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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 29, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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a sideways view of us taking a selfie to gather. >> greg: you took biden selfie? unbelievable. >> jesse: set your dvrs. it never an episode. "special report with bret baier" is up next. >> thank you. we begin with several stories about terrorism. first off, authorities in southern california say that they have attached specific targets, and a military veteran who converted to islam is now in custody. trace gallagher and los angeles has been following the breaking details all afternoon. good evening, trey's. >> good evening, bret. it was supposed to be a white nationalist rally that was scheduled for yesterday. the fbi says the suspect, mark steven domingo not only committed the attack but picked out the location of the rally where he wanted the bomb to be a place. they say he went to home supply
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stores looking for the deadliest material. wash. >> he allegedly purchased several hundred 3-inch long nails to be used in ieds as shrapnel, specifically because they were long enough to penetrate the human body and puncture internal organs. >> they say last week he delivered the nails to who he thought was a bomb builder. then on friday, he was arrested after an undercover agent handed him a fully built but phony ied. they say the suspect also wanted to attack us on dominic santa monica. to cause the highest number of casualties. he is a u.s. army veteran who served in afghanistan and recently converted to islam. they say he also went online, trying to recruit other like-minded people to islam. and here's what the fbi is saying about the motive. watch. >> he expressed a desire to retaliate for the new zealand
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attack. he claimed he would swear allegiance to isis if they formed in the united states and praise the leader. >> they say that he also posted that america needs another vegas event, referring to the mass shooting, saying it would "give them a taste of the terror they gladly spread all over the world." he was waiting to appear in a los angeles court room, where he will officially be charged of planning a mass casualty attack. >> bret: thanks. now to another attack that did happen. the fbi received word of an anonymous thread about 5 minutes before saturday shooting at the synagogue near san diego. they did not specify a location. a 60-year-old woman died. three other people were injured, including the congregation's rabbi. he talked about seeing the victim, lori kaye, throw herself in front of him. >> i see lori laying on the floor unconscious.
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and her dear husband, who is like a brother to me. he is trying to resuscitate her. and he fans, and he is laying there on the floor next to his wife. lori took the bullet for all of us. she died to protect all of us. >> bret: suspect john ernest may face a hate crime charge in addition to murder and attempted murder charges. today, his family released a statement, saying "to our great shame, he is now a part of the history of evil that has been perpetrated on the jewish people for centuries." we are getting our first like tonight in five years at one of the world's most infamous terrorist. a benjamin hall in london with the newest video from the leader of isis. good evening, benjamin. >> it's been five long years since we last saw him, but here he is.
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he made the rally cry, that although the territorial war is gone, the ideological still one still exist. and the brutal attacks carried under his name will continue. showing al-baghadi in conversation with others. he appears to be in good health, despite numerous claims over the years that he was either dead or injured. he acknowledges clearly that setbacks that isis has faced in battle, and he says they will be avenged. he accepts pledges from terror groups around the world, notably some in africa. he reminds them that people across the world are willing to follow his command. he also praises the reason sri lanka bombings, saying they were revenge for the loss of age. he it does appear that this part of the video was edited and later, implying it was also recorded after the rest of the video. they said they would still confirm its authenticity, adding
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"isis's territorial defeat was crushing psychological and strategic blow, but this fight is not finished. we continue to apply pressure to ensure an enduring defeat and apply justice." al-baghadi has not been seen since 2014 when he spoke out almost. since then, it was thought that he was hiding in the desert of syria or iraq. there was a $25 million bounty on his head. they hope to bring more recruits to to the concert, and with robert on just five days away, also there is a fear that there may be an uptick in violence. >> bret: benjamin, thank you. the commander of the task force that runs are present at the u.s. naval system at guantanamo bay -- he was relieved of duty saturday, due to what was called a loss of confidence in his ability to command. he had been in charge since last
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april. he was due to be replaced as part of a scheduled rotation in less than two months. new at this hour, approved homeland security department request for more personnel at the southern border. meanwhile, president trump is about to make another major proposal for what continues to be his reelection campaign. it involves a new way of deciding who gets in and who does not. chief white house correspondent john roberts has more from the white house north lawn. >> in addition to his signature issue of eliminating illegal immigration, he is proposing major reforms to legal immigration. so far, those proposals have been met with as much opposition as his plans to deal with illegal immigrants. >> white house staff are expected to deliver a plan for merit-based emigration. president trump insisting that the current system is irreparably broken pews because the problem is you have ten
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times more people coming up with their families. it's like disneyland. >> the president has promoted merit based immigration, similar to canada, australia, and new zealand. he also wants to eliminate the visa lottery and a chain migration. democrats have fiercely opposed to the present, but the white house hopes that maybe changing. >> we have a number of almond company children skyrocketing. the number of those individuals coming across our border, being smuggled and taken advantage is here to exploit it. now members of the democratic party hopefully are seeing exactly what the president has been talking about, and we will have a new willingness to help us address appears >> nancy pelosi, senator chuck schumer, and others will be at the white house tomorrow for the first time since january 9th when president trump walked out of their meeting on wall funding. infrastructure is the main topic, but immigration, no doubt, will come of your customs and border protection is preparing for a massive influx of people now that word has gone
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out that attention setters are full, and people are being released into the u.s. >> you will be allowed to stay. you will be released because our court system is so backlogged. even if there is no right to stay in the u.s. >> titling stomach tackling a new problem, they are sending experts and human smuggling to the border. migrants poses children to create a fake family to exploit an immigration. they are forging documents to present themselves as minors when they are actually 18. on another fight with congress. this time over attorney general william barr's thursday appearance before the house judiciary committee. jerrold nadler want staff attorneys to question him about the mueller report after members of congress had had their turn. >> there are valid reasons to wanting to be able to have
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counsel asking questions. we have seen many numbers of instances where a witness filibuster for four and a half, give a bad answer, not follow-up. it's because i fired back "not going to happen." the attorney general agreed to appear before congress. therefore, members of congress should be the ones during the questioning. they remit happy to engage with members on their questions, regarding the mueller report. >> late this afternoon, rod rosenstein announced that he will be leaving the department effective may 11th. back in january, rosenstein said that he would be resigning after the mueller report was released. in his resignation letter today, rosenstein said that the department made rapid progress in achieving the administration's law enforcement priorities. attorney general barr praised them, saying he has been an invaluable partner to me during my return to the department, that i have relied heavily on his leadership and judgment over
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the past several months. >> bret: john, thanks. joe biden used to be called pennsylvania's third senator when he was back in congress. now, biden is hoping the state in which he was one will be the birthplace of a successful run for the presidency if you former vice president is trying to flip blue-collar pennsylvanians who voted for president trump back to the blue side of the ticket. peter doocy is in pittsburgh today. good evening, peter. >> good evening, bret. he has been part of the political system for dockets, but to collected after all that time on the inside that the system is broken. for the first time in his third white house campaign, he told the crowd of about 600 he is not meant to fix it. >> if i'm going to be able to be donald trump in 2020, it's going to happen here.
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>> for the third time, he announced he wants to be president with a pitch to union workers. >> all of my time, i have been referred to as middle-class joe. it has not always been a compliment. usually that i'm not sophisticated. the fact of the matter is i am sophisticated about why, how, and who built this country. >> the international association of firefighters, the 76-year-old is a lot different than hillary clinton. >> he speaks to those workers that didn't believe the last democratic nominee heard them. >> they believe that endorsement signals a shift in swing states. >> that's a big get for him because you know a lot of the union members one for president trump instead of hillary clinton. >> the president dismissed the news. he doesn't know that pennsylvania is having one of the best economic years in history, with lowest unemployment numbers ever. the firefighters leadership will
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always support democrats, even though the membership wants me. some things will never change. biden then sprung to defend his backers, i am sick of this present bad mouthing unions. joe biden lunged with al sharpton. he then explained why he thinks american is ready for its first gay president. because they are just not ready. it is something that we have heard before. i think it gives america very little credit. i was not sure how they would respond, but my community looks at me as a brother and a son. >> beto o'rourke visited yosemite valley, announcing a plan to reach net zero carbon emissions. it comes with a $5 trillion price tag paid mostly by rich americans corporate taxes. we will wait to see if climate change can help them when
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ground. >> we need a president who works for all americans. we can afford this. we can do this. >> from his home state, biden heads to a place that hasn't been as hospitable to him. i want. that is where a fifth place finish in 2008, the last time he ran for president, and of his campaign on caucus night, but he returns tomorrow as a front runner. bret. >> bret: peter doocy live in pittsburgh. thanks. let's talk about some of the big stories of the day. good evening. i wanted to start with the attorney general. bill barr and this battle with the house judiciary chair. how this committee is going to look. this usually doesn't play itself out publicly. >> you. these disputes about testimony are usually resolved by compromise. the committee gets to do what they want. the nominee or in this case, the attorney general gets to have
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some say in it. they work it out. it is not entirely clear about is what will happen this time, but that's what usually happens. if not, they can simply refuse to come. he will testify before the senate the day before, and he could simply refuse to come, which would mean that they would have to follow through on the threat to subpoena him. congressional subpoenas are not self enforcing. bill barr could simply ignore it. all of which would take time. we just have to see how far down the road that goes. even then, we get to that stage. we still might end up in a compromise. my guess is that barr will eventually testify to conditions he finds acceptable. nadler might get his counsel in a position to have some questions. not long rounds. >> bret: it's an interesting dichotomy, this battle was congress and of the different elements if you're for testimon
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testimony. and then democrats heading to the white house tomorrow to talk about infrastructure with the president. >> that will be interesting to see how that plays out. they have a mutual interest there. democrats want to do that. it is the kind of thing that they love. big spending programs on public works projects and so on. clearly, we are in need of some. no doubt about that. the big question always is where is the money going to come from? how the money will be raised. and spend that president doesn't seem at all concerned about the deficit and building the debt. democrats don't either. and a lot of republicans don't, so this would seem to me to be a real opportunity where he ends the congress can work together. the national interest as to how it is paid for is another matter. >> bret: quickly, joe biden had his first official campaign event in pittsburgh. they think pennsylvania is key to their success. real clear politics, it is
3:16 pm
always tough to look at polls this early, but it has biden up 7.5 over trump if the election were held today. your thoughts? >> pennsylvania is clearly may be the biggest battleground state of all. the familiar handful that we always see every four years. whether these things are fought out. this union endorsement that biden got from the firefighters union, i'm sure he wanted it, but union endorsements, the union boss endorsements don't always translate into union member votes. and there are even situations -- i remember this from 35 years ago when walter mondale was heavily supported by them in his primary campaign. it was not an unmixed blessing. is there any place where you differ from organized labor? he never really had a good answer to that. dogged him throughout the campaign. eventually, he got the nomination, but it was a fight.
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the one thing they do not say, they don't say new democrats. they seem like the conventional democrat from days gone by. maybe that's what he is. that is what he wants to seem to be, though. >> bret: as always, thank you. up next, did the u.s. pay $2 million hospital bill for, chose american student detained in north korea? we will bring you that. wf xc in boston has filed a lawsuit to block federal authorities from arresting people in and around courthouses for civil immigration violations. the group says district attorneys are unable to prosecute certain cases because victims, witnesses, defendants are too afraid to come to court. fox 45 in baltimore where police are hunting a gunman they say fired indiscriminately into a crowd gathered for a cookout's auto baltimore street yesterday. one man was killed.
3:18 pm
seven people wounded there. and this is a live look at seattle from our affiliates. four people were killed, three others hurt saturday one oh crane collapsed onto a street in the cities south lake union neighborhood. two of the dead were crane operators. that is tonight's live look. the special report. we will be right back. tical res. pursuing life-changing cures in a country that fosters innovation here, they find breakthroughs... like a way to fight cancer by arming a patient's own t-cells... because it's not just about the next breakthrough... it's all the ones after that.
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>> bret: we are learning new details about the $2 billion hospital bill north korea submitted to the u.s. before the u.s. of otto warmbier. now, the trump administration says it signed for the bill but did not pay. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg has details. >> the saga of otto warmbier, the american student held captive by north korea continues. telling cnn today that the trump administration, maybe president trump himself, agreed for him to sign a commitment to pay north korea $2 million in medical costs at the time of his release in 2017. he was, toes and then would later die. the fact that it was signed by was current, confirmed by john
3:23 pm
bolton on on "fox news sunday." >> this occurred before i came into the administration, but that's my understanding. >> they first reported the conditions. it trump responded to it. >> there was no money paid. the money was paid. there was no money paid. some arguing not paying weekends use credibility with them. others say that's the cost and trump administration dealing with hostage takers. >> certainly, they had remarkable success in just over two years in the administration. >> the trump administration remains open to another summit with kim. rejects the recent proposal that more countries like russia or japan get directly involved. in fact, the last one on one trump-kim summit did not go wel well. it marks the anniversary of the start of intense negotiations. south korean president moon
3:24 pm
jae-in. neither was present. >> it's unclear what the circumstances of otto warmbier's release are coming up now. his father, fred, said that the fee sounded like a ransom, but apparently not paid. bret. >> bret: greg, thank you. stocks were up today. the dow gained 11. the s&p 500 had a new record close. hit a new record high as well as it grows. up next, the most significant measles outbreak of this century gets worse. we will bring you there. first, the second tropical storm to hit mozambique, continues to pound them. at 38 deaths have been confirmed so far. 160,000 people are said to be at risk with more torrential rain forecast for the days ahead. the catholic church and sri lanka is urging the government to crack down on islamic extremists with more vigor in the aftermath of the
3:25 pm
easter bombings, targeting christians. the archbishop of columbus as the church may not be able to stop people from taking the law into their own hands and lets the government conducts a more thorough investigation and it does more to prevent further attacks. 250 people were killed in a series of bombings at churches and hotels. a grand council began today in afghanistan with more than 3200 afghan seeking to agree on a common approach to peace talks with the telegram. four day meeting includes politicians, tribal elders, and many prominent figures. they say holding it now risks delaying the peace process. just some of the stories beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back. oducing... the first dogs trained to train humans. stopping drivers from: liking. selfie-ing. and whatever this is. available to the public... never. smartdogs are not the answer.
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it's the #1 multivitamin uniquely designed for men and women. one serving, once a day. one a day. and done. >> bret: another alarming report about the growing measles outbreak in the u.s. dozens of more cases and what is already the most significant outbreak and a quarter century. here is correspondent brian. >> the biggest challenge we face right now is misinformation and myths. >> the centers for disease control is blaming anti-vaccination sentiment for the largest measles outbreak to hit since the virus was eliminated in 2000. they are not 704 cases across 22 states. >> it's important that parents realize that the vaccine is safe and effective. >> hardest hit are jewish communities in new york's
3:30 pm
rockland county, and in the williamsburg section of brooklyn where anti-vaccination propaganda is threating. warning vaccines are dangerous. they are spreading a booklet filled with discredited misinformation that vaccines cause autism or that vaccines contain aborted fetuses. they make robo calls and instill fear, referencing experiments. our right to refuse medical treatment is denied in the name of public health, precisely the logic used by the. dr. rupert. >> it's very -- it's miscommunication. it is misguiding people. and the concern with this group is that they are affecting a population where a lot of what is decided by moms is by word-of-mouth. >> a task force has publish their own booklet, urging parents to vaccinate. some leaders fear the outbreak
3:31 pm
could fuel anti-semitism. >> the fact of the matter is that there are anti-vectors in every community. >> rockland community band -- the rabbi say that the jewish faith does not prohibit vaccinations. bret. >> brian, thank you. celebrity attorney and want on possible presidential candidate michael avenatti has pleaded not guilty to charges that he still millions of dollars from clients, cheated on his taxes, and lie to investigators. he was arraigned today. his trial was scheduled to start in late june. he rose to fame representing porn actress stormie daniels in her legal battle against president trump ute also flirted with the idea of running against president trump. new york's democratic governor and president trump are exchanging words over the nra, dealing with its own internal issues.
3:32 pm
david talks about the escalating battle over the nra and within it. >> the national rifle association is under investigation by new york state's attorney general, following questions over the organization's finances, including its tax-exempt status. president trump, who spoke out the group's annual meeting on thursday, tweeted that attorney general letitia james and andrew, are "illegally using the states apparatus to take down and destroy this very important organization and others." he released a statement. ", dominic the only illegal thing is the insurance game. we are not afraid to stand up to the nra." "in any case we pursue, we will follow the facts, wherever they may lead. we wish the president would share our respect for the law." it comes after the abrupt departure of the nra president. >> we always feel at home. >> that was on friday.
3:33 pm
just a day later, a statement was read on his behalf. >> there is a clear crisis that needs to be dealt with immediately and responsibly. >> he later claimed it north try to extort him, allegedly threatening to reveal damaging information. in this quote, he wrote to board members "the letter would contain a devastating account of our financial status, sexual harassment charges against a staff member, wardrobe expenses, and expensive staff travel expenses. "expressing concern about the infighting. >> we don't need the internal distractions. >> the lifeblood of this organization is on the line. we are under attack from without. we do not need to be under attack from within. >> wayne lapierre was just reelected within the last hour. it is still not clear who will
3:34 pm
replace oliver north as the next president of the nra. not commenting tonight on the inner turmoil. bret. >> bret: longtime indiana republican senator died over the weekend. he was a leading republican voice on foreign policy its members during his 36 years in the u.s. senate. president trump just released a statement, saying that he leaves behind a long record of legislative accomplishments and a tremendous legacy. the president and the world are safer because of his work. he died sunday at a hospital in virginia where he was being treated for a rare neurological disorder. he was 87.
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donald trump in 2020, it's going to happen here. there are three basic reasons why i am running for president of the united states. the first is to restore the soul of the nation. the second is to rebuild the backbone of this nation. the third is to unify this nation. >> can you imagine sleepy joe, crazy bernie, or you can imagine any of these people if you're doing what i'm doing? 200 people would show up if they were president. if they weren't, nobody would show up. >> bret: his first official campaign event in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. state democrats clearly believe it's going to be integral to winning the white house back. so president not holding back on the union efforts to go after union endorsements. i'll never get the support of crazy leadership. those people who riff off their membership. medical and other expenses while being paid a fortune, but the
3:40 pm
members look at our record. economy, tax. military, et cetera. he goes on. the firefighters leadership will always support democrats, even though the membership wants me. some things never change. what about this? let's bring him out, editor and chief of "the washington free beacon." news editor at okay, katie. it was joe biden's first kind of official campaign event. what did you think? >> he's campaigning in pennsylvania and not i will if you're demographic that mcgrath have taken for granted for a very long time. the union vote is an interesting one. he talks about getting those endorsements. he has a point in a lot of ways because as we have seen, we see no movement of right to work laws being placed all around the country. state legislators because people don't want to be forced into unions, and right-to-work states have actually won that argument.
3:41 pm
so unions actually have a lot less political capital than they used to. now, that doesn't go to say that president trump doesn't have to make sure that he campaigns, try to get those voters, but joe biden has to make the case that an 100 counties that he flipped from president obama, who joe biden of course served under, that they deserve to be back in democratic hands. when they talk about bringing coal jobs back, he's going to have to answer for some of the policies when it came to overregulation. pull industries going out of power. 51,000 jobs in pennsylvania. for example, manufacturing going way while the trump administration has bought to like brought those jobs back. they have less power than they did, but they are trained to get at the same voter when it comes to tussling for them. >> bret: josh, he said earlier it felt like an all time democrat pitch. and it really was. >> this is as much of a battle
3:42 pm
for the soul of the democratic party as it is where the soul the nation. the union hall, blue-collar union workers, but that's not where the base of the democratic party as right now. it is the university faculty lounge. focus much more on the wealthy and the progressive elements. joe biden strategy is to say look, there are a lot of working-class still in the democratic party. with them running more to the left and the elite, this is his chance to consolidate the 35% of white working-class democrats while everyone else goes for the others. >> bret: karl rove on where things stand right now. >> though polls say that he leads the democratic primary, but they had an interesting thing. name a candidate you could be for, and 54% couldn't come up with a name, which means this thing is wide open. this thing is wide open. >> bret: you look at the fund-raising totals. biden is impressive.
3:43 pm
6.3 million, beto o'rourke, 611. bernie sanders m, harris, bernie sanders going out to raise a lot more money in the first couple of weeks. >> i think we are a long way away. he has started off with the general election strategy. his introductory message. that was the same thing with his speech today. economic oriented. in that year and a half, he has to defeat 20-22 other democrats, and the question is will he be able to? that is a question we do not have enough data to answer today. >> bret: when you look at all of these faces, and we are not done filling the sport up. it's a big hurdle. >> it's a large field. joe biden is going to have to do a lot to distinguish himself as someone who doesn't just have old ideas, someone who is washington experience.
3:44 pm
how he can be that young, hip older statements statesman andh bernice. he sounds like president trump on a lot of issues when he got into the details about renewable energy or medicare for all. he talks about those kinds of issues, and the follow questions to those are going to be do you agree with people like kamala harris? do you agree that there should be some kind of private sector, public sector's option, and those are the questions he will have to answer in addition to the social issues of the day. the #metoo movement, and the social issue that has popped up on the left. i want to turn to a washington issue that is very washington. on thursday and the house, the house judiciary -- >> there are valid reasons to wanting to be able to have counsel as expressions.
3:45 pm
we have seen many instances under the five minute rule where a witness will filibuster and give a nonresponsive answer, and you can follow-up. >> bret: attorney general barr testifying on thursday. there is this back and forth about whether he is going to. they agreed to appear before congress, and therefore, members of congress should be the ones doing it. he is happy to engage on questions regarding the mueller report. it's kind of in doubt whether he is actually going to show up. >> democrats want to have the questions. they are aware that some of the more ideological members are going to hog the questions. >> bret: which is what happens every time. >> they are playing their cards wisely. they should have it how they traditionally operate. it could mean that we don't have a hearing before him in front of the house judiciary committee. >> bret: probably is a house. he will testify they are. >> this is a fight over objects.
3:46 pm
he wants it to look like watergate, where it was the staff counsel delivering the question. it is not something that attorney general barr can win. >> bret: next up, the >> bret: next up, the continuing the nra. ♪ you wouldn't feed your kids just water, so why starve your plants? feed their hunger and get twice the results. new miracle-gro performance organics.
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>> bret: >> the governor wants d once your organization, the nra, denied financial services. simply put, the governor wants the nra blacklisted. and if you don't believe me, just ask the governor. >> the nra's goal is to sell more guns, and they don't care if they sell them to legal owners or a legal owners. they want to sell you more guns. >> bret: the battle between new york's governor and attorney general and the nra is one element that, but there is also the elements within. wayne lapierre. they lost that. reelected into his position. that is the backdrop for the nra, dealing internally and externally. back with the panel. katie, explain this.
3:51 pm
from the nra point of view, they are under siege from new york, but also battling within. >> we will start with the internal analysis. quickly as i possibly can. some conflict over the salary of oliver north that was paid through an outside p.r. firm. oliver north is no longer president. the board met for nine hours to talk about whether wayne lapierre and the rest of the board members would be put back into their positions. they were voted unanimously back into their positions. going into this meeting, there were a number of them going into the executive session with questions about the new york lawsuit, what it means for the future of the national rifle association, and what has been alleged in terms of the financing. clearly, based on the unanimous vote today, they have a number of their questions answered and will continue to take accountability.
3:52 pm
when it comes to when andrew cuomo said, i just have to address this. the nra does not sell firearms. they are civil liberties organization that has been around since 1871 that protects the second amendment all across the country. so they are fighting and attorney general in the north and a governor who would be a leftist hero if they were to take the nra down. will they have to look at the details of what is being alleged? sure, but for the governor to lie about what the nra actually does in favor of politics, when they don't do any of the things that he alleges of actually introducing legislators, to prevent people from mental health issues from getting firearms, it is very disingenuous. >> it is more complicated than "game of thrones." you have to diagram all of the different characters. there is also the external threat represented by him. katie is right. he is being dishonest. this issue isn't with the nra. it's with the voters.
3:53 pm
with the voters is where they draw their power from here you can get rid of the nra, which is i'm going to happen, but even if they did, you would still have a huge number of americans who care passionately about their second amendment rights, believe they are critical, and tell congress to defend them when they are under a threat. >> bret: it seems like when we have this battle back and forth, without the right does come to the forefront, and it doesn't pull them out great ask questions and march. stricter gun laws. 65%, 35% opposed. requiring back ground checks. u.s. efforts to address gun violence. doing enough. but when push comes to shove, josh, it's a powerful issue the other way. >> yeah. and it's about time to have internal strife at the nra because for the first time, democrats are uniting across the
3:54 pm
party. he needs to have a blue dog win. a conservative win, try to get endorsements from the nra. i can't think of a single candidate in the country that actually would report an nra endorsement these days. that is what is making this so challenging because you are having the base versus the base. and from within, but you're also having this very united democratic front. >> it goes beyond that. you have kamala harris saying she will take executive action within 100 days of her presidency. eric swalwell has talked about imprisoning gun owners. so it's not just about passing another gun law. it's about confiscation efforts and criminalizing people who dare to exercise their second amendment right. >> it will be a big issue, come the selection. when we come back, a big dose of military appreciation.w ♪
3:55 pm
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♪ ♪ >> bret: finally tonight, a heart-warming homecoming. petty officer second class sedia evers stationed in africa. she flew six hours to see her son james for weeks. taking part in his child's military appreciation assembly when his mom walked in and gave him the surprise of his life. [cheers. [.] [applause] >> this is the best day of my life. >> bret: i can just watch those again and again and again. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. story hosted by alma mater alm a
4:00 pm
maccallum right now. >> martha: best day of his life. all right, good evening, everybody. i'm martha maccallum and this is the story. tonight, a gathering of big wall street democrat donors are reportedly panicking. quote, absolutely freaking out about the 2020 candidates. this graphic in the piece show the stock market show some of the candidates in dropping in value. the new york magazine story early favorite cory booker and kirsten gillibrand weak start and hostile barbs toward finance are concerning toward them and say this about biden. he had a comforting history in white house and reputation as establishment democrat which struck many bankers as a dubious bet to beat donald trump. now, in a separate piece, the magazine added this warning. democrats need to prepare for the possibility that in november of 2020 donald trump will be presiding over the longest period of uninterrupted growth in


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