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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 30, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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from 57% scottish going to 31% spanish to just 11 and ancestry says as more users join the service their accuracy increases. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us today. goodbye. it is tuesday, april 30th and this is a fox news alert. a mass murderer for the first time in years. rob: why has our baghdadi decided to make himself visible? jillian: migrants using the cover of the caravan to make it to the southern border. >> accounts you will not see anywhere else. >> donald trump is only president, the only president who decided not to represent the whole country. jillian: joe biden tearing into donald trump through the
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battlegrounds. >> the critical votes needed in the primary. "fox and friends first" continued right now. ♪ jillian: i am proud of myself for knowing that. every fiber of her being. rob: this song came out in 86. it is old. jillian: this is no way to start a morning. rob: you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. >> thanks for starting the day with us and straight to a fox
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news alert. isis leader baghdadi seen on video for the first time in five years. rob: he knowledged the devastating loss of territory but claiming isis is not crushed but very much alive. calling the sri lanka bombings retaliation. live in london, more on the leaders rally from the shadows. >> reporter: this comes at a critical time for isis. they are trying to transition from a territorial terror group to more than ideological one but the message is clear. the attack will continue. he called out against the west. the 18 minute video showed baghdadi in good health despite numerous claims that he was dead or injured.
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the territorial defeat of isis will be avenged. he praises the recent sri lanka bombings saying they were of revenge for the loss of the caliphate. this section of the audio was overlaid, recorded after the rest of the video, not giving a clue to the timeline. the state department spokesman said they can from the video's authenticity adding isis's territorial defeat was a crushing strategic and psychological blow but this fight is not finished. the global coalition continues to apply pressure to ensure an enduring defeat. baghdadi, when isis was at its peak, since then, somewhere in the vast desert of eastern syria or western iraq. there is a $25 million bounty on his head. this will bring more recruits to isis and with 5 days and around don there may be an uptick in violence. rob: thank you so much.
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jillian: carley: and i'm a veteran accused of pledging allegiance to isis and plotting to murder hundreds in california. mark stephen domingo was arrested after investigators say he finalized plans to attack a white supremacist event as revenge for the new zealand mosque attack. >> this is a case in which law enforcement was able to identify a man consumed with hate and bend on mass murder and stop him before he could carry out his attack. carley: he spoke about killing jewish people and police officers. he was denied bond and is due in court next month. rob: a heroic school resource officer credited for stopping a potential school shooting by sixth-graders. the officer heard a rumor two student had a list of peers they wanted to kill at an elementary school west of knoxville, tennessee. investigators did not find that list but they did find a hand drawn map and a plot to hide
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weapons at the school. the students are charged with conspiracy to commit murder. very young as well. carley: mother of the affluenza teen who claims he didn't know right from wrong is back in jail. tommy couch failing mandatory drug test as part of her bond release. she has been back to jail twice since her arrest in 2015 when she fled to mexico with her son ethan, currently free after two years behind bars for violating his probation. he went to trial for killing four people when driving drunk in 2013. he was let off after a judge ruled he was too rich to know better and the jury bought it. rob: donald trump overnight calling for decisions to be made within 180 days on applications. speeding that along with new fees. jillian: ken paxton says these are much-needed relief for
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border states like his. >> we have obviously massive rise in the number of people coming across the border. we know in texas, the second state for human trafficking in the country, and there is a reason for it, mass immigration. carley: the pentagon is sending 320 troops to the southern border to transport and process migrants. as the president tries to fight the border crisis at home fox news is on the ground in mexico getting a firsthand look at how dire the situation really is. rob: griff jenkins live in a migrant shelter in texas with more on this in southern mexico. >> reporter: good morning. one very big change in the caravan movement. it is no longer confined to central america. it has gone global that borders are wide open in the us because
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here we are in southern mexico, they are migrants now, parts of this caravan in india. we have people from africa, people from nepal, haiti, cuba, honduras, guatemala and el salvador. we spoke to one gentleman from cameroon, a long ways away, here's how he got here, listen. >> i'm from cameroon, went to nigeria to colombia, colombia to panama, panama to ecuador, from ecuador by boat, come back to colombia and take my boat from colombia to a con a and then i walk in the jungle to parent may jungle. then i left panama to coast arica.
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from coast arica to nicaragua to honduras from honduras to guatemala to mexico now. >> reporter: where we are standing is 25 miles north of the guatemala mexico crossing a. this is a shelter, you can see the gates, they are detaining migrants, the same shelter where 1300 migrants or cubans broke out but you can see it is overcrowded. migrants sleeping outside here, right now. the officials from mexico tell us they believe in this area, not just this shelter but surrounding areas in southern mexico, 5000 migrants but they are a different makeup, different more global group trying to make their way to the united states. rob: that is unreal, the story of a guy from cameroon is something else.
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carley: that is tough, a tough situation. it is official. rod rosenstein is resigning, the deputy attorney general will officially step down may 11th. he plans to leave in march but stuck around for the completion of the special counsel's probe. william barr - the deputy transportation secretary jeffrey rosen has been nominated to replace him. michael avenatti is back in court pleading to federal charges he stole millions from his clients. the former attorney for stormy daniels was indicted earlier this month on 36 count. his charges include embezzlement and failed to a taxes. the trial is scheduled to start in june. in a separate case avenatti has been accused of trying to extort nike. he is in big trouble. rob: joe biden is in iowa hitting the all important site
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hours after slamming donald trump at his first official campaign stop in pittsburgh. >> donald trump is only president, the only president who decided not to represent the whole country. he has his base. we need a president who works for all americans. the america was built by unions, by you, that is the story of america. ordinary people from neighborhoods like yours, who go out and do extraordinary things. rob: biden continuing his attacks on twitter writing i am sick of this president bad mouthing unions. labor built the middle class in this country, we need a president who honors them and their work. joe biden has name recognition but is that enough to carry him through 2020? newt gingrich has a different prediction for who is the best democrat to take on donald trump. >> buttigieg. >> mayor pete. >> i'm trying.
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he has the best chance because he is the most like jimmy carter. he is a blank slate. everybody can pretend they like him without knowing what he stands for it is clever, he will always be number 3 or number 4 until they get to the vote. i told people biden wants to run as mister likable pleasant guy. trump is mister tough guy who gets things done. the country has to decide do you want this nice pleasant guy or this tough guy who has weaknesses but gets things done? rob: biden has a slight lead over his closest competitor, bernie sanders. carley: the president meeting with nascar champion who won his first title last year, telling a racing website it is an amazing opportunity, one day after donald trump hosted the women's ncaa basketball
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champion baylor university. the team gave donald trump a jersey, hat and signed basketball. that is a nice moment. rob: 11 minutes after the hour, several blue states pushing to keep the president off the 2020 ballot unless he releases his tax returns. a couple not so blue states. could that happen? a gop lawmaker from one of those states says this effort is unconstitutional, he joins us live. jillian: carley: chase bank is in hot water over this tweet. some are fired up and what the bank is doing about it. ♪ got it?
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got it. it's slippery. nooooo... noooo... nooooo... yeeeesss... quick, the quicker picker upper! bounty picks up messes quicker and is 2x more absorbent than the leading ordinary brand. hey look, i got it. bounty, the quicker picker upper. >> 20 states are considering bills to block donald trump from the 2020 ballot. >> and the president's tax returns.
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and this type of bill, what do you think of this proposal in your home state? >> it is disappointing, senate bill 145 would prohibit someone who hasn't released tax returns from being a candidate in the general election or singularly failed shot, and - the sitting president wasn't on the 2020 ballot. and there was so much outrage. is that true? >> the only way they could testify the committee was a
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member of a group out of chicago as a far left political activist group. the only people who voted for it in this committee, and it is unconstitutional. states do not add qualifications, and just as importantly they are coming off of a 2-week break. they are back in their district, i talked to hundreds of constituents over the next two weeks, not one asked me when the president would release his tax returns. they are worried about the governor's $3.5 billion tax increase and radical proposals on abortion and gun control. they're worried about jobs and good education for their kids. no one is talking about the president's tax returns except for the small group that they are catering to.
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>> it is obviously most of these states are. states that illinois doesn't matter. the president is never prayer in illinois. arizona, north carolina doing this or attempting to do this, states the president won in the last election. i trying to push through playing fire and help. >> when i go home and talk to my constituents and ask me what was going on in springfield and what efforts are undertaken by the democratic majority in illinois to create more jobs, create prosperity. my response to them is pushing extreme measures on gun control and abortion and trying to block the president of the united states from getting on the ballot to run for reelection. they are disappointed to say the least. i don't think there is any question this continues to go forward there is going to be a push back from the voters, not
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just republicans but middle-of-the-road independent voters and democrats as well. >> you say they are not concerned about the tax returns. polls show a majority of americans think presidential candidates, for partisan political reasons but overall, is there something that should be a conversation? should there be legality were presidential candidates need tax returns? >> i don't think so. that is the president's personal income taxes. who would want those released? that is his decision and if voters don't like that the president hasn't released his return they can vote against him. he didn't release his returns and they voted for him and elected him president of the united states. i don't think this should be a litmus test. >> thank you for coming on today. jillian: 19 after the hour.
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he may not have the nomination but joe biden is ready to give donald trump a run for his money. a closer look at the dueling economic narrative next. rob: millions are going to stay home despite a booming economy. ♪
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rob: the vice president hitting the state hours after slamming donald trump at his first campaign stop in pittsburgh. jillian: the battleground heating up over the keystone state. >> we saw it in pittsburgh at
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the tree of life synagogue and it is the deadliest in american history. >> the victims in the shooting and 7 california over the weekend, joe biden hosting a rally in pittsburgh monday. >> western pennsylvania and northeast pennsylvania where we have had a struggle. the truth of the matter is i think we are coming back. >> reporter: the remarks coming hours after donald trump took swipes at biden thing on twitter he obviously doesn't know pennsylvania is having one of the best economic years in its history. the president going after the international association of firefighters, one of the largest trade unions in the country after announcing it is endorsing biden. in a tweet of his own the formidable senator firing back saying i am sick of this president bad mouthing unions was labor build the middle class in this country.
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in a phone editor with fox the president attacking biden's candidacy. >> looks like the same biden, is that really joe biden? doesn't look the same to be. i've known him for a long time. i have seen them for a long time. what happened to him? he has been exposed. >> reporter: biden raised $6 million in his first 24 hours as a candidate. tomorrow, the first in a nation caucus date. in washington, lauren blanchard. carley: a monday motivation twee caused outrage. rob: this viral post, and cutting out extra expenses, for a short walk. some call this poor shaming. >> our motivation is to get better at hashtag monday
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motivation tweets. thank you for the feedback. rob: most agree the original post was not that offensive, nothing wrong with this. carley: we have too many easily offended snowflakes who can't handle the truth. rob: a great reminder how important it is to save money and show responsibility. weldon to chase. nobody is more mortified than any big corporation. 26 after the hour. the migrant caravan band for the border by expanding by the hour. griff jenkins live in mexico with where it is right now. >> in southern mexico where caravans of gone global, migrants as far as africa and india, bringing you here and tell you what their message is for donald trump when we come back. just because i felt like s so oily and greasy.
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rob: checking top headlines, brand-new video shows isis leader baghdadi is alive, issuing a rallying cry claiming isis is very much alive. in the video baghdadi praises the sri lanka easter bombings saying they were revenge for the loss of territory in syria. carley: ron rosenstein is resigning, he will officially step down on may 11th. he stuck around for the completion of the special counsel's probe beauty jeffrey rosen has been nominated to replace him. >> all eyes will be on the white house, donald trump meets with democrats over infrastructure funding, nancy
2:31 am
pelosi and chuck schumer calling for a deal that will go beyond transportation. the three have not held bipartisan talks on the same room together in the white house since january when the president walked out and there will be conversation about that as well. >> fox news is getting a look at the migrant crisis. rob: at a migrant shelter in mexico, there is more this morning. >> reporter: the message of open borders of catch and release being a draw for the migrants is gone global. in southern mexico, we are one of many shelters in this area, some 5000 migrants. if you look at the parking spots we see el salvador, honduras, nicaragua, guatemala, those are the main ones but on the ground the last 24 hours from as far as organo-bangladesh, haiti, we
2:32 am
spoke yesterday of two migrants, one identified as jack from india and the other from cameroon. their goal is to get to the us and they have a message for donald trump. >> we just want to plead to him, let him know the condition we, especially africans. please help us and provide a good job. >> reporter: the scene as early here. and this is the same shelter, some 1300 migrants escaped because the migrants detained in these shelters, we are not sure, officials not telling us if people are coming or going
2:33 am
but every 20 or 30 minutes we see them doing one thing for sure. and that is a new mexican president who came to power wanted to be open to the migrants, realizing he has a problem as we do, trying to get hold of it but keeping migrants in southern states. carley: we appreciate it, griff jenkins in southern mexico. grand jury indictment expected for parents accused of killing their 5-year-old son. prosecutors pushing to strip parental rights from joann cunningham and andrew friends. there living son is in illinois state custody, their parents confessed to killing a day friend and burying him in a shallow grave near their home. they are doing court next month. the suspected california synagogue shooter scheduled to make his first court appearance
2:34 am
today, a day after the heroic woman murdered in the senseless attack was laid to rest. hundreds say she died while shielding her rabbi from gunfire. the suspected shooter asked parents disavowing his actions. in a statement the family says he's, quote, part of the history of evil perpetrated on jewish people for centuries. the fbi received tips about the online manifesto minutes before the rampage but didn't have time or information to present the attack. gavin newsom pledging $15 million in state funding to increase security at churches and other soft targets. rob: the president pushing to designate the muslim brotherhood as a terrorist group. the new york times are putting the white house looking to sanction the group that has millions of members across the middle east, this after donald trump met with the egyptian president in the white house,
2:35 am
critics say it does not fit the bill to be called a terrorist organization. 2020 presidential hopefuls throwing their weight behind medicare for all and democrats set to host their first congressional hearings on a single player plan which is the farthest along of all these plans. griff jenkins, the founder of juniper research group, says the devil on single-payer is in the details. >> we have seen polls indicate the idea of medicare for all sounds popular but when the american people realize this will raise taxes by $32 trillion, abolish private health insurance and abolish medicare for millions of seniors i don't think they will like it. rob: the most extreme of all plans. nancy pelosi cautions whether or not the plan could deliver all that it is promising to deliver.
2:36 am
carley: americans are struggling to afford a summer vacation this year. rob: this according to a new bank report the claims 39 million americans are skipping out on summer vacation. half the group says day today bills our primary obstacle for those planning vacations. the average cost expected to be a just under $2000 for the whole family to go to the beach or the pool or wherever they want to go. let's talk the weather. janice is wearing navy blue. i thought it was black but it is navy blue. >> the weather is dreary today. not as bad as some parts getting potential for severe storms and snow. look at the current temperatures, cold enough for snow across the rockies northern plains, 49 in new york, a little bit moving
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offshore, things will be improving but we are seeing inclement weather across the rockies, the central us and cold enough for snow in and around the colorado denver area where we have winter storm warnings in effect. here is your forecast, potential for strong storms including tornadoes today, we could have a severe weather outbreak from texas to the midwest, we could see hail, damaging winds, tornadoes and flash flooding, there is your thread overnight, no weather radio is on, could save your life, the threat diminishes a little bit tomorrow but we could see potential for large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes from texas towards illinois and iowa. precipitation, flooding rainfall here and potential for heavy snow. and the flooding we will be watching because it is springtime and we have a lot of flooding potential on the mississippi river valley and the midwest so we will be watching that and i am going to the kentucky derby.
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it has rained every year since i have gone. four years in a row. carley: it is uncomfortable but you work so good and get all done and - >> i have a huge hat. rob: hat that is actually an umbrella. >> that is a tease. rob: i can't wait. you are still going to derby. carley: that makes everything good. 38 after the hour. ms 13 gang members hiding among families headed to the us border. carley: this whale could be a russian spy. the evidence up next. ♪ secret agent man ♪ secret agent man
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carley: the debt after a tour helicopter crashed and burst into flames in hawaii. the chopper spinning out of control and nosediving into a busy highway in honolulu. it sounded like a missile hit a plane. the fuel tank landing on the hood of a car but no one on the ground was hurt. neighbors used garden hoses to put the fire out. the crash is under investigation. victims of not been identified. rob: members of the violent ms 13 gang found hidden among migrant caravans inching towards the united states and mexican officials reported some ms 13 members, they are not sure how many are still in the region. the gaining is in the minority among caravan members.
2:43 am
in february mexican officials reported 25 people affiliated with ms 13. trying to hide in these caravans. a massachusetts sheriff slamming two state prosecutors decision to sue ice. locking immigration arrests at state court houses is unhelpful. >> the courts are to be working with law enforcement, not undermining law enforcement, you don't see individuals who are overstays and so forth grabbed by ice, it is not happening. rob: the das who filed the shoot, endangering lives, they say this deters victims and witnesses from appearing. basis's boston office refused to comment on that suit. >> privacy concerns prompting united, delta and american airlines to cover cameras on the back of it seats, sparking outrage over fears of secretly being recorded. these photos of cameras on singapore's airline went viral earlier this year. all carriers say the cameras do
2:44 am
not work. the manufacturer included the standard feature to allow videoconferencing in the future. rob: what is there to see? could this whale, listen to the story, stop everything here, this whale could be a russian spy according to norwegian marine experts. carley: fishermen off the coast of norway finding this beluga wearing a harness and a mount for a camera or even a weapon. it had a label reading equipment of st. petersburg, the fisherman said the whale was tame and seemed used to interacting with humans. rob: the russian navy training these whales to do recon work, videotape in the water. carley: i was thinking it could
2:45 am
turn over boats. rob: the craziest story i think i heard. a huge field of 2020 democratic candidates many of them senators have been very busy on the campaign trail, working on the primary for next year, working in governments, more on that coming up. jillian: let's see what's coming up on "fox and friends". >> amazed how worked up you are about those baby belugas, russian spy whales. we are going to dispatch somebody to investigate that. we will have senator chuck grassley with us. geraldo rivera and eric trump, stories of heroes out of the california synagogue shooting like oscar stewart, part of the gunman. oscar will join us to share his story.
2:46 am
there he is, what a story he has got. he turns when he first heard the gunshot and then said why am i running away and ran towards him. oscar stewart on "fox and friends". rob and carly. rob: we need to build our own whale arsenal. thanks.
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and our shirts from custom ink help bring us together. we just upload our logo, and if we have any questions, customer service is there to help. - [male] custom ink has hundreds of products to help you look and feel like a team. get started today at >> all the things the way is the broken political system undermined by the president to abuse the power of the office, donald trump is only president who decided not to represent the whole country. the president has his base.
2:50 am
we need a president who works for all americans. >> joe biden holding his first official rally. how will will an anti-trump pro-union message resonates in states like pennsylvania that are crucial to electing donald trump in 2016. former political operative at the democratic congressional campaign committee molly mitchell, thanks for coming on this morning. if joe biden has chance he has to do well in rust belt states and take them back from donald trump. >> joe biden thinks he's the best to take on donald trump but he has to win the democratic nomination first and after 40 years in washington he has a lot to answer for, not just the me too allegation but his support for job killing trade deals like nafta, tpp, the iraq war vote, anita hill, only 54% of democrats don't have a favorite candidate, joe
2:51 am
biden talks about battling for the soul of america, he's about to battle for the soul of the democratic party. rob: he says he is a prounion man and put that out as hard as he can and he said western pennsylvania, northeastern pennsylvania, had it rough the last few years but starting to come back, the reason it started to come back is the guy he is trying to unseat, donald trump. >> depends how you look at that but i disagree with what you just said. he said biden is leading in the polls. is the front runner currently and is tied with trump. rob: keeps talking. >> he has the president spooked a little bit because when trump goes on twitter and says allegedly the dnc is interfering with bernie's ability to be the nominee he is doing that because he would prefer the nominee was bernie. it is easier to go against a
2:52 am
really progressive candidate. i think he is scared of going against biden who is moderate, in the center, voters could go back to biden. rob: biden's message is a good message. he talks how the middle class, workers of this country have been squeezed to death by big corporations and that is true. that is happening. and there might be a path there. >> the problem with that is under the obama biden administration they lost 193,000 manufacturing jobs. under donald trump the nation has gained 500,000. pennsylvania enjoying its best employment on record. the state is gaining jobs lost under obama biden. this might be a nice general election message but he has got to overcome 19 other people and frankly he has got to make sure should he reach the general election he doesn't fall into
2:53 am
the trap of let terrorists vote. if he does he will lose to trump because the best thing trump has going for him as he is the incumbent with a strong economy. rob: he's avoiding the left wing. let's see if that person in the primaries, let's move to the second topic. a lot of these people, warren, sanders, the list is very long. a lot of these people have jobs right now which they are not doing, so busy running for elections, are they ignoring their current position. >> i see this as a non-issue. every time they run for president, marco rubio and ted cruz, they come back with votes for them to cast, all the democrats are here when it was about william barr and a lot of these votes for trump administration appointees and they are voting on party lines and the view of them won't better. rob: if they are running for
2:54 am
president they are workhorses in the senate like elizabeth warren who does a lot of work and not having her to do that job can't be good for constituents. >> harris and booker missed one fifth of their senate votes in 2019. presidential politics makes it to have this field is a member of congress know they are not doing the job. nancy pelosi's house doesn't want to do the american people's business out of fear that if they did something on immigration or infrastructure they are afraid it might give donald trump a win. what is driving this in congress whether they are showing up for votes is democrats don't want to do the american people's visit because they are afraid donald trump will get reelected. rob: we appreciate it. jillian: 54 after the hour, high schools are headed to the prom choosing to honor our nation's euros. the heartwarming story of how and why she chose to wear this incredible tribute coming up next.
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♪ . .
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rob: welcome back. hand shakes could soon be banned in workplace. carley: oh darn i was going to do that with you in the break. could ban all physical contact to avoid confusion about what kind of touching
2:59 am
is appropriate in the wake of the me too movement. carley: time now for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. illinois teen honoring 25 fallen marines with her prom dress. designed to resemble an american snrag with streamers of red and white that flow down the blue skirt. on the red and white ribbons are the names of 25 fallen marines. she says it took her two years to make. and she was inspired after meeting the mother of one of those fallen marine heroes. rob: that's a great young lady. that's awesome. next the bad. this guy did not have it his way at burger king. jeesh. that truck exploding there after an employee there noticed a 100-pound propane tank in the bank was leaking right there at the drive-thru. the driver suffered burns but will be okay. the truck was a total loss. carley: finally the ugly. houston rockets star roasted online for what critics call
3:00 am
an ugly pregame outfit. social media users likening the mvp's colorful shirt to a grandma quilt. that's what it looks like to me. rob: no comment. carley: baseball player? rob: bye-bye. ♪ rock star ♪ yeah, feel like a rock star. brian: i believe that i kenny chesney had to sing with tim mcgraw to get that song done. steve: welcome aboard, folks. ainsley is off today. we have jed. jed has just recently been named the permanent co-host of "fox & friends weekend." brian: you made it through the weekend. jedediah: we had so much fun. we have too much fun on that show in case you haven't checked. in we have a good time u. steve: we have a busy three hours and a lot of news to talk about on this


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