. >> i pay a mortgage and have money saved for retirement. >> i do get fired up about this because it is hard to jump everyone into one category. everyone in the country into one whether group. >> we do have the potential for strong storms we want to talk about today and tomorrow. 58 in new york city, 53 in
2:35 am
kansas city. you can see where the cold air is across the northern rockies and we have our next weather maker across the southern plains and i want to point out inclement weather for the great lakes and we are getting ready the system across the northeast but this is the next big weather maker across the southwest bringing potential for higher elevation snow across the southern rockies and large, damaging winds and tornadoes as we go through the day today. here is your threat for parts of the big bend of texas toward central texas and a good chunk of new mexico as well and then we are going to see the system move eastward and bring the threat or risk for severe storms across the mississippi river valley and the heavy rainfall threat could lead to flash flooding so we watch that, this is the time of your we typically see stronger storms. we will keep you up-to-date.
2:36 am
and mostly sunny in new york city today. >> you were conspicuously quiet when i gave a shout to chick-fil-a. i thought you would be supportive. >> i'm always in support of chick-fil-a any time of day. you should know that. i didn't want to raise a ruckus in the studio. >> you can do that anytime you like. >> 75 minutes after the hour. bill diblasio backs the green new deal. how does he explain taking an suv to the gym 11 miles from his home. >> what environmentally responsible example are you setting taking this driving a car. >> this is just part of my life. >> that answer not sitting well on social media. >> 11 miles apart. the democratic field is crowded as a clown car. this image going viral. carly shimkus with reaction to both sides. ♪
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>> bill diblasio struggling to justify his own habits while promoting the green new deal. >> what sort of environmentally responsible example are you setting taking this driving a car? >> this is part of my life. i come from that neighborhood in brooklyn, that is my home which i go there on a regular basis to stay connected to where i come from. >> carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with the online reaction. >> bill diblasio marks earth day by introducing the city's green new deal. the plan includes restrictions on building new skyscrapers of glass and steel as well as demands from property owners to upgrade existing buildings but calling the mayor's own carbon footprint into question as he takes an 11 mile suv ride to his
2:41 am
favorite gym every day. you heard his reaction to that, just part of his lifestyle. when twitter user says it is time for hypocritical mayors to stop driving suvs everywhere. another twitter user rights do as i say, not as i do. this week from anna who says the mayor of new york city creates an extra fee to reduce pollution every day in the morning he and his entourage moved to brooklyn to do gymnastics. we have seen this criticism before with alexandria ocasio cortez taking an airplane to washington dc instead of the train. rob: it was too many floors down. jillian: it could literally take you 3 hours in new york city. >> especially driving, like 20 gyms between here and there and then 11 mile stretch. >> people upset about one of
2:42 am
starbucks latest moves. >> this is interesting, sparking mixed reaction, starbucks is going to install meals in the bathrooms and their locations to keep employees safe after two employees were stuck with hypodermic needles last year. some people are on board with this idea. others feel it enables drug use. carry on facebook timing and with this long post saying how about this crazy idea, only that paying customers use the bathroom. i'm sure that model works for others. don't let them come to your establishment if you want a safe and positive environment. sherry defending the plan saying there are other points to the needle boxes. there are diabetics, not sure they are to encourage drug use but hypodermic needles a big issue for some employees in certain locations when cleaning bathrooms, they don't see the
2:43 am
needle and they could - >> the shot of the morning kind of. >> i will expand this and get out of the way so you can see how massive this is. monmouth university released all the potential 2020 presidential candidates, sparking comparisons to a clown car. carl on twitter says picture sergeant pepper, another person feels bad for the employee who had to photoshop that thing together saying wouldn't it be quicker and easier to name all the dems that are not running? in 2016 there were 17 republicans running, this picture shows 23 democrats. >> if anyone else joined we will not be able to fit them in the monitor. >> sergeant pepper just declared. you have to expand that. >> we have updates. this army that dropped 44 pounds in 2016. how did he do it? here's a hint, beer. he joins us live next to explain. >> the only person i know who
2:44 am
would take a similar challenge and succeed in doing it, the great pete hegseth with more coming up. >> that is my diet, very important, well done. >> and wondering, maybe. a great show coming up on "fox and friends". senator mike lee, republican from utah, judge andrew napolitano and a democrat from california, and us ambassador to germany. and our lesson on the difference between democracy and a constitutional republic. a lot of democrats couldn't figure out that distinction and 111th birthday of the u.s. army reserve. a national guardsmen in my past, they may accept this. back to you. >> they are very accepting. >> it is a new army.
2:45 am
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>> really chilling when you hear that, the voice of a murderer police believe could be hiding in plain sight in indiana. investigators releasing a sketch of a man a say killed liberty german and abigail williams two years ago. rob: from delphi, indiana, where the teens were murdered. good morning. >> good morning. i want to show you a new sketch
2:49 am
posted in delphi. the community is uneasy, they've been waiting for answers for two years and now they have the face of a man police believe murdered abby and libby. this is a new sketch. he looks younger than the original sketch released in 2017. police say the suspect is between 18, and 40 and may look younger than his true age. they believe the killer is from delphi living in this town or used to live here. maybe works here, visits regularly. we saw new video. it may look familiar. it circulated for a while because it was a still shot and at the time the only known picture we had of the killer but this time it shows movement, something the public should pay close attention to. they think someone might recognize the killer's walk or mannerisms in this short clip and there's a bit more sound of the man talking.
2:50 am
>> guys, downhill. downhill. >> reporter: you can hear the man saying guys down the hill. previously we only heard down the hill so authorities believe this clip of audio was taken when the girls were on the highbridge trail, the clip was recorded half a mile from a parking lot near the trail and they are trying to find the driver of a car left in that parking lot and that was during the time the girls went hiking. this is the first significant new information we have gotten since july 2017 when the sketch was released so it has been nearly 2 years. police say the new sketch is generated a lot of tips. they have been coming instantly and that is exactly what they want but they also have a message for the killer. they are coming for you. back to you. >> thank you for the important update, tears and agony for the
2:51 am
family but make sure you contact your local police with any information. >> we are going to light things up a lot. the army veteran who gave up food and only drink beer for lens? not only that but he lost 40 pounds in the process. >> joining us to explain how he did it is dell hall, good morning to you a couple pounds later. thank you for joining us. i guess to start off, explain why you wanted to do this, why beer, you checked in with your doctor about this? right? >> absolutely. i'm having so much fun with this. basically being a beer guy and knowing the history of beer you always hear about the monks in bavaria in the 1600s, they gave up all solid food for lent and only brink a special beer that has a lot of nutrients and carbohydrates and sugar and i always wondered is that real? can you really do that?
2:52 am
i decided to give the world and try it myself. >> how did you feel from start to finish during this whole thing? >> first week was really tough. breaking addiction to carbohydrates and sugar and things like that but after the first week your body gets used to not eating and you feel what real hunger is all about and i lost what i think is my addiction to food. i was overweight and had an unhealthy relationship with food and now that i've gone through 46 days of not eating i feel like a well-educated, ready to go to battle against obesity. >> i agree with you on the weeklong thing being tough in the beginning. i have done that, you have to get over the hump and then you plateau a little bit. the hard part is once you end something like this, getting that regular food back in your body.
2:53 am
what is your plan? >> it is slow and steady. i started eating yesterday on easter, had a very small portion of guacamole, egg with toast and fruit smoothie. just soft stuff. easily digested stuff and i might end of eating meat around friday or saturday next week. >> what's the story about all the junk on a day in and day out basis, when it's not a 40 day beer fest, what does it tell you about those things? >> that is the thing. if you follow the standard american diet and you eat fast food and highly processed food and things like that i don't know how anyone can tell me that is worse or better than craft beer? we take sides, we use natural ingredients, the best quality ingredients we can find and that is all that went into my body for 46 days. my health is better, my blood pressure, my cholesterol. everything has improved over what i was eating before the standard american diet.
2:54 am
craft beer is the way to go. >> you are not drunk the whole time. it was two to five beers a day. >> i drink beer for a living. i was cognizant of the fact of how much i was drinking. i carried a blood-alcohol meter with the so i knew where my level was and it was great. jillian: appreciate your story. netflix putting out an aoc documentary. >> if i were original person i would've dropped out of this race a long time ago. >> social media taking this trailer and running wild with it, your reaction coming up. >> earlier yesterday we had this. that rabbit delivered a lot more than eggs and chocolate when "fox and friends first" returns. ♪
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. .
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♪ todd: four protesters faces felony charges after glueing themselves to the universal studioslobe. that's a bold strategy. let's see if it pays off for them. the activists seen waiving green flags and dying the fountain red calling for ntsb tnbc totake action against hollywood. using a ladder truck. behind a protest in new york last week. 60 people were arrested.
2:59 am
jillian: i do like the movie dodge ball. todd: greatest movie ever. jillian: new documentary featuring ocasio-cortez. >> if i were a rational person i would have dropped out of this race a long time ago. jillian: knock down the house follow four progressive women and run for congress. ocasio-cortez was the only one to win it will stream on may 1st. the #no thanks i would rather paula tweeted no thanks i would rather eat a rotten heck. >> joe writes no thanks i would rather get legal representation from michael avenatti. todd: the good, the bad, and the ugly. limo drive 4th of july 10,000 bucks on ebay. drive this caddie passed mount rush more you would have four freedom founders cranking their neck and taking a peek. jillian: easter bunny beat down on camera. an officer broke up a fight
3:00 am
no. one was arrested. todd: watch it this cow jumps over a man. they goes. in texas. the cow run into the street after getting loose during a barn sale. jillian: have a good day. ♪ steve: thanks for joining us this morning live from the mezzanine level. ainsley: take some chances. welcome back how was the white house? ainsley: so much fun. we had a great time. pete: did you a good job. hayden loved it. ainsley: she had a good time. yeah. it was a neat experience. we took home one of those wooden eggs so we'll have that forever. got a lot of pictures. steve: it's such a nice morning in new york


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